All-American Comics

102 issues (April 1939–Oct. 1948)

Compiled by Jason Greenfield

All-American Comics was the first title published by National "sister company," of the same name (sans hyphen). In essence, DC's editor Max Gaines established an "imprint" of his own to expand DC's (National Comics) comics production. Formally, All American Comics was a partnership between Gaines and Harry Donenfeld, also of National. The two companies shared a printer and much of the same staff. All-American also published All-Star Comics and Flash Comics.

Among the features in the series, All-American Comics, were several licenced or newspaper reprint characters such as "Bobby Thatcher" and "Ben Webster," who were slightly more prominent at the time. The characters from "Adventures into the Unknown" originated from a book adaption that may not be in the public domain.

All-American Comics was most famous for its mystery men such as Green Lantern, the Atom, Dr Mid-Nite, Red Tornado and Sargon the Sorceror as well as a later run of the Black Pirate. When the title changed to All-American Western with #103–126 (Oct. 1948–July 1952), it retired the heroes and introduced Foley of the Fighting Fifth and the more famous cowboy, Johnny Thunder. Later still, when it became All-American Men of War (1952) it debuted Native American WWII pilot Johnny Cloud.

Colored = masked or super-hero
Character Appeared in Issues… Notes
Hop Harrigan #1-99 (Apr. 1939–Jul 1938) • also Comic Cavalcade #3-9, 11-26 (June 1943-May 1948) • Green Lantern #1-11 • All-Flash #1-15 (text) • World's Finest #4, 5 Pilot adventurer.
Red, White and Blue #1-69, 71 (Apr. 1939–Mar. 1946) • also Comic Cavalcade #1, 2, 5-7 (Dec. 1942–Sept. 1945) • World's Finest #1-7  
Scribbly & the Red Tornado (Ma Hunkel) #1-59 (April 1939–July 1944) A mostly cartoony strip, now best known for Ma Hunkel, who first appeared in #3 (June 1939), and became the Red Tornado in #20 (October 1940)
"Adventures into the Unknown" #1-25 (Apr. 1939–Apr. 1941) Sci-fi starring college students Alan Kaine (the brains) and Ted Dolliver (the brawn)
Wiley of West Point #1-12 (Apr. 1939–March 1940) Army cadet
Spot Savage #1-6 (Apr. 1939–Sept. 1939) Reporter
Jimmy Stone #2-35, 38-61 (May 1939–Jan. 1945) Text feature
Gary Concord, Ultra Man #8-19 (Nov. 1939–Oct. 1940) Sci-fi, future alternate earth
Green Lantern #16-102 (July 1940–Oct. 1948) Costumed super-hero
The Atom #19-72 (Oct. 1940–Apr. 1946) • Flash Comics #80-104 Costumed super-hero
Dr. Mid-Nite #25-102 (April 1941–Oct. 1948) Costumed super-hero
Sargon the Sorceror #26-50, 70 (May 1941–June 1943) • Comic Cavalcade #3-16 • Green Lantern #37 Costumed super-hero
Phil Hackett #36-37 (Mar. 1942-Apr. 1942)