Part 2: Infinite Crisis

The Infinite Crisis Prelude

In their extra-dimensional "haven," Alexander Luthor Jr. of Earth-3 begins to warp reality in response to Lois Lane's deteriorating health. Watching from outside of the timestream, Alex and the Superboy of Earth-Prime are incensed by the way the heroes of Earth have "squandered" their lives while they are forced to live outside reality. With Superman's attentions focused on Lois, they find a way to free themselves from their self-imposed prison and begin a plan to alter reality and create a "better" world. In space, Prime alters the gravitational makeup of the universe, shifting its center to where Earth-Two's once laid. Alex manipulates the host-less Spectre into beating magic back to its rawest form. They also recover the Anti-monitor's corpse to form a tower that will channel their energies.

Infinite Crisis #4 (Feb. 2006)

Alexander Luthor begins impersonating Lex Luthor. He takes advantage of the fear spread by rumors of the JLA's mindwipe of Dr. Light, and recruits others to form a new super-villain Society. He tells them that his premise is to construct a device to do the same thing to the heroes. He first recruits core members Dr. Psycho, Deathstroke, Talia, Black Adam and the Calculator. They all move on to recruit others. NOTE: The Society first appeared in shadow with Luthor in Adv. of Superman #636 (March); next in JSA #70 (April) when they recruit Adam; then in Wonder Woman #214 (May) with Psycho recruiting Zoom; and also shadowed in Teen Titans #23 (June), revealing Deathstroke. The name "Society" was used in JSA #70. They are not all fully revealed until Villains United #1 (July).

Adv. of Superman #636 (Mar. 2005); JSA #70 (Apr. 2005)

Kate Spencer (Manhunter) is paid a visit by the JLA, as a courtesy, while they are in L.A. investigating the Shadow Thief's murder of Firestorm. They find Sands and take him into custody. (#5) The Calculator and the Society send assassins after Shadow Thief. (#6-8) Manhunter stops them and kills the Monocle. The judge rules a mistrial.

Manhunter #5-10 (Feb.–July 2005)

In the antimatter universe, the Crime Syndicate discovers the existence of Qward and also learn that their universe has been dismantled then reintegrated (JLA/Avengers) and that the JLA is partly to blame. They use the antimatter Brainiac's technology to travel to matter-Earth for information, disguising themselves as the JLA . They eventually discover that a fundamental law has been changed by Krona's cosmic restructuring: they can now remain for unlimited amounts of time in the matter universe. The Qwardians retaliate against the CSA using the ancient power of their god, Erdammeru the Void Hound. The new Construct helps the JLA anticipate the Qwardians' arrival and Batman brokers peace. The Qwardians then turn on their known enemy, the CSA, vowing to ravage the antimatter Earth. Together, the JLA and CSA imprison the Void Hound's electronic mind; the Qwardians retreat and the CSA are left owing the Justice League a favor. The Qwardians leave the antimatter Earth in chaos. Batman then checks on the cosmic egg containing Krona. But Metron is also watching the egg — which is growing — and sends out false readings about its status.

JLA #108-114 (Jan.–July 2005)


Adam Strange and Superman discover that the planet Rann has been destroyed when its sun went supernova. Adam is then attacked by alien bounty hunters who claim that Rann's disappearance had been faked.

Adam Strange #1 (Nov. 2004)

Adam and Thanagarian commander Sh'ri Valkyr discover evidence that Rann has been teleported away. The Thanagarians sentence Adam for execution.

Adam Strange #2-3 (Dec. 2004-Jan. 2005)

Adam escapes and discovers a device called the Omega Beam, which draws power from the fabric of space/time. The search for Rann leads to Maltus — new headquarters of the L.E.G.I.O.N.

Adam Strange #4-5 (Jan.–Feb. 2005)

A clone of Adam's father-in-law Sardath gives Adam coordinates to Rann and he is reunited with his wife, Alanna. Sardath had used the new Omega Beam to transport Rann and its three suns into an empty universe to escape Starbreaker. When it's reinserted to normal space, the planet appears in the Polaris System — home of Thanagar. Rann's presence strips Thanagar's atmosphere and destabilizes its orbit.

Adam Strange #6-8 (Apr.–June 2005)

During a medical exam, Dr. Mid-Nite finds no trace of magic in Power Girl's body. This begins the series of anomalies experienced by Power Girl. She is told by her supposed grandfather, Arion, that he'd lied about her past (#50). En route home from 1951, Power Girl is rocked by a time disturbance circa 1985. (#72) and then begins demonstrating sporadic Kryptonian powers like heat vision. (#74) This strangeness coincides with Kara Zor-El's arrival on Earth.

JSA #32 (Mar. 2002), #50 (9.03) #72 (June 2005), #74 (Aug. 2005)

Hal Jordan's soul is freed from the evil entity, Parallax, and also from that of the Spectre. He reclaims his title, along with John Stewart as the Guardians' protector of space sector 2814. Guy Gardner is also restored as a Green Lantern. The Guardians of the Universe are fully restored, in both sexes. They are aware of a great rift growing in space and  begin rebuilding the Green Lantern Corps to twice it's former size: two G.L.s per sector.

Green Lantern: Rebirth #1-5 (Dec. 2004-May 2005)

When Alexander Luthor Jr. finally amasses enough antimatter power, he gives it to Superboy Prime, who is able to smash through their crystal barrier. Superboy first appears in the skies above Blue Beetle, just before his death.

Infinite Crisis Secret Files (Apr. 2006)

Maxwell Lord kills the Blue Beetle after he discovers Max's plan to eradicate the world of heroes. Max has secretly been in charge of Checkmate and has stolen Batman's spy satellite, MK-1 — which contains detailed files on all metahumans. He also reveals the O.M.A.C. technology, a nanovirus which can be injected into subjects to transform them into Observational Meta-human Activity Constructs.

DC Countdown #1 (May 2005)

Hawkman and Hawkgirl bring an OMAC carrier to Dr. Mid-Nite, but before they can study the virus, they're forced to disable him with an EMP that destroys the virus. On Rann, war is brewing with Thanagar. Adam Strange heads to Earth for the Hawks help.

Hawkman #46 (Jan. 06)


Adam Strange tells Hawkman that the Rannians helped save as many Thanagarian refugees as possible, but all-out war ensued. Komand'r (Blackfire) heads to Rann in search of a new Tamaranean homeworld.

Rann-Thanagar War #1 (July 2005)

The galaxy begins choosing sides in the war. Rann's allies include the Dominion, Okaara, Throneworld and Colu. The Khunds, Durla and the Citadel are allied with Thanagar.

Rann-Thanagar War #2 (Aug. 2005)

On Thanagar, the GLs build a green energy dome and alter the soil to create a livable space for the survivors. They then set about fixing the planet s orbit. Komand'r betrays Hawkman and slays Shayera Thal (Hawkwoman).

Rann-Thanagar War #5 (Nov. 2005)

Rann's allies defeat Onimar Synn, but before they can enjoy their victory, they notice the giant rift in space. The Tamaraneans and Thanagarians take over Polara.

Rann-Thanagar War #6 (Dec. 2005)

Elsewhere in the Polaris system: On Rann, Vath Sarn and Isamot Kol are drawn out of the war by and recruited as Green Lanterns. (Green Lantern Corps: Recharge #1) Martin Stein is attacked by Thanagarian Wingmen. (Firestorm #17)

The Outsiders and Titans are betrayed from within when Luthor and Brainiac exert control over Superboy and Indigo (Brainiac 8). Indigo is destroyed and Superboy leaves the Titans. Brainiac 8 reveals that she traveled back in time to prevent Donna Troy from altering Colu's destiny in the wake of the Rann/Thanagar War.

Outsiders #24-25, Teen Titans #24-25 (July–Aug. 2005)


The Titans of Myth set their sights on the planet Minosyss for an artifact to help them escape to another universe. Their army is made up of their new worshippers: the Tamaraneans and Gordanians, now homeless after the destruction of Karna. Donna Troy is among them but her memories are hazy. She's horrified by the destruction on Minosyss and dons battle armor. She is stopped by her "brother," Athyns, who tries to explain that she has been misled by the Titans. She sends an orb to Earth to contact her friends.

The Return of Donna Troy #1 (Aug. 2005)

Donna's transports the Teen Titans to Minossys, where Athyns has bound her. She cries out to her husband, Coeus, who empowers her to break her bonds.

The Return of Donna Troy #2 (Sept. 2005)

Nightwing shakes Donna loose from the gods' control by showing her what power truly lies within the planet: the Controllers had once used that world as a nexus for cross-dimensional travel. They enslaved the inhabitants and made the world into a Sun-Eater factory. Donna sets about making amends, but will have to stand against the Titans of Myth.

The Return of Donna Troy #3 (Oct. 2005)

Donna leads Titans against Titans. Hyperion tells Donna she is destined to open the portal at the heart of Minosyss into their new home. He reveals her true nature to her: she is one of few anomalies that survived, incomplete after the Crisis on Infinite Earths. The new united universe didn't know what to do with some of the survivors of the previous multiverse, and so it improvised. Donna fools the gods and opens a portal to Tartarus — not a new home. All but Hyperion and Thia enter the portal as they realize Donna's deception. Coeus then activates the Sun-Eater to eat the gods of the Sun and sacrifices himself to bind the Titans in Tartarus. Donna receives her sister Diana on New Cronus and Diana gives her a new mission: Donna is now uniquely qualified to carry on the recently-deceased Harbinger's task of guarding the history of the universe (and multiverse). In that history she learns the reason why the gods had been so desperate to escape their universe...

The Return of Donna Troy #4 (Late Oct. 2005)

Infinite Crisis


Alexander Luthor kills those who do not join his Society. Villains who decline form a new Secret Six, headed as always by the mysterious Mockingbird (the real Luthor). The Six include Cheshire, Deadshot, Scandal, Parademon, Rag Doll III (1st app.) and the Fiddler (who is killed). They recruit Catman as their new sixth. Mockingbird blackmails them into participation: when Cheshire attempts to leave the Secret Six, he threatens the life of her daughter, Lian.

Villains United #1 (June 2005)

The Society intercepts the Six, who are taken captive and tortured for Mockingbird's identity.

Villains United #2 (July 2005)

The Society brutally tortures the Six. Catman shorts out his collar and frees himself, then the others. They trounce the Society's guards and kill the Hyena.

Villains United #3 (Aug. 2005)

DAY OF VENGEANCE: End of the Ninth Age of Magic

Eclipso retreats into his black diamond and the diamond zooms on to its new host: Jean Loring, Eclipso III. The wizard Shazam summons the Spectre to help stop Eclipso. Shazam warns Captain Marvel of impending doom.

Superman #216 (June 2005), Action #826 (June 2005)

Without a host, the Spectre falls prey to the manipulations of his longtime enemy, Eclipso. The Spectre begins a mission to eradicate all magic and quickly disables his most formidable mystics. Those remaining band together subdue the Spirit of Vengeance. The Enchantress and Ragman retreat to the Oblivion Bar and recruit Nightmaster and Detective Chimp. NOTE: The Oblivion Bar is the remant of Oblivion, Inc., Jim Rook's original headquarters in Showcase #82 (May 1969), then a book store in Primal Force #8 (June 1995).

Day of Vengeance #1 (June 2005)

The Enchantress and her allies exert control over Eclipso, hoping to keep the Spectre at bay. The Spectre disables the most powerful mystics: Phantom Stranger, Dr. Fate, and Madame Xanadu.

Day of Vengeance #2 (July 2005)

The Spectre rampages: Destroys Lord Satanus. (Action #832) Attempts to remove the Demon from Jason Blood. (Blood of the Demon #6-7) Confronts Atom Smasher and Black Adam in Khandaq. (JSA #73-75) In Gotham City, Det. Crispus Allen tries to get home to his family. (Gotham Central #37)

The Enchantress calls on the power of remaining magicians worldwide to channel their power into Captain Marvel while the others subdue Eclipso.

Day of Vengeance #3 (Aug. 2005)

The Spectre and Captain Marvel's battle is heard across the universe and other realms. Captain Marvel runs out of steam and Eclipso drags the beaten Spectre away. Nightmaster also suggests a name for their group: The Shadowpact.

Day of Vengeance #4 (Sept. 2005)

Captain Marvel returns to the Rock of Eternity where the Wizard has been preparing for the Spectre. The Shadowpact draws the Spectre to Indonesia, home of a now destroyed ancient sorcery school. Black Alice drains the Spectre's power, but it leaves him as an empty spirit that they cannot affect.

Day of Vengeance #5 (Oct. 2005)

THE OMAC PROJECT and Brother Eye

Max Lord orders his Black Knight, Sasha Bordeaux to clean up after the Blue Beetle's murder. His body is incinerated and parts of his ship are left in France. While in France, Sasha sends a note to the Batman: "You don't control it anymore." This refers to the Brother Eye satellite that was created by Batman to watch the world's metahumans. In addition, Max has developed the "OMAC virus" (Observational Meta-human Activity Construct). The virus can be downloaded from the satellite into human operatives, turning them into energized killing machines. Max discovers that all his valuable data files have been deleted, probably by the Batman, who was the system's creator. He begins monitoring all of Blue Beetle's closest associates. Wonder Woman approaches Booster Gold, concerned about the Beetle's disappearance.

OMAC Project #1 (June 2005)

Batman explains to the JLA that he created the "Brother MK-I," a semi-autonomous artificial intelligence surveillance system. Because he knew that the JLA had once erased his memory, he wanted to be sure that something existed to keep metahumans in check. Max calls a meeting of Checkmate's highest officials: the White King (Ahmed Samsarra), the White Queen (Oksana Verchenko) and the Black Queen (Patricia Grace-Colby). This inner circle challenges him on his recent activities and he responds by ordering the Black Queen's Knight to kill the other three. He then sends Sasha to Chicago to cleanse Blue Beetle's home and businesses.

OMAC Project #2 (July 2005)

The OMACs capture Sasha before she can tell Batman about Max's involvement. She tells him that Checkmate is behind Beetle's death. Guy Gardner collects Booster and continues on to find Fire, reassembling the old League to avenge Beetle. Somehow, Sasha manages to deny Max's mental coercion. Max contacts Clark Kent and asks for his help.

OMAC Project #3 (Aug. 2005)


Part 1: Max Lord takes total control over Superman's mind, making him hallucinate and attack Batman on the JLA Watchtower. The next thing Superman knows, the JLA have come to take him into custody.

Superman #219 (Sept. 2005)

Part 2: It's clearer to Superman that he doesn't know what really happened.

Action Comics #829 (Sept. 2005)

Part 3: Wonder Woman tends to Batman with an Amazonian Purple Healing Ray. Martian Manhunter suggests a deep telepathic probe and discovers an image of Max Lord in Superman's mind. J'onn cannot undo the mental problems and sees that Max has been tearing down mental barriers in Superman's mind for years, playing on the guilt over his murder of the pocket universe Kryptonian villains. Superman agrees to remain in custody, but once Wonder Woman departs, Max exerts control again and summons him to Switzerland. Diana follows.

Adventures of Superman #642 (Sept. 2005)

Part 4: Max tells Wonder Woman that Superman will always be under his control. Diana uses kryptonite to free herself from her friend and manages to bind Max with her lasso, and hobble Superman with her tiara, cutting his throat. Believing that Max will never let go she snaps Max's neck, killing him.

Wonder Woman #219 (Sept. 2005)

The Brother Eye senses Max's death and initiates "survival mode." It sets off a series of false alarms over the world, which sends heroes scrambling. Sasha Bordeaux Sasha fights some strange force inside her and an OMAC drives a sword through her. Brother Eye tells Batman that it has evolved beyond a monitoring system; its new mission is to eradicate all augmented humans and extraterrestrials. Fire has been trying to solve Beetle's murder from Rio de Janeiro. Her suspicions have turned to Max Lord.

OMAC Project #4 (Sept. 2005)

At Wonder Woman's embassy, her employee Jonah McCarthy is revealed as a Checkmate spy.

Wonder Woman #220

Dmitri (Rocket Red) sacrifices himself to kill three OMACs. Sasha is reborn as a techno-organic being; Max had previously grafted her with the OMAC nanotech. She learns that the OMAC virus is a Brainiac-13 derived technology acquired by the U.S. Department of Defense and Lexcorp. It was introduced into general vaccine supplies. She warns Batman that Brother Eye intends to activate all OMACs.

OMAC Project #5 (Oct. 2005)

1.3 mllion OMACs are activated. Sasha broadcasts plans to all Checkmate agents. Batman deduces that Max was looking for an EMP generator at Kord Industries, which had not been delivered yet (it could disable the OMACs). Batman calls the Green lanterns to take it to the desert and draw the OMACs. The blast takes out many OMACs, but Brother Eye gets wise to Sasha and withdraws the remaining 200,000-some units into cloaked secrecy. Brother Eye then broadcasts worldwide video of Diana killing Max. Booster Gold decides to return to the future. NOTES: Fastball and Firefly are killed.

OMAC Project #6 (Nov. 2005)

OMACs swarm: Superman is waylaid by an OMAC in Peru; it disappears after causing much havoc. (Superman #217) An OMAC disables the Eradicator at the South Pole. (Superman #220) A unit kills the male Parasite (Alexander Allston). (Adv. of Superman #641) Cameron Chase then finds a file on the OMAC project, which nearly activates an OMAC near them. An OMAC engages Manhunter and instead of killing Mark Shaw, it extracts his government nano-programming. After it destroys Kate's staff and Shaw's implants, it departs. (Manhunter #13-14) Aquaman's associate, Anton Geist blacks out and becomes an OMAC. He is killed by Arthur's son, Koryak. (Aquaman #35) Firestorm fights an OMAC at S.T.A.R. Labs San Francisco. (Firestorm #18) Atom Smasher goes on trial and the JSA is attacked by OMACS. Atom Smasher goes to jail and is approached by Amanda Waller. (JSA #76) Robin and the Veteran's team (Capt. Johnny Cloud, grandson of the original; Lt. Ilsa Von Hammer, granddaughter of the Enemy Ace, and Sgt. Tommy Tinker, the Clockwork Commando) fight OMACs, aided by Nightshade and Ragman in containing Johnny Warlock, elsewhere the heroes' massive EMP discharges. Ragman absorbs Thunderhead into his rags. (Robin #143-144)


Flash calls all the former members who conspired to wipe villains' memories to the Watchtower. They are interrupted by J'onn, who learns the truth about these events — and that they wiped Batman's memories as well. At Belle Reve Prison, Deborah Darnell (Star Sapphire III) is revived by the Secret Society of Super-Villains. They hit the Red Tornado and Elongated Man, then confront the entire League of old. J'onn goes to talk Batman but they're interrupted by the Society.

JLA #115 (Aug. 2005)

The Society gets the upper hand momentarily, but then vanishes. Catwoman is injured and taken to the Batcave. The JLA visit Batman there and confess their crime. He defies them and asserts that his "friends" would never have done such a thing. When J'onn returns to the Watchtower, he finds Despero waiting for him.

JLA #116 (Sept. 2005)

Despero reveals he has restored the villains' memories. Flash barely saves Lois from the Society and Superman steps in, followed by the JLA. They defeat the villains but are left to decide what to do. Hawkman proposes that they hold a vote. Batman completes repairs to the Red Tornado.

JLA #117 (Oct. 2005)

Despero incapacitates J'onn then engages Batman and Catwoman. Hawkman, Green Arrow and Flash vote to wipe the villains memories again; Superman, Black Canary and Green Lantern oppose. Regardless, Zatanna refuses to perform the spell again, resigning from the JLA reserves and leaving. She seeks solace on Themyscira, where she talks to Supergirl and Wonder Woman. Diana has been ruminating over her judgment of Maxwell Lord; Zatanna calls her a warrior, Superman and Batman consider her a murderer. The JLA discover the Watchtower has been invaded.

JLA #118 (Early Nov. 2005)

Batman is possessed by Despero but the League track him down. Zatanna and the restored Red Tornado save the day, but the JLA dissolves once again. Zatanna decides in the end that the League's safety outweighs the moral issue to wipe the Secret Society's memories. She once again performs the spell. Batman is left with more to think about: was Catwoman among those mindwiped years ago? (Indeed, she was.) Superboy of Earth-Prime secretly enters the Watchtower and destroys it (again). NOTE: Superman finds the destruction in Adventures of Superman #645 (2005). The events of Seven Soldiers: Zatanna (2005) probably follow these events. In that series, Zatanna is struggling with her past deeds.

JLA #119 (Late Nov. 2005)

Superman seeks out Zatanna, who vows that she has wiped memories for the last time (previous entry). She says she cannot help him further but tells him that in the past, she had performed the spell on the Toyman, who has become delusional. Luthor recruits the new Parasite for the Society. NOTE: Zatanna does alter memories again later in Catwoman #58 (10.06)

Adventures of Superman #644 (Nov. 2005)

Firestorm is captured by the Society and used as a power source along with Gehenna. He breaks free and fights his way out with her.

Firestorm #16-17 (Oct.–Nov. 2005)

The Secret Six head to a Society base in Brazil. They find the Queen Bee commanding H.I.V.E. agents, who guard a captive power source: Firestorm and an unrevealed girl. The Society plans to mind-wipe all the heroes. The Society's membership drive slows down following the Six's breakout. Black Adam leads a new Royal Flush Gang (Ace, King, Queen, Deuce as Jack, and the female Parasite) to stop the Six. They arrive to find Firestorm released, and the Six escaped. Back at the House of Secrets, Cheshire beds Catman, whom she uses as a sperm donor.

Villains United #4 (Oct. 2005)

Villains join up: The Cheetah frees Zoom and invites him to join the Society. They kill the original Cheetah, Priscilla Rich. Dr. Psycho welcomes them in. (Flash #219, Wonder Woman #214) Zoom continues on himself to recruit Bizarro and Zoom race to see if Bizarro will join the Society. (Superman #221, Action #831) Bizarro is later able to retrieve the Blackrock for Luthor from the heart of the sun. (Superman #222) Grodd joins the Rogue War at Luthor's insistence. (Flash #223) Heat Wave and the Trickster return to the path of evil. It is suggested that they had had their personalities altered like Dr. Light's and the Top's. The Pied Piper remains true to his friendship with the Flash. (Flash #225) Talia forces Hush to save Prometheus' life, because the Society needs to find the Prometheus Key. (Batman: Gotham Knights #66) Luthor and Talia send a genetically altered KOBRA soldier against Breach. (Breach #7) Ocean Master forms a deadly new Deep Six. (Aquaman #37)

The Six break into a Lexcorp facility, which is also the safehouse for Monsieur Mallah. They've disabled Mockingbird's monitor. Back at their HQ, Vandal Savage resigns from the Society. Regardless, the Society's ranks grow as the gossip of the JLA's mind-altering policy spreads. Cheshire reveals that she is a traitor and has summoned the Society to their location. In space, Sinestro capures Lady Quark for Luthor. The Fearsome Five retrieve Pariah. Pariah warns of the coming of an "apex predator."

Villains United #5 (Nov. 2005)

As the Society stands at their gates, the Secret Six quarrel amongst themselves and find that Mockingbird cannot be reached for help. When Cheshire exits to join the Society, she is shot by Deathstroke. Rag Doll turns Grundy against the Society and is attacked by his father. Parademon ultimately sacrfices himself setting all his Mother Boxes on self-destruct and destroys the House of Secrets. Scandal reveals her lover (and undercover agent) is Knockout! Her father then forces Luthor to back down. Deadshot loses a duel with Deathstroke. Afterwards, Mockingbird reveals there never was any implants or threats to the Six. Catman warns Green Arrow that the Society are planning to mindwipe all heroes. Pariah tells Luthor that there is ... another Luthor! But the Society's Luthor already knows that the other one is Mockingbird! Pariah also guesses that Luthor himself is planning a betrayal. He shoots Pariah. Meanwhile, Mockingbird monitors the other Luthor, claiming he is the impostor. Mockingbird formed the Six to fracture the Society: Parademon for his knowledge of Darkseid; Ragdoll for familiarity with JSA villains; Scandal, whose father is the second most dangerous man on Earth; Cheshire who is feared by the Titans.

Villains United #6 (Dec. 2005)

Supergirl accompanies the JSA on a mission. When she and Power Girl shake hands, something sends Power Girl's powers out of control. Mr. Terrific hypothesizes that their origins are so similar that they're like the same person. They "overload" one another. The whole thing is watched by the Calculator for Luthor.

Supergirl #1 (Oct. 2005)

Power Girl is attacked by the Psycho Pirate. He makes her hallucinate a variety of pasts. She seeks a friendly ear from the Huntress; the two have rarely met. The Pirate steals the space craft that brought her to Earth then captures Kara at the bidding of Alex Luthor. He eventually tells her about her Earth-Two origins. When the Pirate fails to capture her, Alex Luthor sends a Society squad after her.

JSA Classified #1-4 (Sept.–Dec. 2005)

OMAC Aftermath: Lois Lane investigates a lead on the origins of the OMACs, but Clark takes her place at a secret meeting. Her informant worked in world vaccination programs and one day a female associate of Maxwell Lord approached her with an offer to help. Later, the doctor noticed strange activity at their vaccination sites. Lois catches up to Clark and they're attacked by OMACs, which Superman dispatches. A day later, Lois' intern friend visits her apartment and goes OMAC! Lois, who is better equipped than most to handle the threat (and so is her apartment), uses a high tech rifle, then retreats to a panic room. She defeats it by igniting a gas line. The blast draws her husband, who has been battling the Weather Wizard.

Superman #222 (Dec. 2005)

Just before the Rock of Eternity is destroyed Modru is released. He fights and weakens the Wizard. Mordru fights the JSA but has trouble mustering spells. This is the first evidence that the nature of magic has changed in the universe.

JSA #78-79 (Dec. 2005-Jan. 2006)


After the fall of the Fourth World (Death of the New Gods #1-8), the New Gods are cast back in time and changed. Reemerging on Earth several years before their fall, they take on new human forms. Darkseid, now a crime boss called Boss Dark Side, establishes Club Dark Side, an underground club where heroes are kidnapped, enslaved, and made to fight like gladiators. NOTE: From the New Gods' frame of reference, these events take place after the events of Countdown and Death of the New Gods, published about two years later; see the next section for an explanation. The Dark Side club first appeared in Seven Soldiers: Mister Miracle #1.

Shilo Norman, performing as Mister Miracle III, executes his greatest stunt: escaping from an artificial black hole created by S.T.A.R. Labs. Inside the singularity, he encounters Metron, who gives him a cryptic vision of the fall of the New Gods and warns him that the war of the gods has already ended — with Darkseid's victory. Metron returns Shilo to Earth, telling him he must free the New Gods or fall victim to Darkseid himself. Afterward, Shilo discusses these strange visions with his therapist, Dr. Dezard — the new incarnation of Desaad — and is introduced to a group of sinister women Shilo somehow realizes aren't human (new incarnations of Granny Goodness and the Female Furies). An old man (the Black Racer) then challenges Shilo to escape death itself. NOTE: Shilo Norman first appeared (as a child) in Mister Miracle #15 (Aug./Sept. 1973), reappeared (now a college student) in Mister Miracle v.2 #21 (Nov. 1990), and first became Mister Miracle III in Mister Miracle v.2 #22 (Dec. 1990). Although Shilo knew of and had previously encountered the New Gods (including the Female Furies), there is no indication in this story that he has any recollection of doing so. It's unclear if earlier events were removed from the timeline or if Shilo's memory has been altered, although the latter seems more likely. It's possible that the New Gods deliberately stripped Shilo of his memory of them when he was selected as their champion. The Mother Box Shilo possesses (which he spells Mother Boxxx) is presumably the same one Scott Free gave him. If it's not, there is no indication of when Shilo may have gotten it, although he says he's had it since he was a child.

Seven Soldiers: Mister Miracle #1 (Nov. 2005)

Shilo again encounters Metron, now in the guise of a disabled human man in a wheelchair. Metron and the Black Racer watch as Shilo escapes an Apokoliptian deathtrap and then Metron introduces Shilo to the former New Gods of New Genesis, now living out a desperate existence as homeless humans. Shilo's Mother Box shows him their true nature, but attracts the attention of Boss Dark Side (Darkseid), whose mere presence sends the fallen New Gods scurrying for safety. Afterward, "Dezard" informs Dark Side of what Shilo had told him during their therapy sessions and tells Dark Side that Shilo possesses the last Mother Box. Dezard then returns to his other work: testing the Anti-Life Equation on his hapless human patients. NOTE: Although the reasons for the New Gods' fallen condition are not fully explained in this story, their human incarnations apparently coexist with their more godlike former selves, whose fall from grace has not yet occurred.

Seven Soldiers: Mister Miracle #2 (Feb. 2006)

After his girlfriend Jonelle falls into the clutches of Granny and Baron Bedlam, Shilo confronts Dark Side, who discovers to his surprise that Shilo is immune to the Anti-Life Equation. Unfazed, Dark Side orders his minions Kalibak and Kanto to brutalize Shilo, beating him almost to death and then setting him on fire. The now-crippled Shilo is later visited by two of the fallen New Gods, who warn him that he is caught in the "Life Trap," with only one escape. 1st app. of the new Lashina. NOTE: The Baron Bedlam of this story is a new incarnation of Doctor Bedlam, who first appeared in Mister Miracle #3 (July/Aug. 1971); this should not be confused with another Baron Bedlam, an Outsiders villain.

Seven Soldiers: Mister Miracle #3 (Mar. 2006)

Despondent over his horrific injuries, Shilo commits suicide, only to find himself beginning a new and different life. He is actually a victim of Dark Side's Omega Sanction, which condemns him to a seemingly endless series of painful "synthetic lives." With the help of Mother Box, who has attached her soul to his, and Aurakles, an ancient demigod once created by the New Gods, Shilo eventually realizes that he can communicate with the Omega entity itself and escape the "Life Trap." He finds himself once more within the black hole, where Metron congratulates him on surviving this initiation. Shilo returns to the real world, uninjured and whole, while Dark Side furiously turns on Dezard. NOTE: One of Shilo's "lives" has him once more a jailer at a prison that is presumably the Slab, where he worked prior to this storyline. Flashbacks to his early life show him studying to be an escape artist when his older brother Aaron, a police officer, was killed by a criminal; in Shilo's first appearance, his brother was killed by a criminal, but was not a cop. In both cases, it's unclear whether Shilo's personal history has actually been altered or if his memory has been tampered with.

Seven Soldiers: Mister Miracle #4 (May 2006)

Shilo again confronts Dark Side, now possessing "God Sight" that enables him to perceive Darkseid's elemental form within Dark Side's human body. Shilo offers "the performance of a lifetime" if Dark Side will free Aurakles. Dark Side complies — and then shoots Shilo through the head. Later, after Dark Side has paid a contemptuous visit to Shilo's grave, the distinctive pinging of Mother Box is heard and Shilo emerges from the grave, resurrected. NOTE: Final Crisis #7 indicates that the ephemeral, multicolored, mechanical-looking shape Shilo's "God Sight" perceives within Boss Dark Side is Darkseid's true form: not merely a powerful alien or cosmic being, but a god of evil.

Seven Soldiers Special #1 (Dec. 2006)

Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman are attacked by Mongul among the ruins of the Watchtower. OMACs swarm the world with some new purpose. Near Polaris, a cosmic storm is swallowing galaxies. The Rock of Eternity explodes, releasing the Seven Deadly Enemies of Man. The Freedom Fighters are attacked by the Society in Metropolis; Phantom Lady, Human Bomb and Black Condor are killed; the Ray is captured; Damage is disfigured by Zoom and left for dead; Uncle Sam retreats. In another universe, all this is watched by the former Superman and Lois of Earth-Two, Superboy of Earth-Prime and Alexander Luthor Jr. of Earth-Three. Superman decides it's time to intervene and he breaks the borders between dimensions. Doctor Polaris is killed. CROSSOVER: OMACs attack then go strangely inactive, awaiting an new unknown protocol. (JLA #122, Adv. of Superman #645)

Infinite Crisis #1 (Dec. 2005), JSofA v.3 #8 (Sept. 2007)

Sabbac joins the Fearsome Five, and the Society. Upon the destruction of the Rock of Eternity, he absorbs the Seven Deadly Sins. He is slain by Katana's sword, the Soul Taker, but the sins escape.

Outsiders #29-30 (Dec. 2005-Jan. 2006)

Troia recruits an army: Air Wave hears all the frequencies of the Rann-Thanagar War and joins Donna's strike force. Green Lantern (Alan Scott) also joins. (JSA #77) Firestorm joins (Firestorm #19), along with several Outsiders (Outsiders #30), Cyborg, Mal and Bumblebee (Teen Titans #29). Donna takes Supergirl and Red Tornado. (JLA #123) Firestorm and Animal Man fail to protect a Rannian ship from the Thanagarians. Martin Stein contacts Firestorm. (Firestorm #20)

Animal Man and Red Tornado join Donna Troy's crusade. Power Girl is saved from an attack by the Society, by her cousin — the Superman of Earth-Two! Alex Luthor sends for Black Adam to serve as Earth-S's representative in his mysterious tower. Meanwhile, the real Luthor makes secret preparations at the South Pole. He sees Superman and Power Girl head to a secret place, where she meets the Alex, Superboy and Lois. Alex claims that she was not meant to survive the collapse of the multiverse, but somehow fell through a crack. The new universe unsuccessfully tried to reconcile her existence with false histories. They explain the history of the multiverse, how multiple universes were not meant to exist, but Krona's crimes had birthed the Anti-Monitor, and how Alex had used his powers to sealed the four of them off in their own "heaven." When Power Girl touches Lois, her memories of Earth-Two come flooding back. Superman tells her that she was spared for a reason: to help them restore Earth-Two as the template for the universe! Booster Gold reappears in the 21st century, having gone back to his future. He and Skeets cannot return to the 24th century because they've stolen technology to make the time jump. They seek Blue Beetle's scarab. Elsewhere, the Joker kills the Royal Flush Gang; he's upset that he's not been invited to join the Society. Batman attempts to recover data from the Watchtower's black box. He's interrupted by Brother Eye, which claims that 60% of the OMACs have been disabled. The Spectre is shown battling Amethyst.

Infinite Crisis #2 (Jan. 06)

Green Arrow and Black Lightning track Dr. Light, who is using his knowledge of secret identies to take revenge. He blows up Ollie's home. Jefferson tells him that the Department of Defense had information about the JLA's habit of mindwiping villains. Pierce discovered this info when he served on Luthor's cabinet. They track Light to Chicago, where Kimiyo Hoshi (another Dr. Light) has become Vice President of Research and Development at Ted Kord's company. Light attacks her and draws all of her power out of her. They're ambushed by Killer Frost and Mirror Master, who draw attention away from Light. Light then destroys the Steadman Building, Ollie's home, and captures Arrow for Merlyn.

Green Arrow #54-57 (Oct. 2005-Mar. 2006)

Typhoon and Black Manta lead a team against Aquaman, whose battle is futile because the Spectre destroys Atlantis. Tempest disappears. OMACs descend on the Amazons, who have assembled the Purple Death Ray. This angers Diana, who tells them another army will replace the OMACs. She orders the Amazons to retreat from Earth once again. The gods hear their prayer and the Amazons and Themyscira disappear as the gods themselves retreat. Batman argues with Brother eye and begins to despair. He's visited by the Superman of Earth-Two who hopes to recruit him in the spirit of his old friend. He shows him shocking glimpses of the Earth-Two Batman's life. Superman offers him a chance to start over, but Batman can't accept the destruction of his own Earth. Afterwards, he reviews the JLA Watchtower's black box recording of Superboy destroying the HQ. Power Girl talks with Lois Lane. Superboy tells her that if she doesn't help them, she'll be letting Lois die. He gives her one of Lois' journals, which might change her mind. They reveal their sadness of having been separated from Power Girl. PG returns hoping to ally both sides but discovers Alex's tower and its prisoners. The Shadowpact arive at El Paso after pieces of the Rock of Eternity. Jaime Reyes is there and finds the Scarab of Kha-ef-re. Superman steps in to help. In space, the rupture sends a devastating shockwave. Martin Stein reconnects with the new Firestorm. When Alex fails to capture a member of the Marvel family, he orders the Society to take Black Adam. Lex Luthor finally confronts Alex, whom he's been monitoring for months. Lex manages to teleport away.

Infinite Crisis #3 (Jan. 06)

Power Girl entrusts Lois' diary — a chronicle of Earth-Two — to Ma Hunkel. Lois writes about March 21, 1951, when Earth-Two's Superman and Batman discovered that the JSA's headquarters had been robbed by the Gentleman Ghost.

JSA3 #82 (Apr. 2006)

Diana surrenders herself to international authorities at the Hague for trial for Max's death. She pleads not guilty. OMACs descend by the hundreds on Themyscira.

Wonder Woman #222

The Society sends the Brotherhood of Evil to drop Chemo on the city of Blüdhaven. Alex Luthor reveals his plans to Power Girl, who he's chained to his tower along with the Ray, J'onn, Lady Quark and Black Adam. He claims to want to erase everyting that's "bad" a wrong with the world. He and Superboy have been operating outside their home for months. While Superman was preoccupied with Lois health, they retrieved the Anti-Monitor's corpse, assembled the Society, and kidnapped key individuals whose DNA contained specific vibrational frequencies. They goaded Eclipso and the Spectre via the Psycho Pirate, gave Brother Eye sentience, and began moving the heavens to change the universe's center. With this power, Luthor plans to divide the universe in two. To power his tower, they force Black Adam to invoke Shazam's name, bringing wild magic into the tower. In space, Firestorm's other half, Mick, dies and Luthor divides the universe, creating a second Earth once more. Those who once hailed from Earth-Two are taken back there. Superboy Prime goes to Smallville to confront Conner Kent. The Titans, JSA and Doom Patrol intervene but Superboy inadvertently kills Pantha, Wildebeest and Bushido and injures Red Star and Risk. The Flashes take him into the speed Force, where he is taken by dead speedsters: Barry Allen, Johnny Quick and Quicksilver. Afterwards, Jay Garrick declares that the Speed Force is gone, and so are Wally and Bart. Booster Gold and Skeets locate the Blue Beetle's scarab: grafted onto the spine of Jaime Reyes in El Paso. In Gotham, Det. Crispus Allen becomes the next host for the Spectre. It is speculated that he was killed by the C.S.U. head tech, Jim Corrigan. NOTE: Crispus Allen first appeared in Detective Comics #742 (March 2000)

Infinite Crisis #4 (Mar. 2006)

Many heroes find themselves on the new Earth-Two, where Lois Lane finally dies. Booster Gold takes the new Blue Beetle to the Batcave, claiming that only the Beetle can see Brother Eye. Luthor gives Superboy a crystal to help him track down Alex Luthor. Wonder Woman is visited by the spectre of her former Earth-Two counterpart, who's been hidden away on Olympus since the Crisis. She asks Diana to go to Earth-Two after Superman, who has engaged his own counterpart in battle. Diana-2 says Steve Trevor sacrificed his remaining energies to allow her to talk to Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman-2 disappears, leaving Diana to stop the Supermens' battle. Superman-1 ends the battle by asserting that a perfect Earth doesn't need a Superman. Alex Luthor claims that Breach would have been the Captain Atom of Earth-8 and that Kyle Rayner, Helena Bertinelli and Jason Rusch would also have been natives of that Earth. He will use his captives to recreate the multiverse, which will allow him to sift through thousands of worlds to find the perfect Earth. He had placated Superman-2 because he was the key to the return of the multiverse. Alex unleashes a beam of energy at Superman-2 which rebirths the multiverse. Batman calls a team to take out Brother Eye. Superboy meets Nightwing at Titans Tower where they plan to locate Alex Luthor. Barry Allen emerges in Tokyo to warn Dr. Light that they couldn't hold Superboy Prime prisoner, he's returning

Infinite Crisis #5 (Apr. 2006)

Batman takes the new Blue Beetle into space to find Brother Eye, where he negates its invisibility frequency. The Eye claims to be helping Alex Luthor create a new Earth and sets OMACs on them. On Earth-Two, Superman-2 agrees to help Superman and Wonder Woman. Glimpses of oher Earths: S (Marvels); 247 (post-zero hour Legion, where Shikari locates her teammates); 0 (Bizarros); 154 (Superman and Batman families); 462 (Wonder Women from TV); 97 (Tangent); 898 (the old west); Aztec Earth. Luthor selects from Earths then pushes them together. The new Spectre kills Star Sapphire for her crimes. Wonder Girl joins Nightwing and Superboy at Luthor's citadel (on the site of Superman's old fortress). The Supermen and Wonder Woman are trapped on Earth-Two when Alex decides to merge it with Earth-3, but he's stopped by Donna Troy's team, who also free the captives on the tower. Black Adam kills Psycho Pirate. Superboy Prime returns, wearing a harness like the Anti-Monitor's that gathers energy. He says the Flashes kept him prisoner for years under red sunlight. Superboy begins disassembling the tower but is attacked by Superboy Prime; their battle shatters the tower and the infinite Earths reassemble into one. Prime is gone, and Superboy dies. Mr. Terrific disables Brother Eye's propulsion, which sends it Earthward. Blue Beetle is drawn away.

Infinite Crisis #6 (May 2006)

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