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Voted "Mister Anti-Social" by his graduating class, Roger Romane thought he'd found his niche in the Research and Development division of the Army Engineer Corps in the late 1930s. Instead, his"concept of multi-purpose tools for use by combat engineers" was met with derision and he was ejected from the military after insulting the General who dismissed his work.

Romane decided to devote his energies to stealing from the world he hated and, to that end, designed a costume lined with hidden pockets and filled with a plethora of miniaturized weapons, everything from flamethrowers to sonic disruptors to a compact hovercraft. Among the Gadgeteer's first victims in the fall of 1939 were New York Star publisher Edward Runyon and his date Kathy Kulhammer, a Congressman's daughter (STEEL, THE INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN #3), who used their influence to convince the mystery-man known as Steel to track down the marauder on their behalf.

An off-hand reference to the "E-Corps" alerted Steel (secretly a military man named Hank Heywood) to the Gadgeteer's possible origin and a check of the Corps' files revealed Romane's name. Steel tracked down the villain at his last known address but the suicidal Gadgeteer attempted to kill them both with a grenade, vowing he'd "NEVER be taken alive!" Steel took the force of the explosion but Romane had disappeared by the time he regained consciousness (STEEL #4).


GANGBUSTERS was based on a radio (and later TV) program and featured stories about police officers (et al.) for 67 issues from 1947 to 1958. There were no recurring characters but there were a couple regular features: "A Casebook Mystery" (#13-19, 22-27, 30-44) and "A Perfect Crime Mystery" (#1-12). You can find reprints from the series in BATMAN #216, DC SPECIAL #10, DC SUPER-STARS #9 and DETECTIVE COMICS #405, 415, 417, 419, 420, 422- 424, 444 & 445 and WORLD'S FINEST #177.

So Gangbusters were a licensed comic?

Yep, GANGBUSTERS was a licensed comic.


Written by Ghituslinger

Gauntlet and his "family" (Andromeda, Scarab, and M.A.C.) appeared in HAWK AND DOVE [third series] #1, 8, and 10-12.

Douglas Strange was a technological genius when it came to robotics. Hired by the United States government during the days of the Cold War, he invented a number of weapons systems and devices to be used in the event of a nuclear war. Strange had the foresight to patent many of his inventions, making himself enormously wealthy. During all of this (and more important than any of it) he fell in love with a woman named Andromeda. The two were married soon after.

Retiring from government service, the two purchased an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. It was then that Douglas started work on his dream project: to create the world's first true android. Met with scorn and derision by many of his peers, including Will Magnus (the creator of the Metal Men) Douglas pressed on with his work, without success.

An extraterrestrial rocket ship crash-landed on their island home soon after, bringing with it a mechanical life-form Douglas dubbed Scarab. Taking the Stranges captive, the alien consumed scrap metal for nourishment for its soon to be offspring. When that no longer was sufficient, Scarab demanded that Douglas bring it large quantities of gold.

When he refused, Scarab killed Andromeda. It then placed a twisted copy of her memories and personality into one of Strange's android prototypes and threatened to 'kill' the android Andromeda permanently if Douglas wouldn't cooperate. He reluctantly agreed.

With the use of one of his last government sponsored creations (a robot remote-controlled by use of a virtual reality harness), Douglas Strange started a criminal career as the armed and armored Gauntlet, robbing a number of locations across both coasts of the Atlantic Ocean. As Gauntlet, his standard M.O. was to send a teleportation disk to the crime scene, teleport in, rob at gunpoint, and teleport away with as much gold as possible.

It was during a heist of a Washington D.C. jewelry store that he first encountered Hawk I and Dove II. Despite being destroyed, Gauntlet escaped with the loot and vowed to return with friends in tow.

Sometime later, one of his 'friends' did return. This time Douglas Strange sent out a diesel-guzzling giant of a robot named M.A.C. to rob an armored car of all its gold. M.A.C. shook off everything Hawk and the D.C. Special Crimes Unit could throw at it before Dove found a way to bring the mechanical behemoth down.

The robot was put into the custody of the S.C.U., where it could be dismantled and studied. Scarab ordered Gauntlet and the Andromeda android to retrieve M.A.C., bringing them into confrontation with Hawk and Dove yet again. After a running battle in which Hawk was nearly killed, M.A.C. was successfully rescued.

Using 'borrowed' tracking equipment, Hawk and Dove traced Strange to the Atlantic but were unable to reach the island without transportation. A quick visit to Manhattan provided them with a ride and backup in the form of the Titans (Troia, Cyborg, Speedy, Raven, Starfire and Jericho). Once on the island, the heroes split into two teams. Hawk's team was immediately attacked by all of the robots while Dove's team battled Scarab itself. During the course of events, Scarab escaped to fight another day while Andromeda was permanently destroyed. Free of Scarab's control, Douglas Strange surrendered.

To this day, the Scarab creature remains on the loose, its whereabouts unknown.


Douglas Strange is a brilliant inventor, specializing in robotics and weapon systems. He is the creator of the Gauntlet units, the Andromeda android, the M.A.C. robot and the teleportation disks his robots are equipped with.

An extraterrestrial being of unknown origin, Scarab possesses heightened speed, reflexes and strength. It can reproduce seemingly at will, often shooting its newborn offspring (its 'bytes') as projectiles at its enemies. The creature seems to have a vulnerability to acid. Scarab may also possess the power of teleportation.

The typical Gauntlet unit is a walking arsenal. Each unit has the ability to transform its hands into dangerous laser firing guns as well as numerous high-powered weapons hidden throughout the robot's torso and limbs. In addition, it also has the power of flight.

The Andromeda android possessed the power of elongation, limited shape-changing abilities, greater than average strength, and limited ability to control mechanical devices (she was able to override Cyborg's systems). It also had a split personality bordering between subservient 1950's housewife and a homicidal killer.

The M.A.C. robot was one of Strange's earliest creations, a 10 ft. tall diesel-powered walking juggernaut. Its armor plating allowed it to withstand the firepower of a small army. (Literally. The S.C.U. couldn't so much as scratch it.) Its primary weakness was that it could not right itself once toppled over.

The Ghost Pilot

The Ghost Pilot captured the spirit of the Flash (who had been visiting Earth-Two) to be his "wingman" in his plot of revenge against the surviving members of 13 Squadron. The villain was actually the spirit of Luther Jarvis, the only casualty of 13 Squadron during World War I. Jim Corrigan (the Earthly host of The Spectre) investigated an emergency call from 13 Squadron's meeting chamber, as the entire membership had disappeared from a locked roomed 24 stories above the street. The Spectre was summoned and started tracking The Ghost Pilot and the spectral Flash, a hunt that led him to Castle Krieg in the Rhine Valley of Germany.

At Castle Krieg, the aces of 13 Squadron were forced to watch the best of them, The Major, fight an aerial dogfight with the Ghost Pilot, who was being assisted by the spectral Flash. The Spectre interceded and a truce was called. In the castle, Jarvis explained that his vengeance was prompted by his wingmates' cowardice ... a challenge from Baron Von Krieg, the archenemy of the Squadron, had been issued and Jarvis flew to meet him alone and was killed. The other members did not want to take any chances on the last day of the war, and hadn't thought Jarvis would make the rendezvous alone. Jarvis had crashed near Castle Krieg and had used the occult library there to plot his revenge.

The Spectre offered to fly as the Squadron's champion in a duel with the spectral Flash, with the Squadron's lives hanging on the outcome. After a hard-fought dogfight and a land contest and chase through the heavens, the Spectre defeated the spectral Flash and returned him to his normal form. Seeing that his powerful wingman had been overcome, the Ghost Pilot crashed his plane into the Spectre's, destroying himself in the magical conflagration. The Spectre and the Flash were unharmed and returned to the United States.


  • The Brave And The Bold #72

The Gloryboys

Written by Richard Meyer

The Gloryboys were a trio of young boys taken from a neurosurgical correction camp in Eastern Siberia in the Winter of 1983. They were brought to the remains of the Institute of Brains in Moscow. Dr. Alexei Novotny and Yuri ran the project. All three boys were congenitally blind, but were dermo-optically receptive (meaning they could "see" through their skin). They were thought to be ideal candidates to activate a new weapon known as the Scream Over Hiroshima, which recreated the psychic energy and pain and terror of the people in the city of Hiroshima who died during the use of the first atomic bomb.

In order to make them more receptive for the Scream, the three boys were given neurological and surgical modifications to their limbic systems, and they were exposed to a contained nuclear flash. As a result, their skin became acutely sensitive to a whole range of stimuli (such as sounds, aromas, ultraviolet light) and the three were forced to stay within sensory deprivation tanks under near total sedation all of the time. Even the human voice was too harsh for them to hear, and people working near them were forced to wear special voice dampers. Conversely, the Gloryboys "spoke" by setting up tonal vibrations in their chests and used the amniotic fluid of their sensory deprivation chambers as their vocal chords - this had the effect of causing the brain to release natural panic chemicals into the bloodstream when their "voices" were heard.

The Scream was a trigger for people's fears, and allowed the astral creatures trying to absorb the energy ripples of emotion from the Koma Loka to get through into the real world. General Grushko killed both Alexei and Yuri and activated the Scream before the hero known as Scarab could stop him. As the Scream began to affect both the real and astral planes, the Cosmic Coincidence Control Center sent in their agents Bobby Dazzler and Benedict Creed. The CCCC's responsibility was to "safeguard the integrity of the world-mind". After Scarab left to be with the lifeform that his comatose wife had become, Creed and Dazzler attempted to evaluate and stop the damage that the Scream was causing. Dazzler was killed when he was exposed to many possible futures that could come from the effects of the Scream, but Creed and the CCCC were able to rework the structural framework of the world-mind so that the effects of the Scream appear to be largely forgotten by the world as a whole.


  • The Scarab #6-8

The Golden Eagle

See also: Hawkman I

Biography #1

As a teenager, the orphaned Charles Edmund Parker idolized Hawkman. Charley claims that he accidentally gained the same powers as Hawkman from the Mentachem Rod, prime weapon of the Matter Master, Hawkman's arch-enemy. Apparentally, Matter Master was unaware that Hawkman was off-planet at the time, and the wand attempted to grant the villain his wish for revenge by supplying him with a new "Hawkman."

In return for his help in the JLA case that resulted, Hawkman supposedly gave Charley a set of wings and a helmet. Apparentally, Charley had some modifications made later on [Note: This part of his origin has not been varified post-Crisis] [JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #116].

Charley made his heroic debut in the skies of Northern California, where he recued a family of campers from a forest fire. He recieved much praise, but his attitude was akin to "no applause, just throw cash." Charley handed out Golden Eagle business cards, a move which further deflated his image in the eyes of the townspeople.

Golden Eagle's involvement with the Teen Titans started when Mr. Esper attacked California. This soon caused Charley to join Titans West, where he served with some distinction till its dissolution. [TEEN TITANS vol. 1 #50-52]

With the exception of his superheroing with Titans West, Charley seemed unable to hold a steady job. Unable to make money from superheroing, he launched himself into a series of challenging jobs, such as pumping gas, or sweeping up. None of these jobs lasted very long.

When Titans West disbanded, Charley gave up his career as Golden Eagle. He worked for a Chicken Little's Fried Chicken franchise in Malibu and was seen at the wedding of Donna (Wonder Girl) Troy and Terry Long. [TALES OF THE TEEN TITANS #50-52]

A few years later he came out of retirement to assist S.T.A.R. Labs San Francisco, with Titans West once again. At the end of the adventure, an attempt to reform the group by Bette (Flamebird) Kane proved unsuccessful. Charley was "tapped out". His weekend stay with Mal and Karen (Bumblebee) Duncan had already turned into a into a two month visit. [HAWK & DOVE ANNUAL #1]

Less than a year later Golden Eagle and Aqualad met each other along the coast of Long Island where they were supposed to meet the Terminator, who called them both there. After talking for a moment, they were both attacked by Wildebeest, who electrocuted Aqualad while choking Golden Eagle with a wire around his neck. Aqualad fell into the water below them, while Golden Eagle crashed into the ground. The Wildebeest then strangled Golden Eagle, killing him, after Golden Eagle manages tear a part of the Wildebeests mask off [NEW TITANS #72].

Charley may have had some flaws, being the unemployed surfer dude/beach bum that he was, but he died a true hero, trying to protect the badly wounded Aqualad.

Biography #2

Charley Parker, alias Golden Eagle, was a Midway City orphan teen who hero-worshipped Hawkman to the point of dressing like him. When the villainous Matter Master commanded his "mentachem" wand to find Hawkman (not knowing Hawkman was in space), the wand decided to manufacture a reasonable facsimile and transformed the suitably clad Parker into a pseudo-Hawkman by turning his makeshift costume into one capable of flight. Embarking on a crimefighting career as the Golden Eagle, Parker was rescued from the Matter Master by the JLA. Parker improbably resurfaced several times thereafter as Hawkman's purported protegé and as a founding member of the short-lived Teen Titans expansion team, Titans West ( the first of many super-hero expansion teams) along with Lilith, Hawk, Dove, Beast Boy and Flamebird.

Titans West did not last very long. Golden Eagle became an occasional New Titans reservist, was seen at Donna Troy's wedding and participated in a brief Titans West reunion while sponging off Mal and Bumblebee in California.

Golden Eagle was one of many characters retroactively deleted from DC continuity by the Crisis on Infinite Earths, but that decision was later reversed and he reappeared with an impressive new costume (a George Perez original) and a new background as a would-be hero-for-hire and ne'er-do-well surfer dude who had helped found the short-lived Titans West. He became an occasional New Titans reservist, and participated in the brief Titans West reunion while sponging off Mal and Bumblebee in California. Golden Eagle's retconned rebirth was brief, though, as he was murdered by an agent of the Wildebeest Society during their ongoing campaign to capture the past and present members of the Titans.

Powers and Weapons: Golden Eagle's superhuman powers were all properties of his winged, armored costume, which gave him enhanced durability and allowed him to fly to great heights at high speeds. His gauntlets' talons were formidable slashing weapons, and his helmet lenses gave him telescopic vision of incredible acuity. The origin of Golden Eagle's costume is unknown, since he never displayed the sort of scientific expertise that would have been necessary to construct it. Without the suit, he was merely an athletic young man with moderate skill at unarmed combat.

Golden Eagle was murdered by one of the Wildebeest Society during their ongoing campaign to capture the past and present members of the Titans.


Exactly where Charley's Golden Eagle armor came from has not been revealed. There are many possibilities, though:

Perhaps Hawkman created it for Charley, using his anti-gravity Nth metal? After all, Hawkman's son Silver Scarab created an entire costume made of Nth metal.

Perhaps the Manhunters gave Charley his costume, hoping to use him against Earth's heroes later. However, after observing him, they decided he would not be a very reliable agent, and abandoned the idea of using him.Maybe, unbeknownst to the other Titans, Charley was also recruited by Mr. Jupiter who financed the construction of Charlie's costume.

Maybe a Thanagarian scout-ship crashed near Midway City, its pilot incinerated in the crash. Charley happens upon the sight and finds a Thanagarian prototype Hawk-police suit that was stolen from Thanagar.Maybe Charley volunteered for a S.T.A.R. Labs experiment and stole the wings?

Golden Gladiator

Golden Gladiator was a Roman Centurion in the time of Christ named Marcus. THE BRAVE & THE BOLD #1 (Sep 55). He was supposed to have been possessed by Etrigan the Demon (or the Demon who would be born in him and become Etrigan), in Rick Veitch's unpublished SWAMP THING #88.

The Golden Pharaoh

Secret identity: Ashley Halberstam.
Television APPEARANCES: None.
Comic book APPEARANCES: SUPER POWERS [third series] #1 (Sep 1986) - #4 (Dec 1986).
Origin revealed: SUPER POWERS [third series] #2 (Oct 1986).

The origin of Golden Pharaoh: After the overthrow of Darkseid, Orion and Mr. Miracle attempt to maintain the peace on Apokolips. Concerned that they may need help, the heroes enlist the scientist Kronar to develop a means of creating more heroes. He comes up with Omega Energy, a force loosely related to the Omega Effect. When applied to humans with the proper genetic structure, it produces radical changes in their bodies, resulting in the release of latent energy inherent in all beings. For his first trial of "Project Super-Hero", Kronar chooses two Earth subjects. One of the subjects is British archeologist, Ashley Halberstam, who is struck by the energy in Giza, Egypt. The next day, the transformed Halberstam appears in Metropolis as the Golden Pharaoh, along with the other hero, Samurai. Both are driven temporarily mad by the shock, but are soon subdued by the Super Powers Team. The Golden Pharaoh joins the heroes against the threat of Darkseid.

Powers: The Golden Pharaoh wields a magical staff, which generates solid pyramid pulses. He also has a golden aura, which protects him from harm. The Golden Pharaoh must periodically recharge himself with the mystical energy from a pyramid.

The Gorilla Wonders of the Diamond

Another single, nonseries story by Gardner Fox and Carmine Infantino...one of several "Strange Sports Stories" that ran in BRAVE & BOLD from #44 through 49 or thereabouts. Nine gorillas whose minds had been enhanced by a scientist schemed to conquer the world, under cover of forming their own baseball team.

Reprinted in DC SPECIAL #7.

Catherine Grant

The announcement of Catherine Jane Grant’s arrival as host of WGBS Hollywood Tonight (ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #447) was all but lost in the news that day. And frankly, Cat Grant preferred it that way. As a long-time entertainment reporter, she knew that no account of her present activities seemed complete without a reprise of her past in Los Angeles — her stormy two-year relationship with Monarch Studios president Joseph R. Morgan, the arguments over Joes involvement with drugs that ended their marriage and Cats series of affairs that cost her custody of their son, Adam (#429). Shed taken her nationally-syndicatedCat Calls Hollywood gossip column to the Daily Planet in Metropolis specifically to put some distance between herself and her tainted life on the West Coast, dismissing any inquiries into her past by joking that Im saving it all for my book (#424).

As Grant was signing her contract with WGBS, the news media was still buzzing over the scandal that had knocked Herbert Forrest out of the Presidential race (though the fact that the Senator had been backed by Lex Luthor remained a closely-guarded secret). Ironically, Grant seems to have made her decision to take the job at a political rally for Forrest. Shed been teasing Clark Kent about taking notes on the Senators speech, assuring him that a puff piece based on the press kit would be much easier to write. The veteran Daily Planet reporter stuck to his guns and, for good measure, chastised her about her drinking, something he seemed to be doing all too frequently (SUPERMAN (second series) #24).

Clark had been good to her, she had to admit, probably better than she deserved. Theyd met only months earlier, on her first day at the Daily Planet. Thered been an immediate attraction between the two(ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #424) and theyd begun dating (ADVENTURES #428-429). Determined to put the skids to any competition, a scantily-clad Grant even met Lois Lane at Clarks apartment on one occasion, suggestively remarking that Clarkies in the shower and closing the door in her rivals face (SUPERMAN #11). Her agressive romantic overtures towards Clark soon forced him to aknowledge thatCats NOT my type. Maybe shes trying TOO hard, but her whole approach leaves me COLD(ACTION #598).

Still, when Cat revealed that shed lost custody of her son five years earlier and hadnt seen him since, Clark (by way of his friend Superman) had taken it upon himself to plead her case to Joe Morgan. The encounter had not gone well, with an enemy of the Man of Steels attacking during the conference and injuring both Joe and Adam. Nevertheless, Morgan agreed to give his ex-wife visitation rights (ADVENTURES #429) as she prepared for a renewed custody fight, digging into Daily Planet archives for evidence about her ex-husbands involvement with drugs (#431). After a custody hearing (mentioned in #435), each parent was entitled to six months with Adam out of the year (#445).

Catherine Grant had been created by Marv Wolfman and Jerry Ordway for their portion of the 1986 revamp of the Man of Steel in ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #424. In some respects, Cat seemed to be a realization of plans that Wolfman had intended to enact in his 1983-1984 run on ACTION COMICS. During that period, Clark had been dating Lana Lang and Marv intended to reveal that shed married, had a child and divorced during a period spent in Europe. Instead, the development was handed off to Mindy Newell, who revealed in one of the last pre-Crisis stories (1986s LOIS LANE #2) that Lana had indeed had a child, a boy who was kidnapped and slain by terrorists. The tragedy would have eerie parallels with Catherine Grants own life.

Even as Clarks interest in her was beginning to fade, Cat was oblivious to the fact that young Jimmy Olsen, whod been tagging along on some of their dates to entertain Adam, was becoming infatuated with her (ADVENTURES #438-439). Once Adam pointed out Jimmys interest to his mother (#441), she found herself energetically flirting with him (SUPERMAN #19-20). Eventually, Daily Planet editor Perry White bawled her out for her treatment of Jimmy and condemned her escalating drinking problem. I will not stand for ANYONE coming to MY city room stinking of booze! In tears, Cat headed directly to a tavern, weeping to the bartender that Jimmy had been great with my son Adam ... but Im no good at it — I dont know HOW. Hes used to nice things — and I want him to love me as MUCH as his daddy ... its just so difficult ... (ADVENTURES #445).

Cat concluded that she could use the job offer at WGBS to uncover Galaxy Broadcasting exec Morgan Edges link to Intergang. Grant quickly became Edges lover (ADVENTURES #447, 452, 454) and she used her close access to gather evidence that she anonymously mailed to Clark Kent (#450). Clarks articles created a firestorm in the Intergang empire and the mob responded with an execution attempt that initially left friends and neighbors convinced that the reporter had been killed (#451). Cat, fearing for both her and Adams lives, confided in Lois Lane (#455).

In Clarks absence, Lois agreed to continue the Intergang expose but Cat asked her and Perry to let her involvement remain a secret. I only did this to prove to you both that I could actually BE a good reporter. And most of all, to justify Clarks continual belief in me and my abilities (#456).

The desperate Edge soon learned that his lover had betrayed him and made an unsuccessful attempt on her life (#456). Superman, returning from a long exile in outer space, took Edge into custody, though the disgraced GBS head collapsed of a heart attack on the scene (ACTION #643).

A second attempt on the lives of Kent, Lane and Grant (ADVENTURES #457) led Joe Morgan to warn the hospitalized Morgan Edge of dire consequences should either his ex-wife or son be threatened by Intergang again (SUPERMAN #36). Aware of the forces that comprised Intergang, Joe also arranged for unemployed schoolteacher and occasional crimefighter Jose (Gangbuster) Delgado to serve as Cat and Adams bodyguard (SUPERMAN #42; ADVENTURES #466). As her ex-husband had feared, Cat was indeed destined to be the target on a series of abduction attempts (SUPERMAN #44; ADVENTURES #467) and Gangbusters efforts prevented her from having her incriminating memories erased by Doctor Moon (ACTION #654).

Grants life seemed to be on an upswing after that. GBS had fired Cat upon Morgan Edges arrest (SUPERMAN #36) but Edges father, Vincent, rehired her within weeks (shortly after Clark Kent turned down a similar offer in SUPERMAN #46). One of Cats first on-air reports included a chance encounter with Lex Luthor (ACTION #658) and she soon followed up with a pair of highly-rated interviews with Superman (WONDER WOMAN #49 and JUSTICE LEAGUE AMERICA #69), took a statement from Aquaman on the Atlantis-Oumland war (SUPERMAN #63) and, in collaboration with Clark, presented an in-depth look at the death of Lex Luthor (ACTION #668) and a look at the downfall of Intergang (SUPERMAN #60). A positive report on the arrival of Luthors alleged son (ACTION #676) prompted Luthor, Jr. to grant Cat an exclusive interview — despite the fact that he owned WGBS principal rival, WLEX. Isnt it obvious? she laughed. Its ME hes interested in (#677).

The men who were at the heart of Cats life were Adam, for whom shed given up alcohol (ACTION #694), and Jose Delgado, who had formed a romantic bond with her (ADVENTURES #483). Cat had convinced Jose to abandon his Gangbuster persona after a particularly brutal encounter with Metallo (ADVENTURES #491) but he returned to the role for several ill-fated outings in the wake of Supermans reported death. The savage beatings that Gangbuster had inflicted on the perpetrators made him the subject on a manhunt (LEGACY OF SUPERMAN #1) and he was forced to leave Metropolis and Cat for the life of a fugitive (ADVENTURES #500).

Adding to her stress were Vincent Edges persistent sexual advances (beginning in ADVENTURES #480) and the publication of his sons tell-all book that revealed all the sordid details of his affair with Cat (SUPERMAN #83).

The problems in Catherine Grants life seemed inconsequential after she and Adam attended an innocent Halloween party. The youngster was abducted by the Toyman, whod been kidnapping the children of people that he judged as bad parents. Defiantly fleeing from his captor, Adam stopped long enough to free the other children and paid with his life. With Jimmy and Perry at her side, a devastated Cat identified his body (SUPERMAN #84).

Lois did her best to console Cat, who admitted that shed gone into a bar in the morning but resisted buying a drink. I quit drinking for Adam, you know. ... He ... he was my world, she sobbed. I miss him so much. I just want to be numb. I just want to end the pain once and for all ... (ADVENTURES #507).

Once the Toyman was taken into custody, Cat gained access to his jail cell — and pulled out a gun. She demanded that he beg for his life and the terrified killer complied. Cat pulled the trigger anyway, releasing a flag that read Bang! She admitted that I wanted to use the real thing ... and I intended to. Until I walked into that toy store. Standing behind her, Superman told Cat that you could get in lots of trouble for this, you know. IF the authorities were alerted, that is. ... Youve been through a great deal, Catherine. I wont pile on (SUPERMAN #85).

At Adams funeral, the Man of Steel offered his condolences once more and Cat had only one request of the recently resurrected Superman. I just need to know if Adams okay. I just need to know what its like ... to be dead.

I think ... I think its DIFFERENT for each person, he answered. But Adams all right. Hes at peace (ADVENTURES #508).

In the wake of Adams death, Cat threw herself into work. She arranged for Lois Lane to investigate a death that would ultimately lead back to Lex Luthor (ACTION #695) and made exclusive reports on the billionaires deteriorating health (SUPERMAN #87) and ultimate downfall (ACTION #700). Appalled by Vincent Edges continued advances even during her time of grief (ACTION #694; ADVENTURES #508), she made a series of inquiries that culminated at the close of one of her Hollywood Tonight broadcasts (ADVENTURES #510).

As I speak, sexual harassment charges — based on affidavits by myself and eight other women — are being made against Vincent Edge, owner and president of the WGBS corporation. Id like to add — women no longer have to endure the twisted games of powerful men acting like childish monsters. We wont live in THAT world anymore. For GBS, this is Cat Grant.

Accompanied by Superman, Cat confronted another of the demons in her life when she spoke with Winslow (Toyman) Schott in his jail cell, determined to understand why a relatively benign criminal had become a killer of children (SUPERMAN #98). The conversation yielded no answers. I wanted to believe that Adam died for some ultimate reason, she told the Man of Steel. My only son died because one man lost his grip on reality. Hardly a comforting thought.

If theres anything I can do ...

Youve done so much already that Ill never be able to adequately thank you. I have good friends like Clark, Lois and Jimmy who will always stand by me. But I live in a private hell that no one can know. At least I know that Winslow Schott lives in one as well.

Meanwhile, Vincent Edge had been sentenced to counseling. Discussing the situation with Lois, Cat observed that he bounces me between hard and soft news ... makes sure no one takes me too seriously(ADVENTURES #526). After reports ranging from a live broadcast at the grand opening of Warriors (GUY GARDNER #29; BLOOD PACK #2) to another exclusive on the escape of serial killer Ramsey Murdoch, Edge stepped forward to announce that Im making you executive producer of the entire GBS news division — effective immediately! Surprised, Catherine? Well, after showing me the error of my sexual -harassing ways, I think youre getting EXACTLY what you deserve (ADVENTURES #526).

Grant was stunned but eagerly rose to the challenge, counting a second interview with Aquaman as one of her early successes. Behind her back, as Edge had anticipated, GBS staffers were already whispering that shed only won the job by cozying up to the boss (MAN OF STEEL #48). Seeking out Perry White for advice, she was commanded to wake up and smell the coffee, Grant! Youre a DAMN fine reporter. Thats why I hired you all those years ago to work at the Planet in the FIRST PLACE! ... You know journalism, Cat — what you DONT know is management. FIRST RULE — surround yourself with people who get the job done. The VERY BEST! Youre the competition, Cat — but I cant watch Vinnie win THIS one. Ill help you get youre sea legs. Cat was genuinely touched and vowed to hire the best even as Perry murmured better give Clark and Lois raises (ADVENTURES #527).

The first of Cats acquisitions was the then-unemployed Jimmy Olsen (ACTION #714). Long ago, Cat had made her apologies to Jimmy for her early flirtation (ADVENTURES #457) but she was understandly concerned that some of her staff would view Olsens quick rise to an on-camera position as favoritism (MAN OF STEEL #49). To Grants relief, Jimmys first-rate reporting on Superman and Green Lanterns battle with Psi-Phon and Dreadnaught silenced most detractors (SUPERMAN #105). Vincent Edge could only glower as a technician told Cat that youve made good calls ... TOUGH calls .. and were WITH you, Ms. Grant. Any trouble you get wont come from us (ADVENTURES #529).

True to form, Vincent Edge began to exert his authority, demanding that the news division play up Lois Lane and Clark Kents broken engagement and kill a prison drug smuggling story that might hurt Morgan Edges chances for parole. Cat and Jimmy approached the GBS board of directors and Edge walked into his office the following morning to find his kitten with her feet propped on his desk. The names CAT, and its not your chair, Vincent. Its MY chair, now. And this letter from the chairman of the board of WGBS is your termination notice — and MY promotion(SUPERMAN #111).

Amidst all of her professional success, Cat had a brief reunion with Jose Delgado, whod slipped into the audience during her speaking engagement before students in Fawcett City. When the auditorium erupted in flame, Cat focused her efforts on making sure that every child escaped even as Mary Marvel and Gangbuster did the same. Pulling away from her embrace, Jose told Cat that Im so, SO sorry about Adam. He DESERVED a life. If I — if Id BEEN THERE. Running away, he insisted that Im a loser. You can DO better, kid. Unable to stop him, Cat vowed that someday hell let me be there for him, too (SHOWCASE 96 #7).

Back at WGBS, Cats eagerness to prove herself led to an ill-advised suggestion that Jimmy Olsen confront Clarks old girlfriend Lori Lemaris over her possession of possibly-stolen treasures, unaware that she was a mermaid who had acquired them from sunken vessels. You know we dont MAKE the news, Cat told Jimmy. And its not like Clark is going to be personally implicated (MAN OF STEEL #61). Lori had no difficulty in clearing herself and WGBS was forced to make profuse apologies in the hope that wouldnt take legal action (ADVENTURES #543).

The never-ending quest for higher ratings found the Board of Directors putting pressure on Cat to boost Jimmys sagging numbers or replace him (MAN OF STEEL #67). Jimmy found himself caught up in the fever as well when he agreed to participate in a rebroadcast on his interview with Professor Emil Hamilton, a conversation that underscored several weaknesses in the newly-electrified Superman (#70).

When the Boards Adam Zeller (a crony of Luthor) overheard that Jimmy Olsen had uncovered the Man of Steels true identity, he insisted that the revelation be broadcast in a live special (MAN OF STEEL #71). This isnt about news, he told the gravely concerned Cat Grant. Its about ratings. In the end, Jimmys conscience won out and, rather that announce his (as it turns out) erroneous suspect of Colin Thornton, he proclaimed that Supermans secret identity is ... in reality ... NOBODY! He DOESNT have a secret identity — just like people thought ALL ALONG! He was fired the moment the broadcast was over, Cats opposition notwithstanding (ADVENTURES #550).

The abduction of Lex Luthors infant daughter Lena brought back bitter memories for Cat, who felt compelled to visit Strykers Island and confirm that Winslow Schott was still in custody. The Toyman was, if anything, more sadistic, telling Grant (via a toy doll), You were a bad mommy. Im glad I killed your son. Consoled by Lois Lane, Cat told her that she hoped Lena was found unharmed. What might happen ... not even Luthor deserves that (SUPERMAN FOREVER #1).

Lois and Clark hosted a Halloween party for several of their friends soon after, realizing only once the guests had arrived that theyd unthinkingly scheduled it on the anniversary of Adams death. Cat assured the couple that it helps take my mind off my troubles. ... I dream about Adam every night, every single night! The Devil himself couldnt name a price I wouldnt pay to have my baby back (SUPERMAN: THE DOOMSDAY WARS #1).

Following the reported death of Lena Luthor (ACTION #763), Cat found herself sympathizing with the man that many called a villain. Indeed, as Luthors run for the Presidency got into full swing, Grant was unmistakably in his camp, doing an on-air report as he announced Pete Ross as his running mate (SUPERMAN #162) and producing a whitewashed Luthor-dictated look at his life on the eve of his election (LEX 2000 #1).

But is Catherine Grant truly a pawn of Lex Luthor? The woman who disgraced both Morgan and Vincent Edge and who faced down the Toyman may have an agenda of her own.

The Gravitronic Man and Gravity Lord

Supergirl investigated the destruction of the home of Professor Rudolph "Rudi" Clements. As Linda Lee Danvers, she had gone to school with the Nobel Prize-winning physicist. A massive earthquake hit the area when Supergirl arrived, and Clements climbed out of the crater and remains of his home, clad in a suit of reflective red armor and calling himself the Gravitronic Man. He attacked Supergirl and sped away at the speed of light using the forces his devices could harness, not realizing that they were also causing untold destruction in their wake as the force of gravity was disrupted, causing things to fly off the ground and to make Supergirl lose control of her flight ability. Supergirl regained control of her flying abilities through sheer willpower and saved everyone who was falling uncontrollably upward.

At the same time, the New Doom Patrol was on vacation in London when a huge explosion rattled the area they were in. They set about rescuing injured people, and Cliff Steele (Robotman) noticed a man in bluish-silver armor near the edge of the explosion crater. Cliff and Tempest cornered the man in an alley and the man, calling himself the Gravity Lord and espousing a lot of hatred for Americans (and Rudi Clement in particular), he fired a gravitronic ray at the heroes that crushed them to the ground. Gravity Lord was really Martin Tain, cousin to Clement, and he hurried back to his laboratory to work on his equipment, which he could use to alter the fields of gravitational force around any physical body (including the whole planet). Tain's side of the family had a long history of poverty after a family squabble during the days of the Revolutionary War split the family. Tain's ancestor had lost his fortune raising an army for King George, while Clements's side of the family prospered in America. the two men eventually met at a science convention where they unveiled very similar anti-gravity devices, and the family feud broke out once again, with Tain swearing that he would destroy Clement even if he had to destroy the Earth to do it. As Gravity Lord flew off to confront his relative, his gravitronic device started having the same effect on London as the Gravitronic Man's device had in Florida.

Supergirl was speeding across the Atlantic after the Gravitronic Man, while the New Doom Patrol had to deal with the gravity disruptions in London. Supergirl met up with her former classmate as he and the Gravity Lord battled above the sea, neither seeming to know or care that they were causing great damage to the Earth itself. As she approached, the two masterminds both turned their weapons on the Maid of Steel. the gravitronic rays tossed her about, and the Gravity Lord raised the Titanic from the depths and used it to attack Supergirl. the Gravitronic Man brought up a giant shark from the depths to devour her, but Supergirl punched the giant predator away before it could swallow her.

In London, the Doom Patrol was doing its best to stay tethered to the ground. Celsius recalled a clue from a diary that she had pulled from the wreckage of the initial explosion that led them to a secret lab that Tain had constructed inside the Big Ben watchtower. They discovered that the Gravity Lord's hidden power sources were there, as well as a monitor following the battle between the two cousins and Supergirl. Cliff had Negative Woman and Tempest fly out to assist the heroine, while he and Celsius stayed to try and sabotage the Gravity Lord's power supply.

The Gravity Lord was momentarily caught off-guard by the arrival of the two Doom Patrollers, but recovered and tossed a huge chunk of rock at the heroes (which had been on the ocean floor) that Supergirl was able to destroy with her heat vision. Tempest destroyed the Gravitronic Man's backpack power unit, knocking him out of the battle.

In Tain's lab, Cliff and Celsius worked hard to decipher the controls, relying on the high rate of information absorption that Cliff's robot eyes allowed him. Gravity returned to normal everywhere as Cliff pushed a button that both destroyed the lab and turned off the power to the Gravity Lord. the two were delivered to the authorities in London, and Supergirl returned to Florida, while the Doom Patrol resumed their vacation.


  • Superman Family #191 (Sep-Oct 1978) - #193 (Jan-Feb 1979)

The Great Super-Star Game

Written by Rich Meyer

"The Great Super-Star Game" was the title, (December 1976... might be better classified as 'Bronze' DC) written by Bob "the Babe" Rozakis, "Duke" Dillon did the art, inked by Frank "Catfish" McLaughlin. The Weather Wizard was also on the villains team. BC played right field. She doubled to left in the second inning, homered in the fourth (the only run of the inning), fouled out in th fifth and seventh, She doubled to left in the ninth, subsequently Superman and Wonder Woman were walked, filling the bases. BC was thrown out at home base after a force when Kid Flash grounded to short (Tattoed Man).

ab - 5
r - 2
h - 3
rbi - 1

Black Canary had the only home run of all the heroes!

The Green Arrows of the World

The Green Arrows of the World were created by Jack Kirby.
They first appeared in World's Finest #250 (1958).

Unofficial Who's Who Entry by:
Scott McCullar, special thanks to Mikel Midnight
(from http://www.fgi.net/~grnarrow/whoswho/GAOTW_Bio.html)


Archers: Green Arrow (USA), Speedy(USA), Ace Archer (Japan), Bowman from Britain (UK), Phantom of France (France), Bowman of the Bush (Jungles of Malaya, Africa, India), Emerald Bowman (India), Troubador (Spain), Archer of the Alps (Switzerland), Verde Flecha (Green Arrow of Mexico), and the Archer of Arabia (Saudi Arabia) Group Affiliation: Green Arrows of the World (International Delegation of Masked Archers)
Current Status: Inactive
First Appearance: Adventure Comics #250 (July, 1958)


Unknown to many in the early years of Green Arrow's adventures, he inspired a group of archers internationally with his daring adventures and search for justice so that they decided to follow by example and become heroes in their own countries all across the world. The influence was strong on this group of archers. Some donned outfits and methods simliar to Green Arrow and Speedy. Green Arrow and Speedy invited these archers to a historical convention in America. The sponsored event was the International Delegaton of Masked Archers, but the general public unofficially called the group of archers, "the Green Arrows of the World" because of the influence that Ollie had over them. These Archers of the World gathered together at their one and only convention to discuss crime fighting techniques and demonstrate their different trick arrows that they had developed in order to help them fight crime. During the convention, a crook named Limehouse Larkin mugged Scotland Yard's Bowman of Britain and stole his outfit. Disguised as the Battling Bowman of Britian, Larkin went into the convention to even a score with Green Arrow. This was the only way he figured he could get close. Once there, he tried to convince Green Arrow to try out the "Big Ben" Arrow. It was actually a ticking time bomb. Seeing a forged wanted poster and deducing that the Bowman of Britain was a fraud, Green Arrow along with the other Archers of the World helped nab Larkin while demonstrating their techniques. Eventually, the real Bowman of Britain surfaced and the convention went on...

THE ARCHERS (other than Green Arrow & Speedy)...

Bowman of the Bush
NATIVE COUNTRY: Jungles of Africa, Malaya, India
Trick Arrow Specialities: Lava Arrow, Vine Arrow

Phantom of France
Trick Arrow Specialities: Luminescent Arrow

Ace Archer of Japan
Trick Arrow Specialities: Jiu-jitsu Arrow

Verde Flecha* (Green Arrow of Mexico)

Archer of Arabia*

Grner Pfeil*


Emerald Bowman*

Bowman of Britain
Trick Arrow Specialities: Big Ben Arrow

*Unofficial name given by the fans. The original names of some of these heroes were never given in the issue.


In the original issue of ADVENTURE COMICS #250, the Green Arrows of the World all wore a dull green outfits. It was the DC DIGEST #23 in which the colorist popped on some vibrant and differing colors to each bowman that really set them apart. THOSE color schemes in the reprint issue is what is being portrayed here.


Green Arrows of the World appeared in:
Adventure Comics #250 (1958)
- Reprinted in DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest #23

Miss Arrowette

was created by Lee Elias.
Bonnie King-Jone has been revamped
by Tom Peyer and Peter David.
She first appeared in World's Finest #113 (1960).

Entry by: Scott McCullar
(from http://www.fgi.net/~grnarrow/whoswho/MissArrowette_Bio.html)


Alter Ego: Bonnie King-Jones (formely her maiden name was Bonnie King)
Occupation: Former mentor to the Arrowette. (formerly an adventurer)
Marital Status: Widowed.
Known Relatives: Cissie King- Jones "Suzie" (daughter), Bernell "Bowstring" Jones (husband- deceased), Millie King (mother - unknown)
Group Affiliation: none.
NATIVE COUNTRY: Western Pennsylvania. (formerly Star City)
Current Status: Under Psychiatric Observation. Retired as the original Miss Arrowette. Currently lost custody of her daughter for child endangerment. Formerly Active as a mentor, guide, and communications back-up to her daughter... the new Arrowette.
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 160 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Platinum blond (formerly strawberry blond)
First Appearance: World's Finest #113 (October, 1960)


When young Bonne King was a young girl, her mother, Millie, got her into training with archery and stood over her every minute. The years of training eventually lead high school student Bonnie King into the Olympics where she won a Bronze Medal. Unfortunately for Bonnie, her mother was really ticked at her. She had her heart set on Bonnie winning Gold... So Bonnie became even more upset with her mother and decided to give up archery which she figured she has wasted her entire life with. She moved out and never spoke to Millie again. Bonnie had nothing else going for her. She was on her own in Star City and found out about Green Arrow and Speedy and how they made archery count for something more important than medals. She was inspired by the Green Arrow and Speedy and went overboard in her usual way. She made herself an outfit and became Miss Arrowette. She went out to give them assistance when she could in a handful of adventures. She participated in her role as Miss Arrowette assisting the Battling Bowmen in a few occassions about the time when Green Arrow had joined the JLA. Her methods were clumsy though and she wasn't cut out to be the hero she needed to be. She also happened to be a crimefighter too vain to wear a mask. Like Green Arrow and Speedy, she carried some of her own "trick arrows" which included unbelievable gadgets such as the Mascara Arrow, the Lotion Arrow, the Powder Puff Arrow. It was also at this time when she met Bernell Jones, a newspaper reporter who had recognized her from the Olympics. He viewed her as a "star". Bonnie nicknamed him "Bowstring" because he was, well, skinny as a bowstring.. briefly become her sidekick. Bonnie wanted "bowstring's" help in the publicity department because he was a writer for a local Star City tabloid newspaper.

After a few adventures, Green Arrow and Speedy did not need her assistance. She retired just before Oliver Queen took a leave of absence with Hal Jordan from the JLA. Her career was very brief lasting less than a year before she could catch her first crook on her own. It seems that the teenager acquired a painful condition of carpal tunnel in her wrists that made it too painful to continue to shoot arrows. She had to quit her temp job as a secretary and convinced "Bowstring" to marry her. Almost a year later, Bonnie gave birth to a daughter named Cissie. When Cissie had turned five, Bowstring Jones ate some bad shellfish and dropped dead. But very soon afterward, Hal Jordan from Evergreen Insurance awarded her settlement money to make up for his death. This seemed to make up for everything and Bonnie would never have to work again. This was the path in which she began training her daughter to take on a bigger role. To become the second Arrowette. For the next several years, she would see that Cissie would engage in lessons of archery, judo, kick-boxing, gymnastics, ballet, drame, voice and beauty-pagent charm... Bonnie had turned into the mother she despised. Her pride hurt, she was quickly forgotten by many people. She decided to raise her daughter to replace her. She lived her life through her daughter and became an overbearing mother. The new Arrowette (the "Miss" has been dropped) is a young girls almost the same age as Bart Allen... otherwise known as Impulse. Bonnie is the mentor/trainer/coach/promoter/public relationist who uses a hidden microphone to talk to the young Arrowette as she fights crime. Bonnie has been accused of child endangerment and forgetting that she is the new Arrowette's mother first. Bonnie depends on the new Arrowette and pushes her to a point of emotional abuse and danger forcing this child to finish first. The "old" Arrowette lives through the new adventures of her daughter. The "old" ex-Miss Arrowette has become an overweight, chain-smoking, two-faced and spiteful woman. Mercury Max turned her over to child wellfare so Bonnie hired the best super-hero lawyer there is, Jean Loring. Bonnie lost and was put under psychiatric observation. Her daughter, was sent to the Elias School, a boarding school for girls in Western Pennsylvania. Her daughter still has a sense of innocence about her that is refreshing. Her daughter has recently joined the teen group Young Justice as one of its youngest members. She has continued to dive into the role as the new Arrowette in her abscence to be even better than her mom, Bonnie. Even with her custody troubles, Bonnie still tries to keep tabs on her daughter's activities.

Bonnie was disappointed when her daughter abandoned the identity of Arrowette, but eventually came to accept it. At the end of Young Justice's time, Bonnie assumed the guise of Arrowette herself and accompanied the teens to Zandia. There, she slew the Empress' enemy,??. Though the Empress knew it was Bonnie, the secret has been kept from Cissie.


Miss Arrowette was an above average archer. Now she relies on communication and public relation skills to help her daughter's career as the new Arrowette. Bonnie is now a deceitful double talking communicator.


Miss Arrowette was not the first "female Green Arrow" inspired hero though she is the most memorable. Earlier, there was another female archer who wore a disguise similiar to Green Arrow who went by the name of Queen Arrow. Miss Arrowette's brief career actually lasted longer than this other female archer. Both Queen Arrow and Miss Arrowette were inspired by Green Arrow. Bonnie King also dated Oliver Queen briefly (original JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #7 - Oct. Nov. 1961). Also, please check out The Arrowette History, Conspiracy, and Commentary Report that looks at the possibilities that Arrowette may be the biological illegitimate daughter of Oliver Queen in this ever controversial topic. "The plans I've got for Cissie at this point don't really bring her into the Green Arrow realm (actually, I'm rather pleased, because not one person has gotten 100% correct what's going to be happening with her.) With that said, I've read the fan postulations that her father is Oliver Queen and I gotta say, it seems quite convincing to me." - Peter David


Impulse #28 (August 1997)
Justice League of America [1st series] #7 (1961)
Secret Origins 80-Page Giant #1 (1998)
World's Finest #113, 118, 134 (1960-1962)
Young Justice #7, 17
Young Justice Secret Files & Origins (1998)

Xeen Arrow

was created by Jack Kirby.
He first appeared in World's Finest #252 (September, 1958).

Unofficial Who's Who Entry by: Scott McCullar
(from http://www.fgi.net/~grnarrow/whoswho/XeenArrow_Bio.html)


Alter Ego: Unknown
Occupation: Adventurer and Leading Scientist of Dimension Zero
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Relatives: Unknown
Group Affiliation: None
NATIVE COUNTRY: Dimension Zero
Current Status: Retired Crime fighter
Height: 84 feet
Weight: Unknown
Eyes: Orange
Hair: Orange
First Appearance: Adventure Comics #252 (September, 1958)


From out of nowhere Mysterious Giant Arrows land in the city which is home to Green Arrow and Speedy. These giant arrows as tall as 25 story buildings begin landing in different parts of the area. It is up to the Ace Archers to determine where they are from and investigate if this is a precursor to an alien invasion. The Battling Bowmen head over to the Observatroy and with the aid of a cosmo radar telescope, they learn that some mysterious giant alien is firing them from space. The two bowmen then go and investigate a giant arrow where they are mysteriously teleported to another dimension... Dimension Zero. Green Arrow and Speedy find themselves in another dimension which is not to unlike Gulliver's Travels in which they find themselves as tall as mice. There, they find a parallel planet in which the giant archer, Xeen Arrow, is an imitation of Earth's Green Arrow. Speedy and Green Arrow assist Xeen Arrow as the Giant Archer as he battles his own dimesional foes. Eventually, as Xeen Arrow returns to his version of the Arrow Cave, he dons his civilian guise as a scientist. There, Green Arrow and Speedy reveal themselves and their predicament. Xeen Arrow lets Earth's Archers know that a comet has caused a dimensional gap in which arrows from the giant's dimension crossed over into Earth's dimension. With only a few seconds left before the comet closes the gap, Xeen Arrow fires one of his giant arrows back through the rift and returns Green Arrow and Speedy back to our Earth. Once home, Oliver Queen and Roy Harper store their giant arrow the size of a B-52 they returned on into the Trophy Room of the Arrowcave. Years later, Green Arrow reveals this story why sitting back all night with Black Canary. She laughs and doesn't believe him. Oliver Queen would state it was his first adventure into outer space. She would laugh and tell him that it was a great tall tale and that he should be a writer. He says it did happen but then gives in an says "Okay...Okay" as if he was pulling her leg and then he moved on to tell another story.


Xeen Arrow is a well respected scientist from his dimension and the equivalent of Green Arrow in his realm. He is an expert archer and uses his own version of trick arrows. These aliens also speek a sort of mental language through telepathy.


This was one of the first two part Green Arrow tales. Also, in DC SPECIAL BLUE RIBBON SPECIAL #23, there is a framing story leading readers to believe that this tale was the imaginative creation of Oliver Queen to tell a "tall tale" to his girlfriend the Black Canary. It was dismissed as a joke. This story then remains as a fictional story in the imagination of Oliver Queen before the Crisis of Infinite Earths but has now been revealed in Mark Waid's THE KINGDOM #2 as being a divergent hypertimeline.


Xeen Arrow appeared in:
Adventure Comics #252, 253 (1957)
- Reprinted with framing story in DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest #23 (1982)
- Reprinted in Action Comics #449 ()
- Reprinted in The Greatest 1950's Stories Ever Told ()
The Kingdom #2 (1998)

Queen Arrow

created by George Papp.
She first appeared in Adventure Comics #241 (1957)

Unofficial Who's Who Entry by: Scott McCullar
(from http://www.fgi.net/~grnarrow/whoswho/QueenArrow_Bio.html)


Alter Ego: Diana Dare
Occupation: Socialite/Sleep Walking Adventurer
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Everet Dare (father)
Group Affiliation: None
Current Status: Retired crime fighter
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 125 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Strawberry Blond
First Appearance: Adventure Comics #241 (1957)


Diana Dare is the daughter of Star City millionaire Everet Dare. She is an amateur archer and a horse back rider. Young Diana was also a great admirer of the Green Arrow and his partner Speedy following many of their exploits during their early years. She had set up a special trophy room containing trick arrows that were one time shot from the bows of the two archers. She was one of their greatest fans. One evening, Diana went to bed and then she began to slept walk. During the sleep walk, she donned a special green costume equipped with the Battling Bowmen's trick arrows. She entered the streets as a new crimefighter inspired by Green Arrow and Speedy. Strangely, young Diana Dare did not realize she was sleep walking and had no clue she was the Queen Arrow. She even followed her heroics for the short time in the press. The two Battling Bowmen would cross paths with her and find that she was quite capable of taking on the vermin of the city herself. She helped Green Arrow capture a couple of criminals, revealed her name as "Queen Arrow", and then ran off into the night. As the press was printing their headlines, the Emerald Archer and his partner Speedy looked for clues to figure out who she was. They examined the arrows fired by Queen Arrow and realized that they were arrows they themselves fired long ago. Oliver Queen knew that Diana Dare was a fan and had one of the greatest collection of arrows in the area and so the two archers went to her father's estate where she lived. Once arriving, they found Diana sleep walking as her father was trying to wake her. Upon investigating, Green Arrow came across a rare Javiro Ceremonial Arrow. Everett Dare acknowledged that earlier Green Arrow realized that this arrow was painted with a strange potion that causes loss of will power, sleep walking, and that it made her become the Queen Arrow in the trance. Green Arrow went to the Arrow Car and made an antidote for Diana Dare at the agreement of her father. Later when she awoke, Diana was happy to see who the archers at her home and asked if they knew who she was. Green Arrow replied that it was a secret and that Queen Arrow was retired.


The Queen Arrow was an amateur archer who used the trick arrows of Green Arrow and Speedy. She is also an expert horse back rider and an acrobat.


This is the first female inspired archer after Green Arrow. She predates "Miss Arrowette" by three years.


Queen Arrow has appeared in:
Adventure Comics #241 (1957)

The Green Glob

The Green Glob was an invisible cloud of energy that singled out individuals for strange experiences. Sometimes the people were granted temporary powers, other times thrust into other times or dimensions. The Glob appeared in TALES OF THE UNEXPECTED #83-98, 100, 102 and 103 (1964-1967). George Roussos drew every episode but the last, which was by Bernard Baily.

Phil Foglio's 1991 ANGEL AND THE APE mini-series provided the Glob's origin: It was created by the Guardians of the Universe and "capable of warping the very nature of reality ... in order to teach a lesson." The Glob fell into the hands of Gorilla Grodd (#3) but, with the aid of Sam Simeon, the entity was freed, proclaiming repeatedly that "I have transcended my programming!" (#4)

The Green Team

Written by Rich Meyer

The Green Team was a group of boy millionaires, based at the Millionaire's Club in an unnamed city (though it may be presumed to be Metropolis). They invested in "adventure projects" that required the "participation of adventurous boys" around the world (as well as the need for at least a million dollars). The three original members were Commodore Murphy, shipping magnate; J. P. Houston, oil baron, and Cecil Sunbeam, known as the Star Maker.

After seeing a number of crackpot projects come through the door, the Green Team was introduced to shoeshine boy Abdul Smith, who wanted to join any club, but particularly he wanted to join the Green Team. However, he didn't quite meet the requirement of having a million dollars to join (he had $32 in his bank book). Later that day, armed with the goal of getting that million, Abdul took his latest five-dollar deposit to the bank. The bank's computer, however, recorded the deposit over and over until he had the princely sum of $500,000. The next day, he went to the floor of the Stock Exchange to shine shoes. He asked if he could join the club, and was scoffed at until they saw his bankbook. A quick phone call confirming the amount had the stockbrokers selling Abdul shares of Amalgamated Spacecraft, which they had a good tip on.

Abdul was back at the Green Team's office with his million-dollar bankbook in hand the next day (he had made a million and a half on the stock market before the bank had discovered its error and taken the original $500,000 back), becoming the fourth member of the group.

The first conference that Abdul sat in on was with Professor Apple, a brilliant scientist who wanted funding to develop his Great American Pleasure Machine. The device was touted to replace television, the movies, television and Broadway, and would allow a person to "come for weeks at a time and take a timeless journey through the thrills of the universe" stored in Apple's computer banks. The one thing that their money couldn't buy was happiness, so the Green Team financed the invention to give it a try, building it on a piece of real estate that they had recently acquired. The GAP (Great American Pleasure) project was not without controversy, as Broadway producer David D. Merritt organized a protest against it, refusing to allow construction to continue and trapping the Green Team in their own skyscraper. Merritt came to negotiate and they found that he only wanted a pay-off for himself, not caring about the entertainment workers he had rallied to his supposed cause. The Green Team rejected Merritt's offer and he swore they would never experience their GAP Machine and continued to lay siege to the building.

The Green Team donned their "Action Uniforms" (which included a wristwatch tickertape, a chain of keys to unlock the groups various holdings, and a million dollars in four pockets that could only be opened by the combination lock on their belt buckles), and headed to the rooftop and their helicopter. Unfortunately, Merritt had hijacked their chopper and was heading for the GAP machine himself. In order to get out of the building and follow, the Green Team tossed upwards of a million dollars off the roof of the building to divert the angry mob surrounding it. Merritt, in the meantime, had arrived at the GAP and locked himself inside the machine, which activated and sent him on a ten-day trip. The Green Team was able to watch Merritt's progression through the GAP on a television monitor over the following days, but the screens suddenly went black about a week later. They got Merritt out of the GAP and took him to the emergency room, where they found he had been driven insane by too much pleasure. The guys decided to give Commodore Murphy's battleship another workout and destroy the GAP Machine before it hurt anyone else.

The Green Team next helped out Superman. Two gangs in Metropolis's Suicide Slum had been fighting over the abandoned Goldberg Theater. Both the Newsboy Legion and the Dingbats of Danger Street wanted to use the building as their clubhouse, and had fought numerous squabbles over it. Superman called in the Green Team to invest in the building, converting it into a proper youth center that both gangs could use.

The Green Team also made an obviously non-continuity appearance in AMBUSH BUG #3, in which Richard Rich told Ambush Bug that the Green Team had disbanded because of Affirmative Action (they had to accept any millionaires and "Lotto killed 'em"). Rich also lamented that he had never joined the team because he had never gotten over the death of his dog Dollar and recalled how he used to spike the Green Team's Kool-Aid with whiskey.


  • 1st Issue Special #2 (May 1975) Ambush Bug #3 (Aug 1985)
  • Adventures Of Superman #549 (Aug 1997)

Grockk, the Devil's son

July 23, 1981 was a real scorcher, according to the locals in Fairfax, Maine. How hot was it? It was SO hot that the Devil's own son took up residence in the center of town.

It began when Fairfax geneticist Thaddeus Oxford called police detective Greg King to his lab to report a bizarre incident. Moments after creating "a fire-resistant gene," Oxford's formula was blasted by a flaming red hand and metamorphosized into a gold fleshed woman with long orange hair and a red bathing suit. "I can shape these chemicals, and give them life which you, human, would have taken YEARS more research to achieve. Gaze at our creation, human ... stare in awe at Firegirl — the first of my invulnerable warriors." Vowing to return and establish a new empire, the demonic claws vanished with the flaming woman.

Eventually, Firegirl materialized in the center of Fairfax as a harbinger for her master. While she used her fiery power to mold a throne for the demon, the inhuman torch was opposed by the city's resident heroes, Vicki Grant and Chris King, who used their "H" dials to face the villainess as Puma the She-Cat and Enlarger Man. Chris sealed Firegirl in an asphalt garbage can but she exploded from the prison, rendering the two heroes unconscious.

Climbing from a smoldering chasm in the street, a towering crimson demon with a serpentine tail and green belly addressed the horrified witnesses. "This world now belongs to — Grockk, the Devil's son." On penalty of death, Grockk demanded that the people of Earth submit to his rule.

Taking flight, Firegirl directed the monster to "a throne fit for a king."

"Not a king, Firegirl — an emperor over all he surveys. An emperor who shall create his very own castle ... from the molten magma boiling deep within the Earth itself."

Miraculously, Chris' next heroic persona was that of Brimstone, who, like Grockk, could command the flow of lava. When the demon sent a molten wave towards him, Brimstone directed it back towards Grockk. The duo managed to hold one another in check but Chris' power was not infinite.

As Chris' resources finally became depleted, Vicki (in the guise of Sulphur) arrived in the company of Firegirl. The two had declared a truce after Vicki's sulphuric gas ignited with the flaming woman's fireballs and Firegirl finally acknowledged that Sulphur's condemnation of Grockk was accurate. "Your words seem true — my master is interested in power. But ... I do not think there is a way for me to resist his power ..."

Lunging at the demon, Firegirl shouted, "You did not CREATE me, Grockk. Indeed, I'm not even a living being! Therefore, if I must die to stop your rampage of evil, I will gladly forfeit my existence." His eyes and flesh stung by Sulphur's gas, Grockk dropped the captive Brimstone and was sent plunging into the Hell-pit by Sulphur and Firegirl's jointly-created explosion. Flying after the demon, Firegirl assured the heroes that "I will make CERTAIN he does not return. Thank you, humans. I, who am an artificial creation, have now — because of YOU — a reason to LIVE!"

Sealing the pit behind them, Brimstone, perhaps overconfidently, declared that "Grockk won't return again" (ADVENTURE COMICS #486, by Marv Wolfman and Don Heck).

Was Grockk truly the son of Satan or was he merely bluffing? His uncanny facial resemblance to Etrigan the Demon — from his ears to forehead horns to blank eyes — suggest that he, like Etrigan, may be an offspring of Belial. To date, however, no connection has been established.

The principals in ADVENTURE #486's "Dial 'H' For Hero' episode were created by readers Rock Bakletea (Grockk), Paula Hunter (Firegirl), Doug Holben (Brimstone and Sulphur), Glenn Lemonds (Puma) and Douglas Kalish (Enlarger Man).

Grooble Man

Rovin's Encyclopedia Of Super-Heroes mentions that he appeared only once, in THE BEST OF DC DIGEST #60 and gains super powers when he says the word "Grooble!". Sounds like a humor strip, but I don't know.

"The Secret Origin of Grooble Man" appeared in an issue of PLOP, idea by John Jacobson, script by Steve Skeates, art by Sergio Aragones.

In an ordinary suburban dwelling, an ordinary man (unnamed) reads an ancient text and finds the magic word "Grooble", which when spoken, grants him super strength for exactly 62.4 seconds. He dons a costume and goes forth to battle crime.

Unfortunately, the criminals notice his repeated use of the word 'Grooble' and one of them says it himself, acquiring powers and becoming Super-Criminal. As does the bank guard, who becomes Super Bank Guard. As do the bystanders who become Super Housewife, etc., etc., and eventually the whole bank erupts in a super-powered brawl.

Eventually, Grooble Man leaves, disgruntled, and decides next time to go looking for a magic potion.

I'm not sure what Earth this is compatible with, even Earth-12, as I have a feeling that Grooble Man's world is soon to be destroyed as use of the word spreads and the entire planet becomes involved in superbattles.

PLOP! also featured two characters who never received origins:

Klark Klerk was a supermarket clerk in love with checkout girl Lois Cane, who could become the mighty Supermarket Man, and who foiled at least one robbery.

Fenton Cole, known as "The Crusader", was a noncostumed detective who would actually bear reviving. His one case has him defeating Thurston Maw, "The Fanatic", a genius criminal, in Maw's attempt to steal the art collection of Eliot Harlanson, one of the richest men in the world.

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