The Flash

New 52

Created by James Robins and Nicola Scott

Jay Garrick

Unnamed mother

The Society

Earth 2 #1 (July 2012)
As Flash: Earth 2 #2 (Aug. 2012)

Accepting his destiny from the god Mercury. From Earth 2 #2 (2012); art by Nicola Scott and Trevor Scott.

Jay Garrick was a directionless 21-year-old college grad when his life was changed forever by mystical forces. At his home in Lansing, Michigan, even Jay's ex-girlfriend, Joan, had left for a job at Tyler-Chem. As he contemplated his future, he witnessed a spectacular crash nearby. He rushed the scene to find the weakened god Mercury, who had crashed to Earth. (Earth 2 #1)

Mercury was dying, and he heralded a danger greater than Apokolips. As his light dimmed, he transferred his remaining power—the speed of a god—to Jay. No sooner had Jay been transformed than the World Army was on the scene. A costume had appeared at his will, and he fled the scene. He tested his powers, which propelled him all the way to Poland, where he met another "wonder," Hawkgirl. (#2) She wasted no time in testing Jay's skills, but given her military training she bested him fairly easily. Before Jay could hone his abilities, they were attacked by the power of the Grey, which consumed all life around them. (#3)

They followed the Grey's champion, Grundy, to Washington D.C., where other costumed heroes converged. Media members on the scene dubbed Jay "the Flash." (#4)

Hawkgirl spars with the Flash. From Earth 2 #3 (2012); art by Nicola Scott and Trevor Scott.

The battle against Grundy quickly escalated but the Flash managed to play his part, quickly accepting the responsibility of his new powers. After their victory, he suggested to Hawkgirl and Green Lantern that they band together, a notion that Lantern roundly rejected. (#6)

Jay returned home but the gravity of his new life had already beaten him there. The World Army had deduced his real identity and approached his mother in Lansing. The World Army's Sandman, Dodds, had been questioning her. As soon as Jay appeared, the Army attacked, on a mission to capture him. As fate would have it, an unseen friend intervened. Khalid Ben-Hassin had also been following the Flash and he used his magical abilities to spirit Jay and his mother away. (#9)

Ben-Hassin had little choice of destination, and the three arrived in the mystic realm of Nabu, where they were greeted by the evil wizard, Wotan. Wotan was after the power of Nabu, which belonged to Khalid. He blackmailed Khalid and the Flash into retrieving that power, or else Wotan threatened to kill Jay's mom. (#10)

They were transported inside the Tower where they faced the Great Beast. Jay's blind courage that day inspired Khalid to his own bravery and he accepted Nabu's power, becoming Doctor Fate. (#11)


James Robinson on the Flash:

"I've always loved Jay Garrick because there is this sense that he's this everyman. He's this guy that you trust and that you would hang out with and he brings humility. He's represents middle America. He's grounded, almost like a Will Rogers-type of character. … He's 21. He's starting out his life. And then he basically has to become a hero. … He's very much a character that has his greatness thrust upon him. He accepts it and goes about his duties as a hero all the while looking at this world with fresh eyes and wonder. " (CBR)

"The only flaw with Jay Garrick in his entire career is that his origin of inhaling hard water is so vague and ill-defined, it must have been made up on the spot by the writer." (CBR)


The Flash possesses the power of super-speed, which is a portion of the power of the god Mercury. It allows him to traverse vast distances in the blink of an eye. The power also protects him—and anyone he carries—from any harm that might occur from moving at such speeds.

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  • Worlds' Finest, 26 issues (2012–2014)
  • Earth 2: World's End, 26 issues (2014–2015)
  • Convergence, 9-issue limited series (2015)
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