aka Brutaal + Earth 2/New 52

Created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster

Superman: New 52

Kal-El aka Clark Kent

Lois Lane (Red Tornado, wife), Kara Zor-El (Power Girl, cousin), Jonathan and Martha Kent (adoptive parents)

The Ternion

Earth 2 #1 (July 2012)





Minion of Darkseid

Earth 2 #14 (Sept. 2013)

Alfred and Jonathan Kent watch on as young Bruce Wayne meets boy Clark Kent. From Batman/Superman #3 (2013); art by Yildiray Cinar.
Batman/Superman #4 (2014); art by Jae Lee.
Death at the hands of Parademons. From Earth 2 #1 (2012); art by Nicola Scott and Trevor Scott.
Brutaal kills Steppenwolf. From Earth 2 # (2014); art by Nicola Scott and Trevor Scott.
"Superman" is revealed as a Bizarro-like clone. From Earth 2 #26 (2014); art by Nicola Scott and Trevor Scott.

The Superman of Earth 2 seems to have had an upbringing very similar to that of his counterpart on Earth-0. No details are known of his Krypton, but he did grow up in Smallville, Kansas on the farm of Jonathan and Martha Kent.

When Clark Kent was a boy, he and Pete Ross were playing at the Kent farm as a car carrying young Bruce Wayne broke down nearby. Clark invited Bruce to play baseball and after some coaxing, Bruce began to enjoy himself. Bruce observed that Clark was stronger than normal people (which the boy neither confirmed nor denied). (Batman/Superman #3)

As an adult, Kent donned a cape and became Superman, one of the world's first three "wonders" (a term used by the public to refer to their costumed protectors). As one of the Ternion—with Batman and Wonder Woman—Superman was Earth's primary defense. (Earth 2 #1)

Superman's cousin Kara Zor-El later arrived from Krypton. In the decades since Clark's spaceship had landed, Kara had aged only months on her journey, and arrived on Earth in perfect health. Superman chose to keep Kara's presence hidden from the world, to employ her like a secret weapon. As Supergirl, Kara was introduced to the others on the day that Batman's daughter, Robin, took flight. Robin had rushed into a burning building to rescue her mother and Batman called to Superman for help. He in turn sent Supergirl to save Robin. (Worlds' Finest #0)

After moving to Metropolis and working for the Daily Planet, Clark Kent met his and married Lois Lane, a rival reporter.

As with all Earths in the multiverse, Earth 2 eventually drew the attention of the conqueror called Darkseid. Darkseid dispatched Kaiyo the Trickster to assess the "fitness" of that world's heroes—and that of Earth-0. Kaiyo used a Boom Tube to cross the boundary between Earths and transported the Superman and Batman of Earth-0 to Earth 2. They were split up to create maximum conflict with their counterparts. Superman Prime was shunted to the Kent farm in Smallville where he clashed with his Earth 2 counterpart. (Batman/Superman #1)

When Jonathan Kent ordered them to stop their fighting, Superman Prime was stunned. On his world, the Kents had died years earlier. Martha Kent calmed everyone down, and the Supermen returned to Metropolis. The Man of Steel used "Mangubots" to help protect the city. The Supermen met Lois Lane and Wonder Woman, who arrived on the scene and unexpectedly struck down Lois—she had been possessed by Kaiyo. (#2) Wonder Woman compelled Kaiyo to vacate Lois' body and she revealed that the heroes were being tested by Darkseid. The heroes learned that the government had been hiding an alien crystal that amplified energy. Kaiyo warned them that the crystal was their only hope in defeating Darkseid. (#3)

The heroes of Earth 2 wanted to destroy the crystal while those from Earth-0 sought to use it. Because of this, Kaiyo predicted that the Prime heroes would fare better against Darkseid. As she retreated, she erased all memories of these events. (#4)

The Ternion's ranks grew to include Terry Sloan aka Mr. Eight, whose solution to the alien pox was to completely destroy those parts of the Earth under Darkseid's Anti-Life mind control. Mr. Eight created a diversion—opal kryptonite, which drove Superman mad, and to attack Wonder Woman. By the time the Ternion had regained control of things, Eight had set off his bombs and retreated into Ninth Dimension. (Earth 2 #0)

A year later, the three made their biggest move of the war, a virus to take down Darkseid's control towers. Superman helped get Batman in position but Superman was overwhelmed by Parademons. All three of the Ternion apparently died that day, but they succeeded in driving Steppenwolf into hiding. Supergirl and Robin plunged into an inter-dimensional portal it in pursuit of another adversary and emerged on Earth-0, where they were stranded. (#1)

Brutaal: Soldier of Darkseid

Brutaal and his brethren, Beguiler and Bedlam. From Earth 2 #15 (2013); art by Nicola Scott and Trevor Scott.
Brutaal sheds his mask, revealing that he is Superman, under Darkseid's control. From Earth 2 #16 (2013); art by Nicola Scott and Trevor Scott.

Superman actually survived the showdown with Steppenwolf, who retreated and took the Man of Steel's body. He was eventually granted refuge in the nation of Dherain and plotted his long game. One component of this was the kidnapping of Wonder Woman's daughter, whom Steppenwolf raised and crafted into a weapon. (Earth 2 #8)

At the same time, Superman was totally brainwashed, turned into an unstoppable pawn called Brutaal. Five years later, Steppenwolf took over Dherain and staged a new attack on the planet. By this time Earth 2 had birthed its next generation of wonders. These heroes became semi-organized and invaded Dherain.

Even the full force of the invading World Army was unprepared for Steppenwolf's secret weapon. As Brutaal, Superman was deployed with two other minions, Beguiler and Bedlam. (#14)

Brutaal was a killing machine. He slaughtered one of the Army's Sandmen (#15) and everyone onboard the plane of Gen. Jason Stormy Foster. Then with Steppenwolf, he seemingly killed Green Lantern. Brutaal unexpectedly turned on Steppenwolf and killed his master as well. The explosion of divine energy ripped a seam across Europe into central Asia and Brutaal stood revealed to the world as Superman—hailing Darkseid! (#16)

Superman's next target was the World Army's Arkham base. As he brought down the building, his father-in-law, Gen. Sam Lane fought desperately to save the essence of Superman's wife, Lois Lane. Lane succeeded in uploading Lois's psyche into the android body of the Red Tornado, but he died when the building collapsed. (#17)

As the Red Tornado, Lois quickly acclimated to her new situation and met Major Sonia Sato and the new Batman, whom she believed to be her old friend, Bruce Wayne. Lois helped the Batman release another one of Superman's friend's from the World Army's stasis chambers: James Olsen. Outside Superman was drawn temporarily away by the Flash. When caught, Superman broke the Flash's leg. (#18)


Bedlam is based on Doctor Bedlam, who first appeared in Mister Miracle #2 (1971). Beguiler is a new villain.


The Earth 2 Superman's powers are generally regarded to be greater than that of his Earth-0 counterpart. He possesses super-strength, invulnerability, flight, heat and x-ray vision, and freezing breath.