The Gods of New Genesis

+ The Old Gods of Asgard (The Third World)

Created by Jack Kirby
Highfather • Mister Miracle • Big Barda • Orion • Lightray • Takion
Metron •  Esak •  Himon •  Fastbak • Black Racer • Forager

The New Gods use teleportational technology invented by Metron with the help of the so-called X-Element, which was discovered by Himon. Metron bartered for the X-Element and in exchange created the Boom Tube for Darkseid. Metron used the technology to created fantastic Mobius Chair and to create the "Boom Tubes" for Darkseid. Darkseid eventually used Boom Tubes to launch his attack on New Genesis. The technology is also used by New Genesis and is installed on various devices, such as the Mother Box. This powerful sentient computer is created by and attuned to one or more individuals. Usually these people must be properly spiritually enlightened in regards to the Source, the font of all life. Mother Boxes can initiate teleportation, as can devices like Big Barda's Megarod.

At various times, Mister Miracle, Barda, Orion and Lightray have all served with the Justice League.

In another timeline (regarded as Earth-22 in post-Infinite Crisis continuity), Highfather became a member of the so-called Quintessence, a group of immortals. (Kingdom Come #3, The Kingdom #1-2, New Year's Evil: Gog #1)

List of Gods

All of the New Gods were culled by the Source in Death of the New Gods. Without corporeal forms, they were weak and the major characters reappeared as avatars on Earth through human hosts, in Seven Soldiers: Mister Miracle (2006). The gods of New Genesis were fully recreated in Final Crisis #6 (2009), and reside on Earth-51 (only a handful of them appeared in-panel).

Name First appearance Status
Highfather (Izaya) The New Gods #1 (Feb./Mar. 1971) Leader of New Genesis. Killed by Ares, Jack Kirby's Fourth World #8 (1997); reappeared as avatar, Seven Soldiers: Mister Miracle #2 (2006).
Metron Scientist. Culled by the Source, Death of the New Gods #7 (2008); reppeared as avatar Seven Soldiers: Mister Miracle #1 (2005).
Orion Son of Darkseid. Killed Final Crisis #1 (2009); avatar returned Seven Soldiers: Mister Miracle #2 (2006).
The Forever People: Beautiful Dreamer, Big Bear, Mark Moonrider, Serifan, Vykin Forever People #1 (Feb./Mar. 1971) Young gods who combine using their Mother Box to summon the Infinity Man. Revealed culled by the Source, Death of the New Gods #4 (2008); reappeared as avatars, Seven Soldiers: Mister Miracle #2 (2006).
The Infinity Man (Drax) Peace-loving brother of Darkseid.
Mister Miracle (Scott Free) Mister Miracle #1 (April 1971) Son of Highfather. Culled by the Source, Death of the New Gods #7 (2008).
Lightray (Sollis) The New Gods #4 (Aug./Sept. 1971) Bright in power and disposition. Culled by the Source, Countdown #48 (2007); reappeared as avatar, Seven Soldiers: Mister Miracle #2 (2006).
Esak New Gods v.1 #4 (Aug./Sept. 1971) Boy god corrupted by Darkseid; killed by Orion, The Hunger Dogs.
Stanga New Gods v.1 #3 (Sept. 1971) Hermit who lives on New Genesis.
Big Barda Mister Miracle #4 (Oct. 1971) Wife of Mister Miracle and former leader of Female Furies. Culled by the Source Death of the New Gods #1 (2007).
Fastbak The New Gods #5 (Oct./Nov. 1971) Speedster. Culled by the Source, Death of the New Gods #2; reappeared as avatar, Seven Soldiers: Mister Miracle #2 (2006).
Lonar The Forever People v.1 #5 (Oct./Nov. 1971) Rides the warrior horse, Thunderer. Culled by the Source, Death of the New Gods #2.
Avia New Gods v.1 #7 (Feb./Mar. 1972) Wife of Izaya. Murdered by Steppenwolf.
Magnar Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #147 (Mar. 1972) Warrior with magnetic abilities. Culled by the Source, Death of the New Gods #1.
Forager The New Gods #9 (June/July 1972) Misplaced warrior of the Insect Legion on New Genesis. Killed by the Anti-Life Entity, Cosmic Odyssey #3 (1989).
The "Bug" people aka the Insect Empire Race of insectoids who live on the surface of New Genesis.
Himon Mister Miracle #9 (July/Aug. 1972) Revealed culled by the Source, Death of the New Gods #7 (2008).
Jezebel (aka Jezebelle) of Apokolips New Gods v.1 #12 (July 1977) Child of Apokolips taken in by New Genesis. Spelled "Jezebelle" in Earth-17 continuity.
Bekka DC Graphic Novel #4: The Hunger Dogs (1985) Daughter of Himon.
Maya Forever People v.2 #6 (July 1988); reborn Mister Miracle v.2 #5 Daughter of Big Bear and Beautiful Dreamer.
Commander Gideon New Gods v.3 #3 (Apr. 1989) High Council member; leader of the military.
Mother Nature High Council member.
Teledar High Council member; science officer.
Forager II New Gods v.3 #2 (Mar. 1989) Female successor, native to the Insect Legion race.
Desdamona New Gods v.3 #22 (Jan. 1991) Former lover of Metron.
Post-Zero Hour
The Primitives New Gods v.4 #2 (Nov. 1995) Tribe of gods who live on the surface of New Genesis
K'zandr New Gods v.4 #3 (Dec. 1995) Oracle of New Genesis, of the tribe of Primitives.
Mother Herrae Leader of the Primitives tribe, one of the eldest New Gods.
Aarden New Gods v.4 #5 (Feb. 1996) Powerhouse, of the tribe of Primitives.
Sserpa Serpentine god, of the tribe of Primitives.
Atinai New Gods v.3 #6 (Mar. 1996)

Builder goddess who designed Supertown, the Celestial City.

Takion (Joshua Sanders) Takion #1 (June 1996) Human made into an avatar of the Source. Culled by the Source, Death of the New Gods #3 (2008).
Vayla Jack Kirby's Fourth World #1 (Mar. 1997) Izaya's second wife and Scott Free's mother. Died Jack Kirby's Fourth World #1 (1997).
Valkyra Jack Kirby's Fourth World #7 (Sept. 1997) Warrior and mother of Vykin. Taken by Black Racer, Jack Kirby's Fourth World #17 (1998).
Sister Sunlight Jack Kirby's Fourth World #15 Healer who sacrificed herself to save a dying child, Jack Kirby's Fourth World #15 (1998).

The Old Gods of Asgard + The Promethean Giants

The death of the "old gods." From The New Gods #1 (1971); art by Jack Kirby and Joe Sinnott.
Orion learns more about Asgard, sees visions of Wotan, a sorceress, and Lokee, the god of discord. It was he that threw the Third World into chaos leading to the split. about the Old Gods. From New Gods v.3 #7 (1989); art by Paris Cullins and Will Blyberg.
Barda holds her own against the Old God, Thor. From Jack Kirby's Fourth World #2 (1997); art by John Byrne.

"There came a time when the Old Gods died!"

The opening line to Jack Kirby's stunted epic

Metron encounters the edge of known space, finds old giants corpses. The Promethean Galaxy and its Giants. One tried to engulf the barrier by enlarging his own atomic structure and failed. are imprisoned Lincoln's superior is Sgt. Dan "Terrible" Turpin. Orion is caught by Slig's giant clam. He mutates sea life to his whim. Orion frees himself with the Astro Force via his wrist circuits and witnesses the Deeps Six's humongous ship. Human describes Darkseid as "blue granite." Kalibak comes to Earth. Orion attacks Slig, there's a Mother Box in his helmet that Orion "kills", then Slig himself. The joy turns Orion's face to normal. The Glory Boat surfaces. Pinup of Kirby at his drawing board. Young Gods of Supertown feat. Fastbak who uses Aero-Pads expertly. He is summoned to sing for HF, he's known for his voice. New Gods #5

Beam of light stabbed the Source Wall left it charred. HF lost power in his staff. Describes the Source "cosmic force" "essence of life" the Life Equation exists beyond the final barrier beyond the Promethean Galaxy graveyard of gods who sought the secrets then frozen and enlargedas sentries. Darkseid readies his most massive Boom Tube ever sending four beams out to send his army to Earth for the humans. Brola and Bane (with a fin on his helmet) are two other commanders. Orion has sequestered the remaining four and they're attacked fully at the Project. Metron takes out Bane, Jez Brola, Orion Kalibak, Lightray Titan. They're defeated but the humans disappear... they'd been fighting decoys. "we never said the New Gods are gods— they've just started to call themselves that becasue that's how the humans refer to them. Nowhere in any ofo ur issues (or Jack's) is there an implication that they are in any way a theological God." (#18)

Yuga Khan saga 1: billed as new era. Lar Gand happens on the world of Velos just as a Yuga Khan awakens and frees itself, among the other Prometheans. It touches down on the isolated world and absorbs all life, destroys the planet. HF dreams of Avia dying again. Commander named Gideon, they continue to argue over war preparations. On Earth, Orion argues wtih cops who are tired of super heroes. Deep Six cameo. Yuga Khan is free, and it's sensed by the Lump and other gods. Darkseid talks to Necromima who seeks control over death, obsessed witht he Dreggs. He wants her to capture Orion with the Mortis Mark grafted to her with teh Dead Sealer. Its power is so great he must graft it to a person, it's embedded into her palm. Darkseid commands two scientists to kill each other for disrespecting him. His Omega power hesitates and he know his father is free. (New Gods v.3 #17)

Yuga Khan saga 3: Metron surveys the Prometheans, recallsYuga Khan's history as first leader of Apokolips, supreme conqueror. Orion is brought to Apokolips and Necronima demands her reward, the land of the Dreggs and he cedes it to her for her showing respect for him more than fear. Black Racer arrives for Lanza, child of the Depression who once encountered Green Lantern. Once he is gone Darkseid senses power that he hopes will be of use against Yuga Khan. Lar Gand follows Khan's genocide. HF tells Metron of his friend Lazer, curious about the fate of the Old Gods and were approached by Yuga Khan who craved ultimate knowledge and power. He knows his own power may only be surpassed by his son, whom he cannot kill. He later tried to breach the Source and was entombed, the last to gtry. The Source Wall tells HF "to know everything is to know how much is not known." Khna comes to Apokolips snuffing out the fire pits and crashing into Darkseid's lair and binds his son. (#19)

Orion goes in search of Valkyra, her complex is in ruins. He's grabbed by a giant metal hand and a whole giant formed from the rubble. He dives into its mouth and finds Valkyra inside, held in stasis and released her. It was a weapon, relic of the Old Gods unearthed in the upheaval. Lonar's battle horse was found the same way. They recall their past and Orion kisses her, no longer teacher and pupil. Dreamer sensed it, a sign of spring. Scott prepares to become the new leader of New Genesis, in coronation robes, he is not happy. Scott always knew there was more to his life than becmoing a lowly dog soldier. He suffered on Apokolips double the others. Approached by Metron began appearing to him in secret. Now he abdicates and tells Takion to take over as leader. Metron and Desaad witness the bonds of the Promethean Giants, now empty. They are partnered in search of truth. Rome, 1502: Iluthin arrives with news of the Orsinis' plot against the Borgias. Borgia is victorious and apparently grants Iluthin the hand of Claudia. He has proven very valuable in martial arts, politics, loyalty. At their wedding, Kanto 13 Booms in and they square off with sword and rod. 13 knows he is defeated and retreats but leaves a bomb that kills Claudia. (Jack Kirby's Fourth World #11)

The planet of the Second World was massive planet, Asgard, larger as power grew, a scale incomprehensible to our minds. Takion resists the affections of Dreamer because he doesnt know if his feelings are real or sensory overload. She gives him an illusion of humanity again. They both sense a tremor in the universe as Metron and Desaad encounter the Promethean Giant, Prodigan. Metron addresses him and he wakes for the first time in eons, but a passing moment for him. Metron must make an illusion to seem larger. Another nameless one approaches, secretive cloaked, Metron remarks on his slow metabolism, similar to Promethean. On Vendaricar, of red sun system, massive gravity the Draman Radamanan have religion based around the Prometheans who have departed, they fear the end. Iluthin leaves Earth sickened by Claudia's death and sets immediately about vengeance on Kanto 13. His skills built on Earth and enhanced his uniform to give him the upper hand. But poison kills Kanto 13. Darkseid approaches and kills 13, installing Iluthin as his master assassin, taking the traditional name but no need for a number. D advises growing a mustache to mitigate his youth in the court. Letter column: "Yuga Khan is gone." (#13)

Name 1st App. Status + Notes
The Old Gods The New Gods v.1 #1 (Feb./Mar. 1971) Unnamed except for Balduur, in New Gods #7
Thunderer Forever People #5 (Oct./Nov. 1971) Horse paired with Lonar, freed from ruins on New Genesis
The Dreggs New Gods v.3 #6 (July 1989) Shambling shells of the Old Gods who live beneath the surface of Apokolips.
Thor One of the Dreggs, called by name.
Wotan New Gods v.3 #7 (Aug. 1989) Cited in a retelling of the origin of the Fourth World.
Lokee Dark god of discord; brought about the destruction of the Fourth World.
Post-Zero Hour
S'ivaa New Gods v.4 #5 (Feb. 1996) A monster; destroyer of the cosmos, created between the deaths of the Old Gods and the creation of the New Gods. Sucked into oblivion by Orion and Superman (New Gods v.4 #11)
Arzaz Takion #4 (Sept. 1996) One of two remaining original Old Gods, mentor to ..Takion. Sacrificed himself to imprisonment within the Source Wall in Genesis #3
The Nameless One Takion #7 (Dec. 1996) Dark opposite of Arzaz. Joined Arzaz in the Source Wall in Genesis #3.
Thor Jack Kirby's Fourth World #1 (Mar. 1997) Revived by Tigra on Apokolips
Odin Jack Kirby's Fourth World #3 (May 1997) Freed from the Source Wall by the New Gods
Mageddon JLA #12 (Nov. 1997) The Anti-Sun, a weapon of the Old Gods, the prime annihilator
Sirius Orion #10 (Mar. 2001) Demon-dog who predated Apokolips, guardian of its labyrinth
Clockwerx Orion #16 (Sept. 2001) Pre-New Gods giant who is the keeper of the Tree of Knowledge
Promethean Giants
Promethean Giants New Gods v.1 #5 (Oct./Nov. 1971) Immortals, among the first imprisoned by the Source, chained to immense planetoids.
Prodigan Jack Kirby's Fourth World #13 (Mar. 1998) Freed after Genesis then trapped again on the Source Wall
Geridath Orion #12 (May 2001) Freed by Darkseid and sent to destroy Earth.

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