JSA All-Stars

From JSA All-Stars #2 (2010); art by Freddie Williams II.

Over many years, writer Geoff Johns had expanded the Justice Society to dozens of members and installed the core concept of "legacy" in the team. Members of the modern team were now made up of so-called "legacy" heroes—those who continued in the name or spirit of their Golden Age forebears.

Members were added in two waves, leading up to the "Thy Kingdom Come" story arc. The first brought back Liberty Belle, Obsidian, and Damage; and introduced Cyclone, Starman, Tomcat and Citizen Steel. Some of those heroes had been inspired by Kingdom Come but all of Johns' second wave heroes were directly inspired by that mini-series: Judomaster, Jakeem Thunder, Lightning, Amazing Man, Mr. America, and Magog.

After Johns left the title, his successors kept adding to the team's ranks. Matt Sturges confirmed that when he and Bill Willingham took over writing for Justice Society of America in 2010, that the intent was to split the team into two. Sturges took ten JSAers with him and launched the title JSA All-Stars. The series lasted for 18 issues and featured stunning action by artist Freddie Williams II.

Most of these new characters were never developed very fully because DC chose to "reboot" its shared universe and create the New 52. Just before this, Marc Guggenheim added several of his own new members who appeared rarely.


All of the heroes below are considered members of the Justice Society in general. This table lists members of the JSA All-Stars only. When this team disbanded, its members were shown or assumed to have been reabsorbed into the larger Justice Society. (Justice Society of America vol. 3 #48-52)

Member (Real Name) Joined
1. Citizen Steel (Nathan Heywood) JSA All-Stars #1
1. Cyclone (Maxine Hunkel) Active in the JSA
1. Damage (Grant Emerson) Killed Blackest Night #4
1. Hourman II (Rick Tyler) Active in the JSA
1. Judomaster III (Sonia Sato) Active in the JSA
1. King Chimera (unrevealed) Active in the JSA
1. Magog (Lance Corporal David Reid) Killed by Max Lord, Justice League: Generation Lost #13 (2011)
1. Power Girl (Kara, Karen Starr) Active in the JSA
1. Stargirl (Courtney Whitmore, Star-Spangled Kid II) Active in the JSA
1. Tomcat (Tom Bronson, Wildcat III) Active in the JSA
11. Roxy (none) JSA All-Stars #2
12. Sand (Sanderson Hawkins, Sandy the Golden Boy, Sandman IV) JSA All-Stars #4
13. Anna Fortune (unrevealed) JSA All-Stars #5
14. Atom-Smasher (Albert Rothstein, Nuklon) JSA All-Stars #6