New 52 Earth-2 Chronology

Future's End

The events of Future's End took place five years into the hypothetical future. In this time, refugees from Earth-2 became hated on Earth-0 and its heroes were imprisoned or went underground.

Sequence of Events

Issue (Date)

The New 52: Future's End

Ships fleeing Earth-2 latch onto a beacon from Earth-0 (sent by Brother Eye) that leads Mister Terrific across the mulitversal border. They are pursued by Apokoliptian warships, Mister Miracle asks Red Arrow II (Oliver Queen) to shepherd the civilians to Earth while the other heroes fight off Apokolips. They destroy their own ship to take them out, and are presumed dead. Some troops make it to Earth, but are eventually repelled. The Teen Titans are killed. Red Arrow and Barda are aboard a same cargo ship, escorting civilians. Barda lands in Toronto and goes into hiding. There are millions of refugees and policies are put into placed to register Earth-2 people, by the new Global Peace Agency. In Seattle, Green Arrow meets his own counterpart and discovers that Earth-2 heroes have gone missing—they haven't died. Just before Miracle's ship detonated, Brother Eye emitted a pulse of energy, a teleportation of those onboard to Cadmus Island. The Queens plot Oliver's death, leave a clue for Lois Lane, and begin building an army of Outsiders to attack Cadmus.

New 52: Future's End #21 (Nov. 2014)

Five Years in the Future: Earth-0

Earth-0: Survivors from Earth-2 have taken escape craft and come to Earth-0. Zenophobia is rampant and Terry Sloan has developed goggles to identify those from Earth-2. Sonia Sato is on the run with Michael Holt. Sloan works with his Earth-0 counterpart, both wear Mister Eight costumes and traps Holt. Holt bargains away his T-spheres to the Sloans, but programs them to fail. The E-2 Sloan kills his counterpart. Before he retreats, Holt learns with special goggles that Sloan is not a native of Earth-2. Jimmy Olsen is in a wheelchair in Epoch Center for Special Children. Red Tornado is disassembled on Cadmus Island.

Earth 2: Future's End #1 (Nov. 2014)

Green Arrow fakes his death.

New 52: Future's End #1 (July 2014)

At Green Arrow's funeral, Lois Lane gets his encrypted note.

New 52: Future's End #2 (July 2014)

On Cadmus Island, an OMAC pursues Fury, who's escaped. She's brought down easily by Fifty Sue. NOTE: Fifty Sue first appeared in New 52: Future's End #1.

New 52: Future's End #5 (Aug. 2014)

Grifter learns that Cadmus is holding Earth-2 heroes as prisoners: Fury, Power Girl, Marella, Hawkgirl, Mister Miracle, Dr. Fate, and the Doom Patrol.

New 52: Future's End #9 (Sept. 2014)

Emiko Queen (Green Arrow's sister) recruits Big Barda in Vancouver.

New 52: Future's End #10 (Sept. 2014)

Cadmus is also using Earth-2 scientists, including Lana Lang (identified in #14). Emiko tells Barda her friends might not be dead. They're found by Fifty Sue and Deathstroke.

New 52: Future's End #13 (Sept. 2014)

Green Arrow's message to Lois reveals a vision of the captured Earth-2 heroes, even connecting her with the Earth-2 Red Tornado.

New 52: Future's End #14 (Oct. 2014)

Mister Miracle secretly frees himself and disguises his movements while investigating Cadmus.

New 52: Future's End #15 (Oct. 2014)

Fifty Sue adopts Lana as her "mother."

New 52: Future's End #16 (Oct. 2014)

Mister Miracle has detected their implants are growing. Hawkgirl is taken to Doctor Sook to have her implant reprogrammed. She gives a command and an OMAC kills Sook. The prisoners are released from their cells and attack, as if possessed (including Icicle and Vandal Savage?, Obisidian?, Killer Wasp?). Emiko and Barda are met by Diggle and depart for Green Arrow Island.

New 52: Future's End #17 (Oct. 2014)

Emiko, Diggle and Barda arrive on Green Arrow Island, where Oliver Queen was originally stranded. He'd known there was more to the Earth 2 situation that it seemed and began preparing for a secret war, fortifying the island. 1st app. Red Arrow II (Oliver Queen) of Earth-2. Anarchy reigns on Cadmus. Power Girl watches Deathstroke.

New 52: Future's End #18 (Nov. 2014)

Power Girl is possessed by Brother Eye and attacks Deathstroke but halts when Sue intervenes. She has a deal with Brother Eye.

New 52: Future's End #19 (Nov. 2014)

The Earth-2 heroes run free—but possessed—on Cadmus Island

New 52: Future's End #20 (Nov. 2014)

Barda learns of the Arrows' plans, and what happened they day people from Earth-2 arrived. The Outsiders prepare to attack Cadmus.

New 52: Future's End #21 (Nov. 2014)

Badly beaten, Mister Miracle and Fury try to survive, free. Fury had attacked Scott and he managed to remove her implant.

New 52: Future's End #24 (Dec. 2014)

Fifty Sue plans to free Cadmus of Brother Eye's control.

New 52: Future's End #25 (Dec. 2014)

Green Arrow readies for invasion of Cadmus. Mister Miracle is attacked by the possessed Huntress.

New 52: Future's End #27 (Jan. 2015)

Lois lands on Cadmus island, fleeing into the jungle from an OMAC she stumbles on the Red Tornado. Fifty Sue conspires with King Faraday; she's hurt that Deathstroke has apparently been in cahoots with Brother Eye without her knowledge.

New 52: Future's End #28 (Jan. 2015)

Lois talks with her counterpart. Arrow's crew land on the island, are immediately engaged by OMACs and possessed Earth-2 heroes. Oliver wants Barda to shut down Brother Eye with brute force. Fury rips Deathstroke's head off. Barda is reunited with her friends and they work together to breach the compound. The island explodes as the Outsiders escape in rafts. Hawkgirl is freed from control. Power Girl is beyond saving, too infected. She, Barda and Red Tornado are presumed dead.

New 52: Future's End #30 (Jan. 2015)

Lois returns to the United States with the story of Cadmus, publicly revealing the rescued heroes. Oliver chooses to remain "dead," his murder pinned on Cadmus.

New 52: Future's End #31 (Jan. 2015)

33 years from now: Brother Eye has taken over life on Earth. He leaves his co-creator, Michael Holt, intact.

New 52: Future's End #0 (June 2014)