Batman IV (Earth-2/New 52)

aka Robin aka The Huntress

Created by Paul Levitz and Joe Staton

Helena Wayne, Robin, the Huntress

Bruce Wayne (Batman, father, deceased), Selina Kyle (Catwoman, mother, deceased), Thomas Wayne (Batman II, grandfather), Martha Wayne (grandmother, deceased)


As Huntress: Huntress vol. 3 #1 (Dec. 2011)
As Robin:
Earth 2 #1 (July 2012)
As Batman IV: <em>Earth 2: Society</em> #22 (May 2017)

Robin steps out. From Worlds' Finest #0 (2012) ; art by Kevin Maguire.
The Batman makes his last and boldest play, destroying Steppenwolf's control tower. From Earth 2 #1 (2012); art by Nicola and Trevor Scott.
Power Girl and Huntress battle Hakkou in Tokyo. From Worlds' Finest #2 (2102); art by George Pérez and Scott Koblish.

On the parallel world known as Earth 2, the Huntress is the daughter of the Batman and his wife, Catwoman. Throughout her childhood, Helena was trained by both parents in the ways of their alter egos, but Batman was overly cautious about sending her out into the streets. It was Selina who finally encouraged Helena to step out as Robin—against Bruce's wishes. One day while training, an emergency alarm sounded in the Batcave and Robin rushed to parents' aid. She arrived to find they had been attacked by invading alien forces from Apokolips. Her mother was already dead and the Batman was weak. Helena became furious with grief and rushed into a burning building after her mother's killers, but Batman called to Superman for help. Superman in turn sent his cousin Kara (aka Karen, Supergirl) to remove Robin from the building. (Worlds' Finest #0)

Batman eventually devised a virus to take down Apokolips' forces, but the plan would require the sacrifice of his life, and those of his friends, Superman and Wonder Woman. On that day, the Batman delivered the virus personally, but as a result, he was at ground zero when the tower exploded. Robin was piloting a Batplane and witnessed her father's end. Shortly afterwards, a Boom Tube appeared—a portal to another world. She and her friend Supergirl plunged into it, in pursuit of a figure they could see in its midst. The person eluded them and they emerged on a parallel Earth, stranded. (Earth 2 #1)

Worse, they landed in the middle of an ocean but Helena managed to drag them both to safety on a nearby island. The girls took different approaches to their fate. While Karen would move the heavens to find a way home, Helena somewhat resolved herself to the situation. In Rome, they made plans for survival in the new world. Karen began buying up companies and properties while Helena resolved herself to living on this Earth and began appropriating money from Wayne Enterprises. (Worlds' Finest #1, 4)

Karen was not interested in super-heroics, but Helena made friends with a woman named Sade, in New York. Sade made a new uniform, and a cutsom crossbow for Helena which she would use to become the Huntress. Her agenda usually concerned the exploitation of women and children; a month later in Prague she rescued some trafficked women. (#9)

On another mission, she assumed the alias of Helena Bertinelli (a deceased woman) and traveled to Naples, Italy. There she stopped a slave trade run by Moretti and Ibn Hassan. Though she managed to shut it down, she left with a bounty on her head. She also allied with reporters Alessandro and Christina. (Huntress vol. 3 #1-6) After it was resolved, Helena reteamed with Karen and burned Bertinelli's passport, commenting that that person was dead. (Worlds' Finest #1) NOTE: Bertinelli was the name of the post-Crisis Huntress.

Eventually, the road home became too complicated and Karen was forced to adopt a hero identity: Power Girl. In Tokyo, she had bought a research facility working on a "quantum tunneler," which was attacked by a brute called Hakkou (apparently from Apokolips). Power Girl succumbed to Hakkou's radiation and though she was also doused in it, Helena managed to rescue her friend. (Worlds' Finest #1) They eventually learned that Hakkou was trying to close portals to other worlds. He was defeated by feeding him a nuclear warhead. (#4)

The Batman's detective skills finally caught up to the Huntress when someone at Gotham National Bank began noticing suspicious transactions. (#2) It was Helena's counterpart, this Earth's Robin (Damian Wayne), who caught her. When they met, both noticed familiar things in the other's fighting styles. Robin even detected some of Catwoman's moves in the Huntress. They called a truce and discovered that someone else was stealing even more money. (#6) On the trail, they fought a pack of giant wolves. Afterwards, Robin promised not to tell Batman about her. (#7)

Helena's activies as the Huntress put a target on her back, and she was shot by a bounty hunter under an order from Ibn Hassan. Power Girl rescued her en route to the hospital and took her to Starr Island, in Micronesia. Karen immediately went to find Hassan and end his threat. (#8)

Just after having met her "not brother," Damian Wayne was killed. When Helena learned of this, she visited his grave at Wayne Manor. Just as the Batman closed in on her, Power Girl swept her away. (#10)


The Huntress was trained by the Batman and Catwoman, and is a superior hand-to-hand combatant, acrobat, and marksman. She prefers a crossbow and has been known to use firearms as well. She may possess some hereditary immunity to some sorts of poisons. Upon crossing over to Earth-0, she seems to have become resistant to some forms of radiation.

Appearances + References


  • Earth 2 #1


  • Huntress vol. 3, 6-issue limited series (2011–12)
  • Worlds' Finest, 26 issues (2012–14)
  • Earth 2: World's End, 26 issues (2014–2015)
  • Earth 2: Society, 22 issues (2015–2017)