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The Deep Six

New Gods vol. 1 #2 (April-May 1971)
Slig: New Gods vol. 1 #5 (Oct./Nov. 1971)
Gole, Pyron, Jaffar, Shaligo, and Trok: New Gods vol. 1 #6 (Dec. 1971/Jan. 1972)

The Deep Six first left their mark On Earth when they killed the ocean-loving New God known as Seagrin. (New Gods vol. 1 #4) Eventually they drew the attention of the New God, Orion, who battled and ultimately killed their leader, Slig, whose touch could alternately mutate or disintegrate a victim. (#4-5) Slig's compatriots surfaced in revenge: Jaffar (also in possession of a death-touch and also slain by Orion), Gole, fire-thrower Pyron, the axe-wielding Trok and the winged Shaligo. (#6) This remainder of the Deep Six was destroyed in a fiery conflagration.

There were two others named Kurin and the Flying Finback.


Gole • Jaffar • Kurin

Shaligo • Slig • Trok

A resurrected Jaffar and Slig returned later and, once more, Slig died at Orion's hands. (#13)

The group did not resurface again until much later, when they encountered Aquaman. During this battle, Trok revealed that the Deep Six could perpetuate themselves by ejecting "spawns" from their bodies. They acknowledged that their forebears were slaughtered by Orion, but not before they were spawned into a birthing chamber. This Deep Six grew to maturity on Earth, and were more attuned to it. (Aquaman vol. 5 #6-8)

The new sextet subsequently appeared in Metropolis where they clashed with the Supermen of America. Here, Kurin appeared instead of Shaligo. (Supermen of America #2)

Like all the New Gods, the Deep Six met their ends at the hands of the Source's "god killer," Himon. Only Slig survived to make it to the surface of Earth's waters, where he encounterd Mary Marvel. To protect himself, Slig began transforming humans into mer-people. Soon the deadly force found him and a death beam passed through Mary and struck Slig down. (Countdown #38)

NOTE: In the Deep Six entry in Who's Who #6, Pyron was misidentified as Kurin.


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