Part 5: Silver Age

Sequence of Events Issue (Date)
The comic book adventures of the original Flash inspire Earth-One's Barry Allen to use his newly acquired super-speed powers to become the Flash (II). NOTE: This story first revealed that Jay Garrick was a comic book character on Earth-One. Showcase #4 (Oct. 1956)
Earth-One's Aquaman, Batman, Flash II, Green Lantern II, the Martian Manhunter, Superman, and Wonder Woman form the Justice League of America. Justice League of America #9 (Feb. 1962)
Flash II accidentally transports himself to Earth-Two and meets Flash I; together, they defeat the Fiddler, the Shade, and the Thinker. NOTES: First Silver Age appearance of Flash I, Fiddler, Shade, and the Thinker, and the first appearance of Earth-One and Earth-Two, although the worlds were not designated as such until Justice League of America #21 (1963). This Silver Age series continued the numbering of the Golden Age Flash Comics, beginning with #105, but changed the title to The Flash. The Flash vol. 1 #123 (Sept. 1961)
Ray Palmer becomes Atom II. NOTE: This issue featured a text piece on the Justice Society, which may be considered their first Silver Age appearance (albeit not in an actual story). Showcase #34 (Oct. 1961)
Flash I and Flash II join forces to battle Captain Cold and the Trickster. NOTE: The JSA (the Atom, Black Canary, Doctor Mid-Nite, Green Lantern, and Hawkman) are seen in flashback, their first appearance in a Silver Age story. Flash vol. 1 #129 (June 1962)
The Justice League meets the Tornado Champion, the benevolent counterpart of Adam Strange's nemesis, the Tornado Tyrant. Both these entities eventually come to reside in the android body of Red Tornado II. Justice League of America #17 (Feb. 1963)
"Vengeance of the Immortal Villain": The two Flashes join forces to rescue the Atom I, Doctor Mid-Nite, Green Lantern I, Hawkman I, Johnny Thunder, and Wonder Woman I from Vandal Savage. The JSA comes out of retirement. NOTE: First Silver Age appearance of Vandal Savage, Johnny Thunder and the Earth-Two Wonder Woman; first actual Silver Age appearance of the JSA. Reprinted in the JSA 100-Page Super Spectacular. Flash vol. 1 #137 (June 1963)
JLA/JSA 1: "Crisis On Earth-One"/"Crisis On Earth-Two": The JSA and JLA team up to battle the Crime Champions: Chronos, Doctor Alchemy, Felix Faust, the Fiddler, the Icicle, and the Wizard. NOTE: First Silver Age appearances (in print) of Black Canary, Doctor Fate, Hourman, Icicle, and the Wizard. Justice League of America #21-22 (Aug.–Sept. 1963)
JLA/JSA 2: "Crisis on Earth-Three"/"The Most Dangerous Earth of All": The JSA and JLA battle the Crime Syndicate of America of Earth-Three: Johnny Quick II, Owl Man, Power Ring, Superwoman, and Ultraman. NOTES: First appearance of Earth-Three and first Silver Age appearance of Starman. Reprinted in Justice League of America #114 (1974). JSA members include Hawkman, Starman, Doctor Fate, Doctor Mid-Nite, Black Canary; Green Lantern, Flash, Atom cameo in #29. Justice League of America #29-30 (Aug.–Sept. 1964)
Flash I and Flash II team up to battle the Shade. Flash vol. 1 #151 (Mar. 1965)
JLA/JSA 3: "Earth Without a Justice League"/"Crisis on Earth-A": The JSA battles the evil Earth-One Johnny Thunder II and his Lawless League. NOTES: First Silver Age appearance of Mister Terrific and Johnny's Thunderbolt. "Earth-A" was an alternate timeline of Earth-One; it was not a separate parallel world. Starring: Hawkman, Green Lantern, Flash, Atom, Doctor Fate, Mister Terrific, Johnny Thunder. Justice League of America #37-38 (Aug.–Sept. 1965)
Green Lantern I and Green Lantern II join forces to stop the renegade Oan Krona from recreating his forbidden experiment: witnessing the birth of the universe. NOTE: This story was the first explanation of the origins of the Guardians of the Universe and the Green Lantern Corps, and the first event later used as a cornerstone to the Crisis series. Green Lantern vol. 2 #40 (Oct. 1965)
Doiby Dickles, former sidekick of Green Lantern, leaves the Earth to marry an alien princess from the planet Myrg. Green Lantern vol. 2 #45 (June 1966)
JLA/JSA 4: "Crisis Between Earth-One and Earth-Two"/"The Bridge Between Earths": The JLA, JSA, and the Spectre prevent the Anti-Matter Man from causing the collision of Earth-One and Earth-Two. NOTE: First Silver Age appearance of Sandman I, who returns to his original costume. Starring: Sandman, Doctor Fate, Doctor Mid-Nite, Wildcat, Spectre, Black Canary. Justice League of America #46-47 (Aug.–Sept. 1966)
The Atom and Atom II defeat the Thinker. NOTE: This story reveals that Al Pratt is now a physics lecturer at Calvin College. Atom #29 (Mar. 1967)
Alan Scott and Hal Jordan deliver Doiby Dickles' old cab, Goitrude, to him on Myrg. Green Lantern vol. 2 #52 (Apr. 1967)
Doctor Fate, Doctor Mid-Nite and Flash I help Flash II defeat Abra Kadabra. Flash vol. 1 #170 (May 1967)
The Spectre and Earth-One's Flash battle the vengeful spirit of a World War I flying ace. Brave and the Bold #72 (June/July 1967)
JLA/JSA 5: "The Super-Crisis That Struck Earth-Two"/"The Negative-Crisis of Earths One-Two": The JLA and JSA battle four ordinary people possessed by the evil Black Spheres. Robin joins the JSA. NOTE: First Silver Age appearance of Earth-Two Robin. Earth-Two's Batman is said to be in semi-retirement. Starring: Hawkman, Wonder Woman, Robin, Hourman, Wildcat, Mister Terrific, Johnny Thunder. Justice League of America #55-56 (Aug.–Sept. 1967)
Jay and Joan Garrick visit Barry Allen on Earth-One and meet Wally West (Kid Flash). They join forces against an alien mutant called the Golden Man. Joan convinces Barry he should reveal his secret identity to his wife, Iris West-Allen. NOTE: Barry does not learn until the following issue that Iris already knows his secret. Flash #173 (Sept. 1967)
Al Pratt visits Earth-One, where he helps Ray Palmer overcome a mysterious effect that is causing him to grow younger. The Atom #36 (May 1968)
When Alan Scott attempts to use his power ring to rid Earth-Two of evil, he inadvertently transports his world's entire population to Earth-One. Hal Jordan gives him a pep talk and helps him to return Earth-Two's population to its own Earth. Green Lantern vol. 2 #61 (June 1968)
JLA/JSA 6: "The Stormy Return of the Red Tornado"/"T.O. Morrow Kills the Justice League — Today": Red Tornado II helps the JLA and JSA battle T.O. Morrow and joins the JSA. NOTE: The story in issue #64 states that the original Red Tornado was a member of the JSA. Although she made a brief cameo in All-Star Comics #3, the original Red Tornado was not depicted as a JSA member in any Golden Age story. Starring: Hawkman, Green Lantern, Flash, Hourman, Starman, Sandman, Atom, Doctor Fate, Doctor Mid-Nite, Mister Terrific, Black Canary, Red Tornado II. Justice League of America #64-65 (Aug.–Sept. 1968)
Hourman nearly dies when the Miraclo in his body reacts to the radiation of an otherwise-harmless metal-dissolving ray. The Spectre #7 (Nov./Dec. 1968)
JLA/JSA 7: "Star Light, Star Bright — Death Star I See Tonight"/ "Where Death Fears to Tread": The JLA and JSA battle Aquarius, a malevolent living star. Black Canary I and her husband Larry Lance are mortally wounded by Aquarius. Their daughter Dinah, still in the Thunderbolt dimension, is revived and given her mother's memories. Black Canary I's body is laid to rest in the Thunderbolt dimension; Dinah takes her mother's place and moves to Earth-One. NOTES: First Silver Age appearance of the Earth-Two Superman. The substitution of Dinah Lance for her mother was explained in Justice League of America #220 (1983). Starring: Green Lantern, Superman, Wonder Woman, Doctor Fate, Doctor Mid-Nite, Black Canary, Red Tornado II, Starman. Justice League of America #73-74 (Aug.–Sept. 1969), Secret Origins #50 (Aug. 1990)
On Earth-One, Black Canary II joins the JLA and discovers her "canary cry." Justice League of America #75 (Oct. 1969), Justice League of America #220 (Nov. 1983)
Black Canary II encounters the Earth-One counterpart of her father, Larry Lance (secretly the criminal Collector). NOTE: At the time, she still believed she was in fact her mother. Brave and the Bold #91 (Aug./Sept. 1970)
JLA/JSA 8: "Peril of the Paired Planets"/"Where Valor Fails... Will Magic Triumph?": The JLA and JSA battle Creator2. The Spectre defeats Creator2, but is apparently destroyed in the process. NOTE: First actual modern appearance of the Earth-Two Batman; he previously appeared in an imaginary story in Detective Comics #347 (1966). Starring: Superman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Doctor Fate, Doctor Mid-Nite, Hourman, Starman, Spectre, Johnny Thunder, Green Lantern, Sandman, Red Tornado II, Atom, Batman, Mister Terrific, Wildcat. Justice League of America #82-83 (Aug.–Sept. 1970)
JLA/JSA 9: "Earth — The Monster Maker"/"Solomon Grundy — The One and Only": The JLA, JSA, and Robin battle a group of stranded alien children allied with Solomon Grundy. NOTES: First meeting of the Earth-One and Earth-Two Robins. The Earth-One Robin gets a new costume that is adopted by his Earth-Two counterpart in All-Star Comics #58 (1976). Starring: Superman, Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman, Atom, Robin. Justice League of America #91-92 (Aug.–Sept. 1971)
JLA/JSA 10: "The Unknown Soldier of Victory"/"The Hand That Shook the World"/"And One of Us Must Die": The JLA and JSA rescue the Seven Soldiers of Victory, scattered throughout time after a battle with the Nebula Man that cost the life of Wing. The Red Tornado sacrifices himself to destroy the Iron Hand. NOTES: First modern appearances of the Golden Age Seven Soldiers (Crimson Avenger, Green Arrow, Shining Knight, Speedy, Star-Spangled Kid, Stripsey, Vigilante, and Wing). Their last Golden Age appearance was in Leading Comics #14 (1945). The Iron Hand first appeared (as the Hand) in Leading Comics #1 (1941). Stars & STRIPE #9 reveals that the Vigilante spent 20 years in the Old West before his return to the modern era, explaining his advanced age in other modern appearances. Starring: Wonder Woman, Doctor Fate, Doctor Mid-Nite, Hourman, Starman, Sandman, Red Tornado II, Johnny Thunder, Robin, Wildcat, Green Lantern, Mister Terrific. Justice League of America #100-102 (Aug.–Oct. 1972)
Red Tornado II reappears, now possessing more human-like features. He joins the JLA. Justice League of America #106 (July 1973)
On Earth-One, Paul Kirk (Manhunter II) is resurrected by the Council, now possessing bio-engineered regeneration powers. He is retrained to serve as the head of the Council's "special branch." NOTES: The revived Manhunter first appeared in Detective Comics #437 (Oct./Nov. 1973); his resurrection was explained in flashback in #439. Detective Comics #439 (Feb./Mar. 1974)
JLA/JSA 11: "Crisis on Earth-X"/"Thirteen Against the Earth": The JLA and JSA are drawn to Earth-X, where they help the Freedom Fighters (Uncle Sam, Black Condor, Doll Man, the Human Bomb, Phantom Lady, and the Ray) defeat the Nazis, who on Earth-X won World War 2. NOTES: First appearance of Earth-X and first modern and DC Comics appearances of these Quality Comics characters. The Freedom Fighters originally were from Earth-Two, per their last chronological appearance was in All-Star Squadron #50 (1985). The heroes in this story are the only survivors of the original group. Starring: Superman, Flash, Doctor Fate, Hourman, Sandman, Red Tornado II. Justice League of America #107-108 (Sept.–Dec. 1973)
The Spectre reappears, this time bound to the Jim Corrigan of Earth-One. Adventure Comics #431 (Feb. 1974)
NOTES: This issue reprints All-Star Comics #40 and contains a centerfold JSA pinup by Murphy Anderson. Justice League of America #110 (Apr. 1974)
JLA/JSA 12: "The Creature in the Velvet Cage": The JLA and JSA fight a mysterious sand monster who is revealed to be Sandy the Golden Boy, transformed into a monster in 1947. The Sandman vows to find a way to restore Sandy to human form. NOTES: First modern appearance of Sandy, whose next appearance is in DC Comics Presents #47 (1982). Also contains a reprint of a Golden Age tale from All-Star Comics #41 (1948). Starring: Flash, Wonder Woman, Hourman, Sandman. Justice League of America #113 (Sept./Oct. 1974)
Wracked with guilt at his failure to restore Sandy Hawkins to normal, Wesley Dodds seeks psychiatric help from Doctor Raymond Baxter, who hypnotizes him and causes him to forget his role as Sandman. DC Comics Presents #42 (Feb. 1982)
On Earth-One, after realizing that the Council is not as benevolent as it claimed, Manhunter II (Paul Kirk) turns against the organization, vowing to destroy it and wipe out all of his clones. Detective Comics #440 (Apr./May 1974)
On Earth-One, aided by a small group of allies including Batman, Manhunter II (Paul Kirk) invades the sanctuary of the Council and ultimately sacrifices his life to wipe out its leaders, including Doctor Mykros. Detective Comics #443 (Oct./Nov. 1974)
JLA/JSA 13: "Where On Earth Am I?"/"Avenging Ghosts of the Justice Society": The JLA and JSA battle Cary Bates of Earth-Prime, who gets super-powers when he travels to Earth-Two. NOTES: First modern appearance of the Gambler and Injustice Society. Earth-Prime, and that world's Cary Bates and Julius Schwartz, first appeared in The Flash #179 (1968). Starring: Wonder Woman, Robin, Hourman, Wildcat, Doctor Mid-Nite, Johnny Thunder, Spectre. Justice League of America #123-124 (Oct.–Nov. 1975)
Doctor Fate battles the mummified mad Egyptian priest Khalis over the Amulet of Anubis. NOTE: First story to establish that Fate's conscience supersedes that of Kent Nelson whenever he dons the helmet. 1st Issue Special #9 (Dec. 1975)
"The All-Star Super Squad": The Star-Spangled Kid and Power Girl join the JSA, which battles the Brain Wave. The Star-Spangled Kid begins using Starman's cosmic rod. NOTES: This is the first modern appearance of the Brain Wave. The Earth-Two Robin adopts a new costume. All-Star Comics #58 (Jan./Feb. 1976)
"Brainwave Blows Up": Per Degaton (first modern appearance) joins the Brain Wave to fight the JSA. NOTES: The new appearances of the Brain Wave and Per Degaton in this story later were revealed to be illusions. All-Star Comics #59 (Mar./Apr. 1976)
"Vulcan: Son of Fire": The JSA's Gotham City headquarters is badly damaged in a battle with Vulcan, a former NASA astronaut transformed by a solar flare. All-Star Comics #60 (May/June 1976)
"Hellfire and Holocaust": Doctor Fate is critically wounded in battle with Vulcan, who is thrust into limbo by the Star-Spangled Kid. Hawkman inadvertently revives Zanadu. All-Star Comics #61 (July/Aug. 1976)
"When Fall the Mighty": The JSA rescues Shiera Hall from Zanadu. Note: First modern appearance of the Golden Age Hawkgirl. All-Star Comics #62 (Sept./Oct. 1976)
"The Death of Doctor Fate": Doctor Fate is resurrected by Zanadu, whom Fate promptly defeats. The JSA battles the Fiddler and Solomon Grundy. Superman leaves active membership in favor of Power Girl. All-Star Comics #63 (Nov./Dec. 1976)
JLA/JSA 14: "Crisis in Eternity"/"Crisis on Earth-S"/"Crisis In Tomorrow": The JLA, JSA, and the heroes of Earth-S battle King Kull. NOTES: First modern appearance of the Earth-Two Joker and the first modern and first DC appearances of the Fawcett Comics characters Bulletgirl, Bulletman, Ibis, King Kull, Mister Scarlet, Pinky, and Spy Smasher. This was the only JLA/JSA team-up in which the Earth-Two Batman actively participated. Justice League of America #135-137 (Oct.–Dec. 1976)
Selina Kyle is accidentally killed after being blackmailed into resuming her role as Catwoman, prompting Bruce Wayne to retire as Batman. He later becomes police commissioner of Gotham City. DC Super Stars #17 (Nov./Dec. 1977)
"Yesterday Begins Today": The JSA battles Vandal Savage in the time of King Arthur. The bank forecloses on Alan Scott's company, GBC. Star-Spangled Kid adapts the cosmic rod into a cosmic converter belt. All-Star Comics #64 (Jan./Feb. 1977)
"The Master Plan of Vandal Savage": In the past, the JSA rescues Superman and Power Girl from Vandal Savage. In the present, a distraught Green Lantern falls under the influence of Psycho-Pirate II. All-Star Comics #65 (Mar./Apr. 1977)
Bruce Wayne vs. the JSA
"Injustice Strikes Twice": The JSA battles the Injustice Society. Wildcat suffers brain damage after he is mind controlled by the Icicle, causing his speech to deteriorate. Dick Grayson warns Bruce Wayne of erratic behavior by members of the JSA. All-Star Comics #66 (May/June 1977)
"The Attack of the Underlord": While the JSA battles the Underlord, Green Lantern, under the control of the Psycho-Pirate, begins a rampage in Gotham City. Bruce Wayne orders the JSA's arrest on charges of reckless endangerment. All-Star Comics #67 (July/Aug. 1977)
"Divided We Stand": The JSA is forced to battle the Flash and Green Lantern as the involvement of the Psycho-Pirate is revealed. All-Star Comics #68 (Sept./Oct. 1977)
Per Degaton is released from prison. Bruce composes a false Batman Diary accusing the JSA of treason, in the subconscious hope that its accusations will lead the JSA to thwart Degaton's next attempt at world conquest. As Batman, he delivers the diary to his old friend, Professor Carter Nichols. America vs. the JSA #4 (Apr. 1985)
JLA/JSA 15: "Crisis in the 30th Century"/"Crisis in Triplicate." The JLA and JSA travel to the 30th Century, where they join the Legion of Super-Heroes to battle Mordru and the Demons Three. Starring: Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman, Doctor Fate, Power Girl; cameos by Wildcat and the Star-Spangled Kid. Justice League of America #147-148 (Oct.–Nov. 1977)
Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle's daughter Helena becomes the Huntress II to avenge her mother's death. DC Super Stars #17 (Nov./Dec. 1977)
"United We Fall": Bruce Wayne enlists Doctor Mid-Nite, Hourman, Robin, Starman, and Wonder Woman to apprehend the rest of the JSA. Superman breaks up the fight and Doctor Fate discovers that Bruce Wayne is under the influence of the Psycho-Pirate. Bruce is freed from the villain's control and apologizes for his actions. Meanwhile, the Huntress watches unseen. All-Star Comics #69 (Nov./Dec. 1977)
"A Parting of the Ways": Most of the JSA takes a well-earned rest. Jay Garrick gets Alan Scott a job as an engineer at Jay's company, Keystone Labs. The Star-Spangled Kid and Wildcat battle the Strike Force. All-Star Comics #70 (Jan./Feb. 1978)
Power Girl is forced to battle the intelligent "symbio-ship" that brought her to Earth. This was the first account of Power Girl's origin. Showcase #97-98 (Feb.–Mar. 1978)
In an interview in We magazine, the Flash reveals to the world that he is Jay Garrick. He and Flash II join forces against Gorilla Grodd. NOTE: First modern appearance of Johnny Quick. DC Special Series #11 (Flash Spectacular) (1978)
With the help of reporter Andrew Vinson, Power Girl adopts the secret identity of Karen Steele. She rescues the Flash and Green Lantern from Brain Wave in Keystone City. Showcase #99 (Apr. 1978)
"The Deadliest Game in Town": The Star-Spangled Kid and Wildcat defeat the Strike Force, whose leader is unmasked as the Star-Spangled Kid's nephew, Arthur Pemberton.The Huntress reveals her origin to Wildcat. Earth-Two's Jim Corrigan, no longer bound to the Spectre, appears as a Gotham police detective. All-Star Comics #71 (Mar./Apr. 1978)
The Huntress takes Batman's place as Gotham's principal guardian. Bruce Wayne never learns of his daughter's dual identity. Batman Family #17 (Apr./May 1978)
"A Thorn By Any Other Name": Wildcat is badly injured in a battle with the Thorn, and the JSA discovers his earlier brain damage. Doctor Fate and Hawkman are kidnapped by the Master Summoner. The Huntress officially joins the JSA and battles the original Huntress. NOTE: Hawkman adopts a new golden helmet in this issue. All-Star Comics #72 (May/June 1978)
"Be It Ever So Deadly": While surgeons struggle to save Wildcat's life, the JSA battles the Huntress I, the Sportsmaster, and the Thorn. All-Star Comics #73 (July/Aug. 1978)
Led by the Wizard, the Secret Society of Super-Villains attempts to defeat the JSA by attacking the members individually. NOTES: The conclusion of this story, originally intended for Secret Society of Super-Villains #16-17, was published only in Canceled Comics Cavalcade #2 (1978); it was retold in flashback in Justice League of America #166. Secret Society of Super-Villains #15 (June/July 1978), Justice League of America #166 (May 1979)
"World on the Edge of Ending": The Master Summoner nearly tricks the JSA into destroying the world. NOTE: Final issue of All-Star Comics. All-Star Comics #74 (Sept./Oct. 1978)
The Freedom Fighters migrate from Earth-X to Earth-One. They eventually return to Earth-X to help to rebuild that world. Freedom Fighters #1-15 (Mar. 1976–July 1978)
The original Firebrand, Rod Reilly, is killed by the Silver Ghost. NOTES: This story was meant to appear in Secret Society of Super-Villains #18, before the "DC Implosion" cancelled the title. The story was scripted, but not drawn. Cancelled Comics Cavalcade #2 (Fall 1978)
JLA/JSA 16: "Crisis from Yesterday"/"Crisis from Tomorrow": The Lord of Time forces members of the JLA and JSA to battle "History's Heroes": the Black Pirate, Enemy Ace, Jonah Hex, Miss Liberty, and the Viking Prince. NOTE: This was the Huntress's first JLA/JSA team-up. Starring: Wonder Woman, Doctor Mid-Nite, Star Spangled Kid, Huntress. Justice League of America #159-160 (Oct.–Nov. 1978)
The Wizard sets a trap for the Flash, but snares the Earth-One Flash instead. Adventure Comics #460 (Nov./Dec. 1978)
Seeking the secret of teleportation technology hidden in the pages of a copy of Flash Comics #26, impostors of the Golden Age Green Lantern and Wildcat run up against Barry Allen. Flash vol. 2 #268 (Dec. 1978)
Green Lantern helps the Earth-One GL and Green Arrow track a thief who stole the Starheart. The Starheart reveals to Alan Scott that it was the source of his lantern and power ring. Green Lantern vol. 2 #111-112 (Dec. 1978–Jan. 1979)
Part 1: The JSA clashes with escaped convict Bill Jensen, who now possesses mysterious magical powers and wants revenge on Commissioner Bruce Wayne. NOTE: This three-part story originally was slated for All-Star Comics #75. Adventure Comics #461 (Jan./Feb. 1979)
Part 2: The Earth-Two Batman dies in combat with Bill Jensen, exposing his secret identity. He is buried with honors in Gotham City. At the funeral, Helena Wayne dissuades Dick Grayson from taking up Batman's mantle. Adventure Comics #462 (Mar./Apr. 1979)
Part 3: The JSA avenges Batman's death by tracking down Frederic Vaux, the sorcerer who gave Bill Jensen his powers. Doctor Fate casts a spell to insure that anyone who did not already know Batman's true identity believes that Bruce Wayne and Batman died separate deaths, protecting the secret identities of Robin and the Huntress. Adventure Comics #463 (May/June 1979)
"To Everything There Is a Season...": Wildcat takes a leave of absence from the JSA to open a private gym in Gotham for underprivileged kids. Adventure Comics #464 (July/Aug. 1979)
"Countdown to Disaster!": The JSA scours Gotham in a desperate search for a capsule of poison gas. Doctor Fate is interrupted from completing a spell intended to protect someone from imminent harm. Mister Terrific rejoins the Justice Society just in time for their meeting with the JLA. Adventure Comics #465 (Sept./Oct. 1979)
JLA/JSA 17: "The Murderer Among Us / Crisis Above Earth-One"/"I Accuse...": During a JLA/JSA meeting aboard the JLA satellite, Mister Terrific is slain by his old enemy the Spirit King, who has possessed the body of Jay Garrick. (#171) NOTE: Also shown in JSA #61. Starring: Hawkman, Flash, Green Lantern, Doctor Fate, Mister Terrific, Power Girl, Huntress. Justice League of America #171-172 (Oct.–Nov. 1979)
"The Man Who Defeated the Justice Society": After Mister Terrific's funeral, the Huntress tells Power Girl about the JSA's last case in 1951. Adventure Comics #466 (Nov./Dec. 1979)
Diana Prince retires from Army Intelligence and reveals to the world that she is secretly Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman vol. 1 #300 (Feb. 1983)
Hourman battles a group of terrorists at Tyler Chemicals. DC Comics Presents #25 (Sept. 1980)
JLA/JSA 18: "Crisis On New Genesis, or, Where Have All the New Gods Gone?"/"Crisis Between the Earths, or, Apokolips Now"/"Crisis On Apokolips - Darkseid Rising": Highfather draws the JLA and JSA to New Genesis to join the New Gods against Darkseid. Starring: Doctor Fate, Power Girl, Huntress, Wonder Woman. Justice League of America #183-185 (Oct.–Dec. 1980)
Huntress and Power Girl battle the Thinker, who is attempting to convince D.A. Harry Sims to outlaw costumed heroes in Gotham City. Wonder Woman vol. 1 #274-276 (Dec. 1980–Feb. 1981)
When his night vision begins to fail, Doctor Mid-Nite incorporates new technology into his goggles. DC Comics Presents #29 (Jan. 1981)
The Atom temporarily switches powers with Atom II (Ray Palmer). DC Comics Presents #30 (Feb. 1981)
Robotman trapped in collapsed mine awakens from decades of suspended animation when an automatic repair circuit is completed, at first he is unaware that decades have passed. Robotman frees himself from the mine and continues his pursuit of Carver City crime boss Alvyn Lashky. Not long after Lasky is captured Robotman's brain is transplanted into the body of his deceased friend, robotics expert Charles Grayson. Grayson had years before arranged for his body to be cryogenically frozen following his death as the result of a rare brain disease. DC Comics Presents #31 (Mar. 1981)
Firestorm learns that the Red Tornado is actually the sentient (albeit amnesiac) Tornado Champion, inhabiting the android body built by T.O. Morrow. NOTE: Justice League of America #193 contains the 16-page preview of All-Star Squadron. Justice League of America #192-193 (July–Aug. 1981)
On Earth-Two, Robin poses as Batman to help the Huntress capture the Joker. Wonder Woman vol. 1 #282-283 (Aug.–Sept. 1981)
The Earth-Two Superman and Robin help the Earth-One Superman and Batman defeat a revived Atom Man (spelled "Atoman" in this story). World's Finest #271 (Sept. 1981)
After learning that he is dying of an incurable disease, the Crimson Avenger goes into action a final time, saving the life of a young Latino boy and then heroically steering a burning chemical tanker away from New York harbor, saving countless lives at the cost of his own. DC Comics Presents #38 (Oct. 1981)
On Earth-Two, Robin helps Huntress foil a blackmail attempt on their law partner, Arthur Cranston. Wonder Woman vol. 1 #284-285 (Oct.–Nov. 1981)
JLA/JSA 19: "Targets on Two Worlds"/"Countdown to Crisis"/"Crisis in Limbo": The JLA and JSA battle the Ultra-Humanite, now in the body of a giant white ape, and a new Secret Society of Super-Villains: Brain Wave, Cheetah II, the Floronic Man, Killer Frost, the Mist, the Monocle, Psycho-Pirate II, Rag Doll and Signalman. NOTES: First modern appearance of the Monocle, who first appeared in Flash Comics #64 (1945). Justice League of America #195 contains a to-die-for pinup of both teams by George Pérez. Starring: Hawkman, Flash, Superman, Hourman, Johnny Thunder. Justice League of America #195-197 (Oct.–Dec. 1981)
Robin and Starman team up with Earth-One's Batman and Earth-Two's Batwoman to defeat Professor Hugo Strange, who has stolen Starman's Cosmic Rod. NOTES: First appearance of the Earth-Two Batwoman and the first modern appearance of the Earth-Two Hugo Strange, who debuted in Detective Comics #36 (1940). Brave & Bold #182 (Jan. 1982)
Flash II and Doctor Fate help the Flash rescue his wife, Joan Garrick, from the Lord of Limbo. Flash vol. 1 #305 (Jan. 1982)
Wesley Dodds is lured into a trap by the Sandman's one-time enemy "Snooze" Simpson, who has discovered that Dodds was the Sandman. As a result of his ordeal, Wes recovers his memory of his Sandman career and reclaims his costumed identity. He renews his vow to restore Sandy Hawkins to human form. DC Comics Presents #42 (Feb. 1982)
Wonder Woman calls on the JLA and Supergirl to assist against the Adjudicator and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Black Canary recruits the JSA's Huntress and Power Girl. Zatanna and Wonder Woman fight Famine in Calcutta. (#291) The JSA women fight Plague in Atlanta on Earth-Two. Back on Earth-One, Supergirl meets Madame Xanadu and they are transported to Earth-X, where they fight alongside Phantom Lady. (#292) Raven, Starfire and Wonder Girl are transported to Earth-I, a world of immortals, where they fight Death. Following the Horsemens' defeats, all the heroines trounce the Adjudicator. (#293) Wonder Woman vol. 1 #291-293 (May–July 1982)
Sandy, still trapped in silicoid form, is kidnapped by The Shatterer, who tries to use him as a weapon. Sandy is rescued by the Sandman, who finally succeeds in restoring him to human form. They learn that Sandy has not physically aged since his original transformation. DC Comics Presents #47 (July 1982)
JLA/JSA 20: "Crisis on Earth-Prime": The JLA and JSA join forces with the All-Star Squadron to stop Per Degaton from conquering Earth-Two in 1942. Afterwards, all those involved lose their memories of these events. Starring: Green Lantern, Starman, Doctor Fate, Power Girl, Huntress. Justice League of America #207-209, All-Star Squadron #14-15 (Oct.–Dec. 1982)
Superman of Earth-One teams with Superman of Earth-Two and Earth-Three's Alex Luthor (Earth-Three's first superhero) against Alexei Luthor, Lex Luthor, and Ultraman. DC Comics Presents Annual #1 (1982)
When Alley-Kat-Abra and Green Lambkin (of Earths C and C-Minus) use their magic to transport themselves across a myriad of dimensions. On Earth-Two, they briefly encounter Power Girl, Green Lantern, Huntress and Doctor Fate. Captain Carrot #15 (May 1983)
JLA/JSA 21: "Crisis in the Thunderbolt Dimension"/"The Doppleganger Gambit": The JLA and JSA battle Earth-One's Johnny Thunder, who has again seized control of the Thunderbolt, and learn that Black Canary II was substituted for her mother after her mother's death. NOTES: This story expands upon the events of Justice League of America #74 (1969). Starring: Flash, Starman, Hourman, Johnny Thunder, Power Girl, Huntress. Justice League of America #219-220 (Oct.–Nov. 1983)

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