Justice Society Villains

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Axis Amerika

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First Appearance: Young All-Stars #1 (June 1987)

Baron Blitzkrieg (Reiter)

Created after the the Golden Age.

First Appearance: World's Finest Comics #246 (September 1977)

Featured Appearances: All-New Collector's Edition #C-54 • All-Star Squadron #7-9, 33-35, 45-46 • Damage #?? • Power of Shazam! #24 • Deathstroke #53-54 • World's Finest #246 • Young All-Stars #9, 21-22

Baron Blitzkrieg was taught by Hitler (??) to use his full, untapped mental potential after he had that jar of acid tossed in his face. This allowed him to employ one super-power at a time. He first encountered the All-Star Squadron in January 1942. The Baron first appeared as a Wonder Woman villain in 1943. He next surfaced in the 1950s, fighting Spy Smasher (Power of Shazam! #??). By this time, he was working for communist East Germany and still wore swastikas on his costume. He is still active today. He appeared as an agent of Vandal Savage and Symbolix and battled Iron Munro (Damage #??). And he formed his own international criminal organization, Shadowspire, which brought him up against Deathstroke (Deathstroke #53-54). He is considered one of the world's 10 Most Dangerous Men. Shadowspire, recently resurfaced in Power Company #11—without the Baron at the helm. He later joined the Society and was killed by Superboy-Prime. (Infinite Crisis #7)

Baroness Paula Von Gunther

First Appearance: Sensation Comics #4 (April 1942)

Featured Appearances: Comic Cavalcade #16 • Sensation Comics #4, 6-7, 12-13, 19, 21, 24, 27, 32, 55, 101; Wonder Woman vol. 1 #1, 3-5, 7, 12, 17, 21, 34, 44 • Wonder Woman vol. 2 #131-132

Paula Von Gunther reformed on the Amazonian Transformation Island in Wonder Woman #3-4 and subsequently became one of Wonder Woman's closest allies. In post-Crisis continuity, her exact history is uncertain following the events of Wonder Woman vol. 2 #131-132. In that story, she was still evil.

Blackbriar Thorn (unrevealed)

First Appearance: DC Comics Presents #66

Featured Appearances: JSA #9-10, 16-20


"Bobo" Benetti (Jacob Benetti)

First Appearance: Starman vol. 2 #29 (April 1997)

Featured Appearances: Starman 80-Page Giant #1

Reformed and active in Opal City. A post-Golden Age villain from the 1940-50s.

Brain Wave

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Captain Nazi (Albrecht Krieger) (Fawcett Comics)

First Appearance: Master Comics #21 (December 1941)

Featured Appearances: Master Comics #21-23, 26-28, 30, 34 • Power of Shazam! #8-9, 19

Killed by the Red Hood, Batman #647; revived by Alexander Luthor, Villains United Special.

Cheetah (Priscilla Rich)

First Appearance: Wonder Woman #6 (Fall 1943)

Featured Appearances: Comic Cavalcade #11 • Sensation Comics #22, 36 • Wonder Woman #6, 28 • Wonder Woman vol. 2 #180 • Wonder Woman: Our Worlds at War #1

Reformed at some point in the past but was killed by her successor, Barbara Minerva (Cheetah II) in Flash vol. 2 #219 (4 2005).

Count Vertigo (Count Werner Vertigo)

First Appearance: World's Finest #251

Featured Appearances: JSA #9-10, 16-20

Active. He has operated on both sides of the law. For a time, he served on the Suicide Squad. After that, he appeared with the Injustice Society. Recently, he's become affiliated with the D.E.O. and forgone his evil ways (Green Arrow vol. 3 #??). He became the White Queen's Knight of the new Checkmate. (Checkmate vol. 2 #1)

Cyclotron (Terry Curtis)

First Appearance (Curtis): Action Comics #21 (February 1940). As Cyclotron: All-Star Squadron #21 (May 1983)

Featured Appearances: All-Star Squadron #21-26, Annual #2


Deathbolt (Jake Simmons)

]First Appearance: All-Star Squadron #21 (May 1983)

Featured Appearances: All-Star Squadron #21-26, Annual #2 • Starman vol. 2 #1 million


The Dragon King

First Appearance: All-Star Squadron #4 (December 1981)

Featured Appearances: All-Star Squadron #4, 25; Stars & S.T.R.I.P.E. #12, JSA Classified #8-9


The Dummy

First Appearance: Leading Comics #1 (Winter 1941)

Featured Appearances: Action Comics #69, 75 •  All-Star Squadron #53-54• Infinity, Inc. #51-53 • Leading Comics #1 • Vigilante: City Lights, Prairie Justice #2-4


Extant (Hank Hall, Hawk I)

First Appearance (as Hawk): Showcase #75. As Extant: Showcase '94 ##9 (August 1994)
Featured Appearances: JSA #13-15

Deceased JSA #15.

The Fiddler (Isaac Bowin)

First Appearance: All-Flash #32 (December 1947-January 1948)

Featured Appearances: All-Flash #32 • All-Star Comics #41 • Comic Cavalcade #28 • Flash Comics #93 • Flash v. 2 #161 • Infinity, Inc.#34, 36, 51-53 • Secret Origins vol. 2 #50 • Starman vol. 2 #46

Killed by Deadshot, Villains United #1 (6 2005) Succeeded by a new villainess, Virtuoso, who has his violin (Villains United #6)

The Gambler

Created by Henry Kuttner & Martin Nodell

NAME + ALIASES: Steven Sharpe

KNOWN RELATIVES: Rebecca Sharpe (granddaughter), Unnamed grandfather (deceased), Unnamed father (deceased)

GROUP AFFILIATIONS: Injustice Society of the World

FIRST APPEARANCE: Green Lantern vol. 1 #12 (Summer 1944)

Featured Appearances: All-Star Comics #37 • Green Lantern #12, 20, 27, 30, 35 • Justice League of America #21-22, 123-124, 183-185 • Starman vol. 2 #46

The day after high school graduation Steven Sharpe proposed to his girlfriend. She refused to marry him unless he could prove he was not a compulsive gambler like his father and grandfather. She soon ran off with a local boy who won a fortune gambling on the sweepstakes. Steven decided to start a new life for himself when, as fate would have it, an armored car crashed feet away from him. He helped himself to the money that spilled from the van, and vowed that from then on he would take whatever he could from life. He dubbed himself the Gambler in remembrance of his grandfather, and spent several years at a traveling carnival learning the art of disguise and knife-throwing. Using these skills he embarked on a life of crime, soon becoming one of America's most wanted. Arriving in Gotham City he fought with Green Lantern I, but escaped. They would fight a number of times before Green Lantern could finally bring him to justice. (Green Lantern vol. 1 #12)

In 1944 Gambler is hired by Albert Mellow, an art collector, to commit insurance fraud. The scheme is foiled by Starman I and Sandman I. (Starman vol. 2 #22)

Gambler fought Green Lantern many times over the years, and later joined the Injustice Society of the World to combat the JSA, but he was always recaptured and sent to Gotham Penitentiary. After being paroled he went to gamble in Las Vegas' Taj Mahal Casino, but the games were fixed and Gambler lost all his money. This final defeat proved to be too much for him, and he committed suicide, shooting himself in the head. His legacy was continued by his granddaughter Rebecca Sharpe, also known as Hazard.


Gambler keeps a five-barreled derringer up his sleeve. It is capable of firing ammonia gas and a smokescreen as well as conventional bullets. He also carries razor-sharp throwing knives inside his jacket. Gambler is a master of disguise and impersonation.

Giganta (Dr. Doris Zeul)

First Appearance (pre-Crisis only): Wonder Woman #9 (June-July 1944)
Featured Appearances (pre-Crisis only): Wonder Woman #9, 28

Gone with the Crisis. She has been reintroduced in post-Crisis continuity as a modern-day villain (Wonder Woman vol. 2 #175, 179-185; Wonder Woman Secret Files #3)
See also: Villainy, Inc.


» SEE: Green Lantern and Harlequin

Huntress I (aka the Tigress II)

» SEE: The Huntress

Ian Karkull

First Appearance: More Fun Comics #69 (July 1941)

Featured Appearances: More Fun Comics #69-70 • JSA #1, 4, 7-9


Icicle (Joar Mahkent)

Icicle II (Cameron Mahkent)

» SEE: Icicle Profile

Johnny Sorrow

NAME + ALIASES:Johnny Sorrow

KNOWN RELATIVES:Unnamed wife (deceased)



Featured Appearances: JSA #9-10, 16-20

1944: In Opal City, the JSA (plus Hawkwoman and Sandy) encounter Johnny Sorrow. When Sandy's harpoon damages Sorrow's teleportation device, the villain is ripped apart and taken to the "Subtle Realms." NOTE: The Sandman is shown wearing his original costume in this story. He was usually shown to wear his purple-and-gold costume by this time. (JSA #18)

1944: In Chicago, the vengeful King of Tears recreates Johnny Sorrow and returns him to Earth. Sorrow slays the Scarab's Chicago hero-group, the Seven Shadows (Dr. Nowhere, Jake Justice, the Shard (a.k.a. the Luminary), Man-At-Arms, Lodestar, and the Veil) . Ultimately, the Spectre consumes the King of Tears and transforms him into tears of his own. NOTE: The names of the Shadows were revealed not in the story, but later by writer Geoff Johns: "The Seven Shadows are completely NEW or RETCON or whatever." (posted November 24, 2000). The second part of this story occurs six months after the first part. (JSA #18)

Part 3: Sentinel forces his son Obsidian into retreat. 1st app. of the new Injustice Society: Johnny Sorrow, Geomancer, Icicle II, Count Vertigo, Blackbriar Thorn, Tigress III (formerly Artemis II), Killer Wasp. (JSA #9)

Despite Wildcat's defeat of the Injustice Society, Johnny Sorrow steals the King of Tears from JSA HQ. (JSA #10)

INJUSTICE BE DONE: The Injustice Society strikes again; added to their ranks are Black Adam, Shiv, Rival and the Thinker, who is reborn as a hologram from within the JSA's computers. Sentinel is critically injured. Elsewhere, Johnny Sorrow reveals to the Scarab his intentions to use the King of Tears to destroy the world. (JSA #16)

Mr. Terrific struggles to keep Sentinel alive as the JSA dispatches the Injustice Society. Hawkgirl emits a powerful force and experiences flashes of past lives. Johnny Sorrow apparently kills Dr. Mid-Nite and Scarbus. (JSA #17)

Johnny Sorrow relates the tale of how he was defeated by the Spectre in 1944. He succeeds in using the Scarab as a vehicle to bring the King of Tears to Earth (the Scarab apparently dies). (JSA #18)

Due to his blindness, Dr. Mid-Nite survives the vision of Johnny Sorrow's face. The Flash recruits J.J. Thunder to use the Thunderbolt against Sorrow. Black Adam apparently reforms and leads the new Spectre to the JSA's aid. This time, the King of Tears dispatches him quickly. Dr. Fate locates what appears to be his wife, Lyta Hall, lying comatose in a hospital. Hawkgirl begins experiencing the memories of Carter Hall. (JSA #19)

Dr. Mid-Nite vanquishes Johnny Sorrow's by replaying the vision the villain's face to him. The Spectre pays a visit to an old friend and heals Sentinel's wounds. When the Flash borrows speed from Black Adam, he punches Sorrow into the Speed Force which turns him to energy. This also sends Jay to 16th Century B.C. Egypt where he encounters Nabu the Wise, Teth-Adam and Prince Khufu. (JSA #20)

Mr. Terrific visits the Batcave and bonds with Batman. The Atom confirms that Sentinel's body is now composed entirely of Green Flame. Red Tornado declines offers to rejoin both the JLA and JSA. Dr. Fate and Zatanna sense it when Johnny Sorrow frees the Seven Deadly Enemies of Man (Pride, Envy, Greed, Anger Sloth, Lust, Gluttony) from the Rock of Eternity. (JLA/JSA Secret Files #1)

After the destruction of their physical forms, Despero and Johnny Sorrow met on the "Abyssal Plane." Despero uses Doctor Bedlam's technology to return to Earth. There he takes over the body of Lex Luthor, despite the Vixen's aid. Meanwhile, during Thanksgiving at the Watchtower, the Deadly Enemies take over the bodies of seven heroes. JSA headquarters is destroyed when Green Lantern is taken over. Fate banishes four of the heroes to his tower to battle the Sons of Anubis & Typhoon. Mr. Terrific sends five more to Limbo. Zatanna, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Captain Atom and Firestorm are brought in to help as the Rock of Eternity appears over Mr. Rushmore. Eventually, the team at Fate's tower team frees the Limbo team. One by one, they free their possessed comrades and reawaken Shazam, who rechains the Deadly Enemies. Green Lantern uses Sorrow's visage to cleave Despero from Luthor. As thanks, Luthor builds the JSA a new towering headquarters. Cameos: CM3 and Mary Marvel. (JLA/JSA: Virtue & Vice)

Johnny Sorrow begins tormenting the Wizard to free him from his other-dimensional prison. The Wizard reassembles the Injustice Society with Icicle, Tigress, Gentleman Ghost, the Thinker, Solomon Grundy and Rag Doll. To succeed, they need Prometheus' Cosmic Key from the JSA's headquarters. (Prometheus placed the Key there for his own reasons.) They gather supplies and wait until the JSA are busy to strike. Secretly, the Wizard knows the plan will require a sacrifice, and suspects that Rag Doll will betray them, so he is set up to take the fall. (JSA Classified #5)

The JSA learn that the reason Prometheus hid the Key is he had been pursued by Kobra and Hush. Icicle and Tigress reveal their romantic relationship. With Green Lantern and Power Girl gone, and the Flash in court, the villains strike JSA HQ. The Gentleman Ghost verifies that Sorrow is the one behind their mission. They know that Sorrow is a handful and try unsuccessfully to call in help from the Society. They waylay the JSA by taking Ma Hunkel hostage. Upon their success, they're interrupted by Talia and Nyssa al Ghul, who intend to claim the Key for the Society. (JSA Classified #6)

In the melee, Rag Doll steals the Key and is killed when it activates and brings Johnny Sorrow back to Earth. Sorrow hands the Key to the Wizard and teleports them away to Prometheus' Crooked House. Icicle professes his love for Tigress; they plan to leave, but are strongarmed by Sorrow into staying. (JSA Classified #7)

He managed to contact the Wizard via the astral plane, but only when the Wizard manifested his magic powers. Whatever, his torments were sufficient to force the Wizard to reform the Injustice Society in order to free Sorrow. (JSA Classified #5-7)

Killer Wasp

First Appearance: JSA #9

Featured Appearances: JSA #9-10, 16-20



First Appearance: Green Lantern #28 (October 1947)

Featured Appearances: All-American Comics #100 • Green Lantern #28, 30 • Infinity, Inc. #23-24


Kobra I (Jeffrey Franklin Burr)

First Appearance: Kobra #1(February-March 1976)

Featured Appearances: JSA #11-12

Executed by Black Adam and his allies. (JSA #51, 10 2003)

Kobra II (Jason Burr)

First Appearance: New Year's Evil: Kobra #1
Featured Appearances:



First Appearance: All-Star Comics #2 (Summer 1940)

Featured Appearances: All-Star Comics #2


Kung (Thomas Morita)

First Appearance: Wonder Woman vol. 1 #237 (November 1977)

Featured Appearances: All-Star Squadron #8-9, 42-43 • Wonder Woman vol. 1 #237-238


Mekanique (none)

First Appearance: Infinity, Inc. #19 (October 1985)

Featured Appearances: All-Star Squadron #58-60 • Infinity, Inc. Annual #2 • Justice League of America #244 • Young All-Stars #1, 14, Annual #1

Apparently self-destructed, Infinity, Inc. Annual #2.

The Mist (Nimbus II; first name is Kyle; alias Jonathan Smythe)

First Appearance: Adventure Comics #67 (October 1941)

Featured Appearances: Adventure Comics #67, 77 • All-Star Squadron #25-26, Annual #2 • Infinity Inc. #9-10 • Justice League of America #195-197 • Starman vol. 1, 26-27 • Starman vol. 2 71-72

Deceased, Starman vol. 2 #72. His son died in Starman vol. 1 #1; he killed his daughter, Nash, in Starman vol. 2 #72. His grandson — the child of Nash and Jack Knight (Starman VII)— lives with Jack Knight.

Monocle (Jonathan Cheval)

First Appearance: Flash Comics #64 (April 1945)

Featured Appearances: All-Star Squadron #19-20, 25-26, Annual #2 • Flash Comics #64 • Identity Crisis #2 • Infinity Inc. #9-10 • Justice League of America #195-197 • Manhunter vol. 3 #8-9

Killed by Manhunter, Manhunter #9 (6 2005).

Mordru, The Dark Lord of Chaos (none)

First Appearance: Amethyst vol. 3 #1 (11.87)

Featured Appearances: JSA #2-4, 14, 46-50 • Legionnaires #44-50

Active; apparently immortal.

Per Degaton (none)

First Appearance: All-Star Comics #35 (July 1947)

Featured Appearances: All-Star Comics #35, 37 • All-Star Squadron #1-3, 14-15 • America vs. the Justice Society #1-4 • Justice League of America #193, 207-209 • Young All-Stars #12, 14, Annual #1

Apparently killed by Mekanique in Infinity, Inc. Annual #2. He travels so much throughout time, though, it's impossible to tell when his final death is/was.

Psycho Pirate (Charley Halstead)

First Appearance: All-Star Comics #23 (Winter 1944)

Featured Appearances: All-Star Comics #23, 32

Unknown. Note: A third Psycho Pirate story was written circa 1947 but never published.

Psycho Pirate II (Roger Hayden)

First Appearance: Showcase #56

Featured Appearances: All-Star Comics #65, 67-69 • All-Star Squadron #25-26, Annual #2 • Crisis #1-12 • Infinity, Inc. Special #1 • Justice League of America #195-197 • Outsiders vol. 1 #21, Special #1

Deceased. He was killed by Black Adam in Infinite Crisis #6

The Rag Doll

NAME + ALIASES: Peter Merkel

KNOWN RELATIVES: Rag Doll II (unnamed son), numerous other unnamed children

GROUP AFFILIATIONS: Secret Society of Super-Villains, Injustice Society

FIRST APPEARANCE: Flash Comics #36 (Dec. 1942)

DEATHS: Starman vol. 2 #?? & JSA Classified #7

Featured Appearances: Flash Comics #36 • Justice League of America #195-197 ? JSA: All-Stars #1 • JSA #60 • JSA: Classified #5-7 • Starman vol. 2 #9, 11, 67-68

Peter Merkel became the Rag Doll in 1942 and clashed with the original Flash, Jay Garrick. (Flash Comics #36)

1942: The All-Stars are unable to prevent the Ultra-Humanite from sinking the SSNormandie in New York Harbor, but they salvage the ship afterwards. The Tarantula gets a new costume and clashes with Brainwave Jr. (1st app. in print) and discovers that he is from the future. (All-Star Squadron #24)

The Ultra-Humanite, in contact with his/her future self, sends some of the All-Stars to Limbo, exchanging them for members of the Secret Society of Super-Villains (the Mist, the Monocle, Psycho-Pirate II, Rag Doll and Vulcan). (#26)

The All-Stars and Infinitors take on Ultra and the Secret Society of Super-Villains. The Atom is irradiated by Cyclotron, who turns on Ultra, apparently destroying them both. (All-Star Squadron Annual #2)

The JLA and JSA battle the Ultra-Humanite, now in the body of a giant white ape, and a new Secret Society of Super-Villains: Brain Wave, Cheetah II, the Floronic Man, Killer Frost, the Mist, the Monocle, Psycho-Pirate II, Rag Doll & Signalman. (JLofA #195-197)

The Ultra-Humanite of 1942 releases the Secret Society of Super-Villains (Mist, Monocle, Brain Wave, Rag Doll, and the Ultra-Humanite) from Limbo. The ape-Ultra escapes into the modern era; the others appear in 1942. (All-Star Squadron #26)

Sometime after his return from 1942, the Rag Doll founds a cult and slays the family of a famous actor. Starman, Flash, Green Lantern, Wildcat and Dr. Mid-Nite hunt him down and the villain is apparently slain by Starman's cosmic rod. The next day, the three JSAers remove his body from the morgue so that the cause of his death will not be publicly revealed. After this however, Rag Doll's followers rescue his body and nurse him to health. Later still, Rag Doll receives a power boost from Neron. NOTES: The story is said to have taken place 13 years ago, but the Flash was not freed from Keystone City until 11 years ago; it was moved here to follow the Rag Doll's other modern appearances. A third Rag Doll claimed that his father and brother were triple joined (Villains United #3), so it is unclear if the original is the one who reappeared with enhanced powers powers from Neron after "Underworld Unleashed" (1995). (Starman vol. 2 #9, 11, 67-68)

The Wizard, disguised as Legacy, employs the Injustice Society to capture the senior JSA members. He also captures and impersonates the Spectre and charges the remaining JSAers with facing their past traumas in order to save their comrades. Rag Doll and Kestrel join the Injustice Society. (JSA: All-Stars #1)

Roger Romaine, the Spirit King returns from Hell and orchestrates the murder of Dr. Mid-Nite's assistant, Ice Sickle. The Spectre pays a visit to Jim Corrigan's old friend, Father Richard Craemer. Mr. Terrific and the Atom send out a time probe in search of a way to Hourman in the Time Point. JSA members apprehend Rag Doll and Deathbolt. (JSA #60)

Johnny Sorrow begins tormenting the Wizard to free him from his other-dimensional prison. The Wizard reassembles the Injustice Society with Icicle, Tigress, Gentleman Ghost, the Thinker, Solomon Grundy and Rag Doll. To succeed, they need Prometheus' Cosmic Key from the JSA's headquarters. (Prometheus placed the Key there for his own reasons.) They gather supplies and wait until the JSA are busy to strike. Secretly, the Wizard knows the plan will require a sacrifice, and suspects that Rag Doll will betray them, so he is set up to take the fall.

The JSA learn that the reason Prometheus hid the Key is he had been pursued by Kobra and Hush. Icicle and Tigress reveal their romantic relationship. With Green Lantern and Power Girl gone, and the Flash in court, the villains strike JSA HQ. The Gentleman Ghost verifies that Sorrow is the one behind their mission. They know that Sorrow is a handful and try unsuccessfully to call in help from the Society. They waylay the JSA by taking Ma Hunkel hostage. Upon their success, they're interrupted by Talia and Nyssa al Ghul, who intend to claim the Key for the Society.The Wizard claimed that it might be possible to use the Key to restore Merkel to life, but given his betrayal, the Injustice Society were less than eager to have him back. (JSA Classified #5-7)

Peter claimed to have many children, but that only one had used his identity as Rag Doll.

Red Panzer (Helmut Streicher)

First Appearance: Wonder Woman #228 (February 1977)

Featured Appearances:

Unknown. Two successors appeared in The Titans #6 & #12 (1999-2000)

Rival (Dr. Edward Clariss)

First Appearance: Flash vol. 1 #104

Featured Appearances: JSA #16-20, JSA: All-Stars #1


Roulette (Veronica Sinclair)

First Appearance: JSA #28

Featured Appearances: JSA #30, Secret Files #2


The Shade (Richard Swift and Simon Culp)

First Appearance: Flash Comics #33 (September 1942)

Featured Appearances: Flash vol. 1 #151 • Flash v. 2 #161 • Infinity, Inc. #34 • Justice League of America #123-124, 183-185 • Secret Origins vol. 2 #50 • The Shade #1-4 • Showcase '96 #3-4 • Starman vol. 2 #46

The Shade reformed after Swift and Culp were finally separated and Culp was killed. He is active in Opal City.

Shiv II (Cindy Burman)

First Appearance, as Cindy: Stars & STRIPE #1. As Shiv: Stars & STRIPE #4

Featured Appearances: JSA #16-20


Sivana (Thaddeus Bodog Sivana) (Fawcett Comics)

First Appearance (pre-Crisis): Whiz Comics #2 (February 1940)
First Appearance (post-Crisis): Power of Shazam! Graphic Novel

Gone with the Crisis. He was reintroduced into post-Crisis continuity in the Power of Shazam Graphic Novel.

Solomon Grundy

Created by Alfred Bester and Paul Reinman

NAME + ALIASES: Cyrus Gold

KNOWN RELATIVES: Dr. Chrissie Cavendish (great-great-granddaughter)

GROUP AFFILIATIONS: Injustice Society of the World

FIRST APPEARANCE: All-American Comics #61 (Oct. 1944)

Featured Appearances: All-American Comics #61 • All-Star Comics #33 • Comic Cavalcade #13, 24 • Superman vol. 1 #319 DC Comics Presents #8 • Green Arrow vol. 3 #8

Cyrus Gold was murdered in Slaughter Swamp at the turn of the century. His body moldered for almost fifty years; eventually an imperfect plant elemental was formed from his corpse. The elemental stumbled upon a hobo camp, and the hobos named him Solomon Grundy because the only thing the elemental knew was that he was born on a Monday. The hobos convinced Grundy to help them commit robberies, but these were foiled by Green Lantern. Grundy escaped, and in a berserker murder spree he killed eleven people. Green Lantern put an end to Grundy by throwing him under an oncoming train.

Grundy returned to life and fought Green Lantern and the JSA many times over the years. (All-Star Squadron #1-3)

Grundy took to living in Gotham City's sewers. He was disturbed by hitman Mickey Sullivan, who fled to the sewers to escape Batman. Grundy went berserk and attacked Batman, who had followed Sullivan. After a brief fight Grundy slunk away. Batman felt pity for the man-monster, and later brought a turkey dinner down to the sewer on Thanksgiving for Grundy to enjoy. (Batman: The Long Halloween #2)

Grundy encountered Harvey Dent, who was hiding in Gotham's sewers after being disfigured by Sal Maroni. By reciting the 'Solomon Grundy' nursery rhyme Dent befriended the monster. (#12)

Harvey Dent assembled a crew including Grundy, Joker, Mad Hatter I, Scarecrow, Poison Ivy and Catwoman to kill gangster Carmine 'The Roman' Falcone. Batman defeated Dent's lackeys but couldn't stop Dent from personally killing The Roman. (#13)

Vandal Savage gained control over Grundy. Savage dispatched Grundy, Eclipso, Clayface II and Thorn to kill the fledgling Justice League of America. In-fighting led to the villain team's defeat. (JLA: Year One #2)

Grundy was resurrected by Asmodel, and this version of Grundy was somewhat intelligent and very evil. Asmodel instructed him to kill the Marvel Family, so he went to Blue Valley High to engage them in combat. He was defeated through the combined efforts of the Marvel Family, Star-Spangled Kid II and S.T.R.I.P.E. (Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. #4)

Grudy made the abandoned Arrowcave his new home. When Green Arrow and Arsenal visited their old hq Grundy was infuriated at the intrusion and attacked them. After an intense fight Green Arrow managed to strangle Grundy with his bowstring. (Green Arrow vol. 3 #17, 18)

Grundy, under the thrall of Gorilla Grodd, attempted to collect the billion dollar bounty President Luthor placed on Superman's head but failed. (Superman / Batman #3)

Green Arrow accompanies Dr. Chrissie Cavendish of STAR Labs to find Solomon Grundy. She claims to be his great-great-granddaughter and wants to cure him. She claims the serum he originally tried to perfect was to improve the human race. They confront him then he retreats. Overnight, Chrissie makes a pass at Arrow, which he barely denies. When they find him the next day, Chrissie turns on him and injects herself with Grundy's blood to become like him. She's transformed into a hideous beast, which Grundy subues. Arrow takes her into custody. (Green Arrow #53)


Grundy possessed superhuman strength and invulnerability. He didn't need any form of sustenance, such as food or air, to survive, and he didn't physically age. Grundy could absorb certain forms of energy, such as radiation and magic. Each time Grundy died he was invariably resurrected. Each resurrection altered Grundy's mental and physical state. These various forms of Grundy reflected different aspects of Cyrus Gold's personality. Grundy's most common form was savagely brutal yet mentally childlike.

Sons of Anubis

First Appearance: JSA #1

Featured Appearances: JSA #1; JLA/JSA: Virtue and Vice


The Spirit King (Roger Romaine)

First Appearance: Justice League of America #171

Featured Appearances: Justice League of America #171-172 • JSA #60-62 • Spectre vol. 3 #54

Banished to Hell by the Spectre.

The Sportsmaster (Victor "Crusher" Crock)

» SEE: The Sportsmaster

The Thinker (Cliff Devoe)

First Appearance: All-Flash #12 (Fall 1943)

Featured Appearances: All-Flash #12, 27, 32 • All-Star #37 • Atom #29 • Comic Cavalcade #22-23 • Flash Comics #65 •  Flash vol. 1 #123 • Flash vol. 2 #134, 161, 183-185 • JSA #16-20 • Secret Origins vol. 2 #50 • Wonder Woman vol. 2 #274-276

Status: Active. The Thinker was a Golden Age foe of the Flash who was killed on a Suicide Squad mission. (Doom Patrol/Suicide Squad Special #1) He mysteriously reappeared, having joined the Rouges Gallery in taking over Keystone City. But after a run-in with Cyborg (??), the Thinker became senile and died again. (Flash vol. 2 #134) In truth, his mind had retreated into cyberspace.

He reappeared as a compltely digital entity (JSA #16), having joined the Injustice Society. After this, he was defeated and "stored" by Mr. Terrific. Terrific subsequently drafted the Thinker into service as his (White) Bishop in Checkmate. (Checkmate vol. 2 #9) It is unclear how much freedom the Thinker has under Michael's control.

The Thorn (Rose Canton)

First Appearance: Flash Comics #89 (November 1947)

Featured Appearances: Flash Comics #89, 96

» SEE: Rose and Thorn

Tigress III

Artemis Crock, Artemis II

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Ultra-Humanite (original name unknown; Delores Winters)

First Appearance, as an old man: Action Comics #13 (June 1939). As Dolores Winters: Action Comics #20 (January 1940). As ape: Justice League of America #195. As dinosaur: Young All-Stars #12.

Featured Appearances: Action Comics #13-14, 17, 19-21 • All-Star Squadron #21-26, Annual #2 • Flash Comics #64 • Infinity Inc. #1-10 • Justice League of America #195-197 • JSA #32-37, Annual #1 • Young All-Stars #12-13

His brain was finally destroyed in JSA #37. Succeeded by Gerard Shugel in Power Girl #1 (2009).

Vandal Savage

NAME + ALIASES: Vandar Adg, Khufu, Khafre, Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan, Vandalo Salvaje, Marshal Sauvage, Blackbeard

KNOWN RELATIVES: Annabeth (daugher, deceased), Scandal (daughter), Roy Harper (Arsenal, unspecfied descendant)

GROUP AFFILIATIONS: The Illuminati, Injustice Society of the World, Symbolix, Ally of Solaris

FIRST APPEARANCE: Green Lantern vol. 1 #10 (Winter 1943)

Featured Appearances: All-Star Comics #37 • Green Lantern #10

c. 50,000 BC: Cro-Magnon Vandar Adg watches his father die at the hands of Rip Hunter, a time traveler from the future. Moments later, young Vandar and another human are bathed in the radiation of a newly fallen meteor, unknowingly making him immortal. They will ultimately become Vandal Savage and the Immortal Man, respectively. (Time Masters #8)

c. 45,000 BC: Vandal Savage arrives in Atlantis, where he founds the Illuminati in partnership with Garn Daanuth, the evil brother of Arion, High Mage of Atlantis. (Time Masters #7)

34,782 BCE: After his transformation, in Western Europe, Savage destroyed his elders and his people became known as "The Blood People." (JSA Classified #11)

20,000 Years Ago: The Guardians of the Universe are drawn to the Mars, where a savage, burning race threatens to soon bring chaos to the universe. The Guardians modify the Martians' genetic makeup so that they can no longer burn or asexually reproduce. They are engineered with a weakness to flame and the green and white Martian races are born. Before this, one rogue Martian reaches Earth and slaughters thousands of people. Vandal Savage's people call it Dakath, the Burning. After several months, Savage succeeds in slaughtering it. He locks Dakath's skull in another dimension. (JLA2 #84-87)

3,582 BCE, Sumeria (JSA Classified #10)

c. 2,570 BC: Vandal Savage adopts the identity of the pharaoh Khufu (also called Cheops). He rules Egypt from 2551 to 2528, ordering the construction of the Great Pyramid at Giza. (Who's Who #25)

c. 2,518 BC: With the help of a time traveler from the 20th century, Nabu the Wise creates the Scarab of Khafre (or Kha-ef-re) in a failed attempt to break the power of Vandal Savage. The Scarab is lost for 4,500 years before being rediscovered in the 20th century by archaeologist Dan Garrett (Blue Beetle I). Notes: Time Masters #6 gives the date of this story as 2578 BC, which is not possible. Vandal Savage is shown as the pharaoh Khafre, who was not yet born in 2578. Khafre was Khufu's younger son, who ruled Egypt from 2520 to 2494 BC It is plausible that Savage ruled as Khufu and then continued his reign by masquerading as his own son, but in that case, a more likely date for this story would be 2518 BC The Scarab of Khafre first appeared in Charlton Comics' Blue Beetle #1 (1964). (Time Masters #6)

Via Black Barax's Time Cube, Mr. Terrific, Hawkgirl and Captain Marvel travel back in time. They are greeted by Vandal Savage, who wields the Orb of Ra and controls the Metamorph. Note: This is the only issue which correctly states the time period: Ramses II, 19th Dynasty. The 20th Century JSAers prepare to do battle with Savage alongside their ancient counterparts. With the help of the sun-god, Ra, Vandal Savage is reduced to infancy. Teth-Adam slays Ahk-ton. The JSA members are placed in suspended animation, to be revived thousands of years hence. (JSA #42-44)

1,210 BCE: He fights the Egyptians alongside Moses during the Jews' exodus. (JSA Classified #12)

244 BCE: Northern Europe (JSA Classified #10)

c. 70 BC: Vandal Savage adopts the identity of Gaius Julius Caesar. (Who's Who #25)

44 BC: Vandal Savage fakes his death as Julius Caesar to adopt a new identity. NOTE: This is the historical date of Caesar's death.

200 CE, Egypt: He survives the destruction of the Great Librarby of Alexandria. (JSA Classified #12)

323 CE, Rome (JSA Classified #10)

c. 1206, China: Vandal Savage adopts the identity of Genghis Khan and becomes prince of the Mongols, leading their invasion of China. (Who's Who #25)

13th century: Robin Hood teaches Vandal Savage knifeplay. (Arsenal #3)

1503-1506: Vandal Savage blackmails Leonardo da Vinci into painting the Mona Lisa. (Final Night #2)

1588: As Vandalo Salvaje, Vandal Savage leads the Spanish Armada in a failed campaign against Sir Francis Drake. (Who's Who #25)

1718: As Blackbeard, Edward Teach. He managed to escape defeat by Lieutenant Robert Maynard's (JSA Classified #11)

1770: Vandal Savage's agents in America assassinate George Washington and replace him with a look-alike: Adam Weishaupt, ostensible leader of the Bavarian Illuminati. (Time Masters #5)

c. 1796: As Marshal Sauvage, Vandal Savage becomes an advisor to Napoleon; he presumably takes a new identity after Napoleon's abdication in 1814. (Flash vol. 1 #137)

1870: Vandal Savage and Jason Blood become advisors to Prince Otto Von Bismarck, the premier and later chancellor of Prussia. Savage orchestrates Bismarck's victory over the French in the Franco-Prussian war (1870-1871) and consolidation of the German states. Savage presumably leaves Prussia when Bismarck is removed by Emperor William II in 1890. (Flash #137, Swamp Thing #85, Who's Who #25)

September 1874: Jonah Hex , Bat Lash, and Scalphunter are hired to form the Second Justice Brigade, to assist time-traveling Rip Hunter and the Time Masters in saving the future U.S. President Rutherford B. Hayes from assassination attempts by Vandal Savage. (Time Masters #3)

1887, Little Baddow, England: He was an upper class man with a wife and daughter, Annabeth. (JSA Classified #12)

1940: Green Lantern meets the immortal Vandal Savage. (Green Lantern vol. 1 #10)

The Wizard enlists the Brain Wave, the Gambler, Per Degaton, the Thinker, and Vandal Savage to join the Injustice Society of the World. (All-Star Comics #37)

Vandal Savage forms the corporation Symbolix, which uses cell samples of the JSA and other heroes in an attempt to distill the superhuman potential of the Golden Age heroes.

While working at the Mt. Pride Observatory, Ted Knight is captured by Vandal Savage and Solomon Grundy. The Flash battles the living constellation Orion. The Flash and Hawkman defeat Andromeda and Orion, but are beaten by Vandal Savage — now wielding Starman's Gravity Rod. Green Lantern defeats Sagittarius. He and Black Canary join Flash and Hawkman to confront Vandal Savage and Solomon Grundy. Vandal Savage uses the Gravity Rod to seize control of the living constellations. Ted Knight constructs an improved Cosmic Rod to defeat Vandal Savage and the living constellations. He resumes his role as Starman and rejoins the JSA. Notes: The Flash mentions his fiancee in this issue; however, according to the later Flash v2 #161, he and Joan Williams were married in 1947. (Justice Society of America #1-8)

Arn Munro and Sandra Knight have a child, who is kidnapped by agents of Vandal Savage shortly after his birth. Their child is never seen again. (Damage #11)

Vandal Savage's company Symbolix uses the newborn son of Al and Mary Pratt to test a process for transferring the metagene from one human to another. Mary Pratt dies and the boy is raised by two Symbolix employees, who name him Grant Emerson. Al Pratt believes that his son died at birth. (Damage #2)

The new heroes hold a press conference in Gotham City at the site of the JSA's former headquarters. There they adopt the name of the Justice League of America. Millionnaire Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) sends Simon Carr to offer the league the resources to set up their headquarters. Queen remains anonymous. Working with Locus, Vandal Savage sends Thorn, Eclipso, Solomon Grundy and Clayface after the JLA. Locus attacks their former ally, Vandal Savage. (JLA: Year One #2)

Vandal Savage attempts to defeat both the Apellaxians and the heroes by seizing a mindwipe device. J'onn filters the device's energies through his own mind and subdues the aliens. Earth's heroes are freed and together, they send the Apellaxians back to their homeworld. The two Green Lanterns meet for the first time. Hawkman tells the JLA members that the Justice Society considers them worthy successors. (#12)

Pre-Crisis: The two Flashes join forces to rescue the Atom I, Dr. Mid-Nite, Green Lantern I, Hawkman I, Johnny Thunder, and Wonder Woman I from Vandal Savage. The JSA comes out of retirement. (Flash vol. 1 #137)

The JSA battles Vandal Savage in the time of King Arthur. The bank forecloses on Alan Scott's company, GBC. Star-Spangled Kid adapts the cosmic rod into a cosmic converter belt. Pre-Crisis: In the past, the JSA rescues Superman and Power Girl from Vandal Savage. In the present, a distraught Green Lantern falls under the influence of Psycho-Pirate II. Post-Crisis: No Earth-2 Superman. (All-Star Comics #64-65)

Vandal Savage destroys the Uruguaian city of Montevideo. (DC One Million #1)

The Prime Superman returns to Earth in the 853rd Century and defeats Solaris. The time traveler Chronos sends the 853rd Century Vandal Savage back in time to ground zero of the Montevideo disaster, apparently destroying him once and for all. (#4)


Savage has, of course, boasted about many other accomplishments throughout history. Unconfirmed claims include designing Stonehenge, circa 2000 BC (JLA: Year One #12), killing Nighthawk in 1879 (Hawkman vol. 3 #13) and causing the JSA's retirement in 1951. (JLA: Year One #2)

The Wizard (William Zard)

First Appearance: All-Star Comics #34 (April-May 1947)

Featured Appearances: All-Star Comics #34, 37, 41 • Cancelled Comic Cavalcade #2 • JSA: All-Stars #1-8 • Justice League of America #21-22, 166-168, 183-185 • Secret Society of Super-Villains #1-15

Active. His death at the hands of Hourman II was an illusion (Infinity, Inc. #36). He returned in #50. Last seen masquerading as Legacy, where he duped the JSA into confronting their past sins. The Spectre revealed the Wizard's murder of his own sister, Shannon, then banished the villain to Purgatory to face his own past sins.

Wotan III

First Appearance: More Fun Comics #55 (May 1940)

Featured Appearances: All-Star Squadron #3, 48-49, Annual #3 • JLA: Incarnations #1 • Justice League of America #193 • More Fun Comics #55-56, 70



First Appearance: All-Star Squadron #45 (May 1985)


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