Wonder Woman + Fury

Earth 2 / New 52

Created by James Robinson and Nicola Scott

Wonder Woman

Diana of Amazonia

Fury (daughter)

The Ternion

Earth 2 #1 (July 2012)



Wonder Woman (mother, deceased), Steppenwolf (father, deceased)

Furies of Apokolips

Earth 2 #8 (Mar. 2013)

Wonder Woman

From Batman/Superman #1 (2013); art by Jae Lee.
Death at the hands of Steppenwolf. From Earth 2 #1 (2012); art by Nicola Scott and Trevor Scott.
Fury is unleashed. From Earth 2 #8 (2013); art by Yildiray Cinar.
Reunited with Barda, but still under Bedlam's control. From Earth 2 #26 (2014); art by Nicola Scott and Trevor Scott

On Earth 2, Wonder Woman was one of three original "wonders," the term used by the public to refer to their super-powered and costumed protectors. Little is known about her life before she came to the United States.

As one of the Ternion—with Superman and Batman—Wonder Woman was Earth's primary defense. The Wonder Woman of Earth 2 may never have met her Earth-0 counterpart, but she was on-hand when the Batman and Superman from that world crossed over. This was the doing of the trickster named Kaiyo, who had possessed Lois Lane, and Diana drove her out. (Batman/Superman #1-2)

Wonder Woman's lasso compelled Kaiyo to reveal that both Earths were being tested for their fortitude. (#3) In the end, the heroes from Earth-0 made a more impressive showing, which didn't bode well for Earth 2. (#4)

Darkseid soon invaded Earth 2 with forces from Apokolips, led by Steppenwolf. Wonder Woman's sisters, the Amazons, were all killed, and Wonder Woman's own daughter was kidnapped by Steppenwolf and trained to be his personal champion. Over years, he taught her mastery of Apokoliptian combat techniques and crafted her into a ruthless and effective warrior. (Earth 2 #8)

On of the Ternion's allies, Mr. Eight, chose to take drastic measures and created opal kryptonite which turned Superman against Wonder Woman. By the time the heroes had regained control of things, Eight had set off his bombs and retreated into Ninth Dimension. (Earth 2 #0)

A year later, they made their biggest move of the war, a virus to take down their control towers. Diana helped get Batman in position but a visit from her god, Mercury, distracted her long enough for Steppenwolf to strike a fatal blow, impaling her with his sword. But the plan worked and Steppenwolf was forced into hiding. (#1)

The Fury

Wonder Woman's daughter first appeared publicly when Steppenwolf staged a coup to take over the country of Dherain (where he'd been hiding because he'd been unable to create a Boom Tube home). His secret weapon was the girl, known only as Fury. She wielded a powerful whip and wore armor like that of Apokolips. (#8)

Fury was keen to fight on the battlefront, but Steppenwolf ordered her on a different mission—to find a so-called "lost son" who had escaped from them a year prior. This was Mister Miracle and Barda. Fury found them in the now-devastated Gotham City. (#11, Annual #1)

While they sparred, Barda and Fury spoke of their shared history as graduates of Granny's Finishing School on Apokolips. Their battle was interrupted by the Red Tornado, an agent of the World Army. (#15)

World's End



James Robinson teased: "Who her father is… that will blow your mind."


Wonder Woman and Fury possess gods-given super-strength and endurance. Both were trained to be warriors. While Wonder Woman sometimes used a lasso and sword as weapons, Fury uses an energized whip.