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Harpis of Aello

Demonia (sister, deceased)

Omega Men

Green Lantern v.2 #141 (June 1981)


Young Harpis and her sister, Demonia were born on the Vegan world of Aello (also known as Stormswift). Though they were close, Demonia always begrudged her sister's good looks and fortune. This situation was made worse when the sisters were caught in a terrible storm. Harpis, who was enthralled by the legends of Aello's winged heroes, set out to rescue an endangered child. Though her efforts were valiant, she was unable to complete the rescue without Demonia's help. Demonia transported the two to safety using via aircraft, but when they returned, only Harpis was heralded as a planetary hero. Her reward would be a pair of bioengineered wings attached to her back. (Omega Men Annaul #1)

Later, the pair traveled to Raggashoon, a world that promised money and power for those eager enough to take it. They found work as prostitutes but where Demonia was concerned only with power, Harpis fast became a favorite among visiting soldiers. (One of these was her future teammate and friend, Tigorr, when he was a commander in the Great Wars. But it was one of Tigorr's men, Delengis, who ultimately captured Harpis' heart. Their romance was cut brutally short the day the evil Komand'r came to call. Komand'r was a powerful commander in Vega's ruling power structure and she singled out Harpis and others for genetic alteration.

Harpis' madame, "Mama," had no choice but to give her girls over to Komand'r, who planned to custom-design playmates for her leiutenants. Demonia was also selected for transformation; where Harpis was horrified by the results, Demonia was elated. For three years, Harpis then traveled alongside her new Citadellian "mate." Ultimately, fate brought her to Tamaran where the Citadel clashed a band of Tigorr's rebels. When Harpis spotted Delengis among them, she leapt into battle alongside the rebels. The rebels were defeated that day, and Harpis and Demonia were jailed. (OM #11)


At Home Among the Damned

Eventually the girls' path met up with another charismatic leader, Primus. Primus took one hundred compatriots, called the Omega Men, with him to Earth, where they could hide and plan their next offensive. They eventually encountered the Green Lantern Hal Jordan in Newfoundland. It was Harpis who first encountered him and returned to warn Primus. Harpis was among several who thught Hal and his girlfriend Carol should be put to death but in the end, she deferred to Primus judgment. Regardless, Demonia threatened to disobey his orders and kill the humans herself. (Green Lantern v.2 #141) Primus himself prevented her from committing the murders. (#142)

The Omega Men soon returned to Vega, renewed. Not long afterwards, Harpis was with a group that was attacked by the bounty hunters Lobo and Bedlam. Bedlam delivered a critical blow to Harpis then ripped off her wings. (Omega Men #3)

The loss of her wings sent Harpis into a psychotic state. This was worsened when she learned Demonia had turned traitor and was killed by Tigorr. (#4) While she convalesced on Euphorix, she and others were captured by the Citadel once again. (#9) After freeing themselves, Harpis' friends tended to her mental state by returning her to Raggashoon. Mama Madame soothed the raving Harpis with her psychic powers. She then placed her in the care of the long-lost Delengis, whom Harpis had believed dead. (#11)

Mama Madame approved a painful procedure in hopes of restoring Harpis' sanity. The process succeeded in mentally reconnecting Harpis with her wings, which were in Bedlam's possession on Karna. (#14)


Rebirth and Death

Harpis' wings were intercepted by the Citadel commander Harry Hokum after their departure from Karna. Hokum took them to the hell planet of Sindromeda, and entrusted them to the powerful demon, Sharduma. By this time, Harpis was well enough to steal a ship from Raggashoon and intuitively follow the trail to her wings. Once on Sindromeda, Harpis was aided by the strange symbiote, the Grafalloon, which carried her into battle with Sharduma. Amazingly, Harpis was able to reclaim her wings from him, and even decided to save him from a death fall. (Annual #1)

Harpis chose to leave the Omega Men and return to Aello. But though she had reunited with Delengis and old friends, she no longer felt at home. Sometime thereafter, before the Spider Guild overtook Vega, she returned to her true family — the Omega Men. (#31)

During this time, a relationship began to bloom between she and Tigorr, who gave her a Karnan nickname, A'Haarp. Tigorr later revealed that he had always loved Harpis, but Demonia (in life and death) had kept them apart. (#31) She was with Tigorr and other Omegans When the Spider Guild enslaved Vega. Their ship was engulfed by a mammoth space beast called the Viathan and taken to the Psion Wombworld. Therein, they were all anesthetized. (#26)

After overcoming this obstacle, Harpis discovered that her body was atrophying as a result of the Psions' original genetic tampering. (#34) When the Omega Men established a haven on the moon Kuraq, Harpis remained to help guide the new colonists. (#38) Under unknown circumstances, Harpis was able to halt the atrophy in her body.

She continued to fight alongside the Omega Men even though her relationship with Tigorr came to an end. His new wife, Felicity was killed in their next great battle, during the Dominators' war against Earth. (Invasion #1)

Harpis became a great warrior and an indispensible part of the Omega Men. She was on hand to aid Adam Strange against a Thanagarian consipiracy to consume the universe. (Adam Strange #4-8) Shortly after this, all but five of the Omega Men perished in battle on Tamaran. They fell to the overwhelming power of Lady Styx's Darkstar army before Ryand'r could end the battle. (Omega Men v.2 #1) Immediately after this, Lady Styx resurrected Harpis and the other dead Omegans to serve as zombie warriors. (#3), but that body was torn apart by Lianna. (#4)


Mama Madame onces suggested that Harpis' memories of her "past" on Raggashoon were false. (OM #22)

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