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Lianna of Oa


Guardians of the Universe, The Zamarons, The Omega Men

Green Lantern v.2 #160 (June 1981)

The Guardians of Oa are one of the universe's oldest races. Eons ago, these little blue men left their home world of Malthus, separated from the women of their race (the Zamarons) and established a new home in the center of the universe. On this world, Oa, they became the collective keepers of a great power which they used to found the Green Lantern Corps.

The Guardians lived for over 4 billion years before falling to their own power, which was stolen by one of their Lanterns, Hal Jordan. While Jordan was possessed by the evil power of Parallax he killed all but one of the Guardians, Ganthet. (Green Lantern v.3 #50) Once Parallax was dead, the Guardians' power returned to Ganthet, who bestowed it upon one man, Earth's Kyle Rayner. Years later, Kyle realized that he could use this near-omnipotent power to restore the Guardians to life. The Guardians were reborn as infants, but this time half of them were female. (GL Legacy: Last Will of Hal Jordan)

Ganthet assumed the sole responsibility for raising the children. While visiting one day, Rayner noticed that one of the children, a girl named Lianna, began exhibiting advanced powers. Ganthet was amazed: none of the other children had developed their powers. (GL v.3 #160) What he did not realize was that Lianna was not precocious — she had stumbled upon one of four universal Heartstones. These stones were birthed of the universe itself and conveyed great power and knowledge. In Lianna's case, she became the master of the power of electromagnetism. (Omega Men v.2 #2)

Soon Ganthet reported that Lianna was missing. Kyle soon found her, grown to adulthood and causing great havoc on the planet of Aroxe. The Heartstone had driven her to create order, but her naiveté prevented her from weighing the morality of her actions. She ultimately realized that what she had done was very wrong and returned to Oa. The incident prompted Ganthet to call in his long-lost Zamaron sister to help raise the children. (GL #161)

Lianna's instability continued for a time. When Kyle and the Guardians came under attack, Lianna killed the attacker, Amon Sur. But then she also turned on Kyle and stabbed him through the back! (GL #175) After this trauma, the Zamaron called Mother Zed learned about the Heartstone and took Lianna away from Oa.

Zed chose to relocate them to Earth, where they established a colony in Manila, the Philippines. Zed and Lianna studied the Heartrstone's mysteries and brought its knowledge to others. For a time, they lived peacefully.

But a power such as the Heartstone's could only remain hidden for so long. As it turned out, they found another Heartstone buried on Earth and protected it. These Stones were coveted by Lady Styx, who was on a quest to collect all four Heartstones and restart the universe. When Styx sent the Spider Guild to fetch them, both Mother Zed and her commune were destroyed. Lianna fled to safety among the Omega Men. (O.M. #2)

As fate would have it, one of the Omegans, Ryand'r, was in possession of a third Heartstone. They immediately bonded, and Lianna implored them to stop Lady Styx's campaign.


Lianna's first appearance in the Omega Men series slightly contradicts her origin. In Omega Men, she is depicted as having been raised by the Guardians and Zamarons from birth. The Green Lantern story, however, tells how the Zamarons were only brought in after Lianna's power exploded. Lianna is a rebirthed Guardian. Although she sometimes refers to Ganthet and Mother Zed as her parents, neither story asserts that she was the actual progeny of the Zamarons and Guardians (a mating that was hinted at in Green Lantern v.2 #200 and Superman v.2 #14).


Lianna is incredibly powerful. She possesses the universal force of electromagnetism, as bestowed upon her by the Heartstone.

In addition, she may, like other Guardians, have the ability to wield their green energy. She has not yet demonstrated this ability. It may be that the affects of premature aging and the Heartstone have divorced her from the green power.



Green Lantern v.3 #160, 161, 175

SERIES: Omega Men v.2 (2006-07)

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