The Superman Dynasty

This section lists all the descendants or successors of Superman. It is biased towards post-Crisis but includes all the Supermen from pre-Crisis stories as well. It doesn't include multiversal versions such as Ultraman of Earth-3 or Superboy of Earth-Prime.

Superman of late 20th century (pre-Crisis)

Kal-El of Krypton (Earth-One Universe), alias Clark Kent. Debuted in the mid 20th century as Superboy. Cousin of Kara Zor-El, alias Linda Lee Danvers (Supergirl). As Superboy, member of the Legion of Super-Heroes. As Superman, member of the Justice League.
The Earth-One Superman first appeared in Superman v.1 #146.

Superman a.k.a. Superman Prime from late 20th century to 853rd century

Kal-El of Krypton, alias Clark Kent. Debuted in the late 20th century. Husband of Lois Lane. Member of the Justice League. Superman Prime, as he became known, was still alive in the 853rd century.
The post-Crisis Superman first appeared in Booster Gold #6. His origin was first presented in Man Of Steel #1.

Superman II of early 21st century (pre-Crisis)

Jorel Kent. Son of Clark Kent (Superman) and, presumably, Lois Lane. Father of Kalel Kent (Superman III). Debuted at the dawn of the 21st century.
Superman II appeared in Superman v.1 #354, 355, 364. Memorial statue in Superman v.1 #181.

Superman Secundus of mid- to late 21st century?

Real identity unrevealed. Took over responsibilities of being Superman completely when Superman Prime left Earth in the late 21st century. Superman Prime was not seen on Earth again for another 68 millennia.
Superman Secundus first mentioned in Superman: Man of Tomorrow #1,000,000.

Superman III of early 21st century (2020–2021 and beyond) (pre-Crisis)

Kalel Kent, alias Jon Hudson, alias Lewis Parker, plus other unrevealed identities. Son of Jorel Kent (Superman II). Grandson of Clark Kent (Superman) and, presumably, Lois Lane. Later invented a cure for cancer.
Appeared in Superman v.1 #354, 355, 357, 361, 364, 368, 372. Memorial statue in Superman v.1 #181. Cure for cancer mentioned in Superman v.2 #136. See below.

Superman IV of 22nd? century (assumed)

Dave Kent. Identity exposed. Mentioned in Action Comics #338.
Memorial statue in Superman v.1 #181.

Superman V of 22nd? century (assumed)

Real identity unrevealed. Arch-foe is Vyldan.
Mentioned in Action Comics #338. Memorial statue in Superman v.1 #181.

Superman VI of 23rd? century (assumed)

Real identity unrevealed. Occasionally teamed with Batman VI.
Mentioned in World's Finest #166. Memorial statue in Superman v.1 #181.

Superman VII of 23rd? century (assumed)

Kanton K-73. Identity exposed by infant son.
Mentioned in Action Comics #338.

Superman VIII of 24th? century (assumed)

Real identity unrevealed. Inventor of world's first dependable artificial eye.
Invention of artificial eye mentioned in Superman v.2 #136.

Superman IX of late 25th? century (assumed)

Real identity unrevealed. Never seen nor mentioned.
Note: The Superman and Justice League of the late 25th century fight Solaris. Prior to this, there had not been a Superman on Earth for over a century. It is not possible to determine for sure whether Superman IX is this particular Superman.
Mentioned in Superman: Man of Tomorrow #1,000,000 and Chronos #8.

Superman XII of 27th? century (assumed)

Real identity unrevealed. Genes altered in the Pollution War, which included the use of atomic weapons. He and all descendants now vulnerable to contaminated sea water.
Atomic war fallout mentioned in Superman v.1 #181. Pollution War mentioned in Superman v.2 #137.

Superman XV of 28th? century (assumed)

Real identity unrevealed. Occasionally teamed with Batman XV.
Mentioned in World's Finest #166.

Superman XVI of 29th? century (assumed)

Real identity unrevealed. Never seen nor mentioned.
The Superman and Justice League of the early 29th century and the time-traveling Legion of Super-Heroes fight Solaris. It is not possible to determine for sure whether Superman XVI is this particular Superman.
Mentioned in Superman: Man of Tomorrow #1,000,000.

Superman XVIII of mid 30th century (post-Crisis)

Real identity unrevealed. Responsible for mutation of Muto. Died bringing arch-foe Luthor to justice.
Mentioned in Superman v.2 #136-138.

Superman XVIII of early 30th century (pre-Crisis)

Real identity unrevealed. Responsible for mutation of Muto. Occasionally teamed with Batman XIX.
Mentioned in Action Comics #338.

Superman XIX of late 30th century (circa 2999 AD) (post-Crisis)

Man Of Tomorrow Arch-foe is Muto. Founder of the Justice Alliance.
Appeared in Superman v.2 #136-138. See below.

Superman XIX of mid 30th century (circa 2965–2967 AD) (pre-Crisis)

Klar Ken T5477. Arch-foe is Muto. Occasionally teamed with Batman XX.
Appeared in Superman v.1 #181, Action Comics #338-339, and World's Finest #166. Incorrectly called Superman of 2465 to 2466 AD when reprinted in Superman v.1 #244, 247, and 248. See below.

Superman XXX of mid 35th century (circa 3446 AD)

Real identity unrevealed.
Appeared in Superboy v.1 #120.

Superman of 38th century

Real identity unrevealed. It is likely that the writer should have instead referred to the Superman of the 505th century, who had died reprogramming Solaris.
Mentioned in Adventures of Superman #1,000,000, which claimed that Solaris was rehabilitated by the Superman of the 38th century.

Superman of 67th century

Real identity unrevealed. New powers were added to the Dynasty with the marriage of the 67th century Superman to Queen Gzntplzk of the Fifth Dimension.
Mentioned in DC One Million #1 and Superman: Man of Tomorrow #1,000,000.

Superman of 250th century

Real identity unrevealed.
Mentioned in Superman: Man of Tomorrow #1,000,000.

Superman of 322nd century

Alliance of the descendants of Lex Luthor and the Superman Dynasty in the 322nd century.
Mentioned in Action Comics #1,000,000.

Superman of 364th century

Real identity unrevealed.
Mentioned in Superman: Man of Tomorrow #1,000,000.

Superman of 505th century

Real identity unrevealed. Superman reprograms Solaris at the cost of his life. See also note for Superman of 38th century.
Mentioned in DC One Million #1, Green Lantern v.3 #1,000,000, JLA #1,000,000, and Superman: Man of Tomorrow #1,000,000.

Superman of ?? century (between 505th–700th centuries)

Unnamed member of the Justice League of the Atom.
First depicted in Superman: Man of Tomorrow #1,000,000.

Superman of ?? century (between 505th–700th centuries)

Unnamed member of the Pancosmic Justice Jihad.
First depicted in Superman: Man of Tomorrow #1,000,000.

Superman Prime in 70,001 AD

Superman Prime returns to Earth, takes up residence in the Sun until 85,271 AD.

Superman of 853rd century Earth (years leading up to 85,271 AD and beyond)

Real identity unrevealed. Member of Justice Legion A.
Cameo in JLA #15, first full appeared in JLA #23.

Superman of 853rd century Zrfff (years leading up to 85,271 AD and beyond)

LZYXM LTPKZ of the 5th Dimensional world of Zrfff.
First appeared in DC One Million #4.

Superman of 854th? century

Real identity unrevealed. Future son of the Superman of 853rd century Earth.
First appeared in DC One Million 80-Page Giant #1,000,000.

Superman of 2020-2021

» FIRST APPEARANCE: Superman v.1 #354

Superman I, who appears here to be quiet aged, and Superman II, arrive on a floating city in the sky, New Metropolis, for the unveiling and public debut of Superman III. Down on Earth, in the 21st century city of Megalopolis, Kalel Kent quits his job, then fakes his own death. He has decided that Superman III will be a hero with multiple secret identities! By the end of issue #355, Kalel arrives in New Metropolis and is given his "S" emblem.

In Superman v.1 #357, we find Kalel in his first secret identity, that of Jon Hudson, a computer traffic-controller. Jon is dying to ask out his supervisor, Melodee Sellers, but he is sure she will turn him down. He finally does get up the nerve to ask her, and she says "yes".

In issue #361, we learn of Kalel's second secret identity, that of Lewis Parker, professional tennis player. Melodee meets Parker, but doesn't realize he is also Jon Hudson.

Issue #364 reveals the secret story of why Superman I looks so old. Thirty years earlier, the original Superman learned that a colossal burst of energy had turned the Sun red, but instead of harmless radiation, the Sun was shooting out lethal red energy. He used two super-explosives to restore the Sun to its natural yellow state, then flew at the dividing line between the red and yellow energies, using his body to repel the deadly red rays into space. Superman tracked down the cause of the trouble, Lex Luthor. Superman stated that he had foiled Luthor's plans, but Luthor responded by saying that his plan all along was to turn the Sun red so he could kill Superman when he lost his powers. By repelling all the red energy, Superman had done Luthor's job for him ... Superman began aging at an accelerated rate! Superman rushed to his Fortress and was able to stop the aging, although it had left him looking twice as old as his 40 years. Now, in 2020, the Sun turns red again. the three Supermen race to the Sun. the original Superman, who is now immune to the aging effect, tackles the red energy band again. Superman III is amazed that even at 70 years of age, he's still the greatest hero in the universe. Later, Superman I surmises that Luthor had originally planted a backup bomb, which had only now gone off.

In Superman v.1 #368, Superman III prevents a disaster at the dawn of the New Year.

Finally, in issue #372, the Superman of 2021 helps out his "Uncle Jimmy", the elderly James Bartholomew Olsen, retired reporter for the Daily Planet.

Superman of 2956

» FIRST APPEARANCE: Action Comics #215 (Apr. 1956)

Summarizing an entry from Michael L. Fleisher's Encyclopedia of Comic Book Heroes vol. 3...

Craig King, a mild-mannered telenews reporter for the Daily Solar System, assumes the role of the 30th century Superman at the behest of a delegation of leadings scientists. They provide him with special super-power gadgetry in the hope that he might be able to bring a halt to the mysterious scientific thefts that have been plaguing Metropolis. the devices include concealed jet units for flight and a concealed degravitator to make heavy things light. These enable him to simulate, to some degree, some of Superman's mighty powers.

Failing in his attempts to apprehend the criminals, the Superman of 2956 summons the original Superman to 30th century Metropolis to help him. Superman discovers that Vinson Vail, one of the aforementioned scientists, is also the secret leader of the gang. the rash of spectacular scientific thefts were a prelude to the most titanic crime of all time: the theft of the world's power-supply, in the form of the great atomic plant outside Metropolis. It supplies power, by wireless, to every machine, car, and plane on the planet, without which the world would be helpless and ripe for takeover.

Superman exposes Vail as the mastermind and swiftly apprehends him. Once the criminals are captured, a relieved Craig King gladly retires from crime-fighting.

Superman of 2965-2967

» FIRST APPEARANCE: Superman v.1 #181 (Nov. 1965)

In Superman #181 (1965), a new feature was started. Its name ... "Superman of 2965"! This eight-page backup tells the tale of Klar Ken T5477, the 30th century Superman. the year is 2965, and the Superman of that era is about to be deputized by the Federation of Planets as a lawman of all the worlds. Jay Senohl of the Daily Interplanetary News, is one of the reporters covering the important event. In the Hall of Worlds, the capital of the Federation of Planets, Superman is given the power to act as a lawman with unlimited powers by the member worlds, officially beginning a new stage in his career.

Later that afternoon, Superman receives a call from Pluto informing him that a rogue planet is entering the solar system, and may collide with Mars or Earth. While Superman diverts the planetoid, scientific criminals, looking to plunder the wonders acquired by Superman, locate his secret Fortress of Solitude satellite. They deduced the location of the satellite, which has a field of refractive force all around it which makes it invisible until you get close to it, and enter the Fortress. They are unable to penetrate the defense mechanisms, and are soon captured by Superman.

Superman verifies that none of his souvenirs were taken, including a chunk of green kryptonite, which the later Supermen became immune to. Superman recalls how, years ago, he first encountered his one weakness. Although his father had warned him that the ocean could be fatal to him, he figured a quick peek undersea at the city of Atlantis couldn't hurt. He was immediately paralyzed by the chemical residue left in sea water by a past atomic war, which affects only people of Kryptonian descent. Luckily, the mermen of Atlantis arrived and brought him back to dry land.

Superman soon returns to his other identity of Klar Ken T5477, Ultra-News reporter for the Daily Interplanetary News. Jay brings a scoop to the editor, a computer named PW-5598, designed by Per Wye T7357 to honor his ancestor, but the story is rejected. Klar arrives, and PW gives him his assignment ... the criminal Muto has returned, and was photographed robbing a Neptunian treasure-bank. Muto is a human mutant who uses his colossal intellect for crime, and he is one of Superman's greatest foes. As he is about to leave, Klar runs into Lyra 3916. Klar has to cancel their date that night so he can go to Neptune. When he mentions that Superman might show up, she shows her disdain for what she sees as a conceited person. Once alone, Klar changes into Superman and heads to Neptune.

The next appearance of that futuristic Superman, set in 2966 AD, was in a two-parter in Action Comics #338 (June 1966) and #339 (July 1966). In that adventure, we learn of past Supermen: Dave Kent a.k.a. Superman IV and Kanton K-73 a.k.a. Superman VII. Interestingly enough, when this tale was reprinted in Superman v.1 #247-248, the year was changed to 2466 AD, apparently due to the then-popular Legion of Super-Heroes, whose adventures were also set in the 2960s.

The first part of this tale begins with the future Superman flying over the city of Metropolis in 2966. When he arrives at work as Klar Ken T5477, he meets up with Lyra 3916, who is about to receive a big assignment from the computer editor, PW-5598. the computer explains that a flash tip was received that Muto was seen in Sector Z-44 of space, then he quickly went into hiding. Klar and Lyra run the micro-reels on Muto to prepare for a background story on the criminal. the Tri-D projection is narrated by the current Superman, who explains that Muto is his arch-enemy, just as Lex Luthor was the arch-foe of the first Superman. They skip to Superman V, who battled his arch-foe, Vyldan. the vid then shows a scene where the current Superman defeats Muto in a previous encounter. After she leaves, Klar begins to change into Superman, but Jay L-3388 bursts in. Klar sends Jay away, then recalls how Superman VII had his identity accidentally revealed by his toddler son. Superman streaks off on his manhunt.

Meanwhile, in a hidden base on a world in that space-sector, Muto addresses his three lieutenants. Muto deliberately let himself be seen to draw Superman to him. Yann of the underground people of the planet Waru, Thargo whose race has its own "living radar" sense, and Von-Don from Blax, a world without color, are happy to join with Muto. Although they all hate Superman, Von-Don asks Muto why he hates him more than anyone else. Muto explains that this Superman's father made him the super-brained freak that he is.

It happened years ago when that Superman was on a mission in space. He spotted a comet which would hit an inhabited world, so he smashed the solid nucleus to dust. Superman was unaware that the terrific electrical power released by the comet ripped a hole in space nearby. A space-warp opened and caught a spacecraft in its vortex. the ship would remain trapped in that other-dimensional space until the warp closed again. Muto's mother was on that trapped ship and he was born on it ... born in that alien dimension. Although the baby wasn't normal looking, he was soon displaying terrific mental abilities, such as levitation of small objects, a result of being born in a world of strange forces. Shortly after his birth, the space-warp closed and the ship was hurled back to normal space. Muto is determined to exact vengeance on the entire Superman line.

Superman arrives in the space sector where Muto was sighted. He immediately heads to one particular world ... the Weapons World. When the Planetary Federation outlawed war, all the weapons of the universe were brought there for safe-keeping. He is determined to guard the planet against Muto. Unfortunately he is too late, Superman spots the criminals with his telescopic vision, stealing the weapons. Superman confronts Muto, who uses his ability to shift atoms into new patterns to form a mighty crystal prison around his enemy. Superman bursts out, but finds himself in a maze made of similar substance. He breaks through the top of the prison just in time to see the villains escaping in their rocketship. Superman uses his x-ray vision to discover that the ship is an empty decoy. He heads back to the surface and locates Muto once again. Muto transforms rocks into green kryptonite, which have no effect on Superman. While Superman believes Muto has forgotten that his only weakness is a chemical fallout which settled in the seas of every planet following a past atomic war, Muto is actually keeping knowledge of that vulnerability as a surprise. Muto taunts Superman by telling him that he too has one weakness, that Superman will never know. Superman follows Muto into the weapons citadel, where Muto releases a deadly alien fungus into the air. While Superman deals with the fungus, Muto escapes to another planet in a nearby solar system.

Superman uses his telescopic vision to follow Muto's trail. He arrives to find Muto transforming part of a rock cliff into vapor, which is now allowing the ocean into a small valley. Superman spots small children about to be engulfed by the flood, and has no choice but to face the harmful sea water to save them. Superman reaches the children, only to find that they are lifeless androids planted by Muto. Superman is engulfed by the wave and is paralyzed. Muto and his henchmen gloat on the rock cliff, stating that Superman will soon be dead. Now, with his mental powers and the war machines, Muto will be able to conquer the universe!

The tale continues in the next issue with Superman paralyzed on the ocean floor. the hero thinks fast and uses his heat-vision to change the androids' programming. the android children carry him out of the deadly trap. Later, Superman receives a telepathic message from Earth. the mermen of Atlantis have combined their telepathic power to reach him and warn him that Muto has set up an undersea base on Earth. Superman returns to Earth, and barely avoids one of Muto's traps, with the aid of a flying-jet belt. With the help of the Atlanteans, Superman retrieves the undersea base. Inside he finds Von-Don, who he imprisons.

Superman returns to his Klar Ken identity, and again studies the micro-reel file on Muto. While looking over the circumstances of Muto's birth, Klar believes he has figured out Muto's one vulnerability. Suddenly, Lyra 3916 bursts in to tell Klar that Muto has interrupted all broadcasts with a message. Together with Jay L-3388 and PW-5598, they witness Muto's threat. To convince all worlds to acknowledge his rule and pay him tribute, Muto will bring a special doom on Metropolis! Klar suggests they separate to find Superman.

As Superman, he locates Muto hidden in a cloud, wielding one of the stolen weapons. Superman approaches Muto, who only laughs as he transforms the cloud into sea water, immediately paralyzing Superman. As Superman plummets Earthward inside the falling water, his flying-jet belt kicks in, saving him. However, Superman is too late to stop Muto from turning the weapon on the city. Superman is horrified to find that Muto has used the expander-ray, one of the most diabolical weapons of past wars. the residents of Metropolis all begin to grow at an accelerated rate. Superman rushes to the Museum World and retrieves a relic that was created to counter the effects of the expander-ray, returning the citizens to normal.

Superman soon locates Muto and his two remaining henchmen, racing away in a rocketship, getting ready to launch more weapons at him. They blast Superman with a helium bomb, the most powerful in the universe, but it has no effect on him. the last bomb, however, is filled with compressed water, which sends him hurtling to the sea. Superman's flying-jet belt automatically kicks in, saving him once again. When Superman disables the rocketship, Muto escapes. Superman hurls the incapacitated craft into space, trapping the two other criminals, then goes after Muto.

Superman chases Muto to the icy Antarctic, who he spots hiding in his base under the ice cap. He is sure that Muto will change the ice into tons of sea water, something even his jet belt couldn't save him from. He gets wise and refuses to proceed into the trap. Superman fashions a giant rod which he plants in the ground, then draws storm clouds together with his vacuum breath. A bolt of lightning strikes the rod, prompting Muto to come out of hiding. Muto knows what Superman is up to and is determined to stop him. He is too late, however. the titanic discharge of electrical force opens a space-warp into another dimension, the one that gave Muto his powers. Muto is drawn into the rift, as a nail is drawn to a magnet. the warp closes, trapping Muto on the other side.

The final appearance of this Superman was in World's Finest v.1 #166 (May 1967). It is a year later, 2967. A spaceship streaks toward a mining planet, Kaltarus. Its cargo is a hundred robot heads, worth millions. the crew spot Muto outside the ship without a spacesuit. Muto uses his mental power to turn the craft's door to gas. He levitates the robot heads to his ship, which is hidden behind an asteroid. As Muto continues his theft, another space raider appears. Hidden by the asteroid, the clever crook quietly maneuvers his ship between the robot heads and Muto's ship, causing the cargo to land in his own craft. When the transfer is complete, the raider speeds away, leaving only his calling card behind. Muto discovers that his loot is missing, but finds a playing card instead ... the trademark of the Joker!

Muto uses his hyper-radar to track the Joker. the Joker sees that Muto is catching up to him so he lands on a nearby planetoid. Confident that Muto is helpless outside his ship, the Joker threatens to finish him. Instead, Muto uses his mental powers to blast the Clown Prince of Crime. During their battle, the Joker mentions that he will stop Muto as he once stopped Superman. Realizing they have a common enemy, Muto stops the fighting. the Joker explains that he has fought Superman many times. His ancestors' arch-foes were always the Batman family, but his father killed the last caped crusader years before. Since he began his own criminal career, Superman has been a thorn in his side. Muto suggests that they team up to finish Superman once and for all.

The next day, the Joker attacks the guards at the nuclear fusion plant that supplies Metropolis its power, while Muto steals the core. Superman spots the robbery with his telescopic vision and rushes to the scene. Superman grabs Muto, but the Joker blasts him with sea water. the two villains escape in their craft. Superman heads to his Fortress of Solitude, which he has moved to the center of the Sun, to look for something to use against the deadly duo.

Superman passes through his hall of villains and heroes, stopping to look at the statue of Batman. He remembers how the original Superman and Batman used to team up. That tradition continued from generation to generation. the sixth Superman and Batman defeated a space-giant who invaded Earth. Batman XV joined Superman XV to keep an interplanetary crime syndicate from taking over the solar system. Superman wishes that Batman was alive today to help him. Suddenly, Superman sees a figure ... it is Batman ... alive! Superman exclaims that Batman was killed long ago.

This Batman explains that he is Bron Wayn E7705, the son of Batman XIX. Years ago, that Batman was attending a public ceremony, when the Joker XIX appeared and killed him in an explosion. the blast also killed several spectators, including Bron's mother and the rest of his family. He was only a baby then, and wasn't taken to the cemetery. Thus, when he grew up, there was no one to tell him of his heritage, and the Batman line seemingly ended. Then, one day, he returned to Wayn Manor, on the asteroid Baltorr, the property of the Wayns for two centuries, and stumbled on the secret entrance to the latest Batcave! He investigated, learned of his parents murder, and vowed revenge. Although his parent's killer vanished year ago, he swore he would find him through his son, the present day Joker. He trained strenuously and mastered all the amazing gadgets in the utility belt. With his brain-wave tracer, he followed Superman to his hidden lair. the molecular diffuser built into the Batship enabled him to enter the Sun unharmed. the two form a partnership.

The next day, the villains' craft lands on Ondo, the Carnival World, which has high receipts from Charity Day. the Joker is to keep the police busy, while Muto steals the zarianite core to power his crime machines. As the Joker attempts to rob the receipts, he is shocked when he is attacked by Batman, who he believes was killed by his father. As Muto attempts to draw the zarianite from the ground, Superman bursts from the ground and punches him. Muto thinks fast and sprays Superman with sea water from his ship, paralyzing him. He then uses his mental powers to hold Batman at bay while the Joker climbs aboard the ship. Batman uses his flying-jet belt to follow the escaping craft, and makes his way on board. the villains succeed in dumping Batman out of their ship. Luckily, Superman has recovered and catches him. Batman tells Superman that while he was aboard their ship, he took a mento-graph of their brain-waves. He can track them anywhere they go.

The two heroes climb aboard the Batship and follow the escaping criminals. Superman disables the criminals' ship with a single blow, forcing them to the planetoid called Thorum, a world of constant lightning and thunder. the villains plan on landing and splitting up, the electrical storms shielding their escape. Superman spots Muto, who unsuccessfully tries to drawn lightning to stop his pursuer. Muto then enters a cave which drips with sea water. Superman is unable to follow, so he starts to generate a small earthquake. Fearing that he'll be trapped in the cave, Muto runs out, right into Superman's clutches. Superman quickly puts a specially designed helmet on his foe, which cuts off Muto's super-brain emanations, leaving him helpless. Meanwhile, Batman chases the Joker to an abandoned weather tower. They battle atop the tower, with lightning crashing down all around them. Batman demands that this Joker reveal the location of his father, Joker XIX. the Joker surprises Batman and stuns him. He then grabs a lightning force attractor to smash Batman with. As he holds the device over his head, he is struck by lightning and killed, robbing Batman of his revenge.

Superman of 2999

» FIRST APPEARANCE: Superman v.2 #136 (July 1998)

The Superman of 2999 is an updated version of the pre-Crisis Superman 2965. His tale begins in Superman v.2 #136 (July 1998).

Klar Ken 5477, the latest Superman, debuts in the year 2999 AD. It is stated that he is the son of Superman XVIII, who perished several years earlier bringing his nemesis Luthor to justice. Superman's first public act is to attempt to stop a FedLex transport ship arriving from Andromeda from crashing. He only succeeds in making matters worse. Luckily, a GlobaLex craft arrives and saves the ship with an experimental stasis field device. Superman meets Lena Luthor, daughter of his father's enemy, who colonized the Andromeda system. Lena insists that GlobaLex has been legitimate ever since her father was brought to justice, however Superman has his doubts. After Superman leaves, Lena talks with a mysterious cloaked stranger, telling him they should have anticipated the eventual emergence of a Kryptonian descendant.

Later at Ultra News, Klar meets with his co-workers, Lyra 3916 and Jay L 3812. Lyra says the world now has technology that has made Superman redundant. Their discussion is broken up by their robot editor XL37 a.k.a. Perry. Later at his apartment, Klar talks with his teen-age sister Kara, reminding her that college comes before capes. Then, while Superman tends to a report of hovercar sabotage, Kara is visited by Lena Luthor, who wants to warn reporter Klar Ken of a world-threatening danger.

Superman saves a crashing hovercar, only to discover Lyra inside. Superman suspects that Lyra caused the disaster in order to interview Metropolis' new hero. Suddenly, Superman is blasted to the ground. He learns his attackers are ordinary robots, who are all programmed not to harm any person. Jay arrives to tell Lyra that before he could disable the distress device in her car, the robots running the hovercar system sabotaged it! As Superman continues his fight against the robots, a warp opens. It is the evil Muto, leading a horde of robots under his control!

In this issue, we learn that Superman III invented a cure for cancer and Superman VIII invented the world's first dependable artificial eye. Also, mention is made of a mysterious bat creature in Gotham, the Green Lantern Corps, and Aquaman.

In Superman v.2 #137 (Aug 1998), Superman has been battling robots for more than 36 hours, destroying over 8, 500 of them already. Reports from all over the globe indicate a world-wide invasion, with casualties estimated in the millions! Just then, a figure resembling a bat descends and drops an incendiary bomb on Superman and the robots he is battling, destroying them. Before the inferno can cause much damage to Metropolis, a green energy in the form of a drill digs deep enough to reach sea water, which puts out the blaze. Superman collapses, a victim to the sea water, his one weakness. A green energy claw rescues him from the water. He then meets his saviors ... the Bat from Gotham, Aquaman from the Sydney oceanic community, and the Green Lantern, protector of Space Sector 2814 for the past 312 years. A communiquÈ comes in from the Thanagarian called Hawkman, who warns that he has learned that the robots are targeting the world's greatest cities with nukes. Superman takes the heroes to a safe place to plan, his Fortress of Solitude, hidden in space by a refraction field.

As the heroes assess the state of the world, Kara arrives in a Supergirl costume. Supergirl tells Superman she has sources which have already informed her about Muto, and that he has already conquered the Andromeda system. Suddenly, Muto appears in the Fortress through a warp, having followed the unique energy trail left by Green Lantern. the heroes then realize they are frozen in place, unable to move.

Muto explains his origin and motives. Years ago, when Muto was only an infant, the previous Superman destroyed a comet with strange radioactive properties that was headed toward Earth. the comet's destruction opened a warp door to another dimension. the ship carrying Muto and his parents were drawn into the vortex. Sentient robots performed experiments on the small child, mutating the baby into the creature that would later be known as Muto.

Muto forces Superman to play a modified game of chess, with the heroes as the chess pieces. Lena Luthor appears, blasting Muto with a hand weapon. Supergirl had brought her along and told her to keep out of sight. After a short tussle, Green Lantern captures Muto.

In this issue we learn that Superman XII's genes were altered in the Pollution War, and that sea water is now lethal to all of his descendants. In addition, Klar's teen-age sister Kara becomes this era's Supergirl.

In Superman v.2 #138 (Sep 1998), the citizens of the Earth celebrate World Victory Day. Superman XIX gathers other heroes from around the galaxy and forms the Justice Alliance. Team members are Superman, Supergirl, Aquaman, Hawkman, Green Lantern, the Bat, and other unnamed heroes (who appear to be a female Robin, Wonder Woman, a green-skinned Captain Marvel, the Flash, Green Arrow, Ms. Miracle, Starman, a giant, and a dwarf). Superman erects an obelisk bearing an "L" symbol, stating that Muto's attack proved the need for all civilized worlds to unite under an umbrella of protection. From now on, an attack on any world bearing one of these spires will be interpreted as an attack on the Justice Alliance!

Lena Luthor arrives and thanks Superman for ridding the Andromeda system of Muto's army. After that, reality begins to change, due to an underlying war between the cosmic being called Kismet and the evil Dominus. the world of Superman 2999 fades.

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