New 52 Earth-2 Chronology

Part 2: World's End

Earth-2: World's End was a weekly companion series to the event called "Future's End." But while the events of Future's End were set five years into the hypothetical future, Earth 2: World's End took place in "current" DCU time. It dovetailed with the last issues of the original Earth 2 series, and led into Convergence.

Sequence of Events

Issue (Date)

Prior to World's End: Darkseid recruits his four Furies, all the last of their races. Pestilence of Czarnia-2 was a friend of Lobo. For revenge against the higher caste, she agreed to become filled with disease to kill them. Desaad offered her a new mission. On Warworld, Famine was Mongul's star gladiator, and even bested her master. War was K'li, a princess of Tamaran who crash landed on Apokolips and was trained by Barda. On Death was a nurturing mother from Mars. Her race was annihilated by Darkseid, who offered to give her a new child. Note: The Furies first appeared in Earth 2: Worlds' End #1 (Dec. 2014).

Earth 2 #28 (Jan. 2015)

Volume 1 (#1–11)

Dick and Barbara Grayson and their son, Johnny are placed in a Chicago protection camp. Power Girl and Huntress return to Earth-2 and head for Geneva, where Kara is reunited with Lois. Boom Tubes from Apokolips bring four Furies: War (K'Li), Pestilence, Famine, and Death. Note: In Convergence, writer Jeff King called Dick's son "Tommy" and clarified his name to Cosmic Teams via Twitter: "John Thomas Grayson."

Earth 2: Worlds' End #1 (Dec. 2014)

At the CERN nuclear facility in Geneva, Superman and Power Girl collide to simulate a neutron bomb and burn away the contamination from Apokolips.

Earth 2 #27 (Dec. 2014)

Mister Miracle and Sloan venture into the mind of Bedlam, fight their demons, and disable him. The elemental Parliament Enclave rises to defend Earth. K'Li takes control of the women. First appearance of the Court of Apokolips: Paternus, insectoid Rectifier, diminutive Lowest, and gangly Arcanis.

Earth 2: Worlds' End #2 (Dec. 2014)

Apokolips enters Earth's solar system. World's leaders decide to launch a nuclear attack. John Constantine arrives from Earth-0 in London. In Amazonia, Dr. Robert Crane (his brain now inside a robot body), Dr. Linda Holland, and Ted probe Miracle's Mother Box, which reaches out to Jimmy.

Earth 2: Worlds' End #3 (Dec. 2014)

John Constantine of Earth-2 celebrates his birthday with friends Gaz and Chaz, and his wife, Maureen. His counterpart arrives from Earth-0, which is sensed by Wotan. Constantine rips Wotan in two. (#18) Constantine-0 risks his life to reach Liverpool, where he meets his old "friends" and "parents." (#19) Upon contact, Constantine and his counterpart swap memories. He begins a spell to transport them all to Earth-0, which draws Doctor Fate. (#20) Fate helps ward off Parademons while Constantine murders his counterpart as part of his escape spell. (#21) They cross the multiversal boundary and arrive on Earth-0 and John leaves his "family" to their fates. (#22-23) Note: The timeline of this story contradicts Constantine's appearances in Earth 2: World's End #3–10. Both adventures are self-contained and cannot cross over.

Constantine #18-23 (Dec. 2014–May 2015)

The Mother Box chooses Jimmy Olsen for a specific purpose. It also purges Bedlam's influence from the heroes. Fury finds new purpose in fighting against Apokolips. Barda recommends they open the Mobius Chamber at the heart of Apokolips.

Earth 2: Worlds' End #4 (Dec. 2014)

Marella shatters the dome over Atlantis and enlists Ancient Ones to protect her people. Dr. Fate disables Famine by turning her power back onto her. Sloan reveals the Shackleton Assault Craft, a space ship invisible to scanners. Holt reveals his Boom Spheres which create a killer vortex of teleportation. Desaad captures Huntress.

Earth 2: Worlds' End #5 (Jan. 2015)

Marella strikes a bargain with ancient Azathoth beneath Atlantis. Green Lantern meets the avatar of the White (air): his partner Sam. Bruiser Ted Grant helps the Graysons in Chicago. The Mother Box transforms Olsen. Superman destroys Batman's Miraclo supply. Note: In original continuity, Ted Grant was Wildcat and first appeared in Sensation Comics #1 (Jan. 1942)

Earth 2: Worlds' End #6 (Jan. 2015)

Desaad transforms Huntress into the new Fury of Famine. The Helm of Nabu "seeks its mate"—the Mother Box. When they touch, Jimmy is elevated to godhood. John Constantine departs London for the Arkham base. Apokolips booms into Earth orbit, destroying the moon.

Earth 2: Worlds' End #7 (Jan. 2015)

Major Sato orders evacuation. John Constantine from Earth-0 releases four allies from World Army prison: Brainwave (Henry King Jr.), Obsidian (Todd Rice), Jonni Thunder, and Karnevil (Jeremy Karn). When Karn shows racist tendencies, John kills him. The Shackleton craft lands on Apokolips. Note: Constantine's appearance here is anomalous. His trip to Earth-2 in Constantine #18-23 was self contained and he never left England before returning to Earth-0.

Earth 2: Worlds' End #8 (Jan. 2015)

The Graysons are lured to a new camp called Gomorrah and narrowly escape from being fed to a Parademon.

Earth 2 #29 (Feb. 2015)

Barbara Grayson is shot and killed. Red Tornado and Power Girl discover the original Superman — alive and powerless — in Geneva. Mister Miracle descends into the Mobius Chamber.

Earth 2: Worlds' End #9 (Feb. 2015)

Huntress attacks her friends. Dick Grayson gives his son to Jonni Thunder, aboard a train to Haven. Barda betrays Mister Miracle by encouraging him to use the boom spheres to kill Darkseid; insteasd it releases him from imprisonment.

Earth 2: Worlds' End #10 (Feb. 2015)

Sloan secretly meets with Darkseid. He knows that Highfather has agreed to let Apokolips feed on Earth-2. NOTE: The New 52 Highfather first appeared in Wonder Woman vol. 4 #14 (Jan. 2013).

Earth 2: Worlds' End #11 (Feb. 2015)

Volume 2 (#12–26)

Barda is appointed Doyenne of the Furies. Major Sato enlists the Atom to help relocate people to shelter at Project Beyond.

Earth 2: Worlds' End #12 (Feb. 2015)

Sato orders the Atom to expand to the size of several cities, to and create a safe haven. Pratt is killed in the process. Desaad's Great Beast is revealed as Yolanda Montez, the avatar of the Red. Khan pilots Shackleton on a suicide trajectory with Darkseid's tower.

Earth 2: Worlds' End #13 (Feb. 2015)

Darkseid destroys Khan's ship before it can do damage. Jimmy Olsen informs Sato of Khan's death, leaving her in charge of the World Army. She name Atom's Haven underneath Oklahoma City. Ted Grant trains Dick Grayson in fighting skills as they journey to Haven.

Earth 2: World's End #14 (Mar. 2015)

The Mother Box leaves Jimmy's body and goes to the heroes on Apokolips. The original Superman hooks himself up to Desaad's machines to sacrifice himself to kill the clones of the Great Beast. Yolanda is freed.

Earth 2: World's End #15 (Mar. 2015)

Yolanda's fury destroys Desaad's Parademon factory and all other Parademons fall dead as well. Val and Kara bury Superman. She bonds his 'S' shield (their family crest) to her uniform. Jimmy Olsen uncovers another one of Sloan's Generation Ships which can hold 100,000 people. Val overloads War with his stored energies. Death gives birth to Darkseid's Deathspawn.

Earth 2: World's End #16 (Mar. 2015)

Batman uses venom to revive the Huntress. Deathspawn heads for the heart of the planet, and the Parliament. Death and Famine perish. Desaad gives Barda an army of Protofuries and Kalibak also joins.

Earth 2: World's End #17 (Mar. 2015)

Jimmy reveals a map leading to Bruce Wayne's will. Helena must use it to find Oliver Queen. Darkseid unleashes his terraformer on Earth. The elemental avatars crumble under Deathspawn's power. Note: The Oliver Queen of Earth-2 (Red Arrow II) first appeared (in the alternate future) in New 52: Future's End #18 (Nov. 2014)

Earth 2: World's End #18 (Apr. 2015)

Fire pits are activated to link Earth to Apokolips.

Earth 2: World's End #19 (Apr. 2015)

Elementals and their avatars begin to fall. They give their remaining power to Green Lantern. Brainwave possesses everyone else in Haven. The Huntress finds Red Arrow II, Oliver Queen, in his fortress in the North Sea. Note: First in-continuity appearance of Earth-2 Oliver Queen.

Earth 2: World's End #20 (Apr. 2015)

Red Arrow reveals the Batman's contingency plan: a codex with the encoded DNA of every plant, animal and organism on the planet plus history, culture, language and engineering. Sloan prepares his Endurance ship to retrieve the people from Haven. He was the first to saved his Earth from being devoured by Apokolips.

Earth 2: World's End #21 (Apr. 2015)

Barda and Kalibak attack Amazonia. Jimmy Olsen uses his newfound god powers to take Barda's armor. Huntress arrives at Haven with the codex. Batman takes down Brainwave with batarang. Green Lantern declares the Earth is lost.

Earth 2: World's End #22 (May 2015)

Earth is totally engulfed by Apokolips. Jimmy opens Boom Tube and escapes with Dr. Crane, the other doctors and their owl. Barda jumps into their portal then conceals herself among the humans at Haven.

Earth 2: World's End #23 (May 2015)

Val and Power Girl go up against Darkseid. Aquawoman brings refugees from Atlantis to Haven. Barda finds K'li (War) among survivors. Dick Grayson is denied passage onto the ship and entrusts his son with a stranger — Barda. Escape ships depart through a passage created by Green Lantern.

Earth 2: World's End #24 (May 2015)

Darkseid defeats the Kryptonians. Mister Terrific activates a "lensing" installation to exchange mass with another universe combined. They can save everyone aboard a fleet of Sloan's ghost ships which are pulled through from other universes. Green Lantern finds new strength from the Green of other universes. Dr. Fate returns.

Earth 2: World's End #25 (May 2015)

After escape ships narrowly avoid fire from Apokolips, Green Lantern provides the last boost of powers to save more people. In the Court of Apokolips, Darkseid gloats as Earth is consumed. Six heroes are left on Earth and believed dead. The others help refugees on the space ship, but have no destination. Red Arrow gives codex to Mister Terrific. Mister Miracle prepares to leave them.

Earth 2: World's End #26 (May 2015)


Dick Grayson witnesses an explosion from his son's escape ship explode as it lifts off. The sky above Earth-2 opens and six heroes — Green Lantern, Superman II (Val-Zod), Batman, Dick Grayson, Flash and Yolanda Montez — are encased in liquid metal tendrils.

Convergence #2 (June 2015)

Heroes from Earth-2 emerge from cocoons on a barren world. Yolanda manifests claws. They learn that a portion of their world has been "collected" by Brainiac and brought to a patchwork planet called Telos, which exists outside the multiverse. Brainiac's servant, also called Telos, declares that only one of the collected cities will be spared and "replanted" on a new world. Their inhabitants must battle each other for the privilege. Note: First reference of Val-Zod as "Superman."

Convergence #1 (June 2015)

Batman and Grayson head for a nearby Gotham City and meet Oracle, Alfred, and Batman from the pre-New 52 universe. Bruce and Thomas gain a measure of peace from their meeting. The younger Batman gives Dick a Kevlar bodysuit, and a Batmobile.

Convergence #2 (June 2015)

Villains follow Batman out of Gotham. He has no more Miraclo and sacrifices himself to blow himself and them up. Dick is thrown clear but is shot by the Joker and paralyzed. Telos intervenes and snaps the Joker's neck. The other heroes find the land of Skartaris, where Deimos is holding individuals with time-based powers.

Convergence #3 (June 2015)

Telos uses his metal to give Dick armor for mobility and strength. Dick challenges Telos to defy Brainiac and remember his own past. Deimos summons Brainiac, who was imprisoned by Mister Terrific in a sphere.

Convergence #4 (June 2015)

Dick applies a batarang from the wreckage to his chest. Deimos gives Yolanda a glimpse of her counterpart, the Wildcat of the previous Earth-Two.

Convergence #5 (July 2015)

Telos moves his patchwork planet into the universe of Earth-0. Heroes and villains from pre-Flashpoint Earth-0 meet those of Earth-2. Superman encourages Dick keep encouraging Telos to question Brainiac's plan.

Convergence #6 (July 2015)

Parallax destroys Deimos, which releases the power of the Time Masters and other time-powered heroes.

Convergence #7 (July 2015)

The unleashed temporal powers threaten to turn Telos into a celestial bullet that will shatter the multiverse. Booster Gold and Waverider call forth Brainiac. He is now conflicted; he survived the Flashpoint, traveled the multiverse, and witnessed other Brainiacs. As he reached back in time he was affected by past crises and reemerged in New 52 multiverse transformed. He decides to return everyone to their homes and reset the multiverse. To do this, a group of heroes must go back to the original Crisis and changes its outcome. They succeed and all of the displaced people on Telos are restored to their now-evolved universes. As Telos departs for his own home in the Earth-0 universe, he gives the heroes of Earth-2 a boon: he restores the patchwork planet's natural resources and Green Lantern connects to its Green. The planet is transported into their universe, where they are reunited with the fleet of escape ships.

Convergence #8 (July 2015)

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