Created by Paul Levitz and Yildiray Cinar

Harmonia Li of Earth


Legion of Super-Heroes

Legion of Super-Heroes v.6 #1 (July 2010)

Legion of Super-Heroes v.7 #1 (Nov. 2011)

Harmonia and colleagues at the Time Institute on Titan. From Legion v.6 #1 (2010); art by Yildiray Cinar.
Harmonia leaves Utopia, from Legion v.6 #16 (2011); art by Daniel HDR & Marc Deering.

Harmonia Li is perhaps millennia old, a Chinese woman with elemental powers who at some point migrated to an other-dimensional and immortal land called Utopia—the world of wisdom—and studied with the great teacher Master Kong (aka Confucius). She left that world at some point and may have gained immortality from her time in Utopia.

Li first appeared to the Legionnaires as a member of the Time Institute, which had just moved to Titan. When her colleague, Adajapu tried to view the origins of the universe, a fierce backlash destroyed the environmental controls over Titan. Swift action by the Legionnaire Saturn Girl wasn't enough to save her home moon-planet and the result was the utter destruction of Titan (Legion v.6 #1) Harmonia survived and migrated with survivors to Naltor. There Brainiac 5 sought her help in repairing his Time Bubble, at which time she intimated that she was from "old Earth." (#7)

After the "Titanfall," Li began acting strangely, claiming that the resulting chaos wrought by the Legion of Super-Villains on Colu and around the universe was her fault, in part. (#11) She could hardly be culpable for the villains' powerlust, but her knowledge of Utopia was their prize. Meanwhile, when Gates met her, he recalled a legend of his people of an immortal like her, and Dream Girl saw Li and Star Boy holding hands in space, surounded by energy. (#13)

As the LSV closed in on Utopia, Harmonia revealed her own innate elemental power over wind, and recruited Star Boy for the task of traversing the interdimensional barrier. The LSV arrived before them and were greeted by Master Kong (whom the Coluan, Questor, recognized as a 3500-year-old Terran). Saturn Queen and her villains did not seek the knowledge of that world; rather, it's destruction. Li and the others arrived just in time to stop them. (#14) After their success, aided by the green will power of Oa, Harmonia elected to remain with the Legion rather than in Utopia. (#16)

Very soon after this, the Legion lost seven members in time (thoughty they were believed dead). To fill the membership roster, Harmonia Li became a Legionnaire alongside four Legion Academy members. In the Legion, she is a natural as Brainiac 5's right hand (and scientific challenger). (Legion v.7 #1)


Harmonia possesses elemental powers. She has exhibited control over the wind, and can move earth into the air and make the ground rise up. The may be immortal, and possesses considerable knowledge about time travel.

Appearances + References


  • Legion of Super-Heroes v.6 #1, 7, 11-16


  • Legion of Super-Heroes v.7, current (2011–)