Doctor Fate V

New 52

Created by James Robinson and Nicola Scott

Dr. Khalid Ben-Hassin



As Khalid: Earth 2 #2 (Apr. 2013)
As Dr. Fate: Earth 2 #11 (June 2013)



The story of the Earth 2 (New 52) Dr. Fate begins, as it always has, in ancient Egypt. The source of Fate's power is the Helm of Nabu. Nabu was a great mage in Egypt whose primary foe was the female magician, Wotan. Wotan's magic allowed her to transfer her memories for eternity from one bodily incarnation to the next. During her third lifetime, she was cursed by Nabu to always bear green skin, so that he would recognize her no matter when or where. Nabu died ten years later and placed his essence inside a golden helmet. It laid uncovered for millennia, waiting for the right host. (Earth 2 #11)

Nabu curses Wotan for eternity. From Earth 2 #11 (2013); art by Nicola Scott and Trevor Scott.

Three years after the "wonders" of this Earth were wiped out by the forces of Apokolips, the Helm of Nabu was discovered by two explorers. One, Kendra Muñoz-Saunders gained powers of her own and became Hawkgirl. (#9) The second was Khalid Ben-Hassin, a doctor of archaeology. (His "guardian" was named as the late Kent Nelson). Ben-Hassin's first experience with the helmet was not a good one. Nabu's power coaxed the young explorer into taking it on. When Khalid donned the Helm, he was overwhelmed by Nabu's spirit, thoughts and personality. Even after removing it, he suffered from lingering insanity. He ordered the helmet to go where no one could get it—the Tower of Fate.

The future Hawkgirl and Dr. Fate, on the day of their transformations. From Earth 2 #9 (2013); art by Nicola Scott and Trevor Scott.

The artifact also predicted that Jay Garrick was destined to become the Flash. (#10) Khalid held some residual powers such as teleportation, but even this magical use caused temporary insanity. Ironically it was in one of these stupors when Khalid first encountered Garrick. (#2)

Wotan returned (now in the body of Karel Wotan), representing a group set upon claiming Nabu's powers. Wotan knew that the Helm had been sent to the Tower—a place where he could not breach—and so he kidnapped Khalid, the Flash, and the Flash's mother. In Nabu's black realm they met, and Wotan used Mrs. Garrick as hostage so that the young heroes would retrieve the Helm for the villain.

They were transported inside the Tower where they faced the Great Beast. Jay's blind courage inspired Khalid to the bravery and he wore the Helm of Fate. As Ben-Hassin, approached it, Nabu called on him to become an agent of chaos and order (). The latent spirit told gave him hope: if his will was strong, he might eventually master its powers completely. Until then, the echoes of Nabu's soul would counsel him. Khalid was transformed, dubbed himself Doctor Fate, and saved Jay from the Beast. (#11)

Accepting his destiny. From Earth 2 #11 (2013); art by Nicola Scott and Trevor Scott.

World's End

Khalid reveals why he is no longer "Doctor Fate." From Earth 2: Society #10 (2015); art by Jorge Jiménez.
A strange Fate appears on Earth-0. From DC Universe: Rebirth #1 (2016); art by Gary Frank.

During Darkseid's attack on Earth, John Constantine of Earth-0 arrived on Earth-2, he drew the attention of Wotan, whom Constantine magically ripped in two. (Constantine #18) Constantine's magic, used in an effort to save his Earth-0 "family," drew Doctor Fate. (#19-20) Fate helped him to ward off Darkseid's Parademons while Constantine executed his escape spell, which came at the cost of the Constantine of Earth-2 (who had no magical abilities). (#21-23) Note: The timeline of this story contradicts Constantine's appearances in Earth 2: World's End #3–10. Both adventures are self-contained and cannot cross over. (#18-23)

Dr. Fate was present for the entire battle against Darkseid. He killed one of Darkseid's horsemen, Famine, by turning her power back onto her. (Earth 2: Worlds' End #5) When their world was consumed by Apokolips (#25-26), Khalid was among those who boarded escape ships, while his fellow heroes were "collected" by a being named Telos. Note: Doctor Fate was present at the fall of Earth-2, but not among the heroes who appeared in Convergence.

The inhabitants of Earth-2 were given a new home by the being called Telos. He gave Brainiac's patchwork planet to the survivors and terraformed it into a facsimile of their former world. (Convergence #8)

Back on Earth-0, a Doctor Fate who appeared to be Khalid approached the Blue Beetles (Ted Kord and Jaime Reyes) and warned them against using his alien scarab, a magical artifact. (DC Universe Rebirth #1) Note: This Fate actually looks neither like that of Earth-2 or Earth-0 (Khalid Nassour). Instead his costume is that of the pre-New 52 Dr. Fate, Kent V. Nelson. Nassour first appeared in Doctor Fate #1 (Aug. 2015).

It is unclear how Khalid shed the mantle of Fate, but when he next appeared, it was as a civilian, in service of the new Earth's World Army Cabinet. (Earth 2: Society #8) He revealed that he now carried only a pendant containing shards of the helmet of Fate. (Perhaps it was shattered in battle with Darkseid.) (#10)

This version of Earth-2 was also remade once more by use of the Amazonian artifact called the Pandora Vessel. (Earth 2: Soceity #17) Ten of Earth-2's wonders survived to live in the newly recreated world, but Khalid was not among them. His fate remains uncertain.

+ Powers

Doctor Fate possesses a near limitless application of magical powers. The power over these spells is tempered by the maddening presence of Nabu inside Khalid Ben-Hassin's mind.