Part 8: Legacies (1989–99)

Sequence of Events Issue (Date)
4 Years Ago
When Eric Strauss is badly injured, Linda Strauss discovers that she can become Doctor Fate alone. Doctor Fate vol. 2 #8 (July 1989)
As Doctor Fate, Linda Strauss briefly joins the Justice League and helps them against the Gray Man. Justice League America #31-32, Justice League Europe #7-8 (Oct.–Nov. 1989)
Power Girl is critically injured by the Gray Man. The Spectre ends the conflict by summoning the Lords of Order and Lords of Chaos, who lobotomize the Gray Man, ending his rebellion. Justice League Europe #8 (Nov. 1989)
Morpheus reasserts his control over the Dreaming. He encounters Hector and Lyta Hall and reveals that Hector has been a pawn of Morpheus's former servants Brute and Glob. Hector dies again and Lyta is returned to the waking world. Sandman vol. 2 #12 (Dec. 1989)
Superman performs emergency surgery on Power Girl, saving her life but reducing her strength and stripping her of her enhanced sensory powers. Justice League Europe #9 (Dec. 1989)
Eric Strauss dies on Apokolips, leaving Linda Strauss to carry on alone as Doctor Fate. Doctor Fate vol. 2 #12 (Dec. 1989)
Hector and Lyta Hall's son Daniel Hall is born. Later, Morpheus pays a visit to mother and child. Sandman vol. 2 #22 (Jan. 1991)
The Gambler's grandson, Steven Sharpe V (Gambler II) reforms the Royal Flush Gang. They are defeated by the Titans. The arresting officer makes a comment which suggests that Hazard is his cousin. New Titans #68-69 (July–Aug. 1990)
While freelancing in Hollywood, Jade and Obsidian meet Superman. NOTE: Obsidian mentions that Lyta has recently given birth. Superman vol. 2 #46 (Aug. 1990)
Dinah Drake Lance, the original Black Canary, succumbs to cancer. Before she dies, the Spectre enables her to regain consciousness long enough to say goodbye to her daughter. Secret Origins #50 (Aug. 1990)
Joan Garrick is kidnapped by the Fiddler, who travels back in time to seek revenge on the Flash in the 1940s. She is rescued by Hawkman and Hawkwoman of Thanagar, who follow her into the past. Hawkworld Annual #1 (1990)
Nabu and Linda Strauss discover that the souls of Kent and Inza Nelson are trapped in a dream world within the Amulet of Anubis. Doctor Fate vol. 2 #20 (Sept. 1990)
David Knight returns to America after some time abroad, intending to take over his father's former role as Starman (Starman VI). The Mist, now calling himself Nimbus, manipulates him into clashing with Will Payton (Starman V). Starman vol. 1 #26-27 (Aug.–Sept. 1990)
Doctor Occult, Phantom Stranger, John Constantine, Doctor Fate, the Spectre, Zatanna and many other magicians (living and dead) give young Timothy Hunter a guided tour of the vast world of magic. Books of Magic #1-4 (1990–91)
Linda Strauss dies. The souls of Eric and Linda Strauss pass into the bodies of Eugene and Wendy DiBella. Nabu chooses to be incarnated as a human, entering the body of Eugene and Wendy's unborn child. Kent and Inza Nelson are resurrected in new bodies. Doctor Fate vol. 2 #24 (Jan. 1991)
Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Guy Gardner, Molly Mayne and Doiby Dickles are contacted by an apparition of Alan Scott. They discover that the apparition is manifested by the Green Flame itself, hoping to recruit their aid in locating and freeing Alan from limbo. They also learn that the flame incorporates the spirit of fallen Green Lantern Corps member Yalan Gur and discover the origin of Alan's weakness to wood. Green Lantern vol. 3 #19 (Dec. 1991)
Kent and Inza discover that they are unable to merge to form Doctor Fate as they were intended to. Inza becomes Fate alone. Doctor Fate vol. 2 #25 (Feb. 1991)
3 Years Ago
Season of Mists: Odin barters with Morpheus. The king of the Dreaming receives a crystal ball that contains the souls of the departed JSA members in exchange for Loki (who Morpheus defeated). The crystal contained Wes Dodds' soul, a fragment of Morpheus' power that the god wanted to keep. Sandman vol. 2 #26 (May 1991)
Waverider and the Spectre rescue the JSA from the Ragnarok cycle to help battle the demon Abraxis. The JSA returns to Earth, revitalized. Armageddon: Inferno #3-4 (June–July 1992)
Carter and Shiera Hall discover that their son Hector is dead. They ask the Spectre to bring him back, which he refuses. The Spectre vol. 3 #20 (July 1994)
The Spear of Destiny is retrieved by Nightshade and delivered to Sarge Steel, the U.S. government's director of metahuman affairs. It is stored in a warehouse for future study. The Spectre vol. 3 #21 (Aug. 1994)
Lyta Hall suffers from memory lapses while her sleeping son, Daniel, meets his future subjects in the Dreaming. The Sandman vol. 2 #40 (Aug. 1992)
"Home Again": The JSA attends a public celebration of their return from Limbo, but the ceremony is cut short when the Sandman has another stroke. The team returns home intending to retire, but afterwards, Flash and Green Lantern decide to return to active duty. First appearance of Jesse Chambers, a.k.a. Jesse Quick. NOTES: The Atom returns to his original costume in this story. Hawkgirl is introduced as a member of the JSA, the first time she has been so described. David Goyer, co-author of the current JSA series, said online (Nov. 1, 1998): "Our position is that Hawkgirl was indoctrinated into the JSA at some point — we've just never seen it." In this series, Alan Scott is again referred to as the nominal head of GBC (and the JSA meeting room is in the basement of the GBC building, accessed through a secret door in the lobby), but Molly is actually running the company. Justice Society of America vol. 2 #1 (Aug. 1992)
"Days of Valor": The Atom, the Flash, Green Lantern, and Wildcat reform the JSA, now based in the basement of the GBC building in Gotham. Meanwhile, Carter and Shiera Hall undertake an archaeological dig in Egypt. Justice Society of America vol. 2 #2 (Sept. 1992)
"Out of the Past": Johnny Quick pays a visit to the reformed JSA, revealing that his speed formula has kept him youthful. Doctor Mid-Nite rejoins the team to investigate the Ultragen corporation, where the JSA encounters the Ultra-Humanite in a new humanoid body. Johnny Thunder is shot. First appearance Kiku, the last Bahdnesian. Justice Society of America vol. 2 #3 (Oct. 1992)
"Life on the Line": Flash III and Jesse Chambers help the JSA battle the Ultra-Humanite. Justice Society of America vol. 2 #4 (Nov. 1992)
"Only Human": The JSA and Flash III defeat the Ultra-Humanite and visit Johnny Thunder in the hospital. He tells them that all the Bahdnesians have disappeared, and reveals that his adoptive daughter, Peachy Pit, now runs a major frozen yogurt chain. Rex Tyler learns that his son Rick has developed leukemia from using Miraclo. Justice Society of America vol. 2 #5 (Dec. 1992)
The JSA discovers that Black Canary I passed away during their time in limbo. They hold a brief memorial service for their fallen comrade. Green Lantern Corps Quarterly #3 (Winter 1992)
"Give Me Liberty...": The JSA and their families take a cruise to investigate the fate of Bahdnesia and encounter Pol St. Germain, Bahdnesia's sinister "general manager." Justice Society of America vol. 2 #6 (Jan. 1993)
"...Or Give Me Death": The JSA evacuates the residents of Bahdnesia just before the island is destroyed by a volcanic eruption. The Thunderbolt confirms that Kiku is the last living Bahdnesian (and the most likely heir to his magic). Justice Society of America vol. 2 #7 (Feb. 1993)
"Whispering Death": In Egypt, Carter and Shiera accidentally unearth Kulak. Johnny Quick helps Rex Tyler tap his super strength without Miraclo; Rex teaches the trick to his son to help Rick endure chemotherapy. Jesse Chambers' first costumed appearance as Jesse Quick. Justice Society of America vol. 2 #8 (Mar. 1993)
The JSA (GL, Flash, Doctor Mid-Nite, Wildcat & Atom) aids the JLE against Sonar, who is attempting to take over Russia. NOTE: Mike Parobek also penciled portions of these stories. Justice League Europe #47-50 (2-5.93)
"Hearts of Darkness, Eyes of Hate": Kulak uses his magic to turn the world against the JSA. Joan Garrick throws Jay Garrick out of the house and Green Lantern clashes with Guy Gardner. Justice Society of America vol. 2 #9 (Apr. 1993)
"JSA No More?": Starman rejoins the JSA to free Hawkman and Hawkgirl from the control of Kulak. Hawkman and Hawkgirl rejoin the JSA. Notes: Final issue. In an interview, writer Len Strazewski said this of the series' cancellation: "It was a capricious decision made personally by Mike Carlin because he didn't like Mike's artwork or my writing and believed that senior citizen super-heroes was not what DC should be publishing. He made his opinion clear to me several times after the cancellation." Justice Society of America vol. 2 #10 (May 1993)
The Flash and Johnny Quick track down Max Mercury. The Flash vol. 2 #76 (May 1993)
Black Canary breaks off her relationship with Oliver Queen to strike out on her own. Green Arrow vol. 2 #75 (June 1993)
The Flash and Max Mercury join Flash III to battle Professor Zoom. Jay Garrick's leg is broken in the ensuing fight. The Flash vol. 2 #78 (July 1993)
Power Girl discovers that she is pregnant through an apparent immaculate conception. Justice League Europe #52 (E7.93)
Alan Scott's ring makes him younger. Green Lantern Corps Quarterly #5 (Summer 1993)
The JSA attend Superman's wake. Justice League America #70 (Jan. 1993)
Jay Garrick replaces Superman as temporary field leader of Justice League America. Justice League America #78-79 (Early Aug–Late Aug. 1993)
The JSA appear at the "Coast City Memorial." Superman vol. 2 #82 (Oct. 1993)
The Creeper, Doctor Midnight, Wildcat II, Commander Steel, Peacemaker, Major Victory and Manhunter III are all apparently slain by Eclipso. NOTES: "Manhunter" was later revealed to be an impostor; the real Manhunter III (Mark Shaw) is still alive. The Creeper later returned from the dead. Eclipso #13 (Nov. 1993)
The Spectre intervenes in a civil war in the Balkan nation of Vlatava. Enraged, he levels the entire nation, slaying most of its population. NOTE: This issue begins an epic storyline which concludes in #22. The Spectre vol. 3 #13 (Dec. 1993)
With the help of Doctor Fate (Inza Nelson), the Demon, the Phantom Stranger and Zatanna, the Spectre destroys Eclipso. NOTES: Some time after this story, but before Zero Hour #4, Inza and Kent Nelson finally manage to form Fate together. The Spectre vol. 3 #16-18 (Mar.–May 1994)
2 Years Ago
Hourman and the Black Canary briefly join the Justice League Task Force to battle the Aryan Nation. Justice League Task Force #10-12 (3-5.94)
first appereance Amazing Man II (Will Everett II). His grandfather, the original Amazing Man, is in a hospital, dying of cancer. Justice League America #86-87 (Mar.–Apr. 1994)
Grant Emerson (the son of the Atom I) becomes the superhero Damage. Damage #1 (Apr. 1994)
The U.S. government hires Prof. Nicodemas Hazzard to find a weapon to use against the Spectre. Hazzard interviews Johnny Thunder, Ted Grant, Carter & Shiera Hall, and Wesley Dodds. Dodds tells Hazzard about the Spear of Destiny. NOTE: This issue reveals that Johnny Thunder is beginning to suffer the effects of Alzheimer's Disease. The Spectre vol. 3 #20 (July 1994)
Lyta Hall's son Daniel is kidnaped by Loki. The distraught Lyta is manipulated by the Furies as a weapon against Morpheus. NOTE: Helena Kosmatos, the original Fury, appears briefly in Sandman #62 (Dec. 1994) as an old woman in a nursing home, her first postwar appearance. Her history following the birth of Lyta Hall remains unknown. Sandman vol. 2 #57-68 (July 1994–June 1995)
The Spear of Destiny is retrieved from a government warehouse and entrusted to Superman, who agrees to use it to stop the Spectre. The Spectre vol. 3 #21 (Aug. 1994)
The Flash attends Ice's funeral along with Justice League America. Justice League America #91 (Aug. 1994)
Wildcat reconciles with the Montez family, who blame him for the death of Yolanda Montez (Wildcat II). Showcase '94 #8 (Aug. 1994)
Power Girl resigns from the Justice League. Justice League Europe #67 (Aug. 1994)
Superman discovers that the Spear of Destiny still carries Adolf Hitler's curse. He narrowly avoids being overwhelmed by it. He and the Spectre reach an understanding regarding the Spectre's actions, which Superman conveys to the President. The Spectre throws the Spear into space. The Spectre vol. 3 #22 (Sept. 1994)
Hal Jordan begins a campaign to reshape the universe in his own image, starting a wave of temporal distortion that begins to unravel time from the end of the universe backwards. As Waverider and the Linear Men move to warn Earth's heroes, the villain Monarch, now calling himself Extant, tries to exploit the crisis for his own ends. Zero Hour #4 (Sept. 1994)
As a result of the crisis in time, all the "hawk avatars" from throughout history, including Carter and Shiera Hall, are merged with Katar Hol (Hawkman III). Shiera Hall's body does not survive the merge, but her soul does. Hawkman vol. 3 # 13 (Sept. 1994), JSA Secret Files #2 (Sept. 2001)
Kendra Saunders (granddaughter of Speed Saunders) commits suicide. Upon her death, the disembodied soul of her relative, Shiera Hall, reincarnates inside her body. When she regains consciousness her eyes have changed color from green to brown. Speed then realizes that she has become the reincarnation of the soul of Chay-Ara/Shiera Hall. Because of the traumatic circumstances, Kendra retains her own memories (except that of her "death") and gains latent memories of her past selves. JSA #22 (May 2001), JSA Secret Files #2 (Sept. 2001)
Before he dies, Hourman receives a visit from his android "descendant" (Hourman III) who gives him a comforting glimpse of the times to come. Then, he removes Rex from the timestream, giving him one additional hour to live; there Rex will be visited by his son, Rick. All-Star Comics vol. 2 #2 (Early May 1999), JSA #36 (July 2002)
Three Hourmen vie for the honor of dying in battle against Extant. Ultimately, the android Hourman uses his powers to seal the timestream and takes Rex Tyler's place. Rex returns to the JSA's modern time, several years hence. JSA #66 (Dec. 2004)
The Justice Society engages Extant, who uses his time manipulation powers to kill the Atom and Hourman, mortally wound Doctor Mid-Nite, drain the power from Green Lantern's power ring, and split Doctor Fate into Kent and Inza Nelson, stripping them of their power and returning them to their chronological ages. NOTE: It is actually the android Hourman who perishes here. Zero Hour #3 (Sept. 1994)
Doctor Mid-Nite dies in the hospital. The survivors of the Justice Society decide to disband. Green Lantern vows to retire, throwing away his power ring, which is later destroyed by Hal Jordan. Zero Hour #2 (Sept. 1994)
Realizing that his superhero career is over, Ted Knight passes his Cosmic Rod on to his son David, who becomes Starman VI. first appereance of his other son, Jack Knight. The Flash appeals to the Spectre for assistance in combating the crisis in time. The temporal devastation escalates, destroying all of time except for a handful of heroes at Vanishing Point, who learn that their foe is Hal Jordan, now calling himself Parallax. Zero Hour #1 (Sept. 1994)
With the help of the Spectre, Parallax is stopped from remaking the universe in his own image. The universe is restarted at the Dawn of Time, causing historical changes and anomalies. Power Girl gives birth to a boy. Zero Hour #0 (Sept. 1994)
Iron Munro helps Damage search for the identity of his biological parents. NOTE: First contemporary appearance of Iron Munro. Damage #6 (Sept. 1994)
STARMAN volume 2
David Knight is killed in battle after only a week in action. His younger brother, Jack Knight, becomes Starman VII. Starman vol. 2 #0 (Oct. 1994)
Nuklon and Obsidian join Justice League America. JLA #0 (Oct. 1994)
ORIGINAL HISTORY: After Kent and Inza Nelson are murdered by demons, adventurer Jared Stevens recovers the Helm of Nabu and the Amulet of Anubis, which explodes and imbues Stevens with magical power. Nabu attempts to make Stevens the new Doctor Fate, but Stevens resists and escapes. He melts down the Helm of Nabu into a golden knife and becomes a demon hunter. RETCONNED HISTORY: Jared Stevens encounters Kent and Inza Nelson (recently returned their chronological ages) and Nabu, who gives him the artifacts of Doctor Fate (now transformed into a cloak, a knife, and ankh-shaped throwing daggers) and tells him that he is now a servant of Order. Kent and Inza become energy beings. NOTES: The original story was told in Fate #0. The Book of Fate series rendered most of the events of the original series null and void; however, Jared Stevens's recent appearances in JSA Secret Files #1 and JSA #1 ignore the changes made by the second series, and it is unclear which origin is considered canonical. Fate #0 (Oct. 1994), Book of Fate #1 (Feb. 1997)
The revived Sargon begins a scheme to enter Heaven by recreating the "Tree of Knowledgewith a massive blood sacrifice. The Swamp Thing intervenes and Sargon is trapped in the tree, between heaven and hell. Swamp Thing #148–150 (Nov. 1994–Jan. 1995)
Alan Scott discovers that after the destruction of his ring he has internalized the power of the Starheart. He adopts the name Sentinel. Showcase '95 #1 (Jan. 1995)
Terminal Velocity: The Flash, Jesse Quick, and Max Mercury join Flash III in his battle with Kobra. Flash vol. 2 #97 (Jan. 1995)
Terminal Velocity: Jesse Quick is crippled during a battle with the forces of Kobra the Conqueror. Flash vol. 2 #99 (Mar. 1995)
Terminal Velocity: Wally West returns from his brush with the Speed Force, using some of his power to instantly heal Jesse Quick and Jay Garrick (who has collapsed while defending Keystone City from Kobra. Flash vol. 2 #100 (Apr. 1995)
Sentinel meets Jared Stevens, the heir to the power of Doctor Fate. NOTE: The Fate series was removed from continuity by its successor, Book of Fate. Fate #5 (Mar. 1995)
Power Girl's child disappears. Justice League America #97 (Mar. 1995)
Jade joins the Blood Pack, a group of heroes created by alien attacks during Bloodlines. Bloodpack #1-4 (Mar.–May 1995)
The original Ray's body is taken over by Death Masque, a foe of the new Ray. Ray vol. 2 #11 (Apr. 1995)
River Run: By traveling through a magic book called River Run, the Swamp Thing visits post-Crisis versions of Earths-X, -3 and -2! In one chapter, he himself becomes Solomon Grundy and battles the Black Box (Green Lantern Alan Scott). NOTE: These worlds were fictitious, or perhaps Hypertime. Swamp Thing #151-158 (Feb.–Sept. 1995)
Wildcat, Flash, and Sentinel put in an appearance at the opening of Guy Gardner's bar, Warriors. Warrior #29 (Mar. 1995)
Jack Knight encounters Mikaal Tomas (Starman III), now a prisoner in a corrupt circus. Starman vol. 2 #7 (May 1995)
Sentinel encounters Guy Gardner while pursuing the demon Dementor. Warrior #31 (May 1995)
Wildcat, Ted Knight, and Jay Garrick meet Damage, the son of Al and Mary Pratt. Damage #15 (July 1995)
His kingdom devastated by his battle with Hippolyta Hall and the Furies, Morpheus dies. Daniel Hall takes his place as the Lord of the Dreaming (Sandman V). Sandman vol. 2 #69 (July 1995)
The Mist's daughter Nash uses his technology to become Mist II. Jade enlists Jack Knight to look for Solomon Grundy, who has gone missing in the sewers of Opal City. Starman vol. 2 #10 (Aug. 1995)
History repeat when the son of Doctor Cobalt, a foe of Hourman, becomes the second Doctor Cobalt. He forces Triumph's father, Jimmy MacIntyre Sr., into his service, but Jimmy Mac Jr. and Sr. join forces to defeat him. Triumph #4 (Sept. 1995)
Retired hero Wesley Dodds attends the funeral of Morpheus. NOTE: He also commented "If Dian were here with us," which falsely suggests her death. Sandman vol. 2 #71 (Sept. 1995)
Johnny Thunder learns that William Twotrees may be his son and that Kiku may be the heir to the power of the Thunderbolt. Primal Force #12 (Oct. 1995)
Wildcat tangles with the Cheetah at Warriors. Warrior #36 (Oct. 1995)
Sentinel investigates the fates of Kent and Inza Nelson. NOTE: The Fate series was removed from continuity by its successor, Book of Fate. Fate #12 (Nov. 1995)
Daniel (the new Dream, of the Endless) shows his human side to Lyta Hall, offering forgiveness and a promise of protection to the woman who had once been his mother. Sandman vol. 2 #72 (Nov. 1995)
Alan Scott's wife Molly Mayne-Scott sells her soul to Neron in exchange for the restoration of her youth. She returns to crime as the Harlequin. Sentinel journeys to hell to retrieve her soul. Underworld Unleashed: The Abyss (1995)
Dead Heat: The Flash, Jesse Quick, Johnny Quick, Max Mercury, and other speedsters lose much of their power when they are cut off from the Speed Force by Savitar, who is hoping to consolidate the power for himself. Max Mercury is hospitalized by one of Savitar's "speed ninjas." Flash vol. 2 #108-109 (Dec. 1995–Jan. 1996)
Dead Heat: As Wally West leads the Flash, Max Mercury, Jesse Quick, and Impulse against Savitar, Johnny Quick sacrifices himself to save his daughter's life, becoming one with the Speed Force. Impulse #11 (Feb. 1996)
The Ray encounters the original Black Condor, who claims he is not dead; he says he has moved on to a higher plane of consciousness and projects himself mentally. The Condor seeks to recruit the Ray as champion for an organization in which he's involved. The Ray vol. 2 #20 (Jan. 1996)
Power Girl's child returns, magically aged to adulthood, and adopts the name Equinox. He defeats Scarabus and vanishes. Justice League America #107-108 (Jan.–Feb. 1996)
Alan Scott restores his wife's soul, but in the process Molly is returned to her real age. Green Lantern vol. 3 #71 (Feb. 1996)
Black Canary becomes the crimefighting partner of Oracle (Barbara Gordon), although she is unaware of Oracle's real identity or history. Black Canary/Oracle: Birds of Prey #1 (1996)
The Shade recalls a past encounter with the original Doctor Fate. Showcase '96 #3-4 (Mar.–Apr. 1996)
Brainwave II goes mad, becoming a member of the villainous Legion of Doom. NOTES: This was the Legion of Doom's first DCU appearance; the group previously appeared in the Super Friends cartoon and comic series, outside DC continuity. Extreme Justice #17-18 (June–July 1996)
Katar Hol (Hawkman III), still bound to the spirits of all of the previous Hawk avatars, including Carter and Shiera Hall, is transported to the realm of the Hawk God, apparently never to return. Hawkman vol. 3 #33 (July 1996)
Seeking information on the early days of the Mist, Jack Knight meets Wesley Dodds and Dian Belmont and joins forces with the Sandman to stop a killer. Ted Knight explains that as a result of Zero Hour he, the Flash, and Wildcat now appear younger, but Wes Dodds is now much closer to his true age. Starman vol. 2 #20 (July 1996)
Wesley Dodds tells Jack that Ted Knight had an affair with the original Black Canary. Starman vol. 2 #21 (Aug. 1996)
Jack Knight retrieves the medal of honor once earned by the Mist. Claiming to be the old man's son Kyle, he returns the medal to the Mist. Starman vol. 2 #23-24 (Oct.–Nov. 1996)
Wildcat recalls his origin. Showcase '96 #11 (Nov. 1996)
Seeking to prevent the Spectre from interfering with their quest to reclaim the broken pieces of the American Talisman, a conspiratorial organization called the National Interest retrieves the Spear of Destiny from space. Spectre vol. 3 #47 (Nov. 1996)
The JSA attends the funeral of Hal Jordan. Green Lantern vol. 3 #81 (Dec. 1996)
Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Flash III, Green Lantern V, Aquaman, and the Martian Manhunter decide to form a new Justice League of America after defeating the Star Conqueror in Blue Valley, Nebraska. JLA Secret Files #1 (Sept. 1997)
Nuklon and Obsidian are badly injured in their narrow escape from Justice League America's destroyed satellite headquarters. JLA #1 (Jan. 1997)
After narrowly escaping destruction by the Spear of Destiny, the Spectre defeats the National Interest and the supernatural power behind it, the American Scream. The American Talisman is reassembled, resulting in the creation of a new incarnation of Uncle Sam called Patriot. The Spectre throws the Spear of Destiny into the sun. Spectre vol. 3 #50 (Feb. 1997)
Flash and Sentinel team with Green Lantern V and Flash III to deal with the alien that Jay and Alan encountered in 1940. Green Lantern/Flash: Faster Friends #1-2 (1997)
In Gotham City, the KGBeast and Killer Croc force Wildcat to duke it out with Batman. Batman/Wildcat #1-3 (Apr.–June 1997)
At the suggestion of her father, Jade moves in with Kyle Rayner, much to the consternation of the overprotective Obsidian. Green Lantern vol. 3 #86 (May 1997)
Wes Dodds and Dian Belmont depart for a tour of the Far East, intending never to be heard from again. Starman vol. 2 #30 (May 1997)
Knowing that she is dying of cancer, Dian Belmont decides to travel with Wesley Dodds to the land of her dreams: Afghanistan. Once there, Dian is kidnapped by militants. Wes is forced to don his mask once more and frees her from her captors in Kashmir with an experimental version of his sleeping gas. The militants' leader, Masad, sees its potential. Dian shoots Masad and they leave him for dead, but he survives, plagued by nightmares. Later in Jalalabad, Wes leaves his equipment — including the stronger gas and its antidote — in a trunk. NOTE: Dian Belmont's death is not told in this series. Sandman Mystery Theatre: Sleep of Reason #1-5 (Feb.–June 2007)
The Spectre dissuades Michael Holt from committing suicide by telling him the story of Terry Sloane, the original Mister Terrific. Holt becomes Mister Terrific II. NOTE: This story gives the first account of how the JSA tracked down the Spirit King and avenged Mister Terrific's death. Spectre vol. 3 #54 (June 1997)
Jack Knight, Batman, and Sentinel enter the mind of Solomon Grundy and discover that he has multiple personalities. They are saved from destruction by one of Grundy's evil personalities by Ted Knight, who enters Grundy's mind to help them. Grundy's friendly, intelligent personality is apparently destroyed. Starman vol. 2 #33-34 (Aug./Sept. 1997)
Sentinel and Jack Knight temporarily lose their powers as a result of Genesis. Starman vol. 2 #35 (Oct. 1997)
The JLA encounters Hourman III, an android engineered from the DNA of the Tyler family (the descendants of Hourman I) and a protégé of Metron, possessing the awesome power of the Worlogog. JLA #12 (Nov. 1997)
In the wake of her daughter's death and transformation into the Goddess of Truth, Queen Hippolyta becomes the third woman to assume the mantle of of Wonder Woman. NOTE: Though she may have taken up the mantle, Hippolyta's role as the Golden Age Wonder Woman has been retconned from Earth-0 continuity. Wonder Woman vol. 2 #128 (Dec. 1997)
Jack Knight gets some advice from the ghosts of the Atom, Black Canary, Doctor Mid-Nite, Hourman, Mister Terrific, the Red Bee, and Zatara. Starman vol. 2 #37 (Dec. 1997)
Mister Bones becomes the chairman of the Department of Extranormal Operations (D.E.O.), a government agency assigned to monitor metahuman. Chase #4 (May 1998)
Jim Corrigan makes peace with himself, his father and God and decides finally to leave the mortal world. His funeral is attended by the Flash, Sentinel, Wildcat, Ted Knight, Mister Terrific, the JLA and others. The Spectre returns to limbo to await a new mortal host. Spectre vol. 3 #62 (Feb. 1998)
Jay Garrick visits Johnny Thunder, whose Alzheimer's disease has become acute. Johnny's Thunderbolt is inadvertently transferred to a fountain pen, which Johnny gives to Jay. The Thinker dies of cancer. Jay and Joan Garrick celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. NOTE: As previously mentioned, the Thinker died in Doom Patrol/Suicide Squad Special #1 (1988); his reappearance could be attributed to Zero Hour. (Curiously, both stories were edited by Paul Kupperberg.) Flash vol. 2 #134 (Feb. 1998)
Lightning and Stars: Jack and Ted help to clear Jim Barr (Bulletman) of charges of being a Nazi collaborator involved in the sinking of the SS Normandie in 1942. Starman vol. 2 #39-40, Power of Shazam! #35-36 (Feb.–Mar. 1998)
INTER-CRISIS ONLY: Jay Garrick and Hippolyta travel back in time to 1942 to investigate his confusing memories of having met her in the forties. Wonder Woman vol. 2 #130 (Feb. 1998)
Alan Scott, Jade, and Kyle Rayner are attacked by Brainwave II, who has been in an asylum since his defeat at the hands of Extreme Justice. They are rescued by an enraged Obsidian, who nearly kills Brainwave. Green Lantern: Hearts of Darkness #1 (Mar. 1998)
Obsidian is possessed by the power of the Starheart, which has become corrupt and evil, and nearly kills Sentinel and Jade. Sentinel relinquishes his powers and is restored to his true age. Green Lantern: Hearts of Darkness #2 (Apr. 1998)
Jade sacrifices her power to save her father and brother from the Starheart. Her father regains his powers and his youth, although he believes that his power now has a finite limit. Green Lantern: Hearts of Darkness #3 (May 1998)
Jay Garrick returns to the present after an adventure in 1942. Hippolyta appears shortly afterwards, revealing that she remained in the forties with the JSA for eight years before returning to her native time. Wonder Woman vol. 2 #133 (May 1998)
While taking an island vacation with their wives, the Flash and Sentinel encounter Aquaman and help him defeat Timmorn. Aquaman vol. 5 #44 (May 1998)
Hippolyta temporarily takes her daughter's place in the JLA. JLA Secret Files #2 (Aug. 1998)
When DEO agent Cameron Chase tries to uncover his secret identity, Batman enlists the help of Sentinel to convince her that Batman is secretly Alan Scott, although they persuade Chase not to report this conclusion to her superiors. Chase #8 (Sept. 1998)
Sandman V (Daniel Hall) helps the JLA defeat the Star Conqueror. JLA #22-23 (Sept.–Oct. 1998)
The Justice Legion A (Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Aquaman, Starman, Hourman III, and the Flash (John Fox)) appears in the present to invite some of the JLA to return with them to the 853rd century to participate in the celebration of the original Superman's emergence from seclusion, while the Justice Legion fills in for them in the 20th Century. As soon as the JLAers depart, 20th Century Earth is infected by a techno-virus implanted in Hourman by the evil living sun Solaris. Meanwhile, Vandal Savage destroys the Uruguaian city of Montevideo. NOTES: Flash John Fox first appeared in the Flash 50th Anniversary Special (1990). DC One Million #1 (Nov. 1998)
The remaining JLAers race against time as they try to find a cure for the Hourman virus. Meanwhile, at Vanishing Point, Waverider hears Matt Ryder say something about the "Kingdom." DC One Million #2 (Nov. 1998)
The JLA and Justice Legion are forced to create Solaris in order to draw the Hourman virus away from Earth. JLA One Million (Nov. 1998)
Ted Knight is saved from Deathbolt by his descendant Farris Knight, the Starman of the 853rd Century. Starman tells Ted of his millennia-long legacy and confesses that he has betrayed the Justice Legion to Solaris. Starman One Million (Nov. 1998)
Solaris comes online. The Justice Legion Starman redeems himself by turning against Solaris. DC One Million #3 (Nov. 1998)
The Prime Superman returns to Earth in the 853rd Century and defeats Solaris. The time traveler Chronos sends the 853rd Century Vandal Savage back in time to ground zero of the Montevideo disaster, apparently destroying him once and for all. DC One Million #4 (Nov. 1998)
Kyle Rayner goes into space to contemplate starting a new Green Lantern Corps. He entrusts the power ring once worn by Hal Jordan to Jade, who succeeds him as Green Lantern (though she does not assume that name). Green Lantern vol. 3 #107 (Dec. 1998)
Jade rescues Kyle Rayner after he is trapped inside his own power battery by Doctor Light. Green Lantern: 3D #1 (Dec. 1998)
Jack Knight encounters an new incarnation of Solomon Grundy. The new Grundy has memories of his various past incarnations, but is evil and intelligent. Starman vol. 2 #49 (Jan. 1999)
Jade, Sentinel and Wonder Woman battle the Spore (successor to the curse of the Rose & Thorn I). Soon after, Jade discovers that she is developing plant-control powers similar to those of her mother, the Thorn. Green Lantern vol. 3 #108 (Jan. 1999), GL Secret Files #2 (Sept. 1999)
A young boy named Jakeem Johnny Thunder acquires the fountain pen containing Johnny Thunder's Thunderbolt. Hourman III returns to the present and takes the Martian Manhunter's place in the JLA while J'Onn goes on a leave of absence. JLA #26 (Jan. 1999)
Sentinel, Obsidian and Jade celebrate Christmas and the children recall their childhoods. Unlike her brother, Jade was adopted after infancy and spent her early childhood in an orphanage. Green Lantern vol. 3 #109 (Feb. 1999)
Somewhere outside normal time/space, the original Superman of Earth-2 (trapped in Alexander Luthor's "heaven") contemplates his "captivity" and searches for a way out. NOTE: This series is the first time the future heroes of Kingdom Come (Earth-22) appeared in the mainstream DCU, and the first app. of Earth-2 Superman since Crisis #12. Kingdom #1 (Feb. 1999)
Booster Gold opens the first Planet Krypton restaurant in Metropolis. The restaurant is unwittingly a nexus of Hypertime, "haunted" by images of heroes from various timelines and alternate worlds (including some that ceased to exist as a result of the Crisis on Infinite Earths). Kingdom: Planet Krypton (Feb. 1999)
The Superman of New Earth finds Gog battling Captain, in hopes of destroying Kansas earlier in time. Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman of Earth-22 arrive from the future to help their New Earth counterparts with the aid of Earth-22's young heroes (Nightstar, Kid Flash, Offspring and Ibn al Xu'ffasch). An arsenal hidden in the Planet Krypton restaurant allows them to defeat Gog. The "Phantom Stranger" of Earth-22 steps in to reveal himself as the grown son of Superman and Wonder Woman (Jonathan Kent II). The Quintessence reclaims Gog and confesses the error of its ways. Meanwhile, the Superman of Earth-2 discovers there may be hope of escaping Alex Luthor's world. Kingdom #2 (Feb. 1999)
Jade and Green Arrow II (Connor Hawke) come to the aid of Alan Scott when he loses control of his powers. Alan regains control of his power at the cost of part of his restored youth, leaving him at a biological age of fifty or sixty. He reclaims his original costume, but continues to use the name Sentinel. Green Lantern vol. 3 #110 (Mar. 1999)
Jade loses her power ring, ending her brief career as Green Lantern. Green Lantern vol. 3 #112 (May 1999)
After losing his sight in an accident, crusading physician Doctor Pieter Cross discovers that he can see in the dark and becomes Doctor Mid-Nite II. Doctor Mid-Nite #1 (1999)
Dian Belmont dies. JSA Secret Files #1 (Aug. 1999)
Part 1: Flash I, Sentinel, Wildcat, reassemble as the JSA to help the JLA free the Spectre and stave off an imminent invasion from the 5th Dimension. Triumph gains control of the 5th Dimension genie Lkz, who restores his powers. NOTES: This is Hourman's first mission as a JLA member. Lkz is controlled by saying his name backwards: "so cool." GUEST APP : Captain Marvel. JLA #28 (Apr. 1999)
Part 2: Hippolyta answers the JSA's call. Sentinel and Zauriel contemplate how to free the Spectre from his confinement. J.J. first commands the Thunderbolt, whose real name is revealed as Yz. Captain Marvel heads for the 5th Dimension. NOTE: This is the first telling of the Thunderbolt's origin, his link to the 5th dimension and the magic of saying his name backwards: "say you." JLA #29 (May 1999)
Part 3: Captain Marvel and Green Lantern discover that the manipulator behind the war between the pink and blue djinn is Qwsp. NOTE: Qwsp (a.k.a. Quisp, an old ally of Aquaman) first appeared in Aquaman, vol. 1 #1 (1962). JLA #30 (June 1999)
Part 4: The Spectre is released from his prison, transforming Triumph to ice. Yz and Lkz merge to form a new purple genie named Ylzkz. Qwsp is returned by his peers to the 5th dimension. Wildcat reveals having acquired 9 lives sometime in 1945. NOTES: The new genie is also controlled by the phrase "so cool." JLA #31 (July 1999)
Hourman III meets Snapper Carr, defeats Amazo, and divests himself of the Worlogog and most of its power. Snapper begins calling him Tyler. Hourman #1 (Apr. 1999)
Lyta Hall travels to Athens, Greece to meet the Furies. NOTE: Occurs sometime after "The Wake" and several months before the latest JSA series revival. Sandman Presents: The Furies (Oct. 2002)

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