52: The Multiverse is Reborn

When Alexander Luthor's multiverse collapses, the leftover energy spawns a new multiverse — 52 identical universes. In space, the Red Tornado glimpses this, maps the universes, and learns how to produce the vibrational frequencies to travel between them. These parallel universes are each surrounded by a Source Wall, and there is "anti-life" between Walls. An extra-dimensional "limbo" called the Bleed is mobile and appears within the anti-life. It allows quick trnasport between universes.

52 #52 (May 2007), Countdown #39 (Oct. 2007)

The new multiverse rebirths 52 new Monitors and an Anti-Monitor (in the antimatter universe). Both the Monitor and Anti-Monitor have knowledge of the new multiverse. Over the next year, the Monitors assemble a society to survey and protect the new multiverse from a nexus that exists everywhere at once. They cannot, however, see into the Bleed. They control new Shadow Demons, which come from the anti-life (though some Monitors abhor them). Meanwhile, the Anti-Monitor takes over Biot, home of the Manhunters. He recruits the Cyborg Superman to aid him in retrofitting the androids to run off the power batteries of kidnapped Green Lanterns. He then puts the Weaponers of Qward to work, creating a multitude of yellow power rings powered by raw yellow fear of the Parallax entity. He summons Sinestro to begin building a corps of "Sinestros." NOTE: The new Manhunters first appeared in Green Lantern v.4 #3. Sinestro is first seen recruiting others in #10.

Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps Special (Aug. 2007), Countdown #39 (Oct. 2007)

Heroes grieve for Superboy. Metropolis explodes into metahuman war. Bane kills Judomaster. Prometheus kills Deadline. Black Adam beheads Amazo. Superboy-Prime kills Grundy, Mongrel, Geist, Razorsharp, Ballistic, Nightblade, Baron Blitzkreig, Charaxes and Major Disaster. The Supermen burst in to save the day, taking on Doomsday. Dr. Light has regained her powers. Superman-2 confronts Alex Luthor finally, but is overcome by Superboy. Bart Allen returns, having grown several years and wearing his grandfather's uniform. He claims that he was the only Flash to be able to return to help against Superboy. Superboy heads for Oa, hoping its destruction will restart the universe. En route, he blasts Zauriel and Breach (who turns into Captain Atom). Looker and Technocrat may have been caught in this blast. Alex Luthor blasts Nightwing. The Lanterns merely slow Superboy, who kills Galius Zed and a Lantern that looks like Tellus. Batman confronts Alex, picking up a gun, and fries, but the gun is empty. Wonder Woman enters with a sword and throws it down. In a way, they're even now. A buildling collapses and buries Alex. The Supermen take Superboy into a kryptonite field, which doesn't affect him as much, they continue to head straight through Krypton's sun, and crash land on Mogo. All of them find their powers diminished. Superman-2 dies from the battle after saying goodbye to Power Girl, Superman-1 is left powerless among kryptonite and Superboy is taken captive by the Lantern Corps. Many of the heroes who were in space disappear. A boy on a beach finds a lantern (that of the Tangent universe Green Lantern). Bart hands over the Flash mantle to Jay again, saying that Wally and Linda disappeared with their twins. the Speed Force is destroyed and Bart's power is gone. Jay retains his metahuman speed. Alex Luthor is found by Lex and the Joker, who is still bitter about being ignored. Joker kills him. Diana, Clark and Bruce meet in Gotham. Clark is powerlesss, Diana sets out to find herself, and Bruce plans to take Dick and Tim on a trip of rediscovery. Final page foreshadows things to come. On Oa, Superboy plots a way out of his green prison. 32 Lanterns died. 50 now guard him. NOTE: When this story was collected in trade paperback, the clicking sound of Batman firing the gun was removed.

Infinite Crisis #7 (June 2006)

When Alexander Luthor's rift in space collapses, a reality-warping wave sweeps across the Polaris system, hitting Donna Troy's band of heroes as Mal Duncan tries to open a portal to Rann. The Red Tornado's speaking apparatus becomes fused to Mal's chest. Supergirl is thrust into the 31st century. Adam Strange is blinded; he, Starfire and Animal Man are stranded on a tropical planet. The Red Tornado is destroyed. Cyborg and Firestorm have been merged. Hawkgirl grows to 25 feet tall. Alan Scott loses an eye.

52 #5 (June 2006)

The Elongated Man's house is destroyed by the Monster Society of Evil. He contemplates suicide but is stopped by a message on his answering machine. The funeral home tells him that Sue's grave has been defaced. The Question visits Renee Montoya, who is drinking herself to death. Dr. Sivana and other "mad scientists" are abducted by Intergang, who are secretly working with the Chinese on Oolong Island to orchestrate Black Adam's downfall. Booster Gold becomes Metropolis' protector, using information gleaned from the future and stored by Skeets. They attend a memorial for fallen heroes where, according to Skeets, Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman are scheduled to appear and Jimmy Olsen would take a Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph. Booster is rudely awakened when none of these things occur. NOTES: Though 52 was plotted as a team, each of the four writers can be identified with more specific story arcs: Black Adam by Goeff Johns, the Question by Greg Rucka, Elongated Man by Mark Waid and the space team by Grant Morrison.

52 #1 (May 2006)

Dr. Sivana discovers the compound Suspendium, which is artificial time in particle form. He subjects Mr. Mind to the metal and the creature disappears.

52 #39 (Jan. 2007)

Booster takes Skeets to Will Magnus for examination. Magnus then visits his old mentor, T.O. Morrow, in Haven penitentiary. Morrow has been following the news of the scientists disappearing (IQ, Dr. Cyclops, Dr. Death, Sivana, Mad Doctor, Dr. Tyme). During this visit, Mr. Mind takes over Skeets shell as a new cocoon during his metamorphosis. Donna Troy assumes Harbinger's former job as keeper of the history of the multiverse. NOTE: This is the first evidence that the Metal Men were "rebooted" by the Infinite Crisis. Prior to this, Will Magnus had become one of his own creations, Veridium. Skeets' presence is revealed in #52.

52 #2 (May 2006)

Gotham police find the body of Alexander Luthor Jr., which has been changed to look like Lex Luthor. S.T.A.R. Labs discover that the dead Luthor is a doppleganger. Lex uses this as his excuse — that it was the impostor who committed all the crimes he'd been accused of. Intergang approaches Black Adam in Kahndaq seeking an alliance. They offer him a captive woman (Adrianna Tomaz). He kills them. When he opens his embassy in New York, Adam kills the Terra Man on television. NOTE: Adrianna is not named until #10.

52 #3 (May 2006)

John (Steel) Irons finds he has been has been somehow tainted (later discovered to be Luthor's Everyman technology); his skin is turning to stainless steel. Ralph Dibny meets Wonder Girl's Cult of Conner, including member Devem. In space, Halo aids in bringing Donna Troy's deep-space team back to Earth. The Zeta Beam-like transmission is received in Western Australia where heroes return, but in bad shape: Alan Scott, Hawkgirl, Firestorm, Cyborg, Bumblebee and Mal.

52 #4 (May 2006)

Lex Luthor announces that he has isolated the metagene and can give anyone super powers. John Irons finds Mal Duncan repeating "52" through the through the Red Tornado's speaking apparatus.

52 #5 (June 2006)

Booster visits Rip Hunter's facility in Arizona and finds mad messages scrawled everywhere, including one that implicates Booster in some horrible event. The Green Lanterns pursue Evil Star into Chinese airspace and run afoul of the Chinese's new metahuman agents, Great Ten: August General in Iron (armor-clad), Immortal Man-in-Darkness (with a ship that forms around him), the Socialist Red Guardsman, Celestial Archer (not named until Checkmate #4), Thundermind (who channels Buddhist power) and Mother of Champions (who gives birth to supermen). Their operation is run by the Accomplished Perfect Physician from the "Great Wall." They call in "coalition" support from neighboring nations. The Lanterns destroy Evil Star's ship regardless, but are then attacked by Black Adam. The Rocket Reds also appear and allow the Lanterns passage into Russia.

52 #6 (June 2006)

Upon reading Hunter's notes, Booster realizes Skeets is harboring Mr. Mind. He and Rip plot Booster's "death" and send him back in time as Supernova. They use his own future corpse for authenticity. They then use Superman's Phantom Zone projector to simulate light and teleportation powers. Hunter uses the Atom's belt to hide in the shrunken city of Kandor.

52 #37 (Jan. 2007)

Renee Montoya call on her former lover, Katherine Kane, who is not happy to see her.

52 #7 (June 2006)

In metropolis, a new protector, Supernova, steps in to fill Superman's shoes. He eludes all attempts to question him. Luthor accepts applicants for his gene therapy, but notices Natasha Irons in the crowd and singles her out for special treatment. NOTE: The character of Supernova is based on Nova, an alias of Superman's from World's Finest #178 (1968).

52 #8 (June 2006)

Natasha becomes part of a teen group assembled by Luthor. She now has super-strength and invulnerability. Batwoman watches Renee and the Question.

52 #9 (July 2006)

Black Adam calls heroes from around the world to propose a coalition and the writing of a Freedom of Power Treaty, which will allow lethal force against American metas. It is interruped by Adrianna Tomaz, who opposes his methods. Will Magnus shows Morrow that he's found a strange a hatched cocoon (that of Mr. Mind).

52 #10 (July 2006)

Adrianna challenges Black Adam to use his power for peace and good. He takes her to the Rock of Eternity, where Captain Marvel is barely holding onto sanity keeping the Seven Deadly Enemies of Man contained. There Adam finds the amulet that imprisoned him for millennia and reveals that Shazam imprisoned another powerful force there. He gives this talisman to Adrianna and she is infused with the power of Isis (last used by Egypt's Queen Hatshepsut).

52 #12 (July 2006)

Magnus finds that Morrow has vanished from his cell.

52 #14 (Aug. 2006)

Booster Gold is upstaged by Supernova but apparently sacrifices his life protecting Metropolis from a nuclear explosion.

52 #15 (Aug. 2006)

Black Adam proposes to Isis. Captain Marvel, Mary Marvel and Marvel Jr. attend their wedding.

52 #16 (Aug. 2006)

Luthor's new teen super-team springs into action against Kobra agents: Erik Storn/Fury III, Eliza Harmon/Trajectory, Hannibal Bates/Everyman, Gerome McKenna/Nuklon II, Jacob Colby/Skyman II and Natasha Irons as Starlight. In deep space, the stranded Adam Strange, Starfire and Animal Man encounter Lobo, who has supposedly renounced violence. The Red Tornado's body is found in Australia. NOTE: Luthor's team take hero names in issue #21.

52 #17 (Aug. 2006)

Tim Trench dies in the the House of Mystery after donning the Helm of Fate (which was actually a fake made by Felix Faust). The Detective Chimp hands the helmet over to Ralph Dibny, who begins a quest for the magical power to reunite him with Sue. After Booster Gold's funeral, Skeets/Mr. Mind meets Gold's ancestor, Daniel Michael Carter.

52 #18 (Sept. 2006)

Skeets/Mr. Mind uses Daniel to gain access to Rip Hunter's lab. Daniel is pulled through a portal to one million years in the future. Lobo reveals that he is archbishop of the First Celestial Church of the Triple Fish-God — and he has possession of one of the Emerald Eyes.

52 #19 (Sept. 2006)

Supernova invades the Batcave looking for luthor's kryptonite gauntlet. Adam Strange's team inadvertently summons the owner of the Emerald Eye, the Emerald Head of Ekron.

52 #20 (Sept. 2006)

Luthor teen team take the name Infinity, Inc., whose copyright Lex bought from the Pemberton estate. They meet Beast Boy's Teen Titans (1st app. of Zachary Zatara, Little Barda and Power Boy).

52 #21 (Sept. 2006)

Jon Standing Dear arrives in Metropolis for his father's funeral. His grandfather passes to Jon the family's Manitou Stone, which first empowered an Iroquois warrior to be the Super-Chief. Will Magnus mentions having gone a bit crazy after creating a rogue Plutonium Man. He too is kidnapped. Luthor dubs his gene therapy the Everyman program.

52 #22 (Oct. 2006)

Magnus awakes on Oolong Island, finding Intergang has created a Science Squad from all the missing scientists. Black Adam and Isis locate her brother, Amon Tomaz and Adam empowers him with the power of his Egyptian gods to become Osiris. NOTES: Oolong Island was the pre-Crisis home to Egg Fu, foe of Wonder Woman, 1st app. Wonder Woman #157 (1965). The scientists call him "Egg Fu" behind his back.

52 #23 (Oct. 2006)

Oliver Queen decides to run for mayor of Star City. He receives a call from the new Firestorm on his JLA communicator, asking him to join a new JLA, organized by Firehawk. They have gathered the new Super-Chief II, Bulleteer and Ambush Bug. This team is put down by Skeets/Mr. Mind, who turns evil and kills many of Luthor's new metas and Super-Chief. Firehawk disbands her "JLA." After this debacle, the President urges the United Nations to sign Checkmate back into existence. NOTE: Memorial statues made by J'onn in the JLA's Happy Harbor headquarters reveal that Major Disaster and the Yazz have died.

52 #24 (Oct. 2006)

Intergang boss Bueno Mannheim meets with his partner on Oolong Island, Chang Tzu, a orb-shaped cybernetic Chinese mutant. The (faux) Helmet of Fate brings Ralph Dibny to Hell. Alan Scott tells the JSA that the U.N. wants him to be the new White King of Checkmate. He agrees only if Mr. Terrific can be his Bishop.

52 #25 (Oct. 2006)

In Nanda Parbat, the Question reveals that he is dying of lung cancer. Natasha and John Irons appear on the Gotham City TV talk show "You are Wrong," with host Jack Ryder. The Black Marvel family attend dinner at the home of Dr. Sivana. (1st post-Crisis app. of Venus, Beautia, Magnificus, Junior and Georgia Sivana.) Outside, Osiris meets a crocodile man, a supposed result of Sivana's experiments. Osiris later names him Sobek. This creature is later revealed to be the first of Intergang's Four Horsemen, Yuurd. NOTE: 1st appearance of the new Jack Ryder; the Creeper is rebooted with the Infinite Crisis. He becomes the Creeper in The Creeper v.3 mini-series (2006).

52 #26 (Nov. 2006)

The Spectre offers Ralphy Dibny the chance to kill Jean Loring in revenge. Skeets/Mr. Mind visits Waverider looking for Rip Hunter, who knows Skeets poses some threat. Skeets claims that he is made of Waverider's metallic hide and apparently kills Waverider.

52 #27 (Nov. 2006)

Lobo discovers that the Emerald Head is actually a ship piloted by the former Green Lantern of Vengar, who warns of an approaching destroyer.

52 #28 (Nov. 2006)

The JSA meet the new Infinity Inc. and their newest member, Nicki Jones, Jade II. Sandy Hawkins is referred to as Sandman (III).

52 #29 (Nov. 2006)

Bruce Wayne wanders into the desert, to the "Empty Quarter," to face a trial as he did years before. His adversaries "kill" the demon inside him and he emerges claiming that Batman is now gone.

52 #30 (Nov. 2006)

Two Green Lanterns and Captain Comet visit a planet ravaged by Lady Styx, whom the Guardians say comes from an eternal pit "beyond the gates of spacetime." Styx has built an army of the dead called her Darkstars. Comet is tortured by the Darkstars and sends his consciousness out of his dying body.

52 #31 (Dec. 2006)

Ralph gains a confusing audience with Rama Kushna. The Titans hold a membership drive at the Tower (1st chronological appearance of Mas y Menos, Offspring, Young Frankenstein, Talon (from another Earth), Miss Martian, Bombshell and Mote. NOTE: Many of these Titans were hinted at in Teen Titans v.3 #34.

52 #32 (Dec. 2006)

Ralph steals a magic gun from the Flash Museum. Commissioner Gordon returns to the Gotham City Police Department. Amanda Waller mobilizes a Suicide Squad to attack Black Adam (Atom-Smasher, Boomerang, Electrocutioner, Plastique, Vertigo, Persuader).

52 #33 (Dec. 2006)

Osiris goes berserk and smashes Persuader in half, giving Waller the damning public footage she sought. Luthor kidnaps Clark Kent for info on Supernova. Despite the truth serum (synthesized form analyzing Wonder Woman's magic lasso), he declares that Supernova is NOT Superman.

52 #34 (Dec. 2006)

At the stroke of the New Year, Luthor terminates the powers on all Everyman recipients except Infinity. Plastic Man calls Offspring his son, Ernie. NOTE: This is the first concrete acknowledgement of this; the two appear to be close. It is unclear whether the appearance of Offspring in post-Infinite Crisis continuity eliminates the existence of his other son, Luke McDonagh.

52 #35 (Jan. 2007)

Lobo pretends to bring Adam and the others to Lady Styx. Styx turns on all of them. The Emerald saves them by taking Styx into a cosmic organism that digests her and explodes. Animal Man takes a fatal blow. Supernova brings Starman's rod and Luthor's gauntlet to Rip Hunter on Kandor, where he is seeking a power source for his chronosphere. Skeets/Mr. Mind locates them there.

52 #36 (Jan. 2007)

Skeets learns that Supernova is Booster Gold. Gold and Rip Hunter turn the Phantom Zone projector on Skeets/Mr. Mind, but something Skeets merely consumes the Zone and its prisoners. Skeets follows them as they disappear into space/time. Starfire and Adam Strange leave Animal Man for dead and depart. Afterwards, he awakes in the company of the aliens who first gave him his powers. NOTE: The "DC Nation" column in the back of this issue reveals in a coded message that the "secret of 52" is that "the secret of fifty-two is that the multiverse still exists." The message was spelled out using the first letter of every third word.

52 #37 (Jan. 2007)

The Question dies in Nanda Parbat. Chang Tzu's project comes to fruition. It is based on the "Book of the Revelation of Apokolips" that describes Four Horsemen and how to summon them: Azraeuz, silent king of the age of death; Yurrd the unknown of the Age of Hunger; Roggra of the Age of War; Zorrm of the Age of Fevers. The Horsemen emerge uttering Black Adam's name.

52 #38 (Jan. 2007)

Natasha Irons discovers that her teammate Everyman has killed her boyfriend Skyman and is working as a spy for Luthor. Luthor finally succeeds in applying the Everyman process to himself, and beats Natasha. Ralph and "Fate" travel to Atlantis where they meet the former Aquaman, who is a bit scatterbrained. On Oolong, the horsemen depart for Kahndaq. Will Magnus secretly creates a miniature Mercury Metal Man.

52 #39 (Jan. 2007)

Steel and the Titans confront the super-powered Luthor.

52 #40 (Feb. 2007)

Adam Strange and Starfire are rescued by the Green Lantern Mogo. Renee Montoya undergoes training in Nanda Parbat. Ralph Dibny acquires the last piece of his magical puzzle.

52 #41 (Feb. 2007)

Ralph Dibny makes his final stand. He seals himself and the "Helmet of Fate" inside Fate's tower in Salem, Massachusetts. He reveals that he's known all along that the Helmet was a fake, inhabited by Felix Faust. Faust was trying to trick Ralph into taking his place in Hell and fulfill a deal with Neron. Ralph unveils his powers once again (he's been drinking Gingold not alcohol). Ralph uses a mystical gun to force Faust out of the Helmet. The gun is from Neron and when fired, makes Ralph's wish come true "I wish I were with Sue." Neron sends Ralph one but the demon finds himself trapped in the Tower. At Elysium cemetery, Fire discovers Ralph's ring on Sue's tombstone.

52 #42 (Feb. 2007)

Sobek kills Osiris, revealing that he was the first of Intergang's Four Horsemen. The aliens restore Buddy Baker's "morphogenic graft" to Earth's animal world. He channels the power of a Sun Eater to map his way home, and glimpses the new multiverse. Lady Styx is birthed anew.

52 #43 (Feb. 2007)

Zorrm (pestilence) infects Isis beyond her powers to repair and she dies. Yuurd (Sobek) calls his Horsemen the Monster Society. Black Adam kills Yuurd, Roggra (war) and Zorrm. As Isis dies, she implores him to avenge her.

52 #44 (Mar. 2007)

Black Adam is consumed by grief and heads to Bialya after Azraeuz (death). Bialya is also under Intergang control. The Pentagon mobilizes Checkmate and Waller calls on Atom-Smasher to head the Suicide Squad. He refuses and blackmails Waller into giving him a pardon. The Chinese also respond but supicions grow as to China's involvement on Oolong. Adam brings down Death itself and kills many innocents to uncover information about the scientists on Oolong.

52 #45 (Mar. 2007)

Week 45, Day 1: The Martian Manhunter engages Black Adam but is mentally overwhelmed by Adam's grief and the death thoughts of millions of Bialyans. Adam calls down lightning onto J'onn and he is driven near mad.

52/World War III: A Call to Arms (June 2007)

The scientists manage to subdue Black Adam and Sivana takes him for experimentation. Luthor is arrested by Steel but Clark Kent senses it's not really him, but Everyman. The JSA clean up in Bialya.

52 #46 (Mar. 2007)

Wonder Woman, Batman and Robin arrive in Nanda Parbat. Diana learns from Rama Kushna that it's good that she has sufffered as mortals do. Bruce emerges with a smile from one of his trials. Animal Man confronts his creators, who reside in Space B, accessible from anywhere, and the means by which the Sun Eaters travel. John Irons reveals a new Steelworks, a sort of think tank.

52 #47 (Mar. 2007)

Nightwing and Renee Montoya battle Intergang demons to save Batwoman from becoming their sacrifice. Chang Tzu opens up bidding on Black Adam himself.

52 #48 (Apr. 2007)

The JSA and Great Ten arrive on Oolong. The Chinese threaten war if they oppse them. Alan guesses that Tzu was a member of the Great Ten, which they deny. Magnus unveils his responsometer technology, which animates and personifies elements. Iron, Tin, Gold and Mercury attack Chang Tzu, destroying him from inside and out. Sivana retreats, leaving Adam to free himself.

52 #49 (Apr. 2007)


Week 50 Day 1: Black Adam destroys U.S. miliary craft and is intercepted by Father Time and S.H.A.D.E. He rips Time's face off and kills the Silent Majority clone. The Bride comments that Time was due to "molt." Jason Todd dons the guise of Nightwing (II) and kills some New York gangsters. Firehawk meets Firestorm; the two kiss and merge. They stop an aircraft carrier from crashing into New York. The new Global Guardians spring to action. Deathstroke coerces Batgirl and begins drugging her.

52/World War III: A Call to Arms (June 2007)

Week 50 Day 2: The Marvel family engages Adam in Egypt but Adam moves onto China. Day 3: The JSA cleans up after Adam In Australia.

52 #50 (Apr. 2007)

Week 50, Day 4: Supergirl returns from the 31st century and is found by Power Girl. J'onn regains some control over his mind and gets back onto Adam's trail. Donna Troy assumes the mantle of Wonder Woman IV. In Sub Diego, Aquaman appeals to his gods to save the people who can now not survive underwater. They agree, but the price is Orin's transformation; he becomes half water and his head is made of tentacles. Part of Sub Diego is raised again. Bumblebee and Vox appear as members of the Doom Patrol. NOTE: 1st chronological appearance of the reformed Doom Patrol.

52/World War III: The Valiant (June 2007)

Week 50, Day 5: Teen Titans engage Adam in Greece. Zatara is critically injured and Adam rips off Young Frankenstein's arms. In the Himalayas, Adam trounces them, killing Terra. Amanda Waller recruits the Bronze Tiger to rescue Rick Flag, who has been alive. Director Bones sets up Kate Spencer (Manhunter) in private practice. J'onn returns to his Midvale police office and reveals his true identity to them. He destroys the condemned Terrell building where he used to keep an office. He puts all his own lies behind him, intending to walk honestly among humans.

52/World War III: Hell is for Heroes (June 2007)

Week 50, Day 6: Adam takes out the Great Ten one by one and kills the Yeti. The August General has no choice but to allow the JSA into their borders to help. Captain Marvel returns to the Rock to meet fellow magicians and fails to petition Adam's Egyptian patrons to sever their ties. When Steel is ready to fire on Adam, Booster Gold intervenes and steals their rocket and disappears. NOTE: The events described as "Day 6" in this issue are also said to be "Day 7" in the next entry.

52 #50 (Apr. 2007)

Week 50, Day 7: Alan Scott leads the heroes in the final battle against Black Adam. J'onn confronts Adam again with full force and just as J'onn reeled from Adams memories, so does Adam when forced to relive J'onn's pain. This cripples him long enough for Captain Marvel to deliver a bolt of magical lightning. J'onn emerges a new man, with a new costume. The new band of 52 Monitors watch, and portend Earth's darkest hour.

52/World War III: United We Stand (June 2007)

Week 50, Day 7: In the end, Marvel leads the charge, calling magical lightning and holding it onto Adam with the magicians' help. They force him to change and Adam is caught in freefall by Atom Smasher, which the others do not see; they don't know if he's survived. Marvel says that he has changed Adams magic transformation word. T.O. Morrow arrives in the Rocky Mountains with the remains of the Red Tornado and views the Tornado's last sights. He's met by Booster and Hunter.

52 #50 (Apr. 2007)

Animal Man returns home, followed by Starfire who protects him from the assassins of Lady Styx. At a memorial for Superboy, Robin dons a new uniform colored red and black in honor of Connor. Wonder Girl leaves without speaking to him. Sardath gives Adam Strange new eyes cloned from his daughter's. Lobo returns to his church to speak to its leader, Three-In-One, who sought the Emerald Eye because it was the one thing that could kill him. Lobo uses it just for that. Mr. Mind finds Hunter and Booster in Morrow's lab and reveals that he has spent 52 weeks in Skeets' shell, gestating into a new form. Rip and Booster flee into the timestream with Red Tornado's head. NOTE: The secret origin story features the Justice League and changes continuity to include Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman as League founders — as well as Black Canary. Essentially, the events of JLA: Year One remain intact, and the "Big 3" are said to have limited involvement during the League's first year.

52 #51 (Apr. 2007)

The newly-minted Mr. Mind attacks by regurgitating the Phantom Zone, freeing Supernova (Daniel Carter). Rip Hunter finally shows Booster Gold and Daniel the new multiverse. They follow Mind to Earth-17 where the newly-evolved beast demonstrates his new ability to "eat" time — to consume events from the past, space and time. Each time he does so, the universe completely changed and reconfigured. Earth-2 becomes dominated by the JSA; Earth-3 by the Crime Syndicate; Earth-4 Charlton heroes; Earth-5, Fawcett City heroes; Earth-10, the Freedom Fighters; Earth-17, the Atomic Knights; Earth-22 by the "Kingdom"; Earth-50, the Wildstorm universe. NOTE: In an interview with Newsarama, Geoff Johns volunteered: "You have New Earth, and then you have Earth-1 through Earth-51."If they allow Mind to spawn he'll continue to consume all life. Booster leaves to retrieve the Scarab of Kha-ef-Re from Ted Kord on the day after the first Crisis. (The Blue Beetle doesn't realize he's taken it, and this is why he never benefitted from the scarab's powers). Hunter takes more Suspendium from Dr. Sivana, using it to power Supernova's suit and to line Skeets' shell. They trap Mr. Mind inside Skeets and then charge the Suspendium with chronal energy by hurtling it back through time. My the time Daniel reaches Week 1, Day 1, it has sufficient energy and Daniel pounds it into the Earth. This strips Mr. Mind of his powers and he reverts to larval form, where he is found by Sivana and stored. This effectively traps Mr. Mind in a time loop. Hunter implores them not to reveal the multiverse to anyone. Booster visits Dr. Magnus, who reveals he has a backup copy of Skeets from a year ago, which they restore. In Kahndaq, someone retrieves the Amulet of Isis. In Alabama, a hell hole opens up and the ghostly Ralph and Sue Dibny emerge to solve the mystery. Renee Montoya, the new Question (II) restores the Bat Signal and calls Batman. Batwoman recovers from the stab to the chest.

52 #52 (May 2007)

Oliver Queen is elected Mayor of Star City. Since the Crisis, he has not been active as Green Arrow. NOTE: The exact timing of the election is unclear. He is already mayor in this issue.

Green Arrow #60 (May 2006)

The Monitors from all 52 universes form a society to oversee the anomalies wrought by the second Crisis. They assert that many anomalies were and that another grave danger looms. NOTE: It is uncertain whether the 52 Monitors formed their aliiance before or after Mr. Mind created a diversity in the multiverse.

DCU: Brave New World (Aug. 2006)

One Year Later

The Martian Manhunter is contacted mentally by a fellow Martian, Roh Kar. Upon investigation, he finds others imprisoned, who turn out to be White Martians sold into captivity years before by a green female Martian named Cay'An. Three of the Whites survive, including young Till'all, whom J'onn entrusts to the JLA's care. Cay'an disappears.

DCU: Brave New World (Aug. 2006), Martian Manhunter v.3 #1-8 (Oct. 2006-Apr. 2007)

Gotham City TV show host Jack Ryder falls prey to scientist Emil Yatz. Yatz uses Joker venom as part of a process that transforms Ryder into the Creeper.

DCU: Brave New World (Aug. 2006), The Creeper v.3 #1-6 (Oct. 2006–Mar. 2007)

Ryan Choi, a protege of Ray Palmer, moves from Hong Kong to Ivy University to teach physics. When he arrives, he finds that Palmer has bequeathed him his size-changing belt. He becomes the new Atom (IV).

DCU: Brave New World (Aug. 2006), The All-New Atom #1 (Sept. 2006)

All of Shazam's power returns to Billy Batson, who simply calls himself Marvel. He builds his home in the new Rock of Eternity and challenges Freddy Freeman to a series of trials to earn back the power of their gods. If he completes the trials, he will become the "new Shazam."

DCU: Brave New World (Aug. 2006), The Trials of Shazam #1-2 (Oct.–Nov. 2006)

Uncle Sam forms a new Freedom Fighters from the ashes of Father Time's S.H.A.D.E. operations. Members include Firebrand IV (Andre Twist), Doll Man IV (Lester Colt), Human Bomb II (Andrew Franklin), Phantom Lady III (Stormy Knight), The Ray III (Stan Silver), Black Condor III (John Trujillo), Invisible Hood II (Ken Thurston), Red Bee II (Jenna Raleigh). And later he is rejoined by Miss America and the Ray II (Ray Terrill).

DCU: Brave New World (Aug. 2006), Crisis Aftermath: The Battle for Blüdhaven #1-6 (June–Sept. 2006), Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters #1-8 (Oct. 2006–Apr. 2007)

Six new Atomic Knights are activated (Gardner Grayle, Marene and Douglas Herald, Bryndon, Wayne and Hollis Hobard) to protect Blüdhaven. (#1) The Atomic Knights find a comatose Captain Atom in a government facility in Blüdhaven. (#2) They manage to take his body from Father Time's guards. (#4) Captain Atom's shell is cracked (#5) and to prevent him from detonating, the Knights put him in the Monarch suit once again. Atom awakens thinking he is a prisoner. He's angered that the government has restarted the Atom Project and vows to end its activities in Blüdhaven. Atom warns everyone to evacuate then destroys what remains of the city. (#6) NOTE: It is unclear whether Grayle's past history with the Outsiders remains intact.

Crisis Aftermath: The Battle for Blüdhaven #1-6 (June–Sept. 2006)

Aquaman becomes a freakish amnesiac recluse known as the Dweller in the Depths. In Avalon Cay, Florida, the metahuman Arthur Joseph Curry is left homeless after a hurricane. The boy cannot remain out of water for long. He explores his newfound strength, and meets the King Shark, who takes him to the Dweller. The Dweller dresses him in a uniform which effectively makes him the new Aquaman (II). They meet Mera, who is trying to rebuild Atlantis. NOTE: Arthur is essentially the pre-Crisis Aquaman, whose father was of the land and mother of the sea.

Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis #40-43 (May–Aug. 2006)

When Catwoman gives birth to a baby girl, Helena (the father is Sam Bradley, who has since died). She and Wildcat train her friend Holly Robinson to become Catwoman II. Her new identity as "Irena Dubrovna" is immediatly compromised by the Film Freak. Selina forces Zatanna to repay her for wiping her memories in the past, and to wipe the Freak's memories of her secret identity. NOTE: Irena Dubrovna was the the lead character in the original "Cat People."

Catwoman #53-58 (May–Oct. 2006)

Checkmate is reorganized with Amanda Waller as the White Queen. White King: Alan Scott; White King's Bishop, Michael Holt; White King's Knight: Thomas Jagger; White Queen's Bishop: King Faraday; White queen's Knight: Werner Vertigo; Black Queen: Sasha Bordeaux; Black Queen's Bishop: Jessica Midnight; Black Queen's Knight: Jonah McCarthy; Black King: Col. Taleb Beni Khalid-Isr; Black King's Bishop: Shen Li Po; Black King's Knight: Beatriz DaCosta. When they discover that Kobra has compromised a sensitive Chinese facility, Alan Scott compromises his position and is not reinstated as King. Meanwhile, Waller conducts secret Suicide Squad missions. NOTE: Jagger is the gay son of the original Judomaster.

Checkmate v.2 #1-4 (June–Sept. 2006)

Face the Face: After protecting Gotham City in Batman's absence, Harvey Dent begins feeling obsolete when the Dark Knight returns. Gotham's new crime boss, the Great White Shark frames Harvey for the murders of criminals such as the Ventriloquist and Orca. Harvey becomes unstable again and re-scars his face. Jim Gordon again serves as Police Commissioner and Harvey Bullock is reinstated.

Batman #651-654 (May–Aug. 2006) Detective Comics #817-820 (May–Aug. 2006)

Hawkgirl returns to St. Roch alone and assumes some of Carter's duties at the Stonechat Museum. Her ancient enemy, Hath-Set returns to plague her as Roderic Doyle.

Hawkgirl #50 (May 2006)

Kyle Rayner is chosen by the Guardians to be their "torch bearer." He meets the universe's strange new Monitor. Two boys find a green lantern from a parallel universe (later known as Earth-9). This draws the Atom and Flash (Lia Nelson) from that Earth. The herores use the lantern to summon their Green Lantern. (#9) Kyle then finds himself in the Bleed, into which the boys have been shunted by the arrival of the "Tangent" heroes on New Earth. He also meets Captain Atom, who has returned from his trip to Earth-50 and is disposing of Daemonites. Atom claims that the Monitors cannot see into the Bleed. (#10) Kyle's mother dies of a strange illness (#12) which he later learns was caused by the Sinestro Corps. (Sinestro Corps Special) NOTES: This Monitor is that of New Earth, later named "Bob."

Ion #1-12 (June 2006-May 2007)

Hal rejoins the Air Force and meets Jilliian Pearlman, "Cowgirl." The Manhunters offer a bounty on Hal Jordan. A band of Saturnian Faceless Hunters mind-controls the new Global Guardians (Jet (resurrected), Tasmanian Devil, Gloss, Sandstorm of Syria, Manticore IV of Greece and Crimson Fox III) to be their agents. Many of the Green Lanterns that were killed by Hal as Parallax are found alive on the Manhunters' homeworld, Biot. Arisia is also among them. The Cyborg Superman has been leading them.

Green Lantern #10-13 (May–Aug. 2006)

The barely-active Justice Society reteams to stop the Gentleman Ghost. During the battle, they are aided by the ghosts of Jade, Atom, Sandman, Mr. Terrific and the Batman of Earth-Two. The JSA headquarters is destroyed and the Flash considers disbanding the team, but his wife scolds him, saying that they're essential.

JSA #83-87 (May–Sept. 2006)

Director Bones assigns Kate Spencer to defend Dr. Psycho for the murder of the Hangmen. Dr. Mid-Nite testifies for the prosecution. The Society chooses to let Psycho stand trial rather than break him out. Talia reasons that if he is found guilty, the public will think the Society is weakened. But just before the "not guilty" verdict can be read, they intervene, but the Manhunter manages to capture him and he returns to custody. NOTE: The murders occurred in Action #830-831.

Manhunter #20-24 (May–Sept. 2006)

Dick Grayson seeks out Jason Todd, who has been acting as Nightwing (II) in New York City.

Nightwing #118 (May 2006)

The Shadowpact encounter the the Pentacle, a team of dark mystics who take over Riverrock, Wyoming. When the Enchantress is finally able to remove the barrier between them and the rest of the world, time distorts and they age one year. Instead of spilling blood with her spell, she took a year from every person in the town. In the process, an actual year passed as well. The Chimp's friend, Rex the Wonder Dog greets them when they return.

Shadowpact #1-3 (July–Sept. 2006)

After returning to the 21st centuryl, Supergirl joins Power Girl venturing into the shrunken city of Kandor. Kara is seeking information about the possible survival of her home, Argo City. They take the guises of Nightwing (Power Girl) and Flamebird (Supergirl) and lead the resistance against "The Cult of El." They discover the Cult is led by none other than the Ultraman and Saturn Queen — who'd both slipped through the cracks of the Crisis. Saturn Queen says that Alexander Luthor threw the LSV's plans into chaos and she and Ultraman wound up in the Phantom Zone. On Kandor, Ultraman uses the name "Kal-El" (which may have been his true name before, but this was never established). Saturn Queen offers Supergirl information about Argo City, which Kara accepts and agrees to leave Kandor. NOTE: It is not clear whether Ultraman is the pre-Crisis one from Earth-3 or that of the antimatter universe. In the post-Infinite Crisis multiverse, the antimatter Crime Syndicate may have been wiped out, as hinted in JLA Secret Files 2004.

Supergirl #6-8 (Apr.–Sept. 2006)

Since returning from space, Cyborg has been unconscious, recovering. The Titans' roster has changed frequently and only Robin remains with newcomers Ravager, Kid Devil and teen wonders Wendy and Marvin. Cyborg awkaes and they convince Wonder Girl to return to the fold. They meet Beast Boy, who has rejoined the Doom Patrol along with former Titans Mal and Bumblebee. The Cheif has returned, been forgiven for his sins and reconstituted the long-dead Rita Farr. The Chief had kept her brain for years and treated it with special proteins to regrow her. Mento is also back, and unstable. Negative Man is similarly inexplicably returned. They confront the Brain's new Brotherhood of Evil, with new members Gemini, the Elephant-Man and Goldilocks. NOTES: This issue establishes that Doom Patrol history has reverted to its origins following the Crisis. John' Byrne's Patrol no longer exists.

Teen Titans #34-36 (May–July 2006)

Bruce Wayne sets Diana up with a job in the Department of Metahuman Affairs as Diana Prince. Her partner is Nemesis and they work for Sarge Steel. When Circe attacks Donna Troy (the current Wonder Woman), Diana comes out from retirement and resumes her role as Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman v.3 #1-4 (Aug. 2006-Feb. 2007)

Up Up and Away: After spending a year powerless and returning to his reporter's roots, Superman's owers begin to gradually return. Friends like Hal Jordan, Hawkgirl and Supergirl have helped keep the peace in Metropolis. Lex Luthor is acquitted of over 120 criminal charges, but faces harsher judgment in the court of public opinion. Luthor finds a Kryptonian sunstone space ship that crashed to Earth in 1938 and manipulates the sunstone to his advantage. (The ship was commanded by Dru-Zod during Krytpon's age of conquest.) Lana Lange becomes the CEO of Lexcorp. NOTES: This arc establishes Superman's post-Infinite Crisis continuity. Superman: Birthright is now his origin. He knew Luthor in Smallville. His Fortress resembles that of the Superman movies, and the sunstone crystals play an important role for he and Supergirl. And like the "Legion of Super-Heroes" cartoon, he is also said to have been a Legion member as a boy (though never taking the name Superboy).

Superman #650-653 (May–Aug. 2006), Action Comics #837-840 (May–Aug. 2006)

The Trial of Wonder Woman: Though the Hague has exonerated Wonder Woman for killing Maxwell Lord, the U.S. government pursues their own case against her. Diana hires Manhunter, agreeing to help train her as payment. During the trial, complete footage of Lord's death is released, but Diana refuses to let Kate use the footage because she doesn't want Superman's reputation tarnished. Kate goes around her, calling Lois Lane to ask for Superman's help. After speaking to counsel, Superman convinces them to drop the case, but legally they cannot. The jury does not indict Wonder Woman.

Manhunter #26-30 (Feb.–June. 2007)

As they have since forming the JLA, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman convene for their once-yearly meeting. After emerging from their year-long sabbaticals, they are urged by the JSA to reform the JLA. They begin reviewing candidates. At the same time, Black Canary and Hal Jordan begin recruiting as well. Once formed, Black Canary is elected Chariperson. Black Lightning and Roy Harper (as Red Arrow) join for the first time. Vixen, Red Tornado and Hawkgirl rejoin. NOTES: Flashbacks reveal numerous changes to continuity, the most major being the Silver Age debut of Wonder Woman, who is once again considered a JLA founder. She is shown in many of her Silver Age incarnations, including her depowered "I Ching" phase. This new continuity places the "Big Three " at the heart of the JLA, as opposed to post-Crisis continuity which de-emphasized their roles in the JLA. There are allusions to future events: the marriage of Hal Jordan and that of Diana, the death of Batman, the discovery of a second Earth, the funeral of Jonathan Kent.

Justice League of America v.2 #0-2 (Sept.–Nov. 2006)

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