The Voice

Created by Stan Aschmeier
The Voice

Real name unknown, a.k.a. “Mr. Elixir”

Unnamed parents


FIRST APPEARANCE: Feature Comics #32 (May 1940)

Feature Comics #32-37 (May 1940–Oct. 1940)


From Feature Comics #36

In the year 1790, a ship was sunk by a typhoon in the south seas. A man, his wife and their small boy survived the disaster. They drifted to a small tropical island and found only rare life-giving herbs for food. The man and his wife died but the magic of the herbs preserved the life of the boy. One-hundred fifty years later, a ship stopped at this unknown island and an old man was taken away from its shores.

Back in London, the old man who was that lost boy found that without the herbs, he would soon die. Known as Mr. Elixir to his neighbors, he feverishly attempted and succeeded in recreating the plant, which also gave him super-strength. Elixir befriended a neighbor to help him fight organized crime. Having studied magic as well, he set up some crooks, then tipped off the police via radio message as "Elixir—The Voice." (Feature #32)

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The Voice’s creator, Stan Aschmeier, also produced Quality’s “Captain Cook of Scotland Yard.” In one of Cook’s cases, from Smash #7, the villain in the story impersonated the Voice. At the conclusion of the case, Cook found that a thief had been using the Voice’s M.O. to throw them off. Aschmeier (sometimes signed “Asch”) is also credited as the creator of DC’s Dr. Mid-Nite. Though his work on “the Voice” was unsigned, his figure and face drawings are easily recognizable from other signed work.

The Voice’s first adventure depicted London’s Daily Mail newspaper and mentions Park Lane.

Doll Man fought a whispering menace called the Voice in Feature #90 (1945). Two other Golden Age characters called “the Voice” appeared at other publishers and have no connection—creators or otherwise—to Quality’s. Dell’s Voice appeared just after Quality’s, in Popular Comics #52 (June 1940). Dell’s character looked more like the Invisible Hood than Mr. Elixir. A third Voice appeared once only, in Centaur’s Amazing Man Comics #22 (May 1941). He played tricks with his voice using a special mask.

+ Powers

Mr. Elixir’s secret herbs gave him enhanced strength and longevity, but he needed to take them in continuous doses. While on the island, he ate natural herbs. Back in civilization, he formulated a chemical that, when poured on plants, gave the same effect. Whether herb-induced or not, he also exhibited super-hypnotism.