New 52 Earth-2 Chronology

Part 3: Society

Sequence of Events

Issue (Date)

Volume 1: Planetfall

Sonia Sato and Terry Sloan decide to send the surviving twelve ships (with 2 million survivors) falling to the new Earth at strategic locations, where they will form the foundations of new cities. Dick Grayson is left paralyzed near the crash site of the TSS Endurance, which forms New Gotham. He is rescued by Mister Terrific. Aquawoman's people have begun breeding, producing eggs. Sloan's ship, Overwatch-One, remains in orbit as the law keeper. He is regarded by many as a dictator.

Earth 2: Society #1 (Aug. 2015)

7000 people aboard the Aphrodite ship are poisoned by a core ruptured engine. Fury uses the Pandora Vessel, an artifact of ancient Themyscira, to release the Amazons' souls to bond with the dying, a symbiosis.

(Earth 2: Society #11, June 2016)

Survivors discover that the new Earth looks like their old home but the plants and animals are alien. This star system has two suns, one red and one yellow. The TSS Belgica forms New Atlantis; the Aurora, Neotropolis; the Erebus a city of the same name; and another, Midwest City. Sloan sends the Sandmen to steal the Source Vault from Red Arrow and Huntress.

Earth 2: Society #2 (Sept. 2015)

Green Lantern repairs Red Tornado's body. Jimmy Olsen's new powers give him a god complex, and people in Erebus begin to worship him. Hawkgirl sets out to find the TSS Aphrodite, which went missing.

Earth 2: Society #3 (Oct. 2015)

Anarky attacks Neotropolis, built by Superman and Power Girl. When Sloan strikes Anarky's mob, Val and Kara knock out a Sandman and use his teleporter to go to Overwatch-One. They see how Sloan is experimenting with using Bruce Wayne's Source Vault in hopes of recreating their former world. When Sloan tells Kara that Val discovered how to detonate the fire pits, which killed Clark, she lashes out in anger and distances herself from him. This is why Val refuses to take another life. He stays away from Neotropolis and builds the city of Nexus in the desert.

Earth 2: Society #4 (Nov. 2015)

The Flash works tirelessly to help build the cities, becoming a celebrity. Jimmy Olsen tries to recruit him for a new cause, which Flash refuses.

Earth 2: Society #5 (Dec. 2015)

9 months later: Jimmy tries to help Huntress build a new Source Vault, but it explodes and scars Helena's face. Red Arrow lashes out at Jimmy, who responds by deciding to figure out how to do the impossible. He takes the identity of Doctor Impossible and his first recruit, Rick Tyler, who steals his father's Miraclo from Thomas Wayne's leftover stores. Note: The original Doctor Impossible was a pre-Flashpoint JLA foe who first appeared in Justice League of America vol. 2 #1 (Oct. 2006).

Earth 2: Society #6 (Jan. 2016); DC Sneak Peek: Earth 2: Society (2015)

One year later

Dick Grayson dons a harness built by Mister Terrific and becomes Batman III. He tries to stop Terry Sloan from activating his Genesis Machine and terraform the planet. Johnny Sorrow and his gang are also on Sloan's tail.

Earth 2: Society #1 (Aug. 2015)

Sloan activates his Machine and spikes emerge from beneath New Gotham.

Earth 2: Society #2 (Sept. 2015)

The Genesis Machine begins transforming flora and fauna. Power Girl damages it and it begins creating monsters instead. Green Lantern contains the area and shuts down the machine. Terry Sloan is assassinated by an unseen party.

Earth 2: Society #3 (Oct. 2015)

Flash and Batman recruit Superman in his city, Nexus. Someone hacks into Overwatch-One and sends it on a collision course for Neotropolis.

Earth 2: Society #4 (Nov. 2015)

Flash stabilizes Overwatch-One. Batman uncovers the saboteur: Jimmy aka Doctor Impossible, who is the boss behind Anarky and Johnny Sorrow.

Earth 2: Society #5 (Dec. 2015)

Doctor Impossible wants to manipulate the Source Vault to create a world of his own design. His agent, Hourman (Rick Tyler) helps fight the heroes. Power Girl and Huntress visit the Eden District of New Gotham — an area where Sloan's Vault created an oddly beautiful place.

Earth 2: Society #6 (Jan. 2016)

Huntress realizes that Doctor Impossible is mad. She and Red Arrow damage his Source Vault and Green Lantern imprisons Jimmy with his power. Flash and Superman destroy Hourman's Miraclo supply.

Earth 2: Society #7 (Feb. 2016)

Dan Abnett begins as Writer • Volume 2: Indivisible

Hawkgirl discovers the new Amazonia, led by Fury. In New Gotham, Nimbus Solutions offers power resources at a premium.

Earth 2: Society #8 (Mar. 2016)

Val-Zod reports that there are no oil reserves in the planet. Its similarities to Earth are skin deep; it has no natural resources.

Earth 2: Society #9 (Apr. 2016)

Kyle Nimbus (with the power to go immaterial) has Hourman under his employ/control. On television, Martha Kent, blames her own son for the death of her husband. Fury meets with Queen Marella of Atlantis.

Earth 2: Society #10 (May 2016)

Fury reveals the Pandora Vessel, which stored the memories of the lost Amazon race.

Earth 2: Society #11 (June 2016)

Batman neutralizes Hourman with a pure version of Miraclo and convinces him to join them. The Ultra-Humanite readies to attack.

Earth 2: Society #12 (July 2016)

Volume 3: A Whole New World

Ultra-Humanite has genetically engineered "Humanites" from children: Anya aka Scalpel is nine; Eli aka Grief, was two; John Grayson is Firepattern and thinks his parents are dead.

Earth 2: Society #13 (Aug. 2016)

Fury revelas her given name: Donna. Humanite Scalpel mortally wounds Captain Steel. Firepattern encounters his father, Batman, then flees.

Earth 2: Society #14 (Sept. 2016)

Flash announces that Steel will die. Sato is seriously injured.

Earth 2: Society #15 (Oct. 2016)

John Grayson denies Ultra and joins with the Huntress, who returns him to Batman.

Earth 2: Society Annual #1 (Oct. 2016)

After stopping the mind-controlled Green Lantern, Red Arrow is killed by the Ultra-Humanite. Seeing no hope, Fury opens the Pandora Vessel, which "reboots" their world. Note: Wonders "left behind," or unaccounted for include Mister Terrific, Aquawoman, Ted Grant, Yolanda Montez, Jimmy Olsen, Red Torpedo, Sonia Sato, and Hourman.

Earth 2: Society #16 (Nov. 2016)

Volume 4: Life After Death

Part 1: Nine wonders survive the Pandora event (and Green Lantern is later revealed as Ultra's captive). Inside a strange ghost world, they are attacked by an army of Sandmen (who resemble the classic Sandman).

Earth 2: Society #17 (Dec. 2016)

Part 2: When "cohesion" is achieved, Earth-2 is fully reformed. The wonders emerge in a new, idealized Metropolis, where they're greeted by Sergeant Steel.

Earth 2: Society #18 (Jan. 2016)

Part 3: The new Earth has been manufactured from the wonders' subconscious minds, not total reality. Sergeant Steel says there are no other wonders besides himself (a product of the Americommando program), and the Sandman Sleeper Forces. His lair was created as a center for the resistence against their creator, the Ultra-Humanite (who wears Luthor-like armor).

Earth 2: Society #19 (Feb. 2016)

Part 4: Ultra reveals that he has the Green Lantern captive, in stasis.

Earth 2: Society #20 (Mar. 2016)

Part 5: As Batman pummels Ultra, his grip on Green Lantern weakens and Alan frees himself. Ultra lands a punch to Batman's back and declares him dead.

Earth 2: Society #21 (Apr. 2016)

Part 6: Six months later, the wonders have formed a team to protect their new society. Helena has become Batman IV, a symbol, her inheritance. John is her Robin II; he calls her "aunt." Dick is their leader, Oracle. New meta-criminals have appeared like Scarecrow Gang and Captain Cold, Luthor.

Earth 2: Society #22 (May 2016)