Created by Roy Thomas and Jerry Ordway

Norda Cantrell

Fred Cantrell (father, deceased), Osoro (mother, deceased), Worla (grandfather)

Infinity, Inc.

All-Star Squadron #25 (Sept. 1983)

Norda Cantrell is the godson of the original Hawkman and Hawkgirl, Carter and Shiera Hall. This honor was the result of the Halls' friendship with the people of the hidden city of Feithera, home to a race of bird-people. This city was built in Peary Land, a peninsula in northern Greenland, and long hidden from the world until a plane discovered it by accident. Back in America, Carter Hall overheard tell of this at his Explorer's Club. His comrades intended to hunt the Feitherans so Hawkman few off to their aid. He was welcomed by their leader, Worla, who showed him their special device called a globlass. They used this to disrupt the hunters' senses of balance. (Flash Comics #71) NOTE: This story was reprinted in Infinity, Inc. #4.

Carter eventually introduced his friend, anthropologist Fred Cantrell, to the Feitherans. Cantrell fell in love with Worla's daughter, Osoro, and their son Norda grew up among both societies. He was a gentle soul, but his presence created a sense of jealousy within the Hall's son, Hector. A one-sided rivalry developed between Norda and Hector, which only worsened Norda's feeling that he was an outsider—a half breed among both peoples. He did not hesitate to join a new group of teens to apply for membership in the Justice Society. When they were rejected, they formed their own group, Infinity, Inc. (Infinity, Inc. #1)

Norda with his parents. From Infinity Inc. #23 (1986); art by Tony DeZuniga.

Northwind served with Infinity for a brief time before returning to Feithera. The city was destroyed by a glacier, forcing his people to relocate. (#23) He ultimately elected to remain there and study under his grandfather. (#37)

Becoming Hawk-Man

Eclipso, Nemesis, Black Adam, Northwind, Brainwave, and Atom-Smasher. From JSA #56 (2004); art by Don Kramer and Keith Champagne.

At some point, the Feitherans lost their new home and underwent a genetic metamorphosis. Norda was among them and his human facial features become truly hawklike; this has left him incapable of speech. His entire body was now covered in fine feathers and his hands and feet were talons. Under unrevealed circumstances, he met Black Adam who formed an alliance with their entire society, along former Infinitors Atom-Smasher and Brainwave. These heroes became a rival group to the JSA, (JSA #40) and they executed Kobra after his escape from authorities. (#51)

Northwind and the Feitherans remained faithful to Black Adam and fought alongside him in the war to free his home country, Kahndaq. During the war, Hawkman actually tore Norda's wings off, but they soon began to grow back. The Feitherans remained in Kahndaq with Black Adam, who was been allowed to lead that nation. (Hawkman vol. 5 #25)

NOTE: Northwind's transformation into a true hawk-man was inspired by his appearance in Kingdom Come #1 (1996). In that influential series, Mark Waid and Alex Ross created a very different Northwind. It was set in the future and Northwind (now Hawkman) was greatly transformed. His head was that of a hawk, and his hands and feet made of great talons.

Earth-2, Post-Infinite Crisis

After the Crisis on Infinite Earths, the original Earth Two was merged into all other surviving Earths. After the Infinite Crisis, the multiverse of the DC Universe was restored, there was again an Earth-2. Their history seemed to have unfolded as if the first Crisis had never happened (picking up approximately after Infinity, Inc. #24). On it, Infinity Inc. and the Justice Society merged to form Justice Society Infinity, and Northwind was a member. (JSA Kingdom Come Special: The Kingdom #1)


Northwind can fly unaided with the use of his natural wings.

Appearances + References


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