Chronology Part 7

The 'Big Guns' JLA (JLA #61-114)

In the antimatter universe, the Crime Syndicate eradicate resistance in the nation of Modora. This nation was run by Lady Sonar and was the last bastion of rebellion on Earth. In earlier days, Sonar led the Justice Underground, with members such as Star Sapphire, General Grodd, Q-Ranger, Sir Solomon Grundy, Doctor Eclipso, Zazzala the Insect Queen and the Quizmaster (all of whom were slain). After this, the CSA realize that they have nothing left to conquer. Johnny Quick makes a trip into the future and finds that there's nothing there! NOTE: In flashback, the CSA appear in their original pre-Crisis uniforms. JLA Secret Files 2004 (Nov. 2004)
Lena Luthor (partner of Brainiac 13) warns her father Lex about the coming attack of Imperiex. Luthor does not alert the public, and the first Imperiex probe successfully destroys Topeka, Kansas. Superman #171-172 (Aug.–Sept. 2001)
Imperiex wakes and begins its mission to "reignite" the universe — to create another "big bang." His ultimate target is Earth and en route, he ravages Kalanor (home of Despero); Daxam (Valor/M'onel); Almerac (Maxima); and Rann (Adam Strange) and completely destroys Karna (the Gordanians, Tamaranians and Vegan felines). The survivors form an alliance with Darkseid and head for Earth. Superman: Our Worlds at War Secret Files (Sept. 2001)
The Suicide Squad frees Doomsday and Manchester Black "reprograms" the monster to attack Imperiex instead of Superman. Doomsday and Superman destroy many probes before Doomsday is blasted to dust. Adventures of Superman #594 (Sept. 2001)
The JLA are unable to defeat Imperiex's scouts. Wonder Woman and Guy Gardner are critically injured. As part of a magical contingency plan, Tempest transports 20th Century Atlantis 3,000 years into the past. This creates a great trench in the Atlantic Ocean. (The trench, in fact, hides the ruins of ancient Atlantis; the time travel has altered history). NOTE: Tempest's actions occur off-panel and are explained further in JLA #72. JLA: Our Worlds at War #1 (Sept. 2001)
Steel dies from injuries sustained in releasing Doomsday. However, the Black Racer has a rare change of heart and returns John Henry to life. Darkseid unveils the Entropy Aegis — the fusion of an Imperiex probe and Apokoliptian technology. Superman: Man of Steel #116 (Sept. 2001)
Veridium and Emil Hamilton explain that the Earth is a cosmic nexus. They both claim that there is evidence of a former "multiverse" which has collapsed and been reborn. Lois Lane's father Samuel is killed. NOTE: Will Magnus as Veridium has since been retconned as a hallucination (52 #22). Action #781 (Sept. 2001)
Hippolyta revives her daughter using Amazon science but perishes herself in stopping Imperiex's Hollower from reaching Earth. NOTE: Her death is also depicted in Action #781. Wonder Woman #172 (Sept. 2001)
Steel is revived in the armor of an Imperiex clone. Maxima dies in the battle against Brainiac 13. NOTE: Brainiac 13 first appeared in Superman: Y2K #1; he claims to be from 800 centuries in the future. Superman: Man of Steel #117 (Oct. 2001)
Brainiac 13 succeeds in taking over the power of Imperiex and intends to infect the universe with its being. Superman devises a plan which combines B13 technology (to create time displacement) and Apokoliptian technology (a boom tube) to send War World back in time to the moment of the Big Bang. This satisfies Imperiex's its goal of reigniting the universe and disperses Brainiac 13's consciousness across the universe. Lena Luthor is returned to her father as an infant. Action #782 (Oct. 2001)
The JLA and others pay their respects for the casualties of war: Hippolyta, Aquaman, Sam Lane, Strange Visitor, Maxima. A holographic monument to Aquaman is erected in the Atlantic Ocean. World's Finest: Our Worlds at War (Oct. 2001)
9/11: Muslim fundamentalists attack the World Trade Center and Pentagon.
(Mention of the attacks is made in Superman v.2 #178 [2. 2002])
When Black Canary is immersed in Ra's al Ghul's Lazarus Pit, she regains her sonic cry and becomes several years younger. Birds of Prey #34 (Oct. 2001)
The JLA returns from an unchronicled case off-planet to discover that the Joker has tainted the world's water supply. Everyone is at risk of contracting his laughing sickness. Joker: Last Laugh #3 (Dec. 2001)
Doctor Polaris draws the JLA to the South Pole where he's defeated by Plastic Man (the only Leaguer without a metallic weakness). JLA #59 (Dec. 2001)
Slabside Penitentiary (the Slab), which had been removed from reality by the villain Black Mass (in issue #1), reappears on Earth in Antarctica. Joker: Last Laugh #6 (Jan. 2002)
Plastic Man spends Christmas with his pal Woozy Winks' family: Wanda & Weezer. He spins a bedtime yarn about the time Santa Claus joined the JLA. NOTE: Woozy's longevity is due to his special ability: he can't be killed by anything natural (alcohol, aging, etc.) This was established sometime during the 1940s (??). JLA #60 (Jan. 2002)
The spirit of Oliver Queen is convinced to return from heaven and inhabit his "soulless clone" on Earth. NOTE: The clone first appeared in Green Arrow v.3 #1. This body is younger than when Ollie died and was created by Parallax just before his sacrifice in Parallax: Emerald Night. Green Arrow v.2 #10 (Jan. 2002)
Joe Kelly and Doug Mahnke begin as writer & artist
When the JLA comes to San Diego in search of Kobra, young Candy Gennaro gets caught in the middle and inherits the power of an ancient alien gem. She becomes the hero Sapphire. Power Company: Sapphire #1 (Mar. 2002)
A tiny alien possesses Abra Kadabra and brings alive numerous mythological monsters. In Atlantis, fish strangely begin placing treasures on the empty throne. NOTE: Contains a preview of Power Company: Josiah Power, Witchfire, Bork, Sapphire, Striker Z, Skyrocket & Manhunter VI. JLA #61 (Feb. 2002)
Part 1: J'onn submits to Wonder Woman's lasso to "confront his inner self with objectivity." Diana leads the League to intervene when a boy is kidnapped by Rama Khan. Khan is leader of the nation Jarhanpur, which has a prosperous relationship with the Earth-goddess Gaea. (The boy is Gaea's chosen successor to the Rama Khan title.) When Diana refuses to accept the truth of Rama Khan's link to Gaea, the goddess destroys her magic lasso. JLA #62 (Mar. 2002)
Part 2: In response to Diana's betrayal of her gift of truth, Gaea instigates global chaos. Diana journeys to the home of the Moirae (Fates) to repair her golden lasso; but as truth binds fate, they have become diseased. Plastic Man (unable to lie) reveals that he has an ex-wife. JLA #63 (Apr. 2002)
Part 3: Diana apologizes for betraying Gaea, and the goddess restores the magic lasso. When she tries to compromise with Rama Khan, his rage destroys Jarhanpur. The child is reunited with its mother. JLA #64 (May 2002)
The Ultra-Humanite steals the power of the Thunderbolt and enslaves or imprisons Earth's heroes. Some JLA members become members of his "Thunderfront." They are freed by a makeshift JSA. Afterwards, the JLA attends the funeral of Johnny Thunder. JSA #33-37 (Apr.–8. 2002)
J'onn discovers a possible invasion of Earth by the crystal invaders of Karalyx. The JLA is preparing to defend Earth, when Ion tells them that he already solved the problem by teleporting them away. Later, Superman talks with him, suggesting that Kyle may be going too far with his new powers. NOTES: This story takes place 4 days since Kyle became Ion (GL #145) and (according to Plastic Man) 176 days since "Terror Incognita." There was another character named Ion in Legion v.4 #66 (Mar. 1995); she was murdered. GL #149 (May 2002)
After an alien attack, Marlus Randone, publisher of Save-Us!, is transported to the JLA Watchtower along with most of Portland. Marlus hides on the Watchtower and observes the JLA's activities… Superman fights/helps the villain Leech. Marlus theorizes that Lex Luthor is responsible for Batman's training. He watches Wonder Woman fight Lady Shiva, Killer Croc and the Cheetah to learn from their skills (and reduce their sentences). Plas stops Poison Ivy. He is finally discovered during another alien invasion engineered by Feast, on behalf of the Murder Parade — Inflict, Glimpse, Wishgun, the Winter Guests, and the Doom Mathematic. They intend to alters human DNA for use as spare parts. Firestorm and Oracle help the JLA prevail. JLA: Welcome to the Working Week (June 2003)
When his son gets mixed up in trouble, Plastic Man requests Batman's help in scaring him straight. The boy, Luke Ernie McDunnagh, is ten and inherited his father's powers. (Plas and his former wife, Angel, had long since divorced on bad terms.) Though the boy has never been told his father's identity, he knows the truth. NOTES: After the Infinite Crisis, Luke was "melded" with the persona of Offspring, who first appeared in Kingdom: Offspring #1. The Offspring of Earth-22's name was Ernie. Luke's middle name is later said to be "Ernie," which Plas prefers to call him. Plastic Man first exhibits the ability to change color. JLA #65 (June 2002)
The Crime Syndicate of Amerika tracks the infant Brainiac to Superman's Fortress of Solitude. They freak him out and then Superwoman kills his body. This body was created through Brainiacs force of will. He inhabited a dead skin cell from Ultraman, then implanted himself into Superwoman's womb. Adventures of Superman #603-605 (6-8. 2002)
Like his predecessor, Kyle Rayner manifests godlike powers in and temporarily adopted the name Ion. When he realizes that the powers are actually the life-force energies of the former Guardians, he returns those energies to Oa, re-igniting the central power power battery and birthing infant Guardians. Kyle adopts a new costume. Green Lantern #145-150 (2-7. 2002)
The Daily Planet publishes a story claiming that Lex Luthor had prior knowledge of the impending Imperiex War. To clear his name, Luthor offers to submit to the JLA, but J'onn's mind probe turns up nothing. Superman #183 (Aug. 2002)
The disembodied spirit of Metamorpho is returned to solid form using the Orb of Ra. Soon thereafter, he participates in a short-lived rival team of the Doom Patrol. JLA/JSA Secret Files (Jan. 2003), Doom Patrol v.3 #4 (Mar. 2002)
Mister Terrific visits the Batcave and bonds with Batman. The Atom confirms that Sentinel's body is now composed entirely of Green Flame. Red Tornado declines offers to rejoin both the JLA and JSA. Doctor Fate and Zatanna sense it when Johnny Sorrow frees the Seven Deadly Enemies of Man (Pride, Envy, Greed, Anger Sloth, Lust, Gluttony) from the Rock of Eternity. JLA/JSA Secret Files (Jan. 2003)
The JLA falls prey to Z, an ancient extraterrestrial techno-organic being with powers of telepathic suggestion. As Z comes to life, it unleashes violent power and draws each Leaguer in to discover fragments of its "map." J'onn recognizes it from his days on Mars; he claims that to decode the message would activate a "social machine," but that it appears it has already been activated. Z pretends to be the devil (but is more of a trickster), and uses the concept of tesseract space to separate the League. They each experience a personal hell. Since it's a written concept, it's defeated by drawing out its defeat as well. Batman finishes him with a "time fuse" batarang. NOTES: Lex is president during this case and Kyle participates. Written by Warren Ellis. JLA Classified #10-15 (Sept. 2005-1. 2006)
After the destruction of their physical forms, Despero and Johnny Sorrow met on the "Abyssal Plane." Despero uses Doctor Bedlam's technology to return to Earth. There he takes over the body of Lex Luthor, despite the Vixen's aid. Meanwhile, during Thanksgiving at the Watchtower, the Deadly Enemies take over the bodies of seven heroes. JSA headquarters is destroyed when Green Lantern is taken over. Fate banishes four of the heroes to his tower to battle the Sons of Anubis & Typhoon. Mister Terrific sends five more to Limbo. Zatanna, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Captain Atom and Firestorm are brought in to help as the Rock of Eternity appears over Mister Rushmore. Eventually, the team at Fate's tower team frees the Limbo team. One by one, they free their possessed comrades and reawaken Shazam, who rechains the Deadly Enemies. Green Lantern uses Sorrow's visage to cleave Despero from Luthor. As thanks, Luthor builds the JSA a new towering headquarters. Cameos: CM3 and Mary Marvel. JLA/JSA: Virtue & Vice (2002)
In 1877, following the battle at Little Big Horn and the subjugation of the Sioux tribe, the soldier Abel Carmody was charged by a Sioux elder to built a fortress to imprison malevolent spirits in the valley of Black Spirit Lake. Years later the fortress became a resort in South Dakota. When the cold-loving spirits reared up again, the JLA are called to quell them. The JLA are infected by the demons, but Carmody's heir, Kishana Lewis summons the mystical power needed to defeat them with intense heat. A budding romance between Kishana and J'onn is barred when she then becomes an avatar of fire. NOTE: Issue #1 lists Aquaman as "on leave." JLA: Scary Monsters #1 (5-10. 2003)
THE OBSIDIAN AGE, part 1 tpb
In response to a dire prophecy by the ancient Atlantean sorceress, Gamemnae, the shaman, Manitou Raven and the warrior, Tezumak travel to the 21st century to destroy the JLA. NOTE: Follow the events in ancient Atlantis here. JLA #66 (July 2002)
Raven attempts to seek shelter in Atlantis, but discovers it is missing. Instead, he senses ambient magical energy and uses it to return to the past. In doing so, he removes the containment spell which had trapped the evil Gamemnae. Note: A sign that reads "Apache Land" gives the first clue to Manitou Raven's link to the old Super Friends cartoon character, Apache Chief. JLA #67 (Aug. 2002)
Prelude: With help from Tempest, the JLA squashes an attempt by Ocean Master and Black Manta to take over Atlantis. Zatanna and the Sentinels of Magic discover that ancient Atlantis has in fact been present (but invisible) for 3,000 years. They discover a message at the bottom of a pool, summoning the JLA into the past. Another spell is cast to send the JLA back in time—to find Aquaman. 1st app. of Gamemnae (hidden). JLA #68 (Sept. 2002)
Part 1: Weeks after the disappearance of the JLA, a new Justice League is recruited (before his disappearance, Batman engineered a set of protocols for this). The new JLA includes veterans Atom, Green Arrow and Firestorm, with new members Nightwing, Faith, Major Disaster, Hawkgirl II and Jason Blood. Captain Marvel is among the recruits but he elects to remain with the JSA. They set about saving the planet from Gamemnae's chaos. Note: Batman adapted Mister Terrific's T-sphere technology for use as communications drones. JLA #69 (E10. 2002)
Part 3: Nightwing leads the new JLA into action and the Atom hosts a public address. Jason Blood fortifies the Watchtower against magical invasion. Gamemnae begins extracting the Earth's water into space. Using a "quagmire spell," she assimilates Tempest and Zatanna into her own body. She taunts the JLA by revealing Superman's corpse, speared with a trident that reads "come." JLA #71 (E11. 2002)
Part 5: Jason Blood casts a spell which sacrifices himself into Gamemnae's quagmire; this releases Zatanna. JLA #73 (E12. 2002)
Part 7: Because Gamemnae can only absorb the living into her body, The JLA's dead bodies are used to fight her. In order to re-kill the JLA, she restores them to life. But also, for this to work, Green Lantern sacrifices his own heart. Just then, Jason Blood releases the Demon, which is tempered by Faith's calming powers. This allows Raven to catch Gamemnae off-guard. Soon, Gamemnae is defeated in ancient Atlantis, and history realigns. The result: the above-water Atlantean ruins and Manitou Raven disappear. Just before his disappearance, however, Raven sacrifices himself to restore Green Lantern's life. Everyone returns from the past, including the young Manitou Raven and his wife, Dawn. NOTES: Manitou Raven uses the phrase "Inukchuk!" to grow super-tall, just like Apache Chief from the Super Friends cartoon. Following this, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Zauriel and Batman appear at Helen Jordan's birthday party in Spectre v.4 #24. JLA #75 (Jan. 2003)
After 3000 years on the Ocean bottom, Plastic Man is reassembled. He resigns his heroing career to raise his son. J'onn leaves with the intent of conquering his vulnerability to fire. Hawkgirl, Nightwing, Green Arrow, Jason Blood and Green Lantern also resign. John Stewart joins as GL's replacement. Blood suggests Manitou Raven as his replacement. JLA #76 (Feb. 2003)
The 4th Parallel: When the JLA imprison Doctor Destiny inside his Materioptikon, the stone is fractured and falls into the path of Darrin Profitt. Profitt is taken inside the gem and learns that leaving the gem, will create a new realities. While Destiny wants to repair the gem, Profitt sees only the potential to exploit its power. He imprisons Destiny and sets about creating innumerable realities as the Red King. Eventually only four realities remain. (#32) On the First Parallel, the "real" Earth, he's invited to join the JLA. (#33) In a Second, he dies and destroys Earth (#34) but their JLA finds his gem and Plastic Man escapes into it as their parallel is destroyed. In a Third he kills the JLA (#35), then moves to take over the First as well. This Third King destroys the First, but the Plastic Man of the Second helps the JLA triumph. In the end, they imprison the one remaining Profitt inside the fully repaired Materioptikon. The Fourth Parallel was merely a "fallback" reality in case everything failed, but the Red King destroyed it in anger. NOTES: This story maintains that Doctor Destiny is still in possession of the Materioptikon, but it was destroyed by Dream in Sandman v.2 #1-7, 1989. In Justice Society of America #5, Batman and Sandman correctly remark that the gem is destroyed, but that Destiny must be using a new talisman. JLA Classified #32-36 (Mid03-05. 2007)
The JLA is invited to attend the Festival of the Goddesses on Paradise Island. Wonder Woman v.2 #188 (Mar. 2003)
The artificial black hole known as Mnemon invades the moon and saps the JLA's memories. Superman and Atom manage to damage it and send it into a wormhole. NOTES: By Rick Veitch & Darrell Banks. JLA #77 (Mar. 2003)
Firestorm helps save the Earth from some theoretical mirror matter. Batman and Wonder Woman make a date. Superman formally admits Manitou Raven to the JLA. The JLA intercepts a call from the planet Kylaq — 50 light years away. Though they argue over the jurisdiction, they help the planet against the Peacemakers and meet Kylaq's Minister of Defense: Kanjar Ro! JLA #78 (Apr. 2003)
Thanks to Faith, the JLA manage to repel the Peacemakers and exposes Kanjar Ro's treachery to the people of Kylaq. A man named Manson dispatches a pair of mercenaries to "retrieve" Faith. JLA #79 (May 2003)
The JLA's new members are introduced to the public; Luthor questions wisdom of new heroes over the JLA's extensive reserves. The JLA mediates between government officials and the commune called "Safe Haven." 1st app. of Shepherd & Vela. Manson causes Faith's powers to go into overdrive and she apparently destroys Safe Haven and kills thousands. Batman and Wonder Woman go on a "date" which ends in crime-fighting instead. J'onn seeks help from the villainess Scorch to conquer his weakness to fire. In exchange, he will help heal her mental illness. JLA #80 (June 2003)
Superman is imprisoned for the destruction of Safe Haven. Manson and prepares the new Axis Amerika: Ubermensch II (Shepherd), Hel (Vela), Zaladin, Fleshburn and Great White. Firestorm helps Dawn learn English. NOTE: Manson suggests a connection to the Elite. JLA #81 (July 2003)
Faith asks Manson to clear the JLA's name in exchange for her return for his services. She discovers his use of a mind-controlling entity called the Mouth and forces him to back down. Axis Amerika escapes. JLA #82 (Aug. 2003)
For therapeutic purposes, Superman uses J'onn's Transconscious Articulator to delve into his own subconscious. He dreams of a world where the JLA is placed in a moral predicament between the United States and Qurac. NOTE: Read Joe Kelly's response to critics of this issue. JLA #83 (Sept. 2003)
Part 1: A rogue telepath subdues evildoers everywhere by mysteriously incapacitated by remorse over their past wrongdoings. Superman requests that J'onn come out of his sabbatical to help them. Firestorm is taken over by a cybernetic entity. 1st app. of Dakath, the Burning (flashback). JLA #84 (E10. 2003)
Part 2: Green Lantern's ring leads the JLA to Vandal Savage. The rogue telepath has killed dozens of Savage's henchman to one of his possessions: an ancient Martian skull. The skull — called Dakath — is so powerful that it must be kept in another dimension. JLA #85 (L10. 2003)
Part 3: J'onn — whose training with Scorch has broken through ancient genetic blocks placed by the Guardians of the Universe — succumbs to his prehistoric, savage Martian nature. As "The Burning," he cripples the League, but Major Disaster drives him away by drawing a comet into the Watchtower. The JLA escapes to Superman's Fortress of Solitude. They finally realize the truth: that the Burning has taken over J'onn's body. They decide to try to use the White Martians against him, but when they open the Phantom Zone, they discover that the Burning has already killed all the White Martians! Superman himself proclaims that the Martian Manhunter is the most powerful being on Earth. Major Disaster hints that he has at some point, worked for Vandal Savage. JLA #86 (E11. 2003)
Part 4: Green Lantern frees the JLA from The Burning. Batman seeks helps from Plastic Man, but finds that O'Brian's memory has been wiped of his heroing career. The Burning launches an arsenal of nuclear weapons, seeking to ignite the Earth and asexually reproduce. JLA #87 (L11. 2003)
Part 5: Manitou takes several JLAers to the astral plane where they fight to free J'onn's psyche from the Burning. Batman tries to retrieve Plastic Man — the only one immune to the Burning's mental abilities — but O'Brian has shut himself off from his memories as a hero. JLA #88 (E12. 2003)
Part 6: Chongjin, Korea is destroyed by a nuclear bomb, but the JLA saves its inhabitants. Scorch sacrifices herself to consume the Burning's flame and allows J'onn to break free. J'onn destroys Fernus' physical form and emerges with some invulnerability to fire. He remains vulnerable to psychic forms of fire, including love. JLA #89 (L12. 2003)
The JLA and JSA nearly enjoy their second annual Thanksgiving until they are interrupted by the Warlock of Ys and Kulak. JSA #54 (Jan. 2004)
Wonder Woman uses J'onn's Transconsciousness Articulator to explore her feelings for Batman. After witnessing many possible futures, good and bad, both heroes conclude in the end that they would not sacrifice their friendship for the potential downfalls of a relationship. JLA #90 (Jan. 2004)
Wonder Woman attempts to remove Wonder Girl from Titans Tower, which leads to a fight between the JLA and the Titans. The squabble is stopped by Nightwing, who helps the teams make peace with each other. NOTE: According to this story, Nightwing is a JLA reservist. Teen Titans v.3 #6 (Feb. 2004)
Part 1: A lone alien called Pé-Pæy (or Peppy) appears above Earth in the shape of a silver-masked monkey. He claims he is responsible for monitoring the development of life on Earth. JLA #91 (Feb. 2004)
Part 2: According to Pé-Pæy's people's estimates, the silver-masked monkey should have become the dominant species, not humans. He is traumatized when the last real monkey is killed (which contradicts his sacred text, the Book of Lol). He requests a tour of the planet. While in the Middle East, Pé-Pæy disappears. JLA #92 (Mar. 2004)
Part 3: Confused in his mission, Pé-Pæy's attempts to wipe out humanity. He decides to leave Earth, but his ship explodes. His fate is uncertain; he expressed sadness for being the last of his people and may have committed suicide. JLA #93 (Apr. 2004)
Leaguers past and present realize that their memories of Flash (Barry Allen) have been altered. This happened when the Spectre removed the knowledge of Wally's identity from the world. They summon Wally to the Watchtower, and he re-reveals his identity to him. (Doing so automatically restores people's memories.) Flash #209 (June 2004)
In his search for the origins of the universe, Krona destroys Qward (where the Crime Syndicate are battling the Weaponers). The JLA encounters Terminus, a being from another universe. Likewise, the Avengers stave off the Star Conqueror. The teams are told by the Grandmaster and Metron, respectively that they must assemble twelve items of power in order to prevent the collision of both universes. The JLA crosses over and obtains the Ultimate Nullifier, but they are pursued back by the Avengers. NOTE: These kinds of stories always fall questionably within continuity because they involve every hero possible. These heroes have met before (DC/Marvel: All Access), but do not recall it. JLA/Avengers #1 (Sept. 2003)
In the DC Universe, the Scarlet Witch discovers near-godlike powers. Once the heroes have obtained all the artifacts, Krona turns on the Grandmaster and summons Galactus — who holds the knowledge of the origins of the universe. The Grandmaster, however, then uses the artifacts to twist reality to his whim. JLA/Avengers #2 (Nov. 2003)
Krona attempts to merge the two universes and the heroes experience a plethora of alternate realities where they have met at different times in their careers. The Phantom Stranger ultimately leads them to the truth, where they witness all the tragedies of their real lives. Though difficult to imagine, the JLA and Avengers decide to put things back the right way. JLA/Avengers #3 (Jan. 2004)
Krona imprisons both universes' avatars (Eternity and Kismet), but the teams combine efforts to break his stronghold and destroy his power sphere. His essence is condensed into a cosmic egg. The Spectre separates the two universes. The teams restore the realities that had been destroyed. NOTES: The JLA recalls these events, but not the Marvel universe. Later (JLA #111), they will begin to notice evidence of some cosmic changes, and that their universe is settling into "different patterns." JLA/Avengers #4
After the JLA's reality-warping battle with Krona, shockwaves ripple through the antimatter Universe. There, on Earth, Power Ring mysteriously reappears as a black man (mirroring John Stewart). JLA #107 (Dec. 2004)
Maxwell Lord tries his hand at fortune again by assembling a new team of heroes. (named the Superbuddies in #2) He successfully recruits Captain Atom, Booster Gold, Fire, L-Ron, Elongated Man and Sue Dibny. When Captain Marvel (Billy) refuses his offer, his sister Mary accepts instead. With much persuasion, Blue Beetle is also convinced to join (despite his heart condition). The JLA steps in closer when things get sticky with Mange Khan. (#6) NOTE: This is never an official branch of the League. Read their full adventures in the Cosmic Teams! section. Formerly Known as the Justice League #1-6 (Sept. 2003-2. 2004)
Part 1: Manitou Raven is attacked by mystical bats and disappears. Superman encounters a group of metahuman teenagers, including Grunt and Nudge, who are recruiting other meta-teens for service to the vampire, Crucifer. Nudge mentally ensnares Superman and he is taken to their base. Crucifer then orders Superman to capture his ultimate prize: Faith. The other JLA members begin noticing the child abductions and their signature mark of "X." From their base in Key Mordaz, Florida, the Doom Patrol (the Chief, Robotman, Elasti-Girl & Negative Man) prepare themselves to go public in battle against Crucifer. 1st app. of Crucifer's other minion, Vortex. NOTES: This version of the Doom Patrol introduced as a total reboot. But due to poor sales, its continuity was reversed in Teen Titans v.3 #34. This reestablished the original Doom Patrol's existence in current continuity. Later, this incarnation of the Doom Patrol was explained as a "pretend version," created to ease the newly-resurrected Elasti-Girl back into life (Doom Patrol v.5 #6 & 13, 2010). JLA #94 (E5. 2004)
Part 2: Wonder Woman explains that the "X" is the mark of the Tenth Circle — an ancient band of vampire immortals once defeated by the Amazons and banished to Hell. The Atom journeys to another dimension via Manitou Raven's telling stone. JLA #95 (L5. 2004)
Part 3: Superman lures Wonder Woman into Crucifer's hands and she is stabbed by her own Amazonian blade. JLA #96 (E6. 2004)
Part 4: Diana is found by civilians near Las Vegas; the JLA return her to Themyscira for treatment. With the help of his teen minions, Crucifer takes over the people of Barnes, Saskatchewan, for use as vessels for his vampire brethren. Raven makes contact with Nudge, who with the help of Vortex, escapes. The Atom encounters a benevolent alien race. Batman tracks the Doom Patrol and the JLA head to Florida for some answers. JLA #97 (L6. 2004)
Part 5: Elasti-Girl follows the Atom into the telling stone. They learn from the aliens there that Crucifer uses the place as a dimensional nexus: for teleportation. These aliens are also the caretakers of Crucifer's heart, which makes him unkillable. Crucifer initiates the transfer of his brethren from Hell into the bodies of his metahuman subjects. JLA #98 (E7. 2004)
Part 6: The JLA learn from Raven that Crucifer was the first of his kind to successfully return from Hell. He set about finding a way to return his brethren, but needed metahumans as hosts. The Atom and Elasti-Girl destroy the vessel containing his heart, returning it to his body, and leaving him vulnerable to Superman's final killing blow. Nudge and Grunt return to the Doom Patrol, and they are also joined by Faith (who becomes Nudge's tutor) and Vortex. JLA #99 (L7. 2004)
Lex Luthor's treachery is exposed to the world and his presidency comes to an end. He loses his empire and goes underground. Pete Ross is sworn in, but drops out of the reelection campaign. Amanda Waller and Sarge Steel are jailed for treason. Superman/Batman #1-6 (2004), Superman Secret Files 2004 (Aug. 2004)
Captain Atom sacrifices himself while piloting a Composite Superman/Batman Rocket Ship and destroys a huge kryptonite meteor. NOTE: Parts of this meteor still crash to Earth; one large chunk carries Superman's cousin, Kara Zor-El of Krypton (appears #13). Much of the kryptonite is recovered by Kord Industries and S.T.A.R. Labs, but Kord's is later stolen by Luthor (DC Countdown). CONTINUITY: Both Captain Atom and Lex Luthor's battlesuit meet their end in this issue. The suit reappears in Identity Crisis #1. Atom returns Superman/Batman #20. Superman/Batman #6 (Mar. 2004)

Sister Superior (Vera Lynn Black, sister of Manchester Black) approaches the JLA with a proposition to save humanity from the wrath of the angry Earth goddess, Gaea. The Earth mother was angered by humans' destruction of the planet, and had begun instigating global chaos. Vera concocts a plan to unite the world against this common threat and prove the human race's worth to the goddess. Superman is hesitant to ally with Black's new Elite (Coldcast, The Hat and Menagerie II), but Manitou Raven and Major Disaster both confirm Black's prophesies. The JLA and the Elite subsequently stage an elaborate battle whereby it appears that the Elite are unstoppable and will enslave the world. The JLA convinces all the world's nations to band together against this threat. Gaea awakens and does indeed concede that humans are worthy of inheriting the planet.

After this, Sister Superior proposes the formation of a sort of "black ops" JLA team — the Justice League Elite. Both Superman and Batman deny Vera membership in the League, which angers Raven, Disaster and the Flash. They believe that Black had proved herself worthy and ally with her in this new venture.

JLA #100 (Aug. 2004)
Flash, Green Arrow, Manitou Raven and Major Disaster join Vera's "Justice League Elite (Flash serves both teams). They became a sort of "not-exactly-sanctioned don't-ask-don't-tell covert operations unit," designed to hunt and eliminate extranormal threats to the Earth before they go public. This new undercover branch of the League is barely tolerated by the main team and operates in secret from the world. To help keep them in check, Vera recruits Naif al-Sheikh to be their coordinator. In their first mission, they infiltrate The Blood Brothers, an organization of assassins (their field leaders are men named Tomas and Lars). Al-Sheikh addresses an assembly of powerful individuals who will spread the word that the Elite do not exist. 1st app. of Kasumi, who is actually Batgirl—Batman's plant on the team. Their headquarters, The Factory, lies in Somerset, New Jersey. SEE ALSO > The Elite Justice League Elite #1 (Sept. 2004)
The Blood Brothers lead the Elite to a terrorist called Sundeath (Richard Atwa). Strangely, both teams want to put an end to Atwa, but the Brothers' plan extends to the nation's genocidal leader, Hi-Shan Bhat. The Brothers enlist another freelancer called, Wolfwood, whose heightened senses compromise Vera's disguise as Deathstroke. Dawn and Raven's marriage begins to show signs of strain. Justice League Elite #2 (Oct. 2004)
The Elite ditch their cover and take down both the Blood Brothers and Bhat's regime. Atwa is taken to the U.S. for trial. In the end, Vera blacks out and when awakes to a bomb that kills Bhat. Wolfwood disappears. Justice League Elite #3 (Nov. 2004)
Vera defies protocol and avoids the team's debriefing of Bhat's death, while al-Sheikh rages over the mysterious circumstances of the dictator's death. Because the Elite were in complete control, and Vera can sense external life signs and teleport signals, suspicion is cast on the team itself—someone on the team must have been responsible for Bhat's death. The JLA steps in and attempts to shut the Elite down, but Vera straps on Wonder Woman's lasso and avoids further inquiry; it buys them more time, pending an investigation. Coldcast (his name is revealed: Nathan Jones) pays a visit home to his mother and brother Christopher. Chris introduces him to his new posse: the Aftermath. Dawn initiates a romantic encounter with Green Arrow after he vows to quit the team. NOTE: Previously, Coldcast's name was said to be Craig (??). Justice League Elite #4 (Dec. 2004)
On the anniversary of Hitler's death, Manitou Raven senses Circe's black magic, aimed at acquiring the Spear of Destiny. Simultaneously, the JLA encounters a band of Valkyries summoned by Felix Faust. Flash must divide his time between both teams' missions and deny them the Spear. JLA Secret Files 2004 (Nov. 2004)
Part 1: Superman is wracked with guilt after failing to save the life a new super-hero. JLA #101 (E09. 2004)
Part 2: Superman watches over the dead hero's son, Joey Abernathy , as the Flash also comes to grips with failing to save lives. JLA #102 (L09. 2004)
Part 3: Green Lantern swallows his own bitter pill when a woman he'd previously saved is murdered by her husband. JLA #103 (E09. 2004)
Part 4: J'onn takes a new detective job as John Jones and meets a new woman-friend named Linda. JLA #104 (L09. 2004)
Part 5: Wonder Woman is shaken by a near-death battle with a formidable new villainess. Superman discovers that Joey has super powers. JLA #105 (E11. 2004)
Part 6: Joey's mother reveals her own super powers and takes revenge on the man responsible for her husband's death. The JLA stop her but the boy rejects their apologies and runs away in hate. JLA #106 (L11. 2004)
Kara Zor-El crash lands in Gotham city inside her ship from Krypton. She is introduced to the world as Superman's true cousin, Supergirl (IV). Occurs before Identity Crisis because in JSA #67, an Identity crossover, Power Girl comments on Supergirl's arrival. Superman/Batman #13 (Oct. 2004)
Neh-Buh-Loh (formerly the Nebula Man) sends an agent called Black Death into the infant universe of Qwewq (from JLA #12) to lure away the JLA. His other cohort, Grodd, draws the Ultramarines to Africa. Pulse 8 and other heroes are overtaken by the villain. Batman, the sole available JLA member, notices the disturbances and recruits the Squire to help him retrieve the JLA. They travel to Pluto via Boom Tube and Batman readies the JLA's robot duplicates for battle. Neh-Buh-Loh disables Goraiko, producing an electromagnetic pulse that sends Superbia crashing to the ground. JLA: Classified #1 (Jan. 2005)
Inside Qwewq, the JLA stops Black Death. Grodd slays hundreds of refugees on Superbia. Several former members of the Global Guardians appear as Ultramarines: Tasmanian Devil, Olympian, Fleur de Lis and the new Little Mermaid II and Kid Impala. Neh-Buh-Loh mentions "striking down the seven," a foreshadowing of the new Seven Soldiers of Victory and their role in stopping the Sheeda. JLA: Classified #2 (Feb. 2005)
The JLA free everyone from Neh-buh-loh's control. In the end, the JLA reprimands the Ultramarines for their carelessness and challenges them to relocate to Qwewq. (During the battle, Neh-Buh-Loh had claimed to be the adult universe of Qwewq. The JLA hoped that perhaps the Ultramarines' positive influence would prevent this fate.) JLA: Classified #3 (Mar. 2005)
Part 1: J'onn and Flash engage the Construct and apply a program which changes its nature. It is transformed into a colony of smaller electronic sentients. Aquaman rejoins the team. The Crime Syndicate appear on the moon, cloaked from the JLA's sensors. JLA #107 (Dec. 2004)
When ware breaks out between Santa Bertriza and Del Canto, the JLA are forbidden by the U.N. to interfere. They go undercover instead and discover that both nations have bought technology from a Dutch scientist, Schuyler Cristoffels (#29), that allows them to create metahuman armies with "Cristoffelite." Cristoffels' true goal was to perfect the process and create an Aryan super-race. His blond-haired soldiers kill all of the South American metas but the JLA take him down and confiscate the Cristoffelite. NOTE: Kyle participates, not John. Faith also joins them. Aquaman is mis-portrayed as monarch of Atlantis, which he has not been since the Obsidian Age. JLA: Classified #26-31 (Oct. 2006-3. 2007)
J'onn falls prey to a remnant of his brother, Malefic's, in his own mind. In their youth, they brothers had undergone the G'amal'khul ceremony, which transfers a small portion of each Martian's mind to the other's. He relives his days with the League (some fact, some fiction). Malefic threatens to also erase the remnants of J'onn's wife and child. He chooses to destroy the part of himself that is Malefic, and with help from Zatanna and the JLA, he finds his way back to reality. NOTE: Aquaman is a member in this tale. The story tells numerous incorrect accounts of JLA events which are falsifications by Malefic. JLA: Classified #42-46 (Nov. 2007-1. 2008)
Sue Dibny is murdered by a deranged Jean Loring (the Atom's ex-wife), who evades the Elongated Man's high-tech security by shrinking and traveling via phone lines. Jean burns Sue's body to cover up evidence, and Ralph discovers that she was pregnant. After her funeral, a group of original Justice League members assembles to find the man they believe is responsible for her death: Doctor Light. NOTE: Placed here in continuity because in Flash #217, which takes place during the week gap at the end of Identity Crisis #7, Flash is asked by a reporter about his recent battle with the Construct (above). Identity Crisis #1 (Aug. 2004)
A conspiracy of old JLA members sets out to find Doctor Light (who has violated Sue in the past). They discover that Light has hired Deathstroke to protect him. Doctor Mid-Nite begins Sue's autopsy and quickly learns that the fire was not the cause of death. Identity Crisis #2 (Sept. 2004)
Deathstroke nearly succeeds in taking down the Justice League, and in the process, Doctor Light recalls his mind-wipe at their hands. Captain Boomerang meets his grown son, Owen Mercer, for the first time. Jean Loring fakes her own murder, throwing suspicion on Slipknot. Identity Crisis #3 (Oct. 2004)
Atom saves Jean from dying, but the League find nothing but dead ends in their hunt for the murderer. Wonder Woman uses her lasso to question Slipknot, who has joined the Kobra cult. The Spectre (Hal Jordan) denies Green Arrow's pleas for help. Lois Lane then receives a note telling her "you're next." Identity Crisis #4 (Nov. 2004)
Firestorm is killed when he is impaled by the Shining Knight's sword, stolen by the Shadow Thief. Captain Boomerang discovers that his son has super-speed, but Boomer denies that the Golden Glider (deceased) was his mother (it's later learned that his mother is Meloni Thawne, who is also Bart Allen's mother). Robin's father, Jack Drake receives a gun with a note warning him to "protect himself." Shortly thereafter, Boomerang (hired by Jean Loring) arrives and the two of them kill each other. This throws suspicion for the other murders onto Boomerang. Identity Crisis #5 (Dec. 2004)
Owen becomes Captain Boomerang II. Doctor Mid-Nite discovers that Sue died from a blockage of blood flow to her brain. Identity Crisis #6 (Jan. 2005); JSA #67 (01. 2005)
Even without Mid-Nite's revelation, both Batman and the Atom deduce that Loring is the killer. She admits to the crime and to hiring Boomerang. Ray has her put away in Arkham Asylum. The Atom retreats from view. Identity Crisis #7 (Feb. 2005)
Part 2: On antimatter Earth, the CSA discovers the existence of Qward. As they storm the planet, they are consumed by a reality-warping wave. The next thing they know, they are back on Earth and Power Ring has become a black man! First app. of Qwardians Roval and Diataria Lysis. JLA #108 (01. 2005)
Part 3: Power Ring's ring declares that the CSA's universe has been dismantled then reintegrated. They are incensed to learn that the League has likely been involved in the events which caused this. They use Brainiac's technology and devise a way to exist on the matter-Earth for 36 hours before the JLA would be shunted into the antimatter universe. This allows them to operate in secret and collect data on the mysterious "cosmic event." The Qwardian Roval assumes power and taps into long-dormant power. His mission: universal domination. The JLA also encounters random aftershocks from the battle with Krona. NOTE: Roval calls their race "Q'ardajin." JLA #109 (02. 2005)
Part 4: The CSA disguise themselves as the JLA and attempt to obtain data about the recent cosmic disturbances. Power Ring and Johnny Quick are nearly defeated by the Rainbow Raiders. When Ultraman tires of being the good guy, he murders hundreds of people at the U.N. Plaza. Lord Roval of Qward accesses powerful weapons hidden on Turi (a former moon of Malthus) JLA #110 (Mar. 2005)
Part 5: The JLA finally discover the CSA, who have defeated the Power Company in San Francisco. The Titans' Cyborg and Beast Boy are called in. When the CSA's 36 hours are up, the JLA are not shunted into the antimatter universe, revealing that this fundamental law has been changed by Krona's cosmic restructuring. The JLA recuperate on the moon and decide to call in reserve Leaguers. The Qwardians harness the ancient power of their god, Erdammeru the Void Hound. Many planets die in its wake as they travel to the matter universe's Earth. JLA #111 (Apr. 2005)
Part 6: The JLA recruit the reserves and the Elite to help stave off the Qwardians. The New Gods arrive to help and crack the Qwardians' hull. J'onn (as Batman) leads a team to the antimatter universe. The CSA mess with Red Tornado, which unleashes the Tornado Champion. JLA #112 (May 2005)
Part 7: Flash discovers that the Construct has formed its own advanced society — and is anticipating the arrival of the Qwardians' ship. Diataria betrays Roval and approaches J'onn (really Batman) for a truce. Batman explains the battle with Krona and the Qwardians stand down. Instead, they turn on their known enemy, the CSA, vowing to ravage the antimatter Earth. JLA #113 (June 2005)
Part 8: The JLA and CSA team up and switch costumes to fool the Qwardians. They reach and imprison the Void Hound's electronic mind, which cripples the ship. The Qwardians retreat and the CSA are left owing the Justice League a favor. The Qwardians leave the antimatter Earth ravaged, which sets free several bands of rebels like Barracuda of Atlantis and the Justice Underground. Batman then checks on the cosmic egg containing Krona. But Metron is also watching the egg — which is growing — and sends out false readings about its status. JLA #114 (July 2005)
At the behest of the U.N., the JLA depose the genocidal dictator, General Dvory Tuzik. Tuzik, however had brokered a deal to go into exile and Wonder Woman is forced to deliver him to a new Chinese island home. From there, he appeals to the world's leaders, reasoning that the JLA could bring them down, too. He convinces them to send their metahuman forces to let Tuzik test their mettle. Part of this attack is a mind-controlling nanovirus made up of tiny Star Conquerors. He unleashes it in Three Sisters, Oregon, where the Flash is infected. Another weapon is Sybil, the Hypothetical Woman: a being capable of reversing the natural order of the universe. JLA: Classified #16 (Mar. 2006)
With his new weapons, Tuzik exerts control over the allies who'd sent him the weapons and destroys Santa Prisca. He is attacked in his new home by a band of freedom fighters (Erich Cross, Marieke, Dulu and others) whom Tuzik captures and plans to transform. The U.S. President begins measures to eradicate the JLA, if needed, to stop the Conqueror virus. NOTE: These mercenaries were not named until #18-19. JLA: Classified #17 (Apr. 2006)
In Santa Prisca, the JLA encounters weapons that have been created from the scavenged biological and technological remains from superhuman battles. Flash unleashes small Conquerors from his body and Diana uses her lasso to free him. Tuzik has killed the mercenaries and they are transformed by Sybil's power. She contains a piece of heaven and hell; those who die in her presence are taken into her realm and changed. There she tells them that they will be given the power to defeat Tuzik, but he will have control over their minds. Tuzik takes over the Chinese army. The JLA rid Santa Prisca of three Chemo-derived monsters. NOTE: Some of the battle remains include the Metal Man, Gold; Tamaranean ships; Brainiac's ship; Chemo; and Ultivac. JLA: Classified #18 (Early May 2006)
Tuzik send his new mind-controlled "Hypothetical Army" into mainland China: Soldat, Dybbuk, Velocista, Ghost Lion, Jin Si and Marieke. The Army are not aware that they are being controlled and believe that they are doing right work. J'onn attempts to communicate with the Conqueror virus directly. It whispers a word to him: "General," which Batman places immediately. Superman visits Beijing, but is rebuked by its leaders. Regardless, Diana leads the JLA in against the Chinese army. JLA: Classified #19 (Late May 2006)
Green Lantern enlists the aid of Tuzik's son, Azir. The U.S. decides to bomb Two Sisters because the virus cannot be controlled. The JLA are pounded by the Hypothetical Army but saved by Superman. JLA: Classified #20 (E6. 2006)
J'onn tricks the Conqueror virus into entering his body then killed them with their original weakness: lime mineral. He draws it out of the Hypothetical Army as well. In a desperate measure, Tuzik uses special potions to transform himself into a one-man army. But he finds that henchman, Chen, has tainted the potions, and he dies. Chen frees Sybil, who begins to die. With her goes the Army, whom she delivers into heaven. The JLA install Tuzik's son, Azir as leader of his former nation. Wonder Woman gives him a lasso made from the hairs of the Amazons, to remind him of the power of truth. NOTE: Tuzik's armor includes the he heads of Gold and Amazo. JLA: Classified #21 (L6. 2006)
At Diana's request, the JLA tests Wonder Woman's abilities, following her her blinding battle with Medousa. Wonder Woman #212 (Mar. 2005)
At Coldcast's urging, the Elite infiltrate Aftermath (Kasumi uses the Shadow Thief's tech, Vera is "Miss Morphine," Flash is "Supersonic"). The organization uses aliens and metas to take over the drug trade. Menagerie's first name is revealed: Sonja. Raven acquires an "Eye of 18 Pupils" to help find out the truth behind Bhat's death. Vera has a hallucination of her dead brother. They discover that the JSA is also on Aftermath's trail. Justice League Elite #5 (Jan. 2005)
The JSA, joined by Black Canary, engages the undercover Elite. Canary recognizes Arrow's equipment. The battle ends badly when Disaster uses his powers to send Coldcast out of control; Kasumi accidentally impales Hawkgirl with her blades. Kasumi is also unmasked as Batgirl, Batman's plant in the Elite. He tells her to end her affiliation, but she still accompanies the team on their continuing mission against Aftermath. They discover that it had been Aftermath that had tipped off the JSA and staged the battle as a test. They are invited aboard Aftermath's interdimensional ship where they meet the organization's leader, Aftermath himself, and his associate — Wolfwood. Justice League Elite #6 (Feb. 2005)
Wolfwood sniffs out Vera's disguise, but does not blow her cover. In their private conversation, Wolfwood claims to be on their side and making amends for his past. He offers to reveal the team's killer and Flash and Kasumi overhear (they had been led to believe Wolfwood was the killer). Aftermath explains that his special drug, Super H, affects one in 200,000 so that they create a portal to The Source. The disembodied Manchester Black takes over his sister. Dawn engages in a sexual relationship with Green Arrow, not unbeknown to Manitou Raven. Justice League Elite #7 (Mar. 2005)
Manchester Black fully invades Vera's mind. Aftermath enters the Source Wall, but perishes when he unwittingly frees an ancient female warrior named Eve from the wall. Black emerges instead from the Wall triumphant, seizing the opportunity to ally with Eve. Manitou Raven perishes in pursuit of Aftermath, when he takes the brunt of a bomb. Justice League Elite #8 (Apr. 2005)
Black tries to use Eve to erase Superman from the timeline, but the changes refuse to hold. Al-Sheikh finds DNA evidence of Bhat's killer. Menagerie goes missing in battle. Major Disaster returns Raven's hatchet to Dawn, then he privately attempts suicide. Kasumi uses the Shadow Thief's belt to transport herself and Coldcast to the "World of Shadows." When she ports back to the Factory, the JLA are waiting to arrest Coldcast for Bhat's murder. Justice League Elite #9 (May 2005)
Coldcast confesses to the murder and is taken to the Slab. Everybody finally realizes that Vera has been tainted by Manchester Black the whole time. Eve and Black use a Worlogog to unleash chaos on Earth. Al-Sheikh closes the Factory and offers housing for Dawn, which she refuses. She gives him Raven's hatchet, but keeps his staff. In anger, she summons Raven's spirit and he asks he to utter the magic phrase, "Inukchuk!" Major Disaster is stopped from suicide by Raven (before his death) and joins AA. Justice League Elite #10 (June 2005)
The JLA is overpowered by Manchester Black and Eve. Dawn assumes Manitou Raven's mantle of power and Raven's spirit implores the Elite to reunite and free Vera from her brother. (This just as al-Sheikh is prepared to permanently disable her circuitry.) Dawn is marked on the face by the Manitou's touch. Coldcast realizes that he was manipulated by Menagerie into murdering Bhat. Justice League Elite #11 (July 2005)
Manitou Raven's spirit stick breaks Manchester's hold on Vera. Eve awakens, claiming to be a hero herself. Vera orders her to reverse the damage done and to make the world believe the Elite were dead. The JLA take the credit for defeating the Elite. Afterward, the team capture Menagerie in Costa Rica and put her in JLA custody. Vera reunites with al-Sheikh and they set about new, undisclosed plans. Justice League Elite #12 (Aug. 2005)
Professor Ivo crafts a new cyborg, Kid Amazo, which is grown inside his own daughter, Sarah's, womb. The young android is given the name Frank Halloran, implanted with false memories, and set up in college with Sara as his girlfriend. When his "father," Amazo tries to find, him he draws the JLA's attention and Frank's powers begin to surface prematurely. The League spies on him and eventually provokes a brutal attack. Kid Amazo nearly wins but when the team begins to bicker among themselves, the same kinds of conflicts manifest inside Frank's mind and cause him to self-destruct. NOTE: Features John as G.L., and no Aquaman. JLA: Classified #37-40 (6-10. 2007)
Hal Jordan's soul is freed from the evil entity, Parallax, and also from that of the Spectre. He reclaims his title, along with John Stewart as the Guardians' protector of space sector 2814. Guy Gardner is also restored as a Green Lantern. Green Lantern: Rebirth #1-5 (Dec. 2004-5. 2005)
Maxwell Lord kills the Blue Beetle after he discovers Max's plan to eradicate the world of heroes. Max has secretly been in charge of Checkmate and has stolen Batman's spy satellite, MK-1 — which contains detailed files on all metahumans. He also reveals the O.M.A.C. technology, a nanovirus which can be injected into subjects to transform them into Observational Meta-human Activity Constructs. A mysterious doppelgänger Luthor organizes The Society, a well-organized group of villains whose core includes Calculator, Deathstroke, Doctor Psycho, Talia, Doctor Light and Black Adam. Hal Jordan appears once again as Green Lantern. DC Countdown #1 (May 2005)
Kyle Rayner falls in with the restored Green Lantern Corps, and after helping during the Rann/Thanagar War, he resigns from the JLA, heeding the Guardians' call to help train new GLs. Rann/Thanagar War #1-6 (7-12. 2005); Green Lantern Corps: Recharge #1 (Nov. 2005)


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