Part 11: JSA-All Stars (2009–11)

Sequence of Events Issue (Date)
Bill Willingham and Matthew Sturges begin as co-writers
Jesus Merino begins as penciller
A new Doctor Fate's existence triggers his predecessor's Prophesy Sphere, which distorts reality in JSA HQ. Cyclone remembers her grandmother's tale from 1939, a meeting with Tex Thompson. Citizen Steel tunes into mental wavelengths of his mother and brother, still frozen in metallic form. Amazing Man meets the Olorun, the elementals who supply his powers. In a test, Markus discovers he can pass his abilities on to others through touch. Young Wildcat learns his true origins. Before becoming Cyclone Maxine once visited the brownstone during an attack by the Icicle. She uses her powers, which her grandmother doesn't know about. Damage relives his traumatic past. The effects end when the Sphere is destroyed. NOTE: Indicia reads "JSA" but the cover spells out the team name. JSA 80-Page Giant #1 (Jan. 2010)
Obsidian is found in a condensed egg shape. King Chimera (grandson of the King) and All-American Kid (Kid Karnevil in disguise) and join. All-American Kid stabs Mister Terrific. Anubis and Devil Dog try to recruit Junkyard Dog for a so-called Global Ultra Society of Dread. Other villains help in their attempt to capture Wildcat, including: Arrakhat, Atomic Skull, Blackbriar Thorn, Blue Moon, D-Bomb, Doctor Polaris, Eclipso, Girder, Killshot, Madmen, Major Force, Mammoth, Tapeworm, Tiger Moth, Wild Huntsman. Justice Society of America vol. 3 #29 (Sept. 2009)
The Flash recruits the new Doctor Fate (Kent V. Nelson). Magog argues over the team's strategy, preferring to pursue the villains. When they discover that Mister Terrific is dying, Wildcat takes issue with the younger hero's priorities. NOTE: The new Doctor Fate first appeared in Countdown to Mystery #1 (Nov. 2007). Justice Society of America vol. 3 #30 (Oct. 2009)
The escaped villains meet their leader, Icicle (with Humunculus and Underhand), who works for yet another. Magog points out the team's security flaws while Doctor Fate asks them all to donate blood for Mister Terrific. Flash uncovers footage of All-American Kid's actions. The boy claims not to recall them. Mister Terrific dies on the operating table. NOTE: Karnevil spins a yarn claiming he's William Armstrong, the second All-American Kid. Justice Society of America vol. 3 #31 (Nov. 2009)
All-American Kid casts doubt on King Chimera. Chimera makes it worse by refusing to cooperate. The villains regroup to try again to collect their bounties. Justice Society of America vol. 3 #32 (Dec. 2009)
The mercenaries are defeated. In the battle, All-American Boy is revealed as Kid Karnevil; he slips away to acquire the dormant Obsidian—his true mission. Obsidian is given over to Karnevil's unnamed ally. Mister Terrific awakes in time to take Karnevil down. The JSA brownstone is left in ruins. Liberty Belle speaks the truth of their situation: the JSA needs to split before they break apart. NOTE: Kid Karnevil's real name, Jeremy Karne, is first given. Justice Society of America vol. 3 #33 (Jan. 2010)
Hourman and Liberty Belle begin a quest for the Staff of Legends, or Tachophixyl ("fast snake stick") from ancient Greece. They find their contact dead in Turkey, and Icicle and Tigress, too. (#2) At first, they pursue the villains to Italy, (#3) but they're forced to team with them, (#4) following clues to an old Christian cave. (#5) Hourman is trying to wean himself from Miraclo so as not to affect their possible conception. (#6) Their competitor is Blue (Peter Hayes), a meta who can turn to gas, the same as his father, Prof. Hayes. (#7) In the end, they allow Prof. Hayes to keep the Aesclepius, and Tigress and Icicle give birth to Isabelle Rose Mahkent. (#11) JSA All-Stars #2-11 (Mar.–Dec. 2010)
JSA Splits into Two Teams
The Fourth Reich
The JSA sets up HQ in the JLA's former Happy Harbor facility. Mordru returns and possesses the new Doctor Fate. The team's mystical alarms sense his presence and they force him out. Mister Terrific modifies Mister America's whip into a powerful weapon. Kid Karnevil is their prisoner. Justice Society of America vol. 3 #34 (Feb. 2010)
Mister Terrific and Doctor Fate free the other JSAers from various dimensions. They combine those dimensions to imprison Mordru. Justice Society of America vol. 3 #35 (Mar. 2010)

Captain Nazi leads a new Fourth Reich team including Baroness Blitzkreig, White Dragon II, Hunter, Shadow of War, Green Ghoul, Count Berlin, Doctor Demon, Baron Gestapo, Captain Murder, Captain Swastika. Hourman and Liberty Belle settle into a new home in New Rochelle, NY. The Veteran prepares to take custody of Kid Karnevil. Green Lantern is hit by a bomb that emits shards of wood. Doctor Fate leaves on a personal mission. Terrific disables Capt. Nazi.

Justice Society of America vol. 3 #36 (Apr. 2010)

After taking out most of the Fourth Reich, Shadow of War activates the "Darkness Engine," powered by Obsidian. It removes all super-powers and advanced technology. (#37) Many heroes die and Superman is gravely injured. Earth is cut off from space, too. (#38) The Reich lures Green Lanterns, the Omega Men, Darkstars, and the Planeteers on to Earth, then massacres them by restarting the Darkness Engine. (#39)

Justice Society of America vol. 3 #37-39 (May–July 2010)
20 years later: The JSA have been imprisoned since the Darkness Engine, and it's time for Mister Terrific's execution; he must give his life's story to his captor, Lt. Karla Pruitt. (#36) The Fourth Reich rule America with the power of the Engine. Terrific plots a revolt with other former heroes (Superman, Batman, Green Arrow, Blue Beetle, Mid-Nite). (#37) Justice Society of America vol. 3 #36-37 (Apr.–May 2010)
Karnevil is America's Führer. He executes Batman and the Joker. As part of their plan, Jaime Reyes viciously attacks Mister Terrific, calling him a traitor. Jaime is executed, too. When Lt. Pruitt shows concern for Mister Terrific, she is killed too. Justice Society of America vol. 3 #38 (June 2010)
Mister Terrific leads seven teams to target the tower housing the Darnkess Engine. Terrific himself succeeds, sending a short message to himself, back through time. Unfortunately, it arrives at the point when Terrific had been pronounced dead (back in Justice Society of America #31). Justice Society of America vol. 3 #39 (July 2010)
In the past, Mister Terrific awakens in time to warn everyone about the Obsidian egg, which must be hatched. He corrects the timeline and Obsidian is key in defeating the Reich and Karnevil. Obsidian rises better than ever, free from corruption. He declines Karen's offer to join the All-Stars. He prefers to protect, not avenge. Then they go on to fight Mordru, then to find the remains of the Reich, who would still want Obsidian's power. Mister Terrific retains all the knowledge of that future, and visits young Karla Lander in Ames, Iowa. He gifts her with a trust for her education, and revisits often. Todd remembers flashes of the future, too. His relationship with Alan grows stronger. NOTES: This arc occurs before the formation of the All-Stars team, and before Blackest Night. Last issue by Bill Willingham, who stated that he preferred not to write the planned crossover with Justice League. Justice Society of America vol. 3 #40 (Aug. 2010)
Matthew Sturges and Freddie Williams II are writer/artist for JSA All-Stars
Power Girl leads a splinter team of young JSA members. The new team confronts the Novyj Soviet in New York. Rex Tyler helps them set up headquarters in upstate New York, at the Star-K Ranch. Cyclone gets a crush on King Chimera. Sandy Hawkins fights to stay awake. At the new team's press conference, Arthur Pemberton's Strike Force attacks and kidnaps Stargirl for Johnny Sorrow. JSA All-Stars #1 (Feb. 2010)
Johnny Sorrow reactivates the Injustice Society (Tigress, Killer Wasp, Wizard, Geomancer II, Icicle, Shiv). Rex Tyler creates Roxy, an A.I. servant who ostensibly joins the group. Power Girl stops Magog from killing Icicle. JSA All-Stars #2 (Mar. 2010)
Johnny Sorrow kills Killer Wasp as blood sacrifice for the King of Tears. Magog storms off. Sand receives a dream-visit from Wesley Dodds. JSA All-Stars #3 (Apr. 2010)
The All-Stars respond when Magog runs amok at Haven prison. They believe he is mad, but they are influenced by his new nemesis, the Mind Czar. When Power Girl stops Magog from killing, their differences become irreconcilable. Magog succeeds in revealing that the facility (Flashpoint) was being used for nefarious purposes but it's too late; he Magog resigns from the JSA. NOTE: Simultaneous with events in Magog #6. Justice Society of America Annual #2 (Apr. 2010)
Sandy comes with warnings, and retakes the codename Sand. In a mystic rite, the King of Tears is brought to Earth. Stargirl agrees to go with Sorrow to stop the JSA's certain defeat. In the Subtle Realms, she finds Atom-Smasher (Sorrow in disguise). JSA All-Stars #4 (May 2010)
Stargirl and Atom-Smasher fight together through the Subtle Realms to the Courts of Despair. They express their love for one another, kissing for the first time. A mysterious protege of Doctor Fate's, Anna Fortune, appears and imprisons the King of Tears inside a gauntlet. She also reluctantly agrees to heal King Chimera. She begins a spell to help find Stargirl, too. Sand officially rejoins the team. JSA All-Stars #5 (June 2010)
Anna accidentally brings the Subtle Realms to Earth. Stargirl discovers that Sorrow has posed as Atom-Smasher. With her true-love kiss, Sorrow reverts to human. King Chimera disables Sorrow by conjuring an image of his own death stare. Stargirl's "purity" allows her to kills the King of Tears with Sorrow's dagger, banishing him and the Realms. JSA All-Stars #6 (July 2010)
Blackest Night
On Memorial Day, Hawkman and Hawkgirl are killed by the reanimated forms of Ralph and Sue Dibny. The Hawks are also transformed into Black Lanterns. Blackest Night #1 (Sept. 2009)
Damage is killed by Black Lantern Jean Loring. Blackest Night #4 (Dec. 2009)
The original Doctor Mid-Nite, Mister Terrific, Sandman, Doctor Fate, and Johnny Quick rise. Superman drops off the Superman-2 and Psycho Pirate corpses at JSA HQ. (#1) Damage rises from the dead. He creates a diversion, appearing to destroy the other Lanterns in order to break into JSA HQ. Jesse dons a uniform resembling her father's. (#2) Mister Terrific constructs a one-time bomb to destroy all black lanterns in New York. (#3) Blackest Night: JSA #1-3 (Feb.–Apr. 2010)
Hal Jordan accesses the Entity's power and restores all the "re-dead" Black Lanterns to white. Together, they turn the white power on Black Hand and make him live again. This severs Nekron's tether to Earth. Nekron explodes, releasing white rings which revive 12 others: Carter & Shiera Hall, Jade, Max Lord, Boston Brand, Ron Raymond, J'onn J'onzz, Aquaman, Hawk, the Reverse-Flash, Captain Boomerang, and Osiris. Hawkgirl reveals she is once again Shiera and remembers all their lives. Blackest Night #8 (May 2010)
brightest day
The funeral for Damage. Judomaster struggles with the eulogy, strengthened by Grant's last words to her, which were delivered by Sand, post-mortem. She hunts and captures Tiger and his band of assassins. She then visits Atlanta to pay for Damage's former victims' medial bills. Arthur Pemberton works with Prof. Milo to heal and enhance his daughter, Lorna. JSA All-Stars #7 (Aug. 2010)
The JLA follows a meteor to Germany. They open it to reveal Jade inside. At JSA HQ in Happy Harbor, Alan Scott's condition worsens. Sebastian Faust arrives to assist them. NOTE: This JLA/JSA crossover was written by James Robinson. Justice League of America vol. 2 #44 (June 2010)
Alan Scott's body seeks out Jade in Germany. They meet Karl Zorn, Uber-Komandant of Die Rakete-Auslese (rocket-elite, German equivalent of the Rocket Reds). The Starheart has begun possessing people. Bill calls in Supergirl to stop Power Girl's rampage. Batman invites her to stay with the JLA. Alan awakes and declares it the end of the world. CAMEOS: Shango, Zatara, Woodrue, Firehawk, Felix Faust: all possessed. NOTE: Alan dons his Kingdom Come costume. Justice League of America vol. 2 #45 (July 2010)
Part 1: Congo Bill and Jesse fight a new Samurai in Tokyo. Mikaal and Mister America explore the dark side of the moon where they're attacked by Alan/the Starheart. Cyborg reconstructs the Red Tornado with Prometheus nanites that repair him—automatically or at will; he is now unbreakable. Reddie is possessed by the Starheart and attacks Cyborg. Cameos by Naiad, Blue Devil, Red Volcano, Klarion Mollie Maynne. Justice League of America vol. 2 #46 (Aug. 2010)
Part 2: The JSA find the Shade's been attacked by Obsidian. Doctor Mid-Nite follows him through shadow portal. Batman recruits Miss Martian to relay info from Mikaal. Mister Miracle (Shiloh Norman) joins the cause. Sparks fly between Lightning and Mister America. Cameos: Devastation, Livewire, Yellow Peri. Justice Society of America vol. 3 #41 (Sept. 2010)
Part 3: Kyle Rayner comes at the Guardians' behest to stop the Starheart. Doctor Light offers Cyborg a top job at S.T.A.R. Robotics in Houston. Red Tornado now has faux organs and skin which he can change with nanotechnology. Cameo: Ibis. NOTE: Bill's last name given: Glenmorgan. Justice League of America vol. 2 #47 (Sept. 2010)
Part 4: Obsidian and Jade are merged into one possessed being. Doctor Mid-Nite frees Doctor Fate by removing his helmet. Mister Terrific summons Supergirl and Power Girl for help. Justice Society of America vol. 3 #42 (Oct. 2010)
Part 5: Mister Terrific deduces the Starheart's power is linked to its ability to mimic the sun's energy. Mid-Nite returns Mikaal's gem to him. Jade's life is officially returned by the white lantern, her mission to balance light and darkness is accomplished. Obsidian remains possessed and they must separate the siblings—permanently. Jade's return to life drew the Starheart fragment to Earth. She must now extract its darkness from her father and contain it. She is linked to the Starheart but doesn't use its power. Alan Scott is restored. Jesse Quick accepts Batman's offer to join the JLA. Jade effectively joins as well. Supergirl's "black double" returns. Cyborg must use the Construct, dormant in JLA HQ, to bring Red Tornado back to sanity, and wakes it. Justice League of America vol. 2 #48 (Oct. 2010)
Epilogue: Alan Scott tends to a "Starheart city" on the moon, which has quickly become a nexus for all magical beings and worlds. He finds himself now a diplomat of sorts. first appereance of the faerie Glyn Droilx. He signs a nonaggression pact with Mordru of Sorceror's World. Justice Society of America vol. 3 #43 (Nov. 2010)
N.I.L.8's and the cult of Gog seeks to control Magog, whose aide, Axel, contacts the JSA for help. Together they destroy N.I.L.8, but his armor attempts to attach to a new host so Magog removes its core and casts it into a portal, then follows after it. On the other side of the portal, Magog discovers the heart of Gog's technology and defeats (but doesn't destroy) it. He awakens in a land called Albion with Kiera at his side. On Earth, the N.I.L.8 tech finds a new stronghold. Wildcat III is dubbed Tomcat. NOTE: N.I.L.8 was created in Kingdom Come #1 (1996). He first appeared in mainstream continuity in Magog #12 (2010). Justice Society of America Special #1 (Nov. 2010)
Magog is ordered by Max Lord to engage Captain Atom in Chicago. When Magog has a change of heart, Lord forces him to turn his lance on himself. He and hundreds of civilians are killed, and Captain Atom takes the blame. Justice League: Generation Lost #13 (Early Jan. 2011)
Hourman and Liberty Belle pursue an ancient Greek staff called the Tachophixyl or Aesclepius, linked to the legend of Akikos and Timo, queen of the Leucans. They intend to buy a journal about the staff but find the owner dead in Turkey. The Icicle and Tigress are also there to buy it from a a different man—the killer, whotook the book. (#2) The trail leads to Peter Hayes, aka Blue, en route to Italy. (#3) Blue can turn to gas and works with Grunstrasse; they plot to use the metas to secure the staff, which is protected. (#4, 7) The trail leads to Paris. Hourman is trying to wean himself from Miraclo so as not to affect their possible conception. (#6) Blue's father, Prof. Hayes also wants the staff to heal himself; his own mist powers left him crippled. (#8) Blue swindles Tigress and Icicle out of a key in the Swiss Alps. Tigress reveals she's pregnant. (#9) Blue opens the door to the staff but Liberty Belle grabs it from him, making her invulnerable. Icicle turns Blue into snow. (#10) Hourman and Belle decide to give the Aesclepius to Prof. Hayes, but when Blue returns, Hourman protects Tigress and takes a spear through his torso and Hayes uses the staff's healing powers on Hourman instead. Later, Isabelle Rose Mahkent is born. (#11) JSA All-Stars #2-11 (Feb.–Dec. 2010)
Obsidian and his partner are rejected for an adoption. Jesse helps fund Power House, a shelter for women. Mister Terrific watches over the comatose body of Curtis Ezekiel Jenkins, who was responsible for the car crash that killed his wife. When Jenkins chooses to return to a life of crime, Terrific turns him in for vehicular homicide. Cyclone uses her powers to transmit and receive sound from a distance. Sand works with Det. Rutsky, giving him tips from his visions. King Inferno returns for revenge on Wildcat, trying to turn Tom against Ted and recreate the nine lives spell. When Inferno's magic circle is broken, the demon Naedon takes him. NOTE: Indicia reads "JSA" but the cover spells out the team name. JSA 80-Page Giant 2010 #1 (Dec. 2010)
When people start dying from a drug called Izapa from Parador (Eclipso's former domain), Hourman meets up with former Infinity Inc. liaison, Chief Bracken. Roxy zeroes in on the Izapan ruins to which the team flies new Star Eagle jet. They meet Brainwave in Parador, who is helping to soothe troubled children. JSA All-Stars #8 (Sept. 2010)
Parador's ruler, Montez bioengineers Brainwave's patients, four metahuman children, into the "gods" Ah-Kin, Ix-Chel, Nacon and Yum-Kimil. In L.A., All-Stars find people turning into animals from the Izapa drug. JSA All-Stars #9 (Oct. 2010)
The new "gods" abandon Parador for Los Angeles. Cyclone awakens to find her power levels are off the charts, destroyiong her hospital floor. JSA All-Stars #10 (Nov. 2010)
Brainwave curtails the gods' powers by coaching the masses to let go of something from their past. The wave of grief hobbles the gods, who depart for Parador to live in seclusion. Brainwave declines to join the team. Cyclone returns to action more powerful, then the powers begin to fade. Anna Fortune states she was born 187 years ago (c. 1823), and is 26. JSA All-Stars #11 (Dec. 2010)
Powerless at Harvard, Maxine reveals her identity to Tim. He solves her problem and imbues himself with her powers. Cyclone then finds multiple girls who looks exactly like her, with powers. The All-Stars receive a member of the alien X-Anathraxis, who seeks aid against invading Jek D'Gronn. He teleports them in a flash into their war. JSA All-Stars #12 (Jan. 2011)
Roxy discovers that the nanites inside Cyclone's body considered her their "world," and to preserve themselves made copies of her by invading similar girls. Roxy coaxes original nanites out of Tim and back into Maxine and restores the other girls to normal. Roxy and Power Girl discover that Maxine's bone structure has been altered slightly, but they do not tell her. King gives in to his feelings for Maxine. The All-Stars win the alien war. JSA All-Stars #13 (Feb. 2011)
All-American Kid casts doubt on King Chimera. Chimera makes it worse by refusing to cooperate. The villains regroup to try again to collect their bounties. Justice Society of America vol. 3 #32 (Dec. 2009)
Super town
Marc Guggenheim takes over writing for Justice Society of America
Part 1: Scythe escapes from an Afghan prison and attacks Monument Point. The villain surprises Green Lantern, crushing his neck and paralyzing him. Lightning unleashes her full power to bring him down, but the city is devastated. Mister Terrific finds that his intelligence is degrading. first appereance Dennis Hogan and Senator Eagin, the Senator who chaired the HUAC committee in 1951. Justice Society of America vol. 3 #44 (Dec. 2010)
Part 2: Jay learns that Scythe was the infant he and Alan were ordered to eliminate in 1941. Jay remains in Monument Point to help rebuild. Justice Society of America vol. 3 #45 (Jan. 2011)
Part 3: Jay calls help from Oracle and Blue Devil. Hogan hires Doctor Chaos to drive out the JSA. Chaos kills the mayor, and Lightning (with microbombs in their brains). Alan remains paralyzed because he can't spare energy from containing the Starheart. Justice Society of America vol. 3 #46 (Feb. 2011)
Part 4: Doctor Fate saves Lightning's soul while they try to figure out how to revive her. In Gotham City, Manhunter fights a gang called the Grundies. Justice Society of America vol. 3 #47 (Mar. 2011)
Part 5: Obsidian inadvertently frees Scythe while seeking vengeance for his father. Senator Eagin hints at some big secret being kept in Monument Point. Doctor Chaos sets off random bombs. The All-Stars arrive to help, with a cadre of new heroes in tow: Ri, Red Beetle, Darknight II, and Manhunter. NOTE: Ri first appeared in Batman Confidential #50 (2011). Justice Society of America vol. 3 #48 (Apr. 2011)
Part 6: Alan invents a uniform to supports his spine and moves to kill Scythe, but Jay stops him. Scythe and Chaos are captured. The new heroes decide to stay and join the team. Hogan has a change of heart about the JSA and defies Eagin. The City Council elects the Flash as mayor of Monument Point. Justice Society of America vol. 3 #49 (May 2011)
Jay is sworn in as mayor and does a TV interview, confirming new members, Blue Devil, Manhunter, Red Beetle, Darknight, Ri. Doctor Fate returns with his face burnt with the shape of an ankh. Red Beetle (Sara Butters) does monitor duty with Hourman. A more powerful Per Degaton appears, with time altering powers. He transforms Rick to a child then transports a domed jungle into the city with a new power. They manage to capture him. Rick is restored. NOTE: Issue includes a 10-page story by George Pérez. Another story features Per Degaton, allied with Solomon Grundy, Wotan, and the Fadeaway Man, holding Shining Knight and Danette Reilly captive. The original Earth-3 Crime Syndicate and Time Stealers also appear. Degaton moves throughout the issue. The issue also presents another account of the JSA's 1951 meeting with the HUAC committee and Senator Eagin, after which they disbanded. Justice Society of America vol. 3 #50 (June 2011)
The Puzzlemen
Arthur Pemberton collects ancient artifacts for a cult of sorcerers in exchange for help saving his comatose daughter, Lorna. Prof. Milo infuses Lorna with enhanced tissues, weapons, and cerebral hardware. Roxy receives a visit from her descendant, the android Hourman, who gives her a violin. JSA All-Stars #14 (Mar. 2011)
Flashback to 1720 Germany, where composer Bach is attacked by the cultists and their Puzzlemen, a pre-Atlantean cult. Now the sorcerers obtain the pieces needed to reactivate the Puzzlemen, invincible stone giants. Roxy enters the body of Lorna Pemberton. JSA All-Stars #15 (Apr. 2011)
Roxy emerges in the (brain dead) body of Lorna and a violin, playing Bach's Partita Number Two, which was written to destroy the Puzzlemen. In the 853rd century, Roxy acclimates the new Hourman to "life." She gifts him a violin. JSA All-Stars #16 (May 2011)
The Prince
A powerful schizophrenic called the Prince, escapes from Thomas Metahuman Psychiatric Hospital. He thinks his mother is "Doctor Hate" (actually Doctor Muriel Hass), who bore him with the hero called Regal (Martin Jefferson). In that supposed "timeline," Regal defeated the Nazis and inspired the Justice Guild of Earth. The Prince seeks to "fix" history and finds Hass. Roxy refuses a new mechanical body built by Rex Tyler. JSA All-Stars #17 (June 2011)
Doctor Hass explains that her schizophrenic son (the Prince) had delusions that made real by his own metahuman quantum powers. She succeeded in creating that universe, where the son became Regal, a hero of the JSA. The Prince in this reality believes he's displaced, and is massively powerful. Roxy sacrifices her human body to contain a massive explosion. Afterwards, the Prince is gone and Roxy re-emerges in the android body, recreated from backups. NOTE: Final issue. JSA All-Stars #18 (July 2011)
The Spectre brings down a murderous moritician. Judomaster saves Fumio a young boy raised by the Yakuza. Citizen Steel learns why not to fall for a girl he'd saved, Hannah Carson. Despite their feelings, his true condition was shocking to her. Jesse Quick intervenes on behalf of a powerful metahuman boy, Jared Jaxon, whom the Icicle sought to recruit. In 1942, Howard Lorenzen is saved by the JSA but is disfigured. Years later he works for the Department of Justice, and meets Senator McCarthy. He was asked to deliver the summons to JSA headquarters to appear in front of HUAC but arrived just as Brain Wave was attacking. He helped distract the villain and never delivered the summons, then resigned. JSA 80-Page Giant 2011 #1 (Aug. 2011)
The Secret History of Monument Point
Part 1: Blue Devil and Ri (who has healing powers) help to restore Lightning, freeing her soul from the Infinite Plain. Once returned, Ri is able to revive her body. goes to work and brings her back the rest of the way. Jay uses his super-hero experience to deal with his mayoral duties. He's advised that his strength is that he's not a politician and doesn't care about reelection. Hogan takes Jay beneath Monument Point City Hall to reveal its secret, a great vault. Justice Society of America vol. 3 #51 (July 2011)
Part 2: Mister Terrific learns his plight was engineered by a man named Lusk, the original Mister Terrific's biggest fan. Holt finds the man dead by hanging, wearing a vintage Mister Terrific uniform and his place filled with memorabilia. A DVD tells his revenge story and all his notes have been destroyed. Later Michael receives a mysterious visit. The Flash finds Eagin dead of a heart attack. Doctor Mid-Nite calls the Challengers of the Unkown for help with the mystery under the city, and they open the door. Justice Society of America vol. 3 #52 (Aug. 2011)
Part 3: Underground, the heroes' powers are dampened. The JSA discover this too. Jesse Quick destroys the artifact draining their powers which also releases the god, D'arken, who draws power from those with power; this is why Eagin wanted powers out of the city. Alan learns that D'arken was Scythe's initial target. Sent by a nameless organization, Scythe was an experiment who escaped to Arabia, became Muslim, and learned of old worlds beneath Earth and gods. Justice Society of America vol. 3 #53 (Sept. 2011)
Part 4: Mister Terrific reappears—cured—and orders super-powered heroes out. In the end, Alan Scott's power is sufficient to defeat the god but he is destroyed in the process. Wildcat takes a blade through his chest but survives, and the JSA pledges to rebuild. NOTE: Final issue. Justice Society of America vol. 3 #54 (Oct. 2011)
Decades Hence
The Joker attacks the Daily Planet, killing many and crushing Lois Lane's skull. Before she dies, Superman speaks to her one last time. That day, he abandons his identity as Clark Kent. Afterwards, Magog kills the Joker during his trial. JSA Kingdom Come Special: Superman (Jan. 2009)
Star Boy (Thom Kallor) travels from Earth-0's 31st century to Earth-22's 21st century, and adopts the identity of Starman. This Earth never had a Justice Society and its heroes are at war with one another. NOTES: On Earth-0, Thom will be the eighth Starman. His first appearance as Starman in mainstream continuity was Starman vol. 2 #79 (2001); at the time of its publication, he would have been considered to be the Thom Kallor of Earth-247, but with the new multiverse, it is clearly now the Thom of Earth-0. Kingdom Come #2 (Aug. 1996)
The Spectre enlists minister Norman McCay to be the judge in the battle between man and metahuman. Wonder Woman coerces Superman out from his long retirement. first appereance of Nightstar, Stars & Stripes, Phoebus, Thunder, Lightning, Nuculoid, the female Judomaster, Magog, the hawk-faced Hawkman, Swastika, Manotaur, Trix, 666, (Jakeem) Thunder, Mister Terrific, Tusk, N-I-L-8, Joker's Daughter II. In battle with the Parasite, Captain Atom is torn open and most of Kansas is destroyed. NOTE: This series was originally an out-of-continuity "Elseworlds" story and was later said to have taken place in an offshoot of Hypertime (a divergent timeline). Hypertime was a concept introduced by the Kingdom event in 1999. After the Infinite Crisis, this timeline became the parallel Earth-22. Kingdom Come #1 (July 1996)
Superman rescues one sole survivor from Kansas: a boy named William. Unseen, the Quintessence of Earth-22 decides to gift him with great powers. They ask the Phantom Stranger to deliver it to him as an adult. New Year's Evil: Gog #1 (Feb. 1998)
The Justice League reforms under Superman, imprisoning rogue villains in the Gulag. Undercover, Batman infiltrates Luthor's Mankind Liberation Front. first appereance Americommando & the Minutemen, Red, White & Blue, the Brain Trust, Dick Grayson as Red Robin, Black Canary III, Condor, Fate, Wildcat III, Zatara II, Batwoman II, Lian Harper as Red Hood, Dragon, Roy as Red Arrow, Kara as Power Woman, Gar Logan as Menagerie, Thom Kallor as Starman, Vic Stone as Robotman III, Midnight, Red Tornado III, Brainiac's Daughter, Al as Atom-Smasher, Living Doll, Atlas, Human Bomb, Bulletman and Bulletgirl, Powerman, Aleea Strange, Whiz, Ibn al Xu'ffasch, Lady Blackhawk, Mister Scarlet, Avia Free, Shiva, Tokyo Rose, Kabuki Kommando, Samurai, Jade Fox, Von Bach, Germ-Man, Garth as Aquaman II, Sandy as Sandman IV, the Golden Guardian, Mary as Lady Marvel, Freddy as King Marvel, Demon Damsel, Nowhere Man. Kingdom Come #2 (Aug. 1996)
Batman's group takes over Luthor; Captain Marvel escapes. The Gulag inmates revolt. first appereance of Tula, Huntress III, Darkstar, Shade III, Demon Damsel, Stealth II, Fantom of the Fair, Tyrant-Tula, Black Manta II, Killer Moth II, Shining Knight II, Dragonknight, Blue Devil II, Hawk II & Dove II, Kongo, April Fool, Black Mongul, Goblin Lord, Buddha, Catwoman II, Iron Bow, Iron Butterfly, Crocodile Man, King Kull. Kingdom Come #3 (Sept. 1996)
Earth-22: When the United Nations detonates a nuclear bomb over its metahumans, Starman's uniform triggers a transuniversal jump. Both he and Earth-22's Superman are transported to Earth-0 (to different points in time) where they meets the Justice Society. Superman believes that his Earth has been destroyed. Sanitarium in Opal City. NOTE: Superman arrives on Earth-0 in Justice Society of America vol. 3 #9. Starman arrives some time before that. Kingdom Come #4 (Oct. 1996); Justice Society of America vol. 3 #9 (Oct. 2007); Justice Society of America vol. 3 #22 (Feb. 2009)
Superman returns to Earth-22 after the moment of his departure. The bombing survivors agree to work together with the world's governments to solve their problems. Kingdom Come #4 (Oct. 1996); Justice Society of America vol. 3 #22 (Feb. 2009)
10 Years Later: Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman care for four of their children. 20 Years Later: Batman dies. Justice Society of America vol. 3 #22 (Feb. 2009)
2031: Gog, moving backwards through time, arrives to kill Superman again. He hopes to accelerate the destruction of Kansas, to shake the world's faith and heroes and lead to their earlier downfall. For various reasons, the members of the Quintessenece would also benefit from the Kansas tragedy happening sooner. With the help of the Justice League, Gog fails to kill Superman on the day of he and Wonder Woman's son, Jonathan. Gog kidnaps the infant and moves backwards again in time. Despite warnings from Waverider, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman go back in time with Rip Hunter to rescue Jonathan. NOTE: The date is given by Deadman. Jonathan Kent's first name was revealed in Kingdom #2. The Kingdom #1 (Feb. 1999)
11 August 2040: Superman of Earth-22 visits the adult William and asks him to stop deifying him in his church. William's faith is shaken just as he is gifted with great power from the Quintessence. With the power to alter time, he becomes Gog. In madness, he kills Superman and begins moving back through time to kill him again repeatedly. NOTE: The date is from Kingdom #1, the date of the oldest Superman's death. New Year's Evil: Gog #1 (Feb. 1998)
Earth-22's future: 100 years later, some metahumans depart for space. 200 years later, North America is flooded. 500 years later, Superman helps sustain new life. 1000 years later, he watches the Legion take flight. Justice Society of America vol. 3 #22 (Feb. 2009)
The Future (Earth-0)
Courtney Whitmore becomes Starwoman. Starman vol. 2 #79-80 (July–Aug. 2001)
A significantly older Thom Kallor uses a Legion Time Bubble to travel back to 1951. He returns Jack Knight (Starman VIII) to his proper place in time. Thom reveals that he knows that he is destined to die the next day, upon his return to the 31st century. Jack suggests that Thom is the reincarnation of Brian Savage and Matt O'Dare.
2021: Mikaal Tomas returns to the Talok system, becoming the champion of Talok VIII.
Courtney's younger sister, Patricia succeeds her as Starwoman II. JSA #72 (May 2005)
23rd century: Much of the world comes under the tyrannical rule of the scientist Rotwang. After failing to undermine a worker's revolt by replacing the workers' leader, Maria, with a robot, Rotwang sends the robot back in time to change history in his favor. The robot appears in the year 1942, where Robotman dubs it Mekanique. Mekanique persuades members of the All-Star Squadron to complete her task, thus ensuring Rotwang's dominance. NOTES: This story is adapted from Fritz Lang's 1926 silent film Metropolis, added to DC lore by Roy Thomas. It is unclear whether these events are still in continuity: although Mekanique apparently destroyed herself in Infinity, Inc. Annual #2 (1988), she DID successfully complete her original task in All-Star Squadron #60. All-Star Squadron #60 (July 1986)
2447: The man called Knodar, bored with his own era, constructs a time machine and travels back to the 20th century, where he fights Green Lantern I. He returns at least twice more, facing Green Lantern a second time in the forties and battling the Star-Spangled Kid and Jonni Thunder in the modern era. Green Lantern vol. 1 #28 (Oct. 1947)
The 30th-31st Centuries
Thom Kallor of Xanthu joins the Legion of Super-Heroes as Star Boy. Secrets of the LSH #1 (Jan. 1981); Adventure Comics #282 (Mar. 1961)
Star Boy is put on trial for killing Kenz Nuhor of Naltor. Superman defends him, arguing that the non-invulnerable Legionnaires should be allowed to kill in self-defense. Star Boy is expelled. He and Dream Girl join the Substitute Heroes. Adventure Comics #342 (Mar. 1966)
Star Boy rejoins the Legion. Adventure Comics #351 (Dec. 1966)
The Legions from three parallel Earths unite to help the children of the Flash of Earth-0—the Tornado Twins. To save them, the three Brainiac 5s create a new suit for Star Boy that is essentially a map of the multiverse. NOTE: Star Boy's last app. in his old costume is Superboy #173. JSA: Kingdom Come Special: Magog (Jan. 2009); Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #2 (Oct. 2008)
Star Boy appears in a new "star field" costume. Superboy vol. 1 #199 (Nov. 1973)
Starmen Jack Knight and Mikaal Tomas visit the 30th century. On the planet Xanthu, they join forces with Legionnaires Star Boy and Umbra to rescue the Shade, whose powers have gone awry, destroying all life. NOTE: Before ending his role as Starman, Jack Knight used his power to separate the Shade from the curse of Culp's shadow, which may prevent these events from occurring. It is unclear how this tale sits in current continuity. Starman vol. 2 #50 (Feb. 1999)
When Legionnaires undertake a mission to the past, Star Boy is not cleared for participation, for health reasons. At the last minute, he takes Colossal Boy's place as the team is transported back in time. The difference in calibration for Thom versus Colossal Boy results in Thom being shunted onto Earth-22, where he remains for a time as Starman. Justice League of America vol. 2 #10 (Aug. 2007)
The 853rd Century
A man appearing to be the original Rex Tyler gives the orders to have Hourman III rebuilt. Hourman #12 (Mar. 2000)

The mother of all credits goes to Aaron Severson, who did a lion's share of the early research for this chronology.