Justice League Publications

In 2010, with the New 52, Cosmic Teams ceased covering the Justice League. This section is archival only.

This section covers things in print, including all the official releases from DC comics, fan-based books, childrens books, and miscellaneous magazines.

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+ Justice League novels for adults (2002-03)

Published by Pocket Books. All mass market paperbacks ($6.99) except for The Exterminators.

These were six adult prose paperback novels which bore cover artwork by Alex Ross. Although each focuses on a core character, all JLA members appear in all books.

2. Wonder Woman: Mythos by Carol Lay. 320 pages. January 31, 2003.

This tale is told mostly from Wonder Woman's perspective. I enjoyed the parts involving Diana the most. In my opnion, she is fascinating enough character to carry the story on her own.

Upon a return visit to Themyscira, Wonder Woman's mother, Hippolyta, bids her to visit their oracle. The oracle gives her a confusing prediction that leads Diana to wonder about the existence of a male band of "Amazons."

It's true, the island occupies roughly the same space as Themyscira, but in another dimension. We learn that it was created by Ares. After a powerful red orb fell from space into the ocean, Ares took it from Poseidon then created this dimension to keep it "safe."

While Diana is home, she is alerted to the disappearance of a married couple, Ana and Henry Lindstadt, who while diving, happened upon the orb, and were transported to the other dimension.

Diana is also swept away by a great waterspout. She finds an island inhabited by surprisingly docile men. But when Henry discovers the orb, the men are transformed into hulking monsters and capture Diana with her own lasso. Her male JLA colleagues also come under the orb's spell.

After freeing them, Diana faces Ares himself, who in the end takes the orb to a new secret location. Diana deduces that Ares is also powerless to fight the orb's possessive power.

6. JLA: Exterminators by Christopher Golden. hardcover, 352 pages. July 2004

This novel was well written, but left me skipping ahead at times. The pacing was off. Or maybe I read it too long after the Morrison JLA's heyday. I'm also annoyed, as always, by the ubiquitousness of Alex Ross' artwork. The cover depicts Hal Jordan but the Green Lantern in this story is Kyle Rayner.

The story involves the clean-up of a case from the earliest days of the Justice League. Back then, the new JLA encountered a race of aliens it didn't understand. After defeating them, the aliens were destroyed—all except one whose head was kept on ice by the British intelligence.

Ten years later, scores of people from Britain are turning into metahumans. Soon, however, they transform further, into armor plated aliens. These aliens are called Burrowers and match the JLA's strength levels. What's more, they learn from every encounter and adapt.

The Atom ultimately discovers that the original aliens were not the same as this new threat, but instead were exterminators sent after them. Atom engineers clones of the exterminators and unleashes them on the burrowers.

The League in turn barely manages to keep the exterminators themselves in check. Only two infected people are spared the transformation, including Ian Partington, who befriends Kyle and Wally.

1. Batman: The Stone King by Alan Grant. 304 pages. March 2002.

3. Green Lantern: Hero's Quest by Dennis O'Neil. 400 pages. March 2003.

4. The Flash: Stop Motion by Mark Schultz. 320 pages March 1, 2004.

5. Superman: The Never-Ending Battle by Roger Stern. 384 pages. June 1, 2005.

Justice League novels for teens (2002-03)

Published by Bantam Books (Paperbacks, $4.99)

1. Secret Origins

by Michael Teitelbaum. 176 pages. August 6, 2002. Also released on Audio CD (Abridged). An adaptation to the premier episode of the cartoon.

2. In Darkest Night

by Michael Jan Friedman. 144 pages. August 6, 2002. Also released on Audio CD (Abridged). Featuring Green Lantern; an adaptation of the same episode of the cartoon.

3. Wings of War

by Michael Jan Friedman. 128 pages. November 12, 2002. Also released on Audio CD (Abridged). Featuring Batman and Hawkgirl.

4. The Gauntlet

by Louise Simonson. 160 pages. November 12, 2002. Also released on Audio CD (Abridged). Featuring Wonder Woman against the arch-villain Darkseid.

5. Red Justice

by Michael Teitelbaum. 176 pages. March 2003. Also released on Audio CD (Abridged). Featuring the Flash.

6. Wild at Heart

by Louise Simonson. 160 pages. March 2003. Also released on Audio CD (Abridged). Featuring Superman against Mongul.

7. No Man is an Island

by Alan Grant. 118 pages. July 2003. Featuring Hakwgirl.

8. A Golden Opportunity

by Michael Teitelbaum. 128 pages. September 9, 2003. Featuring Superman.

9. A League of His Own

by Michael Teitelbaum, Jan Friedman. 128 pages. November 11, 2003. Featuring the Martian Manhunter

10. Speed Trap

by Michael Teitelbaum. 128 pages. November 11, 2003. Featuring the Flash.

Children's Books

Justice League children's activity books

by Dalmation Press

The following were all published around the same time and featured the styling of the Justice League cartoon. The first four have a set of 8 cards on their back covers (2 per book).

  1. Truth, Justice And Freedom (2003). "Big Best Book to Color" with games and stickers. Has the Flash and Batman cards. 96 pages, $2.99.
  2. One-Way Ticket to Wonderworld (2003)."Sticker Story Book to Color." Has Green Lantern and Superman cards. 16 pages, $2.99.
  3. World of Justice, "Paint Box Book to Color" (2003). Includes a watercolor set and reprints the "secret origins" material from Truth, Justice and Freedom (#1). Has Wonder Woman and Martian Manhunter cards. 16 pages $3.99.
  4. One Man Justice League (2003). Hawkgirl and team cards??. 24 pages
  5. Fun Slate (2003). Draw-and-peel/erase board. No cards. $1.69.
  6. Mirror Mirror (2003). ?? 24 pages
  7. Starro the Conqueror! (2003). ?? 24 pages
  8. Total Eclipse (2003). ?? 24 pages
  9. Color Surprise (Feb. 2004). Hardcover: 32 pages
  10. The Swarm by Brian Augustyn, Jason Armstrong (Illustrator), Dan Waters (Illustrator) $2.99
  11. Saving the World: 400 Pages of Coloring Fun! 24 pages. (April, 2003)
  • How to Draw: Justice League (Justice League) by Scholastic $4.99. 32 pages. Publisher: Scholastic (February 1, 2004)
  • Mad Libs: Justice League (Paperback) by Roger Price, Leonard Stern. $3.99. Paperback: 48 pages. Publisher: Price Stern Sloan (April 1, 2004)

DC Super-Pets

by Capstone/Picture Window Books

This series of kids' chapter books is published from 2010–2012 with the goal of producing 24 titles total. The first six titles debut in January 2011. DC Super-Pets pairs new stories with original art by Eisner Award winner Art Baltazar (known best for Tiny Titans). The full-color books introduce readers to the super-pets of the World’s Greatest Super Heroes, who also work night and day to fight crime and evil in the DC Universe.

This publisher also published a DC Super Heroes, series under their Stone Arch Books imprint. This series will also see new titles Spring 2011 starring Green Lantern and the Flash.

56 pages each • Hardcover $22.65 Hardcover S/L: $16.99 Paperback: $4.95 • Size: 5.75 x 8.25"

Wave 1: January 2011
1. Fastest Pet on Earth

Starring Jumpa.

2. Heroes of the High Seas

Starring Aquaman and Storm the Seahorse.

3. Super Hero Splash Down

Starring .


4. Midway Monkey Madness

Starring Beppo, Gleek and Zan & Jayna.

5. Pooches of Power!

Starring Ace the Bat-Hound and Krypto.

6. Royal Rodent Rescue

Starring Streaky.

Books, Magazines, and Fan Publications

Amazing Heroes #116 (1 May 1987). "Out of America: The New Justice League,"

by Andy Mangels; pp. 47–55. Fantagraphics Books. An analysis of the post-Crisis Justice League; includes information from Keith Giffen.

The Amazing World of DC Comics, vol. 4, no. 14 (1977) JLA articles are written by Mark Gruenwald. Paul Levitz, editor. E. Nelson Bridwell, Mike Gold, Jack C. Harris and Bob Rozakis, contributing editors.

Comics Marketplace: In a League of Their Own (March 1997).
A look at the League's early publishing history.

Comics Scene #26. "Playing in a New Lague." Drew Bittner. May 1991:25–28, 52. Starlog Publications.
Dan Jurgens and Gerard Jones believe fighting for Justice is a serious business. Mostly.

The DC Comics Index to the Justice League of America (1986-1987). 8 issues. by Murray Ward & Laura Webb, eds. Published by Eclipse (Independent Comics Group).

Entertainment Weekly: Equal 'Justice'? (12 November 2001).
A comparison of the Super Friends and Justice League cartoons.

JLA Sourcebook (2000): Great for role playing gaming, but not really for other fans. Unlike the previous Sourcebook, this one reveals no "inside" information. In fact, it makes numerous (and not obscure) continuity errors which have been clearly addressed in comics. (Jandt, Fred & Nikola Vrtis. West End Games. 2000)

The Justice League Companion by Michael Eury, Murphy Anderson (Illustrator), Neal Adams (Illustrator) $24.95. Paperback, 224 pages. Publisher: TwoMorrows Publishing, 2005.

Commemorating the Justice League of America's 45th anniversary, The Justice League Companion is a comprehensive examination of the Silver Age JLA. Written by Michael Eury (author of the critically acclaimed Captain Action and co-author of The Superhero Book), The Justice League Companion traces the JLA's development, history, imitators, and early fandom through vintage and all-new interviews with the series' creators, an issue-by-issue index of the JLA's 1960-1972 adventures, classic and never-before-published artwork, and other fun and fascinating features!

Justice League Sourcebook (1990): Look for the cover by Kevin Maguire of all the JLAers looking at the "camera."
(Winninger, Ray. Mayfair Games/DC Comics, Inc. 1990)

Justice League: The Ultimate Guide (2002)
A wonderful book! It's well-researched and bursting with imagery. This book is much better than the 2000 Sourcebook. Similar in format to the Ultimate Superman and Batman books. Hardcover: 96 pages. $19.99.
(Beatty, Scott. DK Publishing, 2002)

Justice League: Ultimate Sticker Book (2002)
Released alongside the Ultimate book. 16 pages. $6.99.
(Dougall, Alastair & Nick Avery [Designer]. DK Publishing, 2002)

Published by Wizard Magazine…

  • JLA Special, 1997. Grant Morrison interview, pull-out poster by John Dell.
  • JLA Special, 1998. Grant Morrison interview, timeline, membership card.
  • #75 Poster, Nov. 1997: Contains a free poster of the pre-Crisis JLA, up through Zatanna, later made available by the WB Stores
  • #77 Poster, Jan. 1998: Contains a free poster of the JLA giving homeless people presents and food for Christmas. Drawn in the "Adventures" style.
  • #?? Poster: Featuring "Year One" JLA and present JLA.
  • #207. (Jan. 2009) "The Hunt for Justice," by Kevin Mahadeo. pp. 28-32.

Write Now! #10, May 2005. Featuring the animated JLU

The World's Greatest Super-Heroes (Hardcover) by Paul Dini and Alex Ross. 396 pages. $49.99. DC Comics, 2005
Oversized hardcover edition that collects six stories plus several pages of promotional art, sketches, art done for DC Direct product, and more.