The Crime Society

of Earth-3

FIRST APPEARANCE:52 #52 (May 2007)

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The Jokester Family

When Alexander Luthor (who was, ironically, from the original Earth-3) recreated the multiverse in search of his "perfect Earth," he left an immense amount of cosmic energy, "floating free." After he was defeated, this excess energy collapsed into a series of 52 identical universes. The Venusian worm, Mr. Mind, discovered the new multiverse and set about devouring it. As he did so, he consumed events from each universe's past. The result was that the universes were no longer identical. The Crime Syndicate was reborn on this new Earth-3. (52 #52)

The Jokester meets his daughter, from Countdown presents ... Crime Society #1. Art by Jamal Igle

The new Earth-3 was populated by familiar faces, and many more. It quickly became a flash point in the new Monitors' mission to police the new multiverse. It seems that the former Teen Titan, Duela Dent (aka Joker's Daughter, Riddler's Daughter, Two-Face's Daughter, the Harlequin), was in fact a native of Earth-3. Duela was killed by Solomon, a particularly zealous Monitor with no tolerance for trans-universal travel. Duela's death set off an investigation by several New Earth heroes, who teamed up with another Monitor to travel across the multiverse in search of Ray Palmer. (Countdown #51)

As fate would have it, this band of "Challengers" allied with Duela's father — the Jokester of Earth-3. Here, the Joker's counterpart was a (relative) force for good. The Jokester conceived Duela, with a woman named Evelyn Dent, who then disappeared. The Jokester's crime fighting career began as a common comedian. His act was critical of Owlman and his sidekick, Talon. After Owlman beat him and murdered the his assistant, Harley, the Jokester began a crusade against the duo. He eventually teamed up with his former girlfriend, Evelyn, who had become Three-Face. "Eve" married the Riddler and Duela was raised believing that the Riddler was her father. (This explained why Duela had suffered from such an identity crisis over the years.)

The Crime Society. From Countdown #31; art by Manuel Garcia.

Together, this "family" fought often against the Crime Society. Duela's travels to New Earth affected her mental state, and she began dating Talon on the side. She even took him with her to New Earth, where he was briefly a member of the Teen Titans, as well. (52 #32, 52/World War III: Hell is for Heroes) While away, Duela's family was attacked by the Crime Society. The Riddler sustained critical injuries and Eve escaped. The Jokester escaped as well by following the Challengers through a portal to Earth-15. (Countdown Presents: Crime Society #1, Countdown #31)

On Earth-15, the Jokester clashed with Jason Todd (who, on his own Earth had been killed by the Joker). (#30) When the Challengers moved on to Earth-8, the Jokester came face-to-face with his daughter's killer: Solomon. Solomon killed the Jokester that day as well. The Challengers were forced to teleport away, leaving his corpse on Earth-8. (#29)

The Crime Society

While the Challengers continued their mission, the man called Monarch proceeded with his own. Monarch intended to assemble an army to take over all 52 universes. Among the first to join him was the entire Crime Society, who willingly accepted Monarch's offer. (#28) Monarch also forced certain Earth-3 natives to battle in his arena. The Shade of Earth-3 was slain by Earth-13's Eve of Shadows, but Johnny Quick bested his two Flash rivals. (Countdown: Arena #1, 3)

Annataz faces the music, from Countdown #23; art by Tom Derenick

The Crime Society formed the cornerstone of Monarch's new army. They helped him recruit the Extremists of Earth-8, and led the attack that destroyed Earth-51. (Countdown Presents: Lord Havok and the Extremists #2, Countdown #17-13) It is unclear who survived this Earth's destruction, as Monarch's entire army was on the planet when it exploded. (#13)

Another Crime Society member, Annataz, was killed by Superman Prime. Prime used Annataz to help him hold Mr. Mxyzptlk captive. She turned on Prime and freed Mxyzptlk. Just before she was killed, she repented. (Countdown #23)

The Green Lantern Kyle Rayner — who has fought the antimatter universe's Crime Syndicate — remarked upon the difference between the two. On the new Earth-3, the Crime Society is a much larger organization, yet one that has not achieved total domination over their world.

Earth-3 Natives

Parentheses indicate that the character has not been officially named.

Name 1st app. Status, Notes
Talon 52 #32 Active
Johnny Quick 52 #52 Active
Power Ring Active
Owlman Active
[Martian Manhunter] Active
Superwoman Active
Ultraman Active
[Green Arrow] Countdown #31 Active
[White Canary] Active
[Hawkgirl] Active
[Spectre] Active
[Stargirl] Active
[Wildcat] Active
Annataz Countdown #23 Killed by Superboy Prime, Countdown #23
Duela Dent (Joker's Daughter, Harlequin) Teen Titans v.1 #46 Killed by Solomon, Countdown #51
The Riddler (Edward ??) Countdown Presents: Crime Society #1 Uncertain; may have been killed by the Crime Society, Countdown Presents: Crime Society #1
Three-Face (Evelyn "Eve" Dent) Active
The Jokester (Jackie ??) Killed by Solomon, Countdown #51
The Shade Countdown: Arena #1 Killed by Eve of Shadows, Countdown: Arena #1

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