Part 6: Infinity, Inc.–New 52

Sequence of Events Issue (Date)
Now full grown (and 7' 6"), Al Rothstein finds that the radiation to which his grandfather, Terry Curtis (Cyclotron) was exposed in the forties has given him superhuman strength and unusually dense skin. Infinity, Inc. #48 (Mar. 1988)
While attending UCLA, Hector Hall renews his acquaintance with Hippolyta Trevor. They soon begin dating. Infinity, Inc. #1 (Mar. 1984)
Jennie-Lynn Hayden and Todd Rice begin to manifest their powers: Jennie-Lynn's skin turns green and a star-shaped "birthmark" on her left palm begins to glow, while Todd discovers that he can become a living shadow. Through a tenuous empathetic connection, they seek each other out and learn that they are brother and sister. Jennie-Lynn suggests that their father may be Green Lantern. They begin practicing their powers together and decide to take the costumed identities of Jade and Obsidian. Infinity, Inc. #4 (July 1984), #33 (Dec. 1986)
Hector Hall, Lyta Trevor, Al Rothstein, and Hawkman's godson Norda of Feithera decide to adopt costumed identities and apply for membership in the Justice Society. Infinity, Inc. #1 (Mar. 1984)
The Star-Spangled Kid attends a memorial service for the Crimson Avenger, his former Seven Soldiers of Victory comrade, and renews his friendship with his old partner Pat Dugan (Stripsey). first appearance of Dugan's son, Mike. NOTE: The Crimson Avenger died in DC Comics Presents #38 (1981). Infinity, Inc. #11 (Feb. 1985)
Wesley Dodds (Sandman) suffers a mild stroke. Infinity, Inc. #1 (Mar. 1984)
Jade (Jennifer-Lynn Hayden), Northwind (Norda of Feithera), Nuklon (Albert Rothstein), Obsidian (Todd Rice), Silver Scarab (Hector Hall) (first chronological appearances) and Fury II (Hippolyta Trevor) attempt to join the Justice Society, but are rejected. They leave angrily, accompanied by Huntress and Power Girl. NOTES: The Infinitors' first appearance in print was in All-Star Squadron #25, except for Fury, who first appeared in Wonder Woman #300. Fury II is the daughter of Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor; Jade and Obsidian are the children of Green Lantern and the Thorn, Silver Scarab is the son of Hawkman and Hawkgirl, Northwind is Hawkman's godson, and Nuklon is the godson of the Atom. Infinity, Inc. #1 (Mar. 1984)
Brainwave Jr. approaches the JSA, claiming to have information about the Ultra-Humanite's escape from Limbo. Star-Spangled Kid accompanies him to investigate. Ultra transports them and the other young heroes back in time to the year 1942. NOTES: Brainwave Jr. (Hank King, Jr.) is the son of Brain Wave (Henry King) and Merry, the Girl of a Thousand Gimmicks (Mary Pemberton, adoptive sister of the Star-Spangled Kid). The story continues in All-Star Squadron #24. Infinity, Inc. #2 (Apr. 1984)
The Ultra-Humanite of 1942 releases the Secret Society of Super-Villains (Mist, Monocle, Brain Wave, Rag Doll, and the Ultra-Humanite) from Limbo. The ape-Ultra escapes into the modern era; the others appear in 1942. All-Star Squadron #26 (Oct. 1983)
The young heroes return to the present. With the Star-Spangled Kid, they found Infinity, Inc., with Power Girl and the Huntress as honorary members. The Infinitors battle Solomon Grundy. Under the influence of the Ultra-Humanite, Superman summons Wonder Woman, Hawkman, Green Lantern, the Atom, and Robin to Colorado, where he drowns them in the Stream of Ruthlessness. Infinity, Inc. #3 (May 1984)
The Infinitors are called to Colorado to identify the bodies of Wonder Woman, Hawkman, Green Lantern, the Atom, and Robin, all apparently dead. NOTE: Reprints the Hawkman story from Flash Comics #71 (1946) that introduced Feithera. Infinity, Inc. #4 (June 1984)
The "dead" JSAers revive, now evil from the effects of the Stream of Ruthlessness. NOTE: Includes a personnel file on Jade. Infinity, Inc. #5 (July 1984)
The Infinitors and Flash I confront the evil JSAers in Colorado. Power Girl instigates a battle with Superman in Metropolis and the Huntress takes on Robin in Gotham. NOTE: Includes a personnel file on Obsidian. Infinity, Inc. #6 (Aug. 1984)
Fury and the Silver Scarab fight Wonder Woman and Hawkman. NOTE: Includes a personnel file on the Huntress. Infinity, Inc. #7 (Sept. 1984)
Power Girl vs. Superman, while Nuklon and Wildcat fight the Atom. Nuklon is accidentally bombarded with thorium radiation. NOTE: Includes a personnel file on Power Girl. Infinity, Inc. #8 (Oct. 1984)
Brainwave Jr. and the Star-Spangled Kid enlist the aid of the original Brain Wave. Nuklon discovers that the thorium radiation has given him the ability to control his density, allowing him to phase through objects. Meanwhile, Doctor Mid-Nite discovers the Ultra-Humanite's involvement. NOTE: Includes a personnel file on the Silver Scarab. Infinity, Inc. #9 (Dec. 1984)
The JSA is freed from the effects of the Stream of Ruthlessness. Brain Wave sacrifices his life to give Brainwave Jr. the power to defeat the Ultra-Humanite. Infinity, Inc. #10 (Jan. 1985)
The Infinitors are offered membership in the JSA, but choose to remain independent with Star as their leader. Infinity, Inc. #11(Feb. 1985)
JLA/JSA 22: "Family Crisis": Earth-Two: The JLA, JSA, and Supergirl battle the Commander, a conqueror from another dimension, and encounter the Crime Syndicate of Earth-Three. NOTES: This was the last appearance of the Crime Syndicate of America prior to their demise in the Crisis. Starring: Green Lantern, Doctor Fate, Starman, Doctor Mid-Nite. Justice League of America #231-232 (Oct.–Nov. 1984)
Infinity, Inc. holds a press conference in Los Angeles. The Silver Scarab reveals his true identity and those of his parents (Hawkman and Hawkgirl I). The Star-Spangled Kid, Jade, Obsidian, and Nuklon also unmask. The Huntress reveals that she is Batman's daughter. Power Girl and the Huntress leave to rejoin the JSA. NOTE: First appearance of Ted Grant's goddaughter Yolanda Montez (later Wildcat II). Infinity, Inc. #12 (Mar. 1985)
Batman's old friend Professor Carter Nichols delivers Batman's diary to the Daily Star. The diary accuses the JSA of being Nazi collaborators during World War 2 and of sabotaging the "Bomb Defense Formula." The JSAers, except for Robin, Power Girl, and the Huntress, are arrested and forced to appear before a congressional committee to answer charges of treason. Helena Wayne becomes the JSA's legal counsel; Dick Grayson, unwilling to discredit his mentor, joins the prosecution. NOTES: The Bomb Defense Formula first appeared in All-Star Comics #10 (1942). This issue recaps the JSA's origins, with extensive annotations. The back cover is a reproduction of the cover of All-Star Comics #4 (1941). America vs. the JSA #1 (Jan. 1985)
The JSA begins its testimony before the committee, recounting the events of the group's formation. The Spectre makes a dramatic appearance to demand the JSA's release. NOTES: Includes extensive annotated references for the JSA's earliest adventures and the first part of Rich Morrisey's list of reprints of the Golden Age adventures of the JSA members. The back cover is a reproduction of the cover of All-Star Comics #3 (1940). America vs. the JSA #2 (Feb. 1985)
The JSA recounts their wartime and postwar adventures. The Wizard testifies that he witnessed the JSA swear allegiance to Adolf Hitler, but loses credibility when he tries to escape. NOTES: Continues the annotations of the JSA's adventures and the list of reprinted stories. The back cover is a reproduction of the cover of All-Star Comics #5 (1941). America vs. the JSA #3 (Mar. 1985)
The JSA recounts their return from retirement in the 1960s. Dick Grayson deduces that Batman's diary is a clue to the whereabouts of Per Degaton, who is about to make a fourth attempt at world conquest. Degaton is thwarted by the JSA and commits suicide; the JSA is acquitted. NOTES: Helena Wayne reveals that Bruce Wayne was dying of cancer at the time of his final battle with Bill Jensen; she attributed his hostility towards the JSA to the cancer. However, the diary was probably written while Bruce was under the influence of the Psycho-Pirate (revealed in All-Star Comics #69). The back cover is a reproduction of the cover of All-Star Comics #54 (1950). America vs. the JSA #4 (Apr. 1985)
While taking a brief vacation, members of Infinity, Inc. are attacked by the Thorn. Infinity, Inc. #13 (Apr. 1985)
Todd McFarlane begins as penciller (through #37)
Northwind and Obsidian go on double dates. After battling the Thorn, the other Infinitors meet Rose Canton, unaware that she and the Thorn are the same person. Chroma appears, foretelling doom for the Earth. first appearance of Marcie Cooper?? Infinity, Inc. #14 (May 1985)
Chroma disappears. The Star-Spangled Kid returns to California. Infinity, Inc. #15 (June 1985)
Lyta Trevor and Hector Hall's celebration of their engagement is rudely interrupted when Lyta is kidnapped by Mister Bones. Infinity, Inc. #16 (June 1985)
Trying to rescue Fury from Mister Bones, the Silver Scarab battles Helix: Tao Jones, Baby Boom, Penny Dreadful, Kritter, and Arak Wind-Walker. Infinity, Inc. #17 (June 1985)
The Anti-Monitor begins destroying the parallel Earths of the positive-matter universe with waves of anti-matter. As Pariah watches helplessly, the Crime Syndicate of America perishes in a futile attempt to defend their homeworld, Earth-Three. Earth-Three's Lex Luthor and Lois Lane send their infant son, Alex Luthor, to Earth-One, where he appears aboard the now-abandoned JLA satellite. The five surviving Earths (1, 2, 4, S and X) experience mysterious red skies and bizarre weather. The Monitor's servant, Harbinger, gathers an army of super-heroes and -villains. NOTES: First costumed appearance of Harbinger. Her first appearance, as Lyla was in New Teen Titans vol. 1 Annual #2 (1983). Her first chronological appearance as Harbinger was Tales of the Teen Titans #58 (Oct. 1985). First appearance of Pariah and the first full-panel appearance of the Monitor, whose first appearance in print (hidden) was New Teen Titans #21 (1984). Crisis #1 (Apr. 1985)
Helix escapes from the Infinitors. The Thorn gets a visit from the Harlequin, who warns her to stay away from Green Lantern's children. Harbinger recruits Obsidian to join the Monitor's army. Infinity, Inc. #18 (June 1985)
Jade is rushed to the hospital after feeling the cyanide touch of Mister Bones. She is treated by Doctor Beth Chapel, a colleague of Charles McNider. The JSA investigates the red skies while Commander Steel and Mekanique manipulate the Infinitors into fighting the new JLA. NOTES: Commander Steel explains that he is from Earth-Two, but has lived on Earth-One for decades, as explained in All-Star Squadron #50. Mekanique's first chronological appearance was in All-Star Squadron #58. Infinity, Inc. #19 (June 1985)
JLA/JSA 23: "Final Crisis": The JLA, JSA, and Infinity, Inc. rescue Steel from Commander Steel and Mekanique. Starring: Hawkman, Wonder Woman, Doctor Fate, Doctor Mid-Nite, Flash. Justice League of America #244 (Nov. 1985)
Firebrand teams with heroes of the Old West. Cyclotron appears from 1942, again foiling the Ultra-Humanite and saving his daughter's life before returning to his own time and perishing. All-Star Squadron #55 (Mar. 1986)
Pariah saves Lady Quark from the destruction of Earth-6. The Anti-Monitor kidnaps the Red Tornado while the Monitor brings about the creation of Doctor Light IV. Harbinger, under the mental domination of the Anti-Monitor, kills the Monitor. Upon the Monitor's death, Earths 1 and 2 are drawn into a mysterious netherverse. Crisis #4 (July 1985)
Earths 1 and 2 (protected from oblivion by the Monitor) partially merge, causing time and space to overlap. On Oa, the Green Lantern Corps finds that the Guardians have been decimated by the Anti-Monitor's forces. The JLA, Outsiders, Infinity, Inc., All-Star Squadron (Amazing-Man, Johnny Quick, Liberty Belle, Tarantula), and Legion join forces to battle the Red Tornado, who is being used by the Anti-Monitor to cause chaos across the surviving Earths. In the anti-matter universe, the Flash and the Psycho-Pirate come face-to-face with the Anti-Monitor. Wildcat's legs are crushed saving a young girl's life. NOTES: This was the first actual appearance of the Anti-Monitor. Crisis #5 (Aug. 1985), All-Star Squadron #53 (Jan. 1986)
Harbinger links Earths 4, S & X to Earths 1 & 2, protecting them from annihilation, but causing them to slowly merge. The Psycho-Pirate uses his powers to cause chaos on the surviving Earths. On Earth-Two, Yolanda Montez becomes Wildcat II. NOTES: First DC Comics appearances of the former Charlton Comics characters Captain Atom, Judomaster, Nightshade, Peacemaker, Peter Cannon — Thunderbolt, and the Question. Crisis #6 (Sept. 1985)
Harbinger explains the birth of the multiverse and the roots of the Crisis, including the origins of the Guardians of the Universe and the Monitor and Anti-Monitor, and reveals how Pariah inadvertantly awakened the Anti-Monitor. An army of the most powerful surviving heroes takes the battle to the anti-matter universe, where Supergirl perishes destroying the Anti-Monitor's body, saving the five surviving Earths from destruction. Crisis #7 (Oct. 1985)
The Atom, Firestorm, Firehawk, and Vixen recruit T.O. Morrow to attempt to repair the Red Tornado. In the anti-matter universe, the Anti-Monitor constructs a new body for himself and prepares to use a massive anti-matter cannon. On Qward, Flash II (Barry Allen) manages to destroy the cannon at the cost of his own life. Straining his speed to its limits, he ricochets backwards through time before he dies. Crisis #8 (Nov. 1985)
Beth Chapel is blinded by an oxygen explosion in her hospital. Hourman's son Rick Tyler takes a Miraclo capsule to enable him to rescue her The two decide to become heroes. Infinity, Inc. #20 (Nov. 1985)
Green Lantern, the Harlequin, Jade, and Obsidian clash with the Thorn. Thorn's good personality, Rose Canton, briefly regains control; she stabs herself to prevent her evil personality from killing her children. Before she dies, she reveals that she was Alyx Florin, Alan Scott's former wife, and Jade and Obsidian's mother. The Harlequin reveals her true identity to Green Lantern and admits her feelings for him. They decide to marry. Infinity, Inc. Annual #1 (1985)
The JSA and Infinity, Inc. attend a wedding reception for Alan Scott and Molly Maynne (Harlequin). Brainwave Jr. returns to Infinity, Inc. Beth Chapel discovers that she can see in the dark and becomes Doctor Midnight. Rick Tyler becomes Hourman II. Infinity, Inc. #21 (Dec. 1985)
A vast army of super-villains, led by Earth-One's Lex Luthor and Brainiac, attempts to seize power on the five partially merged surviving Earths. Hawkman I is severely wounded by Doctor Phosphorus. Crisis #9 (Dec. 1985)
Krona kills the original Icicle. Crisis #10 (Jan. 1986)
The JSA joins the heroes assembling aboard the Monitor's satellite. NOTES: Includes a personnel file on Nuklon. Infinity, Inc. #22 (Jan. 1986)
The villain war is ended by the Spectre, who unites all of the surviving heroes and villains in a last-ditch effort to stop the Anti-Monitor from changing history to eliminate the positive-matter universe from existence. The Spectre and the Anti-Monitor clash at the Dawn of Time, apparently destroying all of creation. The universe fades to white. NOTES: This originally was intended to be the end of the Crisis storyline. The Anti-Montitor's hand in these events is actually the power source of several DCU characters including Obsidian, Ian Karkull, the Shade, Shadow Thief, Eclipso and others. The giant shadow hand in Swamp Thing #50 is called "the Shadowlands" and "the Primordial Darkness." Morpheus trapped Brute and Glob in "The Darkness" to punish them for empowering Garrett Sanford and Hector Hall (Sandman #12). Crisis #10 (Jan. 1986)
Knodar arrives from the 25th century for a rematch with the heroes of the 20th century. Brainwave reveals that he has inherited his father's powers. Northwind returns to Feithera, which is destroyed by a glacier, forcing his people to relocate. Jade soothes the savage Solomon Grundy, becoming the only person Grundy trusts. Infinity, Inc. #23 (Feb. 1986)
Jonni Thunder and the Star-Spangled Kid battle Knodar in Hollywood. Infinity, Inc. #24 (Mar. 1986)
Mekanique and the goddess Aphrodite, who have been using their powers to hold back the full effects of the Crisis for their own purposes, allow the Crisis's reality-changing effects to take hold. All characters on New Earth (except the Psycho-Pirate) lose their memories of the pre-Crisis history. On New Earth, there is no longer any Golden Age Aquaman, Batman, Green Arrow, Robin, Speedy, Superman or Wonder Woman, and no Helena Wayne Huntress. On the new Earth-Two, people remember a Crisis, but are now cut off from any parallel worlds. All-Star Squadron #60 (July 1986), Legend of Wonder Woman #4 (Aug. 1986)
Brainiac contains and removes the city of Metropolis from Earth-Two just before it ceases to exist. Inside are the members of Infinity Inc. and the Justice Society. Without their powers, the Dr. Fate, Flash, Green Lantern and Hawkman succumb to old age. Fate empowers them enough to fight one last time against the Weaponers of Qward. Convergence: Justice Society of America #1–2 (June–July 2015)
Infinity, Inc. is pitted against Jonah Hex and his friends. The Justice Society decide to retire and ask the Infinitors to take up that mantle. Star dubs them "JSA-Infinity." Convergence: Infinity Inc. #1–2 (June–July 2015)