Part 10: JSA (2005–2009)

Sequence of Events Issue (Date)
Identity Crisis: In the wake of Sue Dibny's murder, the JSA head home to check on their loved ones. Meanwhile, Doctor Mid-Nite performs the autopsy and discovers the true cause of death: microscopic footprints inside her body. JSA #67 (Jan. 2005)
Part 1: Stargirl's family is murdered by the Red Morgue. She is rescued by Rip Hunter, who explains that Per Degaton has been eliminating heroes from the time stream. The remaining JSAers are charged with saving their predecessors from Degaton's plans. NOTES: first appereance of Stargirl's sister, Patricia. The Red Morgue were also known as Eliminations, Inc., the group they last defeated before disbanding in 1951. JSA #68 (Feb. 2005)
Part 2: The JSA travel back to 1951. JSA #69 (Mar. 2005)
Part 3: Black Adam is recruited by Lex Luthor to join a new secret society of super-villains. JSA #70 (Apr. 2005)
Part 5: En route home from 1951, Power Girl is rocked by a time disturbance circa 1985. Stargirl returns home to discover her family still alive. The time stream has been cleared of all Degaton's tampering. Courtney's sister, Patricia appears from the future as Starwoman. JSA #72 (June 2005)
The original Vigilante forms a new "Seven" Soldiers of Victory with Shelly Gaynor, the Whip II; Jacqueline Pemberton, Gimmix; Boy Blue (real name unknown); Dyno-Mite Dan and the Golden Age Spider's son, Thomas Ludlow Dalt aka "I, Spyder." The Vigilante organizes them to destroy the Miracle Mesa Monster, which he and Johnny Frankenstein fought on February 12, 1875. But the monster was only bait, and all the Soldiers are killed by the Sheeda. NOTES: The Sheeda first appeared in JLA Classified #2 (Feb. 2005). Seven Soldier Of Victory #0 (Apr. 2005)
The greatly transformed Dragon King acquires the Spear of Destiny and begins kidnapping metahuman children. first appereance of Steven, who was forced to kill his parents with his vision powers. Jay and Joan host a New Year's party and honor fallen comrades. Wildcat does as well, at JSA HQ. The Dragon King takes over the Flash, who quickly realizes what he's up against. He and Wildcat seek help from Zatanna, but find her friend Sheri Stanley house-sitting. Sheri is overtaken by the Spear's magic, followed by the guys, who start brawling. NOTE: This supposedly takes place "one year ago." JSA: Classified #8 (Early Apr. 2006)
The Dragon King captures Flash and Wildcat with the Spear's magic. To escape, Wildcat needs to shed his "nine lives" power. He convinces Jay to kill him. It works, and Wildcat stops the Dragon from activate a machine that will harness the Spear's power. Jay then chances it and crosses into the Spear's influence long enough to take out a bunch of minions. Young Steven helps Wildcat take down the Dragon's escape jet; the boy casts Wildcat off and takes the jet — and the Spear — to their destruction. NOTE: Wildcat must have lost more lives "off-screen"; only six deaths were ever depicted. Wildcat once fought Sugar Ray Leonard (career: 1977-1988). JSA: Classified #9 (Late Apr. 2006)
Black Vengeance Part 1: Atom-Smasher asks to return to the JSA, which puts the team to a vote. Meanwhile, Black Adam summons him back to Kahndaq. The Crimson Avenger returns and is taken out by the Spectre and the new Eclipso (Jean Loring). The Spectre moves on Kahndaq, and the JSA ally with Hawkman and Captain Marvel to stop the powerful duo. NOTE: Cover by Alex Ross. Cameo CAMEO: Freedom Fighters. JSA #73 (July 2005)
Black Vengeance Part 2: The Spectre disables Doctor Fate and Fury, then moves onto Kahndaq. The JSA arrive to offer unwanted help. Power Girl manifests heat vision powers in battle with Black Adam, then goes blind. The Spectre waylays Johnny Thunderbolt and sends he and Jakeem back into their magic pen (they are sent to the 5th dimension). Many of the Feitherans are turned to stone. NOTE: Cover by Alex Ross. JSA #74 (Aug. 2005)
Black Vengeance Part 3: Atom-Smasher risks his life to enlarge beyond his limits and battle the Spectre. Al makes a deal and offers himself as a victim if the Spectre will leave Kahndaq alone; the Spectre accepts. Al's near dead body is taken by the JSA. NOTE: Eclipso mistakenly calls Kendra "Shayera." JSA #75 (Sept. 2005)
Atom-Smasher turns himself over to authorities and pleads guilty to international charges. Outside the courthouse, an OMAC attacks. It's confused by Mister Terrific, who is invisible to all forms of technology. Albert stomps the OMAC into retreat. Al is taken to Belle Reve, where he's paid a visit by Amanda Waller. Fire and Metamorpho deliver news of Blue Beetle's death to Power Girl. Hourman seeks help from Doctor Fate to restore Jakeem. JSA #76 (Oct. 2005)
Day of Vengeance: Air Wave begins receiving distressing signals originating from the Rann/Thanagar War. Mister Terrific considers calling in reserve members. Alan Scott calls his cousin, Hal Jordan. Air Wave leads them into space, where Donna Troy has moved New Cronus in proximity to Earth. Alan and Air Wave agree to help her travel to the center of the universe to investigate a cosmic disturbance. NOTES: Painted cover of Green Lantern by Alex Ross. Hal is shown battling the General at Fort Hood, Texas. JSA #77 (Nov. 2005)
The JSA enter Fate's tower for help finding Jakeem. Sand dons the Helm of Nabu, which awakens Nabu himself. Nabu uses Jakeem's pen to open a portal to the Fifth Dimension. There, Johnny Thunderbolt amasses an army — including his son, Shocko, his wife Peachy Pet and Mnky, Saradin and Rklz — to fight an evil force. At the Rock Of Eternity (destroyed after this in Day of Vengeance #6), Mordru is released by the Spectre's havoc. Mordru leaves the Wizard at the Spectre's mercy. Mordru disrupts the portal after Stargirl, Hourman and Mister Terrific pass through. There they find the the Thunderbolt's enemy is Jakeem! Elsewhere, Hector Hall fights to stay alive and protect his unconscious wife. NOTES: Painted cover of the Flash by Alex Ross. Shocko first appeared in Flash Comics #75. JSA #78 (Dec. 2005)
Thunderbolt relates how when the Spectre threw them back to the 5th Dimension, Jakeem was greatly changed. Saradin offers to hide the genies in a capsule of his blood. Instead, they are hidden inside Mister Terrific. and they go to confront Jakeem. Shocko impulsively lunges to free his wife and Jakeem captures the genies and orders Thunderbolt to kill the JSA. Stargirl gets a new costume, courtesy an imp. The JSA retreats to the 6th Dimension. In Fate's tower, Mordru removes the Helm of Nabu from Sand, allowing Sand to escape and free others. Mordru finds that his power is greatly curtailed. Nabu emerges to challenge Mordru once again. Elsewhere, Hector collapses in the snow and Lyta awakens. JSA #79 (Jan. 2006)
Jakeem orders Thunderbolt to attack the JSA, but Mister Terrific convinces T-Bolt to act for himself. Saradin is first to deduce the real mastermind: Qwsp has possessed Jakeem after he crashed into his prison. He performs a ritual of binding to Qwsp and now controls him. Saradin alludes to some history between he and Thunderbolt. Nabu squares off against Mordru. Mordru is defeated by the returning Jakeem, who asks Thunderbolt to send him where they'll never see him again. Nabu leaves to investigate the growing cosmic crisis. In Hell, Hector and Lyta Hall lose the battle for their lives. Lyta cries out to their son, Daniel/Dream, who welcomes them into his kingdom and leaves their dead bodies behind. NOTE: Nabu and Mordru fall through the Kingdom Come reality during battle. In this story, Thunderbolt is separated from Johnny Thunder, who apparently now lives in the 5th dimension. JSA #80 (Feb. 2006)
Maxine Hunkel visits the JSA brownstone during an attack by the Icicle. She uses her powers, which her grandmother doesn't know about. NOTE: Hawkgirl is a member at this time. Justice Society of America 80-Page Giant #1 (Jan. 2010)
Kara Zor-El accompanies the JSA on a mission. When she and Power Girl shake hands, something ignites within Power Girl, who fires heat vision at Supergirl. Power Girl goes out of control and is subuded by the JSA. Mister Terrific hypothesizes that their origins are so similar that they're like the same person. They "overload" one another. The two make amends, but Power Girl says she sensed something dark in Supergirl. The whole thing is watched by the Calculator for Luthor. Supergirl #1 (Oct. 2005)
Power Girl ruminates over her origins and hallucinates that she encounters Garn Daanuth. She exhibits Kryptonian powers, which disappear again. Elsewhere, a faux Legion of Super-Heroes arrives from the 30th century to help her. JSA: Classified #1 (Sept. 2005)
Mister Bones and Checkmate agents meet Mister Terrific and the Flash at S.T.A.R. Labs. They both want access to Power Girl's space craft. Meanwhile, Power Girl meets Jimmy Olson on top of the Daily Planet and they're interrupted by the Legion of Super-Heroes! They claim that she's their lost member, Andromeda, from the future. They claim she'd been sent as a pre-emptive strike against Mordru. In truth, they were all constructs of the Psycho Pirate. NOTES: In Supergirl #1, she discovered that contact with the new Supergirl caused an immense feedback. JSA: Classified #2 (Oct. 2005)
PG inexplicably seeks a friendly ear from the Huntress; the two have rarely met. Then Kara hallucinates the Crime Syndicate and countless other alternate-universe characters who claim to know her origins. Via his Medusa Mask (as a golden ring), the Psycho Pirate travels to S.T.A.R. Labs, steals the space craft and then captures Kara at the bidding of the Society's Alex Luthor. JSA: Classified #3 (Nov. 2005)
Psycho Pirate tells PG about her Earth-2 origins. He also talks about his own: He went to prison for beating his father, a psychiatrist. There he met the original Pirate, who told him about his set of Medusa Masks, which he melted into one mask. When he was taken by the Anti-Monitor, he went mad from the absorption of too many emotions. He conjures the Earth-2 Huntress and Robin to confuse her but she beats him away. Back at JSA HQ, she confides to Ma Hunkel. Alex Luthor sends a Society squad after her. JSA: Classified #4 (Dec. 2005)
The Freedom Fighters are attacked by the Society in Metropolis; Phantom Lady, Human Bomb and Black Condor are killed. The Ray is captured; Damage's face is disfigured by Zoom and left for dead. Uncle Sam retreats. Infinite Crisis #1 (Dec. 2005)
Johnny Sorrow begins tormenting the Wizard to free him from his other-dimensional prison. The Wizard reassembles the Injustice Society with Icicle, Tigress, Gentleman Ghost, the Thinker, Solomon Grundy and Rag Doll. To succeed, they need Prometheus' Cosmic Key from the JSA's headquarters. (Prometheus placed the Key there for his own reasons.) They gather supplies and wait until the JSA are busy to strike. Secretly, the Wizard knows the plan will require a sacrifice, and suspects that Rag Doll will betray them, so he is set up to take the fall. NOTES: This is the Ghost's first teaming with the I.J. This takes place roughly between Villains United #3-4, as none of the Injustice Society members are yet Society members. JSA: Classified #5 (Jan. 2006)
The JSA learn that the reason Prometheus hid the Key is he had been pursued by Kobra and Hush. Icicle and Tigress reveal their romantic relationship. With Green Lantern and Power Girl gone, and the Flash in court, the villains strike JSA HQ. The Gentleman Ghost verifies that Sorrow is the one behind their mission. They know that Sorrow is a handful and try unsuccessfully to call in help from the Society. They waylay the JSA by taking Ma Hunkel hostage. Upon their success, they're interrupted by Talia and Nyssa al Ghul, who intend to claim the Key for the Society. JSA: Classified #6 (Feb. 2006)
In the melee, Rag Doll steals the Key and is killed when it activates and brings Johnny Sorrow back to Earth. Sorrow hands the Key to the Wizard and teleports them away to Prometheus' Crooked House. Icicle professes his love for Tigress; they plan to leave, but are strong armed by Sorrow into staying. JSA: Classified #7 (Mar. 2006)
Stargirl and S.T.R.I.P.E. joins the fray in the wake of the Spectre's chaos. The JSA move to help Liberty Belle, whose powers went out of control when she touched the real Liberty Bell. Courtney frees Libby from her namesake and reunites her with Jesse Quick. In Opal City, the Shade is witness to Courtney's father's death. He relays the news to her. Pat Dugan again denies his son, Mike, the opportunity to pilot S.T.R.I.P.E. JSA #81 (Mar. 2006)
Power Girl entrusts Lois' diary, written in shorthand, to Ma Hunkel. Lois writes about March 21, 1951, when Earth-2's Superman and Batman discovered that the JSA's headquarters had been robbed by the Gentleman Ghost. Years later, Superman fails to stop the Ghost from stealing gems and Batman encounters him at Wayne Manor. Wonder Woman and the Flash are similarly involved (though the Flash maintains his civilian identity). Power Girl wrestles with the decision to help Superman-2 and Alex Luthor. NOTE: NOTE: Lois Lane gave Power Girl her journal in Infinite Crisis #3 (Jan. 2006) Pencils by George Pérez. JSA #82 (Apr. 2006)
Amos Fortune wins a poker game against the Gambler, Sportsmaster and Wizard. They agree to help him conquer the JSA, who they kidnap and force to battle one another (... like, uh, Roulette). Vixen and Gypsy burst into Stargirl's home to save her from being kidnapped by Fortune and they track the villains down. NOTE: The JSA are still separated during this tale. Occurs before Vixen rejoined the JLA. The Gambler was previously described as dead in Infinity, Inc. #34. This story arc sucks in so many ways. JSA: Classified #14 (Sept. 2006)
Gypsy finds her astral form cannot reenter her body. Some JSAers shake free from Fortune's control. JSA: Classified #15 (Oct. 2006)
Stargirl turns the tide against Fortune by forcing more cosmic energy into him than he can handle. He explodes. JSA: Classified #16 (Aug. 2006)
Lex Luthor empowers a group of teenagers with his Everyman Project: Hannibal Bates, Erik Storn, Gerome McKenna, Jacob Colby, Eliza Harmon and Steel's niece, Natasha Irons. NOTE: The Everyman Project was first mentioned in 52 #5. Natasha Irons first appeared in Steel #1, as Steel IV in Action Comics #806. 52 #17 (Aug. 2006)
Luthor dubs his teen heroes as the new Infinity, Inc.: Everyman, Fury III, Nuklon II, Skyman II, Starlight, Trajectory. Lex had bought the copyright for the name from the Pemberton estate. Lex then sends them into battle against a new Blockbuster (III) in Las Vegas and orchestrates Trajectory's death. 52 #21 (Sept. 2006)
Icicle and Tigress are foiled by Infinity, Inc. in New York. Their new member, Matrix, a teleporter, takes them out. Alan Scott watches on, then goes to find Mister Terrific. He tells Holt him that the U.N. wants Alan to be the new White King of Checkmate. Alan will agree only if Holt will be his Bishop. Scott wants to take the job so he can keep an eye on the organization. 52 #25 (Oct. 2006)
Alan, Jay and Ted contemplate disbanding the JSA as a parade of Everyman heroes and Infinity Inc. passes by. They introduce Nicki Jones, Jade II, who wields plant powers. Obisdian intervenes, demanding she renounce the name but Alan calms him. Nuklon confronts Alan, defending his motives and vowing to be better than his predecessor. They mention "Sandman (IV)," Sand's new name. John Henry Irons works with Doctor Mid-Nite to investigate the science of the Everyman project. 52 #29 (Nov. 2006)
One Year Later
The Gentleman Ghost manipulates the members of the barely-active Justice Society. Joan Garrick sees her father; Jakeem, his "brother"; Terrific, his wife; Mid-Nite, his dead patients. The JSA gathers for the first time in months for a social meeting and are interrupted by the Ghost. NOTE: Covers for this story arc by George Pérez. The Gentleman Ghost's history was altered by the Crisis. He is now a hold-over who remembers his time on Earth-2, and has a grudge against the Earth-2 Wonder Woman. JSA #83 (May 2006)
The Ghost departs as soon as he arrived, but later takes out Green Lantern. The Thunderbolt introduces Jakeem to the ghosts of his mother, grandmother, and an older brother, Jimmy — who he never knew. Supposedly, Jimmy died along with their grandmother in a fire. JSA #84 (June 2006)
The Ghost attacks Courtney during a driving lesson. Jakeem commands the Thunderbolt to take him where ghosts live. They find Craddock and are rescued by the ghosts of Jade, Atom, Sandman, Mister Terrific and the Batman of Earth-2. Batman says that one of noble blood will be his downfall. Jade briefly visits her father, which he senses. JSA #85 (July 2006)
The Ghost lures the JSA to his home, London, and unleashes an army of ghosts on them. He reveals his true plan: to live again, the JSA must all die there. JSA #86 (Aug. 2006)
Wildcat learns that he can harm the Ghost — he is descended from a 17th century duke. Also, the Ghost cannot touch Stargirl because she's a virgin. The battle takes them to Westminster Abbey, where the ghosts of noble heroes intervene. Wildcat finishes him with a sword to the "throat." JSA headquarters is destroyed and the Flash considers disbanding the team, but his wife scolds him saying that they're essential. NOTE: Final issue. JSA #87 (Sept. 2006)
Vandal Savage returns to Earth like a comet, reflecting on his past). He discovers that all his organ banks have gone bad and former employees will not help him. His former mystical abilities are nearly gone and he has mere weeks to live. He seeks his daughter, Scandal, for help, but she drives a blade into him and orders him not to contact her. He decides to go down in glory and chooses Alan Scott as the target of his ultimate revenge. JSA: Classified #10 (May 2006)
Savage creates a fake Sandman (Wes Dodds) to lure Lantern into a trap. JSA: Classified #11 (June 2006)
"Sandman" claims to have faked his death, but Alan is wiser. Regardless, he follows to Savage's lair, where he has injected adrenaline directly into his brain for the attack. He bites Alan and traps him in a force field. Alan breaks free but is kayoed by the "Sandman," a hideous clone. JSA: Classified #12 (July 2006)
Savage plans to bind his clone to Alan to create his own Green Lantern slave to infiltrate the JSA. Alan calls in help from Checkmate — Blackhawk planes that destroy his compound. Alan leaves the ruins but Savage escapes deep underground and resolves himself to die. Then he notices that his clone has solidified its form and he eats it to rejuvenate. NOTE: The new Blackhawk planes have a beaked shape. JSA: Classified #13 (Aug. 2006)
After kicking his addiction to Venom, Bane returned to his home, Santa Prisca, where crooked officials force-fed him a new version of the drug. The mob then ordered him to kidnap the original Hourman, but Bane decided to enlist Hourman's help instead. The younger Hourman receives a premonition of Bane's arrival and intervenes. Bane claims that the man who modified Venom worked for Bannermain Chemicals. They steal files from Bannermain that reveal that Miraclo was used as the base for the new Venom. JSA: Classified #17 (Nov. 2006)
Rex swears that he left no records of the Miraclo formula. Bane then reveals he's been lying and steals Rick's gloves. He wants to destroy everyone connected with Venom, but Rick escapes. Bane lures him to Santa Prisca by kidnapping Rex. Rick tricks Bane into using Miraclo and gets a pill into his father. They blow up the building just as the JSA arrive. JSA: Classified #18 (Dec. 2006)
Doctor Mid-Nite is called to S.T.A.R. Labs by Doctor Klyburn to investigate the theft of organs from metahumans. They are treating Argus, who lost his eyes; Grogamesh the gorilla his arms; Peregrine her wings; Icemaiden is kept alive in a temperature-controlled tank from losing her skin. Loose Cannon survived the extraction of his heart; Godiva's hair has been cut. Elsewhere, Roulette has taken her endeavors on the road; she oversees a cage match between Son of Vulcan and Bork. She sends her bodyguard, Strongarm, after Mid-Nite. She challenges them to arm-wrestle, which Mid-Nite wins by triggering the proper nerves. Roulette leads him to a woman named Angelika, who has received a wing transplant, and divulges the name of a clinic. The trail leads him to someone connected to the Ultra-Humanite. NOTE: Peregrine looks a lot like Shrike of the Cadre. Strongarm says he was part of a hero group called the Crimebusters. JSA: Classified #19 (Jan. 2007)
Doctor Mid-Nite encounters a henchman for Delores Winters, who now calls herself Endless Winter. She has donned Icemaiden's skin with the help of her scientist friend, Marten. Mid-Nite escapes having his own eyes extracted when her henchman sets a fire. Delores soon loses control over Icemaiden's powers and she freezes solid, but manages to escape. Later, he restores Argus' eyes. JSA: Classified #20 (Feb. 2007)
Alan Scott endangers his Checkmate position on a mission to China. When Checkmate's charter is up for renewal, he is not voted into another term as White King. He asks Mister Terrific to take the post Checkmate vol. 2 #4-5 (9-10 2006)
Mister Terrific is instated as the White King of Checkmate. He makes the Thinker his Knight. Checkmate vol. 2 #8-9 (Jan.–Feb. 2007)
Uncle Sam reforms the Freedom Fighters with Firebrand IV (Andre Twist, first appereance Battle for Bludhaven #1); Doll Man IV (Lester Colt) and Human Bomb II (Andrew Franklin, both first appereance in Battle for Bludhaven #1); Phantom Lady III (Stormy Knight), and the Ray III (Stan Silver) (both first appereance in Battle for Bludhaven #2); Black Condor III (John Trujillo, first appereance Uncle Sam #5); first appereance of Invisible Hood II (Ken Thurston) and The Red Bee II (Jenna Raleigh, both first appereance in Uncle Sam #5). Miss America's husband Derek dies and she returns to active adventuring, joining them as well. (#5) She reveals she'd retained her youth but gave the appearance of aging for her husband's sake. The team is betrayed by the Ray, who is replaced by Ray Terrill. (#7) In the end, the group is put in charge of the security organization S.H.A.D.E. DCU: Brave New World (Aug. 2006); Uncle Sam & the Freedom Fighters #1-8 (Sept. 2006–Apr. 2007)
Father Time (of S.H.A.D.E.) forces Green Lantern to ask an old adversary, Johnny Mimic (Waddill), to help catch the thief who stole a prototype weapon. In the Rocky Mountains, Mimic succeeds in cracking the case, but becomes as evil as the thief. The thief had stolen the H Dial. When the thief returns via time travel, Mimic steals the device and becomes Johnny Firehose and Grandfather Clock. He forces Lantern to break the Dial, which explodes on Mimic's chest, and he dies. He says S.H.A.D.E. killed the Dial's previous owner. NOTES: This is after Alan left Checkmate. Mimic appeared only once, in Comic Cavalcade #22 (1947). This occurs after Uncle Sam #8 (Father Time leaves S.H.A.D.E.). JSA: Classified #25 (June 2006)
Three Months Later JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA vol. 3
Rick Tyler marries Jesse Chambers. Sanderson Hawkins takes the guise of s Sandman (IV). A new Starman (VIII) arrives in Opal City. NOTES: The circumstances of these events remain untold. This Starman's costume is based on that in Kingdom Come. The 1990s Starman series intimated that he would be the former Star Boy, of the Legion in the 30th century. Justice Society of America vol. 3 #1 (Feb. 2007), #8 (Sept. 2007)
Hawkman stayed on Rann to help bring peace. Though the Green Lantern Corps restored Thanagar's orbit, its rotation has degraded, making it mostly unlivable. Blackfire is still allied with the Grand Mor. Thanagar's commissioner, Andar Pul gives Carter a testiment pod that contains all the evidence against Blackfire and tells him to hide it. He uses a Zeta beamer from Adam Strange to travel to Earth. Back home, he retrieves the Absorbascon from the Himalayas then leaves the testiment pod in Kendra's office at the museum. Blackfire learns of this and gathers a hit squad to pursue him. Carter returns to Rann to confront her. NOTES: The events of Hawkgirl #57-59 occur within this issue, Blackfire attempts to kill Kendra. Andar Pul is the father of the late Fel Andar, Hawkman III. JSA: Classified #21 (Early Mar. 2006)
On Rann, Carter fakes his death and gathers evidence against Blackfire. Using the Absorbascon, he learns of her origin and reconstructs the Psions' machinery that originally gave Komand'r her powers. He and Hawkgirl manage to capture her on Earth then subject her to the machine, reversing it and removing her powers. Hawkgirl also gathers confessional evidence on the testament pod, which they turn over to the Thangarian authorities. JSA: Classified #22 (Late Mar. 2006)
The spirit of Shiera Hall implores Kendra to break the Hawks fated pattern of death and rebirth. To this end, Kendra pretends to give Carter the cold shoulder and they separate. Hawkgirl #60 (Mar. 2007)
Hawkgirl runs into Black Lightning in St. Roch, which leads both of them into joining the new Justice League. Justice League of America vol. 2 #3-5 (Dec. 2006–Feb. 2007)
Seven Legionnaires undertake a mission into the 21st century to resurrect someone using lightning rods (like they did for Lightning Lad and Karate Kid). Due to mental blocks from Brainiac 5, all of them lose their memories and take on new lives: Karate Kid as the villain Trident; Timber Wolf in Gorilla City; Dawnstar to Thanagar; Star Boy crosses over to Earth-22 and becomes Starman; Wildfire in the Fortress of Solitude; Sensor Girl in Suicide Swamp; and Dream Girl in Arkham Asylum. (Justice League of America vol. 2 #8-10, June–Aug. 2007; Justice Society of America vol. 3 #5-6, June–July 2007)
Earth-22: Starman VIII (Thom Kallor, formerly Star Boy) adopts the identity of Danny Blaine. He arrives at a time when heroes are at war with one another. NOTE: He first appears as Starman in Kingdom Come #2. Starman vol. 2 #80 (Aug. 2001), Kingdom Come #2 (Aug. 1996)
Starman's uniform takes him from Earth-22 to Earth-0. Because he is schizophrenic and 21st century medicine cannot treat him adequately, he is incoherent and takes up residence in Sunshine Sanitarium in Opal City. NOTE: These precise events have not been depicted. *
Though demoralized, the JSA's founders are urged by the JLA to reassemble. They are encouraged to train the myriad of legacy heroes. Wildcat declines to participate until Green Lantern reveals that he has another son, Tom Bronson. They choose Mister Terrific, Hourman, Stargirl, Power Girl, Doctor Mid-Nite, and for the first time, Liberty Belle II (Jesse Quick) and Obsidian, their security specialist. Hourman and Belle recruit Damage in Philadelphia, battling Rebel. PG and Terrific recruit Maxine Hunkel, Ma's granddaughter, at Harvard (she has wind powers and was once kidnapped by T.O. Morrow). Stargirl and Mid-Nite visit the neurotic new Starman in Opal City. In Virginia, the new Mister America (II) (Trey Thompson, a former FBI operative) discovers his family murdered. He finds the killer, Catalyst, and tracks the one who hired him. Badly injured, he seeks the JSA's help and dies crashing through their skylight. The new JSA headquarters was designed by John Stewart. NOTES: Maxine's parentage is unspecified, but she is Sisty's niece. She is modeled after Red Tornado III from Kingdom Come #2. Rebel resembles Von Bach from Kingdom Come #1. This issue portends future events: the return of Kal-L, Dawnstar seeking Starman, and a grim fate for Batman. This issue comes with alternate covers by Eaglesham and Alex Ross. Justice Society of America vol. 3 #1 (Feb. 2007)
Nathan Heywood remembers growing up in Ohio, part of a heroic family. He was also a high school sports hero until he lost a leg. Their family reunion is crashed by Hawkman, who fails to stop the new Fourth Reich (Captain Nazi, White Dragon, Reichsmark, Swastika, Baroness Blitzkrieg) from killing Nathan's brother, Kirk. Wildcat's son talks about his mother, Marilyn Bronson, who died of cancer; Ted saved her from the Gambler and they had a one night stand. She never told him about her pregnancy. Tom wants no part of the Wildcat legacy, but isn't bitter. Mid-Nite declares Mister America dead and his family line ended. Starman's powers go awry and everything becomes weightless. He portends a "lightning storm." Later he mentions bouncing through space and reveals that he is Thom Kallor of the 30th century Legion of Super-Heroes. He was trapped in a parallel universe — that of Earth-22. NOTES: Starman mentions Kenz Nuhor, the crook Star Boy accidentally killed in Adventure Comics #342. This issue comes with alternate covers by Eaglesham and Ross (featuring Starman). Alex Ross paints the last panel of this issue — flashbacks to Kingdom Come. Captain Nazi's first historical appearance was Master Comics #21 (1941); current in Power of Shazam! #5 (1995). White Dragon first appeared in Hawkworld vol. 2 #27 (1992). Swastika first appeared in Kingdom Come #1 (now Earth-22). Justice Society of America vol. 3 #2 (Feb. 2007)
Maxine takes the name Cyclone and designs a costume. The Fourth Reich nearly kill all the Heywood family, including Nathan's mother. Reichsmark claims his metallic body is related to the metal which powered the original Commander Steel's. While fighting Reichsmarks's blood runs over Nathan's body; his skin begins to absorb it. Sandman declares that the Fourth Reich are attacking the families of Golden Agers modeled on American symbolism. General Glory II and Minute-Man have also been slain. The new team heads to protect S.T.R.I.P.E. and Liberty Belle I, who are already being attacked. Wildcat and Tom are attacked by Vandal Savage (the Fourth Reich's leader). Tom reveals that he has the metahuman power to transform into a cat-man. NOTES: Tom's "cat self" is styled after the Wildcat from Kingdom Come #3. This issue comes with alternate covers by Eaglesham and Ross (featuring Cyclone). Justice Society of America vol. 3 #3 (Mar. 2007)
In Portsmouth City, Mid-Nite finds a trail of victims that suggests a vampire. He is skeptical until the trail leads him to a creature called Mircea, who bites Mid-Nite then flees the rising sun. JSA: Classified #23 (Apr. 2006)
Mid-Nite is rescued by the JSA and begins looking for a medical explanation for Mircea's condition. He finds the culprit is A39, the same drug that altered his own physiology. He then manages to drug and institutionalize the villain. Mircea maintains that he is as much a vampire as one can be JSA: Classified #24 (May 2006)
The Fourth Reich attack Pat Dugan in Blue Valley and Libby Lawrence in Philadelphia. Capt. Nazi discovers Damage's disfigured face. All the JSA teams defeat the Reich. Power Girl becomes the JSA's chairperson. Tom joins the JSA and says his mother doesn't know about his powers. Sandman dreams of the new Earth-2. Nathan Heywood begins growing a new metal leg. Trey Thompson's former partner, Jeff Graves takes up the mantle of Mister America (III). Dream Girl is shown at the mercy of Doctor Destiny in Arkham Asylum. NOTES: This issue comes in two variant covers: Eaglesham, and the Wildcats by Ross. Justice Society of America vol. 3 #4 (Apr. 2007)
Wildcat reflects on his early career, defeating Primo Carbona at Yankee Stadium. Years later, Ted ended Carbona's career. Today he spars with the Sportsmaster, who is similarly past his prime. Ted discovers that the villain arranged bets on their fight, and demands to be taken to the betting parlor. Wildcat wrecks the place and it's owner, Joe the Slob give Sportsmaster the chance to make things right. first appereance of henchman, the Brutal Brothers (Bobby and Bruno) NOTE: "Primo Carbona" is probably an homage to real world fighter Primo Carnera. Wildcat calls Sportsmaster "Victor," the first mention of the Sportsmaster's first name other than "Crusher." The Sportsmaster in this tale bears little resemblance to past characters; he has different hair color and is depicted quite young. JSA: Classified #26 (July 2006)
Joe the Slob kidnaps Ma Hunkel and forces the JSA to fight Sportsmaster for the betting potential. Meanwhile, Wildcat fights through the Brutal Brothers to locate Ma, which ends the incentive for the JSA's fight. Joe the Slob is imprisoned then killed by his benefactor: Desaad. JSA: Classified #27 (Aug. 2006)
Part 1: The JLA and JSA reestablish their regular team-ups. Karate Kid attacks Batman. Upon hearing Starman's name, he recovers some memories. When Starman utters "Lightning Lad" in Interlac, his full memory returns; he claims there are seven Legionnaires out there. During a training exercise, Red Tornado loses control, endangering Roy. In 1948, the Ultra-Humanite (as Delores Winter) is visited by Despero and Per Degaton (shadowed) who claim she'll die the next day. Geo-Force declines official membership. NOTES: This issue comes in two variant covers: Phil Jimenez and Michael Turner (1st in a tryptic). Justice League of America vol. 2 #8 (June 2007)
Part 2: A team finds Dream Girl in Arkham Asylum where Doctor Destiny has usurped her access to the Dreaming and manifested nightmares. She's awakened and takes control of her powers. At the Fortress of the Solitude, another team finds another Legionnaire: Wildfire, who stands among inert statues of Legionnaires. Superman mentions how he spent time in their future and received the statues, which represent each member "from an adventure they wanted [him] to remember them by." A utility belt bursts forth from Wildfire's chest. Cyclone speaks to the Tornado; he mentions the time T.O. Morrow kidnapped her at age six to lure the Tornado to him. NOTES: This is the first mention of Superman's post-Infinite Crisis involvement with the Legion. It is similar to the circumstances in the 2007 Legion cartoon. Justice Society of America vol. 3 #5 (June 2007)
Part 3: A team finds Timber Wolf in Gorilla City. There, a holy white ape, "nzame" to the gorillas, has been born; this only happens once every thousand years. In the JLA's future, Despero and Per Degaton transfer the Ultra-Humanite's brain into the mature body of the white ape (who is at the height of his powers). En route to Thanagar, Power Girl reveals she's had some sort of affair with Hawkman. She warns Roy against pursuing Kendra. Power Girl has been on Thanagar helping reconstruction. They do not find Dawnstar, but a friend of hers in possession of her flight ring. Dawnstar returns to Earth, where the Legionnaires reveal they have all agreed to sacrifice their lives, if necessary, in order to revive someone. NOTES: This issue comes in two variant covers: Phil Jimenez and Michael Turner (2nd in a tryptic). "Nzame" is the name of an African deity in the Congo. Justice League of America vol. 2 #9 (July 2007)
Part 4: Superman recalls a Legion adventure known as the "Legion of Three Worlds," which none of them can actually remember. The Legionnaires locate their final comrade: Sensor Girl, who has been hiding in Suicide Swamp. The JLA and JSA follow them there and encounter an elaborate illusion of an abandoned Secret Society headquarters. They're met by a fake Triplicate Girl. The Legionnaires fool them long enough to escape and resume their mission. Dawnstar remarks that the 31st century is too dangerous for Superman. Karate Kid mentions that the three founders volunteered to sacrifice themselves to bring him back. Star Boy took Colossal Boy's place in the mission, which may have affected his health. NOTES: This issue comes in two variant covers: Phil Jimenez and Alex Ross. Justice Society of America vol. 3 #6 (July 2007)
Part 5: The Legionnaires take up positions across the globe to await the lightning strike to revive someone. They are quickly found by the JLA and JSA, but their flight rings erect force fields to protect them. Timber Wolf remarks "I'm coming Ayla," suggesting that she may be dead. The lightning strikes Karate Kid's location, but he ducks. The lightning returns Wally West and his wife and grown children to the 21st century. Wally rejoins the JLA. The Legionnaires vanish and are summoned back to the future. Starman elects to stay, and Karate Kid is told that another mission awaits him in the 21st century. Another shadowed Legionnaire joins him. Brainiac 5 notes that someone has been captured in Karate' Kid's lightning rod. NOTE: In Countdown #42, before the Legion's departure, Karate Kid approaches Batman in Gotham City to express the honor of having met him. This issue comes in two variant covers: Phil Jimenez and Michael Turner. Listen to the follow-up interview to this arc, with Brad Meltzer at Newsarama. Justice League of America vol. 2 #10 (Aug. 2007)
Nathan Heywood awakes to discover his new body infused with organic steel. He learns that some family members have survived and gets the opportunity for justice against a group of supremacists. He is outfitted with a solid steel shell which restricts his overly-powerful movements. Power Girl dubs him Citizen Steel, and he joins the JSA. Superman visits Starman in the sanitarium but is unable to glean any useful information from Thom. He references the "Legion of Three Worlds," and XS. Justice Society of America vol. 3 #7 (Aug. 2007)
Jakeem Thunder taxes the full extent of the Thunderbolt's abilities and grants wishes to anyone who requests one.He finds that the laws of magic have changed, and for every fortune he bestows upon one, a misfortune happens to another. JSA: Classified #28 (Sept. 2007)
Mister Horrific: Mister Terrific campaigns on behalf of Senator Tom Enfield, son of a U.S. Army Captain. But Terrific is angered when Enfield's daughter, Emily, shows him her father's Nazi artifacts. Terrific flees and another Senator, Wilhoite, is shot while trying to impart further information. With her dying breath she mentions "Andvarinaut." (#29) Terrific is captured in Enfield's Canadian facility, where the JSA finds him. Andvarinaut comes online — it is the personification of Heinrich Himmler, whose brain resides on the moon. (#30) Andvarinaut destroys a Pacific island and launches an attack at Washington D.C., which Superman stops. Himmler is destroyed. (#30) NOTE: It's difficult to presume that the JLA would not have found this moon base. JSA: Classified #29-31 (Oct.–Dec. 2007)
Jesse Quick recalls her origins while and helps the JSA apprehend many costumed criminals, including Captain Nazi. When the JSA pursues Zoom into Georgia, Green Lantern stops Damage from entering the state, per the restraining order against him. He proceeds and takes Zoom hostage. Liberty Belle is called in to talk him down. When Zoom gets the upper hand, she accesses the Speed Force once again to stop him. Afterwards, the entire JSA stands between Damage and law enforcement who want to take him into custody. NOTE: Jesse's access to the speed force is due to Wally West's return in Justice League of America vol. 2 #10. Wildcat III is shown in flashback, joining the JSA. Justice Society of America vol. 3 #8 (Sept. 2007)
During a Thanksgiving Day parade, Vandal Savage attacks Alan Scott via Solomon Grundy. Savage uses a special powder to draw power from the Starheart, and inadvertently draws Jade's spirit into the soul of a little girl. (#32) He orders Jade to attack her father, but they turn the tables. In the end, Jennie must return the girl's soul, causing her to retreat to the afterlife. (#33) NOTE: Grundy died last in Justice League of America vol. 2 #6 (Mar. 2007). JSA: Classified #32-33 (Jan.–Feb. 2008)
A new Time Commander (II) returns using the alias "the Separatist." He allies with an old Hourman foe, Curly (an ex-Soviet strongman), to kidnap Liberty Belle. When the Commander tries to take Rick's tachyon hourglass, he's consumed by its power. NOTE: The Time Commander's real name is Sterling Fry. He was a protege of the original. Rick remarks that "The Clock" was one of his father's pre-war nicknames. This might be a nod to his name in the Elseworlds JSA: The Liberty File. JSA: Classified #34 (Mar. 2008)
Wildcat investigates one of his old gyms in Gotham City. He's roughed up and found by Catwoman. (#35) The gym's owner, John Ryan arms a men with state-of-the-art fighting gear. (#36) JSA: Classified #35-37 (4-6 2006)
Wildcat watches Derek Troxell become the new heavyweight champion. This sparks suspicions about Troxell's training. Some digging leads to Leonard Harkness, who runs an experimental gym run like a lab. He returns later as Wildcat to uncover their shady practices. He's captured and they attempt to extract his fighting prowess. (#38) Flash finds him, dumped outside and Green Lantern helps restore him. When he returns to Harkness, he fights boxers who possess his own skills. He changes fighting style and takes them down. (#39) NOTE: Final issue of JSA Classified. JSA: Classified #38-39 (July–Aug. 2006)

The Helmet of Fate returns to Earth, having traveled across the universe and bounced off the ege of space/time. It absorbs new data and sheds its old vestiges—including the pocket universe that used to lay within. The first being to find it is the Detective Chimp, who concludes that the Helmet would drive him mad. NOTE: It was sent into space by Captain Marvel in Day of Vengeance: Infinite Crisis Special (Mar. 2006).

Helmet of Fate: Detective Chimp #1 (Mar. 2007)
After trying several hosts, the helmet of Fate finds its new permanent master, Doctor Kent V. Nelson. (#1) He meets a woman named Inza. (#4) NOTES: Inza is related to Inza Cramer. There is no mention of a relation between this Kent Nelson and the original. Countdown to Mystery #1-8 (Nov. 2007–June 2008)
Prologue: The JSA helps at a firefighters fundraiser. The two Wildcats spar and despite his powers, Tommy loses. They're summoned to a burning building where they find the villain Goth dead in the same manner as many New Gods. Starman creates a black hole to stop it, and it brings through the Superman of Earth-22. NOTE: Superman has just been bombed, in Kingdom Come #4; he thinks his Earth has been destroyed. Justice Society of America vol. 3 #9 (Oct. 2007)
Part 1: Starman's friend, Superman-22, claims his world was totally destroyed. Doctor Mid-Nite develops a peculiar cough. Batman sees news of this new Superman. The villain Chroma is killed by the unseen Gog. The two Flashes retrieve the Cosmic Treadmill to investigate the possibility of a parallel Earth. NOTE: Gog first appeared in New Year's Evil: Gog #1. Justice Society of America vol. 3 #10 (Nov. 2007)
Part 2: Using the Cosmic Treadmill, the Flashes find only emptiness where Earth-2 used to be. They catch a glimpse, however, of the new Earth-2. The JLA arrive to help assess the new Superman. Power Girl visits Kal-L and Lois' graves, but finds a kindred spirit in the new Superman. The new Judomaster III (Sonia Sato) battles the Blood Soldiers (Ketsueki Senshi): Seppuku, Kamikaze II, Kung II and Samurai. They are assassins who killed her father, Yoshio, after she was born. Now they answer to the original Judomaster's old partner, Tiger. Judomaster is a metahuman who cannot be hit. The new Mister America tracks Gog. Superman effectively joins the JSA. NOTE: Judomaster III first appeared in Birds of Prey #100. Justice Society of America vol. 3 #11 (Dec. 2007)
Part 3: Jakeem Thunder returns to the JSA to discover many changes. Wildcat tests Judomaster's (who has joined) abilities. The founders review more legacy heroes to recruit, settling on Lightning (Jennifer Pierce), Amazing Man III (Markus Clay), Mister America III, and Lance Corporal David Reid (great-grandson of FDR). Gog kills the New Olympians (except Maxie Zeus). NOTE: Lightning first appeared in Kingdom Come #1. This is the first mention of her existence. Though her parents both appear together, it's not clear whether they have reconciled. Comes in two variant covers. Justice Society of America vol. 3 #12 (Mar. 2008)
Part 4: Lightning's parents help her move in. Superman theorizes that the Magog he knew on Earth-22 might have been empowered by the new Gog. Superman questions his younger counterpart about his battle with Gog and surmise that this man may have seen visions of events on Earth-22. Gog attacks Hercules then returns to the Congo where he found the power of the original Gog (a god of the Third World). Justice Society of America vol. 3 #13 (Apr. 2008)
Part 5: Gog attacks the Infinity Man, who escapes. Sand tracks him through the Earth. The entire Society meets to plan an attack, but Gog finds them first. The Alan Scott and Obsidian of arrive to help. Alan wears the same costume as that of the Earth-22 G.L. Starman prophesies the death of the junior JSA members a the hands of Magog (Gog's successor on Earth-22). Justice Society of America vol. 3 #14 (May 2008)
Part 6: Gog takes several JSAers back to Africa and is destroyed by the original Gog (I), a god of the late Third World. Superman believes that he is the only survivor of Earth-22. A small monkey is swept up in Gog's teleport and remains at JSA HQ. NOTE: This issue previews things to come: Magog, Earth-2, a dead member and the return of Black Adam. Justice Society of America vol. 3 #15 (June 2008)
Part 7: Gog explains he is from the Third World, the lone dissenter of their apocalyptic war. He fell to Earth and was eventually discovered by William Matthews. Matthews was driven mad by visions of the multiverse. Gog restores Damage's face to normal and cures all the ails of a nearby village. Black Adam discovers a possible sign of Isis' return. Justice Society of America vol. 3 #16 (July 2008)
The JLA joins to watch after Gog, who marches across Africa. Gog proclaims he is the heroes' protector; he allows Sand to dream, cures Starman's dementia, restores Doctor Mid-Nite's sight, and sends Power Girl back to Earth-2. When Gog senses war, he rampages. Hawkman theorizes that David Reid is powered by Gog's old body. Cyclone names the monkey Frankie. Romantic sparks fly between Cyclone and Damage. Justice Society of America vol. 3 #17 (Aug. 2008)
Power Girl appears on the new Earth-2, where things appear very much like she remembers. The JSA has become the Justice Society Infinity, and Huntress has resigned. Huntress' boyfriend, Harry Sims, has been maimed by the Joker. Huntress finds Power Girl unconscious and delivers her to the JSI. When she wakes, she meets the J.S.I., but still feels like she doesn't belong. Later, after helping the Huntress take down the Joker, the real Earth-2 Power Girl returns from space. She calls Kara an impostor and sets the JSI on her tail. Flash and Green Lantern have retired; Superman is missing. NOTE: Features pin-up of the entire JSA by Dale Eaglesham. Justice Society of America vol. 3 Annual #1 (July 2008)
Gog takes on war in the Congo. Damage asks Judomaster on a date. Hawkman becomes agitated by the situation. Gog turns the war mongers into trees but more ambush the JSA and Lance is killed. Gog resurrects him as Magog. On Earth-2, Power Girl locates Prof. Michael Holt for help. He's about to become a father. Justice Society of America vol. 3 #18 (Sept. 2008)
Black Adam is guided by signs of life from Isis. Hawkman and Green Lantern disagree over course of action, dividing the Society. Starman remembers his original mission. From Earth-2, Power Girl and Michael Holt make contact with Starman through his star-suit. It opens a portal which brings through the J.S.I. Justice Society of America vol. 3 #19 (Nov. 2008)
The Power Girl of Earth-2 flies off the handle. Some of the JSA are brought back to Earth-2 when they return. Huntress interrogates the JSA's Power Girl in the Batcave and eventually relents. The JSA locate them and Starman reveals that his suit is actually a map of the multiverse, made by three Brainiac 5s. He explains that the universe has already provided a Power Girl for Earth-2, which leads the JSI to theorize their Superman is still alive as well. first appereance of the Earth-2 Paula Holt. NOTES: Earth-2 heroes call their Star-Spangled Kid "Sly" which differs from his pre-Crisis nickname, "Syl" (for Sylvester). Jade says that the Earth-2 Alan Scott is dead. Justice Society of America vol. 3 #20 (Dec. 2008)
Superman-22 tells Cyclone about his past. He seeks out Earth-0's Norman McCay, a minister in Chicago. En route, he panics when the Daily Planet is attacked (he fears a repeat of his own past). Later, Lois Lane visits him at JSA HQ. NOTE: Contains bonus sketches by Alex Ross. JSA Kingdom Come Special: Superman (Jan. 2009)
Gog's followers go with him across Africa on the way to Kahndaq. David Reid learns that his old battalion, Epsilon, is in Africa and goes to rescue them. He kills one and maims the rest of his friends' captors. Starman says goodbye to Sunshine Sanitarium in Opal City and embarks upon his original Legion mission. NOTE: Gog's origin does not link him to either the Gog or Magogof Earth-22. The Starman story shows many moments from his life with the Legion. It is the first official glimpse of the first team-up between the three Legions. JSA Kingdom Come Special: Magog (Jan. 2009)
Gog's forces amass near Kahndaq and rest. There Gog commands them to spread his word, which Damage does back in America. When Stargirl confronts him, he attacks her. Atom-Smasher steps in to squash him and takes Grant to his father's (the Atom's) house in Civic City. The JSA intervenes but Magog spirits Damage away. They argue and Grant destroys the house. Without his visions, Sandman fails to save a kidnapped boy. Inside the Earth, Sandman discovers that Gog is weakening the tectonic forces of the planet. As Danny Blaine, Starman applies for a job as a gravedigger in Metropolis. Superman meets with Wonder Woman. Gog stuns the JSA by asking his followers to worship him. NOTE: Contains a pin-up of the Earth-2 JSI by Jerry Ordway. first appereance of the Earth-2 Sandy as Sandman II, and an unnamed "Hour Girl." JSA Kingdom Come Special: The Kingdom (Jan. 2009)
Only Magog kneels to Gog. The rest of the JSA arrives to take down Gog... to stop him from destroying the fabric of the Earth. They discovered that he is permanently linking himself to the planet; it will be destroyed if he leaves. Gog attempts to turn Jay into living lightning; he begins to transform into pure Speed Force. Gog reclaims all the gifts he bestowed on the JSA. When Magog sees their pain, he defies Gog too. Justice Society of America vol. 3 #21 (Jan. 2009)
The JSA manages to sever Gog's head and Starman and Superman take it to the Source Wall, where it is imprisoned with the rest of the Fourth World gods. Starman opens a portal and sends Superman home to Earth-22. Citizen Steel makes peace with his condition. Judomaster kisses Damage despite his disfiguration. David wonders why, when others were reverted, is he still Magog? NOTE: This issue contains new artwork by Alex Ross of the events from Kingdom Come #4. It further depicts the future of Superman-22, who survives until the 31st century. Cameo appearance by the Legion of Earth-22. Justice Society of America vol. 3 #22 (Feb. 2009)

Final Crisis: Darkseid nearly destroys all of creation. His evil New Gods are reborn but must use human hosts. Martian Manhunter is killed. Batman is believed dead, but is actually thrust back in time. The Monitors cease to be.

Final Crisis #1-7 (July 1908–Mar. 2009)
Final Crisis: Faces of Evil: JSA members disagree on whether to discipline those who followed Gog; Hawkman storms out. Atom-Smasher gains reentry to the team. Black Adam rescues Isis and takes the scarab Faust used to control her. They attack Marvel at the Rock of Eternity, planning to control the other Seven Deadly Sins. Isis uses the power of an ancient scarab to steal Marvel's powers, and Billy Batson appears back home in Fawcett City. He summons the JSA and reveals his identity to them. Amazing Man leaves the team and others take breaks. Starman searches for Conner Kent's grave. NOTE: This last event is the only JSA tie to Final Crisis. Justice Society of America vol. 3 #23 (Mar. 2009)
Mister Terrific struggles to revive his lover, Sasha Bordeaux. He is targeted by a Kobra suicide bomber. The JSA finds Kobra is using Nth Metal. They stop another group (led by Ariadne Persakis) from blowing a church; Ariadne surrenders. NOTE: These events follow up the story from Checkmate #23-25 (2008). Bordeaux sacrificed herself in Final Crisis: Resist (2008). JSA vs. Kobra #1 (Aug. 2009)
Kobra keeps the JSA off-balance, bombing various targets and activating sleeper agents. The JSA saves STAR Labs (where they're experimenting with "strange matter"), but a bomber succeeds in detonating at Lexcorp and other places. They make away with Luthor's data on the Everyman Project. Kobra now also uses magic in its attacks. NOTE: First mention of Burr's name; his brother, Jason, was killed by Black Adam in JSA #51. JSA vs. Kobra #2 (Sept. 2009)
Wildcat II finds the dead body of a Checkmate agent in JSA HQ. Doctor Mid-Nite finds traces of soil from Opal City with energy signature of stellar radiation. During an attack in Opal, more acolytes suffer magical death. Mister Terrific confronts Kobra (who exhibits metahuman abilities) in the Starman museum. Kobra drives a sword through his shoulder and departs through an Erdel teleportational gate. NOTE: Clara Kendall (Tomorrow Woman) is shown as a reporter. She was returned to life in Trinity #51. JSA vs. Kobra #3 (Oct. 2009)
Kobra locates and invades the Rock of Eternity, stealing the power of Hatred. He uses the magic word "Shazam" to take down the Thunderbolt. He retreats, leaving Ariadne to be captured. NOTE: Fawcett City is mapped in Minnesota, Opal City on the East Coast. JSA vs. Kobra #4 (Nov. 2009)
The JSA takes out Kobra's magicians. Ariadne is transformed into a snake-creature, then dies. Jessica Midnight has become Checkmate's new Black Queen in Sasha's absence. Kobra escapes to Washington, D.C. JSA vs. Kobra #5 (Dec. 2009)
The JSA invade Kobra's base in Majorca. Kobra begins a grassroots recruitment, handing out cell phones across the globe that will create suicide bombers. Many of his old operatives die or are captured. Bombers manage to kill the UN Secretary General and others. Mister Terrific uses his technology to fashion an Erdel gate and save President Suarez. He also uses one of the A.I.s to revive Sasha, cleaning the contamination from her nanotech systems. JSA vs. Kobra #6 (Jan. 2010)
Final Crisis: In a Metropolis cemetery, Starman exhumes the body of Superboy (Conner Kent). He then places it in a Kryptonian regeneration chrysalis, inside Superman's Fortress. There, Brainiac 5 will retrieve it in a thousand years. Legion of Three Worlds #4 (June 2009)
Origins and Omens: Billy tells the JSA about his and Black Adam's origins. Atom-Smasher appeals to Adam but Isis hurls Billy into an abyss, intending to reunite him with his father. There, the spirit of C.C. Batson appears to the Flash, beckoning him to the Rock of Finality. Mary Marvel attacks Stargirl; she still uses the power of the "Black Marvels." Magog suggests forming a new team. Mister America takes a sidekick. Flash visits King Chimera, grandson of the King, in Rome. NOTE: Flash and Batson's journey unwittingly releases Kung from Limbo, as revealed in #27. Foreshadowing of battle with Magog. Justice Society of America vol. 3 #24 (Apr. 2009)
Billy utters "Mary Marvel" and shares in her powers. Cece Batson takes the Flash through Limbo's realms to the Rock of Finality and the Seven Sacred Virtues of Man. Shazam was imprisoned here on his way to the afterlife. Batson says that by unleashing the power of Black Adam, he was cursed. To go to the afterlife, he must complete one more (of four) tasks. To save Isis, Adam returns his power to Shazam, who is reborn and reclaims the powers of Isis, Billy and Mary. He turns Adam and Isis to stone. Shazam goes on to deal with Freddy Freeman, whose power is not Shazam's. Back in Fawcett, Mary and Billy find they have no access to the Rock of Eternity. The JSA elders decide that all members should stay on, without judgment. Some other entity arrives to claim Adam and Isis. NOTE: Limbo shows that of Ragnarok, Prometheus, Fate's Tower and Gemworld. Justice Society of America vol. 3 #25 (May 2009)
The JSA throws a suprise birthday party for Stargirl. She also learns that she must wear her braces for another year. Justice Society of America vol. 3 #26 (June 2009)
Jerry Ordway as writer and penciller
Mister Bones warns Atom-Smasher that the D.E.O. is watching him. Stargirl recalls Al to deal with Obsidian, who has sensed a hostile presence and shut some out the JSA HQ, others in. Hourman sees a grim fate for those trapped inside. Thinking Obsidian has gone crazy, Alan takes him out, which allows the ghost of Kung to enter. Kung transports five JSAers to the moment of Hiroshima's destruction, 1945. The Spectre intervenes. Justice Society of America vol. 3 #27 (July 2009)
Upon dropping the bomb at Hiroshima, Axis' "Spear of Influence" is dissolved. Green Lantern erects a shield to save the JSA. The Spectre arrives with more JSAers and team effort captures Kung, whose efforts are revealed to have been an attempt at resurrection. The Spectre returns the Japanese souls to Limbo. The Spectre senses that Kung has escaped back into Stargirl's body; he apparently destroys Kung. The JSA meets Crispus Allen. Atom-Smasher (falsely) tells Stargirl he doesn't love her. Justice Society of America vol. 3 #28 (Aug. 2009)

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