Mister Terrific II

Created by John Ostrander and Tom Mandrake

Michael Holt

Paula (wife, deceased)

Justice Society of America

The Spectre vol. 3 #54 (June 1997)

Sloane never met the man who would become his successor, Michael Holt. Like Sloane, Holt possesses one of the most gifted intellects in the world (as well as several Olympic gold medals). He met his future wife, Paula, at Harvard Law School. His mind could not save him however, Paula and their unborn child were killed. Only the intervention of the Spectre put Holt’s life back on track. He was inspired by the legend of “Fair Play” begun by his equally gifted predecessor, and has become an adventurer in his own right.

In a very short time, Mr. Terrific has become a noted inventor and a skilled and decisive leader. Even the Batman appropriated his “T-sphere” technology and he was recently voted chairman of the JSA. Recently, Director Bones of the D.E.O. revealed to Michael that his wife was pregnant when she died. Recently, Mr. Terrific was critically injured in battle against the Spirit King. Near death, he met the spirits of his wife and child on the edge of the afterlife. They convinced him to return to life instead and assured him that they would be there waiting for him, when the time was right. (JSA #62)

Holt did not keep his identity a secret.


Geoff Johns said: I find it astonishing how much Mr. Terrific has grown since he was first introduced. He took a major supporting role in a Justice League cartoon. It’s fantastic. And just like the JSA itself, if you ever said Mr. Terrific would be a popular character back in ’98 you’d be laughed at. Now he’s one of the most capable leaders in the DC Universe. I’m as proud of how far we’ve brought Mr. Terrific as I am Stargirl. (from Newsarama)


Mister Terrific's motto is tattooed on his arms: "Fair Play: win the day!"

Mister Terrific's New 52 costume was designed by Cully Hamner.


Michael Holt is regarded as the "third smartest man" on the planet (after Lex Luthor and Batman). Before the age of 30, he had an Olympic gold medal, multiple degrees and net worth over a billion dollars.

His physical ability is formidable. He has demonstrated one metahuman ability—he is invisible to any artificial or technological sensor. His primary weapon/tool are his T-Spheres, small floating balls that perform surveillance, defense, and any other task Holt can imagine. When T-spheres are used under his feet, he can fly. The T-spheres create an aura around him that causes him to be invisitlbe to machines and electronic surveillance. They also affect the metamaterials woven into his clothing to provide quick access to his suit.

Appearances + References



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  • Checkmate vol. 2, 31 issues (2006–08)
  • Justice Society of America vol. 3, 54 issues (2007–11)