The Invisible Hood

Created by Art Pinajian
invisible hood

Kent Thurston (deceased)

Tyson Gilford (Blindside, grandson), Kent Thurston II (grandson, deceased)

Freedom Fighters

Smash Comics #1 (August 1939)


  • All-Star Squadron #32
  • Secret Origins v.2 #26
  • Smash Comics #1-32 (August 1939–March 1942)
  • Starman v.2 #2
invisible hood 2

Invisible Hood II

Kent Thurston II

Kent Thurston (grandfather, deceased)

Freedom Fighters

Uncle Sam & the Freedom Fighters v.1 #5 (January 2007)


  • Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters v.1 #5-6




Many sources confuse the name of this hero with the name of the feature. In Smash Comics #1 it was titled “Hooded Justice” and it starred the Invisible Hood. In his first appearance, he did not have the power of invisibility. With the second issue, the title changed to “Invisible Justice,” though the hero himself was still—and always would be—called the “Invisible Hood.”

The "Visible Hood" in his original mumu from Smash #1 (1939). Art by Art Pinajian.
Now to sneak around Hogwarts... From Smash #15 (1940).

Kent Thurston II makes a prophetic statement. From Uncle Sam & the F. F. v.1 #5 (2007). Art by Daniel Acuña.

Gone well before his time. From Uncle Sam & the F. F. v.1 #6 (2007). Art by Daniel Acuña.

Kent Thurston was a former private detective whose costumed adventures began with a call from Inspector Bill Blake, seeking Kent’s knowledge of precious gems. Thurston investigated the case of a stolen Indian necklace, donning a red cloak and mask to become the Invisible Hood. He was also armed with a gas gun to help “convince” someone to cooperate. (Smash Comics #1)

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The Invisible Hood returned forty years later only to suffer a hasty end in Roy Thomas’ All-Star Squadron #32 (1984). In this wartime story, the Invisible Hood joined Uncle Sam as one of the first members of the Freedom Fighters. Their mission was to stop the Japanese en route to Pearl Harbor. They nearly succeeded, but a surprise attack supposedly left Thurston for dead. Somehow he survived and sired one or more children before his true end. The super-villain called the Mist claimed that he murdered the Invisible Hood. This fact was recorded by the Shade, whose journal recounted his conversation with the Mist: “As I recall, it was the Invisible Hood you killed. He’d semi-retired by then. Moved to Austin, Texas. And… um… wasn’t it ’74?”(Starman v.2 #2)

The original Invisible Hood had at least one grandson, Kent Thurston II. He and his friend Jenna Raleigh (the new Red Bee) were among heroes kept in reserve by Uncle Sam and called to action with the Freedom Fighters. (Uncle Sam & the FF #5)

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Art Pinajian had previously created a character for Comics Magazine Co. called "Thurston Hunt." for Detective Picture Stories #1 (Dec. 1936).

+ Powers

The original Invisible Hood had no superhuman abilities. His cloak was invisible and shielded anything beneath it from view. Kent also had experience in crime fighting as a civilian and was not afraid to use his fists. Like many of his contemporaries, he could also fly airplanes.

The second Invisible Hood inherited Kent Thurston’s invisible cloak. It’s unclear whether he was able to duplicate the formulation, or whether he repurposed his grandfather’s own fabric, but the power worked the same.

Blindside’s powers of invisibility are innate.