Created by Roy Thomas and Jerry Ordway

Jennie-Lynn Hayden, Green Lantern IV

Alan Scott (Sentinel, father, deceased), Rose Canton (The Thorn, mother, deceased), Julian & Myrna Hayden (adoptive parents), Todd Rice (Obsidian, brother), Molly Maynne (Harlequin, stepmother)

Infinity, Inc., Blood Pack, Outsiders

All-Star Squadron #25 (Sept. 1983)

Top: Jade discovers her powers. Below: Jennie-Lynn and Todd track down their biological father. From Infinity, inc. #4 (1984); art by Jerry Ordway and Mike Machlan.
From Jade's "personnel file." From Infinity, Inc. #5 (1984); art by ??.
Jade's mother, the Thorn, kills herself. From Infinity, Inc. Annual #1 (1985); art by Ron Harris.
Jade portrait from Who's Who #11 (1986); art by Jerry Ordway.

Jade is the daughter of the original Green Lantern, Alan Scott. She and her twin brother, Todd (Obsidian), were conceived by Scott and a young woman named Alyx Florin. Unbeknownst to Alan, Florin suffered from multiple a personality disorder; she was also the former villainess, Rose Canton a.k.a. the Thorn. (Flash vol. 1 #89) Not long after the twins were conceived, Rose left Alan without a word. She had the children in secret, left them up for adoption, and disappeared. Jennie and Todd were raised separately, by two sets of adoptive parents and did not meet until adolescence. Jennie was raised by Julian and Myrna Hayden. NOTE: Although Jade was usually depicted with green skin and hair, this was only the effect of her powers. When "powered down," she appeared like a normal human being.

The twins found each other when their powers began to manifest. They eventually traced their parentage to Alan Scott and joined a group of up-and-coming Justice Society protégés. Alan was surprised to learn that he had two children, but they were denied membership in the JSA and formed their own group called Infinty, Inc. Soon after Jade and Obsidian's public debut, Thorn also resurfaced as a villain. (Infinity Inc. #13-14) Green Lantern intervened, and the battle was also joined by one of his former foes, the Harlequin (Molly Maynne; as an undercover member of the U.S. espionage community, Maynne had kept an eye on Thorn on her children for years). (Infinity Inc. Annual #1)

During the melee, Thorn's good personality (aka "Rose") briefly regained control. Rose stabbed herself to prevent the Thorn from killing her children. Before she died, she revealed that she was Alyx Florin, Alan Scott's former wife, and Jade and Obsidian's mother. The Harlequin also then revealed her true identity to them and professed her long unexpressed feelings for Alan. Alan and Molly were soon engaged then married. They were happy to accept Jennie and Todd as their own children, and their bond has grown stronger. (Infinity Inc. Annual #1)

During her time with Infinity, Inc., Jennie had a brief relationship with Brainwave II, but his mental instability eventually led to their break-up. When Infinity disbanded, Jade and Obsidian stuck together for a while, encountering Superman (Superman vol. 2 #46) and running afoul of the mindboggling maze of Mister McEscher. (Showcase '93 #7)


Jennie-Lynn pursued acting and modeling and joined the short-lived team called the Blood Pack. She lost her inborn powers (Green Lantern/Sentinel: Heart of Darkness #3), and for a time began to exhibit plant-based powers similar to her birth mother's.

During that battle, she met the latest Green Lantern of Earth, Kyle Rayner. The two became very close and when Kyle was called away into space, he bestowed Jennie with a power ring, making her the sixth Green Lantern of Earth. (Green Lantern vol. 2 #107-112) And when Kyle acquired godlike powers and took the name Ion, he restored Jade's original powers completely. After that, Kyle proposed to Jennie, but the two never married. As a Green Lantern, Jade assisted (but did not join) the JLA; she remained a reservist. (JLA #27) When Kyle was again called into space, Jennie was unfaithful and the pair called off the engagement.

The Outsiders

Jade joined a new team of Outsiders under the leadership of Nightwing. (Outsiders vol. 3 #2) She served as that team's leader, assuming control in order to squash the infighting between Arsenal and Nightwing. (Outsiders #16) She was well-respected as a leader, but her time with the team was brief. She and Arsenal put an end to this incarnation of the Outsiders by destroying their headquarters. (#28)

She and several other Outsiders answered Donna Troy's call to journey into space and fight a looming cosmic crisis. (#31) Jade died when she was hit by an energy wave from a great cosmic breach. As her body died, it returned the energy once given to her by Kyle Rayner, leaving him changed. Ion claimed that Jennie-Lynn's essence lived on inside him. (Rann/Thanagar War: Infinite Crisis Special #1)

Death and Rebirth

After Jennie-Lynn died, another girl named Nicki Jones started using the codename Jade. Her powers came from Lex Luthor's Everyman Project. » SEE: Infinity, Inc.

Her spirit remained strong in the afterlife. When Vandal Savage attacked Alan Scott, he used a special powder to draw power from the Starheart, and inadvertently drew Jade's spirit into the soul of a little girl. (JSA Classified #32) In the end, Jennie returned the girl's soul and retreated back to the afterlife. (#33)

Jade was one of a dozen heroes who returned to life following the so-called "Blackest Night." It happened in stages; when Hal Jordan destroyed the Black Lantern Nekron, it released twelve white rings. One of these brought Jade back to life. (Blackest Night #8) She reappeared inside a meteor that fell to Earth in Germany. (Justice League of America vol. 2 #44) Alan Scott was instantly drawn to her there. (#45) No sooner did she return were she, Obsidian, and Green Lantern overcome by the dark power of the Starheart. (Justice Society #42) Jade's return to life had drawn the Starheart fragment to Earth. She was eventually able to extract it from her father and contain its power within herself. In doing so, Jade learned she was linked to the Starheart but didn't actually use its power. She went on to join a new incarnation of the Justice League with Donna Troy and Nightwing. (Justice League #48)

Following the Starheart incident, their powers forced Jade and Obisidan to avoid one another. This was soon rectified when Jade overcame the villain Eclipso with Obsidian's help. (#54-59)This Justice League disbanded after that case. (#59-60)

Earth-2, Post-Infinite Crisis

After the Crisis on Infinite Earths, the original Earth Two was merged into all other surviving Earths. After the Infinite Crisis, the multiverse of the DC Universe was restored, there was again an Earth-2. Their history seemed to have unfolded as if the first Crisis had never happened (picking up approximately after Infinity, Inc. #24). On it, Infinity Inc. and the Justice Society merged to form Justice Society Infinity, and Jade was a member. (JSA Kingdom Come Special: The Kingdom #1)


Jade was born with the inherent abilities granted by the magic of the Starheart — from which her father's ring was made. She was able to use its power to project green plasma constructs and force from her hand. The energy also allowed her to transform her natural human coloring to green. At one point, she expended all of her Starheart energy and was left powerless… until she discovered that she also possesses some latent plant-controlling ability, inherited from her mother. During this time, Jade was given a true Green Lantern Corps ring by Kyle Rayner. When Rayner acquired the powers of a god, he restored her original powers completely.

She did not exhibit the plant-controlling powers again.

Unlike her Green Lantern predecessors, Jade did not need to recharge her power and had no weakeness to yellow. In the past, she has however demonstrated the weakness to wood which was inherent to her father's ring. It is uncertain, with the changes in her powers, whether she has outgrown this weakness.

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