Part 9: JSA (1999–2004)

Sequence of Events Issue (Date)
Wesley Dodds sacrifices his life to prevent Mordru (the "Dark Lord") from learning the identity of the next incarnation of Doctor Fate. Wesley's grief-stricken former ward, Sandy Hawkins, discovers that he has inherited Wes's prophetic dreams. Nuklon adopts a costume reminiscent of the original Atom's uniform and the name Atom-Smasher. Speed Saunders' niece Kendra becomes Hawkgirl II. Black Canary meets Jared Stevens (Fate) and Sentinel lectures the new Star-Spangled Kid about the JSA's history. NOTE: Mordru's 1st post-Crisis appearance is Amethyst vol. 3 #1. "Atom-Smasher" was Nuklon's code name in Kingdom Come; it's another term for the cyclotron, the alias of Nuklon's grandfather, Terry Curtis. Jack Knight's adventures with the JSA all occur between the panels of Starman vol. 2 #61. In Sandman Mystery Theatre: Sleep of Reason (2007), Wes' death is said to be 1999, two years after Dian's death in Afghanistan. JSA Secret Files #1 (Aug. 1999)
Upon Wes Dodds' death, photographer Kieran Marshall also begins receiving nightmares. Sandman Mystery Theatre: Sleep of Reason #1-5 (Feb.–June 2007)
The surviving JSAers and their friends come together at the funeral of Wesley Dodds. The service is interrupted by the arrival of Jared Stevens (Fate), mortally wounded by Mordru, and an attack by the Sons of Anubis. Meanwhile, Obsidian falls in with the villainous Ian Karkull. Sandy Hawkins takes the alias Sand. JSA #1 (Aug. 1999)
The new JSA (their informal initial roster includes Atom-Smasher, Black Canary, Flash, Hourman, Sand, Sentinel, Starman, and Wildcat) tries to save a baby destined to become the new Doctor Fate from Mordru. (The baby's soul is Hector Hall; it's body, the son of Hawk and Dove II[Dawn Granger]) JSA #2 (Sept. 1999)
Doctor Fate's tower (formerly in Salem, Massachusetts) reappears in the "Subtle Realms" outside time and space. Inside, the Helm of Nabu, the Cloak of Destiny, and the Amulet of Anubis are restored to their original forms. The Star-Spangled Kid finds herself inside the Amulet, where she encounters the spirits of Kent and Inza Nelson. Kent helps her use the Scarab's Scarabaeus as the catalyst for the baby to become Doctor Fate IV. NOTE: The Scarab first appeared in The Scarab #1 (Nov. 1993); he was a retconned Golden Age hero. JSA #3 (Oct. 1999)
After defeating Mordru, the new Doctor Fate is revealed as Hector Hall, whose disembodied soul was contacted by the spirit of Kent Nelson after his second death. The Justice Society officially reforms with the addition of Doctor Fate, Star-Spangled Kid, and Hawkgirl; Hippolyta declines full-time membership. The new JSA takes up residence in Wesley Dodds' former mansion in Manhattan. Sand collapses into a pile of... sand! JSA #4 (Nov. 1999)
The Demon Etrigan tricks the Spectre into merging with Asmodel. Together, they subdue Neron and unleash Hell on Earth. Doctor Occult begins gathering an army of mystics to stop him as the Sentinels of Magic. Sentinel and Doctor Fate eventually participate in this group. Day of Judgment #1 (Nov. 1999)
A group of heroes travels to Heaven in search of assistance, where they encounter the spirits of the Atom, Doctor Mid-Nite, Hourman, and Mister Terrific. They contact the spirit of Jim Corrigan, but he rejects their pleas to become bonded again to the Spectre. Meanwhile, in Hell, another group of heroes enlists the aid of Hal Jordan. Day of Judgment #2 (Nov. 1999)
In search of a weapon to defeat Asmodel, Captain Marvel goes into space to retrieve the Spear of Destiny. Hal Jordan returns to Earth, but is struck down. The JSA arrives on the scene, with the new Doctor Fate in tow. Day of Judgment #3 (Nov. 1999)
The heroes channel mystical power into Hal Jordan to battle Asmodel. Hal uses the power to summon the spirits of the Green Lantern Corps to his aid. In Hell, Blue Devil is resurrected and the son of Felix Faust re-ignites the fires of Hell by murdering the Enchantress. On Earth, Neron takes over Superman's body and seizes control of the Spectre. Day of Judgment #4 (Nov. 1999)
Hal Jordan defeats Neron and Asmodel to become the Spectre II. Day of Judgment #5 (Nov. 1999)
Hal Jordan entrusts the Spear of Destiny to the Sentinels of Magic, who send it into the sun after casting a spell to ensure that only they can retrieve it. Day of Judgment Secret Files (Nov. 1999)
Sand masters his new abilities, including the transformation to silicoids and riding fault lines, and defeats the Geomancer. He adopts a modified costume developed by TylerCo that can change form along with him. He also invites the new Mister Terrific to visit the JSA. The JSA learns that Geomancer was employed by an organization called the Council. Meanwhile, in Wisconsin, Obsidian attacks James Rice, his abusive, alcoholic adoptive father. NOTE: This is the first comic book appearance of Mister Terrific's new costume, previewed in JSA Secret Files #1. The Council employed Manhunter Paul Kirk and engineered his clones. GUEST APPS: John Stewart & Merayn. JSA #5 (Dec. 1999)
Hourman III banishes Rick Tyler (Hourman II) to the Timepoint to spare him death from an unidentified alien illness. Hourman #9 (Dec. 1999)
Neptune Perkins facilitates the formation of Old Justice (Dyna-Mite, Merry, Girl of 1,000 Gimmicks, Doiby Dickles, the Cyclones, and Sweep Second) to bring Young Justice under control. NOTE: Merry was previously believed to have committed suicide after her husband, Henry King (Brain Wave), returned to crime. The Cyclones are the children of the original Red Tornado, and Sweep is a former "Minuteman," one of Hourman's youthful sidekicks in the '40s. Perkins serves as a congressman for Hawaii. Young Justice #16 (Jan. 2000)
The JSA holds a press conference to announce their reformation, only to find themselves in a battle with Black Adam. Hourman III, Doctor Fate, and Hawkgirl defeat him by traveling back in time to the moment he gained his powers. They redirect Shazam's lightning bolt and cause Black Adam to revert to mortal form, Theo Adam. Adam is taken into custody by the D.E.O. Meanwhile, Mister Bones plans to make the JSA an offer and reviews a file containing information on the new Hawkgirl's "checkered past." JSA #6 (Jan. 2000)
At Black Canary's request, the Martian Manhunter leads a training session with the junior JSA members. When Kanto abducts the Star-Spangled Kid's soul, they venture to Apokolips. NOTE: Starman takes part in this tale. Martian Manhunter vol. 3 #18 (May 2000)
J'onn rescues the Star-Spangled Kid's soul from the Source itself. Martian Manhunter vol. 3 #19 (June 2000)
The retired Johnathan Law meets Nightwing. NOTE: This story is a partially fictionalized account. The story Law writes depicts he and his adversaries as youthful and fit. In reality, Law requires a walker and is very much retired (though he still writes). Nightwing #40 (Feb. 2000)
Part 1: Pat Dugan (a.k.a. S.T.R.I.P.E.) becomes the JSA's team mechanic, unveiling their new aircraft, the Steel Eagle. The JSA is called to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where Obsidian, under the domination of Ian Karkull, has blacked out the entire city. Karkull reveals that he wants to reclaim the temporal energy he lost to the JSA in 1941. The JSA is routed by Obsidian and Karkull's powers, but the new Doctor Mid-Nite steps in to help. NOTE: The JSA was imbued with Karkull's temporal energy on June 28, 1941, as shown in All-Star Squadron Annual #3; it granted them extended longevity. S.T.R.I.P.E. stands for "Special Tactics Robotic Integrated Power Enhancer." Guest app: Jade. JSA #7 (Feb. 2000)
Part 2: As the JSA falls, Obsidian overpowers Ian Karkull and envelops the planet in darkness. JSA #8 (Mar. 2000)
Part 3: Sentinel forces his son Obsidian into retreat. first appereance of the new Injustice Society: Johnny Sorrow, Geomancer, Icicle II, Count Vertigo, Blackbriar Thorn, Tigress III (formerly Artemis II), Killer Wasp. NOTE: Blackbriar Thorn first appeared in DC Comics Presents #66; Count Vertigo in World's Finest #251. JSA #9 (Apr. 2000)
Damage, Argent, Pat Dugan, and the Star-Spangled Kid visit the grave of Sylvester Pemberton (Star-Spangled Kid/Skyman), which has been moved to the super-hero cemetery, Valhalla, and discover that Syl's sister Merry is still alive. NOTE: Valhalla was first seen in JLA #5 (May 1997). It's also home to memorials for Doctor Mid-Nite, Elasti-Girl, Green Arrow, Jericho, the original Atom, Metamorpho, the Red Bee, Scott Fischer (of the Doom Patrol), and G'Nort. DCU 2000 Secret Files #1 (Mar. 2000)
first appereance of the Crimson Avenger III. NOTE: This issue was clearly meant to foreshadow a reforming of the Seven Soldiers, but the series was cancelled before Geoff Johns could write it. Stars & S.T.R.I.P.E. #9 (Apr. 2000)
Despite Wildcat's defeat of the Injustice Society, Johnny Sorrow steals the King of Tears from JSA HQ. Wildcat suggests that he once had a sexual relationship with Paula Brooks (Huntress I). NOTE: Killer Wasp is also called "Golden" and "Yellow" Wasp in this tale. JSA #10 (May 2000)
Sins of Youth: When the adult heroes are transformed into kids, the JSA Jr. and Starwoman set course for Doiby Dickles former home planet of Myrg. Doiby explains how his princess bride was forced to marry another man; Dickles must again leave her and return to Earth. NOTE: Dickles returns to Myrg in Young Justice #26-27. Sins of Youth: JSA (May 2000)
When Kobra destroys a plane carrying Atom-Smasher's mother, Mister Bones advises the JSA to attack. Doctor Mid-Nite II and Mister Terrific II join the team. And when Hourman senses fluctuations in the timestream, a second team sets out to find Extant. The fluctuations effect the return the original Star-Spangled Kid! NOTE: This S-S Kid is from the pre-Crisis JSA; he mentions the Huntress. Guest apps: Maser (Airwave III) and Catalyst. JSA #11 (June 2000)
Mister Terrific frees Sand and Air Wave just as Kobra blows up Blackhawk Island. In catching the villain, Atom-Smasher taxes his abilities beyond their limits. Metron arrives in Hourman's battered timeship claiming that the other JSA team is dead. JSA #12 (July 2000)
NOTE: Contains reprints only: Flash #137 (1st Silver Age JSA); All-Star Comics #57 (last Golden Age story); a Doctor Mid-Nite story from Adventure Comics #418 (written and drawn in 1948, inked and printed in 1970); Brave & Bold #62 (feat. Starman, Black Canary & Wildcat); Flash #201 (1st of the original Jay Garrick back-ups). JSA 100-Page Giant #1 (July 2000)
Lured to New Vladonia by Alcmaeon, Wonder Woman is attacked by Fury, who harbors delusions that Hippolyta is the reincarnation of her biological mother. She mentions that she resides in a convalescent home, suggesting that she retains her youth only when using her powers. At the conclusion of the case, Fury is taken by Diana to live on Themiscyra. Legends of the DCU #30-32 (July–Sept. 2000)
The JSA defeat the Counter-Evolutionary. Afterward, Snapper Carr breaks into JSA headquarters in search of Hourman. NOTE:Hippolyta and Jack Knight take part in this case. Hourman #18 (Sept. 2000)
Robin's father, Jack Drake, finds an amulet and presents it to his fiance. She is later possessed by it's former owner, Ravenna, who is defeated by Wildcat, Black Canary, Robin and Spoiler. NOTE:The first part of this took place "over 50 years ago." Robin 80-Page Giant #1 (Sept. 2000)
Part 1: When half of the JSA falls to Extant, Metron enlists the remaining members. They learn that Extant is attempting to reassemble the Worlogog, and thus control all time and space. JSA #13 (Aug. 2000)
Part 2: Fate reluctantly seeks Mordru's help to defeat Extant: they're told to use Hourman's fraction of the Worlogog and Extant's former partner, Dove, to win. (Though she is deceased, Extant has reanimated and imprisoned Dove). Mordru reveals that he knows what has happened to Lyta Hall. JSA #14 (Sept. 2000)
Part 3: When Extant kills Dove, the emotional distraction allows Hourman to chronally divide him, aiding the JSA in victory. Atom-Smasher rips the Worlogog from him. With Metron's help, they switch Extant with Albert's mother on the crashing plane; history is rewritten and Extant dies in her place. At the conclusion, Atom-Smasher, Doctor Fate, Starman, Hippolyta and Hourman assume reserve membership status. Metron leaves in possession of the Worlogog. NOTE: This story is told as a memoir by the now-adult Star-Spangled Kid. Photos on her wall show she is married to Atom-Smasher. In the battle scene, Sentinel is shown wearing his Kingdom Come costume. According to penciller Steve Sadowski, the script for this issue identified the cloaked woman in the future-scenes as Hourgirl the little girl walking with her is one of Courtney's children. JSA #15 (Oct. 2000)
The JSA defeat the British Bat. Pat Dugan's son, Mike, begins learning the ropes as S.T.R.I.P.E. Stars & S.T.R.I.P.E. #14 (Sept. 2000)
"Genesis": The Council creates a new army of clones to replace those of Paul Kirk (Manhunter II). Their new warrior corps is based on the DNA of "Crusher" Crock, the Sportsmaster. Black Canary, Hawkgirl, Hippolyta, and the Star-Spangled Kid help Nemesis II wipe out a Council cloning installation in a refitted missile silo near the island of Crete. Nemesis kills her twin sister, Ellina. Despite these setbacks, the Council's leader, Anatol Mykros, prepares the next stage of his campaign against the JSA with his new ally, the Ultra-Humanite, now in yet another new body. JSA Annual #1 (Oct. 2000)
Amazo (disguised as a future version of Hourman) retrieves Rick Tyler from the Timepoint and cures his cancer. The JSA is shown discussing Hourman's departure from the team. Hourman #19 (Oct. 2000)
The Mist kills Simon Culp, freeing the Shade from Culp's villainous influence. Starman vol. 2 #71 (Nov. 2000)
The original Mist reveals that he gained power from Neron; he kills his daughter, Nash (Mist II). Ted Knight sacrifices his life (and that of the elder Mist) in removing a nuclear bomb from Opal City to explode in space. Jack Knight is left with custody of his infant son. NOTE:Jack subsequently retires as Starman in issue #80. Starman vol. 2 #72 (Dec. 2000)
At his funeral, Ted Knight is eulogized by his son, JSA members and his cousin, Sandra Knight (Phantom Lady). Jack learns that his girlfriend, Sadie, is pregnant with his child. Starman vol. 2 #73 (Jan. 2001)
Flash, Wildcat, Star-Spangled Kid, S.T.R.I.P.E., Joan Garrick and Jesse Quick attend the welcome back party for Max Mercury. Impulse #67 (Dec. 2000)
Clark Kent, writing a feature story for the Daily Planet on the fate of the Crimson Avenger, interviews the JSA, looking for more information on the Avenger's origins and the roots of the golden age of heroes. NOTE: This story again asserts the conventional wisdom that the Crimson Avenger was the first costumed hero in current continuity. This is not consistent, however, with the bulk of modern accounts. He may simply have been the first prominently known hero. Many of the heroes' debut dates in this story are incorrect. This could be attributed fairly to the elder JSA members' unclear memories. Golden Age Secret Files #1 (Feb. 2001)
Part 1: The Injustice Society strikes again; added to their ranks are Black Adam, Shiv, Rival and the Thinker, who is reborn as a hologram from within the JSA's computers. Sentinel is critically injured. Elsewhere, Johnny Sorrow reveals to the Scarab his intentions to use the King of Tears to destroy the world. NOTE:Shiv 1st appeared in Stars & STRIPE #4 (Nov. 1999). JSA #16 (Nov. 2000)
Part 2: Mister Terrific struggles to keep Sentinel alive as the JSA dispatches the Injustice Society. Hawkgirl emits a powerful force and experiences flashes of past lives. Johnny Sorrow apparently kills Doctor Mid-Nite and Scarbus. JSA #17 (Dec. 2000)
Part 3: Johnny Sorrow relates the tale of how he was defeated by the Spectre in 1944. He succeeds in using the Scarab as a vehicle to bring the King of Tears to Earth (the Scarab apparently dies). NOTE: 1st full app. of the King of Tears. The King of Tears resembles the King-of-All-Tears from Invisibles, vol. 1 #1, which was also from a "forgotten realm" and was an "insect king." It was dispatched by Jack Frost in vol. 1 #24. JSA #18 (Jan. 2001)
Part 4: Due to his blindness, Doctor Mid-Nite survives the vision of Johnny Sorrow's face. The Flash recruits J.J. Thunder to use the Thunderbolt against Sorrow. Black Adam apparently reforms and leads the new Spectre to the JSA's aid. This time, the King of Tears dispatches him quickly. Doctor Fate locates what appears to be his wife, Lyta Hall, lying comatose in a hospital. Hawkgirl begins experiencing the memories of Carter Hall. NOTE: The Thunderbolt is colored pink, but controlled by the command "so cool" (the backwards-name of the blue genie, Lkz). This suggests the two genies are still merged, but should be colored purple. JSA #19 (Feb. 2001)
Part 5: Doctor Mid-Nite vanquishes Johnny Sorrow's by replaying the vision the villain's face to him. The Spectre pays a visit to an old friend and heals Sentinel's wounds. When the Flash borrows speed from Black Adam, he punches Sorrow into the Speed Force which turns him to energy. This also sends Jay to 16th Century B.C. Egypt where he encounters Nabu the Wise, Teth-Adam and Prince Khufu. NOTE: Joan Garrick hints that she and Jay had a son sometime in the past. JSA #20 (Mar. 2001)
Black Adam requests membership in the JSA. Wildcat confronts the Killer Wasp about the whereabouts of his vanished son, Jake. Jade tells Sentinel that Obsidian is still alive. Meanwhile, Dinah Lance goes out with Pieter Cross, Mister Terrific bonds with J.J. Thunder, and Zauriel reveals to Hawkgirl that her body may be possessed by a soul other than Kendra Saunders'. NOTE: Thunder's first name, Jakeem, is told here for the first time. JSA #21 (Apr. 2001)
Jack Knight has his final encounter with his brother's spirit, and also has the opportunity to see his father's spirit one last time. David and Ted reveal that David's soul has been bound to Opal by a combination of Jack's love, Jon Valor's curse, and some magical assistance from the spirit of Kent Nelson. Kent sends Jack back in time to uncover the truth behind the Starman of 1951. Starman vol. 2 #76 (Apr. 2001)
On Paradise Island, Diana and Donna Troy are ambushed by Fury, who has become entangled in a brewing Amazonian civil war. Wonder Woman argues that Hippolyta should give up her adventuring and return to her duties as queen of the Amazons. Wonder Woman vol. 2 #168 (May 2001)
Wonder Woman, Troia, and Hippolyta battle Fury, who still suffers the delusion that Hippolyta is her mother. The instigator of the Amazonian civil war is revealed to be Ariadne (Hippolyta's sister's killer), who is killed by the possessed Fury. After the battle, Hippolyta decrees an end to the Themysciran royal family and abdicates her throne. She announces to her daughters that she intends to return to Man's World as Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman vol. 2 #169 (June 2001)
Prelude: Sand tracks down Speed Saunders and learns that the soul of Shiera Hall (Hawkgirl) is now in the body of Kendra Saunders. She is transported to Thanagar, where she meets Zihn Tarak and the Talon of Truth. Jay Garrick returns from the past. JSA #22 (May 2001)
Part 1: On Thanagar, Hawkgirl draws upon her past memories and aids the Thanagarians against the undead Dark Wingmen of Onimar Synn, the Sin Eater. Tarak relates the tale of Thanagar's ancient space exploration, the Nth metal, and Paran Katar's 1939 journey to Earth. With his help, Kendra draws the ancient soul of Khufu back to life again as Hawkman. Doctor Fate, Atom-Smasher and Black Adam aid the JSA in the mission to Thanagar. Doctor Mid-Nite steps in to help the comatose Lyta Hall (in a mystic coma induced by Mordru). first appereance Crypt and Phade, Synn's lackeys. Note: "Onimar" was first named as one of Thanagar's Seven Devils in Hawkworld #14 (Aug. 1991). JSA #23 (June 2001)
Part 2: The new Hawkman reveals his identity: a newly reincarnated Carter Hall. He also possesses the memories of Katar Hol (who perished in their separation). After attempting to use the Claw of Horus against Synn's troops, he and Hawkgirl are captured and thrust wingless from the aerial city. NOTE: Carter bears Katar's dark, longer hair, but his own facial features. JSA #24 (July 2001)
Part 3: By uniting in passion, the strength of the Hawks' souls cripples the Sin Eater's control of the Nth metal. Hawkman returns to the JSA's ranks, but not to his relationship with Hawkgirl. NOTE: Black Adam is absent from the members' meeting. After this The JSA are involved with fighting and cleaning up after the White Martian Invasion (JLA #58, 11 2001). JSA #25 (Aug. 2001)
Jack Knight returns to the present with the help of the adult Thom Kallor (Star Boy); Kallor confirms that he will indeed be one of Jack's successors as Starman. Jack says farewell to his friends and leaves Opal to join Sadie, who he has learned is pregnant with his daughter, in San Francisco. Before departing he separates the malignant spirit of Culp from the Shade, possibly freeing Shade from his curse, and then entrusts his Cosmic Rod to Courtney Whitmore (Star-Spangled Kid II). Starman vol. 2 #80 (Aug. 2001)
Nemesis helps JSA members break into a Council stronghold, where they discover the body of the Ultra-Humanite's last host. Inside Fate's amulet, Mordru forms an alliance with Obsidian. Star-Spangled Kid decides to use Jack Knight's cosmic rod, but keep her own code name. Sand dreams that he meets and receives counsel from dead JSA members. In an underground casino, the hero Firebrand (III) is killed while under the influence of super-gambler, Victoria Sinclair (Roulette II). Jakeem Thunder states he's now a part-time member of the JSA and his last name is revealed as Williams. JSA Secret Files #2 (Sept. 2001)
September 11, 2001: David Reid (great-grandson of legendary World War II President, Franklin D. Roosevelt) witnesses the terror attacks on America, He enlists immediately and later becomes one of the first troops in Iraq (2003). JSA Kingdom Come Special: Magog (Jan. 2009)
Our Worlds at War: Imperiex destroys much of Kansas. Action Comics #780 (Aug. 2001)
Our Worlds at War: Superman rescues young William Matthews in Topeka, Kansas. The boy believes that Superman will find his (dead) parents alive. The boy is approached by his elder self, as Gog. NOTE: The boy is not named until Action #813. Superman vol. 2 #172 (Sept. 2001)
William Matthews, a boy with faith in Superman, survives the death of his parents during Imperiex's attack on Kansas. The boy is visited by a mysterious man called Gog. NOTE: Gog first appeared in New Year's Evil: Gog #1 (Feb. 1998). It is unclear whether the Gog in this story is that of Earth-22, or a hallucination induced by the original Gog (see next entry). Imperiex's attack happened in Action #780 (Aug. 2001). Action Comics #813 (May 2004)
William Matthews becomes Gog (II) after acquiring the powers of an old Third World god, in Africa. The powers destabilize his mind and give him glimpses of other Earths. NOTE: In this issue, the Third World Gog claimed that William Matthews suffered from delusions regarding his origins. This William is probably distinct from the William of Earth-22. Justice Society of America vol. 3 #16 (July 2008)
Our Worlds at War: Sand recruits an army of All-Stars—heroes carrying on for others from the Golden Age. This team ventures to Daxam, where it frees the planet from Imperiex's planet-sized ship. Ray is critically injured, but healed by Black Condor. NOTE:The reserves include Air Wave III, S.T.R.I.P.E., Nemesis II, Power Girl, Shining Knight, Vigilante III, Black Condor II, Ray II, Iron Munro, Jade, Damage, Patriot, Phantom Lady II and Doctor Occult. Curiously, Manhunter Mark Shaw is drawn into the backgrounds, but never mentioned. JSA: Our Worlds at War (Sept. 2001)
Black Adam is granted probationary membership by the elder members of the team. Alexander Montez (cousin of Wildcat II) begins as JSA Museum curator. Hawkman rejects Sand's recommendation that he take over as Chairman. Sentinel learns that his body is composed entirely of green flame. JSA #26 (Sept. 2001)
Captain Marvel comes to vouch for Thet Adam's heroism--and Theo Adams' treachery. Mister Terrific is elected team chairman after a dispute between Sand and Hawkman. The team is then kidnapped by Roulette (leaving Star and Wildcat behind). JSA #27 (Oct. 2001)
When Black Canary is immersed in Ra's al Ghul's Lazarus Pit, she regains her sonic cry and becomes several years younger. Birds of Prey #34 (Oct. 2001)
Roulette forces the JSAers into battle against one another. Her assistant, Tap uses his ability to remove their powers. In his search for Hawkgirl, Hawkman encounters a man-bat. NOTE: This Man-Bat is not the original. Characters who have perished are shown on a wall: Scirocco, Prometheus I, Gorgon, Touch N Go, RAM, Flyboy, Maxi-Man, Firebrand III, Impala, Harpi, Behemoth. Some of these characters appear alive in Wonder Woman #175; many of those listed were members of the Hybrid. JSA #28 (Nov. 2001)
Joker: Last Laugh: Star and Jakeem Thunder destroy the newest incarnation of Solomon Grundy. Jakeem unwittingly cures Johnny Thunder's Alzheimer's via the Thunderbolt. NOTE: Jakeem's middle name is revealed as Johnny. JSA #29 (Dec. 2001)
Hawkman encounters an army of man-bats (created by Roulette with a black market serum). When the JSA cleverly escapes Roulette's "games," she unleashes a Warhound of Apokolips. Her casino is destroyed and she vows vengeance on their leader in the name of her grandfather: the original Mister Terrific! JSA #30 (Jan. 2002)
Green Arrow and Black Canary again spark the flames of their romance. Oliver Queen visits the JSA headquarters (and spends the night). Queen and Carter Hall meet again for the first time since their resurrections, sparking the flames of their ideological rivalry. Green Arrow vol. 3 #12-13 (4-5 2002)
The JSA encounter Batman when they discover the dead villain, Shakedown. Together they track his killer and former partner, New Wave. Black Canary leaves the JSA and designates her replacement: Power Girl. Sand and Hawkman resolve their dispute over Hawkgirl. NOTE:After this, the JSA guard the Earth while the JLA is on Appellax. Black Canary is the apparent Liason between JLA and JSA. (JLA: Incarnations #7, 2 2002) JSA #31 (Feb. 2002)
The Spirit of America again adopts the identity of Uncle Sam. Superman vol. 2 #178 (Feb. 2002)
During a medical exam, Doctor Mid-Nite finds no trace of magic in Power Girl's body; he suggests hypnotic regression. To save Lyta, Nabu tells Hector to travel to Mordru's birthplace: Gemworld. Johnny Thunder returns but soon reveals that his body is now host to the Ultra Humanite. NOTE: Issue #36 reveals that Thunder was not killed. JSA #32 (Mar. 2002)
STEALING THUNDER (6 months later)
Part 1: Six months pass, in which time the Ultra-Humanite has taken over the world by wielding the Thunderbolt. He employs Earth's strongest heroes as his "Thunderfront." When Sand is freed by the Icicle, he discovers that most other adventurers are held captive and cannot be freed without causing their deaths (which Icicle discovered when he tried to free Geomancer). The two of them are discovered by a secret cell of the Justice Society which includes Jakeem Thunder, Power Girl, Captain Marvel, Hourman II & Crimson Avenger III. NOTE: Sand is awakened from a dream with he and Wes Dodds versus Black Barax. Barax first appeared in Sensation Comics #28. The second Crimson Avenger, Albert Elwood, first appeared in World's Finest #131 (Feb. 1963). He may now be out-of-continuity. A card from the 2007 Legion of Super-Heroes set of VS System games (DLS-195) gives the Crimson Avenger's name as Jill Carlyle. JSA #33 (Apr. 2002)
Part 2: Ultra reveals how he is using Sentinel's magic and Earth's telepaths to power his world domination. He has also created an army of gorilla-soldiers (similar to his previous incarnation). Hourman reveals that the android Hourman has given him a new power: the ability to see an hour into the future. NOTE: The telepaths include Brain Wave Jr. JSA #34 (May 2002)
Part 3: The makeshift JSA manage to free all the Humanite's captive heroes. The villain then sets his gorilla army on the JSA. Hourman abducts Sand and disappears into time. The Crimson Avenger reveals that she is using her predecessor's guns—which require persuasion rather than bullets; she is bent on avenging Lee Travis' death. JSA #35 (June 2002)
Part 4: Hourman reveals that his android "cousin" has removed Rex Tyler (the original Hourman) from the timestream at the moment of his death. Rex has one additional hour to live, in which time his son can visit him. Rex helps Rick strategize against the Ultra-Humanite. Captain Marvel "grounds" the Thunderbolt, releasing all of Ultra's captives. In doing so, the body of the still-living Johnny Thunder is imperiled. JSA #36 (July 2002)
Part 5: The Thunderbolt fuses himself with the dying Johnny Thunder. His family is informed of Johnny's death and a funeral is held at Valhalla. The Ultra-Humanite's disembodied brain is destroyed by the Crimson Avenger. She claims that the original Avenger had died as a result of Ultra's evil. Captain Marvel and Hourman II join the JSA. The Crimson Avenger sets out to avenge her next victim, which leads her to Wildcat. JSA #37 (Aug. 2002)
Jakeem meets his real father, Phil. Phil was never told of Jakeem's birth, and Jakeem does not reveal his true identity. Rick Tyler pays a Father's Day visit to the original Hourman. The JSA installs personal communications systems in each members' homes; the system comes from Power Girl's company, Starr Software. JSA #38 (Sept. 2002)
Power Girl establishes a charity for children using the money from the sale of her software company. She disposes of a would-be admirer (and felon), D-Bomb. Another of her former rogues, the Force, is killed by D-Bomb. NOTE:Her kitty from her J.L.A. days makes an appearance. JSA #39 (Oct. 2002)
Hawkman, Star-Spangled Kid, Wildcat and Power Girl are called by the U.S. government to aid the Suicide Squad. Their mission: to free Frank Rock, Amanda Waller and her daughter, Havana, from the Jihad (Onslaught). Havana dies. Suicide Squad #12 (Oct. 2002)
Hawkgirl joins the JLA. She is chosen after Captain Marvel declines the invitation. NOTE:Batman adapted Mister Terrific's T-sphere technology for use as communications drones. This story erroneously suggests that JSA members know Marvel's secret identity. JLA2 #69 (E10 2002)
The Shadower II (grandson of the original Doctor Mid-Nite's foe, the Shadower), threatens to kill a room of school children unless the new Doctor Mid-Nite can save his grandfather's life. Mid-Nite is unsuccessful, but Captain Marvel takes down the Shadower just in time. Black Adam and Atom-Smasher form a new group with Brainwave (possessed by Mister Mind) and Northwind (who has been transformed into a true hawk-man. NOTE:The elder villain's name is Vartan Kevork; he did not appear in any golden age stories. Northwind's appearance as a mute hawk-man was first seen in Kingdom Come #1 (an alternate reality). JSA #40 (Nov. 2002)
Hourman foretells the coming of Black Barax, whose Time Cube appears over Tylerco. The lightning of Shazam puts the Cube in motion, sending Captain Marvel, Mister Terrific and Hawkgirl back to 1944. first appereance of Rebecca Tyler, president of Tylerco. Doctor Fate travels to Gemworld where he meets Flaw and the Cuttter (actually Child in disguise). Black Adam is described as a probationary member. JSA #41 (Dec. 2002)
Child tells Doctor Fate of Mordru's origins as a Lord of Chaos and his first flesh host, Wrynn of Gemworld. NOTE:Wrynn first appeared in Amethyst v.?? #?? JSA #42 (Jan. 2003)
Child tricks Fate into taking Wrynn's skull to use as a totem agains Mordru. JSA #43 (Feb. 2003)
Terrific, Hawkgirl and Marvel are awakend from their suspended animation in Egypt. Doctor Fate discovers that the woman he believed to be Lyta Hall is in fact Dawn Granger (Dove II). JSA #44 (Mar. 2003)
INTER-CRISIS ONLY: The JSA is invited to attend the Festival of the Goddesses on Paradise Island. Wonder Woman vol. 2 #188 (Mar. 2003)
Mister Terrific visits the Batcave and bonds with Batman. The Atom confirms that Sentinel's body is now composed entirely of Green Flame. Red Tornado declines offers to rejoin both the JLA and JSA. Doctor Fate and Zatanna sense it when Johnny Sorrow frees the Seven Deadly Enemies of Man (Pride, Envy, Greed, Anger Sloth, Lust, Gluttony) from the Rock of Eternity. JLA/JSA Secret Files #1 (Jan. 2003)
After the destruction of their physical forms, Despero and Johnny Sorrow met on the "Abyssal Plane." Despero uses Doctor Bedlam's technology to return to Earth. There he takes over the body of Lex Luthor, despite the Vixen's aid. Meanwhile, during Thanksgiving at the Watchtower, the Deadly Enemies take over the bodies of seven heroes. JSA headquarters is destroyed when Green Lantern is taken over. Fate banishes four of the heroes to his tower to battle the Sons of Anubis & Typhoon. Mister Terrific sends five more to Limbo. Zatanna, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Captain Atom and Firestorm are brought in to help as the Rock of Eternity appears over Mister Rushmore. Eventually, the team at Fate's tower team frees the Limbo team. One by one, they free their possessed comrades and reawaken Shazam, who rechains the Deadly Enemies. Green Lantern uses Sorrow's visage to cleave Despero from Luthor. As thanks, Luthor builds the JSA a new towering headquarters. Cameos: CM3 and Mary Marvel. JLA/JSA: Virtue & Vice (2002)
The Wizard, disguised as Legacy, employs the Injustice Society to capture the senior JSA members. He also captures and impersonates the Spectre and charges the remaining JSAers with facing their past traumas in order to save their comrades. NOTE:Rag Doll and Kestrel join the Injustice Society. JSA: All-Stars #1 (July 2003)
Hawkgirl heeds the "Spectre's" warning and contacts her grandfather. He brings her to meet Mia — Kendra's daughter who was given up for adoption when Kendra was 16. NOTE: Contains a Golden Age Hawkman tale. JSA: All-Stars #2 (Aug. 2003)
Doctor Fate explores his little-known power: the ability to see a person's final fate — including his own. He sees a future where he has causes the death of Hawkgirl and is in turn killed by his father, Hawkman. NOTE: Contains a Golden Age Doctor Fate tale. JSA: All-Stars #3 (Sept. 2003)
Courtney discovers that her father is involved with the Royal Flush Gang. She and S.T.R.I.P.E. put him away and changes her name to Stargirl. JSA: All-Stars #4 (Oct. 2003)
Hourman comes to terms with his past addictions. His new addiction — saving lives — is put to the test when his Miraclo wears off during an attempt to rescue a man from committing suicide. JSA: All-Stars #5 (Nov. 2003)
Pieter Cross reveals that the original Mid-Nite was the doctor who delivered him from his mother's womb in Norway. He comes to terms with a car accident which occurred after he lost his sight wherein a woman lost her life. JSA: All-Stars #6 (Dec. 2003)
Mister Terrific finally confronts Director Bones of the D.E.O. about the organization's metahuman surveillance. Bones reveals to Terrific that his wife had been pregnant when she died. NOTE: Extra-sized issue with a back-up tale by Michael Chabon and Michael Lark about the original Mister Terrific and his brother, Ned Sloane. JSA: All-Stars #7 (Jan. 2004)
The JSA regroups after confronting people and events of the past only to discover they have been duped by Legacy. Hawkgirl frees the Spectre using the Helm of Nabu and he reveals Legacy as the Wizard. The Spectre reveals the Wizard's murder of his own sister, Shannon, then banishes the villain to Purgatory to face his own past sins. JSA: All-Stars #8 (Feb. 2004)
Iraq, 2003: Lance Corporal David Reid is bonded with an ancient artifact while tracking thieves of antiquities. The artifact enables David to produce plasma energy, and the military fits him with hardware on his arm to help channel it. He rejoins his friends in a black ops unit called Epsilon. JSA Kingdom Come Special: Magog (Jan. 2009)
Prelude: Kobra (Jeffrey Franklin Burr) stands trial for his crimes, but goes free when he threatens to order the mass suicide of his followers. Black Adam and Atom-Smasher are so angered by the JSA's inaction, that they resign. Alex Montez reveals that he is injecting the black diamonds of Eclipso (his cousin's killer). Mordru takes over the body of Doctor Fate. Cameo: Crimson Avenger. NOTE: First mention of Kobra's real name (?). JSA #45 (Apr. 2003)
Part 1: Mordru is joined by fellow "Princes of Darkness" Obsidian and Eclipso against the JSA. Dove reveals that she has been cloaked by Mordru. An energy being, he sought to possess the the child Hawk and Dove; the child was foretold to be the most powerful sorceror in the universe. NOTE: This is the first mention of the new name for "Johnny Thunderbolt." JSA #46 (May 2003)
Part 2: Eclipso blots out the sun. Inside Fate's amulet, Hector is approached by the spirits of his predecessors. JSA #47 (June 2003)
Part 3: In the Shadowlands, Star and Billy Batson battle Obsidian's own demons (and share a kiss). There they meet the Shade. Hector meets his Fate predecessors in his imagination and Nabu convinces him that Lyta has died. JSA #48 (July 2003)
Part 4: Uncle Sam re-assembles the Freedom Fighters and responds to the JSA's calls for reserves. Alex Montez acquires the last of Eclipso's black diamonds and is transformed into a new host which can safely contain Eclipso. Doctor Mid-Nite fights to save Jakeem's life. Dove leads a team to Gemworld in search of Arion. JSA #49 (Aug. 2003)
Part 5: Alex successfully contains Eclipso using the black diamond in his blood. On Gemworld, Arion is freed from Child and reveals to Power Girl that her past was a lie. Arion was not her grandfather and he had "protected" her at the request of Kara's (unnamed) mother. Jade revives Sentinel long enough for him to regain the Starheart. He uses it to strip Obsidian of his evil tendencies and he reclaims the name "Green Lantern." Jakeem summons the Thunderbolt, who cures his vocal cord injuries. Sand spreads his being throughout the earth to stop a massive earthquake; he does not return from this. Doctor Fate returns from the Amulet of Anubis. NOTE:Wrap-around cover by Carlos Pacheco JSA #50 (Sept. 2003)
Part 6: Doctor Fate returns and imprisons Mordru within the Rock of Eternity. Supposedly, he will lie dormant for a thousand years. Black Adam's team (Atom-Smasher, Northwind & Brainwave) finds and executes Kobra. Guest apps: Shazam, Legion of Super-Heroes. JSA #51 (Oct. 2003)
The Crimson Avenger exacts her vengeance for Charles Durham, whom she claims was framed for murder by Wildcat, and executed. With her supernatural guns, she shoots both Wildcat and Power Girl. The now-powerless Jesse Quick becomes the JSA's Business Manager. Also powerless, Todd Rice (Obsidian) is taken into D.E.O. custody and vows to atone for his actions. Dove departs in search of the new Hawk. Cave Carson is called to help determine what happened to Sand. Alex Montez takes the name Eclipso (II) and joins Black Adam's rival team. NOTE: Jesse's lost her powers in Flash vol. 2 #200. JSA #52 (Nov. 2003)
Hawkman abides Black Adam's request to stop the excavation of Adam's ancient family tomb in Kahndaq. Hawkman meets the newly-transformed Northwind for the first time, and rejects Adam's offer to join them. Hawkman vol. 4 #19 (Nov. 2003)
Wildcat finally explains how he gained nine lives from an adventrue in 1945. He forces the Crimson Avenger to question the source of her powers, and so drives her away. By the end of this encounter, Wildcat loses three more of his nine lives. Black Adam recruits Nemesis after destroying her father (and his organization, the Council). JSA #53 (Dec. 2003)
The JLA and JSA nearly enjoy their second annual Thanksgiving until they are interrupted by the Warlock of Ys and Kulak. Guest stars: The JLA, Impulse, Liberty Belle, Obsidian, Jade, Green Arrow, Black Canary. JSA #54 (Jan. 2004)
The four original members of the Justice Society head to northern Maine on Christmas Eve to visit Santa Claus — who is actually Ma Hunkel, the original Red Tornado! She had been in witness protection but recently, the last member of the mob that threatened her died. The JSA welcomes Ma back to society and offeres her a job as the JSA's museum curator. JSA #55 (Feb. 2004)
Part 1: Black Adam's team (Nemesis, Eclipso, Atom-Smasher, Brainwave & Northwind) liberate the nation of Kahndaq from its dictator, Asim Muhunnad. In addition, Adam also commands the loyalty of Northwind's people, the Feitherans. Atom-Smasher is loyal to Adam, but still questions needless killing. Regardless, Al delivers the fatal blow to Asim. JSA #56 (Early Mar. 2004)
Part 2: The Justice Society visit Hawkman in St. Roch. A psychic tells Power Girl that she has much to learn about her identity. The festivities are halted when Hawkman alerts them to Adam's actions; Hawkman assumes leadership of the JSA. Hawkman vol. 4 #23 (Early Mar. 2004)
Part 3: Though conflicted, the JSA agree that Adam must be stopped. Hawkman's secret ally, the Atom, begins his sabotage of Adam's team by "putting voices" in Atom-Smasher's head. Nabu asserts to Doctor Fate his sympathy for Adam's cause. The JSA's plane is attacked upon entering Kahndaq air space and the team is scattered. JSA #57 (Late Mar. 2004)
Part 4: Doctor Fate temporarily transforms the Feitherans to hawks. But the battle worsens for the JSA: Atom-Smasher turns Mid-Nite and Terrific over to an angry mob; Nabu again asserts control over Doctor Fate and begins fighting against the JSA; Brainwave forces Captain Marvel to transform back into Billy; and Nemesis slices Hourman's bowels open. To save himself, Hourman transports himself to the Timepoint. Hawkman vol. 4 #24 (Late Mar. 2004)
Rick quickly sends his father back to Kahndaq in his stead, leaving Rex no way of returning to the Timepoint. JSA #65 (Nov. 2004)
Part 5: Inside the Amulet of Fate, Hector discovers his long lost wife — Fury. A stray blast from Eclipso kills his lover, Nemesis. When his binding tattoo is severed, Alex's hold on Eclipso wavers and he commits suicide in greif of his actions. The Atom reveals himself and ventures inside Brainwave's mind where he discovers Adam's true co-conspirator: the alien worm, Mister Mind! JSA #58 (Apr. 2004)
Part 6: Atom manages to diable Mister Mind and Doctor Fate and Fury escape from the Amulet of Anubis. These events turn the tide against Black Adam. Atom-Smasher and Captain Marvel approach everyone with a deal: Adam is allowed to to oversee Kahndaq, but is not allowed outside its borders. Atom-Smasher remains in Kahndaq, but Brainwave returns to the U.S. Doctor Mid-Nite discovers that Mister Mind ate away a growth which had caused Hank to behave erratically; his powers remain intact. Also, he is finally reunited with his mother, Merry. Hawkman is asked to step down from the JSA. Hawkman vol. 4 #25 (Apr. 2004)
In Portsmouth, Doctor Mid-Nite foils the Crime Doctor and is visited by Per Degaton. The villain continues to shadow the members of the Justice Society. He has given up his ploys to destroy them in favor of stepping through time to witness their natural deaths. The Flash confronts Captain Marvel with concerns about the inappropriate age difference between he and Stargirl. Rather than reveal his identity to yet another person, Marvel chooses to resign from the team. G.L. and Hawkgirl deliver the bad news to Alex Montez' parents. Fury returns with Doctor Fate to Salem, Massachusetts, where they plan to spend some time alone together. Their son, Daniel, Lord of the Dreaming intervenes on their behalf and prevents Degaton from harrassing them. NOTE: Degaton alludes to Courtney's career as Starwoman and the death of a protégé for Mid-Nite. JSA #59 (May 2004)
Roger Romaine, the Spirit King returns from Hell and orchestrates the murder of Doctor Mid-Nite's assistant, Ice Sickle. The Spectre pays a visit to Jim Corrigan's old friend, Father Richard Craemer. Mister Terrific and the Atom send out a time probe in search of a way to Hourman in the Time Point. JSA members apprehend Rag Doll and Deathbolt. JSA #60 (June 2004)
The Spirit King takes advantage of the Spectre's self doubt and releases all the souls previously damned by the Spectre. And once again, the villain takes control of Jay Garrick's body. JSA #61 (July 2004)
Throught the Flash, the Spirit King nearly kills Mister Terrific. But the Spectre overcomes his internal battle of redemption versus vengeance — in favor of vengeance — and again banishes Romaine to Hell. At the edge of death, Mister Terrific meets his wife and child, who urge him to return to life. JSA #62 (Aug. 2004)
Doctor Fate imprisons Nabu inside his amulet, to be tended by his predecessors. They return with the resolve to reclaim their lives and are soon alerted by their son, Daniel, about a new JSA crisis. Cave Carson returns with a plan to save Sand from his earthly imprisonment. Fate also recruits the now-recovered Brainwave to assist the team. In the astral realm, one team finds that Sand has taken on the guise of the late Garrett Sanford: the Sandman. NOTE:First apps. of Cave's new assistants, Johnny, Christie and 'Dozer JSA #63 (Sept. 2004)
The "astral team" battles Brute and Glob for control of Sand's psyche as the other team finds his physical essence deep within the Earth. Fate banishes the goblins and Power Girl brings his body to Earth and he is restored to normal. Rex decides to reveal himself to his wife, Wendi. NOTE:First mention of Doctor Mid-Nite's owl's name: Charlie. JSA #64 (Oct. 2004)
The synthetic Hourman ("Tyler") receives Mister Terrific's call for help and assembles everything needed to save Rick Tyler from the Timepoint. Doctor Mid-Nite operates on Rick's major inuries and Tyler speeds the healing process. As Rex's last seconds tick away, Rick leaps back into the timestream to take his father's place and die at the hands of Extant. The team also dispatches Solomon Grundy. JSA #65 (Nov. 2004)
The three Hourmen vie to take Rex's place in the timestream. Ultimately, the Tyler gives Rex the power to return home, shuts the others out, and dives to his death alongside Charles McNider. Rex reunites with his wife and vows to rebuild Tyler. Rip Hunter begins gathering heroes to repair Per Degaton's damage to the timestream, starting with Jakeem and Atom-Smasher. JSA #66 (Dec. 2004)
The Wrath of Gog: William Matthews, Gog, returns for revenge on Superman. Superman gets overconfident in battle and is stabbed by Gog's kryptonite-laced staff. (#815) Despite help from Superboy and the Teen Titans, Superman succumbs to the poisoning (#816) but his own immune system eventually helps him recover. (#818) Action Comics #815-818 (July–Oct. 2004)
In the Name of Gog: Superman is attacked by an army of Gogs, recruited from throughout time. (#824) Gog apparently kills Superman but secretly, takesk him prisoner. Superman's "death" inspires an army in his name, who battle Gog for a hundred years. During this time, Doomsday (now armed with a conscience) becomes a champion for Superman and eventually hunts down Gog. This elder Gog repents after realizing the horror of his crimes and together, Gog and Doomsday agree to fix the time stream. Back in the past (the original time point), Gog simultaneously achieves the same enlightment and calls off his campaign. He escapes. (#825) Action Comics #820-825 (Dec. 2004–May 2005)
Afghanistan: After seven years' recovery from Wes Dodds' experimental gas, the militant leader Masad finds Wes Dodds' trunk with its more potent, experimental form of sleeping gas (and its antidote). Masad kidnaps Pulitzer Prize winning photographer Kieran Marshall (who is embedded with troops in Afghanistan) and Kieran, too, discovers Wes' effects. He dons the mask and gun and escapes. He stops Masad's terror plot, but Masad survives again. NOTE: These events are roughly 7-8 years after Wes' trip to Afghanistan (1997). Kieran never calls himself the Sandman. Sandman Mystery Theatre: Sleep of Reason #1-5 (Feb.–June 2007)

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