The Gods of Apokolips

Created by Jack Kirby


Darkseid • Granny Goodness • Desaad • Kalibak


Kanto • Virman Vundabar • Doctor Bedlam • Mantis

Darkseid once also took an interest in the Martian race. He sent Glorious Godfrey to gain the Martians' trust, then kidnapped legions of them. When the rogue Metron stepped in to aid the Martians, J'onn J'onzz accompanied him to Apokolips where his people were freed. (Martian Manhunter v.3 #33) J'onzz remained on Apokolips for many years, studying with underground leader Himon, and sparring with master assassin, Kanto. (#34)

Name 1st App. Status + Notes
Jack Kirby's Gods
Darkseid (Uxas) Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #134 (Dec. 1970) Destroyed multiple times: Adventure Comics #460, Justice League of America #18, New Gods v.4 #2 & 11, Genesis #4, Orion #5. Killed by Orion, Countdown to Final Crisis #2 (2008); avatar returned Seven Soldiers: Mister Miracle #1 (2005). Destroyed again Final Crisis #6.
Mokkari and Simyan Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #135 (Jan. 1971) Earth-based scientists minions of Darkseid. Avatars returned Final Crisis #2 (2008).
Kalibak The New Gods #1 (Feb./Mar. 1971) Killed by Orion, New Gods v.1 #11; revived by Darkseid, New Gods v.2 #6. Killed by Darkseid New Gods v.3 #12; returned New Gods v.4 #6 (1996). Culled by the Source, Death of the New Gods #5 (2008); avatar returned Final Crisis #1 (2007).
Drax (Infinity Man II) As Infinity Man: Forever People #1 (Feb./Mar. 1971); As Drax: Jack Kirby's Fourth World #2 (Apr. 1997) Darkseid's peace loving brother. Transported to Adon and became the Infinity Man.
Desaad Forever People #2 (Apr./May 1971) Killed by Darkseid, New Gods v.1 #11; revived, New Gods v.2 #6. Killed by Kalibak New Gods v.3 #12; revived #15. Killed by Yuga Khan New Gods v.3 #20; revived ??. Deceased, Orion #11; ressurrected, ??. Killed by Pied Piper, Countdown #9 (2008); reppeared as avatar Seven Soldiers: Mister Miracle #1 (2005)
Mantis Culled by the Source, Death of the New Gods #5 (2008).
Brola The New Gods #2 (Apr./May 1971) Warrior of Darkseid
The Deep Six


Amphibious creatures who live in Earth's oceans. Culled by the Source, Countdown #38 (2007).
Doctor Bedlam Mister Miracle #2 (May/June 1971) A being of psychic energy. Culled by the Source, Death of the New Gods #1; reappeared as avatar, Seven Soldiers: Mister Miracle #2 (2006).
Granny Goodness

Culled by the Source, Countdown #10 (2008); avatar returned Birds of Prey #118 (2008).

Glorious Godfrey The Forever People #3 (June/July 1971) Mind control expert who operates on Earth.
Virman Vundabar Mister Miracle #5 (Nov./Dec. 1971) Killed by Darkseid Jack Kirby's Fourth World #19. Culled by the Source after Death of the New Gods #2 (2007); avatar returned Teen Titans v.3 #59 (2008).
Klepp Agent of Virman Vundabar.
The Female Furies Mister Miracle v.1 #6 (Jan./Feb. 1972) Elite warriors trained by Granny Goodness. Reppeared as avatars Seven Soldiers: Mister Miracle #1 (2005)
Heggra The New Gods v.1 #7 (Feb./Mar. 1972 ) Mother of Darkseid; killed by Desaad
Steppenwolf Killed by Highfather, New Gods v.1 #7; resurrected, New Gods v.2 #6 (pre-Crisis)/New Gods v.3 #22 (post-Crisis). Reappeared post-Zero Hour, Mister Miracle v.3 #1 (1996).
Tigra Mother of Orion. Killed by Justeen Orion #3 (2000).
Kanto (Iluthin) Mister Miracle v.1 #7 (Mar./Apr. 1972) Culled by the Source, Death of the New Gods #3 (2008); avatar returned Final Crisis #1 (2008).
The Lump Deformed and immobile creature with tremendous mental powers.
Gilotina Mister Miracle v.1 #8 (May/June 1972) A Female Furie
Suli Mentioned New Gods v.1 #11 (Oct./Nov. 1972); depicted New Gods v.3 #8 Darkseid's first wife and Kalibak's mother. Poisoned by Desaad.
1977 Revival (Earth-17 continuity)
Gargon New Gods v.1 #13 (Aug. 1977) Desaad-like minion.
Titan New Gods v.1 #16 (Feb. 1978) Towering green brute.
Bane New Gods v.1 #18 (June 1978) Minion of Darkseid, has a fin atop his helmet.
Amazing Grace Superman v.2 #3 (Feb. 1987) Sister of Glorious Godfrey
Sleez Action Comics #592 (Sept. 1987) Mind-control minion banished to Earth. Culled by the Source, Countdown #46 (2007).
Tyrus New Gods v.3 #8 (Sept. 1989) Commands three-headed dog
Knockout Superboy v.3 #2 (Mar. 1990) Renegade Female Fury who befriended Superboy. Culled by the Source, Birds of Prey #109 (2007)
Infernus New Gods v.3 #16 (May 1990) Minion resembling a Chinese demon.
Necromina New Gods v.3 #17 (June 1990) Obsessed with death, and the Dreggs.
Yuga Khan Darkseid's father. Re-entombed in the Source Wall, New Gods v.3 #21 (1990).
Agogg New Gods v.3 #23 (Feb. 1991) Powerful ape-like brute; killed by Darkseid New Gods v.3 #23 (1991).
Bloody Mary, Malice Vundabar, Speed Queen Hawk and Dove v.3 #21 (Feb. 1991) Female Furies
Big Breeda Mister Miracle v.2 #28 (June 1991) Big Barda's mother, defected from Apokolips
Dispatcher New Gods v.3 #27 (July 1991) Shaggy assassin; killed in battle with Orion, New Gods v.3 #28 (1991).
Post-Zero Hour
Pythia New Gods v.4 #4 (Jan. 1996) Powerful oracle of the Garden of Hope, within Apokolips.
Kanto 13 Jack Kirby's Fourth World #9 (Nov. 1997) Darkseid's former personal assassin, killed and replaced by his protégé, Iluthin.
Mortalla New Gods Secret Files #1 (Sept. 1998) Darkseid's concubine with a death touch. Culled by the Source, Death of the New Gods #3 (2008).
Rip Roar Young Justice #2 (Oct. 1998) Warrior of Apokolips imprisoned on Earth for 2000 years
Justeen Orion #1 (June 2000) Ambitious assassin, lieutenant and successor to Desaad. Culled by the Source, Death of the New Gods #2 (2007).
Sirius Orion #10 (Mar. 2001) Beast who dwelled in a labyrinth of the Necropolis. Sacrificed his life to save Orion from Desaad, Orion #10 (2001).
Maelstrom Superman/Supergirl: Maelstrom #1 (Jan. 2009) Warrior who so loved Darkseid that she set out to bring him the greatest prize — Superman's head.

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