Fawcett Hero Appearances

Black Adam

» FIRST APPEARANCE: Marvel Family #1 (Dec.1945)

» SEE: Black Adam

From Who's Who #4 (1985); art by Kurt Schaffenberger.

Captain Marvel

Billy Batson.

» FIRST APPEARANCE: Whiz Comics, #2[1] (1940)

Orphaned as an infant, Billy Batson and his twin sister, Mary (see Mary Marvel), were watched     by nurse Sarah Primm. When a wealthy woman's infant daughter died unexpectedly, young Mary was left in her place, while young Billy was put into an orphanage. Later, Billy's Uncle Ebenezer took the boy in, but once he had gained control of Billy's inheritance, Ebenezer threw the boy out to make his own way in the world.

To support himself, young Billy sold newspapers, spending his nights in the warmth of a local subway station.
One rainy night, a mysterious trench-coated figure confronted Billy. and convinced the youngster to follow him into a deserted subway station where a strange vehicle arrived to carry them into the darkness. After a high-speed ride through twisting tunnels, the vehicle at last came to a halt within a weird subterranean cavern.

Billy followed the mysterious figure through an ancient underground hall, past grotesque statues of the Seven
Deadly Enemies of Man, to a large chamber where an incredibly old man with a long white beard sat on a marble throne beneath a massive block of granite held aloft by a single fraying thread.

The old man explained that he was Shazam, an ancient wizard who had used his powers to battle evil on Earth for more than 3000 years. His time on this world almost over, Shazam had picked Billy to be his successor, carrying on his fight against evil. Anthe wizard's command, Billy spoke the name "Shazam!" and a blinding flash of mystic lightning appeared, transforming the boy into a super-powerful adult, clad in a gold-and-crimson costume. The wizard explained that Billy was now Captain Marvel, the world's mightiest mortal, possessed of the powers of the legendary Elders who had given Shazam his name.

From Solomon, Captain Marvel gained wisdom; from Hercules, super-strength; from Atlas, boundless stamina; from Zeus, awesome power; from Achilles, courage; and from Mercury, incredible speed.
The wizard explained to Captain Marvel that he had only to speak the name Shazam and these powers would be his whenever needed. Then the wizard sat back on his throne, and was instantly crushed to death by the falling granite block.

Using his newfound abilities, Billy procured a job at local radio station WHIZ, where he became the city's youngest and most popular newscaster.

For a number of years. Captain Marvel served the cause of justice, until he and many of his closest friends and com panions were trapped in a globe of Suspendium by Doctor Thaddeus Bodog Sivana, the world's wickedest scientist, who also ended up a victim of his own invention.

At last, Captain Marvel and company were freed from their state of suspended animation, and returned to the lives and careers they had left behind decades before.

» SEE: Captain Marvel


From Who's Who #4 (1985); art by Dave Cockrum.

Captain Marvel Jr. / Shazam II

David and Rebecca Freeman (parents, deceased), Christopher (brother), Grandfalher Freeman (deceased), Grandfather Troop (deceased)

When his mother and fisherman father were accidentally killed during a hurricane, Freddy Freeman went to live with his fraternal grandfather, while his younger brother, Christopher, was taken in by their maternal grandfather, Grandpa Troop.

Years later, while Freddy and his grandpa were fishing in a local bay, they witnessed a oddly garbed man falling from the sky into the placid waters. Unknown to the Freemans, this was the villainous Captain Nazi, who had just been prevented from destroying an experimental fighter plane by the heroic Captain Marvel.
When Grandpa Freeman tried to help Captain Nazi into their small boat, Nazi murdered him with a single blow.

Freddie attacked Nazi with an oar, which Nazi turned back against him, knocking the boy into the water and leaving him for dead as Nazi made good his escape in the stolen boat.

Spotting the unconscious boy in the water, Captain Marvel flew him to a nearby hospital where he was told that the boy wasn't expected to live out the night.

Calling down his magic lightning, Captain Marvel was transformed back into teenage Billy Batson, who sneaked the dying Freddy out of the hospital and carried him to the abandoned subway tunnel Billy himself had entered months before. Traveling the same mysterious rout, Billy Billy arrived in the chambers of the ancient wizard Shazam, who had given Billy his Captain Marvel powers.

Summoning the spirit of the ancient wizard, Billy asked him to save Freddy's life. Shazam said he could not change what had already occurred, but that Billy could transfer some of his own super-power to Freddy merely by speaking the wizard's name.

Shouting "Shazam!" Billy changed once more into Captain Marvel. The sound of the magic lightning awakened the dying Freddy, who called his hero by name and was suddenly struck by a bolt of magic lightning into a healthy young man clad in a costume identical to Captain Marvel's own, save for the colors.
His life saved by the sudden influx of power, Freddy listened as Cap explained that Freddy was now Captain Marvel Jr. and that he could summon power equal to Cap's own merely by speaking his hero's name. The only reminder of Captain Nazi's attempt on his life was a lame leg that Freddy would never be able to heal.

For months, Captain Marvel Jr. battled evil alone and beside the other members of the Marvel Family, until he was trapped along with his closest friends and and companions in a globe of Suspendium, which put him into suspended animation for decades.

Freed from the Suspendium at long last, Freddy Freeman has opened his own newsstand and continues to fight crime as Captain Marvel Jr.

By shouting the name of his idol, Captain Marvel, Freddy Freeman is transformed by a bolt of enchanted lightning into a young super-hero possessed of six legendary elders. From Solomon, he gains wisdom; from Hercules, super-strength; from Atlas, stamina; from Zeus, power; from Achilles, courage; and from Mercury, super-speed. To transform himself back into Freddy Freeman, he has only to speak the name again to summon a second bolt of mystic lightning. Ironically, this makes Captain Marvel Jr. the only known super-hero incapable of speaking his own name, since that would summon the lightning that changes him back Into Freddy.

Captain Marvel Jr. is a superb athlete and a master of hand-to-hand combat, having learned everything he could from Captain Marvel.


  • Captain Marvel Adventures #52
  • Captain Marvel Junior, 119 issues (1942–53)
  • Marvel Family, 89 issues (1945–54)
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Captain Nazi


  • Captain Marvel Adventures #22
  • Captain Marvel, Jr. #1-3, 5, 8, 12-13, 15, 19 (May 1944): "General Nippon's Elusive Earthplane"
  • Master Comics #21-23, 26-28, 30, 33-34
  • Whiz Comics #25


  • Crisis on Infinite Earths #9
  • Shazam! #34
  • World's Finest Comics #253, 257-258

Captain Thunder


Name: William "Willie" Fawcett

» FIRST APPEARANCE: Superman v.1 #276 (June 1974)

Captain Thunder was based on the character of Captain Marvel, published by Fawcett Publications from 1939 to 1953. The name comes from the legend that the original Golden Age character was originally intended to be called Captain Thunder, but the name was changed to Marvel at the last moment.

Even though DC had already started publishing new adventures of Captain Marvel in late 1972, the decision was made to create a derivative of the character to battle Superman, hence Captain Thunder. The mention of "1953 dimensions" in the story is an obvious reference to Captain Marvel's last appearance at Fawcett.

It is unclear what Captain Thunder's proper time period or base of operations are. Comments were made that Willie Fawcett's crew cut is 20 years behind the times. Also, Willie suspected that he had traveled into the future, something he continued to believe even when he had ample time to check the date. One may therefore conclude that Captain Thunder was last active on his Earth in the early 1950's. Given that Willie believed Metropolis to be his own home city, albeit in the future, one can conclude that his city bears the same name.

Although Captain Thunder's parallel Earth was never formerly given a designation, it is referred to here as Earth-T (the "T" is for "Thunder", of course).

Captain Thunder had a cameo as one of many alternate Captain Marvels in THE POWER OF SHAZAM.

A group of orphan kids, of which Willie Fawcett was one, had been sent to camp every Summer. One night, when his buddies were asleep in their tent, Willie sat outside, with a funny feeling keeping him awake. He couldn't shake the feeling that something was going to happen. Suddenly, he heard a wise old owl, which swooped down and flew overhead until Willie followed. He ran off after the horned owl and followed it until he came to a hillside. The owl looked as if it would fly right into the solid rock wall, when suddenly the walls of the hill opened up. Although Willie should have been afraid to follow the owl inside, he wasn't. What he found was fantastic — Merokee, last of the great medicine men of the Mohegan tribe.

Merokee explains to Willie that he has awaited the youth's coming. Tribal legends had foretold that one day a boy would come forth who was noble of spirit. He would be invested with great powers by the last of the great Mohegan shamans. Merokee holds up a belt with a buckle bearing the image of a lightning bolt. He tells Willie that, when he wears the magic belt-buckle, he will have seven spiritual powers. Merokee points to the words inscribed on an animal hide hanging on the wall.

  • Tornado.....Power
  • Hare..........Speed
  • Uncas........Bravery
  • Nature.......Wisdom
  • Diamond...Toughness
  • Eagle.........Flight
  • Ram...........Tenacity
Merokee tells Willie to rub the buckle and say the magic word composed of the first letters of every name on the list. Willie rubs the buckle and speaks the word "Thunder!". A brilliant starburst and a thunderous "Sha-boom!" fill the torch-lit chamber, changing Willie Fawcett into Captain Thunder! Merokee raises his eyes to a hole in the cavern ceiling, proclaiming to the Great Spirit that his work is done and that he is ready to pass on. Captain Thunder watches in awe as Merokee is transformed into a spirit that rises out through the opening. Merokee tells Thunder that he is leaving him to battle evil wherever it may appear.

Over the next few years, Captain Thunder would fight many crimes and injustices all over the world. One memorable battle was against the Monster League of Evil. He had fought them across 1,953 dimensions of time and space. Thunder imprisons them in a misty dimension, but not before they secretly do something to him which will make him turn evil. He heads back home across the time-and-space barrier, but ends up as Willie Fawcett in an alley in Earth-One's Metropolis. Sure enough, when Willie transforms into Captain Thunder, he becomes evil, as the Monster League had planned. After two battles with Superman, Thunder is forced to use his wisdom to override the hold the League has on him. Now cured, Thunder realizes how he got lost and, using his magic word, returns to his own parallel Earth.

Powers: Captain Thunder derives his powers from his magic belt buckle. By rubbing the buckle and saying the magic word "Thunder!", young Willie Fawcett becomes Captain Thunder. When, using the same method, Thunder transforms back into his young alter ego, Willie automatically appears safely on the ground, regardless of where Thunder happened to be. Captain Thunder has immeasurable strength, super-speed, invulnerability, the power of flight, and great bravery, wisdom, and tenacity. He can also use his magic word to break the space-time barrier and travel to other dimensions.


Crocodile Man

» FIRST APPEARANCE: Captain Marvel Adventures #22 (1943)

From Who's Who #21 (1986); art by Kurt Schaffenberger.

Doctor Sivana


  • America's Greatest Comics #3-4
  • Captain Marvel Adventures #1–5, 11, 17, 20, 22-25, 28, 41, 46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 65, 70, 71, 76, 78, 80, 82, 84, 85, 88, 89, 92, 94, 95, 97, 100, 107, 110, 113, 116, 118, 121, 125, 127, 130, 134, 136, 138, 141, 144, 146, 148, 150
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  • Titans v.2 #37-38 (October 2011): "The Methuselah Imperative, Part 3 of 3"


» FIRST APPEARANCE: Captain Marvel Adventures (Fawcett) #41 (November, 1944)


» FIRST APPEARANCE: Captain Marvel Adventures #26 (Aug. 1943)

Hoppy the Marvel Bunny

In Hoppy's first appearance in DC Comics (in DC Comics Presents #34), Hoppy and Millie find themselves magically transported to Earth-S, the home of the Marvel Family in the Pre-Crisis DC Universe. He aids the Marvel Family and Superman against Mister Mind, Mister Mxyzptlk, and King Kull. In this story both Hoppy and Millie were depicted as white bunnies, instead of their usual pink. Hoppy appears in The Oz-Wonderland War #2, where he fights alongside Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew. His silhouette is briefly seen in Limbo, where forgotten characters from DC continuity currently reside, pursued by Ace the Bat-Hound, which is the character's last recorded appearance in the DC Multiverse, during the events of Final Crisis.

» FIRST APPEARANCE: Fawcett's Funny Animals #1 (Dec. 1942)

from obscure...

The Marvel Family got together for a reunion in 1946 (MARVEL FAMILY #2). Captain Marvel was there as was Captain Marvel, Jr., Mary Marvel, the Lieutenant Marvels and Uncle Marvel. Not in attendance were Black Adam (R.I.P.), Freckles Marvel and one other — Hoppy the Marvel Bunny.

Created by Chad Grothkopf, Hoppy had debuted in Fawcetts FUNNY ANIMALS #1 (dated December, 1942). Like many real life kids who followed Captain Marvels adventures, Animalville resident Hoppy couldnt resist trying the Shazam magic word for himself after a bully set his sights on his girlfriend Millie. And, sure enough, it worked. Captain Marvel Bunny had a healthy eleven year run and his adventures ceased only when Fawcett acquiesced to DC's wishes and stopped published Marvel Family stories. In addition to FUNNY ANIMALS #1-83 (missing only #49-54), Hoppy also had fifteen issues of his own title (1945-1947)and a single episode in 1948s MASTER COMICS #91.

Charlton Comics bought the rights to a number of Fawcett properties and, as noted by Roy Thomas in 1964s ALTER EGO #7, they used a number of old Marvel Bunny strips as secondary features in ATOMIC MOUSE COMICS. Charlton changed his magic word to Alizam, his costume to blue (without the lightning-bolt insignia), and his name to Hoppy the MAGIC Bunny, and they were in business. And nobody sued, either. In this form, Hoppy appeared in FUNNY ANIMALS #84-88 and ATOMIC MOUSE #14-15.

Through it all, Hoppy only managed to cross paths with his inspirations on one occasion in the Golden Age. In 1948s MARVEL FAMILY #28, as recounted in STERANKOS HISTORY OF COMICS #2, Mary Marvel had gone to the planetoid Vesta to break up a war between the Cat People and the Dog People. Billy Batson was watching the events through a telescope, and deciding his sister needed help, he went to Animalville to ask Hoppy to change into Captain Marvel Bunny and go to her aid. The Worlds Mightiest Bunny was glad to oblige. Mary Marvel? Sure Ill be glad to help! Ill yell the magic word — SHAZAM! Marvel Bunny knocked some sense back into the other animal people on Vesta, and returned to Animalville.

Years later, in his first crack at writing the adventures of Captain Marvel and company, Roy Thomas had Mister Mind and Mister Mxyzptlk join forces. In DC COMICS PRESENTS #34 (1981; art by Rich Buckler and Dick Giordano), the magical imp thrust Superman and Captain Marvel into a dimension of funny animals, magically trading them for two of the locals. The locals in question, to no ones surprise, were Hoppy and Millie. The two bunnies were hauled off by the police of Earth-S for disturbing the peace and Hoppy, taking advantage of the fact that his girl friend had fainted, flew into action.

Learning that King Kull was attacking the Marvels at the United Nations, Marvel Bunny obliquely recalled the events of MARVEL FAMILY #28, noting that I cant BEAR the thought of that nice Mary Marvel in peril. Thanks to the departure of a disenchanted Mxyzptlk, the magical spell that had enabled Kull to triumph was gone and Captain Marvel Bunny succeeded where Mary and Junior had failed. After shaking hands with Superman, Marvel Bunny flew back to his home dimension with Millie in tow.

What about Hoppy? she asked.

Ill, er, come back for him later.

As editor, Thomas checked in on Hoppy one more time in late 1985s continuation of the Captain Carrot series, THE OZ-WONDERLAND WARS #2 (with art by E. Nelson Bridwell, Joey Cavalieri and Carol Lay) . Attempting to locate his foe Captain Carrot, the Nome King Roquat magically summoned an assortment of fictional rabbits to an underground lair — including Millie and Hoppy. Slipping behind a stalagmite, Hoppy returned in costume, proclaiming that I have within me ALL the power of Salamander, Hogules, Antlers, Zebreus, Abalone and Monkury! The initial rivalry between Marvel Bunny and Captain Carrot soon faded in battle and Cap put his hand on Hoppys shoulder. What do you say we MOP UP the last of them TOGETHER? Disgusted with the outcome, Roquat moaned that bringing these BLASTED BUNNIES together is the most HARE-BRAINED IDEA Ive ever come up with. I wish Id never thought of it! In an instant, all the rabbits returned to their places of origin.

With the creation of a new, oh-so- serious DC Universe in the wake of CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, Hoppy seemed destined to spend eternity in comic book limbo (as in 1990s ANIMAL MAN #25). Instead, after being glimpsed in an alternate reality in 1997s POWER OF SHAZAM! #27, the Marvel Bunny made a full-fledged return in POS #29 (by Jerry Ordway, Pete Krause and Dick Giordano).

At a birthday party for himself and his sister Mary, Billy Batson had run afoul of a magician while he trying to figure out how the Great Carlini had pulled a cartoon rabbit out of his hat. As Carlini threatened him, Billy called out Shazam! and awoke with his hands around the ears of a rabbit, dressed like a Captain Marvel. Cap had unwittingly been transported to a world of cartoon animals and transformed a rabbit into a super-hero simultaneously.

Hoppy, who discovered that the Marvel Family magic prevented his girlfriend Millie from recognizing him, explained that an evil trio of animals abduct the citizens of Animalville for Sorcero, then take them up to this hole in the sky ... where a hand pulls them through, so that a bunch of monsters — like YOU — can terrorize them. And then when its over, the citizens — predominantly bunnies, wander around in shock for days after.

The two Marvels tracked the mystery back to a human magician named Sorcero, who had gained access to an other-dimensional portal that could be accessed through his top hat. The magicians assistant, Hans Carlini, had forced his mentor through the portal and exiled him to the world of funny animals. "He taps that wand — my old wand, on the hat as a signal to send a bunny through the interdimensional portal for him to pluck out of the hat, Sorcero explained. The tapping causes me extreme pain, you see — Ill do ANYTHING to make it stop, so he gets his rabbits.

Alerted that the sky portal was burning, Cap realized that the lightning from his transformation had ignited the top hat. Sorcero admitted that the destruction of the hat would end Carlinis reign of terror but that Cap would be stranded if he didnt leave immediately. Switching identities, Billy slid through the flaming gateway with a boost from the newest Marvel.

Waking up in his bed, Billy was assured by Mary that hed only had a dream. Look, she insisted. I SAW Carlini jolted backwards, breaking his wand, when the lightning hit the first time ... then you said the word again a second later. Lucky thing too, or hed have seen the transformation.

But what if time passed differently there? A SECOND for YOU could have lasted HOURS for me. It COULDVE happened, Mary. It SEEMED real.

Slapping her brother over the head with a pillow, Mary repeated, It was a dream, bonehead!

Somewhere, looking up as a flickering hole in the sky blinked out, a flying rabbit in a red and gold costume made a vow. Your memory will live on in the good deeds Ill perform ... as Hoppy the Marvel Bunny! You cant keep a good hare down.



  • Fawcett's Funny Animals #1-68 issues (1942–50)
  • Hoppy the Marvel Bunny #3-15 (1946–1947)
  • Master Comics #91 (May 1948)
  • Marvel Family #28/3 (October 1948)


  • DC Comics Presents #34
  • Oz-Wonderland Wars #2
  • Animal Man #25 


IBAC the Cursed, originally a small-time crook with big ambitions — Stanley ("Stinky") Printwhistle, Prince Lucifer of Hell gave him, in return for his soul, the powers of evil from four of history's worst tyrants: Ivan the Terrible, Cesare Borgia, Attila the Hun, and Caligula. When he said their names spelled out by their initials, "IBAC," he was changed by green flame into a powerful being of pure evil. Each time Captain Marvel has defeated him, Printwhistle has vowed to reform, but somehow he wound up saying the word again, and once changed to IBAC, became evil. As Stanley, he is now a street cleaner. (Since he never defeated Captain Marvel, he did not lose his soul to Lucifer.)


  • America's Greatest Comics #5
  • Captain Marvel Adventures #8, 9, 22, 23


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  • Salvation Run #3-6
  • Secret Six v.2 #1-2
  • Villains United #5-6


» FIRST APPEARANCE: Captain Marvel Adventures #36 (June 1944)

Jeepers, an intelligent bat-monster, the last of his cave-dwelling race.

King Kull

» FIRST APPEARANCE: Captain Marvel Adventures #125 (Oct. 1951): "The Return of the Ancient Villain"

King Kull the Beastman, only survivor of an ancient race that enslaved the early humans. Eventually the humans revolted against their cruel masters and destroyed all but the Beastmen's king, Kull, who hid in an underground chamber where he lay in suspended animation for thousands of years. Awakened by an earthquake, he emerged to use the ancient scientific devices his race had invented to try to destroy humankind. He is immensely strong,g and even gave Captain Marvel a good fifth.


  • Captain Marvel Adventures #125, 129, 130, 133, 137, 141, 145, 149
  • Marvel Family #67, 73, 77, 86


  • DC Comics Presents #34
  • Justice League of America #135-137
  • Shazam! #35
  • World's Finest Comics #253, 257, 264, 265, 267

From Who's Who #4 (1985); art by Bob Oksner.

Mary Marvel

Merrill and Jocelyn Bat· son (pa/911ts, deceased), Billy Batson
(brother), Ebenezer Batson (uncle), Mrs. Bromfield (foster mother), Mister Bromfield (foster father. deceased), Dudley (pre-
18t)ded unde),Mary "Freckles" Dudley (prel8nded cousin) When the parents of Mary and Billy Batson died in an auto accident, the babies were briefly cared tor by their nurse, Sarah Primm. She was also nurse for a wealthy family whose baby daughter suffered crib death. Miss Primm substituted baby Mary
for the dead child, while Billy went to an orphanage.
So it was that Mary Batson was raised as Mary Bromfield. She knew there was· some mystery, for nurse Primm gave her half of a broken locket, telling her It would one day change her life.
Q. Eventually, Mary met Billy, now a radio newscaster, and secretly Captain Marvel. She was one of three
contestants on the TV show Mental Marvel Quiz,
which Billy emceed; another on that show was Freddy Freeman.
R. A note was slipped to Billy from Sarah
Primm, who was dying. During a commercial break, he
S. slipped away and, as Captain Marvel, flew to her home. She revealed all, giving Billy the other half of the broken locket by which to identify his long- lost sister. But before she could reveal the name of the Bromfields,
T. Sarah died.
U. Back at the studio, Mary won the quiz show.
V. Afterward, Billy confided what he had learned to Freddy — and suddenly realized Mary was wearing just such a locket as he was seeking.

Changing to Captain Marvel and Captain Marvel Jr., they followed her limousine and were just in time to see kidnappers carrying her into a
brownstone. They went in, knocked out
the crooks, and then Captain Marvel checked two halves of the locket,
discovering they fit.
When Cap and Junior changed back to Billy and Freddy to inform Mary of their
secret, she wondered if saying Billy's word would change her, too, but Billy was sure "old Shaz ... er, you-know-who ... wouldn't give his powers to a girl!'
Then the kidnappers came to and surprised the youngsters, gagging Billy and Freddy. Mary exclaimed, "Billy can't say 'Shazam!'"
Magic lightning stabbed down, and Mary Batson became Mary Marvel, the Wor1d's Mightiest Girl. She quickly mopped up the hoods and freed the boys. Alter turning the criminals over to the police, the youngsters went to the abandoned subway tunnel and summoned the spirit of Shazam.

He revealed that Mary had the powers of
goddesses rather than gods: the grace of Selena, the strength of Hippolyta, the skill of Ariadne, the fleetness of Zephyrus, the beauty of Aurora, and the wisdom of Minerva.
(The accuracy of this list is doubtful, as Zephyrus was a god, not a goddess, and , the chart does not account for all Mary's powers.)
> Captain Marvel trained Mary well, and she became an accomplished crime. fighter. Mary recorded her deeds in her

Good Deed Ledger, but one day she lost it, and was found by a man who claimed to be her Uncle Dudley. Although his Uncle Marvel identity was a sheer fraud, Mary accepted him as her uncle — and his niece, Mary "Freckles" Dudley, as her cousin. Freckles sometimes wore a costume and called herself Freckles Marvel, but she never pretended to have Shazam powers as Uncle Dudley did.
After a few years of activity as Mary Marvel, the girl and her friends and fellow heroes were trapped by the Sivanas in
Suspendium for decades. Finally freed, they returned to their old lives, aided by Shazam's magic.


  • Captain Marvel Adventures #18, 19, 37,43, 65, 69
  • Marvel Family, 89 issues (1945–54)
  • Mary Marvel, 28 issues (1945–48)
  • Master Comics #118 (October 1950): "The Big Rock Candy Mountain"
  • Whiz Comics #48 (November 1943): "Pin-Up Boy"
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From Who's Who #15 (1986); art by Michael Chen and Mike DeCarlo.

Mister Atom

» FIRST APPEARANCE: Captain Marvel Adventures #78 (Nov. 1947)

Mister Atom is the creation of Dr. Charles Langley, a scientist who believed he could create artificial Iife through atomic energy.

Langley built a giant robot body that he planned to bring to life through a gradual process. However, his computations were wrong, and life came suddenly to the robot through an explosion that not only gave Mister Atom fantastic strength, but programmed him with great knowledge. Leaving Langley in the wreckage of his lab, the atomic robot went forth to the world of men. Seeing how much mightier he was than they, he determined to make himself ruler of Earth. The men could serve him or perish — it made no difference to him.

Meanwhile, Captain Marvel saved Langley, and the scientist had told him of his robot, so he guessed whom he was meeting when he went to battle a creature at the U.N. who was demanding the allegiance of the Earth — and had already killed one delegate with a blast of atomic power.

Through two encounters, the pair fought one another to a draw. Then each struck, one last mighty blow — and Captain Marvel won. Mister Atom was confined in a thick-walled lead underground prison from which even he could not escape — yet Cap himself could not destroy him.

It was beings from a giant comet who freed Mister Atom, teaming with him to subjugate Earth — though they planned to destroy him once it was done. To demonstrate his power, Mister Atom began destroying a town — but was stopped by Captain Marvel. He and the Comet Man headed by spaceship for the comet, only to see it blow up. Mister Atom insisted they help him conquer Earth anyway, and this led to a fight that seemingly wiped them all out in one blast.

However, Mister Atom had been hurled over 100 years into the future, to a world in which nearly everything was run by atomic power. This seemed the perfect world for him to rule. But Captain Marvel, warned by the spirit of Shazam, traveled to the year 2053 to foil the robot's plans. This time, Mister Atom was apparently destroyed by a burst of atomic energy.

In fact, when King Kull the Beastman took over the Rock of Eternity, he used this genius to bring Mister Atom from the 21st Century to aid him. A battle with the heroes of three Earths ended with Atom being propelled to a distant star.

Mister Mind's machinations returned him to Earth, and this time Captain Marvel hurled him into orbit around the sun. But the magic of Oggar again brought him back, to join the Monster Society itself. Now Captain Marvel tossed him from the Rock of Eternity into another galaxy, one in which life never developed, and where Mister Atom could do no harm.

Mister Atom is made of an ultra-powerful metal infused with the raw power of the atom. He is therefore immensely strong and virtually indestructible, and can emit nuclear blasts from his hands. He is also able to fly. Mister Atom has a brilliant mind, but he is untinged with human feeling. Hence he kills without mercy or remorse.


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Mister Banjo

» FIRST APPEARANCE: Captain Marvel Adventures #8 (March 6, 1942)

Mister Banjo was a criminal, Dr. Filpots, who spied for the Axis and used a musical code to transmit American military secrets.

Captain Marvel Adventures #8, 10, 23


Mister Banjo was "a master criminal, an ingenious plotter of crimes — a fiend who would snuff out life as easily as he would blow out a candle." This unseen criminal genius terrorized the East coast in the days before the United States' entrance into World War Two. Law enforcement officials believed they had their big break when mobster Trigger Danny agreed to reveal all he knew about the mastermind in exchange for a lighter sentence. In early 1942, the stoolie was gunned down in retaliation.

As surgeons fought for Danny's life on a hospital table, WHIZ Radio newscaster Billy Batson slipped into the operating room, intent on getting the scoop on the wounded man's condition. Instead, Batson would determine Danny's fate. The plunking notes of a banjo heralded the arrival of a trio of gun-wielding hoods who were sought to finish what they'd started. With one magic word, Billy transformed himself into Captain Marvel and left the hitmen gift-wrapped for the police.

The local story was soon eclipsed by a national crisis. The United States' efforts in World War Two were being hampered by a saboteur, someone who was routinely leaking confidential military shipping routes to the Japanese.

Disguised by a rather obvious long white beard, Billy paid a visit to American Naval Headquarters. There, he witnessed a verbal altercation between a French "arteest" who wanted to see "zee commanding officer" and an oblivious secretary absorbed in her typing. Inevitably, a strapping sailor ejected the troublemaker. Billy followed the stranger, noting the curious detail that he was vigorously whistling as he strolled away.

The melody was overheard by a balding, well-fed gentleman with a bulbous nose, a tattered green three-piece suit and a porkpie hat. He rushed away, gasping, "Gotta hurry before I forget it!" Outside a printing shop, the fat man strummed the tune of his banjo until a man inside demanded that he "cut the racket!" Requesting "just a few pennies for Mister Banjo," the musician made his exit once he'd received a coin. In turn, a transmitter within the shop relayed the musical notes around the globe to a Japanese outpost and alerted them to bomb a "U.S. battleship nearing Guam."

Meanwhile, Billy had confronted the Frenchman at the moment that the spy was assassinated by the returning Mister Banjo. With his final words, the man identified his killer and explained that "they told me — they would release my family — in occupied France — if I carry their messages ..." Billy turned to find a gun in his face. "I'M Mister Banjo, buddy! Now it's YOUR turn!"

Calling out "Shazam," Billy changed into Captain Marvel just in time to beat Mister Banjo's bullet. Before he could interrogate the killer, Cap was distracted by a man in a Marvel Family uniform who'd just robbed a bank.

With "Cap" wanted for questioning, it fell to Billy to solve the case. Returning to Naval headquarters, the newscaster found Boogey, the man who'd pretended to be Cap, chatting with the still-typing secretary. Suddenly, everything clicked in Billy's head and he asked an officer to detain the woman and Boogey: "She's typing in Morse Code ... giving that man the secrets!"

"The girl learns the secrets ... and then one of the spy gang calls in here — she types out the message in code on her typewriter — that's how all the messages leak out. ... After they get the code down pat, the man walks along the street whistling it ... and then Mister Banjo picks it up and plays it to some more spies. By this method, it's carried halfway around the world."

Captain Marvel nabbed the conspirators at the print shop and trailed Boogey to a ship in the city's harbor. There, he smashed Mister Banjo's instrument over his head and tossed the unconscious musical murderer into the ocean. Boogey revealed that "Mister Banjo is really old Filpots — that business of killin' Trigger Danny was just a stall to cover his other activities. HE'S the real head of the international spy ring — he's been in cahoots with them orientals for years."

"OHO! Then instead of getting rid of ONE killer — I got rid of TWO!" (CAPTAIN MARVEL ADVENTURES #8, illustrated by C.C. Beck) Cap's tough talk for Boogey's benefit notwithstanding, the World's Mightiest Mortal presumably returned to fetch Mister Banjo out of the drink. The spymaster was, alas, long gone.

The Japanese assault on U.S. forces and Captain Marvel in particular continued when the evil Nippo came on the scene in CMA #9. Within moments of his capture, Station WHIZ had received an encoded message. His hair standing on end, Billy told station manager Sterling Morris that "it's our Captain Marvel code! And it's signed Mister Banjo!"


Or, for those of you who left your Captain Marvel Code Cards in your other pants: "You thought I'd been finished off, didn't you? Wait till I get hold of you next month!"

And sure enough, Mister Banjo returned in the final story in CMA #10 (with art by Pete Costanza). The nation had been stunned by President Roosevelt's decision to recall the entire naval fleet from the Pacific. Fearing that the outcome of the war was in jeopardy, Captain Marvel flew to the White House and offered to single-handedly take over for the Navy. "I'll thank you to mind your own affairs, Capt. Marvel!" FDR snapped. "I'll manage to run the country. Good day!"

As he left the Oval Office, Cap realized that he'd just spoken to an imposter but, before he could act on the knowledge, the floor opened beneath him and he fell into a sub-basement. There, he faced Mister Banjo and his gang, who'd arranged a death trap, a heavy-duty compression elevator designed to crush Big Red Cheeses. By the time, he'd muscled his way to freedom, Cap had lost the villains.

A tip led Billy to the secluded Templar Mansion, where he was immediately captured by Mister Banjo and company. After his failure in the previous outing, the saboteur was now being watch-dogged by a beautiful Axis spy named Mata. She was mystified by Banjo's interest in Billy but the fat man knew there was a connection between him and Captain Marvel. Though he'd witnessed Billy's earlier transformation, the villain couldn't remember it because of the magic inherent in the lightning bolt.

When Batson refused to reveal his secrets, he was flung from the mansion via an ancient catapult. A bolt of lightning pierced the sky and one of the gunmen shrieked, "The kid's exploded!" Captain Marvel began a swift mop-up operation even as the ringleaders fled. Speeding away in a motorboat, Mata shouted to her collaborator that "you're through, Mister Banjo. The cause no longer needs you."

With Cap's hands around his throat, Banjo pleaded, "Don't hit me — I'll talk, I'll tell everything!" A heavy hook near the mansion's ceiling made a convenient holding device for the villain, who shrieked in terror as disturbed bats swirled around him. Captain Marvel concluded the case by freeing the President, who confirmed that "these rattlesnakes meant to kill me in cold blood."

Scheduled to be tried for war crimes, Mister Banjo escaped from prison in 1943 to participate in Mister Mind's Monster Society of Evil. Though present in Captain Marvel's first skirmish with the league of villains (CMA #22), Mister Banjo failed to return in any of the subsequent battles. His fate — and the role he was meant to play in the Monster Society — have never come to light.

  • Captain Marvel Adventures #22
  • Who's Who #15
  • Kingdom Come #3 (cameo)
  • World's Funnest

Mister Mind

» SEE: Mister Mind and the Monster Society of Evil

Voice only: Captain Marvel Adventures #22 (March 26, 1943). Fully shown: Captain Marvel Adventures #26 (Aug. 1943)


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Nippo from Nagasaki (apparently a codename — real name unknown) was a Japanese agent who used blackmail to force Japanese-Americans to assist him. A master of swordplay and the martial arts, he nonetheless was no match for Captain Marvel. Whether he survived the war is uncertain. He may have been in his native city when it was hit by the second atomic bomb strike.

» FIRST APPEARANCE: Captain Marvel Adventures #9 (Apr. 1942)


Captain Marvel Adventures #61 (24 May 1946)

Oggar, the World's Mightiest Immortal, was once a disciple of Shazam. When Shazam was briefly accessing Oggar's power, he was called called Shazamo (with the "O" standing for Oggar). He attained godhood and immortality, then revolted against Shazam, who banished him and cursed him with cloven hooves instead of human feet. He has no power to harm women with his magic. He first battled Captain Marvel as head of the Cult of the Curse, taking as followers a group of madmen. Ironically, his curse on those who failed was insanity, so when each failed, his mind was restored to normal. The witch Circe, his ancient enemy, finally turned Oggar into a wild boar and he plunged over a cliff — supposedly to his death. In fact, he was still immortal, and when Mister Mind, as the Invincible Man, diverted much of the power of the universe, this broke the spell, returning Oggar to normal.

  • Captain Marvel Adventures #61-66
  • World's Finest Comics #264, 267

From Who's Who #20 (1986); art by Jerry Bingham.


9,000 years ago six gods chose a boy, Shazam, to use their powers to battle evil. When he said the magic word VLAREM, he changed In a flash of lightning to the Champion and possessed the following powers: the strength of Voldar, the wisdom of Lumiun, the speed of Arel, the power of Ribalvei, the courage of Elbiam, and the stamina of Marzosh.

When Evil, most dread of gods, appeared, able to split into three forms — Sin, Terror, and Wickedness — the Champion needed help, so the gods told him of a successor he would h a v e in the far future and sent him there to seek the aid of Captain Marvel. Together, they defeated Evil and his servants, the Seven Sins. Later, using the magic taught him by the gods, Shazam turned the Seven Sins into stone. He and Captain Marvel imprisoned Evil in his lair — a pit in Eternity — by erecting a mighty stone above it — the Rock of Eternity.

For some 3,000 years Shazam battled Evil as The Champion, until the gods he knew were forgotten by all save himself. He became a greet wizard in Egypt and, while there, resolved to endow another hero, Teth- Adam, with the powers of Egyptian gods.

When the hero, now Black Adam, turned evil, Shazam banished him to the farthest star.
The wizard resolved that he would do as the old gods had done, and next choose a boy, not a man.
Why he left Egypt is not certain, but Shazam sojourned in Greece during its Heroic Age, becoming friends with Zeus and Hermes, the Titan Atlas, and the heroes Herakles and Achilles.

Later he was in Israel at the time of the wise King Solomon. Centuries later, when Achilles and Solomon were long dead, Shazam summoned their spirits to join Zeus, Hermes, Atlas, and Hercules (now a god) to do good in the world. To the six was added a seventh, a young god named Oggar, and for a time Shazam was known as Shazamo.

However, Oggar rebelled and turned evil, and Shazam banished him and with one blow struck the "O" from the name on his marble throne.

Ages passed, and Shazam was living in a cavern beneath Fawcett City, near an abandoned subway tunnel, with the stone statues that had been the Seven Sins decorating one side of it. His time had come, and above his throne hung a granite block weighing tons, supported by a single thread. So the wizard sent a mysterious messenger to bring to him the boy he already knew would be his successor — from his time-trip as The Conqueror — Billy Batson. Shazam g a v e to him the power of the six Elders. Then the block fell and Shazam died.

In Eternity, Shazam took residence in a temple on the Rock of Eternity, and on the rock he carved the deeds of Captain Marvel and the others to whom he gave powers.

From Eternity one can reach any time period or dimensional world. Hence the Marvels go there in order to time-travel.

From a hero with mighty powers, Shazam became a great adept at magic, so great he was at last virtually a god — but not quite. He eventually had to die. Shazam's abilities today are limited to dispatching his magic thunderbolts and advising the Marvel Family.

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From Who's Who #25 (1986); art by Kurt Schaffenberger.

Tawky Tawny

Born an ordinary tiger in India, Tawny was only a, small cub when a hunter shot his mother. Thoma Todd, son of a missionary,. adopted the cub and named him Mr. Tawny. As he grew older, however, people feared his savage nature would emerge and he would become a killer. When a man was killed by a tiger, Mr. Tawny was blamed. Tom leapt to his pet's back and fled into the jungle to evade those who would have killed the big cat.
Here they met an old hermit who was a brilliant scientist. He had invented a a serum to energize an animal's brain and alter its vocal cords, enabling it to speak. Tawny was a good subject to try it on, and he was soon able to think and speak like a human.

Now determined to clear his name, Tawny tracked down and killed the rogue tiger that had actually slain the man. When he spoke in his own defense, everyone was amazed.

Later, Tom's father was transferred, and the boy had to leave leave the tiger behind.

Tawny went to live with the hermit Now he found that the long-range effects of the serum were making greater changes in him. He could walk upright, like a human, using the full foot instead of only the toes like other tigers. His "hands" changed, too, enabling him to grasp things with his forepaws, like a human.

And now Tawny desired to see civilization, though the hermit advised against it

The tiger stowed away on a ship that took him to Fawcett City. The appearance of a tiger there caused panic. Captain Marvel caught him and put him in a zoo. He thought he had imagined that the big cat spoke. Tawny escaped and had no trouble getting food, as everyone fled from him and he took what he wanted. This went for clothes, too, as he now wanted to dress like men. The next time they met, Captain Marvel found him dressed and speaking clearly. The World's Mightiest Mortal got him a job as a museum guide.

When he moved into a house, Tawny came up against prejudice, as many people didn't like the idea of a tiger living in their neighborhood. However, some of the bigots accidentally started a fire that endangered people, and Tawny went to the rescue, earning his neighbors' respect.

Since he needed a first name, Tawny allowed Billy Batson to run a contest to find one. The winning name was Tawky, and he has used it ever since.

Though basically he remained a guide. Tawky also worked as a model for the Hubb Clothing Company. He tried his hand at inventing, though without great success. And he also did some detective work, demonstrating the skills of a feline Sherlock Holmes.

Tawky Tawny was one of those caught in suspendium for decades by the Sivana Family and eventually restored by Captain Marvel. He is one of the few people to whom Captain Marvel has revealed his identity, and he has actually met Shazam.

Mr. Tawny was not fully grown when he was given the serum; hence he grew to more human dimensions. (A full-grown male tiger can be 12 feet long, 5 feet high at the shoulder, and weigh 500 pounds.) However, he possesses strength greater than that of many men his size, combined with the claws and fangs of a tiger. As he has learned hand-to-hand combat. he is 'a truly formidable foe to anyone foolish
enough to get into a fight with him.


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Uncle Marvel


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