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Iron Munro marries Sandra Knight (Phantom Lady).

Damage #6 (Sept. 1994)

Iron Munro and Sandra Knight have a child, who is kidnapped by agents of Vandal Savage shortly after his birth. Their child is never seen again.

Damage #11 (Mar. 1995)

Phantom Lady disappears while on a mission for the covert government Argent. Though Munro later discovers she is alive, they two are never reunited. NOTE: Argent and its leader, Control, first appeared in G.I. Combat #192 (July 1976).

Damage #11 (Mar. 1995)

The Silver Age

Superman makes his public debut. His appearance is followed closely by the debuts of Batman, Flash II (Barry Allen), Green Lantern II (Hal Jordan), Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Green Arrow (Oliver Queen). Inspired by the other heroes, the Martian Manhunter publicly reveals his existence.

DCU 2000 Secret Files (Mar. 2000)

Earth-1's Aquaman, Batman, Black Canary II (Dinah Laurel Lance, making her public debut), Flash II, Green Lantern II, the Martian Manhunter, Superman, and Wonder Woman form the Justice League of America. Shortly after the JLA's first mission, Dinah Drake Lance (Black Canary I) mentions that the JSA has been happily retired for some time. NOTES: The JLA's origin was first told in Justice League of America #9, updated in Secret Origins #32 and expanded in JLA: Year One #1-2. The JLA's first appearance was Brave and the Bold #28 (Feb. 60).

JLofA #9 (Feb. 1962), Secret Origins #32 (Dec. 1988), JLA: Year One #1-2 (Jan.-Feb. 1998)

Apellaxian invaders capture most of Earth's heroes, including the JSA, Blackhawks, and Freedom Fighters, and place them in concentration camps before being defeated by the JLA. Hawkman I tells the JLA members that the Justice Society considers them worthy successors. NOTES: The appearances in this story of the Seven Soldiers of Victory (not freed for two more years according to JLA Secret Files #1), and Uncle Sam (who vanished shortly after World War 2 for reasons explained in Spectre v3 #38) probably should be considered apocryphal.

JLA: Year One #11-12 (11-12. 1998)

JLA/JSA 10: "The Unknown Soldier of Victory"/"The Hand That Shook the World"/"And One of Us Must Die": The JLA and JSA rescue the Seven Soldiers of Victory, scattered throughout time after a battle with the Nebula Man that cost the life of Wing. The Red Tornado sacrifices himself to destroy the Iron Hand. NOTES: First modern appearances of the Seven Soldiers (Crimson Avenger, Green Arrow I, Shining Knight, Speedy I, Star-Spangled Kid, Stripsey, Vigilante I, and Wing). Their last Golden Age appearance was in Leading Comics #14 (1945). The post-Crisis Soldiers substitute the Spider for Green Lantern and Billy Gunn for Speedy. The Iron Hand first appeared (as the Hand) in Leading Comics #1 (1941). Stars & STRIPE #9 reveals that the Vigilante spent 20 years in the Old West before his return to the modern era, explaining his advanced age in other modern appearances. Participating: Dr. Fate, Dr. Mid-Nite, Hourman, Starman, Sandman, Red Tornado II, Johnny Thunder, Wildcat, Green Lantern, Mr. Terrific.

JLofA #100-102 (Aug.-Oct. 1972), Stars & S.T.R.I.P.E. #9 (Apr. 2000)

PRE-CRISIS: JLA/JSA 11: "Crisis on Earth-X"/"Thirteen Against the Earth":The JLA and JSA are drawn to Earth-X, where they help the Freedom Fighters (Uncle Sam, Black Condor, Doll Man, the Human Bomb, Phantom Lady, and the Ray) defeat the Nazis, who on Earth-X had won World War II. NOTES: 1st reference to Earth-X and 1st modern and DC Comics apps. of these Quality Comics characters. In pre-Crisis continuity, the Freedom Fighters were born on Earth-2. Their last chronological appearance was in All-Star Squadron #50 (19 1985). The heroes in this story are the only survivors of the original group. In post-Infinite Crisis continuity, Uncle Sam remembers traveling to Earth-X, but its current parallel, Earth-10 is still under Nazi control. Participating: Superman, Flash, Dr. Fate, Hourman, Sandman, Red Tornado.

JLofA #107-108 (9-12 1973)


The Freedom Fighters series is very likely not in current Earth-0 continuity because (A) it referenced Earth-X and the Fighters' fugitive status so much; (B) Uncle Sam is a pivotal figure but in current continuity he would have been dormant; (C) the subplots extensively involved the death of Doll Man's wife (Doll Girl) and his romance with her Earth-1 counterpart; and (D) Phantom Lady's postwar history has been developed since then as well. In current DC continuity, Doll Girl lived until the new millennium. However, in the Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters series Uncle Sam mentions that he does remember the pre-Crisis Earth-X.

Having restored peace to Earth-X, the Freedom Fighters decide to migrate to Earth-1, New York City. Phantom Lady discovers she now has the metahuman ability to become intangible. They soon find themselves in conflict with the villain Silver Ghost (Raphael Van Sandt) and his henchman, King Samson. The Ghost turns three of them to solid silver. District Attorney David Pearson sets them up with a new headquarters in an old armory building. Doll Man registers for graduate school. A romance buds between the Ray and Phantom Lady. NOTE: However, certain key events may still have happened. The Editor says that, compared to other DC teams, the F.F. were a "blank slate."

Freedom Fighters #1 (Apr. 1976)

The Silver Ghost blackmails the remaining FF into working for him, which destroys their public credibility. The Ghost dies when his suit short-circuits and his victims are restored. NOTE: A letter writer notes how both Phantom Lady and Black Canary gained powers upon migrating to Earth-1. The editor says simply, that she was the only non-powered member, so they "improved" her.

Freedom Fighters #2 (June 1976)

On the run, the F.F. struggle to support themselves and find shelter. Doll Man devises a way to imbue them with a "cloak of invisibility." Killer Arthur T. Sommar is possessed by observers from Qward, becoming Skragg the Super Sniper.

Freedom Fighters #3 (Aug. 1976)

Hoping to clear their names, the FF storm the United Nations, bringing them into conflict with Wonder Woman. Half of the team agrees to remain in custody while the others try to clear their names. Human Bomb remarks that now his entire body is explosive. The JLA's scanners locate King Samson, who now wears the Silver Ghost's glove. With it, he "kills" Wonder Woman and threatens to destroy New York. Note: Follows Wonder Woman #236; Diana no longer works for the U.N.

Freedom Fighters #4 (Oct. 1976)

The team restores Wonder Woman with the Silver Ghost's glove. It's activity revives the villain later regains the glove himself. He mentally commands it to turn on Samson. Doll Man meets his dead wife's counterpart, Martha Roberts of Earth-1. Doll Man exhibits a new telekinetic power.

Freedom Fighters #5 (Dec. 1976)

The team hides out in Rutland, Vermont, amid the Halloween festivities. There, a cult sorceror, Enstra, kidnaps Martha for a sacrifice. They free the demon, Homilus. Doll Man perfects a device to control Human Bomb's powers. Note: Editor Tony Isabella proclaims: "The Freeedom Fighters believe the other Earth-X heroes died during World War II, but they could be wrong. Only a trip back to Earth-X would tell for sure."

Freedom Fighters #6 (1-2 1976)

In the Roberts cabin in Rutland Vermont, Black Condor goes mad as his new mental powers dawn. The team is attacked by the Elf—mad toymaker of Santaland and ally of the Silver Ghost—who wants to move the Earth's axis to make New York the North Pole. A new group of heroes approaches D. A. Pearson to take care of the Freedom Fighters: The Crusaders: Americommando II, Rusty, Fireball & Sparky, and Barracuda.These heroes had appeared in comics books. Note: These heroes were based on Marvel's Invaders—Captain America, Bucky, Human Torch & Toro, and the Sub-Mariner

Freedom Fighters #7 (3-4 1976)

The Crusaders defeat the FF at Niagara Falls. The Americommando is revealed as the Silver Ghost. The fight creates a blackout across New York.

Freedom Fighters #8 (5-6 1976)

Martha reveals that Americommando is the Silver Ghost. The Crusaders are defeated and reveal that they were comic book fans, recruited and transformed by the Ghost. Later, someone appearing to be Doll Man shoots D.A. Pearson. Note: The Editor says that DC did not have a copy of Doll Man's first appearance (Feature #27). They had to appeal to a network of fans to find one.

Freedom Fighters #9 (7-8 1976)

In Minneapolis, the FF trounce the Catman. The Ray uncovers the Americommando as the Silver Ghost. Doll Man tells his origin to Martha.

Freedom Fighters #10 (9-10.77)

A jury finds Doll Man guilty of murder; he's sentenced to death. The Ray's tells his caretaker (Rod Reilly) his origins amid a fever. In Texas, Sam, Phantom Lady and the Bomb attempt to find jobs in civilian identities. A group of American Indians (Tall Tree, Crazy Horse, Thunder Cloud & Rain-in-the-Face) receive elemental powers from their gods and take revenge on society as the Renegades. Note: Tall Tree's power to grow super-tall is like that of Apache Chief, who debuted on TV's Super Friends on 17 September 1977.

Freedom Fighters #11 (11-12.77)

Rod Reilly—the former Firebrand, also from Earth-X—reveals his identity to the Ray. He joins the team, who frees Doll Man. Martha's investigation turns up evidence to exhonerate Doll Man; she implicates the Ghost, and his relative, new D.A.'s Tulane. Tulane confesses to killing Pearson. Note: First DC app. of Firebrand.

Freedom Fighters #12 (1-2. 1978)

The FFers are possessed by the Homilus. At first Firebrand runs from the fight but when Martha is threatened, he finds a way to restore them. Phantom Lady recounts the origin of the Black Condor. Bill Morgan of WGNY-TV plots revenge on Firebrand.

Freedom Fighters #13 (Apr. 1978)

The FF pursue a miniature bomber at the Kolossal Karnaval, an amusement park owned by Kathy Kane (Batwoman). They meet her and Batgirl (Barbara Gordon). Doll Man is angered that Martha doesn't return his affections. Uncle Sam offers up the FF as circus performers. Someone kidnaps Phantom Lady, the Ray and Human Bomb and replaces them with androids. Note: Editor Jack Harris describes Secret Society of Super-Villans as the FF's "companion book."

Freedom Fighters #14 (June 1978)

Three FFers awake in space where aliens have abducted dozens of people and converted them into raw material for a conqueror. The origin of Phantom Lady is told for the first time. After defending her father from killers, he says a "phantom lady" saved him.

Freedom Fighters #15 (Aug. 1978)

The Silver Ghost assembles another faction of the Secret Society of Super-Villains to get revenge on the Freedom Fighters.

Secret Society of Super-Villains #15 (6-7. 1978)

The Society and the F.F. clash. The Silver Ghost is unmasked as somebody familiar to Firebrand.
*At this point both Freedom Fighters and Secret Society of Super-Villains were cancelled in the so-called "DC Implosion." Secret Society #16-17 were reprinted in 1978's Canceled Comics Cavalcade #2 (an ultra-rare photocopy printed by DC for copyright purposes only).


Cancelled Comics Cavalcade #2 (Fall 1978)

But for the miracle of the Internet—specifically, the blog of series writer Bob Rozakis—fans learned that Rozakis had also completed the script for issue #18. The story found Firebrand captive of the Silver Ghost. The Ghost was revealed as a chief Nazi officer back on Earth-X and Firebrand had been an undercover agent. Firebrand broke free and attacked the Ghost, who began to transform him into silver. The mayhem freed the other Freedom Fighers, but by the time they reached the street below, Firebrand had shattered against the pavement. The Silver Ghost perished, too.
With that, the remaining Freedom Fighters essentially gave up and decided to return to Earth-X. They were joined by Martha Roberts. ()
This unpublished tale is significant for two events. Rozakis's script for issue #18 reveals that both Firebrand and the Silver Ghost died battling one another. And Firebrand's death led the team to disband for good. As he puts it: "Rather than continue to live as fugitives on Earth-1, they decide to return to Earth-X." (Cancelled Comics Cavalcade #2)

Bob Rozakis, "Anything Goes"

The original Firebrand, Rod Reilly, is killed by the Silver Ghost. NOTES: This story was meant to appear in Secret Society of Super-Villains #16, before the "DC Implosion" cancelled the title. It is uncertain if this happened in current DC continuity. The story was scripted, but not drawn.

Cancelled Comics Cavalcade #2 (Fall 19 1978)


The Anti-Monitor begins destroying the parallel Earths of the positive-matter universe with waves of anti-matter. As Pariah watches helplessly, the Crime Syndicate of America perishes in a futile attempt to defend their homeworld, Earth-3. Earth-3's Lex Luthor and Lois Lane send their infant son, Alex Luthor, to Earth-1, where he appears aboard the now-abandoned JLA satellite. The five surviving Earths (1, 2, 4, S and X) experience mysterious red skies and bizarre weather. The Monitor's servant, Harbinger, gathers an army of superheroes and -villains. POST-CRISIS: In current continuity, people remember waves of anti-matter which manifest as red skies; no alternate Earths.

Crisis #1 (Apr. 1985)

Firebrand teams with heroes of the Old West. Cyclotron appears from 1942, again foiling the Ultra-Humanite and saving his daughter's life before returning to his own time and perishing.

All-Star Squadron #55 (Mar. 1986)

Harbinger, under the mental domination of the Anti-Monitor, kills the Monitor. Upon the Monitor's death, Earths 1 and 2 are drawn into a mysterious netherverse.

Crisis #4 (July 1985)

Earths 1 and 2 (protected from oblivion by the Monitor) partially merge, causing time and space to overlap. The JLA, Outsiders, Infinity, Inc., All-Star Squadron (Amazing-Man, Johnny Quick, Liberty Belle, Tarantula), and Legion join forces to battle the Red Tornado, who is being used by the Anti-Monitor to cause chaos across the surviving Earths. In the anti-matter universe, the Flash and the Psycho-Pirate come face-to-face with the Anti-Monitor.

Crisis #5 (Aug. 1985), All-Star Squadron #53 (Jan. 1986)

Harbinger links Earths 4, S & X to Earths 1 & 2, protecting them from annihilation, but causing them to slowly merge. The Psycho-Pirate uses his powers to cause chaos on the surviving Earths. On Earth-2, Harbinger protects the Earth from annihilation, but causes widespread temporal paradoxes.

Crisis #6 (Sept. 1985)

Harbinger explains the birth of the multiverse and the roots of the Crisis, including the origins of the Monitor and Anti-Monitor, and reveals how Pariah inadvertantly awakened the Anti-Monitor. An army of the most powerful surviving heroes takes the battle to the anti-matter universe, where Supergirl perishes destroying the Anti-Monitor's body, saving the five surviving Earths from destruction.

Crisis #7 (Oct. 1985)

In the anti-matter universe, the Anti-Monitor constructs a new body for himself and prepares to use a massive anti-matter cannon. On Qward, Flash II (Barry Allen) manages to destroy the cannon at the cost of his own life. Straining his speed to its limits, he ricochets backwards through time before he dies.

Crisis #8 (Nov. 1985)

The Spectre unites heroes and villains in a last-ditch effort to stop the Anti-Monitor from changing history to eliminate the positive-matter universe from existence. The Spectre and the Anti-Monitor clash at the Dawn of Time, apparently destroying all of creation. The universe fades to white.

Crisis #10 (Jan. 1986)

The survivors of the battle at the Dawn of Time awaken on Earth, which has been unified to include aspects of Earth-1, -2, -4, -S, and -X (only those who were present at the Dawn of Time remember the multiverse). Earth-2 heroes including Superman, Robin and the Huntress, discover that they were never born in the reformed universe. Earth is then drawn into the anti-matter universe, where the Anti-Monitor prepares to destroy the Earth once and for all. NOTES: This issue began an "interregnum" period in which the previous multiverse had been united into a single world, but during which most of the changes later attributed to the Crisis (such as the extensively revised histories of Superman and Wonder Woman) had not yet appeared and those who were present at the Dawn of Time still remembered the multiverse.

Crisis #11 (Feb. 1986)

The Earth is drawn into the anti-matter universe for a final confrontation with the Anti-Monitor, whose shadow demons ravage the Earth. Earth-2's Green Arrow, Huntress, and Robin are slain and Earth-1's Wonder Woman is reverted to clay. Dove, Sunburst, and the Ten-Eyed Man perish. The Anti-Monitor is staggered by an attack by Darkseid (recruited by the Forgotten Heroes and Brainiac) and finally destroyed by the Earth-2 Superman. Earth is returned to the positive matter universe. the Earth-2 Superman, Lois Lane Kent, and Earth-Prime's Superboy and Alex Luthor are left in the rapidly disintegrating Anti-Matter Universe, where the Earth-2 Superman finally destroys the Anti-Monitor once and for all. Alex Luthor then transports them to an extra-dimensional paradise. Earth-2's Wonder Woman and her mortal husband, Steve Trevor, are taken to Olympus to dwell with the gods. Kid Flash (Wally West) discovers that his terminal disease has gone into remission and becomes Flash III. Psycho-Pirate II, now the only person to remember the full history of the Crisis and the pre-Crisis universe, is committed to Arkham Asylum. NOTES: Most Quality characters are shelved until the early '90s.

Crisis #12 (Mar. 1986

Fury (Lyta Trevor) visits her adoptive parents, Joan Dale (Miss America, first modern appearance) and Admiral Derek Trevor (1st app.). NOTE: This issue was the first to reveal that Fury was raised by Joan Dale.

Infinity, Inc. #48 (Mar. 88)

Joan Dale, the former Miss America, recalls her days with the JSA. She claims that her powers began to fade after the JSA disbanded in 1951, so she never emerged from retirement. NOTE: This is the first textual reference to Miss America taking the place of Wonder Woman in the JSA. It is unclear whether that stands in current continuity.

Infinity, Inc. #49 (Apr. 88)


Ray Terrill comes out of the darkness to unleash his powers and be the second Ray. He meets his father, Happy Terrill.

The Ray, v.1 #1-6 (Feb.–July 1992)

Ryan Kendall takes wing as the second Black Condor. His powers come from experiments administered by his grandfather, Creighton.

Black Condor #1 (June 1992)

The Ray and the Black Condor are offered membership in the new Justice League, reformed by Wonder Woman. The Ray accepts, but Condor never formally does. Condor remains to aid for one mission. (#71-75)

Justice League America #71 (Feb. 1993)

Black Condor meets the Batman. *Final issue.

Black Condor #12 (May 1993)

The Flash and Johnny Quick track down Max Mercury (known in the Golden Age as Quicksilver).

Flash v.2 #76 (May 1993)

Max Mercury joins the Flashes to battle Professor Zoom.

Flash v.2 #78 (July 1993)

The Ray takes on Brimstone, aided by Superboy.

The Ray v.2 #1-2 (May–June 1994)

ZERO HOUR (Sept. 1994)

The Ray moves from the JLA to the Justice League Task Force, which is reogranized as a training team. Ray remains a member for the duration of that team's existence.

Justice League Task Force #0 (Oct. 1994)

Terminal Velocity: The Flash, Jesse Quick, and Max Mercury join Flash III in his battle with Kobra.

Flash v.2 #97 (Jan. 1995)

The original Ray's body is taken over by Death Masque, a foe of the new Ray.

Ray v.2 #11 (Apr. 1995)

River Run: By traveling through a magic book called River Run, the Swamp Thing visits post-Crisis versions of Earths-X, -3 and -2! In one chapter, he himself becomes Solomon Grundy and battles the Black Box (Green Lantern Alan Scott). NOTE: These worlds were fictitious, or perhaps Hypertime.

Swamp Thing #151-158 (2-9. 1995)


Hawkman #20 (May 1995)

Black Condor joins the Leymen.

Primal Force #8-12 (June–Dec. 1995)

The Ray encounters the original Black Condor, who claims he is not dead; he says he has moved on to a higher plane of consciousness and projects himself mentally. The Condor seeks to recruit the Ray as champion for an organization in which he's involved.

Ray v.2 #20 (Jan. 1996)

Mystek dies during the spacecraft's hull breach. The Ray sets out from Earth to find them.

JLTF #32 (Feb. 1996)


Firebrand #1-9 (Feb.–Oct. 1996)

Dead Heat: The Flash, Jesse Quick, Johnny Quick, Max Mercury, and other speedsters lose much of their power when they are cut off from the Speed Force by Savitar, who is hoping to consolidate the power for himself. Max Mercury is hospitalized by one of Savitar's "speed ninjas."

Flash v.2 #108-109 (Dec. 95-1. 1996)

Dead Heat: As Wally West leads the Flash, Max Mercury, Jesse Quick, and Impulse against Savitar, Johnny Quick sacrifices himself to save his daughter's life, becoming one with the Speed Force.

Impulse #11 (Feb. 1996)

*Final issue

The Ray v.2 #28 (Oct. 1996)

Seeking to prevent the Spectre from interfering with their quest to reclaim the broken pieces of the American Talisman, a conspiratorial organization called the National Interest retrieves the Spear of Destiny from space.

Spectre v.3 #47 (Nov. 1996)

After narrowly escaping destruction by the Spear of Destiny, the Spectre defeats the National Interest and the supernatural power behind it, the American Scream. The American Talisman is reassembled, resulting in the creation of a new incarnation of Uncle Sam called the Patriot.

Spectre v.3 #50 (Feb. 1997)

Jack Knight gets some advice from the ghosts of the Red Bee, the Atom, Black Canary, Dr. Mid-Nite, Hourman, Mr. Terrific, and Zatara.

Starman v.2 #37 (Dec. 1997)

Somewhere outside normal time/space, the original Superman of Earth-2 (trapped in Alexander Luthor's "heaven") contemplates his "captivity" and searches for a way out. NOTE: This series is the first time the future heroes of Kingdom Come (Earth-22) appeared in the mainstream DCU, and the first app. of Earth-2 Superman since Crisis #12.

Kingdom #1 (Feb. 1999)

Booster Gold opens the first Planet Krypton restaurant in Metropolis. The restaurant is unwittingly a nexus of Hypertime, "haunted" by images of heroes from various timelines and alternate worlds (including some that ceased to exist as a result of the Crisis on Infinite Earths).

Kingdom: Planet Krypton (Feb. 1999)

Mr. Terrific frees Sand and Air Wave just as Kobra blows up Blackhawk Island.

JSA3 #12 (July 2000)

Flash, Wildcat, Star-Spangled Kid, S.T.R.I.P.E., Joan Garrick and Jesse Quick attend the welcome back party for Max Mercury.

Impulse #67 (Dec. 2000)

Grand Guignol: Black Condor and Phantom Lady come to Opal City to help Starman (Jack Knight) and the Shade. The Spider aids the other side.

Starman v.2 #

At his funeral, Ted Knight is eulogized by his son, JSA members and his cousin, Sandra Knight (Phantom Lady).

Starman v.2 #73 (Jan. 2001)

In an underground casino, the hero Firebrand (III) is killed while under the influence of super-gambler, Victoria Sinclair (Roulette II).

JSA Secret Files #2 (Sept. 2001)

Firebrand III is killed in an underground super-casino while under the influence of its owner, Roulette.

JSA Secret Files #2 (Sept. 2001)

The JSA's Sand recruits an army of All-Stars—heroes carrying on for others from the Golden Age. This team ventures to Daxam, where it frees the planet from Imperiex's planet-sized ship. The reserves include Black Condor II, Ray II, Patriot and Phantom Lady II. Ray is critically injured, but healed by Black Condor.

JSA: Our Worlds at War (Sept. 2001)

The Spirit of America again adopts the identity of Uncle Sam. No explanation is given for the abandonment of the "Patriot" identity.

Superman v.2 #178 (Feb. 2002)

The members of Young Justice invite the Ray to join, which he accepts.

Young Justice #41 (March 2002)

In response to the JSA's calls for reserves, Uncle Sam reforms the Freedom Fighters with the Human Bomb, Phantom Lady II, Black Condor II, the Ray II, Iron Munro, and Damage.

JSA3 #49-51 (Aug.–Dec. 2003)

Thomas Ludlow Dalt, second son of the original Spider becomes the Spider III. He is summoned to Slaughter Swamp where Dalt is injured and transformed by the Seven Unknown Men into "I, Spyder." They plant him as an agent in their war against the Sheeda, or fairie folk. He goes to join the original Vigilante and a new Seven Soldiers of Victory. All the Soldiers except for Spyder and the Vigilante are killed on their first mission.

Seven Soldier Of Victory #0 (Apr. 2005)

The Freedom Fighters?? This new team was again government funded, making their headquarters in the Pentagon.

JSA3 #73 (July 2005)

Infinite Crisis

The Freedom Fighters are attacked by the Society in Metropolis; Phantom Lady, Human Bomb and Black Condor are killed. The Ray is captured; Damage's face is disfigured by Zoom and he is left for dead. Uncle Sam is temporarily destroyed. 

Infinite Crisis #1 (Dec. 2005)

Vandal Savage plans to bind his clone to Alan to create his own Green Lantern slave to infiltrate the JSA. Green Lantern Alan Scott calls in help from Checkmate—Blackhawk planes destroy Savage's compound. NOTE: The new Blackhawk planes have a beaked shape.

JSA Classified #13 (Aug. 2006)

One year after Chemo exploded on the city of Blüdhaven, people camp outside its walls, helped by the Monolith and Firebrand IV (Andre Twist). The U.S. government charges Father Time of S.H.A.D.E., to investigate radioactive anomalies and to deter metahumans from entering the city. One of these is an "Astronaut Fetus" from another universe. Another is Andy Franklin, former scientist, the new Human Bomb (II). S.H.A.D.E. sends Freedom's Ring (Major Victory II, Lady Liberty II, Silent Majority II) to fight the Society's Nuclear Legion (Geiger, Reactron, Professor Radium, Mr. Nitro, Neutron, Nuclear). Lady Liberty and Silent Majority are killed. NOTES: Firebrand's first name is given in #5.

Crisis Aftermath: The Battle for Blüdhaven #1 (Early June 2006)

The news media broadcasts Firebrand's appeal for justice in Blüdhaven. Father Time readies a new suit for the Human Bomb and assembles a task force with: Bigfoot (also transformed by the blast); the new Phantom Lady II (Stormy Knight); Doll Man III (Lester Colt); Lady Liberty III, Silent Majority III; and the resurrected Major Force. Meanwhile the Astronaut Fetus grows. The Atomic Knights discover that the government is experimenting on Captain Atom. NOTES: Phantom Lady and Doll Man's real names are given later, in Uncle Sam & the Freedom Fighters #1.

Crisis Aftermath: The Battle for Blüdhaven #2 (Late June 2006)

Robin leads Firebrand and Monolith through the swamps into Blüdhaven. The Astronaut Fetus undergoes mitosis, creating a Replicant who helps Father Time.

Crisis Aftermath: The Battle for Blüdhaven #3 (Early July 2006)

The Atomic Knights rescue Captain Atom. The Human Bomb destroys a neighborhood simply because people are trespassing. Doll Man employs various devices like neural shockers. Ravager runs her sword through Lady Liberty.

Crisis Aftermath: The Battle for Blüdhaven #4 (Late 07. 2006)

Major Force goes awol from Time's team, to fight Hal Jordan. The Human Bomb refuses to fight a Green Lantern. Major Force kills Major Victory in defiance. The S.H.A.D.E. team begins to fracture as members begin to question their leadership. Captain Atom's shell has cracked and he nears critial mass. Firebrand is called to duty by Uncle Sam, to take up the spirit of Rod Reilly. He bids him to come to the south Mississippi River. He shows him an imminent future that threatens America; banners forebode a man named "Knight," and S.H.A.D.E. agents lording over America.

Crisis Aftermath: The Battle for Blüdhaven #5 (08. 2006)

Captain Atom is placed inside the Monarch's suit once again. When he awakes, he vows to put an end to the activities in Blüdhaven. He warns everyone to evacuate then destroys what remains of the city. Doll Man assumes control of Major Force's S.H.A.D.E. team. The President tells the nation that Blüdhaven cannot be rebuilt because of the radiation, and that metahumans are to blame. He urges legislation to control metahumans.

Crisis Aftermath: The Battle for Blüdhaven #6 (09. 2006)


Firebrand hitchhikes to Mississippi, following Uncle Sam's voice. Father Time clashes with Senator Henry Knight (Phantom Lady's father) over plans regarding metahumans. Time adds Ray III(Stan Silver) to his task force, which protects the White House against terrorists called the Black Legion. Their success wins Father Time the congressional support he needs to continue his operations. NOTES: The Ray's name is given in the issue below.

DCU: Brave New World (Aug. 2006)

Father Time allows Gonzo (the former Astronaut Fetus) to assume the power of the U.S. Presidency by killing and assuming the identity of Senator Knight. This draws the attention of Uncle Sam, who sends Firebrand to interrupt a press conference. Time sends his team to Tennessee to capture Uncle Sam. 1st app. of their scientist aide, Emma Glenn.

Uncle Sam & the Freedom Fighters #1 (Sept. 2006)

Sam's prowess and charm quickly wins Father Time's operatives over to his own cause. As the new Freedom Fighters, they free Firebrand. In the battle, the Human Bomb kills the S.H.A.D.E. operative, Bigfoot. The F.F. steal a plane and head to Arizona to recruit John Trujillo. Gonzo is elected President.

Uncle Sam & the Freedom Fighters #2 (Oct. 2006)

John Trujillo is is transformed by Tocotl, the mystical Navajo Spider Woman, into Black Condor III. She charges him to work with Uncle Sam. S.H.A.D.E. debuts new agents called First Strike: Chief Justice, Spin Doctor, Prpaganda and Embargo.

Uncle Sam & the Freedom Fighters #3 (Nov. 2006)

The Human Bomb kills Propaganda and First Strike retreats. Stormy is incredulous when she learns that her father's been killed. Using Phantom Lady's teleportational powers, the Freedom Fighters establish a new headquarters in a mystical dimension called the Heartland. They take Emma Glenn with them. Father Time appoints a new Americommando (II) in charge of First Strike; he kills Spin Doctor. They also add Lady Liberty, Barracuda, Railgun and Spin Doctor II.

Uncle Sam & the Freedom Fighters #4 (Dec. 2006)

Gonzo convinces Congress to require all citizens to be implanted with technology that would allow total mind control. His newest weapon, a robot Miss America (II), brings Joan Dale—the original heroine—out of retirement, and mobilizes two more of Uncle Sam's sleeper agents: a new Invisible Hood (Kent Thurston, grandson of the original), Red Bee (Jenna Raleigh, grand-niece of the original).

Uncle Sam & the Freedom Fighters #5 (Jan. 2007)

Joan Dale quickly dispatches the fake Miss America. She reveals that she has been using her considerable powers to give the appearance of aging for her husband's sake. He has recently died, and she returns to America's service. The Ray reveals that he is a S.H.A.D.E. sleeper agent. He kills the Invisible Hood  and leads Gonzo's celestial warriors (which were found by the first U.S. mission to the moon) to the Heartland. Father Time is defeated, but is rescued by the Bride. Uncle Sam remarks that there are a few more Freedom Fighters out there. NOTES: The Bride first appeared in Seven Soldiers: Frankenstein #3 (Apr. 2006).

Uncle Sam & the Freedom Fighters #6 (Feb. 2007)

Phantom Lady unleashes the full extent of her powers and sucks the warriors into a black hole. The Ray's betrayal, prompts Sam to call in another sleeper agent, Ray Terrill. Father Time begins to lose "control" over Gonzo and decides to call a truce with Sam.
Gonzo uses revived giant celestial warriors that were SHADE scientists used dark matter and supernatual DNA to make programmable soldiers that could wear the celestials' armor. He sets these after Sam's team. Even at full strength, the Human Bomb fails to stop them. The Ray tries to use Emma as a hostage, and he's taken down by his predecessor, Ray Terrill. Ray takes Stan down. Stormy unleashes the full extent of her powers. Her wristbands open a channel the black hole Cygnus X-1, where she transports the giants. Ray joins them. Father Time "molts" into his younger black persona and confronts Gonzo, who he now realizes has a competing agenda. All Americans are scheduled to be implanted with tags. Time's goal is to make a more passive, unified nation, Gonzo's is destruction and chaos. Time leaves and immediately contacts Replicant wh says all SHADE agents except the Bride have been implanted. Time's "molting" explains his initial original as a black man. He decides to enlist Sam's aid and orders the reactivation of sleeper agents elsewhere in time. Replicant approaches the Freedom Fighters in a bar and gives them evidence of Gonzo's crimes. Later at a press conference, Gonzo unveils his "metahuman civil defense team." Sam reveals Senator Knight's murder to the world.

Uncle Sam & the Freedom Fighters #7 (Mar. 2007)

Father Time slips away, leaving S.H.A.D.E. ungoverned. The new President proposes that the Freedom Fighters assume control of the organization. Everyone agrees to join in this new venture except Doll Man, who opts for some time off. Miss America becomes the liaison between S.H.A.D.E. and the White House.
Public opinion sways towards Uncle Sam. Father Time reveals that he'd engineered the whole thing. He knew that Gonzo was a creation of the Mathmagicians of the anti-life equation, chaos architects, shadow demons. Gonzo was a probe dispatched to gatehr data. "Fifty-two" frightens them." Time captures Gonzo in a device engineered from Atomic Knight armor. In this state, he will be an Orphan Box, a source of raw information. Time plans to use it against the architects when the time comes. He planned for the Freedom Fighters to come to prominence so they could serve in his absence. He used Gonzo to mobilize Sam to action. He and Replicant gather their soldiers and disappear. Sam claims that Miss America is one of the most powerful metas on the planet. The public learns that the real Knight died. Later at the White House, they FF attend dinner and the President proposes that the FF take over SH.A.D.E. as an American security force. They'll have free reign to reogranize. Miss America becomes the liaison between SHADE and the White House. Doll Man declines, hoping to lead a quieter life for a time. Sam agrees to lead them.

Uncle Sam & the Freedom Fighters #8 (Apr. 2007)


The Fighters are captured by insectoid aliens. Jenna's great uncle was Rick Raleigh. She's put in a coccoon. She is able to learn their language and gain the upper hand. She tells the queen she wants her own hive. She convinces her to leave the solar system. They return to Earth after the Amazons' attack. The original Ray and Uncle Sam go to Arlington, where there's a new memorial to the Freedom Fighters. The younger Ray joins. They don't get along. Sam senses impending danger. Jenna emreges with red skin and antennae. She's checked by Dr. Mid-Nite. Emits pheremones. The President orders Joan to look out for Stormy, calls a meeting. They're supposed to be more covert. Joan offers up Red Bee as their role model. Sam refuses Dir. Robbins' plan to recruit, a friendlier face. Half of the group objects to the surveillance on super-villains and believe Americans don't want military doing police work. Sam, Firebrand, Bomb and Doll leave until they can prove Americans support the endeavor. The PR machine goes into high gear. The FF are introduced as the frontline in American threats. Tensions began to ease with the public. Jenna undergoes further metamorphosis.

Uncle Sam & the Freedom Fighters #1 (Nov. 2007)

Stormy goes on a binge and is a media sensation again. Robbins tries to counsel her, but says she's in the government's pocket. Red Bee is in a coccoon. Robbins convinces the President that they need a public relations boost. Stormy attends a press conference and appears humble, but is angered and lashes out. She visits her mother, in Templeton Psychiatric Center. They stage a super villain attack: the Futurist Militia: Thunderer, Master Task, Gas Chamber, Seducer. Stormy enters the battle drunk and kills Thunderer. Red Bee emerges, changed, red skin, antennae. Stormy is brought to the Heartland. Robbins proposes another band of heroes. Stormy attempts suicide.

Uncle Sam & the Freedom Fighters #2 (Dec. 2007)

Doll Man saves Phantom Lady from her suicide attempt. Meanwhile, other metas debut like Magno, Captain Triumph, Citizen X and the Libertine, who put down the Freedom Fighters. Captain Triumph goes on television to ask why Superman doesn't cure cancer, where is his real concern for humanity? Doll Man was a test subject for miniaturization invented by Emma's father, Dr. Glenn. After he'd been shrunk, they were invaded by government agents who wanted to steal it all. They destroyed the equipment and killed Glenn, trapping Lester at small size. Red Bee is tested at SHADE, she has super stength, but her tester Robbins turns on her and locks her up, displaying powers of his own. He mentions the new metas are his agents. Uncle Sam challenges Stormy to fix her head. Miss America asks for his help, and Doll Man's. Below the Pentagon, a top secret lab has been compromised and the V.P. has been abducted. it was an inside job from this facility, which is shrunken! The rebels are led by none other than Darryl Dane, the original Doll Man. Red bee frees herself by summoning a swarm of mechanical bees.

Uncle Sam & the Freedom Fighters #3 (Jan. 08)

Uncle Sam's history reviewed. k"I am the spirit of an alternate America on another Earth." He merges with dying patriots to take physical form. A minuteman, Johnny Reb, Billy Yank, remembers the first crisis and his time on Earth-X. His "home" Earth was lost to him. He's admitting to have originated on a parallel Earth. Darrell says the govt allowed his wife to die. Father Time brought Darrell in, said he'd provide Martha with a normal life in exchange for his helop in making an army. She's one week dead of cancer. Prolonged size reduction causes brain damage and more. They were swept under the rug, a failed experiment, and cannot return to normal size. They offer Emma's help and they retreive Emma's father's research. The Bee is loose. . Robbins protects himself with his new recruits... The Crusaders. He isn't human. Robbins tries to rewire Jenna's mind and the others burst in. He unlocks something and she kills him. He manipulated Stormy. She overcomes all her friends.

Uncle Sam & the Freedom Fighters #4 (Feb. 08)

The Bee takes over. Andy was a researcher in love with a girl in Bludhaven, one of the first to die. After Chemo hit, his powers activated and he blew even more. Jenna tries to use him to breed. She forces Joan to absorb his energy, take it into space and seemingly dies in the explosion. The original Ray is recruited to find another lost ally: Neon the Unknown in a desert oasis. The Ray mentions Earth-10. Emma works to exhaustion. She's pregnant. The Bee orders Bomb to kill Condor.

Uncle Sam & the Freedom Fighters #5 (Mar. 08)

Tom Corbet was a soldier for hire for the French. In the Sahara, he found a strange oasis after his troop had died. He became Neon and at Pearl Harbor, he nearly dided a second time. He awoke after an explosion in the oasis, less human than before. Uncle Sam visited once, he declined him. Ray tries to convince him to return, but no. Neon disappears and Happy decides to drink from the same mystic waters. At the Pentagon, Emma readies to restore the small people. Something malfunctions and they're bonded into a monster. Bee makes Bom turn on Condor, but he gains his senses and frees the others. Citizen X takes a blow from her. The new Ray intervenes. Dreamwar preview.

Uncle Sam & the Freedom Fighters #6 (Apr. 08)

In space, Joan uses her power to reassemble herself into Miss Cosmic. The elder Ray is now Neon, and uses his new abilities to burn the bugs away. Jenna is rid of the possession, but warns that an invasion is still imminent and they will have added human DNA to theirs. Emma prevents the military from killing ths monster, vowing to cure them. Now free, the new operatives join under Sam. They reveal that Robbins was a telepath. they realize Stormy is still captive. She's being used to open a portal allowing the bugs through.

Uncle Sam & the Freedom Fighters #7 (May 08)

Red Bee prepares drones for the attack. Libertine is torn apart. They manage to kill the queen aboard her ship. That left a second ship to attack Earth. Miss Cosmos destroyed the second ship. Human Bomb is bitter towards Bee. Emma frees Lester, but not the others. She needs to recalibrate for them. Six months later, Stormy receives good reviews for a film role "Kindness of Strangers." She's stopped crime fighting. The others hang in the Heartland, the Freedom Fighters not really active. Ray makes peace with his dad. Condor hangs with Uncle Sam, who senses another crisis.

Uncle Sam & the Freedom Fighters #8 (June 08)

Father Time (of S.H.A.D.E.) forces Green Lantern to ask an old adversary, Johnny Mimic (Waddill), to help catch the thief who stole a prototype weapon. In the Rocky Mountains, Mimic succeeds in cracking the case, but becomes as evil as the thief. The thief had stolen the H Dial. When the thief returns via time travel, Mimic steals the device and becomes Johnny Firehose and Grandfather Clock. He forces Lantern to break the Dial, which explodes on Mimic's chest, and he dies. He says S.H.A.D.E. killed the Dial's previous owner. NOTES: This is after Alan left Checkmate. Mimic appeared only once, in Comic Cavalcade #22 (1947). This occurs after Uncle Sam #8 (Father Time leaves S.H.A.D.E.).

JSA Classified #25 (June 2006)

Decades Hence


The Justice League reforms under Superman, imprisoning rogue villains in the Gulag. Undercover, Batman infiltrates Luthor's Mankind Liberation Front. Quality legacy heroes appear: Condor, Midnight, Living Doll, Human Bomb, Lady Blackhawk.

Kingdom Come #2 (Aug. 1996)