This appendix lists a multitude of characters who have appeared in Justice League comics. It is a mixed bag, as the text comes from a separate sources. More prominent characters are covered in the Profiles. If a character encountered the League as a villain, they're listed in Villains. If not, they're in here.

Thanks to John J. Litschauer

ADAM STRANGE.  » SEE: Individual Profile

AGENT LIBERTY (Benjamin "Ben" Lockwood).  Declined membership; assisted in one mission (Justice League America #71-75, was hiding from the law).» FIRST APPEARANCE: Superman v.2 #60

AKATSU, Inada.  Embassy Chief, Japan

AMBUSH BUG (Irwin Schwab).  Member of the "Justice League of Anarchy."» FIRST APPEARANCE: DC Comics Presents #52.

ARION of Ancient Atlantis. Grandfather of Power Girl. Great Grandfather of Equinox. Member of the "Justice League of Atlantis." » FIRST APPEARANCE: Warlord #55. » SEE ALSO: Atlantis

ARISIA of Graxos IV.  Former Green Lantern of space sector 2815. Killed by Major Force.» FIRST APPEARANCE: Tales of the Green Lantern Corps #1

ARTEMIS II of Bana-Mighdall (Wonder Woman II).  Ex-Wife of Dalkriig-Hath, Prince of Hades. Holds the title of: Shim'tar III of Themyscira. Killed in a battle with the White Magician, but was later resurrected from Hades by Wonder Woman (Diana). Rejected by the team in Justice League America #100; assisted in one mission (JLA #97-98) before being; auditioned again in JLA #5.» FIRST APPEARANCE: Wonder Woman v.2 #90

BARBAZON, Joshua.  Embassy Chief, Australia

BEAST BOY (Garfield Mark "Gar" Logan, the Changeling).  Adopted son of Elasti-girl and Mento. Member of the Doom Patrol and Titans. Changeling was on hand during the new JLA's formation in the "Legends" affair. He did not join the League, though.» FIRST APPEARANCE: Doom Patrol v.1 #99

BEEFEATER II (Michael Morice).  
Michael Morice was the caretaker of the JLI London Embassy. His father, the original Beefeater, had fought alongside General Glory in the second World War. Michael wanted to join the Justice League Europe, but only managed to destroy their Paris Embassy. Later, the Beefeater fought Eclipso during the "Breakdowns" storyline, and was humiliatingly defeated. When last seen, the Beefeater took off together with JLI Liaison Inspector Camus. He has not been seen since. Note: The character of Morice/Beefeater was based on John Cleese, or rather, his character Basil Fawlty from "Fawlty Towers." » FIRST APPEARANCE: As Morice: Justice League Europe Annual #3. As Beefeater: Justice League Europe #20.

BIG SIR (Dufus P. Ratchet).   Dufus was born with a malfunctioning pituitary gland that allowed his body to grow enormously while his mind stopped developing past the intelligence of an eight year old. Dufus was kept under observation at Central City's Breedmore Mental Hospital until he attracted the attention of Flash's Rogues Gallery. The Rogues freed Sir and outfitted him with high-tech armor provided by the Monitor. The armor’s helmet used “telepathic noise” designed to cloud the user’s mind and make them pliable to suggestion. Taking advantage of this, the villains convinced him that he was a member of their Rogues Gallery named Big Sir, and the lot of them had just been beat up by Flash II. To further enrage Big Sir, they claimed that Flash had killed a small mouse (Sir’s loved mice above anything else in life). Big Sir went berserk and stormed off to find Flash. (Flash v.1 #338-342)

In the ensuing fight, Big Sir beat Flash half to death. The next time they met, Big Sir was subdued and taken to Gorilla City. The super-intelligent scientists of Gorilla City corrected his mental deficiencies, and Big Sir was most grateful. He decided to retire his costume and find a way to contribute to society with his newfound intellect.

Under unknown circumstances, Big Sir reverted to his old level of intelligence and retrieved his battle armor. He joined up with a team of second-string villains who dubbed themselves the Injustice League. (Justice League International v.1 #23)

Big Sir and the Injustice League briefly reformed and became an official branch of Justice League International---Justice League Antarctica. After their headquarters was destroyed by rampaging mutant penguins they disbanded.(Suicide Squad v.2 #1)

Big Sir and his teammates from the Injustice League volunteered to join the Suicide Squad. Their first mission was rescuing Preston Paddington Bayer from Eve, a cloned metahuman. Big Sir died during the course of the mission. (Justice League America Annual #4)» FIRST APPEARANCE: Flash v.1 #338.

Powers: Big Sir's wore armor that gave him superhuman strength and resistance to damage. An electronic mace attached to the armor emitted spikes of pure energy or a steady stream of energy enabling Big Sir to fly.

Other apps: Crisis on Infinite Earths #5, Flash v.1 #338-342, Justice League America #34, 35, Justice League America Annual #4, Justice League Europe #6, Justice League International v.1 #23, Outsiders v.2 #9, Suicide Squad v.2 #1.

Created by: Cary Bates and Carmine Infantino

BLACK CONDOR II  (Ryan Kendall, deceased). Declined membership; assisted in one mission (Justice League America #71-75, was secretly keeping an eye on Bloodwynd). Member of the Leymen, the JSA Reserves and the Freedom Fighters.» FIRST APPEARANCE: Black Condor #1. » SEE: Black Condor

BLACK ORCHID III (Suzy).  Member of the "Justice League of Amazons."

BLAZAC, Anatole.  JLI French Liaison.

BRONZE TIGER (Benjamin Turner). Former member of the League of Assassins. Reforming and served on the Suicide Squad and one J.L. Task Force mission. (JLTF #5-6)» FIRST APPEARANCE: Richard Dragon #1

INSPECTOR CAMUS.  Inspector Camus is an operative for Interpol. He ran into the newly-formed JLE on their first day, while they were moving into the Paris embassy. When the French embassy was destroyed, the JLE moved to London, and Camus was reassigned by Interpol (Scotland Yard office) to be their official liaison with the JLE.» FIRST APPEARANCE: Justice League Europe #1. Other apps: Justice League Europe #26, 30-32

CAPTAIN MARVEL II (Mary Batson-Bromfield). See Individual Profile.

CARR, Simon.  Former representative of the original JLofA's financier, Oliver Queen (Green Arrow). Uncle of Lucas "Snapper" Carr. He was temporarily possessed by the eighth Appellaxian alien who formed the Locus organization. Current activities unknown.» FIRST APPEARANCE: JLA: Year One #1

CARTHAN.  The invulnerable hero of the planet Dryanna sent to Earth in political exile. He later overthrew his government. Only» FIRST APPEARANCE: Justice League of America #4

CATWOMAN (Selina Kyle).  Associate/nemesis/lover of the Batman. Though considered a vigilante, Catwoman has assisted the current JLA several times (JLA #17, JLA/Titans) and has never been offered membership.» FIRST APPEARANCE: (current) Batman #406. Historical: Batman #1

CIVET (Kathy Viverrida).  Kathy Viverrida was a wildlife researcher working in the jungles of Thailand. She was the unwitting pawn of Scarabus, and evil creature in conflict with Power Girl. Scarabus transformed Kathy (and others across the world) into a powerful avatar for his powers. She developed powerful animal rage and battled the JLA. When Scarabus had been destroyed, Kathy retained her powers. She can change her form between human and cat, but prefers cat. She tagged along with the JLA to their Refuge and assisted with a few missions before that League's breakup. The Civet can sense the truth within souls and was able to counsel the Crimson Fox, advising her to embrace her animal side. When the JLA disbanded, she returned to Thailand. » FIRST APPEARANCE: As Kathy, Justice League America #105. As Civet, #106. Other appearances: #105-113.

COMMANDER STEEL (U.S.A.F. General Henry "Hank" Heywood I).  A cyborg; grandfather of Steel II. Assisted by Dale Gunn. Funded the JLA during its stay in Detroit. Deceased Eclipso #13.» FIRST APPEARANCE: Steel #1. » SEE: Steel

DEADMAN (Boston Brand).  Member of "Justice League of Apostles." Once aerialist Boston Brand, Deadman was killed by a sniper named the Hook as an Initiation into the League of Assassins. Deadman was granted ghostly life by the Hindu spirit Rama Kushna in order to track down his murderer, and, later, to track down all killers. His only power is the ability to enter the bodies of the living and control their actions.» FIRST APPEARANCE: Strange Adventures #205. Other Apps: Strange Adventures #206-216 • Aquaman v.1 #50-52 • Justice League of America #94

DIDEROT.  Android leader of 70th century group of robots. He transferred the JLE's consciousnesses to robot bodies and whisked them off to the 70th century to help battling Alaric. The androids had become humanity's cultural keepers and the humans became barbaric. The JLE were rescued before Alaric could be stopped. Alaric destroyed most of the androids. Diderot's fate is unknown. Only» FIRST APPEARANCE: Justice League Europe #54-55

DOLPHIN (unknown).  Wife of Tempest II. One-time J.L. Task Force member (Justice League Task Force #7-8). Member of " Justice League of Atlantis." Currently active in adventuring.» FIRST APPEARANCE: Showcase #79

DOVE II (Dawn Granger).  Former partner of Hawk I/Extant. Rejected an offer of JLA membership (Justice League America #42). Currently active in adventuring.» FIRST APPEARANCE: Hawk & Dove v.2 #1

DREAM II, of the Endless (Daniel Hall).  Brother of "The Endless" members in The Dreaming. Aided the JLA once. First» FIRST APPEARANCE: Sandman v.2 #22. As Dream, Sandman #69

DRIQ of Criq.  Former Green Lantern. Killed in battle with Sinestro and MadGod Sector 3600, kept alive with his power ring.» FIRST APPEARANCE: Green Lantern v.2 #??

DUKE DONALD.  Ghost watchman in a suit of armor for the Justice League Europe during their stay in Barksdale Castle, London.» FIRST APPEARANCE: Justice League Europe #??

DUNE, Johnny.  A black Viet Nam veteran turned singer with a mutant voice compelling people to obey him. Only» FIRST APPEARANCE: Justice League of America #95

EL DIABLO II (Rafael Sandoval & the spirit of 14th Century Aztec King Netzahualcoyotl).  Refused membership (Justice League America #42). Helped the JLA once (Justice League America #110-111).» FIRST APPEARANCE: El Diablo #1


EREWHON.  Nothing is known about the disembodied spirit called Erewhon. He first appeared to the JLE's "ghost watchman," Duke Donald, who led him to Dr. Light. He possessed the body of a transient for a time, and appealed to Dr. Light to help him find his true origins. Dr. Light named him Erewhon, and he began falling in love with her. He also inquired about JLE membership for himself. Kimi was hesitant, but she agreed to help find his original body. Together, they unearthed one clue that suggested he may be Argentinian. For a time, he also possessed the body of the behemoth, Godfrey and helped the JLE on a number of cases. After Godfrey returned to his home world, Dr. Light fashioned a holographic body for Erewhon. When the Overmaster attacked, Erewhon went into a "coma" and the JLE disbanded shortly after that. His final fate is unresolved. NOTE: His name is an anagram for "nowhere," from a Samuel Butler novel. First» FIRST APPEARANCE: Justice League Europe #56. Other apps: Justice League Europe #57-64

EQUINOX.  Power Girl's Son. Equinox was conceived by Arion for the end war between the Lords of Chaos and Order. He was meant to become the peace-bringer, and has both Ligh and Dark within him. In battle against his "father," Scarabus, he channeled an old mystic named Manjushri. With this powerful magic, he turned Scarabus into flowers, then disappeared. » FIRST APPEARANCE: As baby, Zero Hour #0. As Equinox, Justice League of America #107. » SEE: Power Girl

CAROL FERRIS (Star Sapphire II).  Former girlfriend of Green Lantern II (Hal Jordan). Runs Ferris Aircraft.» FIRST APPEARANCE: Showcase #22

GAIUS (Godfrey).  Godfrey was a temporary ally to the JLE. He is near-omnipotent being named Gaius who was maniuplated by his family into committing atrocities. Eventually, his guilt paralyzed him and he masked his first apperaance and fled to Earth. The trauma made him shut down and he blindly did the JLE's bidding. His inert body served as a host for the disembodied Erewhon, another of the League's allies. His family (Matilda, Angstra and Caligula) eventually tracked him to Earth and threatened the JLE. With this, he was awakened and resolved to use his vast powers to change his family's ways. He has not returned to Earth since then. First» FIRST APPEARANCE: Justice League Europe #53. Other apps: Justice League of America #54-62

GAMMERON, Glenn.  Intergalactic Bounty Hunter of Mi'ran. Associate of The Martian Manhunter. (JLTF #28-29)

GARDNER, Joseph  Enforcer (Clone of Guy Guardner).  Created by the hive-minded alien race: The Drall. Villain.» FIRST APPEARANCE: ??

GEIST (Dwayne Geyer).  One-time Task Force operative (JLTF #9).» FIRST APPEARANCE: Detective Comics Annual #6

GENERAL GLORY II (Donovan Wallace).

GUNFIRE (Andrew Van Horn).  Rejected an offer of membership (Justice League America #24).» FIRST APPEARANCE: Deathstroke Annual #2

GUNN, Dale.  Maintenance and Tech. Support.  Assistant to Commander Steel.» FIRST APPEARANCE: Justice League of America Annual #2

HARBINGER (Lyla, no known last name).  Former assistant of the Monitor. Helped solve the Moon Maiden mystery (JLA 80-Page #3). Harbinger died in Superman/Batman #10.» FIRST APPEARANCE: New Teen Titans #21.

HAWK I/MONARCH/EXTANT (Henry "Hank" Hall).  Rejected an offer of membership (Justice League America #42). Brother of Dove I. Partner of Dove II. Former Teen Titans. members. Extant destroyed JSA #15.» FIRST APPEARANCE: Showcase #75

HAWKGIRL, Animated (Shayera Hol). Shayera Hol of the planet Thanagar, grew up in the downside slums under a great hovering city. Eventually she became a Wingman and an undercover police detective and was the champion of those people. She was sent to Earth as a spy; her cover story was that she was hit by a weapon that mysteriously and irreversibly transported to Earth. On Earth, she became fascinated with ancient Egyptian tales of hawk-like beings and later joined the Justice League. Her powers are innate: the wings are a part of her body and her eyes are super-keen. She can also communicate with birds. There was never officially any Hawkman, per se. Instead, there was Rho Katal (an anagram for Katar Hol), Shayera's former lover who would not side with her to befriend Earth. Much of this was revealed in "Starcrossed: The Movie," available on DVD.

HEIMLICH, Rolf.  Temporary U.N. Liaison. When Max Lord was shot, the UN placed Heimlich in charge of the JLI. He was soon revealed as an operative of the Queen Bee of Bialya. (Justice League America #53-54 • Justice League Europe #29-30)» FIRST APPEARANCE: Justice League America #53

HELM, Andrew.  A good-intentioned scientist who accidentally released some monsters after dying in an attempt to give humanity an artificial conscience. He is trapped on the mortal plane in his astral state. Only» FIRST APPEARANCE: Justice League of America #40

HITMAN (Thomas "Tommy" Monaghan).  Son of Katie Monaghan and Tom Dawson. Brother of Frances Monaghan. Associate of Natt the Hatt. Associate of Ringo Chen. Associate of Sean Noonan. Associate of Six Pack. Associate of Baytor the demon. Denied membership (JLA #5).» FIRST APPEARANCE: The Demon v.3 Annual #2.

JANISSARY (Dr. Selma Tolon).  One-time ally, from Turkey. » FIRST APPEARANCE: JLA Annual #4

JEMM, Son of Saturn.  Enslaved into Lex Luthor's Injustice Gang (JLA #10-15). Returned to his home on Saturn.» FIRST APPEARANCE: Jemm #1. » SEE ALSO: Martian Manhunter

JOE PUBLIC (unknown).  One-time Task Force operative (JLTF #9).» FIRST APPEARANCE: Batman: Shadow of the Bat Annual #1

JUDOMASTER II (unknown).  Assisted some Leaguers once (JLQ #14).» FIRST APPEARANCE: Justice League Quarterly #14. » SEE: Judomaster

THOMAS KALMAKU.  Former associate of Green Lantern (Hal Jordan). Associate of the New Guardians.» FIRST APPEARANCE: Green Lantern v.2 #2.

KATATAMI, Rudan.  Embassy Assistant, Japan

KATMA TUI (STEWART) of Korugar, former Green Lantern of space sector 1417.  Wife of Green Lantern (John Stewart). Member of the Green Lantern Corp. She was killed by Star Sapphire in Action Comics Weekly #601.» FIRST APPEARANCE: Green Lantern v.2 #30 (1964).

KRAG.  Krag was one of a team of three heroes recruited by the JLA after they'd been transformed into "New Bloods" by alien parasites. He was a strong, rocky behemoth.» FIRST APPEARANCE: Justice League America Annual #7 (1993)

CYNDY KURAHARA.  Embassy Assistant, Japan

LORI LEMARIS of Atlantis (Poseidonis).  Member of the Justice League of Atlantis. Associate of Aquaman. Associate (former girlfriend) of Superman.» FIRST APPEARANCE: Superman v.1 #129. Post-Crisis: Superman v.2 #12.

LIBERTY, the Wonder Pup. Owned by The Golden Age General Glory I.» FIRST APPEARANCE: Justice League America #??

LIONHEART (Richard Plante).  Ancestral name: Plantagenet. Lionheart is a descendant of England's King Richard I. He was transformed during the "Bloodline" alien fiasco into ??. After that, he helped the JLE out several times. A "working class provincialist," Lionheart never aspired to join the League.» FIRST APPEARANCE: Justice League Europe Annual #4 Other apps: Justice League America #107, Justice League Europe #63

LOOSE CANNON (Edward "Eddie" Walker).  One-time Task Force operative (JLTF #9).» FIRST APPEARANCE: Action Comics Annual #5

LOPEZ, Ernesto.  JLI Embassy Chief, Brazil

LORING, Jean.  Ex-Wife of Atom II. Former legal advisor to the JLofA. (Justice League of America #19, 157).» FIRST APPEARANCE: Showcase # 34

MANHUNTER III (Mark Shaw, the Privateer, the Star Tsar).  Attorney Mark Shaw was appointed by the Grandmaster to succeed Paul Kirk as Earth's operative in the Manhunters. He was awarded the ceremonial costume, blue mask and power baton of the group. He parted from the Manhunters following a run-in with the JLA (Justice League of America #140-141) and became the Privateer (#143). He appeared as the villain, the Star Tsar, once after that (#149-150). He went to prison but upon his release, has long since returned to heroing as the Manhunter.» FIRST APPEARANCE: 1st Issue Special #5. » SEE ALSO: Manhunter

MANSON.  Manson is part of an organization called the Clockwatchers, who may have been behind the formation of the group called the Elite. Manson also mentored the Justice League member, Faith and created the villain group, Axis Amerika. When Faith defected to the JLA, Manson decided to activate the Axis in a grand scheme to force her return to his service. But she discovered that he'd used a "mnemonic conjuror" called the Mouth to control the JLA members' minds. She ultimately bested Manson and forced him to back down. (JLA #82)» FIRST APPEARANCE: JLA #79

MARTIN, Dr. Hannibal, Ph D.  Former UN Liaison to the Justice League Task Force.» FIRST APPEARANCE: JLTF #1.

MAX MERCURY.  Max is part of the "Flash family" and has also gone by the names Ahwehota (Windrunner), Whip Whirlwind, Buckshot, The Smilin' Speedster, Thunderpace, Lightning, Bluestreak, and Quicksilver. He was never offered membership, but auditioned in JLA #5.» FIRST APPEARANCE: National Comics #5 (Nov. 1940) » SEE: Quicksilver

'MAZING MAN (Sigfried Horatio Hunch III).  Member of the "Justice League of Anarchy."

MERA, Queen of Atlantis.  Ex-wife of Aquaman. Member, Justice League of Atlantis. The other-dimensional wife of Aquaman, Mera first appeared in and married the Sea King in Aquaman #18. Her first JLA first appearance was in Justice League of America #88, and she also appeared in #90.» FIRST APPEARANCE: Aquaman v.1 #11

MISTER MIRACLE III (Shilo Norman).  He is currently the security expert at the Slab.» FIRST APPEARANCE: Mister Miracle #15. In costume: Mister Miracle v.2 #22. » SEE: Mister Miracle III

MISTER MIRACLE ROBOT.  An android replica created by Lord Manga Khan to replace of Mister Miracle (Scott Free) while he accompanied Khan in space. Destroyed during a battle with Despero and a funeral was held before Scott returned.» FIRST APPEARANCE: Justice League America #37

MOON MAIDEN (Laurel, Laura Klein).  Adopted daughter of Hugh and Jennifer Klein. Moon Maiden's timeline no longer exists — as a result of her using her own weapon against Valkus, the Centurion to remove both their existences from the time stream. Everyone retains only dream-like memories of her. » FIRST APPEARANCE: JLA 80-Page Giant #3.

MORICE, Lisa.  JLI London Embassy Admin. Assistant. Wife of the Beefeater II.» FIRST APPEARANCE: ??

NIGHTSHADE (Eve Eden). Once aided some Leaguers (JLQ #14).» FIRST APPEARANCE: Suicide Squad #1. » SEE: The L.A.W.

NORCH LORR.  A native of Thanagar who used the Ghenna Box to steal souls of people in an effort to save them from the Jest-Master.» FIRST APPEARANCE: Justice League of America #80

THE ORACLEA mystical omniscient galactic entity, the Oracle was summoned to reveal the fate of the Seven Soldiers of Victory. He has not been summoned since. Only» FIRST APPEARANCE: Justice League of America #100-102

OSIRIS.  Former member of the Overmaster's second Cadre (of the Immortal). He defected and allied with the JLI against the Overmaster. Following this, he declined an offer to join the Justice League and has not been seen since.» FIRST APPEARANCE: Justice League Europe #62. Other apps: Justice League Europe #65-67

PARIAH (Kell).  Associate of Harbinger and Moon Maiden. Helped solve the Moon Maiden mystery (JLA 80-Page #3).» FIRST APPEARANCE: Crisis #1

PETE, the Demon.  JLI Magic Advisor. Associate of Dr. Fate.» FIRST APPEARANCE: Dr. Fate v.2 #1.

PLASTIQUE (Bette San Soucci).  Former terrorist foe of Firestorm. Now reformed and married reformed and married to Captain Atom.» FIRST APPEARANCE: Fury of Firestorm #7

PRAXIS, Jason.  A member of the Conglomerate.» FIRST APPEARANCE: Spectre v.2 #24 (February 1989). Other apps: Spectre v.2 #24-29, JLQ #1, 11-15

After the Dominators' gene bomb went off, a government agency gained interest in the number of people with the meta-gene; they were eager to discover if they could create heroes on demand. To this end, they kidnapped a single meta man with no living relatives, a traveling salesman named Richard Redditch. They experimented on him and created a powerful meta who could enter and control any form of electrical technology. Unfortunately, Redditch was also a serial killer. He destroyed the government lab and went on a killing spree using his newfound powers. The Specter tried unsuccessfully to stop Raddich , who would always find a new electrical escape.

In the meantime, Portland police dectective Jason Praxis was closing in on this serial killer. At some point, Praxis' neice fell prey to Redditch and Praxis himself aqcuired telepathy and telekinesis. Eventually, the Specter was able to cut off any other electrical escape, so Redditch jumped into Praxis. Praxis was already a kind of sentient "machine" himself, and he was able to keep Redditch in check and use the powers himself.

Jason left the force and was recruited by Booster Gold to join Claire Montgomery's first Conglomerate. This experience was frustrating for the young hero, and he returned to police work. He soon discovered the trail of Dexter DeFarge, a magician who sought to unleash the demon Ghast on Earth. DeFarge left a trail of bodies which Praxis and his partner, Deena Walker, followed. (One of DeFarge's four victims was Darren Hawkes, an actor-turned-philanthropist who played the Emerald Archer in 1941.) Because of some unexplained caveat, Praxis preferred not to use his powers, but was forced to do so in the battle against DeFarge. This turned him into a being of pure mental energy. The Justice League and Deena were able to bring him down from this godlike state. It was suggested that his power was from the Lords of Order, but his complete origin was never revealed.

RAZUMIHIN, Boris Dimitravich.  JLI Russian Embassy Chief.

THE RED KING (Darrin Profitt). When the JLA imprisoned Dr. Destiny inside his Materioptikon, the stone was fractured and falls into the path of Darrin Profitt. Profitt was taken inside the gem and learned that leaving the gem, would create a new realities. While Destiny wanted to repair the gem, Profitt sees only the potential to exploit its power by creating billions of possible realities to rule. He imprisoned Destiny and sets about creating these realities as the Red King. Eventually he whittled these down to only four realities. (JLA Classified #32) The First Parallel was actually that of the "real" Earth and the "real" JLA. After his debut, he was invited to join the JLA. (#33) But soon, the evil Red King from the Third Parallel came to call and killed the "good" Red King of the First. (#36) This remaining Red King was imprisoned inside the fully repaired Materioptikon gem.» FIRST APPEARANCE: JLA Classified #326 (2007)

RESURRECTION MAN (Mitchell Shelley).  He was granted "probationary" membership but then immediately declined membership after assisting in a battle against Major Force in Resurrection Man #21; assisted the JLA against Amazo in #2. He is immortal; he develops a new power with every new life. Also allied with the Forgotten Heroes.» FIRST APPEARANCE: Resurrection Man #1

OLIVIA REYNOLDS.  Olivia Reynolds was originally the girlfriend of Hal Jordan. Many years later, she appeared as a representative of a toy company. She was working with the Yazz to licensing the JLA for action figures. While on the Refuge, she met Icemaiden and the two dated afterwards.» FIRST APPEARANCE: ??. Other apps: Justice League America #110, 113.

RUBIKSKOVA, Rosa and Dana.  JLI Russian Embassy Assistants.


» SEE: : Heroes of Japan

SANCHEZ, Esteban.  London Admin. Assistant.

SANDMAN II (Garrett Sanford). Assisted the League once (JLofA Annual #1). Sanford killed himself sometime between Justice League of America Annual #1 and Infinity, Inc. #48, as revealed in Infinity, Inc. #50.» FIRST APPEARANCE: Sandman v.2 #1. » SEE ALSO: Silver Scarab Sandman I

SARGE STEEL.  Head of the US Central Intelligence Bureau. Affiliated with the L.A.W.» FIRST APPEARANCE: Legends #3

SARGON THE SORCEROR (John Sargent).  See All-Stars > Sargon.

THE SCARLET SKIER (Dren Keeg).   Transformed by Mister Nebula to become his herald, the Skier became the enemy of the Green Lantern, G'nort and both of them wound up on Earth. When Mr. Nebula returned to Earth, the Skier was able to help the JLI drive him away. As part of the deal, however, the Skier returned to Nebula's service. It was easier and he got a big raise.» FIRST APPEARANCE: Justice League America #36 (Mar. 1990). Other apps: Justice League Quarterly #2

SENECA (unknown).  Member of the Overmaster's second Cadre. He defected and allied with the JLI against the Overmaster. Following this, he declined an offer to join the Justice League and has not been seen since.» FIRST APPEARANCE: Justice League Europe #63

SHADOWSTRYKE.  Shadowstryke was one of a team of three heroes recruited by the JLA after they'd been transformed into "New Bloods" by alien parasites. Shadowstryke witnessed his whole family die at the hands of the parasites. Only he survived. He could project paralyzing shadow energy.» FIRST APPEARANCE: Justice League America Annual #7 (1993)

SLINGSHOT.  Slingshot was one of a team of three heroes recruited by the JLA after they'd been transformed into "New Bloods" by alien parasites. She could turn any object into a baliistic weapon.» FIRST APPEARANCE: Justice League America Annual #7 (1993)

SPACEMAN X.  A giant android built by a nameless metallic alien who absorbed energy from disaster. He is stored in the JLA's Souvenir Room.» FIRST APPEARANCE: Justice League of America #20

THE SPECTRE (Jim Corrigan). When detective Jim Corrigan was murdered, he was possessed by an ancient aspect of God. He gained nearly omnipotent powers and was a fearful instrument of divine retribution. He joined the JSA where he later participated in some of their team-ups with JLA. He aided the JLA on his own as well. (JLA #31-32, Justice League Europe #7-8, JLA Secret Files #1) Deceased. .» FIRST APPEARANCE: More Fun #52. » SEE: The Spectre

SMALL, Jackie C.  JLI Accountant.  Associate of Dr. Fate.» FIRST APPEARANCE: Doctor Fate v.2 #1.

STARFIRE II (Princess Koriand'r of Tamaran, alias: Kory Anders).  Member of the "Justice League of Aliens." Member of the Titans. First» FIRST APPEARANCE: DC Comics Presents #26

STARMAN III (Mikaal Tomas of Talok III, alias Michael Thomas).  Reluctant member of the "Justice League of Aliens."» FIRST APPEARANCE: First Issue Special #12

STARMAN V (William "Will" Payton of Earth [merged with Starman IV, Prince Gavyn of Throneworld]).  Payton battled alongside the JLA during the Dominators' invasion and rejected an offer of membership (Justice League America #42). Payton sacrificed his life defending Earth against Eclipso, but he actually become a prisoner on Gavyn's Throneworld. The two currently share a body.» FIRST APPEARANCE: Gavyn, Adventure #467. Payton, Starman v.1 #1.

SUPER-DUPER.  An artificial being materialized by small-time criminal Joe Parry, who'd gotten hold of an alien machine. S/he was a composite of several JLA members, incorporating Wonder Woman's head, Hawkman's wings, Green Lantern's power ring, and Flash's legs. S/he faded away when the machine was destroyed, only to be revived by T.O. Morrow. S/he was never shown to have any independent existence or consciousness. Created by Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky.» FIRST APPEARANCE: Justice League of America #31. » SEE: Obscure Characters

SUPERGIRL (Matrix, Linda Danvers). Member of the "Justice League of Amazons."» FIRST APPEARANCE: Superman v.2 #16 » SEE: Supergirl

TEMPEST II (Garth, Prince of Shayeris, Aqualad).  Member of the "Justice League of Atlantis." Member of the Titans and Sentinels of Magic.» FIRST APPEARANCE: Adventure #269

TERRORSMITH (Jack Mobley).  On the same day that Jack Mobley learned he had terminal cancer, he was attacked by an alien parasite named Lissik. Mobley, like some other humans attacked by similar parasites did not die, but instead was changed into something alien. Mobley's physiology was dramatically changed and he discovered that his slightest touch would transform people into horrible monsters. He soon ran into the JLA and their team of vengeance-seeking parasite victims (Slingshot, Shadowstryke & Krag). He went in search of his ex-wife Wendy He sought sympathy from his ex-wife but instead turned her, his daughter, Gladys and Wendy's husband Mike into monsters as well. Wonder Woman coached him about his powers and he learned that his transformations were not permanent. He then used his power to transform Max and Oberon into metahumans, and to temporarily restore Fire's powers. They were then able to join the JLA's fight. After the parasites were put down, Terrorsmith was approached by Brainstorm, who wanted his powers boosted. (Showcase '94 #7)» FIRST APPEARANCE: Justice League America Annual #7 (1993)

THUNDERBOLT II (Peter Cannon).  One-time Task Force operative. (JLTF #10-13) Also assisted various Leaguers in Justice League Quarterly #8 & 14 and Peter Cannon, Thunderbolt #9-10. Note: This character is not owned by DC Comics, merely licensed.» FIRST APPEARANCE: Thunderbolt #1

THE TRICKSTER (James Jessie).  Former member of the Flash's Rouges Gallery, now reformed. Member of the "Justice League of Anarchy." The Trickster never fought the JLA as a villain.» FIRST APPEARANCE: Flash v.1 #113

ULTRAA of Earth-Prime (Jack Grey; pre-Crisis only).
» SEE: Obscure Characters

WANDJINA of Angor. First» FIRST APPEARANCE: Justice League of America #87 (Feb. 1971). » SEE: The Justifiers

WARLORD (U.S.A.F. Lt. Col. Travis Morgan).  Defender of the other-dimensional world of Skartaris. Encountered the Task Force once (JLTF #34-36).» FIRST APPEARANCE: First Issue Special #8.

THE WEIRD (Walter Langley). An other-dimensional energy being called a Zarolatt, occupying the reanimated corpse of Walter Langley. Only» FIRST APPEARANCE: The Weird #1�4

WENDY AND MARVIN (pre-Crisis).

WILLOW.  Formerly an Oriental master of the martial arts, Willow lived on Earth by another name before marrying the tree-being who took over the body of her dead lover. Leaving Earth in energy-form, the two became one with the universe and each other. She returned to Earth with an altered physical first appearance to have her celestial child.» FIRST APPEARANCE: Justice League of America #142. » SEE: Obscure Characters

THE WONDER TWINS, Zan and Jayna. » SEE: Zan & Jayna

THE YAZZ of Yazz.  The Yazz is the sole survivor of his race, the Yazzes (its gender is undetermined). This dark-blue, pterodactyl-like alien was claimed by the Overmaster when the tyrant exterminated their planet. When the JLA began using the Overmaster's ship for its headquarters, the Yazz quickly became their "administrative assistant." By nature, the Yazz is curious — an information gatherer. He took great interest in the anthropological aspects of his position and made frequent good-hearted attempts to manipulate the JLA's personal lives. As a coordinator, he was superb; he could monitor multiple feeds of information at once. He remained with the JLA until Maxwell Lord (as Lord Havoc) sent the Refuge tumbling through space where it was captured by the bounty hunter, Flicker. When Flicker was subdued, the Yazz and other alien survivors decided to appropriate Flicker's ship. They reasoned that the Overmaster's ship was too unpredictable. They are currently at large in space. Although his death was not depiected, the Yazz was showin among those with memorial statues in 52 #24. First» FIRST APPEARANCE: Justice League America #95