The Red Tornado

Lois Lane + New 52 / Earth 2

Created by James Robinson and Nicola Scott

Lois Lane

Clark Kent (Superman, aka Brutaal), Samuel Lane (father, deceased)

The World Army

Lois Lane:
Worlds' Finest #0 (Nov. 2012)
Red Tornado, mentioned:
Earth 2 #5 (Dec. 2012);
appeared: Earth 2 #7 (Feb. 2013)
Batman/Superman #1 (Aug. 2013)
Lois as Tornado: Earth 2 #17 (Jan. 2014)

Wonder Woman extracts the trickster, Kaiyo, from Lois Lane. From Batman/Superman #1 (2013); art by Jae Lee.
Lois Lane comes to the realizations of her new "life."
Both from Earth 2 #18 (2014); art by Nicola Scott and Trevor Scott.

The new Red Tornado is an android which grew out of the World Army's "Red Files" initiative. In the spirit of other heroes such as Red Arrow, and the Red Bee, this android was built but never successfully activated. It was the genius Terry Sloan who first mentioned the project—and that it remained unfinished, something he aimed to rectify. (Earth 2 #5)

When Sloan became an advisor to the World Army, he immediately requisitioned the dormant android from their Tokyo facility and relocated it to Portland. (#7)

She next appeared, battle-ready, in Gotham City where she interrupted a battle between Fury and Mister Miracle and Barda. The android referred to itself as "Unit 1.3" and commanded them to yield. (#15)

This android was devoid of any human emotion or memories until the intervention of General Samuel Lane. General Lane's daughter, Lois, had been married to Superman. Lois was a reporter for the Daily Planet and active in Superman's "business" as well. When he and Batman were ambushed by counterparts from a parallel Earth, Lois and Wonder Woman helped resolve the situation. (Batman/Superman #1-4)

Lois met her death under undisclosed circumstances at the Daily Planet. (Earth 2 #1) But somehow the essence of her mind and personality were captured and saved electronically. It's unclear whether Superman had a hand in this or whether Lane used World Army resources to do it. At some point, General Lane must have also been made aware of the Red Tornado project because when it was clear that his own end was imminent, Lane made a desperate move to salvage Lois' psyche. With help from Dr. Robert Crane, they successfully by uploaded Lois' stored essence into the Red Tornado. Just after the transfer, Superman (now under the control of Darkseid) destroyed the Arkham facility and Sam Lane was killed. (Earth 2 #17)

As the Red Tornado, Lois adapted quickly to her new situation. She came upon the new Batman, whom she believed to be her friend, Bruce Wayne. When she called him by that name, the new Batman was caught off guard, and he soon deduced that he was speaking to Lois Lane. Along with Major Sonia Sato, Lois helped Batman find the World Army's stasis chambers and release her friend James Olsen, among others. (#18)


Tom Taylor on the Red Tornado: "… I tried very hard to celebrate Lois and to show her at her best in Injustice, before her tragic demise. … The first thing I wanted to do on Earth 2 was "unfridge" Lois Lane. If you look at the first page Red Tornado appears on, Nicola Scott and I actually have her coming out of a large blue, steaming refrigeration unit." (Newsarama)

DC's first Red Tornado was Ma Hunkel, a half-hearted non-super-powered hero from the Golden Age who first appeared in All-American Comics #3 (June 1939), and as the Red Tornado in All-American Comics #20 (Oct. 1940).

The first android Red Tornado was built by T.O. Morrow and became a member of the Justice Society of Earth-Two (Justice League of America #64, 1968), then the Justice League of Earth-One (Justice League of America #106, 1973).


The Red Tornado can generate hurricane force winds in controlled, focused bursts. She also uses it to fly. As an android, she also has great strength and imperviousness.

Appearances + References


  • Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent #1


  • Earth 2: World's End, 26 issues (2014–2015)
  • Convergence, 9-issue limited series (2015)
  • Earth 2: Society, 22 issues (2015–2017)