The Golden Age Hawkman + Hawkgirl

Original / Earth-Two / Pre-Crisis

Hawkman created by Gardner Fox and Dennis Neville
Hawkgirl created by Gardner Fox and Sheldon Moldoff 

Carter Hall

Shiera Sanders Hall (Hawkgirl, wife, deceased, Hector Hall (Dr. Fate, son), Hippolyta Hall (Fury, daughter-in-law, deceased), Daniel Hall (Dream II, grandson), Norda Cantrell (Northwind, godson)

Justice Society of America, All-Star Squadron

Flash Comics #1 (Jan. 1940)


Shiera Sanders Hall

Carter Hall (Hawkman, husband), Hector Hall (Dr. Fate, son, deceased), Hippolyta Hall (Fury, daughter-in-law, deceased), Daniel Hall (Dream II, grandson)

All-Star Squadron, Justice Society of America

As Shiera:
Flash Comics #1 (Jan. 1940)
As Hawkgirl: All-Star Comics #5 (June/July 1941)

Hawkman is a legendary DC Comics hero who first appeared in 1940, in the same issue as the original Flash. The original feature (spelled "Hawk-Man") made liberal homage to the popular "Flash Gordon" comic strip. That strip introduced Hawk Men in 1934. They were aliens from the planet Mongo and DC's writer and artists were transparently inspired by those characters' large wings, winged helmets, weapons, and even the Mannerist style of Flash's famous cartoonist, Alex Raymond.

The Hawk Men of "Flash Gordon" were remade into the Hawkman of Flash Comics.

Today, the character also has a legacy of continuity changes that have left it with the reputation of 'confusing to follow.' This is due to the continuity that followed the Crisis on Infinite Earths. When all timelines were unified, creators oddly chose to eliminate the Silver Age (Earth-One) version of Hawkman — not the originals as had been the case for other heroes with multiversal duplicates.

The result was that the Golden Age Hawkman and Hawkgirl were used to 'take the place' of the Earth-One pair (who were aliens from Thanagar) as well. So Carter and Shiera Hall were the Hawks of the Justice Society and the Justice League.

Meanwhile, the Thanagarian Hawks were reintroduced to the current day post-Crisis lore, and their story was all-new.

Prince Khufu

Prince Khufu and his love, Shiera anticipate their fates. From Flash Comics #1 (1940); art by Dennis Neville.
Hawkman cannot best the artificial beast called the Czar. From Flash Comics #7 (1940); art by Sheldon Moldoff.
Karvac summons the alligator god called Scorio. From Flash Comics #14 (1941); art by Sheldon Moldoff.
A fantastic splash panel from Flash Comics #15 (1941); art by Sheldon Moldoff.

The lives of Hawkman and Hawkgirl began millennia ago, as the lovers in 19th Dynasty ancient Egypt, Prince Khufu and Chay-ara. They lived during the prosperous reign of Ramses II and defended Egypt alongside other great champions like Nabu and Thet Adam. Their powers were generated by the anti-gravity metal called "Nth Metal," which was scavenged from a crashed Thanagarian spaceship. Once, Chay-Ara was even paid a visit by her future self, Kendra Saunders (Hawkgirl II). She, Mr. Terrific and Captain Marvel had been thrust back in time and helped the Egyptians battle Vandal Savage and the Metamorph.

Khufu and Chay-Ara were murdered by Hath-Set with a blade made from the Nth metal. The mystical properties of the metal cursed Khufu and Chay-ara's souls to eternal reincarnation. This cycle also afflicted the soul of Hath-Set. They were both forever blessed: to meet and love again for eternity; and forever doomed: to die at the hands of Hath-Set.

In battle against the Nebula Man, Stripesy is thrown back in time to ancient Egypt, where he is made a slave. He is rescued by the Justice League and Justice Society, and aided by the young Prince Khufu. Justice League of America #100-102

In Egypt, Prince Khufu Maat Kha-Tar and his beloved Chay-Ara are murdered by the mad priest Hath-Set. The lovers are fated to be born again forever; 3,500 years later, they are reincarnated as Carter Hall and Shiera Sanders. (Flash Comics #1, Secret Origins vol. 2 #11 ) NOTE: The date of these events, not stated in the original version of the story, was said to be 1567 B.C. (Secret Origins #11).

The Original Hawkman: Carter Hall

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Carter Hall is a wealthy collector of weapons, unwraps an Egyptian sword that makes him swoon and sleep. He dreams of ancient times, where Hath-Set terrorizes blond Prince Khufu. Khufu goes to his love, Shiera and they prepare to fight. Hath-Set turns the sky dark, commands troops. Khufu fights them all alone and they are captured, and killed with the dagger through the heart. Khufu vows to live again. Carter then realizes he is the reincarnation of Khufu, puts the knife away. While rushing toward a sunbway fire, he encounters Shiera for the first time and he knows her. he tells her his story then goes to his lab, tunes in on his dynamo-detector, and emerges clad in the guise of the hawk-god Anubis (should be Horus), as Hawkman. He uses ancient Ninght metal which defies gravity. he finds the man behind the subway fire in the couyntryside, home of Doctor Hastor the electrician; he's preparing to make demands. Hawk mask features a full long hawk's head. He calls Hawkman Anubis who weilds a wooden quarterstaff, hood of the hawk, cloak of the web of ninth metal (separate from wings) which repels electricity. Hastor retreats to his altar, the Attar of Myrrh and entrances Shiera to come to him, wanting to sacrifice her to Anubis. He nails Hastor with an arrow and takes Shiera to safety. 1

Hawkman is cover feature.

Hawk-Man helps when an earthquake strikes, moves to save Shiera first; it's due to Alexander . They are engaged now and she doesn't want him to go into danger. Alexander the Great invented a device to increase an object's weight 1000 fold, As it happens they're invited to dine with him but Shiera has warned him Carter is the Hawk-Man. The Ninth metal resists its effects, because the metal has no 'atomic energy'. He takes a net and NIinth metal trident into battle. Alexander gets the better of him but Shiera saves him, turn the tables, destroy machine. 2

Hawk-Man reveals himself to scientist friend Dick who is entranced, he takes him home but learns he's died, later. Una Cathay loved him, worked with him. He suspects her and finds Dick's grave robbed. She needs him restored to reveal a scientific secret about eternal life, uses a solution to revive him, stored him with other men who she's imprisoned before. She works with Count Torgoff. Una's chemicals stimulate the heart. No emblem on circle. Carter plays along. Returns for a weapon, daggers of the Borgias. Shiera notices he's been enchanged, blocks Una's voodoo. he frees the men. wears the helmet on top of his head, can see his face the whole time. Legs sometimes uncolored/flesh. 3

Hawkman spelling change ... at the Futurist Club in New York a man is hypnotized into committing suicide but Carter Hall stops him. Pants light blue then green. Hawkman sets out with shield and net. From above the mask covers more of his face, foreshortening, does obscure more of the face regularly, flips up when he wants to. 4

Hawkman reads newspaper about strange attack on the king of Emporia and other leaders. Out about he happens to stop a foreign man from killing a girl, Ione Craig, on the street. She invites him over to tell him she's a secret agent planning to go to 'Araby'. Hassan Ibn Sadah founded a sect of assassins and in 1070 his men slew leaders in Persia. Now they are revived and set sights on world leaders. Hawkman follows her ship to Araby. Into the desert he travles long to find hidden city of Alamut finds new Hassan Ibn Sadah in command. Ione kidnapped and grought there and Hawkman hurls a stone in a sling that strikes the man dead.  4

Hawkman still in Araby running from assassins. They kidnap Ione again. Hawkman kills again in hand-to-hand combat. In a prison he meets Major Brent, captive of Sheba the Queen of the Desert, odd greenish skin, in league with Abdullah. Hawkman alerts the Army returns to save Ione from lions, killing them with arrows. 6

"With strange and curious weapons from the past" Hawkman follows a queer man who sculpts body parts from a white plasm-clay. Boris Nickaloff creates a full bodied golem injects with adrenaline and gives it life, calls it Czar, who is 'unkillable.' Hawkman prepares to fight him like a vampire with silver bullets. flesh like marble, strong as a bull. Hawkman retreats and instead tries to find his origin in that first cave, spies on Nickaloff at night. Meanwhile Shiera seeks out Carter and is taken by CzarPlasm clay is pseudo flesh. Hawk uses bolas to take down Boris, dead. They also work on Czar, choking him to death. 7

Professor Kitzoff invents machine to bombard sunspots and affect the world's population's moods. Hawkman detects the machine's light , meets him then leaves. After consulting a friend, he returns with mace in hand, gets captured 8

Hawkman is first feature. Underwater creatures called Kogats from a gorge beneath New York surface kidnap for their King Jupo. It's Carter's friend, so he goes looking for him, is summoned by one to see the king, fitted with air helmet. The giant horned king wants him to tell the surface of his greatness but Hawk turns on them stealing a light gun of theirs that blows matter to dust. He is aided by a stranger, Poseidon ruler of the seas himself, yellow and bearded, tells him that the gun contains effluma, a great fire, it had belonged to the god. He grants Hawk ability to breathe underwater, supposedly permanently, bids him destroy the Kogats. 9

Carter loses a bid for an old blunderbuss, as Hawkman takes an Italian stiletto of Cesare Borgia into battle. Shiera appearing hardly. Again Hawk saves a beautiful blond woman from thieves. 

Carter and Shiera look to help a friend who is being fleeced on a home purchase in a new neighborhood. He uses a quarterstaff to jam a plane propeller in the sky. First time: Shiera enters the case, investigating public records and doesn't see Hawkman, thinks she was responsible for the owner's downfall. Feature ended with a panel with 'collectible' stamps featuring weapons of the past. 11

Carter and Shiera see drunk Tommy Rogers cuz he's dying, meet his Dr. Halliday who gives Carter a cocktail that triggers some kind of heart attack (but Carter only pretended to drink it). Using a sling. Shiera joins the case finding Tommy's girl is dosing him with tanins. 12

Satana the Tiger Girl set to appear with her tigers, Carter and Shiera attending and one animal kills a spectator and he's not sure it was an accident. His helmet deflects a bullet. In her lair he finds tigers acting like people, smoking! He finds she is Sara Descarl, scientist/surgeon who transplants brains, apparently into animals now. 13

Hawkman laments no action, but then Karvac uses ancient rites to summon a alligator god Scorio and learn secret powers and knowledge, has a flame gun, his own troops; he attacks US troops doing maneuvers. A soldier survives meets Shiera. She alerts Carter who takes a new net woven of Ninth metal into battle. He finds the god, forces it into retreat with a forgotten gun. His net resists the weapon later. After he's defeated, Hawkman shown taking off his mask with Shiera present. 14

Hawkman fights Edward Thayer, who commands a supernatural force that was created by his brother, manifesting as a spirit-like hand. He usurps control of it and kills his brother.  15

Shiera on an archaeological trip in Mongolia, first mention of her doing that. Carter hears her expedition has hit trouble. He finds her about to be sacrificed in an ancient capitol city of the Dravidians who once invaded India. Hawkman uses a blue blade belonging to that culture and they bow to him. He says he's been reincarnated many times. He faces leader Daki, defeats him, meets true leader who says they come from Eden which sank under the sea. 16

Carter and Shiera watch the opera and the prima donna is killed and they find an artifact by her body. Later Shiera is visited by a member of the Golden Mummy sect with yellow skin. Hawkman is attacked by another, and throws him off a building, unconcerned whether he lives, but swoops in to save him for interrogation. Shiera taken to a mountain cave of the Golden Mummy himself. They cower at Hawkman's might. The Mummy and a man go back to ambush Carter in his home, but he is killed by a previously rigged gun meant to kill Hawkman. The Mummy unmasked as Dr. Selkirk, who admits to killing the opera star in revenge against her father. He dies. 17

Hank Sanders, Shiera's cousin, strikes gold in Alaska but bad weather threatens him. Shiera reads in the paper, takes plane to him, followed by Hawkman (appears she doesn't know his ID). The Ninth Metal radiates heat like an aura to keep him warm enough. (He 'invented' the metal) 18

Pratt Palmer discovers 'cold light' and is kidnapped, Carter shot in the shoulder by the men at the scene. 19

Hawkman v remote guided bomb in New York by Bomb-Baby Sathan trying to take over local rackets. Shiera captured not as Hawkgirl, try to get another gangster Big Frenchy to go straight, and he joins the police after. 20

Hawkman finds spaceship with dead giants aboard from Neptune and saves their egg/child. It is raised by Noel Ratchford and named Egon, trained to believe Ratchford is Carter Hall, thus implicating him in the child's devastation. Hawkman managed to briefly turn it back on him but Egon went out of control and he killed it with a blow to the back of the neck. 21

Hawkman with his weapons of the past he figthts the evils of the present. Gets jealous when Shiera is called out on the town by the Police Commissioner's son, Joe Givvens, a crook himself. 22

Hawkman captured by a gang and dumped from a plane, saved by hawks and other birds but his wings damanged. They bring him feathers to repair. rallies them to attack his enemy Dr. Darrel, his favorite, One-Eye is killed. 23

Carter gives Shiera an outfit like his for a masquerade ball to be a "Hawkwoman." --with working wings.` and they go to the valley of the hawks where birds take a shine to her too, they lead her to a suspicious car learns about a blackmail plot and sets off on her own to try to help. She's mistaken for Hawkman and unmasked and captured. Hawkman follows his birds and finds her. After locks the extra outfit away to prevent her from going out again. 24

Shiera has an uncle Nestor Sanders discovered glandular treatment to reverse aging, Shiera brings them together to treat his sister, her unnamed Aunt. Favortie hawk, Big Red. Nestor kidnapped. When Hawkman is captured Red gets Shiera later she is hit by a gunman. In the end the treatment doesn't work on humans as it had on animals. Armond Argot and his dwarf helper, Iago, also found elixir of youth—by swapping bodies.Electrical impulses keep dead men alive until they can transfer brains into them. 25

Shiera a regular fixture in costume, usually against his wishes and not called Hawkgirl. 27

Valley of the Hawks menaced by a huge white bird, thought to be a roc, "a legendary bird as big as a castle." It takes Shiera found to be a mechanical construct made by Karl Mangam, at his home plans to make mechanical version of her too. Small ally Swifty a chimney swift.  28



Thanagarian agent Paran Katar arrives on Earth and, using the name Perry Carter, befriends Carter Hall (Hawkman I). Paran Katar surreptitiously helps Carter develop his ninth metal (alternately, "Nth metal") harness, which allows him to defy gravity. NOTE: This Annual contains an essay on changing continuity by Mike Gold. Hawkworld Annual #1 (1991)

October 6, 1939: Carter Hall, the reincarnation of Prince Khufu, encounters Shiera Sanders, the reincarnation of Khufu's lover Chay-Ara. Wearing artificial wings and a belt of ninth metal, he becomes Hawkman I, battling and apparently slaying Dr. Anton Hastor, the reincarnation of Hath-Set. NOTES: Hawkman was the only character to appear in every Golden Age issue of All-Star and Flash Comics. His origin was retold in Secret Origins #11, which also established the date of his debut. Flash Comics #1 (Jan. 1940), Secret Origins #11 (Feb. 1987)

Hawkman battles the evil Aztec priestess Nyola and the Spectre defeats Kulak with the Ring of Life. All-Star Comics #2)

November 22, 1940: The Justice Society of America (1st app. in print) holds its first official meeting in Gotham City. Members present are the Atom, Dr. Fate, the Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman, Hourman, the Sandman, and the Spectre. Johnny Thunder and the All-Star Comics #3 (Win 40)

Eventually, one pair of reincarnated souls would repeatedly break this cycle. That pair met in late 1939, when archaeologists Carter Hall and Shiera Saunders became lovers and began adventuring as Hawkman and Hawkgirl. Hawkman was a founding member of the Justice Society and Hawkgirl a frequent ally.


The members of the JSA are attacked by the mysterious Mister X. Hawkman builds a second Nth metal belt and wings for Shiera Sanders, who becomes Hawkgirl. NOTES: Shiera is not actually called Hawkgirl in this story. Her first appearance as Hawkgirl in the Hawkman strip was in Flash Comics #24 (1941). (All-Star Comics #5 (6-7.41)

June 28, 1941: Ian Karkull, now a living shadow, returns from the Dark Dimension and gathers a group of super-villains to help him assassinate eight future U.S. presidents. The JSA, joined by their honorary members and Starman, thwarts all but the last murder. Dr. Fate & Nabu destroy Karkull, releasing a burst of "temporal energy" that enhances the longevity of everyone present (Atom, Dr. Fate, Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman, Hourman, Johnny Thunder, Sandman, Spectre, Starman and non-members Hawkgirl and Joan Williams). Dr. Fate realizes that Nabu is taking control of him whenever he dons the Helm of Nabu. Hourman leaves the JSA to refine his Miraclo pill, replaced by Starman. Green Lantern, shaken by his failure against Wotan, opts for honorary membership, naming Hawkman the new chairman. A*SQ Annual #3 (1984)

JSA, which battles Professor Elba. During the course of the adventure, Shiera Sanders once again aids Hawkman as Hawkgirl. All-Star Comics #8)

December 9, 1941: The JSA disbands so that its members can join the armed forces. Danette Reilly discovers that she has the power to project and control flames; she becomes Firebrand II and joins the All-Star Squadron. A group of All-Stars travels to Mexico to free Hawkgirl from the Feathered Serpent. NOTE: The disbanding of the JSA was first described in the beginning of All-Star #11. All-Star Comics #11 (6-7.42), All-Star Squadron #5)

December 10, 1941: The All-Stars free Hawkgirl from the Feathered Serpent, who is revealed as a German agent. All-Star Squadron #6 )

Akhet is unmasked as Hawkman's first foe, Dr. Anton Hastor. NOTE: This issue reveals that Hawkman and Hawkgirl have many different styles of hawk masks, explaining the many variations shown over the years. All-Star Squadron #11)

Dr. Hastor explains how he stole Professor Elwood Napier's "Flying Eye." He is defeated by Hawkman. NOTE: Prof. Napier's 1st app. in print was All-Star #55 (1950). All-Star Squadron #12 (8-9.82)

The All-Star Squadron holds its first official meeting. Present are Hawkgirl, Hawkman, . Liberty Belle is elected as the chair. All-Star Squadron #13 (9.82)

January 1942: Airman Carter Hall (Hawkman) is assigned to the USAAF's Coast Command. All-Star Squadron #16 (12.82)

The All-Stars adopt the Perisphere (leftover from the 1939 World's Fair) as their permanent headquarters. Hawkman reveals that the JSA has been called to reform as the Justice Battalion. Cyclotron steals the Hammer of Thor and the Ultra-Humanite and Deathbolt (Jake Simmons), pursue the Powerstone. NOTES: The Hammer of Thor is revealed to be the same one that Hawkman used in All-Star Comics #3 (1940). All-Star Squadron #21 (May 1983), All-Star Comics #12 (8-9.42)

The Spectre, Johnny Thunder and Johnny's Thunderbolt free the JSA from Hyperspace, Hawkman is elected cochairman of the Squadron. All-Star Squadron #60 (July 1986)

When the JSA members are kidnapped, Dr. Fate's girlfriend, Inza Cramer, senses danger and enlists the other women: Hawkgirl, Hippolyta, Dian Belmont, et al dress in their boyfriends' costumes to track down the Brain Wave (1st app. in print). The story deliberately places Hawkgirl's heroic debut after this story, which contradicts the bulk of her early appearances and charter membership in the All-Star Squadron. All-Star Comics #15 (2-3.43), Starman vol. 2 #69 (9 2000)

The JSA battles Charlie Halstead, Psycho Pirate, who kidnaps Hawkman's girlfriend Shiera. Shiera does not appear as Hawkgirl in this story. All-Star Comics #23 (Win 44)

February 22, 1945: Hawkgirl and Hippolyta defeat another of Stalker's disciples near Iwo Jima, with a little help from Hawkgirl's cousin, "Speed" Saunders. NOTES: This story establishes Hawkgirl's relationship as Speed's cousin, and the eventual retcon of her last name from "Sanders." in Hawkman vol. 4 #1 (May 2002) Speed first appeared in Detective #1 (1935). Sensation #1 (May 1999)

Hawkman battles the Monocle. Flash Comics #64 (Apr. 1945)

Hawkman befriends the winged inhabitants of the hidden city of Feithera. Flash Comics #71 (May 1946)

Hawkman takes on the spirit of Gentleman Jim Craddock, the Gentleman Ghost. Flash Comics #88

The Atom and Hawkman adopt new costumes. Flash Comics #98, All-Star Comics #42

Hawkman investigates "The Flaming Darkness." NOTES: Final Golden Age issue of Flash Comics and the last Golden Age solo appearances of these characters. Flash Comics #104 (Feb. 1949)

The JSA rescues four kidnapped detectives from the Key, who apparently jumps to his death. NOTE: This was the final Golden Age appearance of Hawkman and the JSA. All-Star Comics #57 (2-3.51)

27 Years Ago Hector Hall (Silver Scarab/Dr. Fate IV) is born to Carter and Shiera Hall in Cairo, Egypt. NOTE: Infinity Inc. #9 gave Hector's birth date as November 14, 1963, which was translated into DC's "XX Years Ago" standard based on the date of Infinity, Inc. #9, which was "Seven Years Ago" on the current timeline. Infinity Inc. #9 (June 1986)

JSA brats Hector Hall, Lyta Trevor, Al Rothstein, and Rick Tyler meet for the first time (they're all about 12 years old). Infinity Inc. #27

The Silver Age

Flash I and Flash II join forces to battle Captain Cold and the Trickster. NOTE: The JSA (the Atom, Black Canary, Dr. Mid-Nite, Green Lantern, and Hawkman) are seen in flashback, their first appearance in a Silver Age story. Flash Comics #129 (June 1962)

again Flash Comics #137 (June 1963)

"When Fall the Mighty": The JSA rescues Shiera Hall from Zanadu. All-Star Comics #62 (9-10.76)

"A Thorn By Any Other Name": Wildcat is badly injured in a battle with the Thorn, and the JSA discovers his earlier brain damage. Dr. Fate and Hawkman are kidnapped by the Master Summoner. NOTE: Hawkman adopts a new golden helmet in this issue. All-Star Comics #72 (5-6.78)

Infinity, Inc.

Hector Hall, Lyta Trevor, Al Rothstein, and Hawkman's godson Norda of Feithera decide to adopt costumed identities and apply for membership in the Justice Society. Infinity, Inc. #1 (Mar. 1984)

Infinity, Inc. holds a press conference in Los Angeles. The Silver Scarab reveals his true identity and those of his parents (Hawkman and Hawkgirl I). The Star-Spangled Kid, Jade, Obsidian, and Nuklon also unmask. Infinity, Inc. #12 (Mar. 1985)

A vast army of super-villains, led by Earth-1's Lex Luthor and Brainiac, attempts to seize power on the five partially merged surviving Earths. Hawkman I is severely wounded by Dr. Phosphorus. Crisis #9 (12.85)

Mekanique and the goddess Aphrodite, who have been using their powers to hold back the full effects of the Crisis for their own purposes, allow the Crisis's reality-changing effects to take hold. All characters except the Psycho-Pirate lose their memories of the pre-Crisis history. Earth-1's Hawkman, Hawkwoman cease to exist, along with all memory of their existence. All-Star Squadron #60

At Skyman's insistence, Lyta Trevor goes on maternity leave from Infinity, Inc. She encounters the new female incarnation of Hawkman's old enemy Hath-Set and discovers that the Silver Scarab is now her pawn. Infinity, Inc. #42

The JSA attends a public celebration of their return from Limbo, but the ceremony is cut short when the Sandman has another stroke. The team returns home intending to retire, but afterwards, Flash and Green Lantern decide to return to active duty. Note: This was the first time that Hawkgirl was introduced as a member of the JSA, the first time she has been so described. David Goyer, co-author of the current JSA series, said online (Nov. 1, 1998): "Our position is that Hawkgirl was indoctrinated into the JSA at some point — we've just never seen it." Justice Society of America vol. 2 #1 (Aug. 1992)

Starman rejoins the JSA to free Hawkman and Hawkgirl from the control of Kulak. Hawkman and Hawkgirl rejoin the JSA. Justice Society of America vol. 2 #10 (May 1993)


Their enhanced longevity (from exposure to chronal energies in 1942) extended their careers, and they were both also early members of the Justice League. Following one of the JLA's earliest team-ups with the JSA, the Hawks began serving as liaisons between the two teams (JLA: Incarnations #2). They remained active with both teams until the first great "crisis." At that time, they and the rest of the Justice Society willingly entered into Limbo to wage an eternal cyclic battle to prevent Ragnarok (the Norse version of judgment day).

In Other Media

Aldis Hodge is Hawkman in Black Adam (2022).

In the 2022 feature film, Black Adam, Hawkman/Carter Hall is the leader of the Justice Society. He is played by Aldis Hodge.

This assembly of the Justice Society is an ad hoc team specifically brought together to engage and subdue Black Adam, who is recently reawakened in the nation of Kandaq after 5,000 years of imprisonment.

Hawkman is the leader of the Justice Society. After he detects Black Adam’s wakening, he alerts Amanda Waller (director of the Suicide Squad; played by Viola Davis, who also starred in the Suicide Squad films). Waller authorizes the assembly of the Justice Society.

Carter Hall lives on a lavish estate in St. Rock, Louisiana, and has a ship made largely of Nth Metal. Hawkman and Dr. Fate have a history of working together.

Other members of the Justice Society in Black Adam include Dr. Fate, Cyclone and Atom Smasher.

Aldis Hodge also voiced the character of John Stewart in the animated feature, Green Lantern: Beware My Power (2022).


Some sources incorrectly list Hawkgirl's first appearance as Flash Comics #24, which was her first appearance in costume in the Hawkman strip; All-Star #5 preceded that appearance by about six months.

Shiera Hall never took the name "Hawkwoman" (see the 1992 Justice Society series).

"Inside DC" #36 also verifies that in post-Hawkworld continuity, the impostors Fel Andar and Sharon Parker were the pair that appeared in the J.L. International vol. 1 #10, 19-24 and Action Comics #588.


Hawkman and Hawkgirl use the power of the Thanagarian Nth metal to various ends. Most notably, the metal allows the user to defy gravity. The Hawks wear life-like wings to help control their movements during flight. The metal also extends a modest level of strength, invulnerability and healing ability to the user.

They also have the benefit of lifetimes' worth of experience in battle. Both Hawks are expert hand-to-hand combatants and draw upon fighting techniques and weapons from dozens of cultures.

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