Golden Age DC Characters

New Fun Comics #1-6 (Feb.–Oct. 1935)
More Fun Comics #7–127 (Jan. 1936–Nov. 1947)

Compiled by Jason Greenfield

Browse through all of DC Comics earliest characters, beginning with the company's first comic book titles. At the time of their initial publication, the company was listed as National Allied Publications in the indicia. Their first title was New Fun Comics #1 (February 1935, which became More Fun Comics with issue #7). This was the first publisher of comic books to fill each issue with entirely new strips.

The lists in this series of pages might exclude some humor characters, licensed newspaper characters, and some historical characters. To learn more, please visit various other sites (links below). Some characters's names provide a link to other information on this site.

» SEE ALSO: Golden Age DC Comics Characters, which focuses on Golden Age characters that are considered to be "costumed adventurers."

Colored = masked or super-hero

Character Appeared in Issues… Notes
New Fun Comics (#1–6)
Buckskin Jim #1-18 (Feb. 1935–Feb. 1937) Frontiersman / western
Jack Woods #1–35 (Feb. 1935–Sept. 1938) Also in Adventure Comics. Late western set circa 1915
Ivanhoe #1–8, 10-27 (Feb. 1935–Dec. 1937) Based on historical / literary character
Jack Andrews, all-american boy #1–6 (Feb. 1935–Oct. 1935)  
2023 Super Police #1–14 (Feb. 1935–Oct. 1936) Future science fiction
Don Drake on the Planet Saro #1–6, 8–17 (Feb. 1935–Jan. 1935) Aviator costumed Flash Gordon type
Sandra of the Secret Service #1–35 (Feb. 1935–Sept. 1938)  
Barry O'Neill #1–29, 35 (Feb. 1935–Sept. 1938) Lasted til 1941 in Adventure. Adventurer type
Wing Brady #1–9, 11-52 (Feb. 1935–Feb. 1940) French Foreign Legionnaire / pilot
Bobby and Binks / "Magic Crystal of History" #1–50 (Feb. 1935–Dec. 1939)  
Cap'n Erik #1–2 (Feb. 1935–Mar. 1935)  
Midshipman Dewey #2–3, 5–19 (Mar. 1935–Mar. 1937) young boy sailor circa 1786
Captain Grim #3–19 (Apr. 1935–Mar. 1937) Ship's Captain searching for missing crew
Brad Hardy #3–6, 8–31 (Apr. 1935–May 1938) Adventurer
Spike Spaulding #3–6, 8–30 (Apr. 1935–Apr. 1938) Kid
Bob Merritt #5–25, 27–30 (Aug. 1935–Apr. 1938) Gentleman adventurer / inventor
Henri Duval #6–10 (Oct. 1935–May 1936) By Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster; historical/3 musketeers era
Dr. Occult #6–31 (Oct. 1935–June 1938) First DC super-hero
becomes More Fun Comics (#7-127)
Character Appeared in Issues… Notes
Radio Squad #11–25, 27–50, 52–87 (July 1936–Jan 1943) By Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster; police adventure, also in Flash #10, Oct. 1940
The Three Musketeers #11–36 (July 1936–Oct. 1938) These literary characters (D'artagnion was based on a real person) would make occasional appearances over the years in the DCU; see Obscure Characters for more
Pirate Gold #12–20, 22-30 (Aug. 1936–Apr. 1938) Historical / pirates
Pep Morgan #12–29 (Aug. 1936–Feb. 1938) & Action #1-42 (June 1938–Nov 1941) College athlete. Appeared with Mr. America in Action #33
Bradley Boys #13–29 (Sept. 1936–Feb. 1938) two young boys, Tom and Jack
Mark Marson of the Interplanetary Police #15–31 (Nov 1936–May 1938) Sci-fi à la Buck Rogers
Johnnie Law #21–25, 28–44 (June 1937–June 1939) Cop
Marty McCann #23–25, 28 (Aug. 1937–Jan. 1938) Navy boxing champion
Jack Wyatt #27 (Dec. 1937) Western
Buzz Brown #30–31 (Apr. 1938–May 1938) Schoolboy adventurer with friend
After Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster left More Fun to work on Superman, some of their features were canceled or slowly replaced. Their last issue was More Fun #32.
Red Logan #31–37, 39, 40 (May 1938–Feb. 1939, Detective #38–43 (Apr. 1940–Sept. 1940) Reporter
Buccaneer #32–51, (June 1938–Jan. 1940) Historical / pirates
Detective Sgt. Carey #35–72 (Sept. 1938–Oct. 1942) Previously in Adventure Comics
Masked Ranger #36–41 (Oct. 1938–Mar. 1939) Western
Gary Hawkes #36–46 (Oct. 1938–Aug. 1939) Pilot / Soldier of Fortune
Lt. Bob Neal #36-63 (Oct. 1938–Jan. 1941) Navy
Rex Darrel aka the Flying Fox #37–38, 40–51 (Nov 1938–Jan. 1940) Pilot
Sgt. O'Malley of the Redcoat Patrol #39–42, 45-72 (Jan. 1939–Oct. 1941) Canadian Mountie on the frontier
Biff Bronson #43–67 (May 1939–May 1941)  
Bulldog Martin #47–55, (Sept. 1939–June 1940) Has invisibility powers
King Carter #49–54 (Nov 1939–Apr. 1940)  
Kit Strong #51 (Jan. 1940)  
The Spectre #52-101 (1940-45) Super-hero, JSA member
Captain Desmo #53–72 (Mar. 1940–Oct. 1941) Pilot
NOTE: After the Spectre's debut in #52, More Fun becomes dominated by super-heroes, with only a few new back-up characters
Dr. Fate #55-98 (1940-44) Super-hero, JSA member
Congo Bill #56–67 (June 1940–May 1941)  
Lance Larkin #64–70 (Feb. 1941–Aug. 1941)  
Clip Carson #68–76 (June 1941–Feb. 1942)  

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