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Demonia of Aello

Harpis (sister, deceased)

Omega Men

Green Lantern v.2 #141 (June 1981)

Omega Men v.1 #4


Young Demonia and her sister, Harpis were born on the Vegan world of Aello (also known as Stormswift). Though they were close, Demonia always begrudged her sister's good looks and fortune. This situation was made worse when the sisters were caught in a terrible storm. Harpis, who was enthralled by the legends of Aello's winged heroes, set out to rescue an endangered child. Though her efforts were valiant, she was unable to complete the rescue without Demonia's help. Demonia transported the two to safety using via aircraft, but when they returned, only Harpis was heralded as a planetary hero. Her reward would be a pair of bioengineered wings attached to her back. (Omega Men Annaul #1)

Later, the pair traveled to Raggashoon, a world that promised money and power for those eager enough to take it. They found work as prostitutes but where Harpis fast became a favorite among visiting soldiers, Demonia was concerned only with power. This career was cut short by the evil Komand'r — Blackfire. Komand'r was a powerful commander in Vega's ruling power structure and she singled out Demonia and others for genetic alteration.

Demonia's madame, "Mama," had no choice but to give her girls over to Komand'r, who planned to custom-design playmates for her leiutenants. Both girls were selected for transformation. Harpis was horrified by the results, but Demonia was elated. Her new reptilian form was stronger, more powerful. For three years, Demonia traveled alongside her new Citadellian "mate." Ultimately, fate brought her to Tamaran where the Citadel clashed a band of Tigorr's rebels. Harpis urged them to join the battle alongside the rebels but they were defeated and Harpis and Demonia were jailed. (OM #11)


A Traitor's End

Eventually the girls' path met up with another charismatic leader, Primus. Primus took one hundred compatriots, called the Omega Men, with him to Earth, where they could hide and plan their next offensive. They eventually encountered the Green Lantern Hal Jordan in Newfoundland. Demonia was among several who thught Hal and his girlfriend Carol should be put to death. Demonia threatened to disobey his orders and kill the humans herself. (Green Lantern v.2 #141) but Primus himself prevented her from committing the murders. (#142)

The Omega Men soon returned to Vega, with the Teen Titans in tow. During their mission to save the Vegan Princess Koriand'r of Tamaran (Starfire), Demonia again disagreed Primus about this diversion. Nearby, the Titans member Raven correctly deduced that "Demonia would betray us." (New Teen Titans #24) When they returned to Vega, Demonia secretly allied herself with the Citadellian overlords and the Titans were captured. (#25)

The Citadel was eventually defeated and Demonia's betrayal was never discovered. She walked away from the battle alongside the Omega Men. (Annual #1)

Demonia's deception was short-lived. Back on Slagg, she hatched a traitorous plan to secure herself a position in the Citadel. To this end, she distributed mind-controlling medallions to to gullible Omegans. (Omega Men #2) She was emboldened by her minor successes but made a fatal decision when she coerced Tigorr into mortal combat with Primus. Tigorr nearly killed Primus, but ultimately deduced Demonia's treachery and killed her instead. (#4)

Years later, Demonia was resurrected by Lady Styx along with other dead Omegans, (#3) but that body was torn apart by Lianna. (#4)


There is no link between Demonia and the later reptilian Omegan, Cecilia.


Demonia had a tough reptilian-like skin and could transform her body into a reptilian, non-humanoid form.








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