Green Lantern

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Created by James Robinson and Nicola Scott
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Alan Scott


The Society

Earth 2 #1 (July 2012)

Trouncing Grundy. From Earth 2 #6 (2012); art by Nicola Scott and Trevor Scott.

Alan Scott is one of Earth's newest "wonders," his powers on par with the legendary Superman. Five years after the Man of Steel's death by the demons of Apokolips, Scott was a media magnate CEO of the Global Broadcasting Company. His company produced a documentary about the day the wonders died, which he reviewed while en route to China. (Earth 2 #1)

Reunited with Sam in China. From Earth 2 #2 (2012); art by Nicola Scott and Trevor Scott.
Greeted at death's door by the Green. From Earth 2 #3 (2012); art by Nicola Scott and Trevor Scott.

Once there he broadcasted a memorial service on the anniversary of the heroes' deaths. His partner, Samuel Zhao also lived in Hong Kong, and that day they took a fateful train ride out of the city. Just as Alan began to propose to Sam, the train exploded. (#2)

Incredibly, Scott was the sole survivor of the train crash, though left with only one eye and badly burnt. Standing up from the wreckage, Alan was greeted by a cloud of electric green energy that spoke to him. It claimed to be the "all the power of the Earth." Its fire healed him and charged with a mission—to become the Earth's new protector. He accepted and became a vessel for the green energy, the Green Lantern. In remembrance of Sam, he transformed his intended engagement ring to become his weapon and focal point of his power. Scott asked the entity whether its energy was also once human, but it "died" without giving any answer. (#3)

Meanwhile, the Green's opposite number, the Grey, had unleashed its own avatar, Grundy. This monster spread rot across the planet and Green Lantern found him in Washington D.C., fighting other new heroes: Hawkgirl, the Flash, and the Atom. (#4)

To defeat Grundy, Green Lantern ventured into the realm of the Grey itself, which left his mortal body vulnerable. The spirits asserted that it was this Earth's time to die and begin again, and tempted him with visions of his dead boyfriend. (#5) Alan eventually shook off the illusion and emerged from the Grey with a plan to stop Grundy. He thundered back to reality, hurling warheads out of the sky and exiling Grundy to the moon, where his powers were too detached to be of any threat. Then he "reignited" the Green's presence on Earth which regrew the vegetation killed by Grundy. When all was settled, the Flash suggested that they band together, a notion Alan roundly rejected. (#6)

This didn't sit well with Hawkgirl, who visited Scott at his home soon thereafter. She revealed her real identity and challenged Alan to reconsider their partnership. In making her final statement, she put a crossbow bolt right through his ring and speared it into a photo of him and Sam. Before he could even activate his powers, Hawkgirl had gone. (#7)

He soon found cause to change his minda after a return visit to China. There he met with Sam's father, in Wuxi. Mr. Zhao told Alan that he was certain that it was Sam who was the target of the train attack, not Alan. To solve the crime, Green Lantern sought out Hawkgirl in Louisiana. (#10)


James Robinson on Green Lantern:

"Alan Scott really is the big guy of Earth-Two. Quite literally. He's very tall, he's dynamic, he's charismatic and he's also the bravest, most gallant man on the planet. He's like the great knight defending the Earth. He would die for his planet, he would die for his people. He is the epitome of what a hero should be. And I think even if he wasn't that way when he first began in the 1940s, he is kind of evolved to that in terms of his place in the Justice Society." (CBR)

On making Alan Scott a gay character:

"I brought up that now Obsidian is no longer around I'd like to make Alan Scott gay. Dan [DiDio] was talking about something regarding the Atom but he stopped and thought about Alan Scott being gay a second and said, 'Yeah, okay, fine!' And then went back to the Atom. That was how little it mattered to him or to me. It shouldn't really be that big a deal." (CBR)


Green Lantern's powers are derived from his Earth's "Green," an essential life force fueld by living things. It manifests as fiery, plasma-like energy, which he can use to numerous effects. The green energy can be molded into solid shapes and manipulated by will—making its weilder supremely powerful. It also protects Scott's body, providing a force field, and the ability to fly.

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  • Earth 2, 35 issues (2012–2015)
  • Worlds' Finest, 26 issues (2012–2014)
  • Earth 2: World's End, 26 issues (2014–2015)
  • Convergence, 9-issue limited series (2015)
  • Earth 2: Society, 22 issues (2015–2017)