Pre-Crisis Chronology (1940–1986)

Original / Earth-Two


  1. This version of the JSA chronology preserves the original, or "post-Crisis" era, timeline and omits the changes wrought by Crisis on Infinite Earths (which eliminated Earth-Two heroes Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman). It lists events from the Golden Age through Earth-Two continuities, and adds post-Infinite Crisis events that appeared to pick up from those.
  2. Events do not include the post-Crisis series Young All-Stars, or Infinity, Inc. after issue #24 (when character histories began to change).
  3. Some details revealed in the post-Crisis tales in Secret Origins are included here if they do not contradict any original tale(s). The Secret Origins tales were largely written by Roy Thomas, who knew these characters intimately. It is usually easy to tell when Thomas intended for events to fit with original continuity, and when he intended to change events for post-Crisis continuity.
  4. Post-Crisis tales of Earth-Two are included. There aren't many. They include the Gentleman Ghost story from JSA #83-85 (2006) and the introduction of Justice Society Infinity in Justice Society Annual #1 (2008).


  1. Color Codes:
    Major story arcs (usually 3 issues or more). A new member joins the JSA. A hero dies Events with continuity anomalies
  2. Characters' first appearance IN PRINT is bolded. These instances refer to the first appearance a character in post-Crisis continuity. (For example, Brain Wave: first chronological appearance in All-Star Squadron #19, and first appearance In print is All-Star Comics #15.)
  3. When the placement of a tale within continuity is in question, the tale is usually placed in the most recent possible time.
  4. Only the inheritors to a title display the level of succession. Example: "Green Lantern II" (for Hal Jordan), but just "Green Lantern" (no "I" for Alan Scott).
  5. Consideration for inclusion is based on an event's relevancy to the JSA, its members, and their legacy. This includes major JSA series and key issues from other DCU series.
  6. Major series included in this chronology:
    • All-Star Comics, #1-57 (1941–51), #58-74 (1976–78)
    • All-Star Squadron, 67 issues (1981–87)
    • Infinity, Inc., 53 issues (1984–88)
    • Justice Society of America vol. 2, 10 issues (1993)
    • JSA, 85 issues (1999–2006)
    • Justice Society of America vol. 3, current (2007–11)

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