Allies + Branches

This page lists people and groups with close afifiliations to the JLA.

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These heroes either were never offered membership, never accepted full membership, or helped out only temporarily.

Hero Details
Adam Strange (none)

never offered membership; assisted in several missions (JLofA #3, 24, 120-121, 138-139, 200, JLA2 #20-21)

Agent Liberty (Benjamin Lockwood)

declined membership; assisted in two missions (JLA #71-75, was hiding from the law); then during Red Winter (JLE 45-50); killed by Superwoman, Action Comics #873
Artemis IV (Wonder Woman II)

rejected by the team in JLA #100; assisted in one mission (JLA #97-98) before being spurned; auditioned again (unsuccessfully) in JLA2 #5

Beast Boy (Garfield Logan, Changeling)

never offered membership; assisted the newly-forming League during Legends

Beefeater (Michael Morice)

never offered membership; London bureau chief; "assisted" J.L. Europe (JLE #20, JLA #57-59)

Black Condor II (Ryan Kendall) declined membership; assisted in one mission (JLA #71-75, was secretly keeping an eye on Bloodwynd)
Catwoman (Selina Kyle)

never offered membership; assisted in several missions (JLA2 #17, JLA/Titans)

Civet (Kathy Viverrida)

never offered membership; assisted in several missions (JLA #106-108, 110-113)

The Creeper (Jack Ryder) This Creeper is no longer in continuity following the Infinite Crisis. He was a JLA reserve member (JLA2 #27); never offered membership; assisted in several missions (JLofA #70, JLA #5)
El Diablo (Rafael Sandoval)

declined membership; assisted in 1 mission (JLA #110-113)

Erewhon (Gaius)

never offered membership; assisted in several missions (JLE #57-64)

Firehawk (Lorraine Reilly)

JLA reserve member (SFO: Guide to DCU #1)

Gaius (Godfrey)

never offered membership; assisted in several missions (JLE #56-62)

G'Nort (none)

never offered membership; "assisted" in several missions and was a member of "Justice League Antarctica."

Gunfire (Andrew Van Horn)

never accepted membership

Hawk and Dove II (Hank Hall & Dawn Granger)

declined membership (JLA #42); Hawk (as Extant) destroyed in JSA #15; Dove deceased in Armageddon 2001 #2

Hitman (Tommy Monaghan)

never offered membership (auditioned in JLA2 #5)

Jade (Jenny Lynn Hayden, Green Lantern VI) JLA reserve member (JLA2 #27); aided in JLA: Scary Monsters #1-6; never offered membership; filled in for Kyle Rayner
Kishana Lewis A fire fighter who became a fire avatar after the JLA's battle in South Dakota (JLA: Scary Monsters)
Lobo (none)

Contracted by Manga Khan to kill the JLA in JLA #18; he hung around until #21 after he was "found out"

Lionheart (Richard Plante)

never offered membership; assisted in several missions (JLE #63-66)

Max Mercury (Quicksilver)

never offered membership (auditioned in JLA2 #5)

Mr. Miracle II (Shilo Norman) never offered membership; assisted in one mission (JLA #50); deceased Seven Soldiers #1; returned to life Final Crisis #1
Osiris (unrevealed)

never accepted membership (JLE #67); assisted in 1 mission (JLE #65-66)

Phantom Stranger (unrevealed)

honorary member; declined membership; JLofA apps.: #103, 110, 145-146, 150, 156, 200, 210-212.

The Red King (Darrin Profitt) Technically, the Red King was invited to join the JLA, but he had ulterior motives of world domination and was soon destroyed by his own doppleganger from another reality. (JLA Classified #32-36, 2007)
Resurrection Man (Mitch Shelley)

granted "probationary" membership but then immediately declined membership after assisting in a battle against Major Force in Resurrection Man #21; assisted against Amazo in R.M. #2.

Sandman II (Garrett Sandford)

declined membership (JLofA Annual #1); deceased, revealed Infinity, Inc. #50
Seneca (unrevealed)

never accepted membership (JLE #67); assisted in 1 mission (JLE #65-66)

Spectre (Jim Corrigan)

declined membership; assisted in several missions (JLA #31-32, JLE #7-8, JLA Secret Files #1); deceased Spectre #62
Starman V (Will Payton)

declined membership (JLA #42)

Supergirl (Kara Zor-El)

never accepted membership (JLA #122); assisted in 1 mission (JLA #122-123)

Thunderbolt (Peter Cannon)

declined membership after assisting Power Girl and Flash in JLQ #8 (also assisted in Peter Cannon, Thunderbolt #9-10)


In chronological order of association.

Associate 1st app. Position Involvement
Hank Heywood Sr. (Commander Steel) Steel #1 Financial support; deceased Eclipso #13 (11.93) JLofA Ann. #2-JLofA #246
Dale Gunn JLofA Annual #2 Maintenance/technical support JLofA Ann. #2, JLofA #233-246
Sue Dibny (as an assistant) Flash v.1 #119 Paris/London admin. assistant, later chief; deceased Identity Crisis #1 JLofA Ann. #2, JLofA #233-257, JLE #1-68
Maxwell Lord (Lord Havoc II) JLA #1 JLI Administrator/New York embassy chief; Deceased Wonder Woman #219 JLA #1-JLE #36
Oberon Mr. Miracle #1 NY embassy admin. assistant JLA #1-JLE #36
Catherine Cobert JLA #8 Paris/London embassy chief; later JLI administrator JLA #8-JLE #36
L-Ron (as robot) JLA #14 New York embassy admin. assistant JLA #42-58

JLI Embassy Associates:

JLA Annual #3 Embassy Chiefs/Liaisons:

  • Japan: Inada Akatsu, Cyndy Kurahara & Rodan Katatami
  • France: Catherine Cobert, Anatole Blazac
  • Brazil: Ernesto Lopez
  • Russia: Boris Razumihin, Rosa & Dana Rubikskova
  • London: Michael & Lisa Morice, Esteban Sanchez
  • Australia: Hugh Dawkins, Joshua Barbazon
JLA Annual #3
Kilowog (deceased Green Lantern v.2 #50; revived GL: Legacy of Hal Jordan) Green Lantern #201 Maintenance/technical support JLA #33-JLE #36
Rolf Heimlich JLA #53 Temporary JLI administrator JLA #53-55
Hannibal Martin JLTF #1 Task Force Liaison JLTF #1-16
The Yazz JLA #95 Maintenance/technical support; deceased, revealed 52 #24 JLA #95-113
Olivia Reynolds Green Lantern v.1 #71 toy company representative; former girlfirend of Hal Jordan; love interest of Icemaiden I JLA #110, 113

Justice League Task Force

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There have been several JLA members who served as liaisons with other hero teams:

  • Hawkman & Hawkgirl I. These two originally joined as liaisons to the Justice Society. (JLA Secret Files #1, JLA: Incarnations #1)
  • Zatanna. Appointed to liaison with the Sentinels of Magic in JLA: Black Baptism #4.
  • Flash III. Until recently, Wally West was a member of both the JLA and the Titans.
  • Black Canary II. In JLA: Incarnations #7, she is shown at the Watchtower informing the League that the JSA will be guarding the earth while the League is gone.
  • Red Tornado: Assigned to observe Young Justice in Y.J. #6.

Justice Leagues

In this lackluster fifth-week event (March 2001) called "Justice Leagues," the Leaguers get amnesia but are subconsciously driven to form their own groups as follows (heroes in red have never otherwise been JLA members):

  • Justice League of Adventure: Flash III, Atom II, Black Canary II, Mister Miracle & Beast Boy.
  • Justice League of Air: Green Lantern, Dr. Light IV, Red Tornado II, Black Condor II, Captain Atom, Firestorm & the Ray II.
  • Justice League of Aliens: Superman, Martian Manhunter, Lobo, Orion, Starfire, Warrior & Starman III (Mikaal Tomas).
  • Justice League of Amazons: Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Zatanna, Black Orchid III, Big Barda, Huntress & Power Girl.
  • Justice League of Anarchy: Plastic Man, the Creeper, Ambush Bug, 'Mazing Man, the Trickster & Harley Quinn.
  • Justice League of Apostles: Zauriel, Zatanna, Phantom Stranger, Dr. Fate IV & Deadman.
  • Justice League of Arkham: Batman, Nightwing, Catwoman, Joker, Riddler, Poison Ivy & the Ventriloquist.
  • Justice League of Atlantis: Aquaman, Tempest, Arion, Lori Lemaris, Mera, Devilfish & Power Girl