The New Gods Library

Terminology + Technology

By Sean Walsh

aero-discs / aeropads
discs that appearing at will under one's feet, allowing for flight and hovering, especially by Mister Miracle
Alpha bullets / Alpha effect
energy blasts that can retrieve what has been displaced by the Omega effect
androids controlled by Doctor Bedlam's powerful mind
mysterious beings who hunt and kill New Gods
anti-grav unit
device which allows its possessor to use anti-gravity
Anti-Life crystal
crystal contained a piece of Anti-Life, extracted from a human host
Anti-Life Equation
A cosmic power that grants total control over the living. It is Darkseid's most coveted prize, as he seeks to conquer the entire universe. Earthlings have been known to possess parts of the Equation in their mind, as did Beautiful Dreamer.
Anti-Life Entity
The source of anti-life was discovered in an alternate dimension, and when it tried to escape and destroy our dimension it was stopped and trapped there forever
anti-Mother Box
emits destructive charges which can destroy a regular Mother Box
detainment and torture station on Apokolips
the ghettos of Apokolips, where the Hunger Dogs, or Lowlies, dwell in service to Darkseid
Orion's power, channeled by his astro-glider/harness and wristbands
Orion's harness/glider, which allows the user to fly through space and focus the astro-force as a weapon
Kalibak's weapon which contains the ability of fire force blasts and a "nerve beam," which can make its target feel agonizing pain
Boom Tube
dimensional bridge, powered by the mysterious X Element, which serves as a "matter threshold" and can link the pocket universe of the New Gods to the rest of the galaxy
Bug Mound
home of the Bugs (Insect Empire) of New Genesis
celestial skis
used by the Black Racer to phase through objects and travel at the speed of light
cellular vacuum
transforms a human's body into pure energy; used on those who possess a piece of the anti-life equation
Cerberus chute
passageway to the inner depths of Apokolips, where Darkseid has often contemplated in privacy
a UFO-like craft which serves as a flying deathtrap
Chamber 13
prison area on Apokolips, protected by various deathtraps to prevent rescue or escape
cosmic cartridges
Serifan's weapons which generate a variety of effects including anti-gravitational force and create force fields
cybernetically enhanced dogs from Apokolips commanded by Artemis
dead sealer
device used to raise the dead
de-evolution pills
pills which de-evolves the victim
android servants/duplicates of Desaad
Doom Tube
a one-way Boom Tube that leaves no return possible
drone sphere
flying probe which records and send messages
dyno-therm bomb
powerful explosive which Mr. Miracle carries in his suit
electro pik
small tool hidden within Mr. Miracle's costume which allows him to secretly help him escape traps he's been locked into
device which can emit a strong magna-beam
emotion detector
Desaad's computer which locates the pain of others and allows the user to savor it
Eternal See
the "world soul" of the gods of New Genesis, where S'ivaa the Destroyer slept for millennia
Bernadeth's weapon which causes burning from the inside out
Father Box
device adapted by Mortalla to turn Orion "to the dark side"
Fear Machine
device created by Desaad to send a sonic stimuli into the minds of its victims and fill them with terrible amounts of fear
torture device which allows the user to experience all the physical and emotional pain of its victims
Genesis Box
in an alternate future created by the Philosopher's Stone, a device created to convert the universe into pure energy and remake it without the taint of Darkseid's evil
gestatron labs
laboratories on Apokolips where children are genetically enhanced to become warriors for Darkseid
the blast created by the destruction of the Old Gods which spread throughout the galaxy, endowing the worlds it wiped across to possess gods and metahuman beings. Earth was the strongest hit by the godwave, which explains its large number of super-heroes
Goodness cube
structure where Granny Goodness stuffs many of her unruly students, where they're driven mad and are then used to kill whatever they see
creatures of Apokolips who can form themselves from the ground and rocks, and can transmit gravity waves from heavy mass galaxies, enhancing their strength
powerful Apokoliptian hand weapon
after-realm of the Gods
Happiness Home
Granny Goodness's orphanage
an amusement park on Earth which was a front for a secret laboratory created by Desaad; built to collect potential possessors of the anti-life equation; destroyed by the Forever People
giant weapon used to puncture Apokolips' crust and thus create firepits
capsulized device which distorts reality
bodysuits which subdue "volunteers" of Darkseid's armies
giant machine used to destroy suns
Infinity Pit
found beneath the surface of Apokolips. Its purpose is to feed on the energies of the planet to keep itself alive and powerful
crossbows that fire fast and explosive arrows
mind-altered followers of Glorious Godfrey, bent on cleansing the world of the "filth" of society
A small three-wheeled vehicle, the "offspring" of two Super-Cycles
space parasites
life cube
device powered by the Source which transforms itself to serve various purposes
capable of revealing another's thoughts
nickname of the unfortunate denizens of Apokolips
the Machine
section of Apokolips where Darkseid's soldiers are produced and trained
device that emits strong magnetic charge, used to lift and carry very heavy and large objects
small craft used by the Deep Six for nautical travel
Mark VII Pacifier
defensive aircraft which can be used to break apart invading fleets and domestic riots
mass-director unit
keeps order on Apokolips, receives its orders directly from Darkseid. Darkseid also constructed several devices like this on Earth, to monitor the minds of humans whom he believed possessed part of the anti-life equation
mass gravity beam,
invisible beam which creates an enormous weight upon its intended target
powerful weapon with a charge that can allow it to destroy nearly anything
master scrambler
computer, used in Desaad's Happyland, used to torture prisoners by transforming their images of pain into images of happiness
weapon which draws power from the user's own strong will
megaton touch
Mark Moonrider's powerful energy hand emissions
locking mechanism that can subdue the victim and, if they try to escape, a psychic feedback will delve into their mind and bring out their darkest memories and fears and prevent the victim from wanting to escaping
device which portrays images created by a psionic mind
Mobius Chair
Metron's own creation, which allows him, or the user, to travel through time, space and other dimensions
elite guardians of New Genesis who were assigned to keep the insects of the planet in check and later used as retrievers for Highfather
Morrow Block
giant cube of evil energy that feeds off the life-force of a planet
mortis mark
controls the unliving
Mother Box
a living electronic device created by and bonded to individual gods; it can call boom tubes, sound warnings, facilitate communication
device with various purposes: contains, among other things, a laser beam and an electro-sonic signal which renders the brain into a state of a temporary coma
Murder Machine
a creation of Virman Vundabar that attempted to kill Scott Free with a clampdown and a controlled atom blast
city of the dead, found far beneath the surface of Apokolips
an assassin's torture weapon
null field
containment globe which nullifies superpowers of captive within: allows outside captor to enter, but prevents captive from exiting
oblivion bomb
bomb which can destroy an entire planet
Omega beams/Omega effect
Darkseid's power; blasts of dark energy which can either completely destroy a living being or "capsulize" the victim's life force for future resurrection
omega-phase helmet
device built by Darkseid to enable Metron and his Mobius Chair to penetrate the Source Wall the One
the being created by Highfather, Odin, Jove, Zeus and Ares used to battle Darkseid's attempot to breach the Source; destroyed when Ares betrayed his comrades and killed Highfather
computer used by Granny Goodness to track and kill its victims
the Pact
the agreement made between Darkseid and Highfather which ended the horrible war between their worlds by exchanging the heirs of the planets: the Pact would remain intact as long as the heirs would remain on the opposite worlds; if not, the pact would be broken and war between the worlds would be renewed
recyclable warriors of Darkseid and sentries of Apokolips, who spearhead the major invasions established by their master
paranoid pill
capsule which contains a "madness vapor" that can fill the brain with immeasurable amounts of paranoia
star system near the center of the universe where Prodigan, a Promethean Giant, found refuge after he escaped the Promethean galaxy
phase resonance generator
creates beam which can shift matter into a parallel dimension
photon patrol
armor-clad soldiers of Darkseid's armies
laser cannon which neutralizes solar powers
power pod
used by Mantis to generate and create immense cosmic charges which can power him
tribal inhabitants of New Genesis
Promethean Galaxy
dimension where those who have attempted to breach the Source by enlarging their atomic structures are imprisoned for eternity
computer screens which monitor prisoners of Happyland
psy-factoid intelligence
intelligence agents of Apokolips who monitor actions of both their world and New Genesis
Section Zero
section of Granny's orphanage where the "bad students" are sent, never to be seen again. The body of the Lump is kept there, and Tigra was exiled there for many years
shock grenades
explosive devices shot from hand blasters
high-powered stun guns
nickname given by the "lowlies" to the students and orphans of Granny Goodness
the cosmic force and the essence of life itself
Source chamber
structure constructed by Metron to reverse the madness caused by Darkseid's death within the Source
Source Wall
the "prison" for those who have attempted to learn the secrets of the Source, which no one can possibly control
energy beam which possesses massive amounts of solar radiation
Vehicle which can carry up to five passengers that has the ability to fly, travel through teleportation, and intangibility. There are two: used by the Forever People, and by Young Justice on Earth.
home of the Gods of New Genesis: floats above the surface of New Genesis. Called "the Citadel" in Cosmic Odyssey
minions of Darkseid who oversee his technologies
temporal bender
a "time machine" device, which a user can wear to send themselves back through time
creatures which live within meteor-swarms
arena on Apokolips where "sordid spectacles" are held to the delight and fear of those who watch
theta drones
loyal soldiers of Apokolips
tower of darkness
building constructed by Mr. Miracle to imprison Darkseid
trumpets of doom
high-powered energy beam used to free Geridath from his imprisonment in the Promethean galaxy
Unholy See
the lifeblood of Apokolips, where the souls of the deceased are trapped within its icy waters
the hand which transmits information on the Wall of Prophecy from the Source to the New Gods
the world of the Old Gods; when it was destroyed, New Genesis and Apokolips were born from its ashes
weapon used to magnify sound into strong vibrations
Wall of Prophecy
channel the Source uses to communicate with the Gods of New Genesis
wonder staff
Highfather's golden staff, which was given to him upon his ascension by the Source to the status of Highfather of New Genesis
physical manifestation of time and space itself: can accelerate or suspend time and space
X Element
a strange material which possessed teleportational properties that is the primary power source of the boom tubes.