aka Superman-X

Kell-El alias Superman-X

K3NT (creator/parent)

Legion of Super-Heroes

Television: Legion of Super-Heroes, season 2, episode 1 (22 Sept. 2007)
Comics: Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century #20 (Jan. 2009)

Superman-X and K3NT in the 41st century. From Legion of Super-Heroes, season 2, episode 1 (2007).
Kell-El gives his 'father' the cold shoulder. From Legion of Super-Heroes, season 2, episode 2 (2007).

Superman-X was a future version of Superman created for the Legion of Super-Heroes cartoon. The show's creators have said that they wanted a more accessible substitute for Mon-El.

Superman-X was voiced by Yuri Lowenthal, the same actor who played Superman on this series.

Following a great period of peace (thanks largely to the Legion of Super-Heroes), Earth fell into war and tyrrany under a warrior-turned-cyborg called Imperiex. In the 41st century, an artificial intelligence called K3NT used a strand of Superman's DNA to clone a new champion: Superman-X. This clone had Superman's powers but did not share his vulnerability to kryptonite. Superman-X traveled back to the 31st century and convinced the Legion of Super-Heroes to help him battle Imperiex in the future. They failed to stop Imperiex from escaping back into the 31st century, so Superman-X returned with the Legion to their time. (Legion of Super-Heroes S02.E01)

Imperiex proceeded to release all the criminals on the prison planet, Takron-Galtos. The Legion summoned Superman from the 21st century and he and the two met for the first time. To avoid confusion between the two, Clark suggested that the new Superman be called Kell-El instead. (S02.E02)

In a new attempt to stop Imperiex, K3NT created another android agent called the Terra-Man, and sent him to the 31st century to kill a young boy named Abel. This boy was destined to invent the bionics technology that created Imperiex. Superman-X could not abide the boy's murder, and was forced to ally briefly with Imperiex to destroy Terra-Man. (S02.E07)

The Legion struggled to stay ahead of Imperiex's plans in the 31st century, but the villain succeeded in drawing out the evil Brainiac from his descendant, the Legionnaire called Brainiac 5. During this battle, Kell-El saved the original Superman by giving a transfusion of his kryptonite-immune blood. Saturn Girl then projected both Supermen into Brainy's mind, giving Brainy the strength to reassert himself. Kell-El elected then to return to the future, and was granted official Legion membership. (S02.E13)

Superman-X made only one (cameo) appearance in the companion comic book, in Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century #20 (Jan. 2009).


Kell-El possessed the same powers as that of his genetic source, Superman. These included super-strength, flight, invulnerability and vision powers. His DNA was edited to remove Superman's vulnerability to kryptonite.

The 'S' shield on his uniform is capable of producing a force field.

Appearances + References


  • Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century #20


  • Legion of Super-Heroes, season 2 (2007–08)