The Sandmen (New 52)

Created by James Robinson and Nicola Scott

Colonel Dodds, Sandman of Canada


The Sandmen, the World Army

Earth 2 #5 (Dec. 2012)


Rescuing the POTUS. From Earth 2 #5 (2012); art by Nicola Scott and Trevor Scott.

Earth 2's World Army employs a special task force dubbed the Sandmen. In the times between Earth's super-hero (or "wonder") eras, the Army recruited and trained a variety of specially-powered operatives. The Sandmen are a paramilitary team from various nations, directed by Amir Kahn, the commander of Sentinel, the World Army's Intelligence agency. In the field, the team is led by Colonel Dodds, from Canada. (Others are Mexican, Italian, and Greek.) When the monster called Grundy attacked the President of the United States, the Sandmen saved her by placing one of their masks on her and teleporting away. (Earth 2 #5)

Cracking Terry Sloan's secret base. From Earth 2 #7 (2013); art by Nicola Scott and Trevor Scott.

After Grundy was defeated, Khan assigned the Sandmen to find the hidden bases of Terry Sloan, a controversial man with questionable motives and methods. Using their gear, they disappeared in a mist and reappeared in one of Sloan's lairs. They were greeted by his brainwashed guardian, Mister Terrific, who ambushed them. In that state, Terrific was quickly apprehended. (#7)

Dodds was next sent after the new hero called the Flash. He visited his mother in Lansing, Michigan then lay in wait for young Jay Garrick to return home. When Jay appeared, Dodds and other World Army troops stormed and destroyed the Garricks' house. Dodds held Jay's mother hostage but he was struck from behind by Khalid Ben-Hassin (Dr. Fate), which gave the Flash his opportunity to escape to safety. (#9)


The Sandmen are highly trained military operatives, expert in hand-to-hand combat, firearms, and battle strategy. They wear masks whose technology allows them to teleport, of "fade."