Mister Terrific

Created by Charles Resizenstein & Hal Sharpe

Terry Sloane

Ned (brother), Veronica Sinclair (neice/adoptive daughter), Victoria Sinclair (granddaughter, Roulette II)

Justice Society of America

Sensation Comics #1 (Jan. 1942)

Terry Sloane was a prodigy, a man who was good at practically everything. He used his Olympic-level athletic ability and unsurpassed knowlege to fight crime as the "Man of 1,000 Talents," Mr. Terrific. He wore his rallying cry — "Fair Play"— unabashedly on the front of his costume. He was a nominal member of the JSA during the 1940s and was not present for the team's final appearance before the HUAC committee. He'd been diverted by matters of family...

To anyone's knowledge, Terry Sloane never married, but he did leave a family legacy. In October of 1951, he rceived a ransom note for his brother Ned, who had supposedly been kidnapped by Debra Sinclair (Roulette), a casino owner in New Orleans. (JSA #69) Terry set out immediately for New Orleans but never found Ned. Instead, he discovered that Roulette had borne a daughter by Ned named Veronica; Ned was ashamed and fled the country. The ransom money was meant for Veronica's future. But naturally, Terry could not abide his neice being raised in a casino, and so he forceably took the girl. (#70) Terry then raised Veronica himself, as his daughter. It seems Veronica eventually married because in recent times, a second Roulette (Victoria Sinclair) has surfaced, calling Terry her "grandfather." (JSA #30)

After the JSA's gradual revival, he participated in only one JLA/JSA team-up — which was to be his last case. Terry was murdered at a JLA meeting by the Spirit King. His death was very soon avenged by the JSA with the help of the Spectre. (Justice League of America #171)

At one time he dated his personal assistant, Wanda Wilson.


The Super DC Calendar 1976 gave Terry Sloane's birthday as October 20.



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