Part 8: Infinite Crisis, Justice League of America volume 2

Part 1: The JLA's core is shaken when Maxwell Lord takes mental control of Superman and sends him to kill Batman. Superman is made to hallucinate that he is taking revenge on various villains for killing Lois Lane. Superman awakes in his Fortress of Solitude with blood on his hands. The JLA have come to take him into custody. Superman #219 (Sept. 2005)
Part 2: It becomes clearer to Superman that he doesn't know what has really happened. The JLA inform him that he has attacked Batman, not Brainiac or Darkseid. The Martian Manhunter moves to protect Lois from her husband. Action Comics #829 (Sept. 2005)
Part 3: Wonder Woman tends to Batman on the Watchtower. Small doses of the Amazonian Purple Ray speed his recovery. Superman sees video evidence of his attack. After the Watchtower's defense systems kicked in, Wonder Woman arrived but her lasso had no effect on him. J'onn performs a deep telepathic probe and discovers an image of Max Lord, but he cannot undo Superman's mental affliction. They learn that Max has been tearing down mental barriers in Superman's mind for years, playing on the guilt over his murder of the pocket universe Kryptonians. Superman agrees to remain in custody, but once Wonder Woman departs, Max exerts control again and summons him to Checkmate headquarters in Switzerland. Diana follows. Adventures of Superman #642 (Sept. 2005)
Part 4: Max orders Superman to kill Wonder Woman. When it becomes obvious that Superman will remain under Max's control for as long as he lives, she chooses to kill Lord. Wonder Woman #219 (Sept. 2005)
Part 1: Flash calls all the former members who conspired to wipe villains' memories to the Watchtower. They are interrupted by J'onn, who learns the truth — and that they wiped Batman's memories as well. At Belle Reve Prison, Deborah Darnell (Star Sapphire III) is revived by the Secret Society of Super-Villains. The hit the Red Tornado and Elongated Man, then confront the entire League of old. J'onn goes to talk Batman but they're interrupted by the Society. GUEST APP: Catwoman. JLA #115 (Aug. 2005)
Part 2: The Society get the upper hand momentarily, but then vanish. Catwoman is injured and taken to the Batcave. The JLA visit Batman there and confess their crime. He defies them and asserts that his "friends" would never have done such a thing. When J'onn returns to the Watchtower, he finds Despero waiting for him. JLA #116 (Sept. 2005)
Part 3: Despero reveals he has restored the villains' memories. Flash barely saves Lois from the Society and Superman steps in, followed by the JLA. They defeat the villains but are left to decide what to do. Hawkman proposes that they hold a vote. Batman completes the repairs to the Red Tornado. JLA #117 (Oct. 2005)
Part 4: Despero incapacitates J'onn but is temporarily stopped by Aquaman. They lose and Despero takes them to the Batcave to engage Batman and Catwoman. Hawkman, Green Arrow and Flash vote to wipe their memories, Superman, Black Canary and Green Lantern oppose; regardless, Zatanna refuses to perform the spell again. She resigns from the JLA reserves and leaves. She seeks solace on Themyscira, where she talks to Supergirl and Wonder Woman. Diana has been ruminating over her judgment of Maxwell Lord; Zatanna calls her a warrior, Superman and Batman consider her a murderer. The rest discover the Watchtower has been invaded. JLA #118 (E11. 2005)
Part 5: Batman is possessed by Despero but the League track him down. Zatanna and the restored Red Tornado save the day, but the JLA dissolves once again. Zatanna decides in the end that the League's safety outweighs the moral issue to wipe the Secret Society's memories. She once again performs the spell. Batman is left wondering if Catwoman was among those mindwiped years ago. At the direction of Alex Luthor, the Superboy of Earth-Prime enters the Watchtower and destroys it (again). NOTE: The Wizard is soon freed by Johnny Sorrow. (JSA Classified #5) JLA #119 (L11. 2005)
Infinite Crisis
Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman gather amidst the ruins of the Watchtower. While they disagree on each others' recent actions, they are attacked by Mongul. Across the world, OMACs swarm. Outside the universe, all this is watched by the Superman and Lois of Earth-Two, Superboy of Earth Prime and Alexander Luthor Jr. of Earth-3. Superman-2 decides it's time to intervene and he breaks the borders between dimensions. Infinite Crisis #1 (Dec. 2005)
Kimiyo Hoshi (now Vice President of Research and Development at Ted Kord's company) is attacked by Doctor Light. Green Arrow and Black Lightning rush to her aid. Green Arrow #54-57 (Oct. 2005-3. 2006)
Part 1: Aquaman calls available JLA reservists to the Secret Sanctuary to participate in a ceremony. Batman's distrust pervades the proceedings and Green Arrow accuses him of destroying the Watchtower. Dawn (now using the title Manitou Dawn) receives a telepathic message from J'onn. He warns that a "being of vast power" has been awakened and that J'onn will reveal himself in time. At Arkham Asylum, the Key escapes after unlocking his telepathic powers. NOTE: The word "manitou" means deity or spirit. JLA #120 (E12. 2005)
Part 2: Dawn senses the Key's powerful new telepathic abilities. Dinah scolds Ollie when he admits his affair with Dawn, then offers some sympathy to the girl. Dawn's magicks tell her that she is destined to be the Key's pawn. Aquaman restores the JLA's data files from backup and looks for potential operatives to handle potential threats. In light of the JLA's recent bad reputation, he suggests forming a more covert alliance. Arrow suggests they recruit Nightwing to dig at Batman, but Dick refuses. He then visits Batman, who happens to be working on the Key's trail. JLA #121 (L12. 2005)
Part 3: The JLA are called to Metropolis to investigate the carnage of Key's attack on a law firm (whose initials are also J.L.A.). The League calls Supergirl, the Flash and Red Tornado for help. Meanwhile, the Key is drawn to a latent OMAC — the cyborg's mind is closed to him. A group of OMACs activate then strangely stop. Flash takes ill and runs home. J'onn tips Dawn off to the Key's presence. She investigates and is taken captive to Gotham. Donna Troy arrives to recruit for her mission. JLA #122 (Jan. 2006)
Batman attempts to recover data from the Watchtower's black box. He's interrupted by Brother Eye, which claims that 60% of the OMACs have been disabled. Animal Man and Red Tornado join Donna Troy's crusade. Power Girl meets her cousin — the Superman of Earth-Two and (re)learns the history of Earth-Two. Alex Luthor claims that she was not meant to survive the collapse of the multiverse, and the new universe unsuccessfully tried to reconcile her existence with false histories. Booster Gold reappears in the 21st century, having gone back to his future. Infinite Crisis #2 (Jan. 2006)
Part 4: Donna Troy comes seeking help and takes Red Tornado and Supergirl with her into space. John Stewart responds to a call from Hal and Aquaman leaves for Atlantis. The Key entices Dawn and relates how his knack for unlocking puzzles led him to unlock his own mind. He intends to use her magic to "silence" more minds. Batman deduces the Key's involvement. JLA #123 (Feb. 2006)
Wonder Woman surrenders herself to international authorities at the Hague, in the Netherlands, for trial for Max's death. She pleads not guilty. Meanwhile OMACs descend by the hundreds on Themyscira. (#222) When she learns of this, she rushes to her sisters' aid. (#223) Wonder Woman v.2 #222-223 (Dec. 2005-1. 2006)
OMACs descend on the Amazons, and Diana orders her sisters to retreat from Earth once again. The Spectre destroys Atlantis; Tempest and Aquaman disappear. Batman argues with Brother Eye and receives a visit from the Superman of Earth-Two, who hopes to recruit him. Afterwards, he reviews the JLA Watchtower's black box recording to discover Superboy Prime destroying the HQ. Infinite Crisis #3 (Jan. 2006), Wonder Woman v.2 #224 (Feb. 2006)
Part 5: The spirit of Manitou Raven helps Green Arrow find Dawn, who warns the Key that he is prey to one of the Seven Deadly Enemies of Man — Hatred. Batman and Arrow use their mental shield training but the Key unleashes Hatred on Arrow, who attacks Batman. Dawn summons Canary to them. JLA #124 (Mar. 2006)
Part 6, FINAL ISSUE: Hatred overtakes all the heroes and overloads the Key. Batman fights through it and rallies the others to fight it off. The Key also turns on Hatred by pulling from psychic turmoil from people everywhere. The psychic energy drives off the demon. The Leaguers disable the Key while he is weak. Dawn sympathizes with the Key's current mental trauma but wonders if she's still being manipulated. She delivers "justice" by banishing him to silent place from which she claims he'll never return. J'onn and her husband both compliment her on her actions. JLA #125 (Apr. 2006)
The Brotherhood of Evil destroys the city of Blüdhaven by using Chemo as a bomb. Alex Luthor redivides the universe, creating a second Earth once more. Those who once hailed from Earth-Two are taken back there. Superboy Prime confronts Conner Kent and kills the Titans' Pantha, Wildebeest and Bushido and injures Red Star and Risk. The Flashes take him into the speed Force, where Wally and Bart disappear. In Gotham, Det. Crispus Allen becomes the next host for the Spectre III. NOTE: Crispus Allen first appeared in Detective Comics #742 (Mar. 2000) Infinite Crisis #4 (Mar. 2006)
Wonder Woman is visited by the "ghost" of her former Earth-Two counterpart; she guides her to Earth-Two to help Superman. Alex unleashes a beam of energy at Superman-2 which rebirths the multiverse. Batman calls a team to take out Brother Eye. Superboy and Nightwing make plans to locate Alex Luthor. Infinite Crisis #5 (Apr. 2006)
Batman takes a team into space to disable the Brother Eye satellite and send it falling Earthward. The new Spectre kills Star Sapphire III for her crimes. Superboy Prime returns to Luthor's citadel wearing the Anti-Monitor's harness and attacks Superboy, who dies in the battle. Their battle shatters Alex's tower and the infinite Earths reassemble into one. Black Adam kills the Psycho Pirate. Infinite Crisis #6 (May 2006)
When Alexander Luthor's multiverse is collapsed, the leftover energy spawns a new multiverse — 52 identical universes. In space, the Red Tornado glimpses this, maps the universes, and learns how to produce the vibrational frequencies to travel between them. 52 #52 (May 2007)
Superboy Prime kills more heroes and the two Supermen follow him to Oa. The Supermen take him into a kryptonite field, which doesn't affect Prime as much; they continue on through Krypton's sun, and land on Mogo. Superman-2 dies from the battle, Superman-1 is left powerless among kryptonite and Superboy is taken captive by the Green Lantern Corps. Batman comes to terms with Wonder Woman's killing of Max Lord. A building collapses and buries Alex, who is later found and killed by the Joker (for not inviting him to join the Society). Diana, Clark and Bruce meet in Gotham. Diana sets out to find herself; Bruce plans to take Dick and Tim on a trip of rediscovery; Clark returns to reporting. NOTES: Doctor Light IV is shown having regained her powers. Infinite Crisis #7 (June 2006)
The Elongated Man's house is destroyed by the Monster Society of Evil. He contemplates suicide but is stopped by a message on his answering machine. The funeral home tells him that Sue's grave has been defaced. This sets him on a path to uncover the culprits. Booster Gold becomes Metropolis' unlikely protector According to Skeets, Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman are scheduled to appear at a memorial for fallen heroes, but their "historical" data proves wrong (although Clark Kent is present). 52 #1 (May 2006)
John Henry Irons finds that he's been infected with Luthor's new Everyman gene therapy. Irons can now turn his body in to stainless steel. Several of Donna Troy's troupe (Alan Scott, Hawkgirl, Firestorm, Cyborg, Bumblebee and Mal) return from space, but in bad shape. 52 #4 (May 2006)
Hal Jordan and John Stewart meet China's protectors, The Great Ten: August General in Iron, Immortal Man-in-Darkness, Celestial Archer, Thundermind, Accomplished Perfect Physician, Mother of Champions, Shaolin Robot, Ghost Fox Killer, Seven Deadly Brothers and the Socialist Red Guardsman. NOTES: Celestial Archer is not named until Checkmate v.2 #4. The Robot and Killer are unnamed. Ghost Fox Killer strongly resembles the Tangent universe's female Green Lantern. 52 #6 (June 2006)
Black Adam calls heroes from around the world to propose a coalition and the writing of a Freedom of Power Treaty. NOTES: Shown in the background are new Copperhead, Sonar, Blackfire, a new Ibis, Cascade, Rocket Red and August General. 52 #10 (July 2006)
Ralph Dibny gathers Green Arrow, Metamorpho, Zauriel and Hal Jordan to help him attend the Cult of Conner's ceremony to resurrect Sue. They shut down the ceremony, but the effigy of Sue reaches out to Ralph. 52 #13 (Aug. 2006)
Jon Standing Dear dons his family's Manitou Stone, becoming the newest Super-Chief. 52 #22 (Oct. 2006)
Firehawk assembles a team she calls the new JLA. Members include a new Super-Chief, the Bulleteer, Ambush Bug and the new Firestorm, who invite Oliver Queen to join them. Their appearance sparks newly-minted metahumans from Lex Luthor's Everyman program to join the fray. Skeets appears on the scene and kills many of the new metas and apparently destroys Super-Chief. Firehawk disbands her "JLA" and her poll numbers dive in her race for Senate office. At the JLA's original mountain headquarters in Happy Harbor, R.I., J'onn creates a statue of Booster Gold to join a gallery of fallen JLA members. He's been under deep cover in the U.S. government trying to eliminate Checkmate. After Firehawk's debacle, the U.N. signs Checkmate back into existence. NOTES: Like the Crimson Fox's one-time "Justice League Europe," I do not consider this to be an official JLA. J'onn's memorial includes Major Disaster and the Yazz, neither of whom had previously been verified dead. 52 #24 (Oct. 2006)
In a Middle Eastern desert, Bruce Wayne wanders to the "Empty Quarter," to face a trial as he did years before. His ghostly adversaries "kill" the demon inside him and he declares that the Batman is now gone. 52 #30 (Nov. 2006)
Ralph Dibny meets the former Aquaman, whose memory is incoherent. 52 #39 (Jan. 2007)
Ralph Dibny seals himself inside Doctor Fate's tower in Salem, Massachusetts. After exposing Felix Faust as the inhabitant of the Helmet of Fate, he fires a gun issued by Neron, thus making his wish come true: "I wish I were with Sue." Ralph moves onto the afterlife to join Sue. He avoids a fate in Hell by trapping Neron in the tower and assigning the damnation to Faust. 52 #42 (Feb. 2007)
The Department of Metahuman Affairs spies on Wonder Woman, who is seen out of costume, with an eastern mystic called I Ching. NOTE: First post-Crisis appearance of I Ching. The implications of this on Wonder Woman's continuity are unrevealed. Wonder Woman v.3 #2 (Sept. 2006)
Wonder Woman, Batman & Robin converge on Nanda Parbat in the Himalayas. Diana learns from Rama Kushna that it's good that she suffered as mortals do. Bruce emerges renewed from a cave of trials. Afterwards, they return to the U.S. 52 #47 (Mar. 2007)
Donna Troy becomes Wonder Woman IV. 52/World War III: The Valiant (June 2007)
Rip Hunter shows Booster Gold and Supernova (Daniel Michael Carter) the new multiverse. They retreat from their Earth to escape the newly-evolved Mister Mind, but the beast pursues them. Now that he has "molted," Mind possesses the power to "eat" time. Mister Mind proceeds to consume events from the past of all parallel Earths, leaving these universes completely reconfigured. Earth-Two becomes dominated by the JSA; Earth-3 by the Crime Syndicate; Earth-4 Charlton heroes; Earth-5, Fawcett City heroes; Earth-10, the Freedom Fighters; Earth-One7, the Atomic Knights; Earth-22 by the "Kingdom"; Earth-50, the Wildstorm universe. Hunter steals suspendium, a metal that's artificial time, from Doctor Sivana then lines Skeets' form with the element. They imprison Mister Mind inside Skeets then send it hurtling through time — to one year before. Mister Mind is reduced to his larval form and is found and stored by Sivana. Hunter implores the Carters not to reveal the existence of the multiverse to anyone. 52 #52 (May 2007)
Kyle Rayner encounters the heroes of a parallel universe (the Atom, Flash and Green Lantern of the "Tangent" universe). Ion #9-10 (2-3. 2007)
Superman's powers begin to return. Action Comics #838 (June 2006)
Diana emerges from her new secret identity of Diana Prince to reclaim the mantle of Wonder Woman from her sister, Donna Troy. Wonder Woman v.3 #1-4, Annual #1 (Aug. 2006-2. 2007)

One Year Later

Brad Meltzer and Ed Benes as writer and penciller
As they have since forming the JLA, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman convene for their once-yearly meeting. After spending a year on sabbatical, they begin reviewing candidates for a new JLA in "the Cave" (the original Secret Sanctuary). NOTES: Flashbacks reveal numerous changes to continuity, the most major being the Silver Age debut of Wonder Woman, who is once again considered a JLA founder. She is shown in many of her Silver Age incarnations, including her depowered "I Ching" phase. This new continuity places the "Big Three " at the heart of the JLA, as opposed to post-Crisis continuity which de-emphasized their roles in the JLA. There are allusions to future events: the marriage of Hal Jordan and that of Diana, the death of Batman, the discovery of a second Earth, the funeral of Jonathan Kent. This issue comes in two variant covers by Michael Turner and J. Scott Cambell. Justice League of America v.2 #0 (Sept. 2006)
Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman begin voting on members for their new JLA. They favor Red Tornado, Black Canary, Hal Jordan, Power Girl, Vixen, Mister Terrific, Nightwing, Atom, Black Lightning. They disagree on Captain Marvel, Supergirl, Flash V (Bart Allen), Hawkman, Captain Atom, Firehawk, Firestorm, Doctor Light, Booster Gold and Green Arrow. Meanwhile, Black Canary and Hal Jordan also (separately) begin recruiting heroes to join the JLA. NOTES: In Justice League of America #1, Hal and Dinah are working on the team's behalf. In Justice League of America #3, Lightning is shown to have an access code to Batman's Cave. Justice League of America v.2 #1-2 (Sept. 2006)
Part 1: Kathy Sutton asks Will Magnus to reassemble the Red Tornado. The Tornado watches from the astral plane, where he has asked for Deadman's help in returning to the living. Deadman (who is actually Felix Faust in disguise) escorts him to the newly deceased body of one of Multiplex's duplicates. The transfer is successful — the Tornado is human, retains his powers and returns home to Kathy. Hal Jordan spends some time with Roy Harper when Black Canary summons them to Kathy's aid. Later, Dinah and Hal return to Star City to invite Arsenal to join the League. In Metropolis, Black Lightning gets information from the Signalman about the recent disappearances of some villains. A new villain Doctor Impossible is involved, and uses his Father Box to steal the Tornado's android body for Prof. Ivo. He also attacks the Metal Men. In Hub City, Vixen is lured to Hub City by a note supposedly from the Question. NOTES: This issue comes in three variant covers by Michael Turner and a diptych by Ed Benes. The story mentions some meta-drugs called Scarecrow and Psycho-Pirate. It also mentions the Ultra-Humanite has found a new host body. Batman mentions Superman's Legion Flight Ring. Will Magnus has restored Gold and Platinum to "life." Justice League of America v.2 #1 (Oct. 2006)
Part 2: Dinah, Hal and Roy track the Tornado's body to Prof. Ivo's Colorado hideout. He has built an army of Tornados using T.O. Morrow's design. Black Lightning gets more information from the Cavalier in St. Roch that leads him to the Parasite. Vixen runs afoul of the Bomb Squad: Electrocutioner and Plastique, who manage to steal her Totem, leaving her disoriented. NOTES: Cavalier is revealed as gay and had been involved with Capt. Stingaree. This issue comes in two variant covers: team by Michael Turner and Red Tornado by Phil Jimenez. Justice League of America v.2 #2 (Nov. 2006)
Part 3: The Tornado visits Deadman's grave, asking why he betrayed him. He's approached by the Phantom Stranger who claims the balance of immortality, or "the Thirteen," has been affected. Hal's team fights Ivo's androids (each color has a different ability) and Canary finds the shut-off in their heels. Doctor Impossible and Trident (later revealed as Karate Kid) turn on the Parasite and kidnap him for Ivo. Ivo has built a new android using the Elongated Man's elasticity, the head of Amazo and the Parasite's hand. Lightning then takes down the second Trident and exhibits new applications for his power then Hawkgirl arrives on the scene. They bring Trident back to the Batcave, showing the three founders evidence that the Star Conqueror is back (Hawkgirl effectively rejoins the JLA). NOTES: This issue comes in three variant covers: Red Tornado by Michael Turner and Superman by Chris Sprouse. Justice League of America v.2 #3 (Dec. 2006)
Part 4: The League finds that the new Starro is part bionic, which Batman recognizes as Ivo's work. Hal dubs Roy "Red Arrow," a reflex to stop from saying "Roy" and revealing his identity. Ivo tells Canary that there must always be 13 immortals on the Earth, and he is trying to get someone to take his place. His new Amazo awakens and begins draining the heroes' powers then flees. Red Tornado arrives in time to discover Ivo's partner: Solomon Grundy, who seeks immortality in the new Amazo's body. In Markovia, Geo-Force (now king) survives a bombing and contacts Black Lightning. Doctor Impossible claims to be Scott Free's brother. NOTES: This issue comes in three variant covers: team by Michael Turner and Vixen by J.G. Jones. Justice League of America v.2 #4 (Jan. 2007)
Part 5: Solomon Grundy tries to reason with the JLA, saying he only wants to escape his cycle of death and rebirth. Ivo's new Amazo was meant to be Grundy's immortal armor, and Ivo was to use a spell crafted by Felix Faust to let himself die. Amazo heads for "home": Kathy Sutton. She protects herself with a weapon from Barda. Superman's group meet Hal's and they head off to save Kathy. Roy is taken by Kendra's beauty. Grundy holds Reddy back, claiming the fight against Amazo is futile. In Markovia, Geo Force gets a bill of health from Doctor Alina Raileanu. Vixen reclaims her sense of self and purpose: to find her Totem. NOTES: This issue comes in two variant covers: Hawkgirl by Arthur Adams and Grundy by Michael Turner. Grundy mentions a "creator," probably the recently revealed Time Tailor from Seven Soldiers. The issue shows many flashbacks, reprinted panels of Amazo and Red Tornado from the original Justice League of America series. Justice League of America v.2 #5 (Feb. 2007)
Part 6: Grundy pummels the Tornado and reveals his intention has been to draw him out of his android body so that he could kill him for good. Grundy rips his forearm off and eats it, but Reddy manages to overcome, creating impossible winds that ultimately rip the villain in half. The JLA execute an orchestrated attack on Amazo. Vixen finally finds the others and dives to retrieve her totem from inside Amazo. Without this power-control element, Amazo is useless. His chip is given to Will Magnus. Zatanna and the Phantom Stranger help prepare the android shell to house the Red Tornado's soul once again after his human body dies. In Markovia, Geo-Force finds himself in his original uniform, but doesn't know how he got into it. NOTES: This issue comes in two variant covers: Black Canary by Adam Hughes and Amazo by Michael Turner. Justice League of America v.2 #6 (Mar. 2007)
The new League is officially formed by Black Canary and Green Lantern, to whom the "big three" defer their judgment. Black Lightning and Roy Harper are members for the first time. Hal and Dinah invite Roy and give him a new uniform resembling Green Arrow's. Black Canary is elected chairperson. Snapper Carr takes an official portrait. The League sets up a new headquarters called the Hall in Washington D.C., designed by John Stewart and Diana. It employs "slideways" to seamlessly move members between there and a satellite, which houses a training room: the Kitchen designed by Niles Caulder. Geo-Force arrives, demonstrating new powers and lost memories (later revealed to be Deathstroke's doing). Will Magnus examines the Amazo chip. Starro pursues Prof. Ivo. Batman discovers that Trident is Karate Kid from the 30th century. NOTES: This issue comes in two variant covers: A wraparound by various artists and Wonder Woman by Turner. The interior features a foldout portrait of the new team. The Hall resembles the Hall of Justice from the Super Friends. It is supposedly the former HQ of the All-Star Squadron, which is inaccurate. The Squadron was based in New York. Justice League of America v.2 #7 (May 2007)
Amazons Attack! When Amazons attack Washington D.C., the JLA are called by the President to be the front line of defense. (#10) Together with the JSA, they zero in on the Department of Metahuman Affairs as the villain Circe's base of operations. (#11) Amazons Attack! #1-6 (6-10. 2007), Wonder Woman v.3 #10-11 (8-9. 2007)
Part 1: The JLA and JSA reestablish their regular team-ups. Karate Kid attacks Batman. Upon hearing Starman's name, he recovers some memories. When Starman utters "Lightning Lad" in Interlac, the Kid's full memory returns; he claims there are seven Legionnaires at largethere. During a training exercise, Red Tornado loses control, endangering Roy. Despero and Per Degaton (shadowed) travel back to 1948 to visit the Ultra-Humanite (as Dolores Winter); they tell hiim he'll die the next day. Geo-Force declines official membership. NOTES: This issue comes in two variant covers: Phil Jimenez and Michael Turner (1st in a tryptic). Justice League of America v.2 #8 (June 2007)
Part 2: A team finds Dream Girl in Arkham Asylum where Doctor Destiny has usurped her access to the Dreaming and manifested nightmares. She's awakened and takes control of her powers. At the Fortress of the Solitude, another team finds another Legionnaire: Wildfire, who stands among inert statues of Legionnaires. Superman mentions how he spent time in their future and received the statues, which represent each member "from an adventure they wanted [him] to remember them by." A utility belt bursts forth from Wildfire's chest. Cyclone speaks to the Tornado; he mentions the time T.O. Morrow kidnapped her at age six to lure the Tornado to him. NOTES: This is the first mention of Superman's post-Infinite Crisis involvement with the Legion. It is similar to the circumstances in the 2007 Legion cartoon. Justice Society of America v.3 #5 (June 2007)
Part 3: Wildfire intimates that there's some connection between he and the Red Tornado. A team finds Timber Wolf in Gorilla City. There, a holy white ape, "nzame" to the gorillas, has been born; this only happens once every thousand years. In the JLA's future, Despero and Per Degaton transfer the Ultra-Humanite's brain into the mature body of the white ape (who is at the height of his powers). En route to Thanagar, Power Girl reveals she's had some sort of affair with Hawkman. She warns Roy against pursuing Kendra. Power Girl has been on Thanagar helping reconstruction. They do not find Dawnstar, but a friend of hers in possession of her flight ring. Dawnstar returns to Earth, where the Legionnaires reveal they have all agreed to sacrifice their lives, if necessary, in order to revive someone. NOTES: This issue comes in two variant covers: Phil Jimenez and Michael Turner (2nd in a tryptic). "Nzame" is the name of an African deity in the Congo. Justice League of America v.2 #9 (July 2007)
Part 4: Superman mentions a Legion adventure known as the "Legion of Three Worlds," which none of them can actually remember. The Legionnaires locate their final comrade: Sensor Girl, who has been hiding in Suicide Swamp. The JLA and JSA follow them there and encounter an elaborate illusion of an abandoned Secret Society headquarters. They're met by a fake Triplicate Girl. The Legionnaires fool them long enough to escape and resume their mission. Dawnstar remarks that the 31st century is too dangerous for Superman. Karate Kid mentions that the three founders volunteered to sacrifice themselves to bring him back. Star Boy took Colossal Boy's place in the mission, which may have affected his health. NOTES: This issue comes in two variant covers: Phil Jimenez and Alex Ross. Justice Society of America v.3 #6 (July 2007)
Part 5: The Legionnaires take up positions across the globe to await the lightning strike to revive someone. They are quickly found by the JLA and JSA, but their flight rings erect force fields to protect them. Timber Wolf remarks "I'm coming Ayla," suggesting that she may be dead. The lightning strikes Karate Kid's location, but he ducks. The lightning returns Wally West and his wife and grown children to the 21st century. Wally rejoins the JLA. The Legionnaires vanish and are summoned back to the future. Starman elects to stay, and Karate Kid is told that another mission awaits him in the 21st century. Another shadowed Legionnaire (Una) joins him. Brainiac 5 notes that someone has been captured in Karate' Kid's lightning rod. NOTE: In Countdown #42, before the Legion's departure, Karate Kid approaches Batman in Gotham City to express the honor of having met him. This issue comes in two variant covers: Phil Jimenez and Michael Turner. Listen to the follow-up interview to this arc, with Brad Meltzer at Newsarama. Justice League of America v.2 #10 (Aug. 2007)
Red Arrow and Vixen are trapped inside the Watergate Hotel as Doctor Polaris throws it into the water. Vixen's arm is broken and she reveals that ever since the fight with Amazo, her powers have changed; she can now only mimic the powers of other metas, not animals. After nearly giving up hope of escape, they realize that they are upside down, and deduce the best way out. NOTE: This issue comes in two variant covers by Gene Ha and Michael Turner. Justice League of America v.2 #11 (Sept. 2007)
From the Happy Harbor facility, J'onn and Aquaman watch the new League as they tend to Monitor Duty. Red Tornado says that Hawkgirl's daughter died. Kendra meets Lian Harper; she and Roy sleep together. Black Lightning continues to operate as a villain liason, this time with Silver Ghost (Raphael Van Zandt). He's working with Batman and Geo-Force (who has been made a member) to flush out major villains. Geo-Force meets with Deathstroke as part of an undercover operation. The Red Tornado grows increasingly aloof. The full team assembles to go after Felix Faust. NOTES: This issue comes in three variant covers: a diptych by Alex Ross and one by Michael Turner. Justice League of America v.2 #12 (Oct. 2007)
Jimmy Olsen requests an audition for JLA membership (Action #854) as Mister Action. (Countdown #36) He is rejected after even their "kid glove" trials fail to activate his powers. (#35) Action Comics #854 (Oct. 2007), Countdown #36-35 (Oct. 2007)
The League saves Green Arrow and Black Canary from Deathstroke in Star City. Slade teleports away with a device specifically constructed to counter the JLA's powers. After, Ollie resigns as mayor of the city. Later Oliver proposes to Dinah with a band given from the late Barry Allen. Green Arrow v.3 #75 (Aug. 2007)
Black Canary and Green Arrow plan their wedding at the JLA's original cave headquarters in Happy Harbor, Rhode Island. Oracle, Vixen and Wonder Woman help her shop for dresses and lingerie. Black Canary Wedding Planner (Nov. 2007)
Dwayne McDuffie begins as writer
Ollie and Dinah's wedding invitations garner mixed reactions. Batman prepares for the worst when they plan to host their friends in costume. In retaliation for the Suicide Squad's kidnapping of random villains, Doctor Sivana plots with Deathstroke to attack the wedding. Deathstroke plants Geo-Force is his inside snitch, but Batman knows about this. Black Canary and Green Arrow attend their bachelor(ette) parties in Happy Harbor. NOTE: Events run concurrently in this and in the following entry and in Countdown #30. Green Arrow & Black Canary Wedding Special (Nov. 2007)
Part 1: At the new Hall of Doom, Luthor forms the Injustice League Unlimited with the Joker and Cheetah. Like the JLA, they review candidates for membership. Everyone attends the bachelor(ette) parties. Hal Jordan and John Stewart agree to take turns with JLA duty. Firestorm is captured and hospitalized, which draws Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl away from the party. They're attacked and Wonder Woman is captured. Luthor ultimately invites scores of super-villains community to join him. Each member gives a 35% take to the organization. They alert Batman and Red Arrow, who head to the crime scene and are captured as well. Justice League of America Wedding Special (Nov. 2007)
Part 2: Batman frees himself from his restraints but soon meets his captors. At the Hall of Justice, Green Arrow sees Black Canary off to find the captured JLA members. John Stewart kids Black Lightning about shaving his head. One group is ambushed again at the hospital, taken out by Poison Ivy. Superman confronts Vixen about her power change, reassuring her that's OK to confide in her teammates. Parasite helps bring their group down but Lightning saves Superman. Luthor steps in. Justice League of America v.2 #13 (Nov. 2007)
Part 3: Luthor goads Superman into attacking by showing his captive teammates. The Shaggy Man (the original?) tortures Geo-Force. The Joker leaves a tiny explosion of kryptonite paint in the hologram projector. They hone in on Luthor's frequency, finding the Hall of Doom and Superman removes Parasite immediately but still they manage to bring him down. Justice League of America v.2 #14 (Dec. 2007)
Part 4: Firestorm intervenes, freeing the JLAers. Red Tornado discovers a secondary program in himself. Amada Waller arrives with the Suicide Squad and a warrant to arrest all the villains. Black Canary departs to ready for her wedding. Batman drafts Firestorm into the League. Justice League of America v.2 #15 (Jan. 2008)
The wedding in the Secret Sanctuary (or "The Cave") is interrupted when Sivana launches missiles to draw out the "bigger guns." A horde of villains attack the ceremony and Dinah leaps after her wedding ring to confront Slade himself. Batman arrives and the tide is turned. Deathstroke orders a retreat, but most of the villains are captured. That night on their honeymoon, Ollie attacks Dinah and she's forced to defend herself, stabbing him in the neck with one of his arrows, killing him. Green Arrow & Black Canary Wedding Special (Nov. 2007)
The JLA answers Hal Jordan's call for help when the Sinestro Corps invade Earth. Green Lantern v.4 #23 (Nov. 2007)
The JLA helps Wally defeat aquatic aliens, who retreat. Afterwards, the League voices their concerns about Wally putting his children in danger. Wally and Linda explain that they cannot stabilize the childrens' growth spurts. They may grow old and die any day, so they decided to let them live the fullest lives possible. Flash #233 (Dec. 2007)
Thieves break into Guy Gardner's storage locker and find the green lantern from Earth-9. It summons the Atom of that universe, who changes places with one of the thieves. Red Tornado temporarily resides in the Hall of Justice computer system. The JLA arrives and switches Atom back with the thief. Afterwards, a stray lantern bolt switches a policewoman with the Flash of Earth-9 appears as well. NOTE: The lantern was given to Guy by Kyle Rayner after Ion #9. Justice League of America v.2 #16 (Feb. 2008)
The Justice League intervenes to take the OMAC from the Outsiders. Francine Langstrom and Doctor Salah Miandad help the Outsiders contain it. After a ruse faking the OMAC's destruction, Geo-Force is transferred to the Outsiders from the JLA. They name the unit Remac. Ralph and Sue Dibny arrive at Wayne Manor, seeking Batman. They inhabit the bodies of others. Batman & the Outsiders v.2 #3 (Feb. 2008)
Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew are accidentally diverted from Earth-Two6 to Earth-0. When they arrive, they appear as normal animals, and cannot communicate their predicament. They are found by Red Arrow and Zatanna, who takes Rodney Rabbit as a stage rabbit. Captain Carrot and the Final Ark! #3 (Feb. 2008)
Wonder Woman offers Ryan Choi, the Atom, membership in the JLA. He makes no decision. All-New Atom #18 (Feb. 2008)
Sanctuary Part 1: The JLA notices the shockwaves from the Suicide Squad's mass abduction of super-villains. The JLA confront Amanda Waller, but find she is within her powers. Villains ally with the Key and Doctor Polaris to break into the Hall of Justice and surrender themselves. Vixen tests her new powers, discovering they're not contained to metahuman abilities. NOTE: Written by Alan Burnett. Villains include Blind Faith, Backlash, Houngan, Cyborgirl, Icicle, Crowbar, Black Mass, Fastball, Nightfall, Shrike, Shatterfist, Ace, Tattooed Man and Bromwell Stikk (formerly Mister Twister and the Gargoyle). Justice League of America v.2 #17 (Mar. 2008)
Sanctuary Part 2: The villains are taken to the Watchtower and the JLA are visited by the Suicide Squad. Batman receives the location of the prison planet from the Martian Manhunter. The Squad attempts to take the prisoners by force while Waller meets with the "big three." Zatanna, Niles Caulder, John Irons and Will Magnus help rebuild Red Tornado's body. It will have human characteristics but can self-repair. Despite Zatanna's warning that his soul could perish in the transfer, he intends to see it through. Justice League of America v.2 #18 (Apr. 2008)
Castling 2: Superman calls the JLA and JSA to help. They must stop the Kobra cells from activating the genes. Thinker and Castellan merge to discover Ouroboros, their genetic plan that amps the reptilian center of the brain, aggression. Triggered by microwave transmission. The Hayoth, Ghost Fox Killer, Hal Jordan, Global Guardians, Outsiders, Hawk are deputized. Samaritan discovers where the central medical facility is. The pawns they send in are all killed. The royals activate the Rooks: Cinnamon, Faust, G.I. Robot, Gravedigger. Checkmate v.2 #23-24 (Apr.–5. 2008)
Freddy Freeman calls on the Shadowpact and JLA to help prevent Sabina from taking the powers of Shazam. Freddy's own self-sacrifice brings forth the gods, who bestow all their powers on him. He officially takes the name Shazam (II). Trials of Shazam #12 (May 2008)
Wally West and John Stewart follow the Flash of Earth-9 back to her home, returning that wold's green lantern to its owner. (#1) Stuck on Earth-9, they become involved in the Secret Six's plans to depose the tyrant, Superman. (#2) The Earth-0 JLA uses Hal Jordan's ring to search for John and Wally, (#3) and the connection allows them to travel across the multiverse. (#4) Tangent: Superman's Reign #1- (5-?. 2008)
After saving people from a forest fire, Wonder Woman calls the Flash on his recent unreliability. He promises to recommit himself to the League. They move to tackle the Queen Bee, who has taken over H.I.V.E. and is attempting to teleport her troops to Earth. Zazzala is captured. Justice League of America v.2 #20 (June 2008)
The Source reaps the souls of all the New Gods except Orion. NOTES: Lightray died in Countdown #48; Barda in Death of #1, Mister Miracle in Death of #7. Death of the New Gods #1-8 (Dec. 2007-6. 2008)
The "trinity" gather in a new meeting place, the Lounge. It lies in interdimensional space between the Hall of Justice and the Watchtower. J'onn's old foe, the Human Flame, narrowly escapes the JLA with the help of Libra. Libra gathers the the world's worst villains. He opens a Boom Tube to the "Salvation" planet and beckons the Martian Manhunter home. NOTE: The Human Flame first appeared in Detective #274 (Dec.59). Justice League of America v.2 #21 (July 2008)
Zatanna, Will Magnus and Niles Caulder prepare to transfer the Red Tornado to his new body. Reddy proposes to Kathy, but she puts him off until later. John Irons discovers that Reddy's previous body has regenerated. Amazo, who is within, attacks Batman then transfers himself into the new body. Vixen seeks advice from Bronze Tiger then reveals her power changes to the whole League. Black Canary expels her, but encourages her to solve the problem. Justice League of America v.2 #22 (Aug. 2008)
Zatanna discovers that Vixen's powers are affected by magic. Amazo takes down the JLA, but Vixen remains their last hope, drawing powers from the team just as Amazo does. Justice League of America v.2 #23 (Sept. 2008)
Teamwork brings Amazo down. Zatanna conjures the Red Tornado's soul which pushes the android into the Slideways. Amazo is teleported to the Antares star system. Red Tornado is restored to his body. Vixen visits Animal Man and discovers his powers are awry, too; he can only duplicate alien animal powers. Justice League of America v.2 #24 (Oct. 2008)
Barry Allen returns from the dead. In Auschwitz, Poland, Prof. Ivo creates the Red Volcano. Libra returns to recruit villains for an unnamed god. NOTE: Allen is not explicitly identified. DC Universe #0 (June 2008)
Libra klills the Martian Manhunter to prove his power to his new Secret Society. The Justice League mobilizes against the New Gods, who have begun to reappear. Orion is found dead and Darkseid runs the Dark Side Club. The Monitor Nix Uotan is banished to Earth-0. NOTE: The New Gods return, now more as avatars. Final Crisis #1 (July 2008)
Martian Manhunter is buried on Mars. Barry Allen contacts Wally West and Jay Garrick. Shilo Norman returns, recruiting Super-Sumo (Sonny Sumo) for a new team to fight the New Gods of Apokolips. The corrupted Alpha Lantern, Kraken, arrests Hal Jordan for the murder of Orion. Final Crisis #2 (Aug. 2008)
The super-hero cemetery, Valhalla is dismantled. The corpses are placed in a crypt beneath the Hall of Justice. NOTE: This was spurred by a grave robbing in Nightwing #141. Nightwing #151 (Feb. 2009)
Red Tornado proposes to Kathy. A team finds and captures Prof. Ivo. Red Tornado takes a leave of absence. Vixen visits Animal Man about her powers. She disappears inside her Tantu Totem and confronts Kwaku Anansi. The JLA follow. Anansi reveals he posed as Animal Man's yellow space aliens in the past. He altered their powers. He begins a test for Vixen by creating a reality where there's no Justice League. NOTE: Team members prepare to accompany Vixen to Africa. Justice League of America v.2 #25 (Nov. 2008)
Vixen recruits heroes from the altered reality to help her defeat Anansi. Batman is Paladin, Flash is Bart, GL is David Kim, Ocean Master is Orm. Others include Zatara, Hawk (resembles Warhawk) and Brown Bomber. Vixen accomplishes his challenge and Anansi restores reality. He admits his powers are lesser now, and warns of a threat—an individual who may alter reality himself. Justice League of America v.2 #26 (Dec. 2008)
When the JLA takes out an Intergang warehouse, they find evidence that the man who killed Vixen's mother is still alive. She returns home to Zambesi to find him. NOTE: This occurs after she regains her animal powers. Vixen #1-6 (Dec. 2008-5. 2008)
For helping them clean up kryptonite on Earth, Superman and Batman grant honorary membership to the Japanese Toyman (Hiro Okamura). NOTES: Hiro first appeared in Superman/Batman #4 (Jan. 2004), but was suggested to be a robot in Action #865 (July 2008). Superman/Batman #49 (Aug. 2008)
When the Shadow Thief expands his powers, it steals power from the "Shadowslide"—the teleportation system used by the Shadow Cabinet. The Thief's new access brings him into contact with Starbreaker, whom he frees from his other-dimensional prison. (Justice League of America v.2 #29, 33; 2009)
Part 1: Roy and Kendra realize they're not meant to be; she's in love with Hawkman. Doctor Light (Kimiyo) is approached by the Shadow Cabinet (Iron Butterfly, Gloria Mundi, Starlight, Payback, Hardware, Donner, Blitzen, Iota and Twilight). Kimiyo activates her old JLI signal device. The Cabinet seeks the remains of the evil Doctor Light (a candle) inside the Hall of Justice. They call in Icon for backup. Black Canary calls out the Trinity for meeting secretly in The Lounge. She scolds them and asks them to stop challenging her authority. NOTE: The Shadow Cabinet first appeared in Shadow Cabinet #0 (Jan. 1994) as a team. Hardware and Icon are not actually members. Their universe was not originally part of the DCU. Justice League of America v.2 #27 (Jan. 2009)
Part 2: Superman and Icon reveal they are working together, but they must keep a secret from their teams. Icon says they need the evil Doctor Light's remains to stop the omnipotent Starbreaker. Hawkman arrives with a warning. Justice League of America v.2 #28 (Feb. 2009)
Hardware uses the evil Doctor Light's remains to repower Kimio Hoshi; he crafts a new uniform for her. She thanks them by helping to restore Shadow Cabinet's teleportation ability. (Justice League of America v.2 #33, 7. 2009)
Part 3, Origins and Omens: Hawkman tells the JLA that the Shadow Thief's powers have been boosted, stealing power from the Shadow Cabinet's teleportation system. The villain attacks and the Cabinet help fight him. Rocket brings Doctor Light (Kimiyo) in to help (with a new costume built by Hardware). She dispels the Thief. They move to stop the moons shadow from colliding with Earth. The Cabinet depart with no further explanations. At Shadowspire in the Himalayas, Dharma reveals that Batman has died. Kendra and Roy fight the Fadeaway man in St. Roch; their relationship deteriorates. NOTE: Issue #29 was a tale of times past. Justice League of America v.2 #30 (Apr. 2009)